kate_rbasically 12.04 security00:00
kate_rDr_willis: my sources.list doesn't seem to have it00:00
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Dr_willisim not on ubuntu to check right now.00:01
the_drowwilee-nilee: Ok, this is weird. It upgraded the packages and now it's upgrading the system when I click again...00:03
altinhey guys, my 9cell battery lasts only 5h with ubuntu and optimus tech nvidia graphics, I have bumblebee installed though! How normal is this? Should it last higher?00:11
jcrzaWoah, 13.04 huh?00:14
nickgzzjrHi can someone help me figure out why my ubuntu is not picking up any video camera in /dev/video0 ?00:15
jcrzaJust got a message on my ubuntu box00:15
jcrzaIf I run a postgre server and some python scripts should I have any trouble with upgrading?00:15
wilee-nileethe_drow, Sorry I had to make a store run, how long did the first upgrade take, and how many packages are being shown loaded now?00:16
the_drowwilee-nilee: it was 300 MB00:16
the_drowNow it's installing ~1000 packages00:16
the_drowwilee-nilee: and the title is Distribution Upgrade unlike before00:17
nickgzzjrCan someone help me figure out why my ubuntu is not picking up any video cameras in /dev/video0? Anyone?00:17
silverexYo, so I just upgraded to 12.10 from 12.04. Problem is that now when I start up my computer, the resolution is off and there's no dash or menu bar. After a couple of minutes a box comes up saying that compiz has crashed. How could I fix this?00:17
wilee-nileethe_drow, were you fully updated the first time you hit the upgrade, could it have been you hit the button at the bottom rather then the top?00:18
the_drownickgzzjr: got the drivers?00:18
basiclas_are there any lists of ubuntu friendly laptops? :) i need a new laptop00:18
nickgzzjrthe_drow im not sure how can I check?00:18
jcrzaI really want to upgrade to 13.04. Is it ... safe yet?00:18
the_drowwilee-nilee: maybe I haven't noticed... Idk. On the other hand the wireless card driver stopped working and I had to reinstall it00:19
the_drownickgzzjr: did it work before?00:19
nickgzzjrthe_drow: No, not with this image, its a custom ubuntu build, for a arm board.00:19
Blue11having an issue with xubuntu 12.10  not all the indicator icons show up in the taskbar and there is no way to add them.  speaker icon and battery indcator.00:19
wilee-nileebasiclas_, Here is a list, many that will run are not listed is all, knowing the hardware of what you want to purchase might be better way. http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/00:20
the_drownickgzzjr: then the drivers might not exist00:20
bmomjianbasiclas_: Lenovo is usually good with Ubuntu00:20
nickgzzjrthe_drow: well I have another image that some guy online made and it works there. How can I add the drivers00:20
wilee-nileethe_drow, Sounds like there was a glitch somewhere a upgrade that runs and finishes and is rebooted to be the same is like very strange.00:21
the_drownickgzzjr: google them up first. I don't know what kind of camera you are using00:21
Blue11dang logged me out -- anyway xubuntu does not show speaker or battery icon in the task bar.  I cant right click and add them.  suggestions?00:21
the_drownickgzzjr: why won't you use the other image then?00:22
altinmy 9cell battery lasts only 5h with ubuntu and optimus tech nvidia graphics, I have bumblebee installed though! How normal is this? Should it last higher?00:22
rodolfoI'am from Brasil00:23
silverexYo, so I just upgraded to 12.10 from 12.04. Problem is that now when I start up my computer, the resolution is off and there's no dash or menu bar. After a couple of minutes a box comes up saying that compiz has crashed. How could I fix this?00:24
savioaltin i think its normal00:25
zonk1024silverex: first step is trying to find output that says why it crashed.00:25
TatuusMusicbrainz doesn't look up for CD titles on 13.04.....00:25
Tatuusor do i have to add something ?00:26
jcrzaIf I upgrade to 13.04 am I in danger of having packages not be available for it?00:26
vemacsOh dear00:26
silverexzonk1024: How would I do that?00:26
vemacsMy fermi-based laptop and fermi-based graphics card00:27
vemacsCan't boot the liveUSB.00:27
vemacshave to disable nouveau thru boot flags still ;_;00:27
zonk1024silverex: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15612/where-does-compiz-log-error-messages  ?00:28
Arpad2how to enable opengl?00:30
FloodBot1Guest: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:30
TatuusRhythmbox doesn't fetch cd's  track info from Musicbrainz after 13.04 upgrade... How can i firx this?00:34
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TatuusRhythmbox doesn't fetch cd's  track info from Musicbrainz after 13.04 upgrade... How can i fix this?00:40
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turovaI have an Dell XPS 17" (L702x).  Just installed 13.04.  Resolution comes up as 1280x1024, instead of the desired 1920x1080.  I can't seem to figure out the right set of xrandr commands to make it work… The bigger problem may be that I can't figure out where I should actually put the resolution modification commands, since there's no more xorg.conf.  Anyone know of a guide that'll work for 13.04?00:43
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wolftuneHi, I have an update showing for linux-firmware but it won't install, it gives errors00:51
wolftuneon Precise00:51
Brotoxhi guys, i've deployed my rails app in heroku, but when i update my code locally and do git push master, nothing get modified ?!00:52
pztrickgit push origin master?00:53
Jordan_UBrotox: Did you actually git add and git commit?00:53
BrotoxJordan_U, do i've to do that each time ? i'm still a git newbie :$00:54
jamie_hey guys just wanted to ask a simple question - what DE/ GUI is closest to windows? I'm trying out Xubuntu atm..00:55
wilee-nileewolftune, Have you run a update to make sure it is not a partial upgrade?00:55
Brotoxjamie_, try cinnamon00:55
wolftunewilee-nilee: yes00:56
jamie_ah, looks nice, thanks!00:56
wolftunehere's the errors: http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/paste/gs88r00:56
wilee-nileewolftune, Can you post the errors in a pastebin?00:56
Jordan_UBrotox: Yes.01:03
wilee-nileewolftune, On line I'm seeing some bugs and notations on microcode_amd, I don't really have a definitive answer for you, lothers might though.01:04
BrotoxJordan_U, i cloned a github repo, added my stuff and modified, deployed to heroku.01:06
Brotoxthe output of those commands are : Please make sure you have the correct access rights01:06
Brotoxfatal: Could not read from remote repository.01:07
hellpeI think my EeePC 1015e is overheating, it is at 75°C and rising01:07
hellpeaccording to xfce4-sensors01:07
Guest53752hi, #On Ubuntu 12.10 xfce, I am trying to find the code to remove unusable choices from  my log-in menu. Like 1.) cairo-dock which is not a desktop choice; 2.) Gnome Openbox and/or; 3.) Openbox which I do not want anyone to play with, and especially how to hide until I can purge; 4.) Lubuntu ; 5.) Lubuntu Netbook  without wounding my xfce that has a month of personalizing, cairo-docking and my tender care put into it. I am01:07
Guest53752 hoping not to have to run a new ¨mini.iso¨ and start over. Any ideas out there?01:07
hellpeI'm worried it could cause hardware damages01:07
somsipBrotox: when you clone a github repo, the origin will be the github repo and you probably cannot push to that. So you may need to fork the repo, then work on your forked copy. But then, I have no idea about Heroku01:08
MestreLionwhere are nautilus thumbnailers defined? I noticed it isn't generating thumbnails for XPM files01:08
Brotoxsomsip, hmmm01:08
wolftunewilee-nilee: thanks for the help. Does this mean just wait and someone is probably addressing this?01:08
hellpeis there something I can do to prevent this ?01:08
hellpeI'm using Xubuntu Raring01:09
wilee-nileewolftune, You might try sudo apt-get install -f the sudo apt-get clean then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:09
somsipBrotox: or add a new remote repo which is the Heroku deployment point thing, and push to that01:11
Brotoxsomsip, heroku has nothing to do with GitHub itself !01:12
Brotoxyou push your code up to heroku, it does the rest.01:12
somsipBrotox: oh,  I thought the idea was you pushed directly to Heroku. But like I say, I know nothing about Heroku.01:12
wolftunewilee-nilee: thanks, but still got the same error01:13
Brotoxsomsip, nah, i've cloned that locally, i deployed to heroku, then did some changes locally, and now i need to update the deployed app at heroku01:14
fjodorhi which software does ubuntu use to automate adding external monitors?01:15
somsipBrotox: this is way off topic. But I believe you would need to add the Heroku deployment point as a new remote repo and push to that. But you are better off looking into this elsewhere01:15
Dr_willisGuest53752,  the *dm login screens have sessions they show defined by the vvarious  *.desktop files.  for example there should be a 'gnome.desktop' and a 'open.desktop' file you can move to some other location. restart lightdm. and they wont be shown01:15
wilee-nileewolftune, Did you get any errors besides the same at the end. For example held packages....etc?01:15
Dr_willisGuest53752,  try 'locate gnome.desktop' to find the location. somewhere in /etc/ i recall01:16
wolftunewilee-nilee: yes, there was a held package error at the very beginning after the -f command01:16
betraydfjodor theres different ways unfortunately, depending onthe video card in question01:17
wolftunewilee-nilee: well, looking back it just said that 1 was not upgraded01:17
fjodorbetrayd: intel01:17
fjodorbetrayd: i am using lubuntu and the apps just suck, i just want to use the automated thing that ubuntu uses01:18
wilee-nileewolftune, Is te terminal open with all that, if so pastebin all of it.01:18
Dr_willisfjodor,  what you mean automated thing?01:18
fjodorDr_willis: when i pull the plug it deactivates the external monitor automatically and activates it when i plug it in01:19
Dr_willisfjodor,  i cant say ive noticed that depending on the desktop. but it could be ive only dont it in Unity and Gnome-shell.  I thought Udev handled it.01:20
fjodorwith lubuntu the external monitor is still active and there might be windows or somehting...01:20
Dr_willisgot a tv i sometimes plugin. Noticed it gets auto configured in unity. and gnome-shell. Not sure if ive ever tried it in lubuntu, or kubuntu.01:21
Dr_willisi think its controllable via the xrandr tools also. so if you do that a lot. you could set up some script/icon to disable the 2nd monitor01:21
fjodorDr_willis: with lubuntu you've got to run a program like arandr, grandr or lxrandr(lxde)01:22
wilee-nileewolftune, I suspect the package held for upgrade is just missing dependencies that may show up within a day or so.01:22
Nothing_MuchI have to launch skype from a terminal because of NVIDIA drivers, can somebody help?01:22
wolftunewilee-nilee: ok, do you still want the paste? I was about to do that01:22
Dr_willisNothing_Much,  help with what? why do you need to launch it from a terminal due to video drivers?01:22
wilee-nileewolftune, Wold not hurt I'm curious,\.01:22
Nothing_MuchI have to run this: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 skype01:23
Nothing_MuchEvery time just to launch it01:23
carreraGreetings!  :)01:23
betraydfjodor: i think that's because of the desktop manager, they have their own handling of extra monitors01:23
Nothing_MuchWhen I switched to the Nouveau driver, it works01:23
Nothing_MuchBut then I couldn't play TF201:23
LargePrimeHello.  12.0 server on a dedicated host.  what is the best way to add virtual hosts01:23
Nothing_MuchEven though all the dependencies were already installed for TF2 and I HAVE been able to play on Nouveau before01:23
sync350Nothing_Much, www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-skype-not-working-in-ubuntu-1304.html.  Let me know if this helps.01:24
Dr_willisNothing_Much,  make a script that does that.. or put that line in your .bashrc or .profile01:24
fjodorbetrayd: no if i deactivate the extra monitor with lxpanel, openbox puts all windows on first monitor like ubuntu does automatically01:24
Nothing_MuchI don't want a workaround01:24
Nothing_MuchI want a fix01:24
carreraNuveau driver crashes on my nVidia M360 during install. With the alternate edition gone, how can I install with generic drivers until I can get the proprietary drivers01:25
Dr_williswait for ms to FIX it then?01:25
BrotoxJordan_U, i fixed it and updated my deployed heroku app01:25
betraydand you are...01:25
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BrotoxJordan_U,  git add & git commit & git push production master01:25
Nothing_MuchMS? I thought it was a driver issue01:25
Dr_willisyou want a fix for what seems to be a bug in skype. which is owned by ms..01:25
carreraAny suggestions?01:26
tildeI'm trying to double boot windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04, and I have some questions about manual partitioning. First, where do I put the bootloader? in the EFI partition, or in my main Ubuntu partition?01:26
Dr_willisand the work around is rather trivial.01:26
carreraNuveau driver crashes on my nVidia M360 during install. With the alternate edition gone, how can I install with generic drivers until I can get the proprietary drivers?01:26
bd___Hello. Do you recommend Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 13.4? Thanks01:27
Nothing_Muchbd___ what do you want?01:27
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Nothing_MuchLike, do you plan to use it as a desktop or server or have any other things you want from the OS?01:27
bd___Nothing_Much: Desktop usage :)01:27
oldbreedHey, all, I have an external hard drive here that I need to scan for viruses -- what software should I use"?01:27
bd___Normal, all-around desktop usage01:28
Nothing_MuchWould you like semi-bleeding edge (more current) software or would you rather have stable software?01:28
Dr_willisoldbreed,  clamav is in the repos for scanning for windows viruses. theres other av apps out for linux also01:28
Dr_willisoldbreed,  you are meaning  to scan a external usb  with windows files for window viruses?01:28
carreraDr_willis, Nuveau driver crashes on my nVidia M360 during install. With the alternate edition gone, how can I install with generic drivers so I can apt-get the proprietary drivers?01:29
sync350bd___, you could always burn a copy of each, and experiment a bit. ;)01:29
Dr_williscarrera,  tried the nomodeset option yet?01:29
bd___Nothing_Much: dont know. Are the current releases stable?01:29
carreraDr_willis, No sir, don't even know what it is01:29
phantomcircuithow well does ubuntu work on a recent mac book pro?01:30
bd___sync350: takes time ehehe01:30
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:30
MestreLionwhere are nautilus thumbnailers defined? I noticed it isn't generating thumbnails for XPM files.. I cn see some thumbnailers defined in /usr/share/thumbnailers for PDF, EXE, videos... but not for images. Where is that set?01:30
phantomcircuitlike if i walked into an apple store today and tried to install ubuntu how much would it suck?01:30
oldbreedDr_willis:  clamav is cl based, correct?  how do i run it and specify what it's scanning?01:30
Nothing_Muchbd___ Technically everything's stable, the most current 13.04 just has newer software. 12.04 has older software, but gets support for 5 years (4 years left)01:30
Dr_willisoldbreed,  it has a cli and a gui.. and you should read its docs..    it has options you tell it.01:30
bd___Nothing_Much: what is the one you use?01:31
Dr_willisoldbreed,  its best to use several differnt av apps to scan files. just in case you get false positives, or missed hits01:31
Nothing_MuchI use 13.04, it's amazing01:31
jram0421i installed ubuntu 13.04 64 bit alongside windows 8 and it has no option to boot into ubuntu01:31
oldbreedWhat others can you suggest, Dr_willis?01:31
bd___Nothing_Much: with the unity desktop? Can you describe why do you think it is amazing? Have you used the lts before?01:32
Nothing_MuchBut after 6 or 9 months (6 months is when the next release comes out, 9 months is when the release is eol'd), you have to upgrade to the next release if you're willing to do that.01:32
bd___Nothing_Much: is it hard to do upgrade?01:32
jram0421« !ops »01:33
Nothing_Muchbd___, Unity is much faster and has improved drastically since LTS. I used 12.04 and it's pretty good, but I went to use 13.04 when it was in beta and was blown away.01:33
OerHeksoldbreed, follow this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV01:33
Nothing_MuchTo upgrade Ubuntu, you just type in the terminal "sudo do-release-upgrade"01:33
Dr_willisoldbreed,  no idea. i dont really use them any more. I recall there being clamav and avg had one.. and  i recall 2 others01:33
Dr_willisoldbreed,  some of the av companies had their own linux live cds for scanning systems i recall  Avast perhaps had one01:34
bd___Nothing_Much: Do you use a File Manager other than the new Nautilus in 13.04?01:35
Dr_willisoldbreed,  clamav worked.. but i dont think it had the best  % rate of finding viruses.01:35
Nothing_MuchI use everything stock that comes in 13.04, Nautilus is a bit different but I got used to it01:35
turovaI have an Dell XPS 17" (L702x).  Just installed 13.04.  Resolution comes up as 1201:36
turova80x1024, instead of the desired 1920x1080.  I can't seem to figure out the right set of xrandr commands to make it work… The bigger problem may be that I can't figure out where I should actually put the resolution modification commands, since there's no more xorg.conf.  Anyone know of a guide that'll work for 13.04?01:36
bd___Nothing_Much: I think I will choose 13.04 because of the performance improvements :) . Any bugs so far?01:36
codezombiecan anyone explain the differance in usage? https://gist.github.com/gitt/4af5cdddfff0f811f17301:37
Nothing_MuchNo bugs as far as I've seen!01:38
oldbreedDr_willis, do I need to add a PPA to get avast then?01:38
ttthere are bugs01:38
ttI have no audio01:38
ttthe kernel that shipped with 13.04 breaks HDMI audio for some (all?) users01:38
Dr_willisoldbreed,  No idea. ive not used avast in a year+01:38
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:38
bd___Nothing_Much: what is with HDMI?01:38
Nothing_MuchYeah, that bug doesn't affect me because I'm using a 2007-2008 build01:38
Nothing_Muchbd___ what tt said, if you have HDMI audio then you're gonna have to use headphones and wait for a fix on the kernel01:39
ttheadphones don't help if you don't have analog audio out01:40
bd___Nothing_Much: so HDMI audio doesn't work for every hardware config?01:40
nurHi all01:42
Dr_willisive had issues with hdmi audio depending on the chipset..  noticed it was not working yesterday for me.. when it had been working  fine for months..01:42
nuranyone develop Drupal on ubuntu 13.04 / localhost?01:42
Dr_willisHDMI audio was working all during beta testing.. i just noticved last night it wasent working.  (in 13.04) i havent tried it today01:43
Toph2is 13.04 out?01:43
bd___Dr_willis: you would recommend 12.04 or 13.04?01:43
Dr_willisbd___,  i always use the latest.01:43
bd___Toph2: you are late :)01:43
Dr_willisif you are doing a clean install. id say go with 13.0401:44
Toph2hehe,, my next question was like yours,, is it worth updating?01:44
Dr_willisif you got 12.04 working fine.. then you  might not need all the little fixs01:44
tildeHello, does anyone know whether the bootloader goes in the EFI partition? (I am manually setting up partitions).01:44
bd___Dr_willis: Is it true that upgrades are not reliable, that you can get no desktop at all after upgrades?01:44
Dr_willisbd___,  i upgraded fine. many others have as well01:44
Dr_willisbut i rarely upgrade. I tend to do clean installs.01:44
bd___Dr_willis: Do you use ppas?01:45
Dr_willisbd___,  yes i use several ppas for stuffs01:45
savagecrochey i'm doing rsync01:45
OerHeksmake sure you have the iso on usb/cd before upgrading01:45
bd___Toph2: I would say most people here agree that it is a very good release, so yes if you are on 12.10 upgrade :)01:45
turovano one here had to deal with any resolution issues because of optimus?01:45
savagecrocand i keep getting rsync: failed to set times on "/source/bla/bla01:45
Dr_willis12.10 to 13.04 is  more of a 'polishing/cleanup' type improvement01:45
bd___Dr_willis: which ones do you think are "mandatory" for every ubuntu user? xD01:45
Toph2bd___,,, i didn't do 12.10,, i stayed with 12.0401:46
savagecroci don't want rsync to have write permissions to the source directory01:46
chickenmongerI've upgraded two laptops from 12.10 to 13.04 already with no problems.01:46
savagecrocis there anyway around this?01:46
Dr_willisbd___,  never really noticed.  I just add some if i see an app i want to try01:46
OerHeksturova yes, i read lots of issues01:46
joaquinis this the right place to ask question about my journey into the Ubuntu Dev?01:46
bd___Dr_willis: like libreoffice ppa?01:46
Dr_willisbd___,  i tend to uninstall libreoffice ;P i rarely do word pcoressing01:46
Morph4metilde: when partitioning manually ....the bootloader must go at the beginning  for EFI ....mine is 100mb  ....mount point i typed ...boot/efi ...01:46
Dr_willisi tend to do very little real 'work' on my computers ;P01:47
bd___Toph2: Thats tough. If you want you can upgrade to 12.10 then 13.0401:47
bd___Or fresh install of 13.0401:47
bd___But if you have a lot of configuration done already maybe stay with the lts would be better. Depends on what you want Toph201:47
Toph2bd___,,, i have had bad luck with upgrades,, i will do a fresh install01:48
tildeMorphe4me: if I am dualbooting with windows 8, is it still boot/efi, or something else? I don't want to overwrite the windows boot manager,01:48
turovaOerHeks: My 13.04 install won't run at 1920x1080 and I can't figure out how to make that happen on my XPS17 (l702x).  I've tried to run some commands with xrandr but haven't figured out how to actually make it change the resolution.  Farthest I've gotten is seeing something like "cannot set resolution to size bigger than virtual display".  I think I just need to set up the xrandr stuff early in the boot process, but I can't figure out where01:48
turovasince there's no more xorg.conf01:48
tildeoops, I meant Morph4me01:49
bd___Toph2: Remember that you will have to upgrade in 9 months if you install 13.0401:49
Morph4metilde: i don't have it with Win8 BUT this is how i manually set it with ubuntu 13 .04 http://i.imgur.com/J6oOa7P.png01:49
codezombiebah, this is driving me nuts. df says I'm using 8GB of storage, but I cannot find it anywhere.01:51
tildeMorph4me: okay, thanks. I'm just a little worried about overwriting the windows boot manager. If I do accidently overwrite it, is there a way to fix it? (using boot repair or something?)01:51
beancodezombie, thats pretty easy to figure out. du -sh /*01:52
beanand then drill down01:52
gandalfcomeHey, I've got too teach some undergrads the command line and I'm looking for a nice online interactive command line tutorial. Any recommendations?01:52
Dr_williscodezombie,  seen log files get huge due to bugs. ;)01:52
codezombiebean: see my above gist... I did, and du -sh /* shows 1.1gb01:52
beancodezombie, have you tyied rebooting then?01:52
codezombieDr_willis: not running any services01:52
codezombiebean: ys01:52
Morph4metidle: you are doing it in the right order ,but i haven't went there yet  :)01:53
Dr_williscodezombie,  you have checked  /var/log and your users home for Xorg log files?01:53
codezombieDr_willis; https://gist.github.com/gitt/4af5cdddfff0f811f17301:53
tildeMorph4me: wait what? doing what in the right order?01:53
Dr_willisso df and du are showing differnt stuff. Hmm not sure about hat01:54
Morph4metilde : windows first because it would wipe ubuntu(s) bootloader01:54
codezombieDr_willis: yea, this is driving me nuts.01:55
tildeMorph4me: ah, I see. Well thanks for your help!01:56
Morph4megood luck tilde01:56
Dr_williscodezombie,  could it it be somthing as odd as one app counting soft (or hard) links differntly?02:00
SolarisBoycodezombie: try looking in lsof output02:00
codezombieSolarisBoy: what would I be looking for htere?02:01
johnjohn1011i cloned my 160 GB drive to a new 2tb drive.  I was looking to bump up my 154 gb partition to use most of the drive. I saw that the swap is inside an extended partition.  does this need to be the case?02:01
SolarisBoycodezombie: you could possibly have a file which has a fd open and hasn't been deleted in which case you would be looking for something with the string (deleted)02:01
codezombieDr_willis: df uses the fs usage. I would think it should be accurate. This is a clean install, no idea why this is wrong.02:01
SolarisBoycodezombie: it would also mean the space is counted from whatever fd is still open -02:01
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codezombieSolarisBoy; nothing like that in the list :/02:02
SolarisBoycodezombie: ok - well good to log these things - codezombie how big is this disk?02:03
SolarisBoycodezombie: and is the issue that your trying to find space that df is reporting as used somewhere?02:03
codezombieSolarisBoy: yes, df says I'm using 8GB, du shows 1.2GB. This is a clean ubuntu server 12.04 install, so I shouldn't be using anything more than the minimal space required.02:04
carajohello guys if I have a machine with 2 cores and 2 threads (2.5ghz) what is the meaning when I run gnome-system-monitor and one thread (i supposed) reach the 100%?02:04
codezombieSolarisBoy: https://gist.github.com/gitt/4af5cdddfff0f811f17302:04
xub69I mounted /proc into a chroot and when I ran ncdu it told me I had a 128TB drive, why doesn't everyone do this space saving trick?02:04
carajowhat is the clock frecuency that my machine is working to?02:05
Jordan_Ucodezombie: Try running an fsck.02:06
Jordan_U!fsck | codezombie02:06
ubottucodezombie: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:06
codezombieJordan_U: yeah, I've done that. Thanks.02:06
SolarisBoycodezombie: ok - can you try this -02:07
SolarisBoycodezombie: du -s -h / and compare that output to df -h02:07
codezombieSolarisBoy: 1.2GB02:07
carajohello guys if I have a machine with 2 cores and 202:08
carajo 338 |               threads (2.5ghz) what is the meaning when I run02:08
carajo 339 |               gnome-system-monitor and one thread (i supposed)02:08
carajo 340 |               reach the 100%?02:08
SolarisBoycodezombie: can you post that?02:08
codezombieroot@mini:~# du -s -h /02:09
Dr_willisone core is at 100% ussage i belive carajo02:09
Dr_williscarajo,  htop may give better info02:09
carajoDr_willis it remains showing 4 "threads"02:10
Dr_willis2 cores each has hyperthreading  perhaps02:11
carajobut it does what you have supposed, what it means that the 4 theads have reached 100%?02:12
carajoDr_willis yeah it is an intel core02:13
codezombieSolarisBoy: what's interesting, is that it doesn't seem to ever go below 8GB02:13
codezombieno matter what I remove02:13
SolarisBoycodezombie: it could be open files as stated02:14
SolarisBoynot neccessarily just deleted ones - does it persist reboots?02:14
codezombieSolarisBoy: open from what? nothing has been installed, except the OS. I've also rebooted, negating anything that would be open.02:14
Jordan_Ucodezombie: Does usage increase if you add files?02:14
codezombieJordan_U: yes02:15
SolarisBoycodezombie: nothing needs to be installed - all running procs have open FD's in some form or manner02:15
SolarisBoycodezombie: even just the ones that are installed in the base deployment - more so than new apps/things - whats your uptime like?02:15
codezombieSolarisBoy: right, but out of dozens of server installs this is the first I've ever seen of this.02:15
SolarisBoycodezombie: ^02:15
codezombieSolarisBoy: clean install on a new box today02:16
carajoreally i dont understand02:16
codezombieso uptime is zero pretty much02:16
Dr_williscarajo,  ive seen some tools say 100% when one thread (one part of one core) is running at 100%>. if all 4 were running full speed.. ive seen it say %400   it depends on  the monitoring tool02:16
SolarisBoycodezombie: whats the install method? (is it scripted, preseed? etc? in general the same on all?)02:16
ceed^How can I remove that mail notification envelope thing from the notification area?02:16
Dr_williscarajo,  you may want to ask in #hardware02:17
codezombieSolarisBoy: I manually walk through the server installer from disk.02:17
codezombieSolarisBoy: The only software selected at install time is OpenSSH Server02:17
codezombiesame for every install02:17
carajohey dr Dr_willis thank you i go there02:18
SolarisBoycodezombie: can you post to pastebin output for fdisk -l (under sudo)?02:18
SolarisBoycodezombie: did you run that lsof under sudo?02:18
SolarisBoyso human error is a possibility also02:19
codezombieSolarisBoy: https://gist.github.com/gitt/98b808a8d53da8979bf302:19
codezombieSolarisBoy: I've done the install on this box three time to rule out any possible pebkac02:19
SolarisBoycodezombie: =) i understand it felt the same each time...02:20
SolarisBoycodezombie: can you post sudo parted -l?02:20
codezombieSolarisBoy: https://gist.github.com/gitt/98b808a8d53da8979bf302:20
SolarisBoyi used preseed and pxe for multi server installs - thats the only way to be sure something is getting done right -02:20
codezombieSolarisBoy: I disagree with that statement02:21
SolarisBoythats ok -02:21
SolarisBoycodezombie: the issue is the partition starts 99.6MB into the disk02:21
SolarisBoy99.6MB  492GB   492GB   ext402:21
SolarisBoythats your 8gb02:22
codezombieI'm confused how that equates to 8gb02:22
trismceed^: sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages;02:22
dysunHi all. I have an nVidia Geforce 7200 GS video card. I've finally managed to get the video drivers installed, but when I go under System -> Preferences -> Appearances -> Visual affects, the option is still greyed out. Any reason why this might be? I'm stuck =(02:23
SolarisBoyhrmm my bad you may be right there -02:24
SolarisBoycodezombie: is there a reason you did GPT partitions on both disks?02:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050021 in autofs (Ubuntu) "autofs failed to mount .hidden" [High,Confirmed]02:25
SolarisBoywait - codezombie where is swap taken from?02:25
ntzrmtthihu777anyone can tell me the version of ruby that comes standard with ubuntu 12.04?02:25
bluebeathey, i recently update to 13.04, and im having this problem... i have a repeater at home that is most of the time disconnected, but when it is on the signal on my computer gets affected ( speed drops) how can i tell wcid to ignore the signal coming out of the repeater and only connect to the router... any ideas?02:25
codezombieSolarisBoy: an 8GB partition on the same disk02:26
bluebeatforgot to mention that i didnt have this issue on 12.1002:26
SolarisBoycodezombie: so sdxX where the last X - strange but seems relevant as your swap is about 8gb no?02:27
codezombieSolarisBoy: I did consider this, but as I said I've never had this issue... Swap is /dev/sda302:27
SolarisBoywhere the last X is partition number*02:27
codezombieSolarisBoy: from the end of the disk02:27
excelsioraIs there a reason that tomboy is no longer standard on ubuntu?02:28
Jordan_Ucodezombie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/131516/new-ext4-partition-and-used-space02:28
SolarisBoycodezombie: interesting02:28
thomas____excelsiora what ubuntu02:29
SolarisBoyyea there is over head but 8GB seems extreme02:29
Dr_willisexcelsiora,  i think it was disliked for several reasons., was no longer getting developed, and had some other issues.. i used it for a long time.02:29
SolarisBoy=( -02:29
savagecrochow do you run sudo but keep all the current environment variables?02:30
wolftunewilee-nilee: sorry, I think I forgot to do this: http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/paste/Ro4Nf02:30
codezombieJordan_U: ah, that definitely makes sense02:30
thomas____I must've added Tomboy on my own, can't remember, have no problems with it on 12.04, but don't use it all that much, just sayin'02:30
SolarisBoysavagecroc: try -E02:30
Dr_willissavagecroc,  i recall   sudo -i   and sudo -s, one of those did that. but i can never rember which one02:30
savagecrocthanks :)02:30
codezombieSolarisBoy: based on that, 8GB would still be less than 2% overhead.02:31
Jordan_Usavagecroc: Do you really want to keep *all* environment variables (generally not considered safe) or just some specifica variable(s)?02:31
Dr_willisi used tomboy a lot - because ubuntu one had the feature to view/sync your notes. but that aparently wasent used much. ;( so its been phased out02:31
SolarisBoyi don't have that much overhead on my larger disks..02:31
SolarisBoywhich is what i was basing that on -02:31
savagecrocJordan_U: hmm i really just want it to be able to use the SSH keys to logon to the remote machine02:32
thomas____I must be behind the curve on syncing stuff  Dr Willis perhaps you could clue me in on how valuable that is..???02:32
bollyim trying to debootstrap quantul armel but its failing o Couldn't download dists/quantal/main/binary-armel/Packages02:32
savagecrocsudo -E did the trick02:32
bollyany idea?02:32
savagecrocsudo -i didn't seem to work02:32
Jordan_Usavagecroc: What is your end goal? Running ssh with sudo doesn't make much sense to me.02:32
SolarisBoy-i interactive -s shell02:32
savagecrocah right :)02:33
savagecroc-E = keep the environment variables02:33
Dr_willisthomas____,  all my notes across all machines got synced because they were saved to ubuntu one, so i could even access them from any web browser.02:33
Dr_willisthomas____,  but its a gone feature..02:33
Dr_willisBe nice if they added some config sync features to work with ubuntu one. make ubuntu stand out a bit more.02:34
Dr_willisUubntu One just seems a bit of a afterthought these days02:34
SolarisBoyi like it02:35
SolarisBoythey fixed a lot of crap with it - because boy was it broken pre 12.0402:35
Dr_willisi got so many cloud storage accounts.. its scary. ;)02:35
thomas____I dunno....DR are you saying Ubunto One no longer has a sync feature...how to private message here also I am new on ifc02:35
bluebeathey, i recently update to 13.04, and im having this problem... i have a repeater at home that is most of the time disconnected, but when it is on the signal on my computer gets affected ( speed drops) how can i tell wcid to ignore the signal coming out of the repeater and only connect to the router... any ideas?02:35
Dr_willisand the all seem to want me to auto-upload my android phone photos to them.02:35
SolarisBoywell thats why i like it because its there by default =)02:35
SolarisBoyhahaha Dr_willis02:36
Dr_willisthomas____,  ubuntu one no longer has the tomboy sync feature it had a few years back. (2 yr?)02:36
ugurhey everybody02:37
SolarisBoyi kind of liked that feature (a lot) especially because i write a lot of stuff in notes and it was cool to have access to them from any ubuntu machine in a base installed app02:37
l_rmy root disk is full02:37
SolarisBoyl_r: delete some files =)02:37
l_rSolarisBoy, it's because of a damn bug in the ext4 fs02:38
SolarisBoyl_r: nice02:38
l_rsuddenly it appeared fulll02:38
ugurI want to ask did you like the new 13.04? I haven't upgraded from 12.10. What will I lose, what will I gain? Thanks in advance :)02:38
l_ri must find a solution ,fsck tells the fs is good after having fixed an inode02:38
SolarisBoyl_r: wow sounds bad - what bug is that? what causes it?02:38
l_rbut the fs is still full02:38
l_rSolarisBoy, i don't know02:39
SolarisBoyl_r: post output to pastbin -02:39
l_rfor sure it was not full when the thing happened02:39
l_rSolarisBoy, what output?02:39
carreraGreetings!  :)02:39
SolarisBoyl_r: df? du and stuff i guess02:39
SolarisBoyunless there is anything else you want to add there - fs errors from logs etc?02:40
thomas____how do you get bot help02:40
l_rSolarisBoy, i am on another system, since i could not even boot, and i cannot mount the partition , df reported 0 bytes free though02:40
carreraI'm currently running ubuntu 12.04 with RAID 0. Do ubuntu or xubuntu 13.04 dektop detect RAID?02:40
SolarisBoyl_r: do you know if there is reserved space? if so have you tried a recovery shell?02:40
memphisrainesHas Nautlius' behaviour with symlinks changed from 12.10 to 13.04?02:41
JimmyNeutronAnyone have any problems with 13.04 where after doing a cold boot, you don't see the login screen?  Doing a warm reboot(ctrl+alt+delete seems to help so far.  I have Bumblebee installed.02:41
l_rSolarisBoy, i ran fsck in the fail-safe mode02:41
thomas____what can I type in here command-wise its been a long time since I was in ifc channel02:41
l_rSolarisBoy, fsck wrongly reports the fs is ok02:41
Jordan_Ucarrera: RAID support hasn't changed between 12.04 and 13.04, and as the core of the OS is the same, it will be the same between all flavors of Ubunut.02:41
SolarisBoyl_r: did you check the space in safe mode as root?02:41
JimmyNeutronI have a feeling the problem I'm seeing is related to the Low Graphics resolution I encounter any previous version.02:41
l_rSolarisBoy, yes, 002:41
SolarisBoyl_r: can you point me a link to the bug?02:42
SolarisBoyl_r: there is a flag -f which will force a fsck regardless of the journal status - have you used that in the fsck command line?02:42
qin!bot > thomas____02:42
ubottuthomas____, please see my private message02:42
l_rSolarisBoy, i ll try02:43
oldbreedHey, guys, I'm tryna back up my system because I'm about to expand the partition.  But the backup program is giving me this error: "Temp space has 2358272 available, backup needs approx 68157440."02:43
b4ulook4meHi all... some how solved, 13.04 nvidia graphics bootup freeze02:43
ceed^trism, thanks02:43
l_ri need to reboot to try02:43
b4ulook4meinstalled nvidia drivers and now working ok02:43
l_ri am on an old ubuntu02:43
SolarisBoyoldbreed: that means the backup is trying to either use temp space for the destination location or as a location for temp ops like compression/encription or whatever,02:44
carreraJordan_U, thanks. Then why doesn't xubuntu 13.04 recognize my RAID0 partitions?  It doesn't even let me create new ones.02:44
SolarisBoyoldbreed: if thats the destination for your backup - you may want to change it to a larger area if you don't have ability to expand that FS /tmp is on -02:44
oldbreedSolarisBoy: What do I do about it?  I've assigned the back up to an external hard drive, so I don't think the former is the problem02:44
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:44
b4ulook4men e one having experience in CUDA (nvidia)02:44
SolarisBoyoldbreed: check in your backup program settings and see if you can change where it does its "work" at02:45
Jordan_Ucarrera: What type of RAID is it?02:45
carreraJordan_U, software RAID0. I created it with ubuntu 12.04 server.02:45
SolarisBoyoldbreed: and based on that size diff and the assumption that this did work at one point - maybe you have some additional unexpected large files in the source you didn't want to backup?02:45
SolarisBoyoldbreed: do you mount /tmp on a normal disk or something else? like memory mount etc?02:47
oldbreedSolarisBoy:  I installed Ubuntu through Windows 7 and am attempting to delete the Windows 7 partition and expand Ubuntu into its place.  I don't think I've ever backed it up before, and the issue is probably that the Windows partition is too big02:47
carreraJordan_U, Toshiba Qosmio x500 laptop with 2 x 480 GB SanDisk SSD and nVidia M36002:47
Dr_willisoldbreed,  you mean you did a WUBI  install inside windows?02:47
oldbreedSolarisBoy: I have no idea what what you just said emans02:47
oldbreedYes, Dr_willis02:47
Dr_willisoldbreed,  then you CANT remove windows.02:47
oldbreedWait, what?02:47
Dr_willisoldbreed,  wubi installs to a file on the windows partition02:48
oldbreedAw, shit02:48
b4ulook4meHi Dr_Willis...02:48
oldbreedThere's gotta be some workaround02:48
Dr_willisthere are guides out on converting a wubi install to a normal install.. but i would backup improtnat stuff and do a clean install02:48
SolarisBoyoldbreed: what are you trying to do?02:48
wilee-nileeoldbreed, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateWubi  as Dr_willis mentioned02:49
Dr_willisIm not sure how well migrateing wubi works. ;)02:49
SolarisBoysounds scary02:49
oldbreedWhat's the risk?02:49
Dr_willisrisk - it dont work. ;)02:49
SolarisBoydisk obfuscation02:49
subcoolwhy isnt this like working...02:49
subcoolsudo chown -R root:admin .  ## make this directory writable by the system administrators02:49
Dr_willisbackup your wubi disk image file to some place else.. you can mount and access it from a ubuntu install02:49
SolarisBoysubcool: whats the error/return code if it failing?02:50
subcoolSolarisBoy, chown: missing operand after `root:admin'02:50
oldbreedDr_willis: then what precisely do I need to do.  I have an external hard drive that I'm attempting to back Ubuntu up onto, but I'm met with the error before.  I don't know how to resolve this02:50
Dr_willisoldbreed,  what error?02:50
Dr_willisoldbreed,  i just format my external to ext4 and copy my files over ;)02:50
Jordan_Usubcool: Be very careful with chmod and chown with the -R switch, you may be changing a lot of files and thus it may be hard to reverse (as you won't know the original settings for each file).02:51
oldbreedDr_willis: Temp space has 2358272 available, backup needs approx 68157440.02:51
subcoolJordan_U, its ok, its a kinda empy folder02:51
subcoolhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN - step 302:51
giupeppohi guys, I've just installed lubuntu 13.04 on my sony netbook but sound doesn't work.. can you help me please? (launching alsamixer it seem I've 3 different soundcards) thanks!!02:52
oldbreedDr_willis: I can't format my external hard drive -- my image of windows is on there02:52
carreraJordan_U, any ideas?02:52
subcoolok- guess the "." was necessary02:53
Dr_willisoldbreed,  so how are you trying to back up to it? what are you backing up?02:54
SolarisBoysubcool: you should also put what you typed not what you thought you copied =)02:54
oldbreedDr_willis:  I'm using the native Ubuntu backup program to try to back Ubuntu up to my external hard drive (about 400 GB hard drive)02:54
subcooli c/p'ed the command02:54
subcoolfrom my terminal02:54
oldbreedDr_willis: But I get the previous error02:54
SolarisBoyudo chown -R root:admin .  ## make this directory writable by the system administrators02:54
SolarisBoythis one?02:55
SolarisBoywith the "." ? right02:55
SolarisBoysubcool: did you post that one before?02:56
subcooloh ya- :/02:56
giupeppohi guys, I've just installed lubuntu 13.04 on my sony netbook but sound doesn't work.. can you help me please? (launching alsamixer it seem I've 3 different soundcards) thanks!!02:56
Dr_willisoldbreed,  never used it.. i just backup my imporntant files. ive never done a  full system backup02:57
azazel91can anybody tell me why i cant connect to localhost02:57
Dr_willisazazel91,  connect how?02:57
subcoolshould i be concerned about this: subcool@AMDServer:/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa$ ./clean-all02:58
subcoolrm: cannot remove `/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys': Permission denied02:58
azazel91i guess the server is not running im not sure02:58
oldbreedDr_willis: So, theoretically, if I managed to back up my system, could I restore it outside of Windows and keep everything as it is now?02:58
SolarisBoysubcool: you need to be root to run those scripts int hat directory -02:58
SolarisBoysubcool: or use sudo02:58
carreracan anyone tell me how I can go from ubuntu 12.04 to xubuntu 13.04 and keep my RAID0 config?02:58
subcoolSolarisBoy, ok- thanks.02:58
subcooli was considering the same. but- the example says sudo the frist times.02:59
atrus!error | azazel9102:59
ubottuazazel91: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:59
SolarisBoyoldbreed: the ubuntu default program allows you to exclude by folder if that helps -02:59
azazel91oh ok i give you the details02:59
Jordan_Ucarrera: If nothing else you can upgrade to 2.10 then 13.04.02:59
Dr_willisoldbreed,  teres dozens of ways to backup stuff. I dont backup an entire system. I just keep my improntant data files./ and any specaial configs somewhere.. then do a clean install and copy them back02:59
carreraJordan_U, thank u sir but can I upgrade from ubuntu to xubuntu?03:00
Jordan_Ucarrera: You can also use the server install CD for 13.04. I'm still trying to figure out it the Desktop image is supposed to support mdraid.03:00
atruscarrera: #1: if your data is important, you back it up. if you don't have a backup, you don't consider it important. also, raid is NOT a backup.03:00
carreraJordan_U, thanks, u're awesome!  :)03:00
oldbreedDr_willis:  But I kinda wanna keep everything.  The whole reason I'm tryna delete Windows is because I was settled into Ubuntu...03:01
Dr_williscarrera,  you just upgrade, then install the xubuntu-desktop package03:01
azazel91well i installed this server a couple a months ago today i wanted to test it out so i went to the main page (http://localhost) but firfox cant obviously connect well thats what it says03:01
foobArrrdoes using compiz / compositing affect gaming performance?03:01
Dr_willisoldbreed,  might be quicker to just reinstall and restore the imporntant stuff.. people try to hard to 'clone'  setups..03:01
atruscarrera: #2 do you have some reason to think upgrading from 12.04->12.10->13.04 wouldn't work? that's the usual approach for upgrading, raid or not.03:01
SolarisBoyazazel91: if you don't run a webserver on localhost that would make sense03:01
Jordan_Ucarrera: The only difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu is the default set of installed packages. You can install xubuntu-desktop at any time (and remove whatever bits you don't want that came with ubuntu-desktop).03:01
carreraatrus, I have a recent backup but I can't even create RAID from xubuntu 13.04 desktop!03:01
SolarisBoyazazel91: do you purposefully set you main page to the localhost on port 80?03:02
azazel91well i dont know what port example im a newbie and all03:02
SolarisBoyazazel91: the http:// implies port 80 unless the port is specified after the HOSTNAME part -03:02
SolarisBoyazazel91: so in general that entry of having your browser default page be localhost - implies something is answering back like a webserver would - either by you having one installed locally - or forwarding ports or etc.03:03
azazel91so how exactly do i fix this03:04
=== leif is now known as Guest12875
SolarisBoyazazel91: so if the problem is you can't connect to the localhost - and you indeed know that you should have a webserver there - then you should check if that webserver is up/running -03:04
SolarisBoyazazel91: you need to know why you have localhost set in your browser more accurately though - that would help03:04
carreraJordan_U, Dr_willis, atrus, I really don't want Unity and Zeitgeist on my system. That's why I'm moving to xubuntu. Also, if I upgrade, would it upgrade to 13.04 server or desktop?03:04
atruscarrera: what do you have installed right now?03:04
oldbreedDr_willis:  What qualifies as important?03:04
oldbreedDr_willis:  What kinds of things should I be backing up?03:05
carrera12.04 server, then I installed gnome03:05
atruscarrera: if you upgrade, i expect you'll basically have the same thing, but the 13.04 version.03:05
Dr_willisoldbreed,  its your system.. you tell me whats imporntant to you..03:06
carrerabut I have problems with wirless. It takes for ever to resolve and I'm on a 25 Mb/s connection.03:06
azazel91so solarisboy how to restart the server03:06
Dr_willisoldbreed,  i normally just backup my home. and any custome configs03:06
carreraI just booted with xubuntu 13.04 live and pages open ever so quickly03:06
carreraalso, the 12.04 server kept looking for Ethernet connection at boot, therefore slowing down my boot03:07
oldbreedDr_willis:  One last question on the cloning...can I just copy my whole folder into the external drive?03:07
oldbreedAnd how do I even go about installing the new OS without an OS?  I've never operated a computer without an operating system03:08
Jordan_Ucarrera: Again, the difference between Ubuntu flavors is only the default set of installed packages (and, in the case of server a different installer), it's all "Ubuntu". If you installed Ubuntu server then installed the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, then installed tux racer then when you upgrade you will have all of the packages from ubuntu-server, and ubuntu-desktop, and you will also still have tux racer.03:08
Dr_willisoldbreed,  you make a bootable cd.. or usb..  and boot it03:08
oldbreedHow big a CD would I need?03:09
Jordan_Uoldbreed: A DVD.03:09
oldbreedJordan_U:  So a 700MB CD-RW Wouldn't work?03:09
carreraatrus, at this point, I'm willing to forget about my 1 TB of data and read it back from backup but xubuntu 13.04 desktop and I bet ubuntu desktop will not let me create RAID partitions03:10
carreraJordan_U, thanks. Then upgrade is not an option03:10
Guest12875what binds the keyboard fn volume keys' up/down to the pulseaudio mixer configuration and where do I find it please?03:10
Jordan_Uoldbreed: If you're trying to install Ubuntu Desktop, no. (technically you could install from the mini.iso, which will even fit easily on a business card CD, but I doubt that you want to do that).03:11
Jordan_Ucarrera: You're welcome.03:11
carreracan anyone tell me how to create RAID partitions with 13.04 desktop?03:11
carrerais it even possible?03:11
SolarisBoyGuest12875: check in the Settings>Keyboard section03:11
Guest12875yes it is but why do a software raid03:11
oldbreedJordan_U:  I just realized that I could us the 400GB external HDD I have -- that would work, correct?03:11
Jordan_Ucarrera: I think your best option would probably be to install via the netboot iso, or install via the server iso then install the ubuntu-desktop metapackage (and remove any of the ubuntu-server packages you don't want).03:12
Jordan_Uoldbreed: Use it for what?03:12
Dr_willisoldbreed,  make a bootable usb flash drive.. its the handiest thing to have and to install from03:12
oldbreedDr_willis:  I have an 8GB flash drive on-hand right now.  Would that be sufficient?03:13
Dr_willisoldbreed,  yes03:13
Dr_willisit dosent need to be more then like 4gb i think03:13
carreraJordan_U, I have problems with my current server install. For one, it takes too long to boot when ethernet is not connected. 2. page loads, dns resolves, take too long!  :(03:13
erdmutter92Does ubuntu 13.04 have out of the box support for the fans in the macbook pro?03:13
carreraJordan_U, that's why I don't want to go the Server + DE root again03:14
lotuspsychje!mac | erdmutter9203:14
ubottuerdmutter92: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:14
Jordan_Uerdmutter92: I think I answered you the last time you asked that. Do you remember that?03:15
carreraJordan_U, but I haven't tried netboot yet. Someone on #xubuntu also suggested that03:15
erdmutter92Jordan_U: No, I don't I am sorry :\03:15
carreraJordan_U, it's a 30 MB file03:15
SolarisBoyis just the base kernel and small environment enough to pull the other OS files from the net03:16
SolarisBoythe trade off is install time is longer than having it all on a local media -03:16
carreraDr_willis, Jordan_U, atrus, many thanks for your help. Going to try netboot. Wish me luck!03:17
BitcoinTickerWhat's up03:17
BitcoinTickerJust wrote a MtGox Bitcoin Desktop Ticker if anyone want's it03:17
Dr_williscarrera,  id have a bootable cd/usb/dvd allready made.. incase that fails03:17
erdmutter92lotuspsychje: That document does not have information on fans nor the Macbook Pro 9,2.03:17
Rootbriansolarisboy: if you have a good quality high speed connection, it would be just as fast as from CD.03:17
Jordan_Uerdmutter92: The fans in macs are controlled by the firmware, so the OS doesn't need to support anything for the fans to automatically turn on when things start getting hot. There is also some support for telling the firmware to increase the fan speed (or decrease it, though that's not recommended) beyond what it would normally do. I don't know if there is support for the latter bit for all macbook pro models.03:17
ntzrmtthihu777anyone can tell me the version of ruby that comes standard with ubuntu 12.04?03:17
BitcoinTickerhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?agj93792vkallkb MtGox bitcoin desktop ticker03:18
Jordan_UBitcoinTicker: Please don't post spam in this channel.03:18
lotuspsychje!ops | BitcoinTicker03:18
ubottuBitcoinTicker: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!03:18
erdmutter92Jordan_U: Thank you :) my macbook pro was getting hot, and I was starting to worry because I could not hear the fan... though my boyfriend informed me that it might not need it quite yet. xD03:19
Jordan_Uerdmutter92: Apple's defaults for the fan tend to be pretty low, I think that they value quietness over coolness (and remember that companies don't sell "laptops" anymore, just "notebooks" :)03:20
erdmutter92Jordan_U: lol so true...  xD03:22
joaquinsomebody has a minute to help me out with the packaging guide?03:22
=== CQ_ is now known as CQ
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: wich channel can i request a new trigger?03:23
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: #ubuntu-ops, or just "/msg ubottu !foo is <reply> Foo is bar!".03:24
lotuspsychjeJordan_u: tnx mate03:25
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: You're welcome.03:25
zivesteranyone have ubuntu installed on a macbook with refit or refind? wondering how kernel updates are handled03:25
Jordan_Uzivester: rEFIt and refind just load grub, which handles kernel updates the same way it does for other platforms.03:26
subcoolOk, i got a good one for you this time guys. Is there a way to deteremine which usb port is the usb2 or 3 port?03:26
zivesterJordan_U, I installed ubuntu without grub... and i had to manually copy my kernel images over to the /EFI/ directory of OSX03:26
shantornusb3 ports are blue03:27
Jordan_Uzivester: Why didn't you install grub?03:27
zivesterJordan_U, tutorials i followed said not to: http://randomtutor.blogspot.com/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-retina.html03:27
zivesterand I would assume it would install to the MBR and would wipe out everything03:27
Jordan_Uzivester: 1: It wouldn't install to the MBR if you were using grub-efi 2: Even if you were using grub-pc and installed grub to the MBR it wouldn't "wipe out everything", in fact it would "wipe out" or hurt anything.03:28
Dr_willisHmm.. They need to make usb ports glow in the dark so i can find them when im trying to plug in somthing under the desk to the pc... ;)03:29
zivesterJordan_U, how do specificy whether it uses grub-efi and not grub-pc?  I'm not a mac user by any means, if I had a choice I wouldn't be using one03:29
Jordan_Uzivester: The author of that Tutorial seems to assume that grub doesn't support EFI. Grub has supported EFI for longer than refind or rEFIt have existed.03:30
Jordan_Uzivester: If you boot the Ubuntu installation media via [U]EFI then it will detect that and install grub-efi, and you can always install the grub-efi package manually yourself later.03:31
=== joaquin is now known as joaquinPlanet
zivesterJordan_U, ok well its a 13.04 install on a rMBP... I installed refind and xubuntu without a bootloader... if you were doing it would you have just installed it with the bootloader?03:32
zivesterI'm not sure whether it booted it UEFI or not03:32
Jordan_Uzivester: Yes.03:32
trakowski77trying to use irc on 13.04, with accounts...03:34
trakowski77Not sure how to do it03:34
zivesterJordan_U, just booted from my USB key again... it shows two EFI boot options... both seem to load the same xubuntu live image... so if i installed this again it will install correctly?  how will the OSX /EFI/ directory know about the ubuntu install?03:34
joaquinPlanethi, can u read me? I don't know if I set this right03:35
Jordan_UjoaquinPlanet: No, we can't see you.03:36
joaquinPlanethaha, thanks03:36
trakowski77can someone help me connecting to IRC using empathy on 13.04 ? I'm trying to use the Online Account thing but no luck03:36
Jordan_Uzivester: Install Ubuntu normally but keep refind. You will get an refind menu at boot which will allow you to choose between loading OSX and loading grub, and if you load grub it will work as normal.03:37
trakowski77(i'm currently connected using Pidgin)03:37
trakowski77also, does anyone know if it is possible to connect to Lync using empathy ?03:38
zivesterJordan_U, so in that case, I don't need to manually create the /EFI/ubuntu directory with the initrd or vmlinuz files? I'll have to check that out03:39
Jordan_Uzivester: Correct.03:39
zivesterlast thing I want to do is mess up my system so I can't get into OSX03:39
bambamHi, is anyone else having issues with flash on 13.04. I'd like to get GPU rendering/decoding working on flash without having the adobe flash plugin crash 50% of the time at random (I'm having trouble re-creating the issue)03:41
bambamI'm using NVIDIA drivers with VDPAU03:41
lotuspsychjetrakowski77: http://askubuntu.com/questions/173417/chatting-with-empathy03:42
truexfan81when i kernel drops to a initramfs prompt, does it leave a log somewhere to tell why?03:42
trakowski77lotuspsychje: thanks, checking it out03:42
bambamI created a file called mms.cfg in /etc/adobe and added the following "EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 OverrideGPUValidation=1" and while that seemed to be able to get me smooth HD video playback, I have the adobe flash plugin crash at random03:43
bambamHas anyone else experienced this?03:43
Jordan_Utruexfan81: No, it can't because the root filesystem hasn't been mounted yet (so there is nowhere to write a log to).03:43
bambamI still have*03:43
truexfan81Jordan_U: so no way to figure out what is broken in the custom kernel then?03:43
lotuspsychjebambam: did you upgrade or clean install?03:43
bambamlotuspsychje: Clean install03:43
bambamI've had this issue with Ubuntu since as far as I've had this GPU (3 years)03:44
lotuspsychjebambam: thats weird indeed, did you check additional drivers if grafix driver changed?03:44
bambamlousygarua: Yes, I'm using nvidia-current03:44
truexfan81bambam: that is normal for flash to crash with hw acceleration turned on, i did figure out a work around for it tho03:44
bambamtruexfan81: Really? I'd like to hear it03:45
lotuspsychjebambam: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?03:45
bambamlotuspsychje: Yes, I did03:45
truexfan81bambam: if you pay attention it give the bottom control bar just b4 the vid starts03:45
lotuspsychjebambam: other browsers with same issue?03:45
truexfan81bambam: click the fullscreen button b4 the video starts and it will come up and play, once its playing you can exit fullscreen if you wish03:46
bambamlotuspsychje: All browsers using the flash installed from the package "flashplugin-installer"03:46
bambamwhich is what ubuntu-restricted-extras provides, IIRC03:46
bambamChrome's pepper flash works without crashing but I'm not able to get GPU video decoding working03:47
bambamso HD playback has a lot of frame drops03:47
lotuspsychjebambam: i know but does it crash same way for another browser03:47
truexfan81bambam: the pepper flash does not use the mms.cfg, thats why03:47
bambamlotuspsychje: I should try to reproduce it03:47
truexfan81use what i told you, i promise it works03:47
bambamtruexfan81: Yeah, is there any way I can get HWVideoDecoding work with pepper?03:48
trakowski77lotuspsychje: I think this tutorial refers to 12.10. On 13.04 things appear to be much different03:48
truexfan81bambam: if so i have never found it03:48
bambamtruexfan81: Actually I think I've done exactly what you describe on accident03:48
bambamDirty fix03:48
lotuspsychjebambam: maybe its early bug in nvidia-current?03:48
truexfan81yeah try it again, see does it not work03:48
babel_Hi. I just setup 13.04, and the wired connection takes extremely long to establish. but once connected, it's fast03:48
bambamlotuspsychje: I'm willing to bet it's more likely flash03:49
bambamIt's unsupported now afterall, right?03:49
lotuspsychje!info flashplugin-installer03:50
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (raring), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)03:50
truexfan81lotuspsychje: flash with hw acceleration crashes on linux no matter what hw or driver, a simple google search proves that03:50
Dr_willisHmm.. HW acellreation was working for me last night i noticed.. at least the check box was enabled03:50
truexfan81Dr_willis: best way to check it is with youtube03:51
bambamtruexfan81: You mean full HW acceleration03:51
truexfan81put a vid fullscreen, then right-click and click show video info, it will tell you03:51
Dr_willisI just recall seeing a flash video, in the properties. the 'enable hardware acceleration' was checked.03:51
Dr_willisI recall that i had actually turned that off some months ago.. to get rid of  the SMURF Syndrome. ;)03:52
bambamtruexfan81: what flash do you have installed?03:52
bambamwhat package03:52
truexfan81bambam: i have a gtx650 with the latest nvidia beta driver03:52
truexfan81i have flash 11.203:52
truexfan81it crashes just as you described, unless i do what i told you which is to fullscreen it b4 the vid starts playing03:53
ddssssuspend doesn't work in 13.04 - why?03:53
omegasirI don't like unity03:53
Dr_willisomegasir,  so use somthing else.03:53
truexfan81bambam: one of the many things adobe did not fix before they abandoned linux03:53
james-ubcomegasir, does anybody actually like unity?03:54
Dr_willisUnity works fine for me.03:54
james-ubcit's the ugliest thing I've ever seen03:54
sam113101I like it03:54
Dr_willisSubjective opinions. ;)03:54
Dr_willisive definatly seen Uglier.03:54
james-ubcno it's really not subjective03:54
Dr_willisYes it is..03:54
james-ubcit's poor HCI03:54
lotuspsychjebambam: can you do this in terminal cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep sse203:54
scriptjunkieanybody seen issues with wireless interference after 13.04 upgrade?03:55
jcoreyelmoreHi, does anybody feel like helping me figure out a problem with deluge?03:55
james-ubcit has gaudy usless gradients and blurrs03:55
Dr_willisHydroCloraicAcid? :)03:55
james-ubcthat serve no real purpose03:55
jcoreyelmoreAny time I add a torrent it gives me the error of permission denied03:55
james-ubcdo not help conveyance or hint properly03:55
scriptjunkiejust submitted https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1174145 <- really painful to the rest of my family :-(03:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1174145 in Ubuntu "Broadcom 4313 causes heavy interference with wireless clients after 13.04 upgrade" [Undecided,New]03:55
scriptjunkieyeah that was me03:55
james-ubcthat's objectively poor UI design03:55
truexfan81jcoreyelmore: try #deluge ;)03:55
jcoreyelmorei'm somewhat of a noob and don't want to mess things up changing permissions03:55
lotuspsychje!broadcom | scriptjunkie03:55
ubottuscriptjunkie: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:55
bambamlotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614750/03:55
Dr_willisjames-ubc,  sounds like you are just spouting off buzzwords.. but its not really on topic.03:56
bambamtruexfan81: That's what I've read too - may I ask how you have flash 11.2 installed?03:56
bambamWhat's the name of the package you use03:56
lotuspsychjebambam: does sse2 turn red?03:56
scriptjunkielotuspsychje - what? is that a command I should run? or are you a bot?03:56
truexfan81bambam: my linux netbook is running debian wheezy, so the package name is likely different03:56
bambamlotuspsychje: Yes it does03:56
lotuspsychjescriptjunkie: its a help page for installing broadcom drivers03:57
LargePrimeI have a user i added to www-data.  They cannot seem to edit files in /var/www.  Sorry for the noobish.  what did i do wrong?03:57
lotuspsychjebambam: your machine should be able to run flash then03:57
Dr_willisLargePrime,  did you log out/back in after adding them to the group?03:57
truexfan81bambam: but if you really want me to i can ssh in and search for the package name03:57
LargePrimeDr_willis: me?  or them?03:58
bambamlotuspsychje: Yeah, it can run it (software rendering and decoding) but if I want to play 720p video, I get way too many framedrops03:58
FlannelLargePrime: Did you modify permissions to enable group writing?03:58
Dr_willisLargePrime,  if you change a users group the changes do not take affect untill the user logs back in. I think ive seen others have this issue03:58
truexfan81bambam: my search shows i   flashplugin-nonfree             - Adobe Flash Player - browser plugin03:58
marwhat must I install to get this page to work? http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us03:58
lotuspsychjebambam: did you try a 720p or higher on vlc, what does it do?03:58
LargePrimeFlannel: nope.  how i do?03:58
mari have JRE7 installed already03:58
LargePrimeFlannel: sorry i retract that03:59
FlannelLargePrime: no worries.03:59
Dr_willismar : its best to use the nvidia drivers from the repos. not the ones from the nvidia.com site03:59
bambamlotuspsychje: I have to use the OpenGL render and enable GPU decoding, then HD film is very smooth, zero frame drops.03:59
LargePrimeDr_willis: can i force a logout03:59
scriptjunkielotuspsychje thanks - will be back if I don't kill my wireless driver03:59
Dr_willisLargePrime,  i imagine you can.. but why?03:59
lotuspsychjebambam: then it must be flash like you think03:59
truexfan81bambam: i dare you to try smplayer with vdpau output04:00
bambamtruexfan81: Yep, I already have (but with mplayer)04:00
LargePrimeDr_willis:  cause it easier to force than ans and wait04:00
truexfan81bambam: yeah smplayer is just a gui for mplayer04:00
sean-wWhy are the ubuntu repos unusable in ipv6?04:00
bambamlotuspsychje: I was able to get smooth HD flash playback once I installed the vdapau library and enable EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode and OverrideGPUValidation in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg04:01
Dr_willisLargePrime,  you could just reboot the whole box if you want to go overboard.. ;)04:01
trakowski77anyone knows how to make empathy connect to sipe (Microsoft Lync) ? ... ubuntu 13.04...04:01
bambamlotuspsychje: I'm not sure why I have to install  libvdpau1 since I know the nvidia binary drivers already come with an vdpau driver04:02
bambambut that seemed to do the trick04:02
marDr_willis: ok. So then how do I do that. I notice 'additional-drivers' jockey thingy doesn't come with 13.0404:02
bambamAnyway, it is hit or miss, I have to do that trick truexfan81 talked about to not make flash crash04:03
Dr_willismar its in there.. its under software sources -> addational drivers tab.04:03
bambamtruexfan81: Actually it seems like flash also crashes whenever I try to seek video that hasn't been pre-loaded04:03
bambamDid you experience that too?04:03
truexfan81bambam: i haven't tried to seek one with that so no04:03
bambamI'll try to recreate this in another browser, like Opera04:03
truexfan81bambam: i mainly only use flashplayer for justin.tv04:04
marDr_willis, aha, just not installed04:05
bambamtruexfan81: do you get frame drops when viewing HTML 5 hd video?04:05
truexfan81bambam: idk04:05
bambamthere is no GPU acceleration IIRC?04:05
* bambam is wondering when flash is going to die04:05
truexfan81i'm not very familiar with html5, so i can't say much about it04:05
bambamlotuspsychje: I wish I could see what those adobe flash crash reports are saying04:09
bambamThere doesn't seem to be a way to see what they dump04:09
bambamonly "send report"04:09
Dr_willisbambam,  sadly i even see Ubuntu Blog sites still using Flash for their videos  ;(04:11
LargePrimethanks Dr_willis  Flannel .  the combo worked04:15
lotuspsychjebambam: maybe try a tail -f on /var/log/syslog and fool around with flash a bit04:15
lotuspsychjebambam: or star firefox from terminal and see what msges you get04:16
batmiteHi, is there a channel for general IRC questions/info?04:17
bambamlotuspsychje: I think like truexfan81 said, it seems like a bug Adobe refused to fix right before it officially dropped support for Linux04:17
Dr_willisbatmite,  #irc or #freenode or one for your specific client04:17
batmiteDr_willis thanks04:17
lotuspsychjebambam: i had same issues like you on older systems using older grafix cards with flash04:18
lotuspsychjebambam: all new systems i installed ubuntu with never gave me any troubles anymore04:18
bambamDr_willis: :/ well, if they're going to post their HTML 5 videos in HD, I probably won't be able to stream them smoothly within my browser anyway :\04:18
truexfan81lotuspsychje: define old, i have that crashing issue with my nvidia gtx65004:19
bambamlotuspsychje: HD video too?04:19
bambamlotuspsychje: The card isn't very old, it04:19
bambam's an NVIDIA GT 61004:19
lotuspsychjebambam: it had no hd no04:19
=== Fred_ is now known as Guest53386
bambamyeah, that seems to be the difference04:20
bambamI can comfortably view 360p flash videos without HW acceleration  and get no frame drops04:20
truexfan81bambam: i have a dualcore 2.9with 4GB ram, i can watch 1080p flash with or without hw acceleration, with no frame drops04:21
bambamtruexfan81: I have a single core, so I'm forced to use hw acceleration04:21
truexfan81i just like the hw acceleration because it frees up my cpu for other things04:21
Dr_willisi tend to just use the various flash-downloader extensions. ;)04:21
lotuspsychjebambam: what does chrome do on 1080p youtubes on your system?04:22
bambamDr_willis: Same here, it can get cumbersome, I just want to stream video sometimes04:22
Dr_willisbambam,  there used to be a flash-replacer extension that would play flash videos in vlc or mplayer embeded in the browser. or poped out..04:22
bambamI have been looking for that04:22
bambamit seems like it's been discontinued or something04:23
Dr_willisyep. it still worked last i used it. but you got to get it from the plugins site. not the firefox site04:23
lotuspsychjebut there's a plugin for firefox 'open with anything' or something04:23
lotuspsychjethen open smplayer04:23
UbunWinToshI'm unable to adjust brightness for my Ubuntu OS. Does anyone know why that is? I tried screendimmer but it didn't work. I suspect it may have to do with the proprietary video driver.04:24
biggeniusFn + f504:24
biggeniusTry that04:24
UbunWinToshbiggenius: I tried that along with the settings in the Brightness and lock app. Neither worked.04:24
biggeniusGuys anyone knows how to join django irc channel on freenode?04:24
biggeniushmm strange04:25
biggeniusmy installation doesn't remember brightness settings04:25
wilee-nileebiggenius, /j "channel"04:25
biggeniustried that bro04:26
biggeniusit says "you must be identified with service"04:26
biggeniusI don't know, how it works, already registered04:26
UbunWinToshI also tried joining #Django but that room does not load.04:26
UbunWinToshother rooms do load for me.04:26
truexfan81biggenius: /msg nickserv help identify04:26
biggeniusbiggenius: /msg nickserv help identify04:26
Dr_willisMany channels require you to be Identified. Your chat client proberly gave some message about that04:27
biggeniusthanks bro it worked!!!04:27
UbunWinToshAs soon as I joined #Ubuntu for my first time, I was banned and had to re-enter. I think it's because I had a username similar to someone else and didn't identify, so I was banned.04:27
bambamDr_willis: http://www.webgapps.org/addons/flashvideoreplacer04:28
Dr_willisbambam,  if its open sourced.. you could revive it! ;)04:28
marDr_willis, I installed additional drivers but it doesn't show up in my classic menu indicator or in unity launcher. There's one comment at the bottom of the entry in Software Centre and it says 'why you no werk for 13.04?'04:30
lotuspsychjebambam: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/open-with/ then install that smplayer04:30
lotuspsychjebambam: maybe #firefox knows any new stuff?04:30
bambamlotuspsychje: I should ask, yeah04:31
marDr_willis, search USC for nvidia gives 3 drivers. Should I install one of these?04:31
Dr_willismar i always just install nvidia-current04:32
Dr_willisbut i got an older nvidia card.  a 320gtx i think.04:32
lotuspsychjeDr_willis: is there a command to know wich driver 13.04 would install by setup default?04:33
Dr_willisnever really noticed lotuspsychje ...  all my pcs use the same drivers :)04:34
marDr_willis, sounds reasonable. I've messed up in the past installing the latest and didn't know how to reset X configuration04:34
truexfan81lotuspsychje: by default do you mean that comes with a new 13.04 install? that would be nouveau04:34
lotuspsychjetruexfan81: but maybe there are left-overs that would corrupt on upgrade?04:35
truexfan81not sure what you mean by an upgrade do you mean upgrading from a previous ubuntu (bad idea) or a previous proprietary driver install?04:36
lotuspsychjebbl sorry04:36
UbunWinToshWhat's the easiest way to move a file from Desktop to /etc/api? It's requiring root privileges in order to do that.04:41
Dr_willissudo cp file /path/to/file04:42
jribUbunWinTosh: what's /etc/api for?  What's this file for?04:42
UbunWinToshjrib: for adjusting brightness04:42
Dr_willisyou need sudo rights to mess with the system directories  of course. ;)04:42
UbunWinToshit's actually going into /etc/api/events04:42
UbunWinToshjrib: sorry, I meant acpi04:43
UbunWinToshNevermind, I found out. sudo cp /source/files /destination/folder :)04:45
Dr_willissudo cp file /path/to/file       like i said... ;)04:46
UbunWinToshoh sorry, missed that Dr_willis. I found it by Googling. :D04:47
TumleeIs it just me, or is there no longer a preferences menu in Nautilus as of 13.04?04:47
benno123 how do i use my own PGP signature with mail.ru ?04:49
bambamWhat would cause my /tmp/ folder to fill up so quickly on a fresh install? I did not download anything except stream a few videos04:50
bambamIt filled up to 50 GB O_O04:50
thomas____Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install nautilus.04:50
thomas____Then restart your session.04:50
thomas____For some reason, Nautilus is not completely updated when you install the Elementary version. This will complete the upgrading process and Preferences and Menu will be there again the next time you start Nautilus.04:50
TumleeRestart my nautilus session, or my gnome session?04:51
thomas____copied this from a user question on ubuntu help pages04:51
thomas____that was the answer, I meant to add!04:51
thomas____nautilus session I assume04:52
TumleeI just did did sudo apt-get install nautilus, it was already installed (I've actually reinstalled it from when I removed it earlier anyway)04:53
thomas____but it wouldn't hurt to try one and then the other04:53
Tumleedoing killall nautilus and reopening nautilus did nothing04:53
UbunWinToshjust finished this tutorial http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2088190&s=5b63fff9c23a2a229aa15a06ca453f1d&p=12373220#post12373220 and brightness still does not work! :(04:53
TumleeFurthermore, any view settings I change (such as hiding the side bar) are completely forgotten the next time I open nautilus04:53
Dr_willisTumlee,  you havent ran nautilus as root  in the past have you?04:54
TumleeI've done a gksudo nautilus, if that's what you mean04:54
thomas____https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/1110025     this is a link to other suggestions about your problem Tumlee04:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1110025 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "gksu nautllus Can't change preferences MISSING file menu" [Undecided,New]04:55
RustyShacklefordwhat does ubuntu plan to do for names pretty soon04:56
TumleeThis is not the same bug I have experienced04:56
RustyShacklefordthere are some trick letters coming up04:57
TumleeI am missing all menus no matter if I run as user or root04:57
RustyShacklefordZ___ Z___04:57
zilla_how can i install ubuntu to usb external drive from windows04:57
TumleeJudging by this screenshot http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/new-nautilus-in-ubuntu.jpg It looks like it's not even supposed to be there04:57
RustyShacklefordzilla_, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/04:57
Jordan_Uzilla_: A real installation (Not just a liveUSB)?04:57
RustyShacklefordoh nevermind then04:58
Jordan_Uzilla_: You basically can't. Why do you want to do it "from Windows"?04:58
zilla_because when i try rom linux04:58
zilla_it says BUG: cannot blah blah kernel04:59
Jordan_Uzilla_: What is the exact error message and when do you see it?04:59
Paul_MyBB1Hey, is anyone else having an issue where after you close an application the icon remains pinned to the launcher even if you didn't pin it?04:59
zilla_Jordan_U:  too tired to look it over again04:59
zilla_just trying to get it wo work04:59
Dr_willisTumlee,  ive seen cases where running nautilus as root writes some of the config files to the users home. only owned by root.. thus the user cant change them05:00
Jordan_Uzilla_: When did you see the error?05:00
zilla_at boot05:00
zilla_when it normallyu shows ubuntu loading05:00
zilla_the try / install options05:00
zilla_cant get to graphics05:00
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:01
TumleeSorry, I was disconnected.05:01
Dr_willisTumlee,  ive seen cases where running nautilus as root writes some of the config files to the users home. only owned by root.. thus the user cant change them. Id check your Home directroy for stuff owned by root05:01
Jordan_Uzilla_: Pretty much any problem you have booting the LiveDVD/USB you'll also have trying to boot the installed system (until you fix it of course).05:01
TumleeOh wow... I think these features may have been genuinely removed. I guess it's time to get an older version of nautilus05:03
Cyristechnically i can put virtualbox in an external HD and run it from that, correct?05:04
Jordan_UTumlee: Did you check for menus at the top of the screen (which are hidden until you move the mouse there)?05:05
Dr_willisitss not going to be trivial to downgrade nautilus..05:05
TumleeErm... I should have probably mentioned that I'm running Ubuntu GNOME so these settings don't actually appear there05:06
TumleeOr wait, let me check if they do if I unhide the top bar05:06
Jordan_UCyris: Run what from the external HD?05:06
TumleeI am the owner of both of the files in ~/.config/nautilus though05:07
jmaderoanyone here upgrade to 13.04 and using gnome shell experiencing some crappy repercussions?05:07
CyrisJordan_U: correct05:07
Dr_willisjmadero,  its working here fine last time i tried it.05:07
thomas____Tumlee what does the Nautilus look like if you maximize it?...surely then you see the menus across the top!05:07
jmaderoDr_willis: my buddy just upgraded and his system is completely borked:-/05:08
jmaderotrying to help him out, I don't use Ubuntu so came here for guidance05:08
TumleeDerp, I'm just dumb. Yup. The menus haven't been removed, just moved.05:08
CyrisJordan_U:  oh way wrong reply... run ubuntu or mac05:08
Dr_willishave him make a new user. see if it works for the newly made user05:08
jmaderoDr_willis: gave him that advice already, that was even worse, just went to a blue screen, never loaded05:09
TumleeI didn't know they were there because I installed an extension to hide the top bar before I ever even ran nautilus05:09
jmaderoDr_willis: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/196272-upgrading-13-04-borked-gnome-cairo-dock-session.html#post92584005:09
jmaderodescribes the issues05:09
benno123need help for pgp signature?05:10
Jordan_UCyris: Yes, you can keep the Ubuntu Virtual Disk on an external drive and boot the Ubuntu VM from there.05:10
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=== Dan_ is now known as Guest83785
TumleeAlright, one final question then: Is there any way to make nautilus open with the sidebar hidden? I never use it and it only takes up space for me.05:15
saviobenno123 !details05:15
benno123savio:which details?05:16
saviobenno123 u said u need help05:17
betrayd !details | benno12305:17
ubottubenno123: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:17
benno123savio:yeah i said.i need help for pgp signature!!05:18
DanaGSay, I'm having trouble writing an upstart rule/job/scriot (whatever you call it)... if I try to start it, the 'start' command hangs forever, and nothing happens.  There isn't even a logged failure in syslog, and the log with the upstart job's name doesn't exist.05:18
benno123betrayd:need help for pgp signature?05:18
benno123savio:i have to add my own pgp signature for mail.ru? does possible?05:18
nobit2I'm trying to install oracle java on my ubuntu 13.04 server however it seems I don't have apt-add-repository or add-apt-repository command to add the repository suggested by the website.05:19
marso I installed current nVidia drivers. Black is pitch black -  that's good. But windows don't have borders and unity taskbar doesn't show. Are there any settings I can play with, or is my only option to revert?05:19
jmaderoso this is what my buddy is seeing for gnome cairo dock session on 13.04 https://plus.google.com/photos/114741461989471917798/albums/5739082733911197745/5872127792435518834?banner=pwa05:19
jmaderoclearly messed up05:19
nobit2I also read that I had to install python-software-properties to get the command but it still didn't work05:20
benno123savio:got something for me?05:22
MayankHi, I have two server running Ubuntu, A that is accessible only within the institution. I have another server B in the same institution that can be accessed from outside and it can access the server A as well. Can  I run some service so that all HTTP traffic of A can be rendered outside using server B?05:22
nobit2nm finally found an answer, it is in software-properties-common05:22
saviobenno123 wait05:23
Jordan_UMayank: You can create an ssh tunnel, among other proxy options.05:24
MayankJordan_U: I want to access A from the web browser? Will it be possible?05:24
b4dave_Is anyone here using Ubuntu 13.04 with Gnome 3.8?05:25
=== JKL1234- is now known as The_[206]
Jordan_UMayank: Yes, but I think you should be very careful with this, as there is probably a good reason why your institution has made this server only accesible internally.05:25
Tumleeb4dave_: It depends. What version does Ubuntu GNOME come with?05:26
MayankJordan_U: Nah, the only reason is they do not have a public IP for this server. So by creating a SSH tunnel from B to A all html/php files of A can be rendered on the web browser through B?05:27
TumleeEr, nevermind. I have gnome 3.605:27
saviobenno123 try gnupgp05:29
b4dave_Tumlee I am using 3.8 and was wondering about stability issues. are you seeing any with 3.6?05:31
benno123savio:do i can set up this with my mail.ru account?05:31
TumleeI am having no stability issues. I've had a few annoyances with many themes no longer being compatible with GNOME, but that's about it.05:32
TumleeIt's working smoothly and without any crashes or quirks05:32
benno123savio:it's not gnupgp it's gnuPG!!05:35
quatamoi like the new ubuntu05:35
benno123so do i!!!05:35
quatamolol it's gnu privacy guard not gnu pretty good privacy05:35
benno123someone suggested!!05:36
benno123quatamo:do you know anything about it?05:37
benno123The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is a free replacement for PGP. on GNU website!!05:37
quatamobenno123: Well, I know they're both asymmetric, i know how to generate keys, etc. So yeah I guess05:38
benno123quatamo:if you don't mind,can you share it, please!!05:38
quatamogpg --gen-key then probably you want the default, DSA and ElGamal05:39
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quatamono smaller than 768 bits05:40
b4dave_Tumlee thank you. I am having a hell of a time with Samba. I don't know if its a problem with the new gnome release or Samba.05:40
benno123quatamo:actually i have to integrate it with my mail.ru email account.so does it possible?05:40
TumleeHehe, I have never used Samba before so I wouldn't be able to tell you.05:41
quatamobenno123: maybe...05:41
benno123quatamo:do you know how to???05:42
dalerhi people, just yesterday installed ubuntu 13.03, and im totally new to nix at all05:42
dalerhow to install gnome 3.8 on ubuntu?05:42
quatamobenno123: I would instead encrypt messages on a seperate client then copy-paste etc. Even gmail doesn't have a nice integration... well, if you use Thunderbird it can do it for you05:44
b4dave_Tumlee its okay. :-)05:44
quatamoI mean thunderbird + enigmail05:44
b4dave_daler I just down loaded the gnomebuntu release05:45
benno123quatamo:ok,i should definitely consider it!!05:46
daleryeah b4dave, as i am new i didnt know that there is a relase already with gnome.. i just dont want to go all the way again05:46
daleranyway, i found an article, and doing something lets see05:46
Tumleeb4dave_: AFAIK Ubuntu GNOME only has version 3.6 anyway05:47
silverexHey guys, what graphics card would you recommend for Ubuntu 13.04?05:47
silverexI need to get a new one05:47
TumleeI recommend compatibility with VESA ;)05:48
silverexAs I currently have an AMD HD4K card which doesn't have any compatible drivers for 13.0405:48
daleris that fine to do android development under linux? anyone have some experience?05:49
daleras with my windows i play a lot and want to turn to nix, as no game here)05:50
Tumleedaler: I've done a few simple Android apps under Linux, so I know it works. However, if you're planning on using AndEngine let me tell you, you're probably not going to do it.05:50
dalerbad.. so what do you do in nix then?05:51
TumleeWhat do you mean by that?05:51
dalerbad question ) sorry.. how comes it doesnt work05:51
dalerandroid is open source, androis open source05:52
TumleeI have no idea. All I can tell you is that trying to install AndEngine and get it to work properly doesn't work under Linux but I got it to work under Windows.05:52
=== histo_ is now known as histo
TumleeYou can still do Android development, just not that one specific library05:52
dalercorona? did you try it?05:53
TumleeUnless they've fixed it since then, I don't know.05:53
TumleeWhat on earth is corona?05:53
dalernot a beer for sure)) let me give u link05:53
TumleeSeems like a pretty neat SDK05:54
dalera little bit expensive if want to use java libraries05:54
b4dave_silverex I am using a old gforce 8400 its works great! and it uses open drivers and best of all its under 35.00$05:54
dalerbut very easy for game dev05:54
TumleeYeah, I've never tried it. All I can tell you is that if you're used to developing games for Android under Eclipse, you'll feel right at home.05:54
silverexb4dave_: How well does it run 3D applications?05:54
dalerdoes anyone had experince of installing sip server in *nix?05:56
sliswsojI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.05:58
sliswsojhe would "play the bongos" on my ass05:58
sliswsojI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.05:58
sliswsojhe would "play the bongos" on my ass05:58
FloodBot1sliswsoj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:58
lovethecodeinteresting how irc channels are protected.06:00
TumleeHehe, when you have a channel this popular, you HAVE to protect it.06:00
friendoflinuxI recently installed Awesome WM on my Ubuntu Unity install. But when I boot into Awesome everything looks ugly (i.e. firefox). So I am wondering is it because of the Awesome theme or because of the GTK theme? Which should I look into?06:01
somsipfriendoflinux: define 'ugly' AwesomeWM has no decoration at all as standard so it is very plain compared to pretty WMs06:01
histofriendoflinux: gtk theme06:02
friendoflinuxsomsip: so what i mean Firefox and Nautilus look very stale in Awesome WM and I was wondering what theme is causing that, GTK or will getting an awesome wm theme will fix the issue06:03
MrDyneCan you limit port access to domain subdomains? I want to limit the Minecraft server so that it can only be connected to through the subdomain. And the teamspeak server through another subdomain. Block direct IP requests.06:03
friendoflinuxhisto: so if i just change the WM theme Nautilus and Firefox will still look the same as they do now?06:03
madpropsfriendoflinux, probably gtk06:03
madpropsfriendoflinux, try lxappearance06:03
somsipfriendoflinux: histo is recommending a gtk theme. as is madprops. I don't remember installing any gtk theme, but there you go06:04
friendoflinuxmadprops: isn't that the program that changes the theme in lxde?06:04
histofriendoflinux: yes but ti works well in other wm's06:04
somsipfriendoflinux: I beg your pardon - I appear to have Raleigh installed06:05
friendoflinuxhisto, can you recommend me a good site for gtk themes?06:06
histofriendoflinux: gnome-look.org06:06
friendoflinuxhisto: Oh, I thought that was just for gnome, silly me :)06:06
friendoflinuxhiso: do you happen to know if I change the theme for the WM if Nautilus and Firefox will still look the same as they do now?06:07
histofriendoflinux: Not if the theme is different06:07
friendoflinuxhisto: what do you mean by that?06:07
histofriendoflinux: the arch linux wiki may have some usefull information for you.06:07
friendoflinuxhisto: this? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Awesome06:08
histofriendoflinux: yes06:08
friendoflinuxhisto: awesome! thanks a lot mate!06:08
histofriendoflinux: http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/Customizing_GTK_Apps  and this06:11
btralhi. i have a folder that contain multi folders too. how can i convert a dir to dir.tar.gz with gzip command?06:11
theadminbtral: You can't tar with gzip06:11
theadminbrad: tar czf dir.tar.gz dir06:11
theadminbtral: ^06:12
theadminbrad: Sorry, tab fail06:12
btraltheadmin: oh. how ca i do it? i dont hav tar command06:13
btraltheadmin: i want to convert dir to dir.tar.gz or dir.gz06:13
theadminbtral: Err, tar is part of the base Ubuntu installation so you should have that command.06:14
theadminbtral: If not, apt-get install tar06:14
theadminbtral: You can't gzip a directory though, GZip can only compress one file06:14
theadminbtral: (like a TAR archive ;))06:14
btraltheadmin: ok. tnx06:15
btraltheadmin: and how extract it to special folder?06:16
theadminbtral: tar xf something.tar.gz -C folder06:16
theadmin(note the uppercase C)06:16
Blue11i can;t seem to set a default browser in xubuntu / thunderbir06:17
theadminBlue11: Open the settings thingy and there's "Default applications" in there, just use that06:17
btraltheadmin: tar: This does not look like a tar archive06:17
btraltar: Skipping to next header06:17
btraltar: Error exit delayed from previous errors06:17
theadminbtral: Hm, either this is a very old Ubuntu install or a strange version of tar, try tar xzf something.tar.gz then06:18
Blue11theadmin: i cant find the default applicatons settings in xubuntu06:18
Blue11theadmin: otherwise it would be easy06:18
theadminBlue11: Applications menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager (or something) -> Default applications06:18
theadminI can't remember what they called the control centre thing in Xfce06:19
Blue11theadmin: I am in xubuntu06:19
friendoflinuxhisto: Thanks again btw! one thing, how do I know if a program uses GTK or not? is it possible to find out?06:19
theadminBlue11: Right, and Xubuntu uses Xfce as the desktop06:19
Blue11yes I am new to that.06:19
theadminfriendoflinux: Sure, ldd /path/to/app | grep gtk06:20
histofriendoflinux: possibly in the man pages for that application. Or look at it's dependencies06:20
theadmin(at least the most obvious way)06:20
Blue11i have applications/system tools/preferences/ and nothing else06:20
Blue11well no settings06:21
friendoflinuxhisto: So a program that is not using GTK should look the same whether im booting into unity or awesome wm regardless, correct? And the reason they look different now is because the GTK theme is different.06:21
friendoflinuxtheadmin: Thanks!06:21
theadminBlue11: Run xfce4-settings in a terminal06:22
histofriendoflinux: The gtk theme selected is different yes. You need to read the awesome wiki06:22
friendoflinuxhisto: alright, thank you so so much man, much appreciated!06:22
Blue11theadmin: command not found06:23
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theadminBlue11: Err, are you sure you're on Xubuntu?...06:23
Blue11theadmin: yes06:23
theadminBlue11: And are running the default desktop?06:23
Blue11theadmin: gnome-classic06:24
theadminBlue11: Durr, well you should have said that right away -- it does things differently, run "gnome-control-center" instead06:24
Blue11theadmin: okay let me try that06:24
Blue11theadmin: yes, I have seen that before - no way to set default app.06:25
theadminBlue11: Is under "Details", methinks06:25
Blue11okaya let me look06:25
Blue11there it is06:26
Blue11now let me test.06:26
termothi people06:28
termoti have a none ubuntu problem06:28
termotwhere should i ask?06:29
Blue11theadmin: many thanks i will add that pkill-9.com06:29
betraydtermot: what distro06:29
betraydtermot: or is it windows06:30
ccbnI'm using 12.04 64 bit with a soundcard that uses the oxygen driver. When using any application with sound, the output will stop for a second and then continue, it happens randomly.06:30
termotbetrayd: none. i want to install cloudsim on ubuntu06:30
termotimy problem is in registration06:30
termotit's odd but06:30
theadminWoah, Remastersys is dead :/ Suddenly. This is sad06:31
termotin registration it doesn't incloud my country06:31
termotbetrayd: in one step it catch phone number to call and say certification code06:31
termotbetrayd: cause it doesn't incloud my country i can't give phone number06:32
betraydtermot: time to go to 'contact us' at the bottom of the page06:32
betraydnot us here, but them, there06:32
betraydtry also a different browser06:33
termotbetrayd: it's amazone web service06:33
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
betraydsee if the have contacts page06:33
termotdoes amazon web service have irc?06:34
betraydcall their 800 number06:35
termotwhat is 800 number06:35
btraloh sorry. i have a zip file in windows. i uploaded it to linux. how extract it?06:35
betraydtermot: listen, go to 'contact us' page06:35
betraydwe will not fo it for you this is ubuntu support06:36
termotbetrayd: do you know any irc room for that?06:36
betraydcontact us page will have that info06:36
betraydhey helmut_06:38
Liam-has anyone here dealt with 6to4 tunneling with a tunnel broker?06:45
Liam-i'm trying to set up a he.net tunnelbroker, and i'm running under OpenVZ06:45
Liam-can't seem to get it to bind :s06:46
NanChenjoin #in-move "!Cr0wB4R"06:56
kaihi folks. I've installed 13.04 last weekend, and it seems like suddenly my thinkpad has problems with overheating that weren't present on the 10.04 install I had on it before06:58
cheshairHi! After upgrading to 13.04 all my python venvs seem to be broken. When I start any python script within one of them I get this "ImportError: cannot import name MAXREPEAT" error. Any tips?07:01
cheshairI think that can be solved by recreating the venv, but that would be painful here and would consider it as my last option. Any other option for me?07:02
Desarrollabuenas aber me instalado ubuntu pero no lo tengo todo en español alquien me puede decir donde esta la traduccion07:09
theadmin!es | Desarrolla07:09
ubottuDesarrolla: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:09
kowai: Join to #xorg was synced in 8 secs07:10
kowa09:57:20 < kowa> Hello, I have problem with ubuntu. on boot I get a message "running in low graphics" and then I end up in command line. I install Ubuntu 13.04 with "nomodeset" and I install all right drivers (in command line). I have tried many differnt "manuals" to install them properly, but still, I have never got to the actual graphic os.07:10
kowaI have macbook pro early 2011 (8.2) with ATI / Intel switchable gpu:s and I have high res (1680x1+1050) monitor07:10
theadminkowa: Are you installing the 64-bit version?07:10
kowa64 bit07:10
kowasome ofthe errors are "screens found but none are configured" and "fatal error: no screens found"07:10
kowaafter driver installations I have done aticonfig etc, but when I do fglrxinfo it does not find any devices07:11
theadminkowa: Hmmms. I think Ubuntu provides a separate image for macs07:11
theadminkowa: http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64+mac.iso - try this07:11
ggherdovHi all, getting this while trying the upgrade 12.10 --> 13.04 http://bpaste.net/show/ma5h6BlmF5piP2Hyh7YN/ . what's happening ? (xpost to #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu)07:11
kowathats new07:12
kowawith that mac in the end07:12
kowayou want to hear my whole "troubleshoot" ?07:12
kowaor should I just try that and if not work, then we'll see?07:13
theadminkowa: I guess trying is the best option07:13
kowahave been trying many thigs in these 4-5 days now :D07:13
kowabut I have not even seen that mac image07:13
kowajust the regular linux 64bit07:14
theadminkowa: It's hidden in a somewhat strange place, I can't find a direct link to it on Ubuntu's download page either07:14
kowaif this works then I'm a happy camper07:15
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iliketocodeHi all just wondering how to get the spell checker working in LibreOffice, this is in 13.04 but I have had this issues so many times over the years I have lost count07:20
iliketocodeI Open Office there were two ways that I learned to fix it but they don't seem to apply anymore to the current version of LO07:21
theadminiliketocode: Go to System Settings -> Language Support and install any languages necessary. If the language you want is already installed, then it may say something like "Language support incomplete". Install the missing packages.07:21
battlehandshow to run an echo $XTRA_PARAMS on a build.sh file?07:21
pratzHello guys07:22
pratzI followed this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/252612/how-do-i-install-libreoffice-407:22
iliketocodeThanks for the reply theadmin but it just sends me  the Libre Office web site to search for a language extension and there is none for my language07:23
theadminiliketocode: No, System Settings in Ubuntu.07:23
theadminiliketocode: And if there's none for your language then it likely won't be available in Ubuntu either, though07:24
pratzso, i removed LO-3 first and then tried to install LO-4, but now I am getting this error http://dpaste.org/jT4iM/07:24
iliketocodeOh, integrated supper cool07:24
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iliketocodeMy language is English but Australian English07:24
pratzoutput of 'sudo apt-get install libreoffice'  - http://dpaste.org/YiXm8/07:25
iliketocodeUbuntu is talking to me "Language support is not installed completely" There you go07:26
theadminiliketocode: Just set it to US English and add "mate" to the dictionary, then?07:26
MikeHIf during a do-release-upgrade the installer wants to reboot, what do I do after the reboot?07:26
iliketocodeI actually don't use the word07:26
pratzNow i do not have LO-3 and even I can not install LO-407:26
iliketocodeI used to07:26
MikeHDo I need to run do-release-upgrade again? or is it done?07:26
theadminMikeH: No, a release upgrade takes place all in one session, after the reboot it's done07:27
MikeHtheadmin: Brilliant. I was just curious since the SSH MOTD still mentions a new release available.07:28
MikeHalthough /etc/lsb-release does show the new version07:28
theadminMikeH: Oh, that's odd now07:28
YotisUbuntu 13.04 + Nvidia 8400GS = Problems; I did try the stock kernel with proprietary drivers (black screen stuck) or nouveau (cannot change screen resolution); Also the same drivers with kernel mainline builds, still no success; Any other suggestion for me? Thanks!07:28
MikeHI wondered if I was stuck half-way07:28
theadminMikeH: Well, a broken upgrade can be fixed (in theory) with: sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:28
theadminMikeH: In case it is broken07:29
theadminMikeH: I dunno though07:29
iliketocodeNow my logic begs the question. Why doesn't the LibreOffice writing aid section link to the Ubuntu Language settings panel?07:29
MikeHI just tried a dist-upgrade, nothing to do, so I guess it's complete.y07:29
pratzany help on this guys http://dpaste.org/YiXm8/07:30
theadminiliketocode: Well, Ubuntu tries not to modify software in weird ways if possible.07:30
jsdshello does 12.04 come with /usr/bin/expect installed by default?07:30
theadminjsds: Nay, it's in the "expect" package.07:30
=== gstudent2 is now known as germanstudent
iliketocodeI believe this would enable a more pleasurable user experience07:30
jsdstheadmin: thank you07:30
MikeHHmmm, that's one thing. The do-release-upgrade told me it disabled some third party repositories and told me how to re-enable them. I can't see anything in sources.list but don't remember what these repositories were either.07:31
theadminMikeH: Check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list as well.07:32
=== jack is now known as Guest98325
iliketocodetheadmin, you call directing someone from were they think they need to set the spell checker language of there word processor to the actual spot where they need to go in order to actually get there spell checker working?07:33
jsmith433Hi. How do I move the close/maximize/minimize buttons to the right of the window? Tutorials for past versions mention a metacity folder in gconf, but the folder is not there in 13.04.07:34
iliketocodeNow leaving a user at the dead end of an unintuitive situation, that I find weird.07:34
marhi. Can please tell me what Java I need to install to allow nVidia to check my card. http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us07:35
theadminjsmith433: It's likely not possible (or at least not a good idea) due to the way Unity works -- the top panel merges with the window titlebar upon maximisation, and on the right there is the tray07:36
maror how can I find out the card serial without breaking open laptop?07:36
theadminjsmith433: This would effectively render the buttons invisible07:36
jsmith433theadmin: Okay, thanks. I guess I'll be installing another DE, then.07:38
theadminmar: Don't use the wobsite, use the additional drivers tool (System Settings -> Additional Drivers on 12.04, System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers on 12.10 and up)07:38
theadminjsmith433: Xfce feels a lot like the "classic", pre-Unity Ubuntu.07:38
martheadmin, 'additional drivers' doesn't work with 13.04 - see the only review07:39
martheadmin, I just need to find out the card number so I know which driver to install myself07:39
jsmith433theadmin: I'll try that. Thanks.07:39
theadminmar: That's because the one in the Software Center, Jockey, is no longer really used by Ubuntu, they merged it with another tool.07:39
theadminmar: You can find out what card you have with, say, lspci | grep -i vga07:39
marthadmin, thanks!07:40
juanolalla /msg NickServ identify kvbtq+8K!jsd07:41
theadminjuanolalla: You're supposed to do it in the server window, change your password nao.07:42
martheadmin, I'm just going to try nvidia-310 'cause current (304) doesn't work. Seem reasonable?07:42
theadminmar: Well, don't blame me if it breaks. I dunno. I'm with the open-source drivers myself.07:43
martheadmin, you suggest I just stick to the drivers that come with the 13.04 iso?07:43
theadminmar: 'tis what I did07:43
rndiohello, is there a pdf viewer without horrid 400% zoom limitation in ubuntu?07:43
theadminI mean, they work so why not07:43
rndioI think I just tried them all :/07:44
marok, i try 310 first though. Just in case it does want to work. No harm in trying.07:44
theadminrndio: If anything, Adobe Reader has a Linux version, see their site.07:44
theadminrndio: If that has the limitation, then... Then I dunno.07:44
rndiotheadmin, well I would rather stay away from that proprietary mess. but looks like it's my only option. thanks.07:45
theadminrndio: Well, I dunno. I never had to zoom in THAT much.07:46
rndiotheadmin, schematics pdf. and hey pdf is a vector format - zooming can be unlimited by design.07:47
=== charles_ is now known as Guest40433
theadminrndio: I suppose but... hamsters.07:50
themillrndio: xournal can zoom in to 1500%.07:53
themillrndio: and inkscape seems to have no limits on zoom at all. It may, however, eat your PDFs on import.07:54
rndioit's ok I'll feed it a copy :)07:55
Wiz_KeeDhey guys07:55
Wiz_KeeDhow do i ask the bot for links regarding lamp installation on ubuntu?07:55
theadmin!lamp > Wiz_KeeD07:55
ubottuWiz_KeeD, please see my private message07:55
Wiz_KeeDthank you theadmin !07:55
bazhangWiz_KeeD, /msg ubottu termhere07:55
Wiz_KeeDwith taskel adn manual configuration07:56
Wiz_KeeDi remember being an easier way07:56
Wiz_KeeDsudo apt-get  install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin07:57
sunny_hi people07:59
sunny_whats up08:00
=== anivar_ is now known as anivar
rusmani need edit mimi types associations08:04
bazhangrusman, MIME?08:04
rusmanbazhang yes08:04
rusmanbazhang where is mime types config file?08:04
theadminrusman: /etc/mime.types08:05
bazhangrusman, for which application, what exactly are you trying to accomplish, please be clear08:05
rusmanbazhang i installed Geany and it takes 100 association of all known doc-types08:06
rusmani want take it back08:07
rusmantheadmin thanks for reply, but there is no applications in /etc/mime.types08:08
theadminrusman: Remove the MimeType= line from /usr/share/applications/geany.desktop then, I suppose.08:08
theadminrusman: Or modify it appropriately.08:08
sunny_@admin, i was doing this FTP in my laptop in networking lab in my school. and i ended up making a directory in home folder with permission root08:09
sunny_and then on reboot, it said "could not update .ICEauthority"08:09
Wiz_KeeDi've installed lamp on ubuntu 12.04 (vritual machine) with sudo apt-get  install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin and when i access the ip of the server it shows nothing08:10
rusmantheadmin thank you this is cool idea!!08:10
sunny_is the .ICEauthority affected by any root dir in the home folder?08:10
Wiz_KeeDerror log has only [Mon Apr 29 09:57:51 2013] [notice] Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.6 with Suhosin-Patch configured -- resuming normal operations08:10
Wiz_KeeDhalp? :(08:10
mregg964Hi all. I'm new to Raring, coming from Lucid -- you can imagine the change for me. Getting my way around, but can anyone recommend a good Gmail notification system that integrates well with Unity?08:11
theadminmregg964: System Settings -> Online Accounts -> GMail, methinks.08:11
bazhangmregg964, apt-cache search gmail08:11
theadminmregg964: I can't remember if that was there, I removed half of what's responsible for providing those services08:11
Wiz_KeeDanyone pls?08:11
bazhang!helpme | Wiz_KeeD08:12
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude08:12
cfhowlettWiz_KeeD, lots of network heads in #ubuntu-server08:12
Wiz_KeeDthanks cfhowlett08:13
sunny_@theadmin: I asked something about .ICEauthority08:13
theadminsunny_: I know, what does that have to do with me? I don't know the answer, I don't answer. Ask the channel.08:13
sunny_ok ok calm down. I thought you're the admin and you might be knowing that08:13
theadminsunny_: Heh, I can see why you'd think that :P But even the channel operators don't know everything (most of them are not Ubuntu developers). I, however, am not even an operator. No offense taken though.08:14
sunny_Oh I see. thanks anyways :)08:15
cfhowletttheadmin, well, you DO have that admin aura about you ...08:16
Wiz_KeeDcfhowlett, nobody is talking there :))08:17
ShogootGood morning geeks! :D08:17
Wiz_KeeDstrange how it does nothing, no errors nothing08:17
somsipWiz_KeeD: what is it actually showing? blank page?08:18
Wiz_KeeDsomsip, doesn't even load08:18
somsip!zh | liujingwei08:18
ubottuliujingwei: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:18
Wiz_KeeDi get the "oops, cannnot connect to page" thing08:19
* sunny_ is a roasted one08:19
Wiz_KeeDi even restarted the server08:19
somsipWiz_KeeD: is apache running? You are talking about connecting to http://localhost aren't you?08:19
Wiz_KeeDnot localhost, it's a remote server on a vritual box08:19
Wiz_KeeDand trying to connect to it's ip on port 80 (the default one the browser uses)08:20
somsipWiz_KeeD: so you are running a browser on your client and the server on VM?08:20
Wiz_KeeDi have a erp system in stalled that has a wsgi on port 806908:20
Wiz_KeeDand that works fine from here08:20
somsipWiz_KeeD: ifconfig on server to make sure the IP is on your network. If it's not, restart the server using a different network type (bridged, NAT, etc)08:20
=== sergio is now known as Guest73545
Wiz_KeeDhow come the ip:8069 loads the web interface for the erp system?08:21
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey
somsipWiz_KeeD: clearly there was a lag on the last exchange08:21
somsipWiz_KeeD: I don't know the lamp package, but maybe you should make sure a default site is setup. Maybe wget http://localhost on the server to make sure it's is actually serving08:22
Wiz_KeeDit works, it downloaded it08:23
Wiz_KeeDnice ideea, i'll keep it in mind :))08:23
somsipWiz_KeeD: so you got a 'It worked' HTMl page?08:23
Wiz_KeeDi checked it with vim08:23
Wiz_KeeDi'm stuck on this crap08:24
somsipWiz_KeeD: might stil be worth checking /etc/apache2/sites-available/default to make sure it's not got a problem, like an expected ServerName or something unexpected08:25
Wiz_KeeDidk what to look for in there somsip08:26
ThatOneRoadieHey Wiz, what do you need this server for?08:26
somsipWiz_KeeD: check that file and pastebin it if you want to share it08:26
somsip!pastebin | Wiz_KeeD08:26
ubottuWiz_KeeD: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:26
Wiz_KeeDi know pastebin np08:26
ThatOneRoadiebecause if this is srtictly a LAMP server, I have a debian (Yeah, not ubuntu, bite me) vmdk you can use08:27
ThatOneRoadiereally low overhead, too. i think the entire image is <200mb08:27
ThatOneRoadiewe use these images on our servers. Load standard image, spin everything up, already ready to go. Save as host- or site-specific VM, re-spin when needed08:28
Wiz_KeeDhow do i copy all in vim somsip ? :))08:28
Wiz_KeeDah nvm08:29
somsipWiz_KeeD: ggVG...oh ok08:29
theadminWiz_KeeD: ggVG"+p08:29
ThatOneRoadieI always though it was gg"*yG08:29
somsiptheadmin: that's what I was aimin gat08:29
Wiz_KeeDalso when i try to restart the server it says apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName08:30
somsipWiz_KeeD: no biggie - just haven'08:30
somsip't got hostname setup08:30
ThatOneRoadieWiz_KeeD: That's a standard error, it just means your server's hostname doesn't match your domain name08:30
ThatOneRoadieHowever, check that your index.html file is in /var/www08:30
Wiz_KeeDwhat domain in this case? it's just a random ip address08:30
Wiz_KeeDyes it is ThatOneRoadie08:30
Wiz_KeeDthat's why wget localhost worked08:30
Wiz_KeeDwhat's the next step here?08:31
somsipWiz_KeeD: Not knowing lamp server package, I'm suggesting you check the default site config to make sure it's not weird08:31
Wiz_KeeDcheck for this error or...08:31
Wiz_KeeDit worked on other servers with no problem :(08:31
ThatOneRoadieLine 13, capitalize "allow from all" to "Allow from all"08:31
Wiz_KeeDi've done this before08:31
ThatOneRoadiesee if that does it08:31
Wiz_KeeDhmm, ok08:32
ThatOneRoadiethen restart and try again08:32
ThatOneRoadiei think it's implicit allow from all though on *:8008:32
Wiz_KeeDhmm that error is not comming up anymore but still doesn't work08:33
Wiz_KeeDJesus this is so frustrating08:33
ThatOneRoadielittle bugs are - you would not believe what a nightmare SAN Booting WITHOUT using a DHCP Server to boot is.08:34
ThatOneRoadieanything in /var/log/apache?08:34
ThatOneRoadieor wherever it logs08:34
Wiz_KeeDjust what i pasted at the beginning08:34
Wiz_KeeD[Mon Apr 29 10:27:00 2013] [notice] Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.6 with Suhosin-Patch configured -- resuming normal operations08:35
Wiz_KeeDin error08:35
ThatOneRoadieifconfig shows as being in your LAN?08:35
Wiz_KeeDthe ip i'm accessing the server starts with 213. and eth0 of ifconfig is inet addr:172.*08:36
somsipWiz_KeeD: what http:.. are you actually using to connect?08:36
Wiz_KeeDthe 213.08:36
ThatOneRoadieyeah, your VM is probably in bridged mode08:36
ThatOneRoadieNAT mode08:36
ThatOneRoadieneeds to be in bridged mode.08:37
somsipWiz_KeeD: which is something I emntioned a while back...08:37
ThatOneRoadieVMWare or VirtualBox?08:37
Wiz_KeeDi'm not denying it!:D08:37
Wiz_KeeDVMWare ESXI08:37
Wiz_KeeDwaiit wait waiit08:38
Wiz_KeeDoh jesus...08:38
AmnuriakStill need help on the my graphics driver issue .. I'm lost :-/ (see http://askubuntu.com/unanswered/tagged/?page=2&tab=votes for details)08:38
Wiz_KeeDI think the firewall is blocking the port :\08:38
ThatOneRoadieoh, that's an easy check08:38
ThatOneRoadie[ sudo iptables -L ] and pastebin that sucker08:39
sai_kumarHi All, i've installed Ubuntu 13.04 with Windows XP on dual boot. After installation from CD and restart, the Grub did not show up. Ubuntu directly got loaded. Is this a known issue ?08:39
pratzguys when I try to install any update i get this error http://dpaste.org/wqMI1/08:39
Wiz_KeeDthat sucker haha :))08:39
pratzplease help on this, I am using 12.0408:39
ThatOneRoadielol wiz08:39
Wiz_KeeDi got very little information back08:40
somsippratz: did you apt-get update first?08:40
sai_kumari had to use Boot Repair tool to fix grub entries....08:40
ThatOneRoadiepratz: edit /etc/resolv.conf in your favorite editor, add: nameserver
pratzsomsip: yes, I am not getting any error when doing 'sudo apt-get update'08:41
ThatOneRoadiewait, ubuntu uses ufw, not iptables. I'm a dumbarse XD08:41
ThatOneRoadieWiz_KeeD: [ sudo ufw status verbose08:42
ThatOneRoadie [08:42
somsippratz: this might help http://www.ubuntulinuxhelp.com/quick-fix-for-the-size-mismatch-when-updating-ubuntu-linux/08:42
soulflare3sai_kumar, Did Boot Repair resolve the issue or is there still an issue?08:42
Wiz_KeeDThatOneRoadie, i think the mistery is solved08:42
Wiz_KeeDthe admin just told me only 4 ports are open08:42
Wiz_KeeDftp ssh my wsgi one and something else08:42
sai_kumarsoulflare3 : it did resolve the issue.08:43
ThatOneRoadieTell him open 80 XD08:43
pratzThatOneRoadie: same error output after added 'nameserver 8.8.8..8' in /etc/resolv.conf08:43
Wiz_KeeDThere goes 10-15 minutes of our lives we will never get back :(08:43
ThatOneRoadieor do a [ sudo ufw allow 80 ]08:43
Wiz_KeeDwhat does that do?08:43
ThatOneRoadieopens 80 on the firewall08:43
ThatOneRoadie80 being http08:43
Wiz_KeeDit's blocked from an outer layer i think08:43
Wiz_KeeDnot on the os08:43
ThatOneRoadiepratz: right?08:44
soulflare3sai_kumar, If it ever happens again, try that tool. I have used it many times in the past and it's helped out tremendously (espeically when you update Windows or Ubuntu and the other doesn't show up)08:44
somsippratz: you put '8..8' instead of '8.8' if you want to go with that fix08:44
pratzThatOneRoadie: yes, that google dns , correct08:44
pratzsomsip: that was just a typo08:44
ThatOneRoadieas long as you put and not 8.8.8..8 :)08:44
juniourhi ubuntu xx.xx08:44
somsippratz: try apt-get clean && apt-get update08:45
soulflare3hi juniour08:45
sai_kumarsoulflare3 : i never had issues with older versions. This is first time, just wondering if this is a known issue for 13.0408:46
nitin__i wanted to depoly a django application on LAN ... how can i use my PC to deploy the application08:46
swHi, trying to connect to a server running VNC Server via VNC Viewer but getting the error 'VNC Server has no security types configured. Please check VNC Server configuration and try again.'. What's this mean?08:46
ThatOneRoadiepratz: and if that fails, [ sudo apt-get -f install ]08:46
pratzsomsip: tried same error08:47
sai_kumarcristian_c : Hi !08:47
usr13_ sw:  What kind of server is it?08:47
soulflare3sai_kumar, I've seen a few people ask about it, not sure if it's a hugely common issue. I have had that issue in the past (upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, and then to 12.04 and 12.10) - Sometimes it just happens, and that's why that tool exists :)08:47
somsippratz: remind me - what version?08:47
pratzThatOneRoadie: tried that same error08:48
cristian_cthere is a mysterious problem with my laptop. I mean, when I run the suspension, after the restore there are problems. The first of which is that the Chromium browser will no longer open (but it also does with Chrome) and if you launch it from the terminal, an error is returned08:48
swusr13_, What do you mean what kind?08:48
pratzsomsip: 12.0408:48
nobit2I installed Xen using the recommended procedure on Ubuntu's site using motherboard Supermicro X7SBL-LN2 and Ubuntu 13.04.  After the installing it and rebooting my console looks like this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRHKgZ3d8r4  I've had this happen also with CentOS 6 as well.  Everything on the server works fine but the console is unusable.  If I switch back to the stock kernel it goes back to normal and I can use the console again but then I can't u08:48
nobit2se Xen.08:48
FloodBot1nobit2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:48
cristian_calso, when I try to logout or reboot the pc freezes, meaning that when I try to restart, the screen goes black and hangs there indefinitely (in the case of the log, it appears the shell with the messages, but it hangs too) and I have to brutally shut down the pc08:48
swusr13_, Ubuntu?08:49
somsip!fixapt | pratz08:49
ubottupratz: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:49
cristian_cI tried several solutions, from uswsusp to tuxonice, to create a special file in /etc/pm/config.d/, but these attempts have not been successful. I also checked the syslog, but also did not provide significant information about the origin of the problem08:49
somsippratz: maybe not - I was thinking that would say something else08:49
cristian_cAny ideas?08:49
somsippratz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146362/getting-error-on-downloading-updates08:49
Wiz_KeeDThatOneRoadie, now he said he opened up port 80 still nothing happens and nothing in the access log08:49
usr13_ sw Is that a question or an answer?08:49
swusr13_, We're in #ubuntu so obviously it's Ubuntu.08:49
juniourcristiana_c which one freezes shutdown or restart ??08:50
ThatOneRoadieWiz_KeeD: [ sudo ufw status verbose ]08:50
usr13_sw: Is it tightvncserver that is running on a Ubuntu system?  Is it Ubuntu 12.04?08:50
cristian_cjuniour, restart and logout08:51
cristian_cjuniour, shutdown is regular08:51
pratzsomsip: are you sure I have to use 'sudo apt-get upgrade' ?08:51
ThatOneRoadiepratz: There is a difference between update and upgrade08:52
somsippratz: depends if you want to use apt-get to upgrade all packages as superuser or not08:52
sai_kumarsoulflare3 : That tool saved me ! Thanks for your comments ! :)08:52
=== lance_ is now known as Guest33984
pratzsomsip: ThatOneRoadie I do not want anything to be upgraded08:52
Wiz_KeeDStatus: inactive08:52
ThatOneRoadiehmm, no firewall then08:52
soulflare3sai_kumar, np, glad it's fixed :)08:52
somsippratz: so update and install the package you're trying to install08:52
usr13_sw: Did you set password when you ran tightvncserver?08:53
ThatOneRoadieby chance, is the virtual machine's IP address 172.16.*.*?08:53
LachezarHey all...08:53
ThatOneRoadieor anything between .16.* and .32.*08:53
usr13_sw: If you intend to not use password, switch to x11vnc08:53
LachezarMy laptop has Java 6 and 7 installed, with 7 being preferred. However my colleague's laptop has somehow Java 6 preferred. How come, and how to fix that?08:54
ThatOneRoadie!path | Lachezar08:54
ponsfrilusHi all. I wonder what are the apps behind the screenshot here: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/features/more-apps08:54
MayankHi, I have two servers, both running Ubuntu 12.01. Server B is behind a firewall and cannot be accessed outside the institution. If I need to scp to Server B it has to be through Server A. It makes it very difficult to upload files. Is there any way I could handle this? Tunneling sftp traffic? But how? Any leads?08:54
Wiz_KeeD56 ThatOneRoadie08:54
LachezarThatOneRoadie: Nothing to do with the Path, more to do with the 'Alternatives' infrastructure (somehow it has lower preference on the newer Java).08:55
pratzsomsip: ThatOneRoadie tried that but the same error again08:55
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
ThatOneRoadieWiz_KeeD: 172.16.anything.anything is a private network, and needs to be port forwarded. do you have GUI on this VM or is it all CLI?08:55
cristian_cjuniour, any ideas?08:56
Wiz_KeeDI still need to see what the admin is doing before proceeding08:56
usr13_Mayank: What makes you think http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/features/more-apps is a screenshot?08:56
somsippratz: sorry, I'm out08:57
LachezarMayank: It's not that hard: "ssh internet_server -L 22222:otherserver:22", and then "scp -p 2222 localhost"08:57
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
usr13_Mayank: Punch a whole in the firewall.08:57
llutzscp -P   uppercase-p for Port08:58
ponsfrilususr13_: I meant the space application in the picture08:58
ThatOneRoadieWiz_KeeD: If you can get the admin to put that VM on Bridged mode (Tell him it needs a public IP address), then it should work08:58
Mayankusr13_: How?08:58
ThatOneRoadiebut if you're trying to go to Http://213.x.x.x, that server won't see it unless it's PROGRAMMED to see it08:58
usr13_Mayank: Forward port 22 to server B08:58
Wiz_KeeDit should work because the 8069 webinterface works08:58
ThatOneRoadie8069 might be forwarded though, and 80 might not be08:59
sai_kumarponsfrilus : i see Stellarium (or could be celestia), Steam, Ubuntu Software center in the page08:59
Wiz_KeeDyeah, he had to add my ip to the whitelist08:59
Wiz_KeeDand now everything works, including phpmyadmin08:59
ponsfrilussai_kumar: thanks I'm gonna  check08:59
Wiz_KeeDthanks a lot for helping out ThatOneRoadie08:59
Wiz_KeeDwhat a pal :D08:59
Mayankusr13_: Yeah, but I do not have sudo account for Server A, will it require that? Can something be done with my account only?08:59
ThatOneRoadieNo worries :)08:59
Wiz_KeeDand sorry for wasting time with this issue :(08:59
ThatOneRoadieIf you want, I can send you the link to our LAMP stacks08:59
Wiz_KeeDshould have thought of that since the access log showed nothing08:59
Wiz_KeeDlamp stacks?08:59
sai_kumarponsfrilus : the space app could be Stellarium or Celestia09:00
ThatOneRoadieVM Images pre-installed with LAMP09:00
cristian_cAn other question:09:00
usr13_ponsfrilus: Oh, prolly kstars, I dono.09:00
ThatOneRoadieLAMP = Linux, Apache, Mysql, Perl/PHP/Python09:00
cristian_cHow can I switch audio from mono to stereo?09:01
cristian_cAny ideas?09:01
ThatOneRoadieThey also have a bunch of other pre-configured VM images, like etherpad, gitlab, and a Minecraft server.09:01
usr13_Mayank: No.  You'll have to do port forwarding on the server, (if the situation is as you said).09:01
ThatOneRoadieJust point ESXi at the vmdk image and go, it's really that simple09:02
usr13_Mayank: What kind of firewall is it?09:03
AmnuriakOh sorry, link earlier was the wrong one. Please see this for my issue with graphics driver: http://askubuntu.com/questions/285354/graphics-driver-for-ati-firepro-2770-not-working-properly-on-12-0409:03
Mayankusr13_: not sure. It does not allow port 22 connections from outside.09:03
Wiz_KeeDahhh vm images with the installation09:03
Wiz_KeeDyeah i had messed something up real bad ThatOneRoadie and i had to format everything09:03
Wiz_KeeDthat would come in handy big-time :D09:04
ThatOneRoadieSure, one sec, I'll PM you the links09:04
usr13_cristian_c: What sound card to you have?09:05
usr13_cristian_c: Are you sure it is mono?09:05
cowenupdated my laptop went fine, now upgrading my desktop and it bombed on upgrading the kernel, how can I start the process of where it last was09:05
sai_kumarcristian_c : you can also switch in the App you are using...09:05
usr13_cristian_c: Or is the source file mono?09:05
Mayankusr13_: How about letting a ssh run on server A, that keeps connected a tunnel to server B? But I am not sure how to do this/ is this what you were referring to?09:06
usr13_cristian_c: Available sound configs can be accessed via   alsamixer09:06
javier_hi! I'm trying to install ubuntu to a new used but we find problems. After the fresh install, we can't upgrade the system. In the upgrade manager, we found an error and using terminal, after "sudo apt-get update", it says "mkdir can't be made". Any help? thanks!09:07
usr13_Mayank: Where is "Server A"?09:08
cfhowlettjavier_, md5sum to ensure good ISO?09:08
usr13_Mayank: If you can access Server A from Server B then do it from Server B09:08
javier_cfhowlett, mmm, I'm afraid I don't know how to make that. Could you describe it shortly? thanks!09:09
ubottujavier_,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:09
Mayankusr13_: Server A is outside the firewall. Server B is behind the firewall. I need to access B from A. I have the root account for B, but not for A.09:09
Silox|Hello there, upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 borked my online accounts. I had a few extensions working with these accounts (gmail, calendar, ...) and they've all stopped working. E.g. the calendar extension throws: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.OnlineAccounts was not provided by any .service files09:10
usr13_Mayank: Then you will have to do port forwarding on the firewall.09:10
usr13_Mayank: Are there *any* ports forwarded to Server B, (through the firewall)?09:11
Mayankusr13_: Yes port :8009:12
cristian_cusr13_, a classic builtin sound card09:12
cristian_cusr13_, Now, it's in mono mode09:12
cfhowlettjavier_, mm.  factoid bot appears asleep.  anyway, md5sum invokes a hash check to verify that completeness and accuracy of the download.  http://wiki.ubuntu.com.cn/UbuntuHelp:HowToMD5SUM09:13
llutzMayank:  "ssh -fN -L 2222:host-B:22 host-A", and then "scp -P 2222 file localhost:/path" to copy stuff to host-B09:13
cfhowlettjavier_, note:  this only works on the downloaded ISO.  To verify your boot disk/usb, run "check disk for errors" upon boot09:13
cristian_c*it's set09:13
usr13_Mayank: Only 80.  Well, I suppose you could tell Server A's sshd to listen on port 8009:13
Mayankusr13_: Do not have the root access for Server A09:13
javier_cfhowlett, I tried md5sum and it seems the file is fine09:13
javier_cfhowlett, this might be a clue: if I try to install something (sudo apt-get install synapse) I get this: "sudo: impossible to make mkdir /var/lib/sudo/ernesto: filesystem only reading", and then asks for password09:14
usr13_Mayank: llutz has a suggestion, (one that I don't quite understand, but...)09:15
cristian_csai_kumar, Where can I switch for the app?09:15
cristian_cusr13_, I tried with several files09:15
Mayankllutz: Can you be a bit more clear? What do I need to scp to localhost refers to? Thanks!09:16
Mayankusr13_: Thanks09:16
usr13_cristian_c: What does alsamixer say about it?09:16
luk01ifconfig reports that eth0 has an IP, but ls /dev/eth* gives: "No such file or directory". I'm in a VM with 1 network card. What's the network card's name?09:16
cristian_cusr13_, ok, but I don't know how to switch in alsamixer from mono to stereo09:16
luk01on a Raring Live CD.09:16
AZkennettI can't get my system to recognize my network card.09:16
llutzMayank: if you established the tunnel (ssh -L....), you just use "scp -P2222 whatever-file localhost:path" to copy things to host-A09:16
javier_looks to me like we don't have permissions for doing anything09:17
cristian_cusr13_, I can post a screenshot09:17
usr13_cristian_c: I don't either.  (I've never had a mono sound card.)09:17
ThatOneRoadie!screenshot | cristian_c09:17
ubottucristian_c: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:17
usr13_!paste | cristian_c09:17
ubottucristian_c: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:17
llutzMayank: localhost port 2222 tunnels scp to host-b, which forwards it to host-a:2209:17
cristian_cusr13_, it's a stereo sound card, with tow speakers09:17
usr13_cristian_c: post a screenshot of alsamixer.  (You might widen the terminal to show all channels first.)09:18
usr13_cristian_c: (Or as many as you can get on the screen.)09:18
llutzMayank: localhost port 2222 tunnels scp to host-a, which forwards it to host-b:22      sorry mixed the hosts09:18
Mayankllutz: localhost:path will be the path to the host-A (behind the firewall)?09:18
llutzMayank: yes, instead of "scp file host-B:/my/destination/path" (which you cannot reach from outside) you use "scp -P2222 localhost:/my/destination/path"09:19
gerryvdm_mbpwhen i ssh into my ubuntu server i still get a message "New release '13.04' available." even after i upgraded, what should i do to fix it?09:20
cristian_cThatOneRoadie, usr13_, http://imagebin.org/25575109:20
cristian_cusr13_, the are all the playback channels09:21
Mayankllutz: Oh, great! Let me try. thanks09:21
sai_kumarcristian_c, depends on the App :-  VLC in the Audio Channels menu; Clementine in  preferences->Playback09:21
cristian_csai_kumar, I try with vlc09:21
usr13_gerryvdm_mbp: lsb_release -r say?09:22
usr13_gerryvdm_mbp: hummm...   sudo apt-get update09:23
cristian_csai_kumar, Stereo is flagged09:23
gerryvdm_mbpusr13_: update && upgrade, still prompts to upgrade when logging in09:24
usr13_gerryvdm_mbp: What?09:25
gerryvdm_mbpmm, /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/release-upgrade-motd is displaying this message09:25
gerryvdm_mbpi probably should just remove the stamp referenced in that script09:26
amcsi_workmy network client says I'm connected to the VPN, but ifconfig says I'm only connected to What is causing this?09:28
gerryvdm_mbpyeah that fixed it09:28
usr13_gerryvdm_mbp: Very good.  (Thanks for telling us the solution.)09:29
cristian_cusr13_, any ideas?09:31
usr13_cristian_c: Is that screenshot showing all the channels?09:35
cristian_cusr13_, all the playback channels09:35
g105bJust logged in this morning, and everything looks like Windows 95. (13.04) http://i.imgur.com/MnJVZDC.png http://i.imgur.com/ATgIYEj.png09:35
usr13_cristian_c: (It does not appear to be showing all the channels.)09:35
usr13_cristian_c: Hit the right arrow a few times.09:36
usr13_cristian_c: Hit the right arrow a few times until you get to the end.09:37
g105bcan anyone help me get back to normal theme?09:38
usr13_g105b:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/81727/how-to-set-unity-as-default-again09:39
g105busr13_: I did that, exactly that post09:39
g105bdidn't help09:39
g105bI think removing the user account and creating it again would work ... but I don't want to lose any files from the home directory09:40
usr13_g105b: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-reset-unity-to-default-settings-in-ubuntu/09:41
g105busr13_: I'm on 13.0409:41
Silox|Fixed it, it seems like the upgrade removed gnome-online-accounts...09:41
g105busr13_: that's for up to 12.0409:41
usr13_g105b: (Sorry, the first one was wrong.09:41
papulhi I am trying to compile a printer driver and its asking me for glib. But I can't find it on the repo.09:41
papulwhat should I install?09:41
cristian_cusr13_, There aren't other playback channels09:41
papulI am using 64 bit09:41
tkgroovyusually i can solve my problems with google, but this time I'm stuck. I connect to a ubuntu using putty. I want to start a video, using the local display, not the display where my putty is running.09:41
cristian_cusr13_, There are 8 playback channels09:42
tkgroovyI can't figure out, how to set diplsay, x-display or whatever I need to set09:42
tkgroovyon the local screen, I see the tty1 login screen. That shall09:42
tkgroovybe my X-Windows display. How can I do that remotely?09:43
usr13_g105b: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0409:43
g105busr13_: I don't think it is unity/compiz - the theme is all wrong and the font is not the usual Ubuntu font, just freesans09:43
brunusbonjour tout le monde09:44
ubottubrunus,: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:44
usr13_cristian_c:  I did not ask how many playback channels.  I asked you to widen the terminal window to show all channels.09:44
brunusoops sorry09:44
usr13_g105b: What Desktop Environment are you using?09:45
cristian_cusr13_, I've enlarged the window, but always same channels09:46
usr13_cristian_c: F5 ?09:47
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usr13_cristian_c: lspci |pastebinit  #And send resulting URL09:49
=== Bosto[sleep] is now known as Bostoman
cristian_cusr13_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5615379/09:51
cristian_cusr13_, with F5, I get all channels09:51
usr13_cristian_c: Show me.09:55
usr13_cristian_c: What does the "Channel" collum say?09:56
usr13_cristian_c: play  /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*09:58
usr13_cristian_c: In terminal issue command ^^^09:58
cristian_cusr13_, http://imagebin.org/25575209:58
fr0gger_anyone know if there is chanell about VirtualGL09:59
fr0gger_or where an I get help with VGL?09:59
DJones!alis | fr0gger_09:59
ubottufr0gger_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:00
papulI am trying to compile a driver. Ran into a snag http://dpaste.com/1077744/ What do I need to install?10:00
cristian_cusr13_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5615401/10:01
usr13_cristian_c: play not aplay10:04
ct529hi everybody .... I am having serious performance problems. I have been trying to set the CPU frequency manually using command line, but the "usual" commands are not there any more .... how do you do it now?10:06
cristian_cusr13_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5615416/10:06
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starkilleris there a program that would make sure xubuntu its runnung at full speed?10:08
usr13_cristian_c: When in alsamixer, (showing all channels), if you hit the right arrow, do you ever get to a channel labled "Channel"?10:09
cristian_cusr13_, no, there isn't10:09
Bostomanstarkiller, no, itś all about tweaking it for yourself based on your needs, why do you ask?10:10
usr13_cristian_c: Is this a desktop PC?10:10
starkilleri have xubuntu in my desktop, and my laptop. my laptop has more ram than my desktop, but my desktop seems to be faster XD10:11
MrokiiHello. Is there a special tag I have to set for HDs in /etc/fstab to mount them as read-write? I have used this line: UUID=7466ecda-e1f2-4302-8e0c-0aca7bad33af   /media/stephan/backupdiskone   reiserfs   defaults   0   210:11
cristian_cusr13_, no10:11
flamedhi, i'm running linux mint at the minute, but it doesn't support ATi dual monitoring so well. i'm debating to install ubuntu and wondered if you guys know if their dual monitor support is good wiht ATi drivers?10:12
usr13_cristian_c: I really don't know, (not even sure it is really limiting to mono only for sure). I suppose we could do a test.  Play a file that only has right or left channel.10:12
usr13_Let me see...10:12
starkillerThanks anyways xD im doing way better than with xp and windows 710:13
papulthere is this tool to compile normal sorce packages to a deb file. What is it?10:15
DJones!checkinstall | papul10:15
ubottupapul: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!10:15
usr13_cristian_c: http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_stereo.php10:18
usr13_cristian_c:  Test  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^10:18
cristian_cusr13_, I'm trying to undestand how to do10:20
cristian_cIf your left speaker plays right, it's wrong! Swap your speakers - or better, your speaker connections - and you're done.10:20
cristian_cI'm trying to convert a stereo file to mono with audacity10:21
usr13_cristian_c: Did you click to play the audio files?10:21
cristian_cin 'The test files'?10:21
usr13_cristian_c: Are you telling me that we have been trying to solve the wrong problem?10:22
andrea_what is the symbol " ./ " that you use to execute scripts?10:22
andrea_how is it callede?10:22
cristian_cusr13_, no, I can't understand how to do10:23
usr13_andrea_: It's called   "./"   ;)10:23
andrea_usr13: yes but is there a special reason for it?  And do i have to call it "dot forward slash"?10:23
shvchkHello. Anyone having issue with AutoFS ignoring direct mounts in 13.04 (12.10 worked fine, same config files)?10:23
usr13_cristian_c: "The test files"  (Click to play them.)10:23
usr13_andrea_: I don't know what you should call it.10:24
cristian_cusr13_, I clicked 'Left'10:24
cristian_cthen Right10:24
usr13_andrea_: but ./  or sh file.sh  should do the trick.10:24
usr13_cristian_c: And did the audio come out of the  Left and then Right speakers?10:25
usr13_andrea_: I'm not sure I understand the question.10:25
cristian_cusr13_, no audio10:25
cristian_cusr13_, I've converted an .mp3 fiole to mono10:25
usr13_cristian_c: Ok.10:26
cristian_cusr13_, I've got a mono file10:26
andrea_usr13_: do i always have to be on the current directory?10:26
cristian_cusr13_, i'm playing the mono file10:26
DJonesfr0gger_: Mind the language, please keep it family friendly10:26
usr13_andrea_: No, but if you are not in the current directory, you'll have to use path.  But it's easier to just go to the directory where the file is.10:28
usr13_andrea_: What exactly are you wanting to do?  (What is your end goal?)10:29
usr13_andrea_: Are we trying to solve a specific problem?  Or are we just trying to figure out what can be done with executable files?10:30
usr13_andrea_: Is there one that is not working for you?10:30
MrokiiHow does the entry in fstab have to look (for an internal HD) so that it is not mounted with root-access only? What I mean is: I have successfully created an fstab entry for an HD (mountpoint in /media), but it seems that all the folders are owned by root.10:32
cristian_cusr13_, what have I to do?10:33
usr13_cristian_c: To convert a stereo file to mono?10:34
g105b_What's the best way to recreate a user account without losing any files in their home directory?10:34
nabblethi, i am using openconnect from commandline. connecting works good so far, but setting my routing and DNS infos with the vpnc-script does not work, i think. can some1 help me?10:35
nabbletor is there a channel for that?10:35
cristian_cusr13_, no, to solve the problem10:36
cristian_cusr13_, I've already converted the file10:36
usr13_andrea_: If the file is in /home/andrea/bin  and you are in /home/andrea  you would can use command  bin/./executable-file   or  /home/andrea/bin/./executable-file  #Either one will do the job.10:36
usr13_cristian_c: I don't know.10:37
usr13_andrea_: (... that is, if the file has the executable bit set.)10:39
usr13_andrea_: chmod +x  bin/executable-file10:41
soulflare3Having an issue after installing and removing EMACS that whenever I click an executable text file (.sh or .run) instead of executing, it opens in GEDIT.  Permissions are Read + Write and the executable flag is set10:46
fr0gger_u guys know what cock is?10:52
soulflare3this is not the place for that10:52
fr0gger_i mean rooster application10:53
fr0gger_u dont know it?10:53
fr0gger_i need help with cock rooster application10:53
fr0gger_anyone heard about it here?10:53
jonyI want to install a VNC server which does not show anything on the local display when I connect to it10:55
soulflare3jony,  I use TigerVNC on my server, it works well, if you don't mind compiling manually - if not, There are several apps for VNC in the Ubuntu software center, though I haven't used any of them10:58
sky_chat room10:58
fr0gger_try NX software for VNC10:58
l057c0d3rjust my luck...  updated to 13.04..    allowed gnome3-team ppa to update me to 3.8..  yet a lot of the features from 3.8  like privacy and notification settings are missing from the settings menu11:02
l057c0d3rand all my fav extensions are not 3.8 compatible yet....11:02
l057c0d3roh well11:03
l057c0d3rand sadly it seems to crash more now as well..  should have stuck with what i had...  was hoping it would fix the fast user switch and lock screen thouhg..  so i could just switch to an account that was running a custom desktop for my kids....11:04
Joanethi all11:09
JoanetI want to add skype using apt-get for using with ltsp-localapps but when I try to do it I get "unable to locate package"11:09
g105b_In Ubuntu, what is it called that draws buttons, menus and the general windowing system?11:09
g105b_is it GTK+?11:10
JoanetI'm running x64 version of edubuntu 12.0411:11
Joanetalso I tried to add repository doing : sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"11:11
Joanetbut I got an error saying the file not exists11:12
shvchkI have a problem with mounting SSH with Autofs, can somebody help? sudo sshfs user@example.com:/ mountpoint works, but not the same mountpoint in config file (which used to work on 12.10).11:17
mar_hi. I messed up trying to get nVidia drivers. What's simplest way to revert? I tried removing xorg.conf, but unity taskbar and window borders don't display.11:17
mar_is there a way reinstall the xwindow system?11:18
minasI want to write windows 7 iso into a usb memory stick using startup disk creator. However when I select it from the program's gui it doesn't select it. It works with other ubuntu based isos.11:20
l057c0d3rmar_ you would have to remove the binary drivers that were installed.. more then likely your system is still using them11:20
l057c0d3rhave you checked out this guide yet11:20
l057c0d3r!nvidia | mar_11:20
ubottumar_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:20
mar_l057c0d3r, thanks. will give it a shot11:22
l057c0d3rsorry if i can't be much better help.. i've had amd/ati cards since my old nvidia tnt211:22
jonysoulflare3, tigerVNC works without displaying anything on the host's display?11:23
dalerpeople does anyone know how to install postgress in ubuntu 13.04?11:23
dalerhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/287786/how-to-install-postgresql-on-ubuntu-13-04 you can answer here11:24
dalerreally need help11:24
onrdaler: add postgres repository for precise11:26
bassshello everyone, im trying to setup my ubuntu machine as a router, any idea where to start ?11:26
daler@onr, precise woudnt install here on 13.0411:26
onrdaler: i did install11:27
onrdaler: don't use pitti, use postgres official11:27
dalercan you give me a full deb path?11:27
llutzbasss: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router11:27
basssllutz thanks\11:28
onrdaler: http://www.postgresql.org/download/linux/ubuntu/11:28
kulagradhi is ther some command to change your pc network name (hostname) to random?11:28
onrand remove pitti's one from sources.list.d/11:28
Myrttikulagrad: what do you mean? in IRC or in general?11:29
kulagradi know ther is text file in ect/host/hostname and in thet faile is the name of host but i would like to make a script so it changes name random11:30
Myrttikulagrad: oh, hostname.11:30
kulagradMyrtti:  on evry startup11:30
onrkulagrad: "Startup Applications"11:30
kulagradMyrtti:  i know how to add to startup i just aded random mac whit macchanger but i dont know how  to do the same whit pc name11:31
kulagradhow to randomly chane text in text file11:31
daleronr: it says the following packae unmet a dependencies11:31
daleronr: postgresql-9.1 : Depends: postgresql-common (>= 115~) but it is not going to be installed11:31
dalerE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:31
onrdaler: press N11:31
snugglkulagrad: use shuf to get a random line from a file of hostnames, use $() bash escapes to use this command in another command11:32
daleronr: it doest give options yes or no11:32
snugglkulagrad: then make that other command do what you want to do, run hostname or write a file11:32
dalererror and thats it11:32
kulagradsnuggl:  what is shuf?11:32
onrdaler: paste everything please11:32
snugglshuf is a command line util to get random pices of text11:33
snugglshuf --help11:33
kulagradsnuggl:  i am reading ty11:33
snuggluse it with /usr/share/dict/words or any other list of words11:33
snugglto get a random word11:33
kulagradsnuggl:  is it posibe to do it whitout word list like random 8 leaters11:34
daleronr: Reading package lists... Done11:34
dalerdaler@daler-H61H2-M12:/usr$ sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.111:34
dalerReading package lists... Done11:34
dalerBuilding dependency tree11:34
dalerReading state information... Done11:34
dalerSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have11:34
FloodBot1daler: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:34
dalerrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable11:34
snugglkulagrad: you could md5-sum something to get a random string11:35
snuggllike the current date11:35
kulagradsnuggl:  sory but i am still from noobland11:36
snugglkulagrad: hostname $(date|md5sum)11:36
snugglthat will set hostname to a random thing11:36
snuggldate|md5sum > /some/file will write it to a file11:36
onrdaler: 9.1 is already in repo11:37
kulagradok but hostname $(date|md5sum) will cange my hostname to some random11:37
onrkulagrad: :)11:37
onrisn't that what are you trying to do?11:38
dalerthis bloody 13.04.. i started with the wrong version of linux systems11:38
Slaizerhi, on ubuntuone i uploaded 'avi' and 'flac' files, it seems like it cant be uploaded on this service? Am i right, then how come?11:41
kulagradsnuggl:  this doset work seys command not found $(date|md5sum) >'/home/korisnik/Documents/mdsum'11:41
kulagradsnuggl:  it gives me mdsum code but it dosent wire anything to file11:42
jonyI want to install a VNC server which does not show anything on the local display when I connect to it, please help11:45
ActionParsnipjony: is VNC absolutely necessary?11:45
ActionParsnipjony: have you considered other solutions?11:45
=== JustSigh1udes is now known as JustSighDudes
onrjony: find one that doesn't have gui11:47
onryou're asking for stealth, i assume11:47
jonyI want remote desktop to another ubuntu pc11:48
ActionParsnipjony: but to achieve what end?11:48
ActionParsnipjony: what is the reason for the access?11:49
kulagradnewermind i genereted online 250 random names11:50
bennypr0fanecan anyone confirm that this works? http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-1004-1010-1104-to-ubuntu-1110-oneiric-ocelot-desktop-a-server/ specifiaclly, in my case, upgrading from 12.04 directly to 13.0411:50
kulagradnow what is terminal command to pic 1 lane from text file and edit put thet laine in other text file?11:50
ActionParsnipbennypr0fane: you will need to upgrade to 12.10 first11:51
ActionParsnipbennypr0fane: you should not leapfrog releases11:51
ActionParsnipbennypr0fane: you do realise Raring is only supported til January 2014?11:51
shvchkSorry for asking again, but I have a strange problem with mounting SSH with Autofs, can somebody help? sudo sshfs user@example.com:/ mountpoint works, but not the same mountpoint in config file (which used to work on 12.10).11:52
ActionParsnipkulagrad: is the file large?11:52
kulagradno 200 words of 8 caracters11:52
kulagradActionParsnip:  3.2kb11:52
ActionParsnipkulagrad: sed '5q;d' file    will show the 5th line in 'file'11:54
bennypr0faneActionParsnip, yes, I know about that. What I want is Gnome Shell 3.6 though (not officially available in 12.04), and I have information from one Ubuntu Gnome developer that Gnome will be more updated in 13.04, despite the shorter life span11:54
mar_hi. I'm trying to do this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75289/can-i-revert-an-nvidia-driver without success11:55
greg6061how can I install mysql 5.6 from source and then later php/apache from packages (they requiere - mysql-common) ?11:55
kulagradActionParsnip:  i try it seys comand not foud i even try whit quots11:55
ActionParsnipkulagrad: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6022384/bash-tool-to-get-nth-line-from-a-file11:55
kulagradActionParsnip:  '5q;d'  '/home/korisnik/Documents/HostnameR'11:56
mar_the guy makes like all you have to do is recreate the xorg.conf file, but after I did that its even worse. Ubuntu loads like 800x600. Help!11:56
Myrttibennypr0fane: cherry picking stuff from other releases is generally a Very Bad Idea.11:56
bennypr0faneActionParsnip, apart from the fact that I *should* not, is it poissible to jump a release? doing it in 2 steps will require twice the time, right?11:56
ActionParsnipkulagrad: you don't need quotes around the filename11:56
ActionParsnipkulagrad: you also forgot the word 'sed' which is the command11:56
ActionParsnipkulagrad: sed '5q;d' file    will show the 5th line in 'file'11:56
ActionParsnipkulagrad: note the word 'sed'11:56
kulagradActionParsnip:  it wokrs whti sed11:57
kulagradActionParsnip:  ty11:57
ActionParsnipbennypr0fane: yes, but you can only upgrade to the next release, or from LTS to LTS11:57
Myrttibennypr0fane: but since you plan to upgrade the whole thing, the supported method is, as said, through 12.10. do-release-upgrade -d upgrades to the developmental release - and you don't want to do that.11:57
bennypr0faneMyrtti well that's why I want to upgrade instead11:57
ActionParsnipkulagrad: why did you miss it off?11:57
fr0gger_did somone use Tassel here?11:57
kulagradActionParsnip:  dont know realy anywey now how to us this output to edit other text11:58
bennypr0faneMyrtti so without the -d option then. why even bring it up if I don't want it?11:58
uvalahello everyone, how do I back up nevernote? I see a logs folder under the folder /.nevernote, but dont know how to proceed11:59
kulagradActionParsnip: want to line 1 from MyText to change it whi random line form MyText211:59
ActionParsnipkulagrad: I'd ask in #bash too11:59
kulagradActionParsnip:  what?12:00
ActionParsnipkulagrad: its a different channel, specifically for bash12:00
Myrttibennypr0fane: because the link you supplied used it as a method of getting (at the time of the writing of the article - a developmental release) Raring12:00
kulagradActionParsnip:  ok will try12:00
bennypr0faneMyrtti just saw that, sorry12:01
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bennypr0fanebut then why is officially recommended to use the -d option. That page is general info about upgrading any release to the next, so I'd assume it should recommend stable...?12:05
k1lbennypr0fane: -d is for development upgrades12:05
bennypr0fanek1l we've established that already. Now, I'm trying to understand why that is recommended in the wiki for a standard upgrade procedure. I also tried the GUI, which offers 12.1012:06
TatuusHello, started Ubuntu 13.04 up, and arriving to desktop, there's no launcher at all on the left... Now what ?12:08
bennypr0fanethis instruction with the -d option is found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Upgrading_from_last_release12:08
bennypr0faneanyways, if I just leave out the -d option or use the gui update manager instead, going first from 12.04 to 12.10, then from 12.10 to 13.04, it should be fine, right?12:10
k1lbennypr0fane: since its a wiki someone updated the information since 13.04 is released but didnt change the -d option12:11
Ben64bennypr0fane: you know you can stay on 12.04 and go directly to 14.04?12:12
jonyActionParsnip, the other PC it's in another office, and I'm too lazy to go there if I want to work on it12:14
bennypr0fanek1l I was saying it shouldn't contain info specific to any release at all, since that page is not release-specific12:14
bennypr0faneBen64 is that a typo?12:14
k1lbennypr0fane: it was release specific. i changed it now12:15
Ben64bennypr0fane: no12:15
k1lBen64: lubuntu dont do lts releases at atll12:15
Ben64k1l: oh, weird12:16
Ben64k1l: i thought it was all the same? cause i'm on 12.04 lts and i can "apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" would that make it not lts?12:16
bennypr0fanek1l you mean this page was release specific until an ago when I first read it? :-D what's "atll"?12:17
feloncan someone help me get my display detected in ubuntu13.0412:17
bennypr0faneBen64 if you're on Ubuntu 12.04, it's LTS. If you chanfe the desktop environment, that doesn't change its end of life12:18
bennypr0faneLubuntu, on the other hand, is never LTS12:18
k1lBen64: the lubuntu specific packages dont have lts support. but maybe they change that after ubuntu changed their support timeframes12:18
bennypr0fanethey even stepped down to 9 months support per release only, it seems12:18
k1lbennypr0fane: you are wrong on that12:18
bennypr0fanek1l what exactly12:19
susanahello guys12:20
k1lbennypr0fane: just look into the editing history of that wiki page yourself. you will see what was going on there12:20
Ben64so all the ubuntu stuff would still be updated, just not lxde, lxterminal and the other lubuntu stuff?12:20
navikRecent weeks I've started experience input lag in application menues and gnome-terminals. It's both in form of press and click events as well as from typing input into the prompt or menues. It can be resolved by opening a new console or opening another application and then reopening the menu in the app that is menu-lagging. Ubuntu 12.10, running unity desk. Any ideas?12:20
jonyI want to install a VNC server which does not show anything on the local display when I connect to it, please help12:20
susanasomeone knows how I can change the pantheon-greeter's background?12:20
bennypr0fanelike k1l said, "all Lubuntu specific packages" would be updated only for 18 months12:21
* PatrickDickey missed the topic on lubuntu. Are they breaking from the official Canonical family or something?12:22
k1lPatrickDickey: no12:22
PatrickDickeyThat's good to hear.12:23
TatuusOk, so i enabled unity in ccsm, still no launcher appearing12:25
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=== lance_ is now known as Guest29444
bennypr0fanek1l maybe you should change the 18-months-life-cycle bit as well - if this info is correct: http://lubuntu.lafibre.info/  then 13.04 lasts only 9 months. maybe that's jsut for now and future policy for Lubuntu hasn't been decided yet12:25
Jamiem93Is this the channel for help?12:26
PatrickDickeyI will say that I took the plunge and upgraded my main desktop to Lubuntu 13,04 this weekend (through the Update Manager). One good thing is, it saw my Fedora installation, without my having to mount the partitions. One bad, and it's not Lubuntu's fault, I couldn't boot into anything but single user mode. I had to remove the AMD beta drivers in order to boot up.12:26
DJonesJamiem93: If its Ubuntu related, feel free to ask here12:26
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: Yes it is. What issues or questions are you needing help with?12:26
Jamiem93I don't know how to ask this so I'll just explain what I did.12:26
MonkeyDustJamiem93  in one line12:27
scarra3I am running ubuntu 13.04-amd64 and I can't seem to sync my music onto my iphone running iOS 5.X  it says there is not enough space but I have 9.2 GB free.12:28
Jamiem93Last night, I burned the lubuntu image to a disk and installed it to my laptop. When I turned the laptop back on a little while later to update the software, there was an error. I then ran windows 7 to install that and remove the partition that I created when I installed Lubuntu. Now everytime I boot up the laptop, there is a black flashing screen and I cannot boot from any cd.12:28
k1lbennypr0fane: thats what i told you. the future plans are not decided yet. i dont get why you make that big drama out of that here12:29
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: The Windows 7 installation completed successfully?12:29
Jamiem93No, it couldn't install over the partition because of the ext.12:30
Jamiem93Now I can't boot any cd from the laptop without it sitting on a black flashing screen for an hour until the "EDD: 8000 error" appears.12:30
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: If you go into BIOS on the laptop, is the CD-ROM set to boot before the first hard drive? Or when you start booting, is there a menu key (like F12) that allows you to select where you want to boot from?12:30
Jamiem93Yes, I had the BIOS boot from CD to begin with and I've tried booting manually using F12.12:31
Jamiem93I was able to run gParted from a live cd to remove the partition entirely which left a dev/sda unallocated space but the mbr is still grub I believe?12:31
scarra3I am running ubuntu 13.04-amd64 and I can't seem to sync my music onto my iphone running iOS 5.X  it says there is not enough space but I have 9.2 GB free.12:32
Tatuusany help on the launcher issue? i have only empty desktop showing .. on the ccsm, unity is enabled12:32
l057c0d3r_well i'm actually getting somewhere now :-)12:32
bennypr0fanek1l no drama. Just suggesting to update the wiki to eb accurate. actually, I'm about to do that now, maybe in a foot note. If you are positive that there's no conclusive status info about the life cycle, I'd add that as well12:33
Jamiem93Would I be able to run gParted and delete the grub MBR using the terminal?12:33
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: Now that you removed the partition with Gparted, can you boot the Windows 7 DVD?12:33
Jamiem93I can't boot any cd.12:33
bennypr0faneJamiem you could do that with parted, but not gparted12:34
l057c0d3r_found this amazing gnome-shell theme....  however the message tray and notifications were clear and text well..  almost impossible to see..  after 10 min of searching through the .css file that came with the theme.. i was able to make the message tray a transparent blue gray to match the top bar.. and actually made the notifications match all other popups on the theme12:34
Jamiem93All I can do is use gparted, otherwise no other livecd boots.12:34
l057c0d3r_maybe i should start making theme's :-p  what i really need to do is start working on porting my fav extension "bolt" over to 3.812:34
compdocjony,you have to install gnome fallback12:34
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, interesting12:34
[olli]re ppl..12:34
bennypr0faneI'd like to make changes to my favorite them too12:34
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: The Windows 7 shouldn't be a Live CD. One other thing you can try is burn a new Ubuntu CD. When you do the burn, choose the slowest speed possible for the burn speed.12:35
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, but haven't succeeded so far12:35
Jamiem93I've tried that. When I boot that from the laptop, it goes to a black flashing screen.12:35
neirpycSo I followed the guide on the Ubuntu site for creating a USB installer for OS X but I am not able to boot from the drive on my Macbook Pro. Anyone know why this is happening?12:35
Jamiem93It's still showing Linux based errors when the partition is empty. How is that possible?12:35
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k1lbennypr0fane: sry but your are not listening at all. i alreaady updated the wiki. while you were still making confusion in here12:36
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, thinking about submitting my corrected ( imho ) gnome-shell.css file to the developer of the theme....  since it seems to match better..12:36
l057c0d3r_maybe they will just upload it to there theme as default12:36
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: Because the mbr is still set up for GRUB. My guess is that it's not booting from the Windows 7 DVD or Live CD's but actually trying to boot from the hard drive.12:36
Jamiem93What can I do?12:36
izxwhat is the diff bet UXterm and Term terminals??12:37
Jamiem93Could I try mbrfix?12:37
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, what kind of changes are you wanting to make....  and u running gnome-shell.. i might be able to point you in the right direction.. or at least give you a hint on what text to search for in the file :-p12:37
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: Start the laptop and go into the Boot menu (F12 usually).12:37
PatrickDickeyOk, which CD do you have in the laptop?12:38
Jamiem93The live CD would be Ubuntu 12.0.412:38
l057c0d3r_mar_, you ever get anywhere with that driver issue you were having?12:38
mar_how can I logout from a terminal?12:38
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: take it out, and put the Windows 7 DVD in. We'll get that going first, then put ubuntu on after.12:38
mar_l057c0d3r_, kindof12:39
l057c0d3r_mar_ type exit12:39
Jamiem93That's the problem.12:39
Jamiem93I can't boot any cd.12:39
jonycompdoc, what's that?12:39
Jamiem93The only cd I can boot is gParted.12:39
l057c0d3r_mar_ and to reboot from term type sudo reboot12:39
ActionParsnipJamiem93: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?12:39
Jamiem93I'm burning another fresh ubuntu copy to try.12:39
compdocjony, what os is running on the machine you use to remote to ubuntu?12:39
ActionParsnipJamiem93: did you burn as slowly as possible, and not with the Windows inbuilt CD burner12:39
l057c0d3r_mar_ or are you on your desktop with a term opened?12:39
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: Patience. If you've got the laptop running at the boot menu, put the Windows 7 DVD in, and choose the option to boot from CD-ROM.12:40
Jamiem93I used imgburn.12:40
ActionParsnipJamiem93: did you MD5 test the ISO?12:40
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, how exactly did you achieve that? What I want to change is a GTK+ theme though, not Gnome shell, which should work the same12:40
ActionParsnipJamiem93: burn as slowly as imgburn will allow you12:40
=== sharmavarun is now known as varun
Jamiem93The disk works fine on another laptop/desktop.12:40
jonyguest PC: ubuntu 13.04, host PC: Lubuntu 12.0412:40
mar_l057c0d3r, I did section 7 of this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection12:40
mar_l057c0d3r, and it seems to be working, except that Unity doesn't load properly12:41
Jamiem93I think I've resolved it :P I think the disk was corrupted.12:41
jonycompdoc, guest PC: ubuntu 13.04, host PC: Lubuntu 12.0412:41
PatrickDickeymar_: What video card do you have in the computer?12:41
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, let me look in a few of my gtk+ themes im using.. and see if i can find out a little about them and how they are layed out12:41
mar_l057c0d3r, I have it set to autologin, so how can I logout of unity and log back in with unity or cinnamon or something?12:41
PatrickDickeyGood deal Jamiem93. Let us know how the installation goes then.12:41
l057c0d3r_mar_ not loading properly as in?12:41
mar_PatrickDickey, GeForce410M12:42
ActionParsnipjony: what are you connecting to the other system to achieve please?#12:42
mar_l057c0d3r_, no taskbar12:42
l057c0d3r_ah i see12:42
mar_l057c0d3r_, no launcher12:42
l057c0d3r_mar_ try ctl+alt+del twice12:42
mar_l057c0d3r_, docky shows, and window borders too12:42
scarra3Any ideas?12:42
jonyActionParsnip, I want remote desktop12:42
l057c0d3r_might not work with out the task bar though12:42
bennypr0fanek1l geez, what's your problem. I was just trying to be helpful by pointing out an error, what's the harm in that? confusion is caused by inaccurate info in the wiki, and it's great that you fixed that.12:42
ActionParsnipjony: yes, but what will you do on the remote desktop once connected?12:42
ActionParsnipscarra3: what is the issue please, I think I missed you post it12:43
scarra3I am running ubuntu 13.04-amd64 and I can't seem to sync my music onto my iphone running iOS 5.X  it says there is not enough space but I have 9.2 GB free.12:43
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, http://forums.worldofgnome.org/discussion/97/themes-gnome-shell-vs-gtk-how-to-customize-them here's a thread I posted about it12:43
compdocjony, gnome-session-fallback puts a desktop that works with vnc. the desktop on 12.11 and 13.04 changed.12:43
bennypr0fanek1l geez, what's your problem. I was just trying to be helpful by pointing out an error, what's the harm in that? confusion is caused by inaccurate info in the wiki, and it's great that you fixed that.12:43
vnc786hello all !!12:43
ActionParsnipscarra3: when you last unplugged the device, did you use the safe removal feature in your OS?12:43
jonythe remote PC has two network cards: one will be in my network, the other will be on a different network which has a ubuntu server. I want to connect via browser to that server's phpmyadmin webpage12:44
ActionParsnipjony: then why do you need vnc, if there is phpmyadmin running?12:44
ActionParsnipjony: setup a masquerade and you can browse through the system, using it like a router12:44
mar_l057c0d3r, I think I can say I don't have card issues any more12:44
k1lbennypr0fane: last warning to stop that drama. its all sorted out already12:45
scarra3actionparsnip: Its not about the safe removal I plug it in an it just doesn't want to copy over12:45
vnc7861. installed mini.iso 2. then ubuntu-desktop(without recommends) 3. now able to get GUI but not able to login thru GUI12:45
jonyActionParsnip, I want remote desktop too12:45
BluesKajHIyas all12:45
ActionParsnipscarra3: if you don't safe remove, it may mark the storage as unclean mounted as caches haven't been sync'd. There is a reason that feature exists12:45
mar_l057c0d3r, I'm going to try remove unity and put it back12:45
ActionParsnipjony: but why?12:45
mar_if that's possible12:46
scarra3ActionParsnip: What can I do to fix that?12:46
[olli]I've a question related to encryption of user homes. I know that data encryption password is encrypted using user password. Once the user changes password itself the data encryption password is reencrypted w/ his password. If this is done by root - no reencryption and data is inaccessible via new password. The question is do I undestand right and it's enough to change password for him to old one (when all worked) and the data will be accessible again? I guess12:46
[olli] the salt generated when password is hashed may become a problem, but I didn't dig the situation enough.12:46
l057c0d3r_mar_ wait12:46
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, clearbird is the gtk+ theme that has almost no contrast between font and background when an element is higlighted in file manager12:46
l057c0d3r_mar_ have you tried unity --reset12:46
ActionParsnipscarra3: plug it into a windows system (i imagine you use that for itunes etc). You can then eject the device properly and then retry in Ubuntu12:46
l057c0d3r_in term12:46
jonyActionParsnip, I want to backup database  too frequently in separate files12:46
mar_l057c0d3r_, it's deprecated and won't work12:46
l057c0d3r_ahh i see12:47
scarra3ActionParsnip: I don't have any windows systems this is my only computer12:47
ActionParsnipjony: then install openssh-server or samba and you can remote access the files, you don't need VNC for taht12:47
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, so u basicly cant see if its hilighted or not.... or when hilighted it vanishes?12:47
ActionParsnipjony: openssh-server will give an SFTP server so you can connect to your fikes over the web securely as well12:47
ActionParsnipjony: nautilus can mount SFTP too, it can also mount samba12:47
mar_bye for now12:47
ActionParsnipjony: again, no need for vnc12:48
compdocjony, having a remote desktop is pretty important to many ppl12:48
jonyok, but the second network (where is the server too), the Internet connection is not allowed12:48
l057c0d3r_mar_ after you removed your binary driver..  did you reinstall the open one?12:48
ActionParsnipjony: you can use an ssh tunnel and then pipe your web traffic down the tunnel using localhost:someport   as a system wide proxy12:48
jonythe port forwarding is not allowed too....12:49
[olli]anyone familiar w/ ubuntu user home encryption?12:49
ActionParsnipjony: its not port forwarding, its ssh tunnelling12:49
bennypr0fanel0 no, when highlighted, you can't read the font bcs it's almost same colour as background12:50
ActionParsnipjony: ssh -L 2222: user@remoteserver      you now have an ssh tunnel, you can run Squid on the other system and all the traffic you pipe down localhost:2222 will hit squid on the remote PC12:51
zetheroohow to enable dual pane in 13.04 ... in Nautilus ... anyone?12:52
l057c0d3r_mar_ i would open synaptic up and go to additional drivers..  in the settings/preferene area and make sure its using vouveau....12:52
l057c0d3r_u did say it broke after installing binary drivers right12:52
k1lzetheroo: there is no dualpane anymore12:52
MonkeyDustzetheroo  I miss that option too12:53
l057c0d3r_k bennypr0fane one sec.. let me see if i can find what u need to change..12:53
jonyActionParsnip, so once again I describe my situation: I have my PC with ubuntu desktop, I can connect to the other network only via internet. On that network I have ubuntu desktop consoles and an ubuntu server. I want: 1. to connect from my desktop PC to that server's phpmyadmin webpage, 2. I want filesharing12:53
vnc7861. installed mini.iso 2. then ubuntu-desktop(without recommends) 3. now able to get GUI but not able to login thru GUI12:53
zetherook1l: No way!!! kidding right!? :P12:53
k1lvnc786: lightdm installed?12:53
zetheroois there any way to get dual pane back?12:54
k1lzetheroo: that is no joke. just ask the gnome guys why they removed that from the latest gnome3 nautilus12:54
PatrickDickeyzetheroo: Nope, it's gone. In fact "nautilus" is gone too. it's "files" now, and follows the Gnome3 setup, which means no dual-pane and some other features are gone too.12:54
zetheroo>:o Man that pisses me off!!12:54
howlymowlyhi poeple... short question: is it possible to check which packages of my system take up the most disk space?12:54
ActionParsnipjony: openssh-server will give a secure file access method12:54
vnc786k1l: also not able to get tty except from f112:54
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, go into where your theme is stored..  most likely /usr/share/themes or something like that12:54
zetheroodual pane is an absolute must for me12:55
zetherooand I know several other people who will be contacting my soon about this issue ... argh12:55
jonyActionParsnip, but that server won't be connected phisically to the internet12:55
l057c0d3r_fidn the gtk.css file.. and look through there for this @define-color theme_selected_fg_color and change the color behind it to what you want it to be..12:55
l057c0d3r_will have to restart your desktop for it to take effecdt though12:55
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, I made a screenshot: https://bennypr0fane.trovebox.com/p/8/token-1d6ff1d26a (for reason it's upside down) see the "root" folder? you can hardly discern the font12:55
k1lzetheroo: again: ubuntu is the wrong adress for that issue :/12:56
l057c0d3r_and might have to have root access if its a preinstalled theme and not one youj have in your ~/.theme folder12:56
PatrickDickeyhowlymowly: Packages, I'm not sure. But, you can install an application called baobab, which will show you what files and directories take up the most space.12:56
zetherooare there any other good file managers for Ubuntu with dual pane!?12:56
snugglzetheroo: loads12:56
ActionParsnipjony: so how will you connect to vnc if you cannot connect to the SFTP server?12:56
snugglzetheroo: i used gnome commander12:57
zetheroowill check it out12:57
howlymowlyPatrickDickey: I made a "not clean" upgrade to 13.04. by "not clean" I mean that I accidentally cancelled the upgrade progress before removing old packages12:57
snugglits more like NC12:57
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PatrickDickeyhowlymowly: So, you've got extra packages that you don't need? Or is there another problem with the install?12:58
jonyActionParsnip, one Lubuntu console from that network has internet connected via the second network card12:58
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, and the @define-color highlighted_border value will change the border12:58
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r,  @define-color theme_selected_fg_color is that the font color? the color is specified by a number, right? how do I know which number I need for my preferred color?12:58
=== chop1n is now known as chop1n[afk]
vnc786after installing mini.iso how do i get GUI12:58
PatrickDickeyjony: Does the server have an Internet connection?12:59
ActionParsnipvnc786: sudo apt-get install lxde     or:  sudo apt-get install xfce4   for something light. If you want the full Unity session: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop12:59
* PatrickDickey realizes that sounds like an idiotic question....12:59
l057c0d3r_@define-color theme_selected_bg_color and this value in the theme will change the color of the actual hilight12:59
jonyPatrickDickey, no, only an Lubuntu console has from that network on the second network card12:59
vnc786ActionParsnip:  i have done this installed(lightdm, ubuntu-desktop no recommends )12:59
howlymowlyPatrickDickey: yeah I guess so...   I did "apt-get autoremove"  but that only removed 50 packages. but before the upgrade to 13.04 the upgrade process told me, ~300 packages are becoming obsolete12:59
ActionParsnipvnc786: ok then reboot and lightdm should kick up at startup12:59
PatrickDickeyhowlymowly: You could try sudo apt-get autoclean also.13:00
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, if you open a program like gimp..  or any image editing program13:00
howlymowlyPatrickDickey: yeah did that too, already13:00
l057c0d3r_you can get the rgb numbers and or a hex number13:00
l057c0d3r_say for text when hilight change..  this is a hex example @define-color theme_selected_fg_color #ffffff;13:01
l057c0d3r_and this is a rgb example13:01
PatrickDickeyhowlymowly: Did the upgrade say that all 300 were being removed? I ask, because I had a different number for what was obsolete, and what it actually removed.13:01
l057c0d3r_@define-color theme_selected_fg_color rgb (255, 255, 255)13:01
l057c0d3r_both would give you the same color13:01
vnc786ActionParsnip: i am getting only tty1 when i reboot i am getting GUI(lightldm) login but not able to login13:01
howlymowlyPatrickDickey: I don't remember the exact saying...13:01
howlymowlyI was just wondering13:02
PatrickDickeyjony: It sounds like you'll have to ssh into the lubuntu console, and then ssh from there into the other consoles.13:02
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, I can't find that string in my gtk.css. take a look if you like: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/168164/gtk.css13:02
jonyPatrickDickey, but I can ssh without port forwarding?13:02
Jamiem93Is notepad++ available on Linux?13:02
ActionParsnipvnc786: try:   sudo service lightdm start13:03
ActionParsnipJamiem93: use gedit13:03
Jamiem93I don't like gedit :P13:03
l057c0d3r_this one right at top13:03
howlymowlyPatrickDickey: I was just wondering of you could somehow analyze debian packages for the space they occupy in your system13:03
l057c0d3r_@define-color selected_fg_color #f5f5f5;13:03
PatrickDickeyjony: no, you need to forward the ports used by ssh to the lubuntu console on the other network. Once you're in there, then yes you can ssh from it to whatever computer on that network you want to.13:03
minasI'm looking for a usb iso maker (I want to write windows iso on a usb within ubuntu)13:03
l057c0d3r_try changing that one firstr13:03
zetheroohey guys... I just tried Sunflower and it's a great File Manager with dual pane and integrated terminal as well ... supports tabs too!! :D13:03
Jamiem93Is there a native version of npp without wine?13:03
vnc786ActionParsnip: already running13:03
jonyPatrickDickey, ok, let's say that the portforwarding is done, what should I do next?13:04
vnc786ActionParsnip: i am not getting any tty except F113:04
PatrickDickeyhowlymowly: I'm not sure. But, autoclean and autoremove should have taken care of the extra packages. You could try apt-get clean too.13:04
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r,  ah right, it's there without "theme_"13:04
Jamiem93@Patrick - thanks for your help, I got Ubuntu running again with Windows 7 as dual.13:04
howlymowlyalright...  Thx PatrickDickey13:05
ActionParsnipvnc786: try stopping it and starting it again, or try CTRL + ALT + F713:05
PatrickDickeyjony, you'll ssh into the lubuntu console. From there, you'll just ssh to whatever other computers you want. It's like a shell inside of a shell.13:05
l057c0d3r_would make a backup before you edit it though13:05
ActionParsnipvnc786: could also try:  startx13:05
l057c0d3r_and that might not actually fix what you want13:05
tjingboemwhen i do: sudo chown -R menno berlijn i get: Operation not permitted. Why?13:05
PatrickDickeyJamiem93: I'm glad to hear that. :)13:05
Jamiem93Such a shame xp is being discontinued :(13:05
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, im kind of guessing on this one :-p looks right to me..  never edited a gtk theme..  just the gnome-shell.css but .css is .css so should be right13:05
jonyPatrickDickey, can I access from my local browser the server's phpmyadmin page?13:06
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, you play around with this long enough.. and there will be very few problems you run into that are not fixable...13:06
Jamiem93I'll play with it. I enjoy Ubuntu.13:06
l057c0d3r_i've got to the point with gnome-shell now where i'm just changing the stuff myself that i dont like about it..13:07
PatrickDickeyjony: I'm going to say "No," since the server is not connected to the Internet. The closest you could do is a VNC server on the Lubuntu console, and use that to access the phpmyadmin page.13:07
Jamiem93Ubuntu with unity is quite sexy and shiny.13:07
l057c0d3r_a bit of a learning curve at first...  but after so long..  you start to see simularities between different parts of it13:07
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, i have to admit the latest release of unity is must better then the first time i got my hands on it.. but still a gnome boy. cant help it13:08
Jamiem93Yeah. I never had a problem with it before I  messed up the MBR.13:08
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, I'm trying this one, made backup. I opened Gimp, but now how do I find the values for my preferred color? do I need to open an image file first?13:08
jonyPatrickDickey, ty for help, but the solution remain the same13:08
Jamiem93I would have to say I prefer using the LDXE environment over unity.13:08
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, open a new one13:08
compdocjony, yeah, I think they have been wasting your time13:09
ActionParsnipJamiem93: same, or just flux/openbox :)13:09
l057c0d3r_then click on the color change for the pen..13:09
l057c0d3r_u see the html notation box.. when you get the color u want..  that will be the hex code # code for that color13:09
jonycompdoc, nono, I'm not that kind of guy13:09
PatrickDickeycompdoc: how would you suggest accessing the phpmyadmin page of a non internet connected server, located on a network outside of your LAN?13:09
jonycompdoc, only I hoped that there is a better solution than mine13:10
compdocPatrickDickey, he wanted vnc, which works for him13:10
raddyHello Everybody13:10
PatrickDickeyjony: Is there a reason why the server can't be connected to the Internet?13:10
vnc786ActionParsnip: thanks but i m doing clean installation again13:10
l057c0d3r_ActionParsnip, i remember my second linux system....  plane jane gentoo / fluxbox settup :-p13:10
raddyI updated ubuntu 12.10 to 13.0413:10
raddy13.04 said to much faster13:11
Jamiem93Are you referring to a local web server?13:11
raddyBut app startup in my case is slower13:11
Jamiem93Should I upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04?13:11
jonyPatrickDickey, for security reason... it's not my decision :(13:11
l057c0d3r_my old old computer downstairs is running gentoo / openbox / lxde...  its kind of my toy i mess around on...  leave ubuntu gnome on my main.. because heh i love apt13:11
ssyis there any downloadable version of ubunto to install on m android phone ?13:11
l057c0d3r_and ubuntu has always been good to me13:11
l057c0d3r_most the time that is13:11
ActionParsnipl057c0d3r_: fluxbox is the daddy13:11
PatrickDickeyjony: Then your idea is the best solution. Using vnc.13:11
=== phschwartz_ is now known as phschwartz_rm
DJones!phone | ssy13:12
ubottussy: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:12
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, i did.. and i regret it because of changes made to gnome-shell13:12
l057c0d3r_all my extensions broke.. and no updates for them yet...13:12
Jamiem93I might look into fluxbox :P13:12
* PatrickDickey is using Lubuntu. No real changes that I've noticed between 12.04, 12,10, and 13.0413:12
Jamiem93Some very nice themes.13:12
ActionParsnipPatrickDickey: i'd use squid with an ssh tunnel, far sleeker13:13
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, fluxbox... openbox.. blackbox.. all about the same..  like openbox.. its good with lxde if you need a lightweight system13:13
l057c0d3r_although a fluxbox cairo-dock setup is nice as well13:13
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, I'm sorta only changing the background color, can't find where to change the pen color13:13
Jamiem93Playing with CSS? :P13:13
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, thats fine.. dosen't matter.. its the hex code you need anyway.. does not matter when you get it from13:14
l057c0d3r_as long as its the color u want13:14
jonyPatrickDickey, for VNC I need portforwarding too?13:14
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, don't most shell extensions target 3.6 by now?13:14
Jamiem93I've never been a fan of hex myself, always preferred rgb/rgba.13:14
l057c0d3r_but gnome3-team is using 3.8 in ppa13:14
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r_, all I'm getting is some kind of grey :-P13:14
l057c0d3r_and well...  to lazy to purge and downgrade13:14
l057c0d3r_so color u selected did not show up13:15
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, hex ff = 255..13:15
=== baraa is now known as bastiaanraa
l057c0d3r_learned hex a long time ago...  good old gameshark :-p13:16
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, in the gimp menu, I click colors>colors/saturation right?13:16
l057c0d3r_i just opened gimp..  clicked file.. new..  create...13:16
Jamiem93Haha. I learnt hex from a chat site called Xat.13:16
l057c0d3r_then in the toolbox - tool  window.. clicked the black box ontop of the white one towards the bottom of that box.. should be in the middle..13:16
l057c0d3r_of the screen13:17
raddyWhy ubuntu 13 is slower?13:17
bennypr0faneI'd just make it blcack or dark blue13:17
l057c0d3r_and then the chagne foreground color box pops up..13:17
bennypr0faneaaahh! there it is!13:18
=== Jean is now known as Guest88109
Jamiem93Heard about the new xbox?13:18
bennypr0fanethe "HTML Notation" is the code that I need?13:19
pijushjust installed 13.04 ---->no ftp support in nautilus13:19
l057c0d3r_heh was going to say.. i uploaded a picture.  look where my mouse is :-p13:19
l057c0d3r_yeah thats the hex code13:19
Jamiem93What are you doing with HTML?13:19
ActionParsnippijush: are there any bugs reported?13:19
bennypr0fanelloks like this: 3a19e013:20
pijushdon't know13:20
micthevHello everyone, my PC freezes since I'm on 13.04, I changed and updated the kernel, it does not come from there, I have an Intel graphics card, I do not have access to the magic key when it freezes (except ctrl alt back - but it crashes happened on the shell) so I do not have access to ctrl alt f1, f2 etc ... does anyone have an idea because it starts to get heavy hard reboot every 45 minutes!13:20
l057c0d3r_right  so behind the _color put #3a19e0;13:20
pijushi think they removed it13:20
feloncan someone help me get my display detected in ubuntu 13.04.13:21
PatrickDickeyjony for any solution that you use, you'll need to forward the required ports to the lubuntu console. yes.13:21
l057c0d3r_Jamiem93, he is altering a gtk theme..13:21
jonyPatrickDickey, port forwarding is not allowed, so I must stick with LogMeIn Hamachi13:22
l057c0d3r_because selected color and background color were so close text was hard to read.13:22
pijushmight b the problem of ftp server13:22
=== dan2k3k4_ is now known as dan2k3k4
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, after u change and save.. restart the desktop environment.. or the computer13:23
PatrickDickeyjony: Do you have logmein set on both networks? In other words, can you access the computers from this network through it?13:23
l057c0d3r_and change should take effect13:23
g105bI've generated a new SSH key, added it to github, but I keep getting the "Permission denied (publickey)" message - is there something I have to restart to pick up my new key?13:23
l057c0d3r_let me know how it work's out for u13:23
=== lance_ is now known as Guest53861
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, not sure what you are using.. but on gnome-shell an alt+f2..  type r.  press enter does the trick13:23
jonyyes, the remote console with internet and my PC are in a VPN Logemein network13:24
jonyyes, the remote console with internet and my PC are in the same VPN Logemein network13:24
l057c0d3r_wonder how hard it will be to port the bolt extension over to 3.813:24
micthevnobody ?13:24
PatrickDickeyjony: No guarantees, but you could have the VNC server listen on that same IP Interface (the one that's registered to LogMeIn). I haven't tried that, so I don't know if it would work or not. Then connect through that IP Address.13:25
l057c0d3r_micthev, sorry..  any idea what is causing the crash..13:25
l057c0d3r_what shows up in /var/crash/13:25
micthevl057c0d3r, that's the problem ... :(13:25
l057c0d3r_if there is a lot in there...  then do a sudo rm /var/crash/*13:25
l057c0d3r_and next time it crashes..  that crash should be the only thing in the log..13:26
jonyPatrickDickey, ty for the help13:26
leoloveRalink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe it works on boot for 15 minutes only and then disconnect.13:27
leoloveUbuntu 13.0413:27
PatrickDickeyjony, not a problem. You're a bit luckier than I am. My router won't accept the IP Address or range for the LogMeIn Hamachi network. So I can't connect to it from outside of my LAN. Of course, I haven't really put a lot of effort into solving the problem.13:27
leoloveI can even unable to find my wifi sitting next to it13:27
ActionParsnipleolove: when it drops, run: dmesg | tail    it may give clues13:28
l057c0d3r_bennypr0fane, still there.. how'd it go13:28
micthevl057c0d3r, ok maybe13:28
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, 1b26f6 what color is that in your gimp?13:28
l057c0d3r_one sec13:28
micthevl057c0d3r,  I remove all in crash and I wait13:29
bennypr0faneit should be a dark blue, but now appears grey in the theme.13:29
l057c0d3r_almost a sky blue13:29
bennypr0fanehowever, it's readable now! :-)13:29
l057c0d3r_wonder why its gray13:29
bennypr0fanesky blue means rather light, yes?13:29
l057c0d3r_well..  its in the middle13:30
l057c0d3r_not really dark dark..13:30
l057c0d3r_but no extreamly light13:30
bennypr0fanemight be whtie actually, and just appears grey bcs surrounded by greyish blue13:30
l057c0d3r_i believe with the .css u could have type Blue or DarkBlue13:31
l057c0d3r_and that would work to..13:31
l057c0d3r_but was trying to give you the option to get the exact color u wanted :p13:31
jean11now that we longer can change mouse settings properly, do i have to do xset m 3.1 15 every time i boot??13:31
jonyPatrickDickey, I never meet that problem13:32
jean11i couldnt find mouse settings in dconf either13:32
=== Guest75171 is now known as Neozonz
leoloveActionParsnip it works if I reboot or reconnect wifi13:32
l057c0d3r_well brb..13:32
PatrickDickeyjony: it's because I'm using an enterprise grade router (Cisco 2514) for my network.13:32
l057c0d3r_been changing a lot of stuff....  going to see how well it works after a reboot13:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050021 in autofs (Ubuntu) "autofs failed to mount .hidden" [High,Confirmed]13:33
Jamiem93I have another issue. Running post-installation trigger was updating and has crashed Ubuntu.13:33
=== maxx is now known as Guest94087
Jamiem93The screen is black and I can't move my cursor.13:33
jamiejacksonhi, folks. can you tell me the right way to install the gnome 2 desktop? i'm about to try mate, instead. (i'm on 12.10)13:34
invariantHow am I supposed to manage extra directories containing manpages?13:34
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | jamiejackson you mean this?13:34
ubottujamiejackson you mean this?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:34
iDrofoxhello, i install compizcofig... to get cube desktop but i want to set different wallpapers for each section in cube anybody know how to do it ? i am on 13.0413:35
jamiejacksonlet me try that again: hi, folks. can you tell me the right way to UNinstall the gnome 2 desktop? i'm about to try mate, instead. (i'm on 12.10)13:35
MonkeyDustiDrofox  45+ people in #compiz13:36
iDrofoxok thanks i didn't that there is channel for that too :)13:36
l057c0d3rhmm   rather odd....13:36
l057c0d3rreboot.. login and the top window border is white..  everything else gray13:36
l057c0d3rbut do a shell restart13:37
l057c0d3rand then it changes to match wonder why13:37
micthevl057c0d3r, /var/crash is empty :(13:38
Jamiem93Ubuntu is no longer loading, hangs at purple screen :(13:39
micthevhas somobody a solution ?13:39
PaNzanyone can help me plz?13:40
jean11How do i disable the "mail" icon from top right? its useless since it doesnt restore previous session but starts another13:40
l057c0d3rhey bennypr0fane u still there13:40
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, thanks a lot. It's not *exactly* what I wanted, but almost there - definitley good enough for now! And I'm on track now for more tweaking, which is awesome! thanks so much. Do submit that theme to the developer13:40
compdocjamiejackson, you can just add mate or any desktop with no need to remove the existing one13:41
PaNzI've this error: http://pastebin.com/3Kj3ZcS513:41
PaNzany suggestion?13:41
invariantDoes anyone know how to manage mandb such that I can install every package in a different directory and at the same time not go over the limits of man for the MANPATH *and* have mandb automatically index these directories *and* do all of this as a non-root user?It's a mouthful, but that's what I ideally want. If you know some solution, please tell me or suggest the ways in which you manage these things.13:41
l057c0d3rbennypr0fane, check this out13:41
bennypr0faneI think Gnome Shell can very much use4 some lighter themes and flexibility to improve on looks13:41
jamiejacksoncompdoc: thanks. is it a bad idea to remove the (proper) gnome 2? i'd like it gone, if it's not too problematic.13:42
MonkeyDustPaNz  what's the output of cat /etc/issue ?13:42
PaNzubuntu 13.0413:42
l057c0d3rcheck out my gnom313:42
ncopahi congrats with 13.0413:42
compdocjamiejackson, it can be a problem depending on how you do it. Ive ended up with no desktop at all - just a command prompt13:42
l057c0d3rlet me know what u think bennypr0fane13:43
MonkeyDustPaNz  that's not a copy paste, but anyway - what are you trying to do?13:43
ncopawill 13.04 run on a netbook with only 1 GB ram? 12.04 does, 12.10 didnt13:43
PaNzI've just installed some app in my distro13:43
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, looks pretty good. cool wallpaper, wher'd you get it?13:43
jamiejackson_compdoc: so you're saying it's too risky?13:44
MonkeyDust!details | PaNz13:44
ubottuPaNz: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:44
l057c0d3rbennypr0fane, gnome-look.org13:44
compdocjamiejackson_, might be fine, but it would be a good idea to create a backup image13:44
PaNzand this message was appear13:44
ActionParsnipncopa: lubuntu will give a snappier OS13:44
PaNzI've this error now, for example, when I give: dpkg-reconfigure gconf213:45
ActionParsnipPaNz: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc13:45
ncopaActionParsnip: i know. so will xubuntu and 20 other distros. But this is for wife's netbook...13:45
jamiejackson_compdoc: okay, with that in mind, what's the proper package(s) to remove to get rid of the old gnome 2?13:45
ActionParsnipncopa: lxde is very windows like with a nice bottom bar13:46
ActionParsnipPaNz: run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade      and pastebin the output http://pastie.org13:46
compdocjamiejackson_, might try:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/6302/how-can-you-remove-unity13:46
l057c0d3rxfce is windows like in a way as well..  along with kde..  and cinnamon13:46
l057c0d3rthen u get gnome and unity.. which are osx like13:47
PaNzall messages or only the lasts lines?13:47
jamiejackson_compdoc: i believe unity is gnome *3*13:47
MonkeyDustthere was something in lxde I disliked, don't remember what, but yes it's fast13:47
ActionParsnipPaNz: all the text please, the pastebin holds a LOT of output13:47
compdocjamiejackson_, what version is your ubuntu?13:47
l057c0d3rjamiejackson_, i should refine there..  unity-shell and gnome-shell..13:47
ActionParsnipor gnome-panel :)13:48
ncopaActionParsnip: i know pretty weel what lxde xfce difference, the question was if the default ubuntu desktop will work with 1G ram13:48
ncopamy wife does not want change that look13:48
ncopai think she should13:48
ncopabut she done want13:48
ActionParsnipncopa: it may, it won't leave a lot of free ram for actual apps13:48
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, gnome-look.org is where I got all my customizations. It's just I like light themes better, and don't fancy grey and black. rather hard to find a grey.free theme, and most stuff is basically dark13:48
jamiejackson_compdoc: 12.10. i just found this. it might be what i need: http://askubuntu.com/questions/244654/remove-ubuntu-gnome-desktop13:48
PaNzActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/TZCSCDct13:48
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, here's my desktop: https://bennypr0fane.trovebox.com/p/9/token-924f8a629013:48
Slaizerhi all, is there any way to upload videos to ubuntuone-client?13:49
shashasorry guys, how can I say terminal to launch a file as a program?13:49
l057c0d3rSlaizer, as long as the video's are in a folder that is synced with ubuntuone.. they should upload.. unless u run out of space13:49
ActionParsnipPaNz: try switching to the main server ,the output looks fine otherwise13:50
PaNzwhat did you mean?13:50
ActionParsnipshasha: type the program name, then the file to open in that app13:50
MonkeyDustshasha  use ./blah  or sh blah13:50
shashasorry guys, how can I say terminal to launch a file as a program?13:50
ActionParsnipPaNz: you are using the italian server, switch to the main one, you can use software centre if you want13:50
ncopathe gui is sluggish in qemu/kvm...13:50
bennypr0fanel057c0d3r, the spaces between the sections of yr to panel are a nice touch.13:50
ActionParsnipshasha: do you mean use terminal to run a program in CLI?13:51
Slaizerl057c0d3r: I got to check this, because I uploaded files in .avi and just the srt file uploaded. I have double checked this also. what am I doing wrong when uploading the folder?13:51
bennypr0faneshasha you need to make that file executable if it's not yet13:51
shashaActionParsnip: i've downloaded the kernel13:51
shashaActionParsnip: and wish to launch kconfig13:51
PaNzuhh, ActionParsnip what's the main one?13:51
bennypr0faneif it is, you just enter the file complete with path and hit enter13:51
l057c0d3rSlaizer, i can lok into it a bit.. i dont upload video's13:51
Slaizerl057c0d3r: I also have space, just a 700 mb file and I have 4700 mb to use.13:51
l057c0d3ri use it to sync my pictures from my phone to my computer.. i take a picture on my phone.. and within seconds its on my computer13:52
Slaizerl057c0d3r: appreciate it13:52
Slaizerl057c0d3r: ok!13:52
shashaActionParsnip: i've set the executable flash, also13:53
frownyHey leolove13:53
ActionParsnipPaNz: its selectable in software centre, or you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove all instances of 'it.'13:53
leoloveWifi disconnecting and have to restart network-manager to get it work again. it keeps disconnecting time after time13:53
leoloveMy syslog and dmesg is : http://pastebin.com/rTDFrh8t13:53
ActionParsnipshasha: then open a terminal and run it...13:53
leoloveWifi adapter: Ralink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe13:53
shashaActionParsnip: run kconfig ?13:53
PaNzok ActionParsnip, just a second13:53
shashaActionParsnip: "run kconfig" from terminal?13:54
leoloveActionParsnip my syslog and dmesg is :13:54
IszakSo, should I use MBR or GPT?13:54
PaNzActionParsnip, same that before with the main repository13:55
bhaveshHow am I supposed to create a DSL network on Ubuntu 13.04 in gnome shell?13:55
compdocIszak, depends on the size of the disk and the capabilities of your motherboard13:55
ActionParsnipshasha: just kconfig will do, if you are asking basic stuff like this, you wll struggle to compile an efective kernel13:55
ncopawow... i think ubuntu-13.04 actually works with 1G ram13:56
ncopagod job!13:56
l057c0d3rSlaizer, found this http://markmail.org/message/oiphrkyfgsdxz36k13:56
Iszakcompdoc only 500 GB, but I'm finding the tools seem to want GPT. I've installed ubuntu 12.04 and need to setup raid.13:56
compdoc13.04 seems faster than the older versions13:56
l057c0d3rthey said it was a bug sometimes13:56
leolovePlease help me with my wifi :(13:56
l057c0d3rsomething to do with pmtu13:57
compdocIszak, nothing wrong with gpt, but you cant boot it unless your bios is UEFI13:57
PaNzActionParsnip, I've also try to do this: apt-get install --reinstall gconf2, but nope, the situation is the same: I've always this error13:57
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest77150
ActionParsnipleolove: try disabling ipv6 with the boot option:  ipv6.disable=113:57
ActionParsnip!info gconf2 raring13:57
ubottugconf2 (source: gconf): GNOME configuration database system (support tools). In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.6-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 62 kB, installed size 596 kB13:57
ActionParsnipreally? wow!13:58
leoloveActionParsnip I use IPv6 actually :(13:58
shashaActionParsnip: i've used some years ago linux, up to now all is foggle but i know it13:58
=== Guest77150 is now known as IvAn2000
Iszakcompdoc ah okay13:58
Slaizerl057c0d3r: seems like it isn't possible uploading .avi files or too big files on the cloud. My 50 mb flac music files were no problem.13:59
ActionParsnip!kernel | shasha13:59
ubottushasha: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)13:59
ActionParsnipleolove: i see13:59
l057c0d3rSlaizer, check here13:59
shashaActionParsnip: and?13:59
l057c0d3rare there any errors in there14:00
Slaizerl057c0d3r: will see14:00
Iszakhow can I copy one hard drives partition table (MBR) to anothers with overriding the others (GPT)?14:00
leoloveActionParsnip it works fine with ethernet14:00
ActionParsnipleolove: Ethernet is an entirely different animal14:01
Slaizerl057c0d3r: how do i find that .log file? could you give me some extra information?14:01
l057c0d3rin term type gedit ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log14:02
PaNzActionParsnip, any ideas?14:02
Slaizerl057c0d3r: ok14:02
l057c0d3rreplace gedit with the text editer u use if u dont have gedit14:02
lorestehey guys14:03
lorestehow are you?14:03
loresteI need a little help here14:04
ActionParsnipPaNz: cd $HOME; wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage14:04
PaNzwhat's this stuff?14:05
ActionParsnipPaNz: cleans out any and all package knowledge then redownloads fresh, its basically the package fix commands in a handy script14:06
Senorwhat is acpi driver?14:08
Slaizerl057c0d3r: the .log file is blank. I even tried the way you suggsted, that one that told me to type in terminal.14:08
ActionParsnipPaNz: I'm just lazy, and I use it a lot in the forums. Maks my life easier14:08
usr13_ActionParsnip: I think it should be chmod +x fixpackage  (not chmod +x ./fixpackage14:08
ActionParsnipusr13_: the ./ makes it look in the pwd, just neater imho14:09
frownyHas anyone had any luck running Vegas Pro under Ubuntu?14:09
PaNzok I try, but I don't think that this stuff solves the problem..14:09
Jamiem93Why has ubuntu crashed completely?14:09
frownyWith Wine or otherwise14:09
Iszakshould I create raid with /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?14:09
ActionParsnipfrowny: did you check the wineappdb14:09
usr13_ActionParsnip: Really? pwd?14:09
frownyI'll have a look now14:09
frownyGOod idea14:09
ActionParsnipusr13_: yes, its just good practice to use when you are referencing things in the same folder14:10
usr13_Ok,  tnx14:10
nomiusIs it there a way to substitute a core package (procps in my case) with one in my local repo?14:10
nomius(without corrupting the package db of course)14:11
Slaizerl057c0d3r: are you still here?14:11
PaNzActionParsnip, after this script's running, no errors appear, but when I try "dpkg-reconfigure gconf2" the message reappears14:11
min|dvir|usIs there any way to have the webcam available to multiple programs at once?14:12
usr13_ActionParsnip: I see now that it works.  But what do you mean by pwd?  (I assume the wd os for working directory, but p?)14:12
ActionParsnipusr13_: run:   pwd14:12
Jamiem93If ubuntu fails to boot and sits on the purple screen for an hour, what do I do?14:13
ActionParsnipJamiem93: that is such an open ended question, it could be anything14:13
ActionParsnipJamiem93: what video chip do you use?14:13
Jamiem93I wouldn't know, it's an old laptop.14:13
ActionParsnipusr13_: it shows the current directory the terminal is sat in14:13
ActionParsnipJamiem93: then it has a make and model, yes?14:13
Jamiem93I was updating the software, i think it was post-install trigger and it crashed.14:13
ActionParsnipJamiem93: and you have an internet connection........14:14
usr13_ActionParsnip: Ok, well, I guess I'm kdnda dense this morning.14:14
Jamiem93I believe it's the GMA x3100.14:14
min|dvir|usIs there any way to have the webcam available to multiple programs at once?14:14
JeanBaptistei installed compizconfig but there is no wobbly windows option???14:15
shashaActionParsnip: i used make config ad seems to work14:16
Jamiem93Should I try reinstalling ubuntu?14:16
Slaizeranyone in here know if it is possible uploading 'avi' files on ubuntuone-client?14:17
loldogSlaizer: lol, why woulndt it?14:18
loldogSlaizer: also .avi isnt a type of file14:18
Slaizerloldog: LOL, it wouldn't because it did not work for me, rofl.14:18
anewhow do i get stderr output ?14:19
=== lance is now known as Guest13572
loldogSlaizer: Boicot the service14:21
Slaizerloldog: shrug14:23
l057c0d3rSlaizer, did u find any errors in that log i told u to check14:23
loldogSlaizer: I run owncloud on an ubuntu server. Much better, and then I know they arent selling my files to Amazon.14:23
Slaizerl057c0d3r: no i did not find anything in that .log file14:24
usr13_anew: Of _________________?14:24
shashaActionParsnip: where i can find a map of kernel? (please tag me in reply)14:24
anewfk i have no idea so fkn frustrated14:25
cowen13.04 - where has the nice menu gone to connect to another server from the file manager?14:26
HelloWorld321anybody got much opinion on gitg versus qgit as a git repository gui?14:26
ActionParsnipcowen: under file menu if memory serves14:26
branchhey gys14:26
=== fought is now known as fought_away
branchi have a problem with ubuntu14:27
=== fought_away is now known as fought
HelloWorld321Hi branch.  We have a "don't ask to ask" policy in here. But I do recommend: don't describe your problem, try to ask a specific technical question14:27
Sub-Zero_trackpad issue 12.10?14:27
usr13_anew: What are you trying to do?14:28
cowenActionParsnip, yeah found it, the nice quick interface has gone.. but this works14:28
branchmy ubuntu 12.04 crashes..it blurs purple and gets stuck//i dont notice any cpu overload14:28
ShawnMcCoolany ubuntu 13.04 users here who can very that ctrl + alt + p reduces a minimized window to a non minimized window?14:29
usr13_branch: Is it a Desktop PC?14:31
branchusr13_: yes it is , i had a 12.4 lts then reinstalled14:32
Darael-webchatHere's one for you, #ubuntu:  Got a new laptop that appears to support UEFI, and will happily boot, eg, an Ubuntu live USB key in UEFI mode.  However, if I install to the HDD, it refuses to recognise it as a UEFI boot option (but if I install and then boot all in BIOS mode it works fine).  Secure boot is disabled.14:33
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
=== lance_ is now known as Guest92160
ActionParsnipcowen: never had an issue, add it as a bookmark and you have easy days14:35
=== The_[206] is now known as JKL1234-
Sub-Zero_Touchpad issue pointer moment is not smooth?14:36
ActionParsnipSub-Zero_: does the system have a make and model?14:38
nighix3.6.3.1 is an unholy mess :\ Nautilus crashing with large directories on Fedora and Ubuntu, and random crashes with Ivy Bridge hardware. Not happy :[14:38
anewusr13_ the guy before me has rewrites everywhere, i'm trying to figure it all out.  in exactly what files can rewrites occur ?14:38
Sub-Zero_macbook pro core2Duo14:39
exilarchGreetings. I have a problem with 13.04. I installed some webapps from the terminal but I cannot see the launcher in the HUD. I installed only the Youtube webapp via the website and it appears. However the others do not appear as launchers.14:40
nighixI have a website due in two days and I just hopped to Ubuntu because I thought it would fix the crashing.. but no, I have an unstable shell.14:41
=== nimportequoi is now known as alex314
anewthe file i think i have that is for the site, they are the exact same contents in sites-available and sites-enabled, is this proper ?14:46
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
gian__good moning frends14:49
niervolanew: in 'sites-enabled' you should have a symbolic links to enabled sites from 'sites-available'.14:50
anewniervol they are exactly the same files14:50
anewi am looking at what the guy previous did14:50
aneware they not supposed to be the same files14:51
niervolthose can be exact same files or just links14:51
anewso if i want to edit one which one do i edit ?14:51
niervolgood practise is to keep files in 'sites-available' and then create links in 'sites-enabled' as needed14:52
niervolnormally you should edit files in 'sites-available', but apache takes files from 'sites-enabled' into account14:53
anewso confusing14:53
niervolfiles from 'sites-available' are only linked14:53
anewi dont get what u mean by linked ?14:53
niervolread this: http://serverfault.com/questions/83508/purpose-of-debian-sites-available-and-sites-enabled-dirs14:54
butch128I'm setting up a server which 2 ethernet ports.  They will be directly on the internet with external IP's.  The server hasn't been deployed yet, but right now I have the adapters bonded for in failover mode... Will this setup work in production?  Or should I do something like a floating virtual IP between the two adapters?14:56
anewniervol the last answer It's not just the same content, it's the same actual file!14:57
anewthey are the same file14:57
niervolanew: are your files in 'sites-enabled' prefixed with '@' sign? that means those are links to some other files. do ls -l14:57
mar_i remove -purged unity and installed it back but the taskbar still doesn't display when I log in? How can I debug this? (l057c0d3r)14:57
niervolin 'sites-available'14:58
niervolls -l /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/14:58
anewok let me try14:58
Zelatorhi folks.14:59
Zelatori'd like to know why is linux video output is different than windows?14:59
anewoh that's crazy14:59
anewbut what is the point of this?14:59
=== erry_ is now known as erry
Zelatorand no, it's not distro related or videocard related or anything.. it's always the same. I have probs with eye strain every time i'm on linux.15:00
anewso when i edit something why wouldnt i edit both files ?15:00
andrebmorning all15:00
ShadalHi, not sure if anyone will have any suggestions for me, but worth a shot.... I'm on a Linode VPS, recently ran an apt-update/apt-upgrade and rebooted my server. Now when booting my LISH console displays (http://pastebin.com/Vh35sYHD) and won't go any further. My server will not boot, websites are down, etc, etc... Anyone have any ideas I could pass along to linode support should they fail to15:00
Shadalfind a solution?15:00
andrebquestion : Is it possible to delete a file every day at midnight ?15:00
Zelatorand it happens on LCD monitors. All kinds, regardless of brand, size etc15:00
Zelatorany ideas?15:00
Zelatorit's something you can't really see, you only feel it. After 15-30 of work you can't stare at the screen anymore.15:01
niervolthe point is: you can have a site in place which you DON'T want to enable atm. file exists and all you'll have to do to enable it in the future is to create a link i n'sites-enabled'. and the other way. if you want temporarily disable site, just delete the link15:01
garrick_your cool15:01
niervolanew: you actually do15:02
niervoli have to go15:02
anewthanks niervol15:02
anewhttps://gist.github.com/anonymous/7da8eb84cbb2b551f0b1  so the first one removes all index.php from urls.  it works.  but when i add the last 2 lines, this is supposed to make uppercase 301 to lowercase.  the problem is if i write site.com/Segment it 301s to site.com/index.php/segment.  it should do site.com/Segment -> site.com/segment15:07
garrick_is anyone going to talk to me15:09
Tm_Tgarrick_: please patience and try be civil while being at it15:09
garrick_can i talk on mic15:10
hd5770on mirc?? dont thinkm you can15:11
min|dvir|usThis is literally the worst IRC discussion.15:12
min|dvir|usWhat just happened.15:12
pndemc_quite possibly15:12
pndemc_someone just asked if they could use their mic <_<15:12
garrick_how are you15:12
ZadYreeHey, I've got a little problem using Ubuntu: It seems when a process segfaults, I'm getting any core (even after changine the core size to 'unlimited'). Any clue?15:13
ZadYreeI meant "I'm not"15:13
min|dvir|usZadYree: rephrase please.15:14
ZadYreeI'm not getting any dumped core after a segmentation fault, wheter I type "ulimit -c unlimited" or not.15:15
ShadalLinode support solved my boot problem - Highly recommend for VPS hosting!15:22
noirohey guys, is there a different version of skype for 13.04?15:22
=== jamesaxl_ is now known as jamesaxl
noiroskype just stopped working after my comp force-shutdown. I purged it and then reinstalled with no luck15:23
noiroit just won't open15:24
Mavriknoiro, theres a bug with skype and nvidia drivers on 13.0415:24
noiro:/ Any known fix?15:24
invariantnoiro, just install Jitsi.15:25
MathuinAnyone here familiar with vino on 12.04?  I'm having trouble starting it automatically, and when I do get it started I can't connect to it.15:25
invariantnoiro, and say goodbye to Skype.15:25
Mavriknoiro, yeah: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-skype-not-working-in-ubuntu-1304.html15:25
noiroI need to use Skype for who I talk to. :P15:25
invariantnoiro, you can tell them to not use Skype too.15:25
noiroMavrik: thanks, works like a charm15:27
eodchopHey guys. I have a 12.10 server installation. When I go to install mailtutils, it is dragging in a new version of mysql-common that is from 13.04, forcing a system update to 13.04. Is this a bug, any way around it?15:27
GegaboneHi Guys, can't anyone tell me how to fix this? http://imgur.com/MVyN4Tu15:29
IszakSo I'm using fdisk and it says my partition is GPT, however I don't know how to change it to MBR?15:30
Gegaboneupgraded my OS on VirtualBox and now can't read anything as the terminal is tiny text15:30
theadminIszak: Don't bother, GPT is superior. Use parted (or gdisk) for operations on GPT partition tables.15:30
Iszaktheadmin okay well how do I convert both then?15:31
Iszaktheadmin on the other hand, I don't know if it is UEFI..15:31
theadminIszak: That's an important part too. But GPT is still better (works with large drives, can support more than 4 primary partitions)15:32
=== RaNd0m is now known as Rand0m_Name
FyodorovnaGegabone, YOU have the guest additions installed?15:33
platzhirsch1How can I make sure the package I want to install is either in the right version and/or fetched from the right repository?15:34
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
GegaboneI think I might have to reinstall as reading online it seems that by upgrading they no longer work15:34
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Gegabonebit hard to do as can't read the text thout15:37
Iszaktheadmin oh yeah I recognise the benefits, just need to make sure I can.15:37
Iszaktheadmin no UEFI.15:38
theadminIszak: It doesn't really matter, you can use GPT with BIOS too I think15:38
Iszaktheadmin well I think easiest is to just use MBR for now.15:39
satellit_ewhat command do i use to install gnome-classic-session on precise?15:40
tomreynis there a proper (i.e. no application workarounds, but a driver option or patch) fix for uvcvideo output being flipped vertically (upside down)?15:48
theadminsatellit_e: sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback15:50
thebananafishgood morning errybody, Im trying to get mumble-django to work with nginx and cannot find any documentation on how to do so?15:50
wdennishi, all -- is this the place to ask q's about virtualization, or better chan? #ubuntu-virt only 13 users right now... Doesn't seem too active.15:52
theadminwdennis: Well, depends. What are you trying to do?15:55
TatuusI'm unable to get Unity desktop showing...  Ub 13.04. No launcher or anything around. unity plugin on ccsm is on... Any help?15:56
wilee-nileeTatuus, Fresh install an upgrade, has it worked before what is the graphic hardware, we need details.15:58
wdennistheadmin: trying to figure out what is the current best tool to build vms with: ubuntu-vm-builder (deprecated?), vmbuilder, virt-install, virt-manager, ??16:01
TatuusWilee-nilee: i did an upgrade, it has worked on 12.10 yes, i have older ATI card, radeon16:02
Tatuusi noticed that on other machines where i did fresh, clean install, this hasn't occured16:03
przemek__what are you doing>16:03
wilee-nileeTatuus, Have you looked in software sources for additional drivers or reloaded any you had previously, an release upgrade needs drivers reloaded often.16:03
przemek__just install everything16:04
Tatuuson software sources, the appropriatery drivers list is empty16:04
Tatuusso how can i reach those drivers ?16:04
leolovehttp://pastebin.com/6jRrAbrF Can anyone help me with my wifi keeps disconnecting and only work if I restart network-manager ?16:05
przemek__Tatuus: which driver you are looking for?16:06
wilee-nileeTatuus, Post the graphic info here, personally I would be looking on the web as well for info on that vard and release in general.16:06
srulihi all, can anyone help me with SSLVPN? i am trying to connect using openconnect but it gives me an error "The VPN connection 'xxxxxxx' failed failed to connect because there were no VPN secrets, from my android with cisco anyconnect it works fine, any ideas?16:06
TatuusAti radeon Xpress 125016:07
johnjohn101when does 10.04LTS support end?16:07
ActionParsnipjohnjohn101: May 5th I believe16:08
ActionParsnipjohnjohn101: on the desktop16:08
ActionParsnipjohnjohn101: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases has it all16:09
fedeHi, I have a problem with graphics on ubuntu, I thinks it's a configuration issue because it only happens when I login as one user16:09
leolovehttp://pastebin.com/6jRrAbrF Can anyone help me with my wifi keeps disconnecting and only work if I restart network-manager ?16:09
fedethe screen goes black and I cannot use the system, how can I restore default xorg settings so this doesn't happen anymore?16:10
srulithis is the CLI output when I try to connect with openconnect to SSLVPN from CLI http://pastebin.com/YUcnyecf16:11
leolovefede which card do you have?16:12
fedenvidia gforce16:13
fedeit was working ok until I changed to the experimental driver16:13
fedethen it broke and even reinstalling the system doesn't solve the problem16:14
leolovefede press ctrl + alt +F1 key when you see black screen. Login at command prompt, and check your /etc/X11 folders for backed up xorg.conf file16:14
przemek__fede: lspci -v16:14
srulican anyone help me with my openconnect issue trying to connect to SSLVPN?16:15
leolovesruli it is your bad configuration file redirecting client to a html page16:15
leolovesruli it is your bad configuration file redirecting client to a html page16:15
leolovehttp://pastebin.com/6jRrAbrF Can anyone help me with my wifi keeps disconnecting and only work if I restart network-manager ?16:15
fedewhat should I look for? remember this is user specific16:15
srulileolove: pc side or router side?16:15
fedeif I login as another user I don't have any issues16:15
chin-changood day16:16
przemek__fede: install Linux Mint16:16
chin-chani love linux16:16
chin-chani hate windows16:16
fedeprzemek, that's not a solution16:16
betraydfede: you use startx?16:16
anonymous_cyberhi am  news16:17
leolovesruli your PC side.16:17
fedebetrayd, I'm not sure, if I run startx I get the black screen16:17
srulileolove: can you help me get it right?16:17
betraydfede: you said another user doesn't have this problem16:18
leolovesruli which provider are you using?16:18
simon-mccjoin #cbu16:18
leoloveis it your own server?16:18
ShadalCan anyone help me with this Postfix error (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140348). The postfix channel recommended I try elsewhere ;-/ ......16:18
fedebetrayd, yes, I created a new user from the console and the system works16:18
srulii setup SSLVPN on my cisco 550 router16:18
fedeit's only with my old and main user that I have the problem16:18
srulileolove: i setup SSLVPN on my cisco 550 router16:18
MrokiiHi. What is the command to recreate the grub-menu via Bash?16:18
betraydfede: i'd start copying his data over and ditch that one16:19
Dr_willisMrokii,  sudo update-grub   normally16:19
leolovesruli can you use cisco vpn client to verify?16:19
Dr_willisfede,  could be one of the user settings is the issue. you could clean out all the old settings16:20
chrohi, anyone can tell me a good browser (after chrome/chromium,firefox) ?16:20
fedeDr_willis, how can I do that?16:20
leolovesruli my personal experience is, it wont work. but that is just my personal opinion16:20
chroand that is available from the standard repos16:20
leolovechro safari? :p IE in wine? :D16:20
Dr_willisfede,  find the setting files. remove or rename them to a backup dirr16:20
srulileolove: on my android tablet I use cisco AnyCOnnect client, but on my pc cant get it to work.. cisco says they only sopport kernel 2.6xx16:20
fedeDr_willis, any idea where this file could be?16:21
chroleolove, safari is available from the repos?16:21
leolovechro it is available separate download and will run via wine16:21
leolovesruli I never tried that but take a look at : https://www.shrew.net16:22
Tatuuswilee_nilee: i now got the driver file ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run -but can't open it as executable program, nor from terminal with command sh ./ati-driver-installer-9.2-x86.x86_64.run16:22
fedeI think the problem is with xorg configuration for that user, because it also changes my resolution16:22
betraydchro watch him16:22
chrobetrayd, what?16:22
srulileolove: when u say it wont work do u mean I wont be able to connect from ubuntu to sslvpn?16:22
DJones!browser | chro Best thing you can do is try each one out and use the one that works best for your own needs,16:22
ubottuchro Best thing you can do is try each one out and use the one that works best for your own needs,: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.16:22
MrokiiDr_willis: Thanks, that was what I was looking for.16:23
w30Midori is touted as a light weight browser16:23
Dr_willisfede,  user settings are in various . files in their home. .config id a directory full of them. start by renameing that to   .config.backup and log out/back in16:23
leolovesruli that means openvpn and cisco ssl are incompatible with each other. You cannot expect openvpn client to connect to cisco ssl vpn16:23
Dr_willisfede,  also check that your .Xauthoity file is owned by your user16:23
leolovesruli are you using ubuntu which version?16:23
leolovesruli open software center and search for "openconnect"16:24
srulileolove: 12.04 but have same issues with 12.1016:24
leoloveit is cisco anyconnect client16:24
fedeok, thanks Dr_willis I'll try that16:24
srulileolove: i have openconnect installed, tried with it16:24
leolovedoes work sruli?16:25
leoloveWho is going to help me with my wifi? :p16:25
fedeok, that worked, thanks, now I have to copy the config files I want to restore right?16:26
srulileolove: no, ...cli output http://pastebin.com/YUcnyecf16:26
betraydfede be careful, he was able to reset your user16:27
TatuusATI installer now says default_policy.sh does not support version16:27
betraydfede: i am not sure which you can safely copy over16:27
bazhangbetrayd, who are you talking about16:27
fedebetrayd, program specific config should be safe to restore right?16:28
betraydthe ones you are aware of fede right16:28
Quix86I've got a cisco aironet 350 and I can't figure out how to get it to work. I think the airo_cs driver is already installed?16:28
srulileolove: shrew looks like its for IPSec16:28
fedebetrayd, of course, thanks for your help16:29
betraydok cool16:29
leolovebetrayd any experience with Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain ?16:29
mzazaI have been having this strange problem since I upgraded to 13.04 which I have been asking both on ask ubuntu and here in IRC to find a solution for, and nothing tell now. This problem is making ubuntu unreliable for me, could someone please advice? http://askubuntu.com/questions/287491/ubuntu-13-04-after-upgrade-from-12-10-upgrade16:32
przemekhelo Sirs how to edit *.IMA files16:32
Dr_willisprzemek,  and what is an .IMA file?16:33
przemekima file is a bootable iso16:33
przemeki want to add files to this file16:33
Dr_willisprzemek,  never in all these years heard of a .IMA file..16:33
przemekfor dos boot file16:33
przemeklook link please :)16:33
wilee-nileemzaza, Have you tried a live cd/usb to see if is the same?16:33
=== thebananafish is now known as zz_thebananafish
Dr_willisIf its a pure cd image file. then i dont see why its not called an .iso16:34
theadminDr_willis: Seems to be a floppy image16:34
LiquidDemocracyI have a swiss keyboard but on my keyboard the letters z and y are switched around so I can not log into Ubuntu properly. WHy is that?16:34
przemekyep this is a floppy image16:34
wm4hi, I'm trying to upgrade 12.10 to 13.04, but update-manager just keeps crashing, is there any way to upgrade manually without a GUI?16:34
theadminDr_willis: DosBootimage.IMA: DOS floppy 1440k, x86 hard disk boot sector16:35
Dr_willistheadmin,  thats what i was about to suggsest also16:35
mzazawilee-nilee: Can I create a live CD from my current installation. Or do you want me to download it from ubuntu.com because my connection is limited.16:35
Dr_willisprzemek,  mountit via the loop feature of mount and you should be able to alter it.16:35
loldogHow can I install intel and ati graphics on 13.04?16:35
chrohi, I just installed epiphany but the program does not show up when I search for it with the unity launch16:35
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.16:35
theadminwm4: sudo do-release-upgrade16:35
anonymous_cyberhall fellows16:36
Dr_willisprzemek,  it seems to be a raw floppy disk image. No idea where they got the .ima extension from16:36
przemeki thank you All for the informations16:36
MrokiiHello. My system is broken, I'm getting a "low graphics-mode" message and can't boot to the Desktop (not even to the Login-screen). Is there something I could look for? Reinstalling Unity or something?16:36
wm4theadmin: thanks16:36
wilee-nileemzaza, I would check a downloaded myself, mainly as O never upgrade but fresh install, but that is me.16:36
Dr_willisprzemek,  you are running some dos apps? or what exactly16:36
przemeki just want to update bios so i need dos bootable iso16:36
przemeksupermicro bios16:37
leoloveCan I disable CDRA in ubuntu to avoid any conflict with my wifi?16:37
LiquidDemocracyMrokii, I had that too the other day. It means that you don't have enough disk space or boot partition is full.16:37
Dr_willisprzemek,  you can get freedos iso  files...16:37
theadminprzemek: There's always FreeDOS16:37
przemekfreedos great!16:37
=== vibhav is now known as Guest21158
przemekthanks again16:37
LiquidDemocracy I have a swiss keyboard but on my keyboard the letters z and y are switched around so I can not log into Ubuntu properly. WHy is that?16:38
mzazawilee-nilee: I may try downloading it again but that will cost me alot, because I'll have to redownload all apps I have installed and my connection is limited. Is there a way to make applications on a seperate partition so no matter when I delete my system I don't have to reinstall them again?16:38
theadminLiquidDemocracy: Because the German layouts use QWERTZ rather than QWERTY.16:38
theadminLiquidDemocracy: It's supposed to be that way...16:39
stephaneأنا لا أحب العرب رائحة الفم16:39
thomedyim trying to do a symbolic link16:39
thomedyi found this16:39
thomedy  ln -s source_file myfile16:39
=== stephane is now known as Guest78771
thomedybut i dont know what is the link source or my16:39
thomedyso im not sure where to put my link16:39
wilee-nileemzaza, Not sure really many have a separate home is all I know really, a download of 13.04 will have no upgrades as of now if you did a reinstall, just your additions of apps.16:40
LiquidDemocracytheadmin, I know but I only does't work during the initial graphical login into Ubuntu. After that the keyboard is correct. Locking/unlocking screen uses the correct keyboard.16:40
theadminthomedy: Well, for example: ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Moscow /etc/localtime will create the link /etc/localtime, pointing to the /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Moscow file16:40
theadminLiquidDemocracy: Ah hm. That's odd.16:40
PrO_OkI__usb installer for usb ubuntu 13.04.Thanks16:41
PrO_OkI__found it sry16:41
bazhang!unetbootin > PrO_OkI__16:41
ubottuPrO_OkI__, please see my private message16:41
thomedyokay so im pointing to the first one and the second one is the name and position16:41
theadminthomedy: Pretty much16:41
NastyNazI have mpd on ubuntu server. If I link a SMB share hosted on a windows machine (1.5TB total) with 1mbps upload, will it take AGES to be cataloged by mpd?16:41
theadminNastyNaz: ...Likely.16:42
LiquidDemocracyMy system is fully encrypted so when I enter the passphrase it uses the wrong keyboard layout until the Ubuntu login screen. After logging in everything is correct.16:42
Dr_willisHmm.. Noticed that the Live-usb maker tools at Pendrivelinux are 'updated' but they are using the wrong iso image file names. ;( and they dont have entrys for the ubuntu-gnome iso.. yet.16:43
thomedyi must be doing something wrong...16:44
thomedyi have xampp installed in /opt16:44
thomedyso the directory is /opt/lamp/htdocs16:44
thomedyand then i have created a directory called www16:44
thomedymy ln is called16:44
theadminDr_willis: They may not have Ubuntu Gnome, but the filenames seem right to me.16:44
thomedyln -s /opt/lamp/htdocs ~/www16:44
theadminthomedy: XAMPP installs under /opt/lampp/, not /opt/lamp16:45
thomedyand www is off [username]16:45
Shadalcan someone give me a rundown on purging and reinstalling postfix and related packages?..16:45
Jagst3r15how do you assign a .profile to a specific user16:45
thomedynope i do hav e2 p's i just checked  i just forgot to put it in the irc16:45
thomedycp paste16:45
thomedyln -s /opt/lampp/htdocs/ ~/www/16:45
thomedycp paste16:45
wilee-nileeDr_willis, I use the multisystem usb seen at pendrivelinux, works nicely.16:45
Dr_willisJagst3r15,  each user has their own .profile file in their home16:45
theadminthomedy: There, now the problem is the trailing slash after ~/www16:46
thomedyokay so i cant use that var16:46
thomedyi have to go full path16:46
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  Yumi? i just noticed that it wants the 'wrong' file names..  ie: it wanted raring-desktop.amd64.iso not ubuntu-desktop.amd64.iso16:46
theadminthomedy: No, you can't, just ~/www, not ~/www/16:46
theadminthomedy: Err, you can16:46
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  and i noticed that neither yumi or UniversalUSb installer had a menu item for the ubuntu-gnome16:46
MrokiiHow do I reinstall the regular Ubuntu-Desktop (Unity)? For some reason my system doesn't boot into it anymore and when I use "startx" from a TTY I am put into IceWM (which I installed a long time ago).16:47
Dr_willisThose tools are getting so many differnt disrtos in their listings. they need to redo the GUI to organize them better.16:47
wilee-nileeDr_willis, I have tried yumi and the universal, but for usb's loaded from linux the multisystem is best you can load almost anything and it has a huge download list16:47
theadminMrokii: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop # Will install ALL teh packages found on the Ubuntu ISO.16:47
theadminMrokii: May take a while but at least foolproof16:48
Mrokiitheadmin: Thanks, will try.16:48
LiquidDemocracyHow do I know what Login manager I use?16:48
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  i got the isos downloaded. ;) just all these tools are so picky about the name.16:48
Dr_willisLiquidDemocracy,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm   will show a  list and let you change it16:48
Dr_willisLiquidDemocracy,  lightdm is the default for most ubuntu variants.16:48
Jagst3r15Dr_willis but can you target a specific user's .profile or can you only set the .profile system wide16:48
Dr_willisJagst3r15,  what? there is a system wide profile in /etc/ and users have their own in their home16:49
Dr_willisJagst3r15,  so im not sure what you mean ;P16:49
Jagst3r15sorry my bad16:49
theadminLiquidDemocracy: grep -HF "Display Manager" /etc/init/*16:49
wilee-nileeDr_willis, try this one it just works, I have noticed however that it wants a fat made with gparted in general is all. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/  there is a multisystem website as well in french but translates to english.16:49
Dr_willisthe users configs MAY or may not read the system profile  depend on how its setup16:50
theadminLiquidDemocracy: That'll list them, you can "sudo dpkg-reconfigure whichever-you-prefer" to switch to it.16:50
LiquidDemocracyDr_willis, the command didn't output anything16:50
Dr_willisLiquidDemocracy,  you got somthing very weird going on then.. or did a typo16:51
LiquidDemocracyDr_willis, I copied your command.16:51
Dr_willisLiquidDemocracy,  what ubuntu did you install?16:51
Dr_willisLiquidDemocracy,   Kubuntu uses KDM by default16:51
theadminDr_willis: False. ALL Ubuntu versions use LightDM since 12.10.16:51
LiquidDemocracysudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm?16:51
Dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm16:51
theadminLiquidDemocracy: (see above, Kubuntu uses LightDM nowadays too)16:52
LiquidDemocracykdm is broken or not fully installed16:52
Dr_willistheadmin,  somthings wonky then.. I definatly have to do a 'sudo service kdm stop ' here16:52
Shadalcan someone give me a rundown on purging and reinstalling postfix and related packages?..16:52
Dr_willisbut it could be how i installed kubuntu-desktop here. or kdm diretly from a upgrade16:52
theadminDr_willis: See http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.10-release , introducing lightdm-kde16:53
Dr_willisGdm has a odd bug for me where the pointer is hidden. Lightdm default Ubuntu theme is just.. well.. poor. ;)  so im using kdm16:53
Dr_willis'we have replaced their regular dm manager with the new lightdm-kde manager' lets see if they notice. ;)16:53
Dr_willisbut if i specifically installed 'kdm' is that kdm , or lightdm-kde ;)16:54
theadminDr_willis: Nay, that would be KDM as it is16:54
LiquidDemocracyI tried the command grep -HF "Display Manager" /etc/init/* and it outputs 4 lines showing kdm as well as lightdm.16:54
Dr_willisthats what i got going on then.16:54
lotuspsychjewhats the safest way to remotely take over own ubuntu desktop?16:55
Dr_willisso  the default login manager for Kubuntu - is now lightdm-kde, but kdm is still in the repos if you want it.16:55
Dr_willislotuspsychje,  use the shutdown command over ssh. is one way16:55
Dr_willislotuspsychje,  or you mean power down the machine..16:55
Dr_willisor reboot?16:55
lotuspsychjeDr_willis: no remotely take-over, like teamviewer or such16:56
Dr_willisteamviewer exists for linux16:56
LiquidDemocracyBut I have the wrong keyboard layout when entering the encryption passphrase for Ubuntu, so it must be another problem.16:56
lotuspsychjeDr_willis: i just hear tv got exploits16:56
LiquidDemocracyCan I set the keyboard layout in the bios?16:56
Dr_willislotuspsychje,  no idea. i dont use the things.. do a ssh tunle and use vnc if you want16:57
lotuspsychjeDr_willis: ok tnx for info16:57
thomedyi dont knwo why i never remember how tha tworks16:57
thomedyi hav edone that multiple times16:57
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  noticed any tool like  Multisystem, only for windows? searching the pendrive site now16:58
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lotuspsychje!ssh > lotuspsychje16:58
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message16:58
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  booting iso files via grub2 is so much 'cleaner'16:58
wilee-nileeDr_willis, I have seen multiloaders for windows and tried some but found that contig fragging s problematic16:58
wilee-nileeDr_willis, The multisystem boots W7 and W8 as well as a ton of others you can drag and drop ISO's.17:00
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  yea. not seeing any  that run IN windows.. that lets you make multi linux usbs that use grub2. one i see uses grub4dos17:00
c0mputeri am in a situation where i need to grab a mysqldump from the 'recovery mode' from my vps host. its hostname is root@onapp. mysqldump gives me command not found17:01
Dr_willisJust making some notes for my friend as to what he may want to use.17:01
roadfishI need to do a reinstall in the next week or so. I read some mixed comments about using 13.04, especially how 13.04 only has 9 months of support. Should I stick with 12.04 in my reinstall or should I upgrade to 13.04?17:01
Dr_willisroadfish,  depends on what you need 'support' for.17:01
pestilenceis there any way to get a better preview of files when you are viewing them in nautilus?  like, a really large thumbnail so that you can read the document's first page?17:01
Dr_willisroadfish,  and how badly you want newer apps.17:01
lotuspsychjeroadfish: i would clean install 13.0417:01
LiquidDemocracyHere is the EXACT same problem I have.  Exact scenario. I will try his solution. http://cosmicb.no/2013/04/16/wrong-keyboard-layout-in-lightdm-for-kubuntu/17:02
Dr_willisin 9 months you may be wanting 13.10 anyway. so  the 9 mo support. is not a big deal17:02
lotuspsychjeroadfish: you might wanna check omgubuntu for 13.04 new features too17:02
wilee-nileeDr_willis, The multisysem uses grub4dos to boot the windows iso, but grub 2 in general.17:02
roadfishDr_willis: I do want to have a newer version of mtpfs to connect up my Nexus7. So 13.04 would be nice for that.17:02
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  those sick puppies! ;)17:03
HonksuHi! I am currently running my system from decraded RAID1 HDD and I want to move it to SSD. I broke RAID1 for reason because my motherboard had faulty SATA port and it kept crashing. All other SATA ports were of course in use. Now I have new motherboard, CPU and RAM. If I use cp +xa to move my root FS and then mount new drive and change UUID from /etc/fstab and /etc/default/grub.cfg and run udpate-grub is there something else to do because of tha RAID1 an17:03
Sagittthere is an official ubuntu-gnome 13.04?17:03
roadfishlotuspsychje:ok, so you're finding 13.04 to be fine then.17:03
Dr_willisroadfish,  i saw where kubuntu 13.04 has big mtfs improvements. ;) not really tried it. I tend to use 'airdroid' on my android phone. so i dont even need mtfs any more17:03
lotuspsychjeroadfish: i do! its fast and nice17:03
Dr_willisif you want mtfs support for android. then i definatly think you will want  the latest release17:04
roadfishok, I guess that's the clincher17:04
Dr_willisOr use airdroid. ;) its a very very handy tool17:04
EliripsHello. Any ideas what the installer wants to tell me with 'ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141'17:04
Eliripsjust after choosing the region17:04
srulihi, I am trying to install openconnect-network-manager on my ubuntu 12.04 but in configure i get an error that its expecting libnl v 3.27 or above, i have 3.23, where can i find 3.2.7?17:05
roadfishI don't have WiFi. Never really needed it before. But I might make the leap in a few months.17:05
sruliopen-connect-manager v 0.9.817:05
betraydmysqldump is not found in your $PATH17:06
Dr_willisno wifi for your android to pc to connect and love on each other? :) how sad17:06
wilee-nileeDr_willis, I don't worry about the W7 or W8 iso's though they can be extracted to a nfts with a bootflag and boot, I have windows 8 with a student discount, and XP, but just for helping ms useser and using word to write grad papers.17:07
roadfishOne thing I'm wondering about this 9months of support on 13.04. Obviously, there will be no package upgrades in 9months. But will the servers actually be totally purged of 13.04 packages? Will I still be able to do ``apt-get'' or will I get a 404?17:08
trismSagitt: http://ubuntugnome.org/ubuntu-gnome-13-04/17:08
srulianyone know where i can find libnl v 2.3.7 on ubuntu 12.04?17:08
steve___1hi, i'm currently trying to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 but i'm getting a error (http://pastebin.com/GJaT7KCN)17:08
steve___1is this a  bug in the upgrade tool?17:08
MonkeyDustroadfish  after 9 months, you'll get a 40417:08
Dr_williswell got my ubuntu-gnome usb made... going to boot to it and test it out.    Sagitt  ;)17:08
Sagitti download this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/13.04/release/17:08
Dr_willisroadfish,  when things go EOL they get moved to an archive server17:09
roadfish:-( .... so roadfish will be high and dry17:09
Sagittis the official 13.04 ubuntu-gnome? works right?17:09
Dr_willisSagitt,  it should work..17:09
Dr_willisSagitt,  torrents may be faster to download also17:09
Sagittalready in downloading17:09
Sagittwith torrent :D17:09
Sagittbut there is only this right?17:09
Sagittor others?17:09
Dr_williswhy would you think theres more then 1 ?17:09
Dr_williswhat others are you thinking may exist?17:10
roadfishDr_willis: archive server. That's good news. Does that mean I just change /etc/apt/sources.list paths?17:10
betraydc0mputer: http://is.gd/mtmgrs <tutorial jump to 11-score17:10
Sagitti remember that are others "test builds"17:10
NastyNazwhat's the most secure way of sharing a windows folder over the internet to ubuntu server?17:10
lotuspsychjeis there like a pentest collection for ubuntu i can install?17:10
Dr_willisroadfish,  yes. but if you are still using a release after it goes EOL and moved.. its seriously time to upgrade.17:10
wilee-nileesteve___1, Switch the software sources to all releases, turn off 3rd party repos and run a update and the update manager will work.17:10
Dr_willisSagitt,  err.. its been finalized/released . so thers no longer alpha/beta stuff of it.17:11
Sagittgnome is lighter than unity?17:11
wilee-nileesteve___1, Make sure you are updated with no errors.17:11
Dr_willisNastyNaz,  vpn might be the only way17:11
roadfishdoes EOL also mean end-of-line in this situation?17:11
Dr_willisSagitt,  hard to tell.  i imagine the 2 are close.  its gnome-shell vs unity.17:11
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:11
roadfishah, probably means "end of life"17:11
plumblumFor the Universal usb installer, what should i choose for Ubuntu 12.04 server amd6417:12
plumblumthere is no option for that one17:12
Dr_willisSagitt,  if you want  the lightest desktop it would be Lubuntu  then xubuntu , then perhaps kubuntu, then gnome-shell/unity17:12
steve___1wilee-nilee: i did all of it...17:12
Sagitti tried xubuntu17:12
NastyNazDr_willis: is there anything else besides vpn or a permanent ssh tunnel?17:12
Sagittbut i think is not good... for me17:12
Dr_willisNastyNaz,  use a ssh server on the windows box. and ssh/scp/sshfs on linux perhaps..17:12
c0mputerbetrayd: what?17:12
Sagitti'm on an asus eeepc 1001px17:12
rajuchettrihow to remove grub from my netbook drive which i have mistakenly installed while installing ubuntu on my usb drive17:13
Sagitti'll try gnome, anyway i can install xubuntu after :)17:13
Dr_willisNastyNaz,  there might be other ways/services out there like those share-my-desktop sites.. but i dont use them17:13
Dr_willisSagitt,  you can install all the desktops on the same machine/install and select at the login screen17:13
srulianyone know where i can find libnl v 2.3.7 on ubuntu 12.04?17:14
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
Dr_willissruli,  if its not in the repos. then look for a PPA. or use source.17:14
srulidr_willis: where? please, dont know where to look17:14
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:14
Dr_willisbe back in a bit.. rebooting to ubuntu-gnome17:15
wilee-nileesteve___1, I'm seeing old bugs on this supposedly fixed take a look here for more info. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/107618617:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1076186 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Raring) "not possible to upgrade to raring" [High,Fix released]17:15
srulidr_willis: cant find v 3.2.7 maybe you can help me do it in a different way, ./configure needs 3.2.7 but it gives me this "Alternatively, you may set the environment variables LIBNL_CFLAGS17:20
sruliand LIBNL_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config." i tried to run "./configure LIBNL_CFLAGS LIBNL_LIBS" but get the same error, what would be the right way to write the command it should ignore the version of libnl?17:20
betraydc0mputer: ?17:21
=== b4dave is now known as b4dave_
llldino_Hey guys, so i've been having problems with suspend, and after reading the bug reporting page it says " please update your BIOS, and hardware firmware (CF card readers, SSDs, USB 3.0 controllers, DVD/CD drives, etc.) to the newest available from your vendor. Outdated and buggy BIOS and firmware is a common cause of a variety of hardware issues....suspend not working..."17:21
llldino_Anyone know how I would go about doing this?17:21
trismsruli: that doesn't tell you to ignore the version, you use those environment variables to point to a version you compiled yourself17:21
c0mputer[13:08] <betrayd> c0mputer: http://is.gd/mtmgrs <tutorial jump to 11-score17:21
srulii see, anyway i can install this without updating the libnl file to v 3.2.7?17:22
srulitrism: i see, anyway i can install this without updating the libnl file to v 3.2.7?17:22
betraydc0mputer: goto the link?17:22
wilee-nileellldino_, Upgrading a bios has it bricking possibilities, never happened to me but be aware. Manufacturers have downloads in general for this many have bootable ISO's or loadable upgrades from windows.17:23
trismsruli: what are you compiling?17:23
sruliopenconnect-network-manager v 0.9.817:23
srulitrismopenconnect-network-manager v 0.9.817:23
srulitrism: openconnect-network-manager v 0.9.817:23
llldino_wilee-nilee, Yeah ik, i'm a little concerned about it, I really don't think that my BIOS is the problem, but i'm a little confused. I boot grub from EFI using REFIt and then boot ubuntu from grub17:23
srulitrism: i cannot connect to SSLVPN with open connect so I want to try with latest version...17:24
c0mputerbetrayd: i did. it's a SO question about the UNIX path variable. How does that help me run mysqldump in a recovery mode environment? I don't get it!17:24
betraydit has your 'command not found' problem17:24
betraydc0mputer: ^17:24
wilee-nileellldino_, Not sure with apple computers though.17:24
=== zix is now known as zixq
ettestoHello! I'm not able to confirm compatibility of Sil3114 Sata Controller (00:07.0 RAID bus controller: Imagenation Corporation Unknown device 3114 (rev 02)) with Ubuntu/linux. Could anyone help me confirm that?17:24
juniourhi ubuntu xx.xx17:25
vonkrolokhello everybody17:25
c0mputerbetrayd: so in a recovery mode environment, with the hdd mounted to /mnt, i can add /mnt to my $PATH and it will fix everything?17:25
juniourhey i dont due to some reason my firefox working slow and stuck plz help :)17:25
llldino_wilee-nilee, I fresh installed 13.04 so that would have put the lastest grub on anyways if i'm not mistaken17:25
contrapunctusjuniour - Try asking in #firefox? o.o17:26
vonkrolokI needed something with experience in the ubuntu/banshee/ ipod touch relationship17:26
c0mputerbetrayd: because i dont think mysqldump will run correctly without the mysqld service running. which of course won't start in a recovery mode environment.17:26
wilee-nileellldino_, There is an ##apple channel they may have some answers in the suspend. Yeah latest grub in raring, however I'm not sure how that relates here, can you explain?17:26
c0mputeri am in a situation where i need to grab a mysqldump from the 'recovery mode' from my vps host. its hostname is root@onapp. mysqldump gives me command not found. drive is mounted to /mnt but i can't do something like service mysqld start.17:27
betraydc0mputer: c0mputer, is there a need to be in recovery mode?17:27
c0mputerbetrayd: yes. the computer won't boot :)17:27
YokoBRhey guys, does anybody knows how do i scan a range of ports on Umit?17:27
srulitrism: can u help me with my compiling / openconnect / SSLVPN issue?17:27
llldino_wilee-nilee, When I attempt suspend it goes fine when i attempt to reenable the cpu fires up but I get no graphics and I/O, like I said i'm running raring and had no problems with 12.1017:28
juniourhey i dont due to some reason my firefox working slow and stuck plz help :)17:28
betraydc0mputer: isn't that like blood on a tshirt, where you're trying to get the stain off with the right detergent, when theres a more pressing problem at hand17:28
c0mputerbetrayd: not in this particular instance.17:28
betraydc0mputer: maybe we have to fix the 'wont boot' to get services running17:28
betraydc0mputer: or run just up to console mode but not recovery17:29
c0mputerso there's no way to get mysql data off of a hard drive?17:29
trismsruli: you would probably be better off testing a more recent version of ubuntu to see if it fixes your issue, before you try to backport everything you'll need to 12.0417:29
llldino_wilee-nilee, I went to file a bug report and the site said suspend issues are commonly un updated firmware issues, so i'm wondering how to check/update17:29
DrIDKhello, could you help me ? My usb stick has crashed. I cannot mount it . I only have /dev/sdb . Do you have something to suggest me ?17:29
c0mputerthat seems really stupid17:29
vonkrolokso I guess nobody here tried to sync an ipod with banshee in ubuntu I guess...17:29
bazhangvonkrolok, many times17:29
vonkrolokever had problems bazhang?17:29
betraydc0mputer: blame the designers.is the data there and you just need to get the file17:30
wilee-nileellldino_, Not sure really, if it is apple firmware I would check their channel, if ubuntu it would be in updates. That s a general comment though.17:30
llldino_DrIDK, Run lsusb and post output, does other things work with that usb port17:30
bazhangvonkrolok, which version of ipod firmware17:30
vonkrolokbecause I'm having a File Does not exist error... iPod is a 2nd gen17:30
llldino_wilee-nilee, Thanks, i'll check #apple17:30
bazhangvonkrolok, the mini?17:30
vonkrolokand if I remember correctly it's a 4.something version17:30
llldino_wilee-nilee, :)17:30
vonkrolokit's a Touch bazhang17:31
vi956925hi, I'm trying to browse to a folder named .wine , but folders starting with "." doesn't seem to be visible in the file-browser.. any idea how I can browse the content of such folder? Not sure what it is and howto yet, but would it work to make a "sym link" to the folder and browse thru that link?17:31
DrIDKllldino_, yes, everything works fine . http://paste.ubuntu.com/561661417:31
bazhangvonkrolok, thats odd, perhaps rhythmbox or gtkpod ; banshee has always worked well17:31
wilee-nileevi956925, .wine is hidden in home17:31
betraydvi956925: usually right click and pick 'Show hidden files'17:31
vonkrolokI have posted a bug in bugzilla17:31
vi956925oh yeah,  "show hidden files" worked. thanks!    Just wondering tho, would "symlink" work for this, or is that something completely different?17:32
llldino_DrIDK, Idk what to say, restart system and try again?17:32
vonkrolokbazhang if you fancy checking it out it's number 69916417:32
llldino_DrIDK, Is this an ongoing issue?17:32
wilee-nileevi956925, Not sure a symlink is needed or works.17:32
ettestoHello! I'm not able to confirm compatibility of Sil3114 Sata Controller (00:07.0 RAID bus controller: Imagenation Corporation Unknown device 3114 (rev 02)) with Ubuntu/linux. Could anyone help me confirm that?17:33
trismsruli: I also notice http://askubuntu.com/questions/184234/openconnect-problems-on-ubuntu-12-04 which links to bug 985788 , which is supposed to be fixed in 12.1017:33
ubottubug 985788 in network-manager-vpnc (Ubuntu Precise) "Can’t connect to VPN from GNOME Shell" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98578817:33
wilee-nileevi956925, Explaining your goals would help here. ;)17:33
DrIDKllldino_, yes.. nothing works after many restart.. fdisk doesn't show my usbstick. Same results after several restart17:33
srulitrism: thanks will take a look17:33
DrIDKllldino_, but dmesg return me detection output17:34
c0mputerbetrayd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=873819&p=5483647#post548364717:34
c0mputerbetrayd: that looks like it will work.17:34
DrIDKmaybe some of you, know a tools to for usb recovery17:34
llldino_DrIDK, Dumb question, but have you confirmed the stick is working on other distros/cpus?17:34
ak5hey how do I change my apaches umask setting?17:35
ak5Im on 12.0417:35
ak5Seems like no one indexed by google knows the right answer17:35
DrIDKllldino_, yes. it's not a new one. Yesterday it was working17:35
=== Guest21158 is now known as vibhav
llldino_DrIDK, Can you format it, or do you have important stuff on there?17:35
bazhangvonkrolok, tried those other two options?17:35
llldino_DrIDK, And was it working on that distro yesterday?17:36
DrIDKllldino_, yes17:36
srulitrism: that's not the error i get, i get the following http://pastebin.com/YUcnyecf17:36
juniourhi this wallch is consuming more cpu wt to do???17:36
DrIDKllldino_, that's way I m sure , usb stick is down. And I m trying to recover data17:36
llldino_DrIDK, When you restarted it was the stick in or out?17:37
vonkrolokyes, gtkpod freezes and rhythmbox get's in an error frenzy after 100+ songs transferred17:37
DrIDKllldino_, both17:37
llldino_DrIDK, Touche17:37
betraydc0mputer: when you got nothing to lose...17:37
llldino_DrIDK, Not really sure I can help you17:37
betraydc0mputer: good luck m817:37
llldino_DrIDK, Is it formatted to FAT?17:37
DrIDKllldino_, yes17:38
llldino_DrIDK, Are you running raring?17:38
DrIDKllldino_, yes17:38
llldino_DrIDK, Maybe check out bug reports17:39
llldino_DrIDK, Did you do anything huge between when it was last working and now?17:39
vonkrolokbazhang also gtkpod has another problem: doesn't save in folders... saves everything in the same folder naming files with artist_album kinda format17:39
troulouliou_devhi what is the best gui for iptables ?17:39
DrIDKllldino_, usb stick was connected during a while . I was not here when it dead17:39
bazhangtroulouliou_dev, gufw17:40
bazhang!info gufw | troulouliou_dev17:40
troulouliou_devbazhang, will try thanks17:40
ubottutroulouliou_dev: gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 13.04.0-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 229 kB, installed size 1178 kB17:40
llldino_DrIDK, Have you tried mounting on another distro since it stopped working?17:40
vonkrolokthere doesn't seem to be a solution then...17:42
Quixhttp://pastebin.com/wgJ1JrvR what am I doing wrong17:42
lotuspsychjethe new icon scroll is nice in 13.0417:42
leolovehelp me please :( This CRDA is killing my wifi17:43
=== sammybaps is now known as sammy1234
BluesKajleolove, CRDA?17:45
MonkeyDustleolove  trying to learn every day... what is CRDA17:46
leoloveCRDA for wifi.17:46
leolove[11135.361338] cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain17:46
leolove[11135.371815] cfg80211: World regulatory domain updated:17:46
leoloveI need to disable it completely17:46
leoloveIt disconnects my wifi ever after 10 minutes approx. and I have to sudo restart network-manager to get back the connection17:47
MonkeyDustleolove  what is it supposed to do and where do things go wrong?17:47
leoloveRalink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe is my card MonkeyDust17:48
MonkeyDustleolove  great! and what is CRDA?17:48
leoloveThis is CRDA :p17:49
=== llldino_ is now known as llldino
MonkeyDustleolove  in your own words: what is it and why do you want to use it?17:50
leoloveMonkeyDust I want to disable it. It actually queries the regulatory authority database to compliance with local wireless laws.17:50
leoloveThe problem is, when it does it disconnects me from wireless and I need a workaround to get reliable connection17:51
MonkeyDustleolove  if you don't know waht it is and don't know how to use or handle it, how did it get there in the first place?17:51
leoloveMonkeyDust it is already in 13.04 by default.17:52
leoloveNothing fancy done by me17:52
=== versi is now known as kalkov
leoloveI am troubleshooting and found that CRDA is being called exactly when wifi disconnects.17:52
leoloveI can see it in my dmesg17:52
MonkeyDustleolove  undo what you did to get it there17:54
leoloveProblem is, I did not do anything :(17:54
leoloveIt is a fresh install.17:54
debdebis there a channel for ubuntu on nexus-7?17:55
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.17:56
bazhangdebdeb, #ubuntu-touch17:57
debdebDr_Willis, bazhang thx17:58
=== ken_ is now known as Guest78172
llldinoWell, ##apple was real helpful [/sarcasm]18:03
Nothing_MuchWhat happened?18:03
leoloveso how to disable this wifi CRDA :(18:04
leolovecfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain18:04
leolove[ 6986.050685] cfg80211: World regulatory domain updated:18:04
llldinoNothing_Much, The moment I mentioned I was running raring everyone started ripping me apart and hurt my feelings18:04
snolluxHow can I figure out what version of PAM I have installed?18:04
tarrudais there any terminal email client than can compete with mutt?18:04
bazhang!ot | llldino18:04
ubottullldino: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:04
Nothing_MuchLol is it ##apple or just #apple?18:04
bazhangNothing_Much, lets move on please18:05
Nothing_MuchMy bda18:05
bazhangtarruda, what does apt-cache search term show18:05
llldinoNothing_Much, ##apple, I went because i'm having trouble with suspend in raring and someone directed me to go there from here18:05
Nothing_MuchOkay, well sorry you got crap for your question18:06
tarrudabazhang: I know there are other email clients, I just want to know if there are other that can compete with mutt features18:06
=== ex is now known as Guest3460
bazhangtarruda, try them and decide18:06
llldinoNothing_Much, Not your fault, and ideas how I can check firmware versions or how to debug my suspend issue18:06
tarrudabazhang: Maybe someone has already tried and can give me a hint?18:07
IncarusUbuntu one is really bad. It can't sync your files to a mobile device, the windows-version is crashing and the uninstaller is recognised as a virus. http://cima.security.comodo.com/report/d4c5630d5c674534571e7f7b2627880f9c38c2e7.htm18:08
=== mr is now known as Guest38368
wilee-nileeIncarus, There are many free cloud services use one that works. ;)18:09
OerHeksIncarus, ubuntu-one is not bad, your mobile device can be hacked, so be carefulll who to blaim.18:09
Nothing_MuchOh dear18:09
wilee-nileeIncarus, comodo allows you to okay stuff.18:10
ezra-sOerHeks, hacked how?18:10
tgm4883Incarus, most people don't want to sync all their files to their mobile device18:11
Incaruswilee-nilee, wanted to use it instead of dropbox, but file-sync didn't work there too (it's just not supported in both apps), I expected more from a free alternative18:11
wilee-nileeIncarus, Funny I have used both with no problems I use dropbox now, I suspect it is user error.18:11
ezra-sIncarus, "you expected more from a free alternative"? Sounds like nonsense..18:11
Incarustgm4883, it's just a small and easy to implement feature, senseless to implement in not.18:11
OerHeksezra-s, i don't know how.18:12
=== jack is now known as Guest9256
ezra-sOerHeks, then why do you say that?18:12
Incaruswilee-nilee, no, you can't access files you didn't access before, both doesn't synchronise your files, it's not a bug18:12
tgm4883Incarus, as others here have suggested. I think you are speaking nonsense18:12
cordorin ubuntu 13.04, do i still need to downgrade xorg for ati legacy driver?18:12
Nothing_Muchcordor, yes18:13
OerHeksezra-s, why do you ask? it is a mobile issue, not ubuntu.18:13
jakemphow do I rename applications so that they appear for the new name, and not the old name when I hit the super key and start typing?18:14
Incarustgm4883, it's just my expierence from trying and using it, I got a ubuntu one account since it first appeared18:14
punterI just clean-installed Ubuntu 13.04, and checked both options: encrypt the one partition that my disk has, and encrypt my home folder. Does that mean that my home folder is doubly-encrypted? I.e. have I applied encryption upon an already-encrypted part of the disk?18:14
KroachI want to install Ogre SDK in Ubuntu 12.04, is it in the official repositories, if so, what package is it(I can see several after searching for the keyword "ogre")?18:14
cordorNothing_Much: thanks18:14
snolluxHow can I figure out what version of PAM I have installed?18:15
cordorNothing_Much: xvideo is not working, now i know why18:15
wilee-nileejakemp, Why would you want to rename them?18:15
hustcalmKroach: you can use 'sudo apt-get install ogre' to get some luck18:15
tgm4883Incarus, the length of time you have used a product != how well you know how to use a product18:15
Nothing_Muchcordor, what? Are you using fglrx or the radeon driver?18:15
hustcalmKroach: use Tab to autocomplete to get some hints18:15
jakempwilee-nilee, because I want to type calc and get my calculator, and type excel,and get libre office calc18:16
Incarustgm4883, I'm pretty sure I know how to use it. There are several external shareware applications at the app-store, which brings that feature to ubuntu-one.18:17
Kroachhustcalm: there are ogre-doc, ogre-samples-data, ogre-tools, ogre-samples and ogre-samples-dbg18:17
wilee-nileejakemp, Heh, okay. ;)18:17
cordorNothing_Much: i was using fglrx, upgraded to raring, wanted to try unity and gnome shell, (both were disabled, i was using classic). none of them work. fall back to classic, no xvideo. i was thinking what's the problem.18:17
=== lomo7_ is now known as lomo7
hustcalmKroach: I thougt the ogre-tools will do the job18:18
jakempI just see no simple way to tell it aliases for names18:18
Nothing_MuchWhat's your graphics card? radeon is so far your only hope of using everything properly, sadly.18:18
hustcalmKroach: other packages are docs and samples, you can install or not18:18
cordorNothing_Much: onboard HD 300018:18
Nothing_MuchOuch, have you installed all of the mesa/libgl libraries?18:18
cordorcan i try fglrx-legacy?18:19
Kroachhustcalm: I just wonder if everything I need is in this package18:19
cordorit was working before upgrade to 13.04, i think18:19
ghsAfter to update Ubuntu 13.04,  this without sound. Any suggestion ?18:19
MneumonicI'm currently on 13.04.  Everything is amazing (best Ubuntu yet), except every second or third time I reboot or shutdown it will get stuck shutting down.  It says "mount: / is busy" and never progresses with the shut down.18:20
Nothing_Muchfglrx is the legacy driver that doesn't have compatibility with the latest xorg driver, so it most likely won't work.18:20
trismjakemp: you can use Keywords= in the .desktop file, though I notice Libreoffice already has Excel as a keyword on 13.0418:20
cordorNothing_Much: i have a feeling it's going to take me much less time just buying a cheap card.18:21
jakempI just use calc more than I expected. It's gotten to the point where it's worth the time to change it.18:21
hustcalmKroach: you got to know that, packages are always splited into binary, docs, samples and devel, headers, etc18:21
jakempThanks, I'll try playing with that trism18:21
tgm4883Incarus, I probably don't understand what exact features you are missing then18:21
hustcalmKroach: if you just want to use the binary, I think ogre-tools is what you look for18:21
MneumonicDoes anyone know how I can fix my problem?18:22
Nothing_MuchYeah, you're better off getting an Nvidia card anyways, if you game then you can use down to a GeForce 8 card, if you just browse about, then you can use down to the GeForce 6 series of cards18:22
ghsAfter to update Ubuntu 13.04,  this without sound. Any suggestion ? Someone ?18:22
tgm4883Incarus, oh, and "this will be easy to implement" are famous last words in software development18:22
Dr_willisghs,  useing HDMI audio?18:22
ghsDr_willis, not know.18:22
Dr_willisghs,  how are the speakers plugged in?18:22
cordorNothing_Much: oh, i was thinking radeon card.18:22
Kroachhustcalm: I'm trying to compile a game and the install instructions contain installing Ogre SDK18:23
Nothing_MuchThen you'd need to get at least a 5xxx series card from AMD18:23
ghsDr_willis, no.18:23
Incarustgm4883, files on mobile devices are only linked, they aren't stored on the mobile device. You need to open them on the mobile device, to have them stored on your device, so you can't use other files you haven't open yet without an internet connection18:23
hustcalmKroach: That's fine, if so, I think you are looking for something like ogre-devel18:23
MneumonicI'm currently on 13.04.  Everything is amazing (best Ubuntu yet), except every second or third time I reboot or shutdown it will get stuck shutting down.  It says "mount: / is busy" and never progresses with the shut down.18:24
tgm4883Incarus, I thought I was able to select and download the files without opening them, but I'll have to check18:24
hustcalmKroach: a.k.a the development parts of ogre18:24
betraydMneumonic: you have to hit the power switch then?18:24
johnjohn101you guys making me think twice about buying an AMD FM2 chip with built in graphics.   Is this really a concern with the newest ubuntu?18:24
Incarustgm4883, only if you downloadet it allready by opening it18:24
Mneumonicbetrayd, yes I'm forced to hold the power button and force a shutdown...which I'm not keen on doing18:24
Incarustgm4883, the point is, that people don't want to download every single file, if you have like hundrets of documents, you just want to have them synchronised.18:25
betraydMneumonic: of course, but can you predict when it will happen next18:25
tgm4883Incarus, no, I don't want to sync 100GB to my phone18:25
cordorNothing_Much: thanks. brb reboot18:25
chaotixQuestion:  why does Unity select the Alt key for bringing up the "HUD"?18:25
Mneumonicbetrayd, no.  It seems random.  It only happens every third restart or so18:26
MneumonicIt doesn't give me any more information than "mount: / is busy" so I'm not sure how to tell what is going on18:26
Incarustgm4883, but I do, and other people too, documents aren't that big.18:26
Dr_willis_chaotix,  because alt-Stuff is normally assoicated with Menu items. wich is what the HUD is accessing18:26
chaotixah ok18:26
Ab3Ldo you know nethogs? it allows to see which process is using your bandwidth and the amount. now my question: how can i limit the bandwidth for a specific process?18:27
chaotixthanks Doc, helpful and informative as always18:27
chaotixand Ubuntu has come along rather nicely18:27
betraydMneumonic: goto a tty (alt-fsomething) when it happens and type fuser command18:27
Mneumonicwhat will "fuser" do18:27
Dr_willis_chaotix,  most people dont even notice the HUD. its one of those neat overlooked features18:27
betraydMneumonic: go to a terminal now to type 'man fuser'18:27
chaotixi wish i could set the key as "ALT + (hold)ALT"18:28
betraydMneumonic: for the manual, so you'd be prepared18:28
Mneumonicbetrayd, actually it looks like it's happening to others too http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140104&highlight=busy18:29
Dr_willis_chaotix,  no idea why you would want that18:29
betraydMneumonic: still being worked on, good, not alone then18:29
chaotixor maybe to just tap alt twice18:29
chaotixyou dont think that would be a good idea?18:29
Mneumonicbetrayd, should I be worried about forcing my laptop to shutdown by holding hte power button?18:30
Mneumonicbetrayd, can't that corrupt data?18:30
betraydMneumonic: when you press it the middle of a busy session, yes18:30
wilee-nilee!reisub | Mneumonic18:31
ubottuMneumonic: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:31
betraydMneumonic: thats why fuser might clue you in HOW busy18:31
ghsI'm without sound on my ubuntu 13.04.18:31
Mneumonicbetrayd, by the way, thanks for all the information.  Other than this small issue, 13.04 is amazing.  It's the best linux distro I've used since I started using linux in 200818:31
prasadi ned hlp18:32
betraydMneumonic: nice, yeah these guys are awesome18:32
prasadany one can help me i have problem with ubuntu?18:33
Mneumonicprasad what's wrong?18:33
prasadi just install the ubuntu 12.1018:33
prasadonly wallpaper display18:34
mekeliv been searching the forums, but i cant find anything specifc.. im trying to find info on how to strip down an iso so it has just the things files and programs i need, and make it bootable off a flash drive18:34
MonkeyDust!uck | mekel18:34
ubottumekel: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/18:34
bazhang!remaster > mekel18:34
ubottumekel, please see my private message18:34
ghsI here! I'm needing of help with my ubuntu 13.04. Someone please ?18:34
bazhangghs with what18:34
mekelthank you ubot18:35
MonkeyDustghs  shoot18:35
lorestehey guys18:35
Dr_willis_ghs,  what card. how are your speakers connectged...18:35
loresteHow are you doing?18:35
lorestefind . -mtime +730 | xargs gtar -pczf ftpbackup.tar.gz /mnt/ftp/*/ --exclude={/mnt/ftp/*/_ben/images,/mnt/ftp/*/_ben/templates,/mnt/ftp/common,/mnt/ftp/*/exports/xslt}18:35
lorestecan you guys help with that?18:35
ghsDr_willis_, I not know to speak that.18:35
MonkeyDustloreste  ask in #bash18:35
Dr_willis_ghs,  what is your native language?18:35
ghsDr_willis_, Why ?18:36
lorestethank you18:36
Dr_willis_ghs,  because aparently its not english...18:36
Mneumonicprasad did you install the Nvidia proprietary drivers?18:36
ghsDr_willis_, I'm writing wrong ?18:36
ronaldshello, smplayer has bug in 13.04, where could I send report?18:36
prasadafter installation of ubutu 12.10 only wallpaper display nothing happen18:37
prasadhelp me after installation of ubutu 12.10 only wallpaper display nothing happen18:37
ronaldsprasad, why install 12.10 in first place18:37
Dr_willis_ghs,  give us details as to what sort of hardware setup you have..  You have given us no real information.18:37
Mneumonicprasad, I'd recommend installing 13.04.  It is a lot better than 12.1018:37
wilee-nileeprasad, Check for additional drivers.18:37
ghsThe Ubuntu 13.04 is handful of bug. :(18:38
prasadwhich drivers required18:38
ronaldsghs mention one?18:38
ghsDr_willis_, Where I can to get that info ?18:38
Dr_willis_ghs, a pointless statement.  Stick to the problem at hand.18:38
wilee-nileeprasad, There is an app "additional drivers" open it and see if any are offered.18:38
prasadany one can take my rdc18:39
ghsronalds,  sound, for example ?18:39
Dr_willis_ghs,  again. How are your speakers hooked up? are you useing a laptop? a Desktop? a Vic-20?18:39
wilee-nileeprasad, Are you up\dated?18:39
Rand0m_NameDoes anyone know if I can install Ubuntu over Windows XP with out any problems?18:39
ghsDr_willis_, laptop.18:39
Dr_willis_ghs,  you have so far given us NO real info.   so.. what Make laptop?18:39
Atum_Rand0m_Name: Yea, you can do it.18:39
wilee-nileeprasad, You can update from a tty if needed that may load the drivers needed.18:39
MonkeyDustRand0m_Name  sure, it's called dualboot18:40
Dr_willis_ghs,  start being more verbose in the info. we get tired of having to play 20 questions with info you should be stateing from the start.18:40
prasadi am biginer in linux pls help me18:40
Rand0m_NameHave a nice day everyone.18:40
prasadpls pm me18:40
prasadpls pm me18:41
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:41
ronaldsagain, where to report smplayer bug, about resizing of video that fullscreen, makes it to give one open line from screen18:41
wilee-nilee!who | prasad18:41
ubottuprasad: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:41
Dr_willis_prasad,  common issue is video card 3d drivers not installed.18:41
MonkeyDust!bug | ronalds18:41
ubotturonalds: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:41
ronaldsubuntu-bug <smplayer>18:42
Dr_willis_ronalds,  without the <>18:42
prasadubonttu: pls take rdc of my pc18:42
ronaldsubuntu-bug smplayer18:42
bazhangprasad, remote desktop?18:43
wilee-nileeprasad, What is your native language?18:43
prasadbazhang: yes18:43
Dr_willis_you dont have a 'desktop' so how is that supposed to work prasad ?18:43
bazhangprasad, best not to ask strangers to do that, just describe your issue in full and be patient18:43
MonkeyDustronalds  in a terminal, type ubuntu-bug, a small window pops up18:44
ronaldswho uses smplayer, do you also get this thing when resizing window by double click, back to screen, and it just keeps video from fullscreen?18:44
ghsDr_willis_, The info is plain. The Ubuntu 13.04 is with a bug related to sound. See: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1169984. Such bug, is reaching to all. In other words, I though that you already knew about that info.18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1169984 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "3.8.0-18 HDMI audio regression: Either oops or opening device fails with -ENODEV" [High,Fix committed]18:44
ronaldsI'm just curios cause it's right now the only bug I have found in ubuntu 13.04-as it is rock solid18:44
prasadbazhang: ijust install ubuntu 12.10 but after rebooting only walpaper display18:44
Dr_willis_ghs,  we dont read every launchpad bug in here..  if its a known bug. then follow the bug reports and hopefully a fix will be released soon.18:45
prasadbazhang: pls help18:46
Dr_willis_ghs,  there are known issues with hdmi -  - and the  FIX Committed info on the bug. i belive tells us that a bug fix should be comming in with updates in the near future18:46
Dr_willis_prasad,  and whats your video card/chipset?18:46
prasadDr_willis_: it item 845 chipset18:47
Dr_willis_prasad,  an INTEL chipset?18:47
prasadDr_willis_: its intel 845 chipse18:47
prasadDr_willis_: yes18:47
Dr_willis_prasad,  if this is a brand new install. i really would reccomend using 13.10 instead of 12.10 - it might 'just work'18:48
Dr_willis_oops 13.04 i mean. ;)18:48
ghsDr_willis_, Yes.18:48
prasadDr_willis_: my config is piv 2.8 1 gb ram18:49
prasadDr_willis_:this is assmebled pc18:49
prasadDr_willis_: can i update to 13.1018:50
MonkeyDustprasad  no, that's 6 months too early18:50
prasadDr_willis_: how to upgrade?18:51
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade18:51
Dr_willis_be easier to just do a clean install of 13.04 IF its a brand new install of 12.0418:51
wilee-nileeprasad, YOU would want to have 12.10 fully updated to upgrade.18:51
wilee-nileeI would just fresh install 13.04 it would be faster.18:52
Dr_willis_or just install some other desktop instead of unity for now.. compiz/unity seems to have some issues where it dosent fully load at times. and ive never seen a definitve fix/reason why its doing it.18:52
prasadwilee-nilee: last time i update 12.10 but i have same problem18:52
m1chaeli have an old document written on a very old mac computer. the file was recovered from an old floppy disk. the file has no file extension. i was able to do a hex dump on it and can see a lot of the info i want. i am unable to open it with anything- lots of garbled text. any suggestions?18:52
wilee-nileeprasad, Have you had an install that just worked, if so what release?18:53
Dr_willis_m1chael,  vi can load binary files.   you could then copy/paste out what you want18:53
prasadDr_willis_: if any one check with remote desktop i dont have problem18:53
Dr_willis_prasad, that statement made no sence to me.18:54
ronaldsprasad, english, do you speek it?18:54
usr13_prasad: What is your native language?18:54
prasadronalds: ???18:54
lomo7i need you litt help plz.. http://pastebin.com/1tjcpwLH18:54
lomo7can't use apt-get..18:55
Dr_willis_well thats one ive never heard of befor.18:56
tgm4883Incarus, I'm still testing (I don't get good cell coverage in this building), but I can already tell you that you are wrong on needing to open a file before it downloads18:57
senthil_no active chats18:59
senthil_any 1 ???19:00
BluesKajsenthil_, just ask your question19:00
Dr_willis_senthil_,  you ask that after being in the channel for 2 sec?19:00
DJones!anyone | senthil_19:00
ubottusenthil_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:00
prasadDr_willis_: are you there?19:01
senthil_Thanks., i need to compile my wifi driver19:01
Dr_willis_prasad,  im in and out all day long.19:01
prasadubottu: please help me19:02
ubottuprasad: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:02
senthil_during compilation if i end up with error.. will i be able to boot up again or ubuntu will crach?19:02
wilee-nileeprasad, You might also try #ubuntu-in if a native language helps.19:02
JAF2801SOMeone speak instead of bleeding joining and leaving and joining and leaving19:02
lomo7can't use apt-get install..19:02
lomo7i need you litt help plz.. http://pastebin.com/1tjcpwLH19:02
Dr_willis_prasad,  several people have reccomended you try 13.04 if you are having issues with 12.1019:02
JAF2801what the fuck is that19:02
senthil_well i dont ve issue with 12.1019:02
DJonesJAF2801: If you don't ask question, we don't knoiw what you need supprot with19:02
usr13_prasad: Did you install Ubuntu or Xubuntu or Kubuntu? Or____________?19:02
DJones!lanuguage | JAF280119:03
wilee-nilee!language } JAF280119:03
ubottuwilee-nilee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:03
Dr_willis_JAF2801,  perhaps set your client to hide parts/joins19:03
prasadusr13_: Ubuntu19:03
JAF2801it is language! not !language19:03
DJones!ohmy | JAF280119:03
ubottuJAF2801: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.19:03
JAF2801WHat is ubuntu19:03
Jordan_U!ubuntu | JAF280119:03
ubottuJAF2801: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com19:03
JAF2801I have ADHD and I havent got my medication19:03
prasadDr_willis_: pls help me how to upgrad?19:03
tripelbi cant/it wont join #ubuntu-offtopic :( -- this to ubuntu-devs->  there's a post on reddit about the 'little things' macusers love. We can take a lesson, or several small lessons. -30-19:03
Dr_willis_prasad,  i would suggest getting a 13.04 ISO file and booting from it and doing a clean install19:04
usr13_prasad: What Language did you install?  English?19:04
senthil_parasad, try sudo apt-get upgrade19:04
Jordan_Usenthil_: It depends on what you've actually done up to this point, but most likely your system will still boot fine. Why do you think that you need to compile wifi drivers?19:04
prasadusr13_: yes19:04
Dr_willis_!brainstorm | tripelb19:04
ubottutripelb: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!19:04
JAF2801Sorry i do have adhd and19:04
JAF2801!ohmy what is that19:04
prasadDr_willis_: other than download iso19:04
BluesKajJAF2801, sure , noe xceuses here for bad language or behaviour ...no meds doesn't cut it .19:04
Dr_willis_prasad,  the upgrade..  but the clean install is the best route19:05
JAF2801It does under the disability discrimination act of 199119:05
Dr_willis_!upgrade > prasad19:05
ubottuprasad, please see my private message19:05
JAF2801I am not a stupid loudmouth.19:05
Dr_willis_JAF2801,  lose the attitude and state the ubuntu issue if you have one.19:05
BluesKajJAF2801, this is an international chat19:05
prasadubottu: i not received19:05
ubottuprasad: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:05
Dr_willis_prasad,  as in a 'robot' a 'program' a 'script'19:06
Dr_willis_prasad,  as in NOT a person19:06
prasadDr_willis_: ok19:07
usr13_prasad: Can you get to console mode?  Ctrl-Alt-F619:07
prasadusr13_: yes19:07
senthil_Dr_willis_  is it possible to bring pidigin at startup in background??19:07
usr13_prasad: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:07
Dr_willis_senthil_,  never really noticed or tried. so no idea.19:07
senthil_Dr_willis_  thnks19:07
pagzwhat are peoples thoughts on 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to 13.04 or is a fresh install strongly recommended ?19:08
wilee-nileesenthil_, I assume pidgin does not need a password put it startup applications19:08
Myrttipagz: depends on what version you're on now19:08
BluesKajpagz, it worked for me19:08
k1lpagz: do-release-upgrade is fine. but having backps is always good19:08
senthil_wilee-nilee i tried that but it shows of the GUI rather i need to start in background without showing UI19:09
usr13_prasad: If that doesn't fix it, http://askubuntu.com/questions/208346/ubuntu-12-10-shows-no-launcher-or-menu  may be of interest.19:09
wilee-nileesenthil_, Not sure then.19:09
senthil_wilee-nilee thnks19:09
usr13_pagz: lsb_release -r  #Tell us what is the output.19:10
govatentare there any rhythmbox users here?19:10
senthil_govatent i used long back19:11
brian__Hello everyone, I hope this is easy.  I am trying to setup a dual monitor kiosk using ubuntu server 12.04.  Everything works well, however, I am trying to get my dual monitors working and it's not working.  I have X working with ati fglrx drivers, xorg configured, etc..  Using nodm it boots my .xsession however it rotates one of the monitors.  I am trying to achieve, a seperate session per monitor.  I think it works, I just can't seem to19:11
brian__ direct the applications to each monitor using .xsession DISPLAY="0.0" etc..19:11
govatentI'm trying to figure out a bug that i've run into that seems to be pretty new on launchpad.19:11
usr13_pagz: do-release-upgrade usually works just fine, barring power failure or loose of internet.19:11
govatentsenthil_, what do you use now instead of rbox?19:11
wilee-nilee!details > govatent19:11
ubottugovatent, please see my private message19:11
Dr_willis_brian__,  you might  need to use the xhost + localhost command to allow apps to start on the other session befor you do the display/run19:12
senthil_govatent vlc :)19:12
govatentlaunchpad bug#1132215 when I try and sync my first gen old ipod, it's causing rhythmbox to crash.19:12
senthil_govatent i manage playlist simple19:12
pagzthanks ill try do-release-upgrade, reinstalling is a big job... without backups.... ill figureout how to do a backup incase anyway19:13
prasad_usr13_: sorry pc restarted19:13
prasad_usr13_: there is an message19:14
senthil_any i veing idea how to change the boot screen background?19:14
brian__Dr_willis_, sorry, not following.  Right now, I am loading chromium-browser through my .xsession and trying to set DISPLAY, that isnt going to work that way?  It appears at though, it is just ignoring the 'DISPLAY' and loading it into the same session.19:14
prasad_usr13_: i want to send u screen shoot19:14
Dr_willis_brian__,  are both sessions ran by the same user?19:14
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prasad_usr13_: may i?19:14
Jordan_Ubrian__: Can you pastebin the exact script you're using?19:15
brian__Dr_willis_, yes, assuming the sessions are automatically created from the xorg.conf?  Sorry this is rather new to me.  My nodm.conf doesnt really specify anything about multiple sessions, I assumed using DISPLAY= set the session.19:15
Dr_willis_brian__,  display just sets what monitor it should go to. are you sure you are using the right DISPLAY?19:16
prasad_usr13_: hello19:17
brian__Dr_willis_,  I looked at the xorg.conf and found out the monitors were connected to DFP1 / DFP2 and set them in the xorg.  I have assumed the display would be "0.0" and "0.1"19:17
prasad_Dr_willis_: any command to start update manager19:18
Dr_willis_brian__,  Im not sure if  0.0 and 0.1 is correct.  I tend to use twinview so it does things a little differntly19:18
Dr_willis_prasad_,  try 'update-manager'  ?19:19
prasad_Dr_willis_: yes19:19
brian__I am thinking nodm.conf needs something special to define multiple sessions?  Otherwise my assumption is that multiple sessions are created when DISPLAY is issued, or they are automatically created.   If they arnt I need to specify the sessions at some point I would guess.19:20
Dr_willis_brian__,  ive never used nodm. so no idea on that.  i thought a seperate X session would be 1.0 and 2.019:21
brian__my X experience is so weak and when I add in the config is all done from the cmdline, it gets even more hairy19:21
johnjohn101brain__: don't worry Mir will solve everything!!19:23
Dr_willis_brian__,  are you sure you dont need multi-seat support?  are you using 2 monitors with 2 differnt desktops/input devices?19:23
Angelic``I am trying to change my desktop.19:26
betraydbrian__: so what are you trying to do, on a dual display19:26
betraydbrian__: send the browser over to the second head19:27
JAF2801I am so sorry.19:27
Angelic``I am trying to change my desktop however the theme is gdm which I've just installed however when I try to start the .desktop it gives me an error.19:27
Dr_willis_brian__,  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Running_program_in_separate_X_display     seems to have a neat script :)19:27
brian__Dr_willis_, one set of inputs19:27
JAF2801I am a freenode programmer, I know how to get round this stuff.19:27
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brian__betrayd, Load 2 chromium windows full screen in kiosk mode that have predetermined urls, that is all19:28
Jordan_UJAF2801: You weren't actually banned (though that can of course change). Please stay on topic.19:28
JAF2801Fuck off19:28
brian__Dr_willis_, reading now!  :)19:29
Dr_willis_brian__,  the arch wiki has a lot of neat info on this topic.   https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multihead19:29
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Guest67710hi all, how can i burn a .dmg , i have tred burn image with gnomebaker and k3b but bothe say that .dmg is not a valid image format19:31
dfxhello guys19:32
dfxcan someone tell me how to get status bar in dwm i followed the arch wiki but it doe not work19:32
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HyperbyteHi.  Just installed Lubuntu and afterwards ran apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree.  Chromium-browser says "Cannot load Shockwave Flash plugin" then crashes, and Firefox simply doesn't show Flash content.  Any tips on where I go from here?19:32
brian__Dr_willis_, This part in particular seems like it work.  ( https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multihead#Separate_screens ) -- However, when calling DISPLAY from inside my .xsession script it doesnt really do anything for me, well, besides make the screen flicker.  If I set up a while statement to handle 2 browsers, it just loads a browser, then loads the new one over top, waits the timer, then repeat.19:32
MonkeyDustGuest67710  i read here, it's a mac extension19:32
k1l!away > NETfellow-off19:32
ubottuNETfellow-off, please see my private message19:32
Dr_willis_Guest67710,  dmg is normally a Mac/OS-X image file - theres dmg to iso converteres out there.. whats on the dmg that you need?19:32
Angelic``IS there a way to change the login themes for a newly installed gdm over Ubuntu 12.10?19:33
Guest67710Dr_willis_: the .dmg is of Mountain Lion19:33
NETfellow-offsorry guys19:33
Dr_willis_brian__,  perhaps start by trying to get a terminal on each display and work up from there.19:33
MonkeyDustGuest67710  try converting it to a vbox image, then use it in ubuntu19:34
Dr_willis_Guest67710,  and what do you need to do with it?19:34
senthil_wats d best irc client app19:34
Dr_willis_senthil_,  depends on your needs.19:34
MonkeyDustsenthil_  depends on what you like most19:34
bekksMonkeyDust: It's a Mac OS based image of a cd/dvd19:34
MonkeyDustsenthil_  plus: as soon as you have chosen one, someone else tries to convince you, to choose something else19:35
senthil_Dr_willis_ needs like ?? i'm using xchat now..19:35
Guest67710Dr_willis_: i am attempting a hackintosh19:35
Angelic``IS there a way to change the login themes for a newly installed gdm over Ubuntu 12.10?19:35
Dr_willis_senthil_,  xchat is very popular.19:35
Guest67710and need some format that i can boot from19:35
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senthil_Dr_willis_ ya but i ve difficult in switching btwn channels19:36
Dr_willis_Guest67710,  i recall thee being hackintosh guides on the lifehacker site and other places.19:36
senthil_Dr_willis_ any shortcut keys19:36
Dr_willis_senthil_,  tabs at the bottom are hard to switch?19:36
MonkeyDustsenthil_  then choose a client that's easier to use for you19:36
Ben64!info dmg2img | Guest6771019:36
Dr_willis_senthil_,  look at its help docs to see what keybindings exist?19:36
ubottuGuest67710: dmg2img (source: dmg2img): Tool for converting compress dmg files to hfsplus images. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-2build1 (raring), package size 21 kB, installed size 116 kB19:36
Angelic``IS there a way to change the login themes for a newly installed gdm over Ubuntu 12.10?19:37
MonkeyDust!repeat | Angelic``19:37
ubottuAngelic``: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:37
senthil_Angelic`` try ubuntu-tweak19:37
Angelic``senthil_: I have a theme already. Ubuntu-tweak doesn't even have the option to use that theme I want.19:38
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jMylesI'm on a fresh raring install, and suddenly several things aren't working.  My USB input devices (a keyboard and a keyboard / touchpad) and both network controllers aren't working.  All are listed in lsusb / lspci.19:41
Angelic``How to change themes without ubuntu-tweak which won't allow me to choose my own downloaded theme?19:42
compdocjMyles,do you have an option named immou enabled in the bios?19:42
jeanbaptisteHow do i get wobbly windows? I installed compizconfig but it didnt have it???19:42
Dr_willis_there used to be gdm configure tools Angelic`` .19:42
wilee-nileejMyles, List them and the details of what you have tried. Have you accessed additional drivers in software sources or can you, and can you run a update?19:43
mzazaI can't choose boot menu, it always redirect me to ubuntu operation system choose, any ideas/19:43
Dr_willis_jeanbaptiste,  not all compiz plugisn may be installed by default. check the package manager for any extras that may need installed19:43
jeanbaptisteok dr_willis_ btw does compiz effects and stuff work well with unity?19:43
mzazaI even can't get into BIOS?19:43
Dr_willis_jeanbaptiste,   Unity is a plugin for compiz.19:44
ronaldsjeanbaptiste, ccsm in terminal, find your future by using eyes, and clicking on things19:44
Dr_willis_going berzerk with ccsm can break unity. ;)19:44
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ronaldsthat's why window pops up Dr_wilis, but people don't read them as much as they should19:45
johnjohn101i know compiz is going away at some point but could someone find a way to get the snow plugin working in a later ubuntu?19:45
wilee-nileeholy fuson icon19:45
Dr_willis_read the docs? what crzayness is this?19:45
jMylescompdoc: I am not sure.  I'll reboot and find out.19:47
compdocI laugh in the face of docs!19:47
jMyleswilee-nilee: I have been unable to update, and I haven't tried installation any drivers.  The network devices are Realtek RTL8111/8168 and National Semiconducter DP8381519:47
compdocjMyles, enabling iommu on my systems does what you described19:48
Angelic``How to change themes without ubuntu-tweak which won't allow me to choose my own downloaded theme?19:48
wilee-nileejMyles, realtek needs a wrapper and driver and is a great pain.19:48
jeanbaptisteOmg i enabled wobbly windows and top bar disappears from programs when i un-fullscreen them19:48
Dr_willis_Angelic``,  you are refering to  User desktop themes or gdm themes?19:48
jMyleswilee-nilee: Yeah.  I had it working with 12.10.  The National Semiconductor "just worked" with 12.1019:49
Angelic``Dr_willis_: gdm themes.. I just downloaded and installed gdm on ubuntu 12.10.19:49
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Angelic``Dr_willis_: I am trying to change my login theme.19:49
zwirccan i change root password from another sudo user in ssh ?19:50
betraydbrian__: in your script after its assigned a value, refer to it as $DISPLAY $DISPLAY2 afterwards19:50
kuranevii am new in ubuntu19:50
brian__Dr_willis_, I feel pretty retarded, I can't seem to get anything but chromium to run.  Since I have no idea how to start a terminal from inside X without a desktop enviroment19:50
kuranevii have install the new version from ubuntu studio19:50
jMyleswilee-nilee: There's no option in my bios that is called IOMMU, nor any that seems like it might be a synonym.19:50
zwirccan i change root password from another sudo user in ssh ?19:51
kuranevii have any questions...19:51
Dr_willis_brian__,  run the command 'xterm' or 'gnome-terminal' same as you are running   the browser19:51
brian__betrayd, I was using 'DISPLAY="0.0" chroumium-browser &' and then DISPLAY="0.1" chroumium-browser19:51
brian__but spelling if right ofcourse..19:51
Dr_willis_zwirc,  root user has no password by default.  did you set one?19:51
wilee-nileejMyles, Not sure why you ask me about IOMMU,19:52
zwircDr_willis: yes19:52
zwircbut cant remember it because il never use root19:52
jMylescompdoc: There's no option in my bios that is called IOMMU, nor any that seems like it might be a synonym.19:52
zwircbut have a sudo user19:52
jMyleswilee-nilee: Wrong guy :-)19:52
zwircso can i sudo passwd root?19:52
Jordan_Uzwirc: You can, but you shouldn't (and we don't support doing so).19:52
kuraneviis my ubuntu studio a Xfce version?19:52
Dr_willis_zwirc,   its best to not have a password set for root.. since you never use root.. its sort of pointless to have one set19:52
betraydbrian__: your syntax, should be :0.1 and :0.0 (dualhead?)19:52
wilee-nileekuranevi, How would we know?19:53
zwircDr_willis: but i already have one set, so why not change it?19:53
Dr_willis_zwirc,  because its considered a security issue19:53
senthil__Dr_willis_ now i am trying pidgin client as irc.. looks good tome !!19:53
Dr_willis_senthil__,  pidgin is a rather poor irc client in many ways19:53
brian__betrayd, it was, sorry, I don't have had sshd installed so I am retyping it and forgetting stuff.  Probably not the effective way, I should just install sshd for the time being19:53
Dr_willis_!info mdm19:54
ubottumdm (source: mdm): Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.3-2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 26 kB, installed size 152 kB19:54
senthil__Dr_willis.. y so?? can u tell me19:54
compdocjMyles, I thought you said, but what brand/model is the nic?19:54
Dr_willis_senthil__,  xchat or weechat are all i really use.19:54
mzazaI can't get to BIOS settings or boot menu, ubuntu grub shows up no matter what hotkeys i press. I'm on a 64 bit machine.19:54
Jordan_Uzwirc: "sudo passwd -l root" will disable root login again.19:54
Dr_willis_senthil__,  pidgin is an IM client that can do irc.. but irc is not its primary focus. so its lacking in many irc client features19:55
jMylescompdoc: The network devices are Realtek RTL8111/8168 and National Semiconducter DP8381519:55
senthil__Dr_willis_ features like can u b specific? wat does u see in weechat thatdoes't ve in pidgin. just wanted to know19:55
Dr_willis_senthil__,  wee chat is fully scriptable and has smart filters19:56
Dr_willis_pidgin can barely do anything..19:56
compdocjMyles, are you defining the nic in /etc/network/interfaces? On one system of mine, the onboard RTL8111 is not seen as eth019:56
jMylescompdoc: No.  Only lo is defined.  That's how the installer left things.19:57
nobblerHi.  Update killed my grub.  In rescue when insmodding linux i get 'error: symbol not found: 'grub_disk_dev_list'' - livecd/usb is no option ;( any hints or explanation for this error?19:58
compdocjMyles, just a sec while I boot up a machine19:58
brian__Dr_willis_, If I specify, xterm, it loads in one of the monitors, other appears to blank.  I would guess it loads 2 xterm windows in the same monitor.  Ignoring the DISPLAY=* command..19:58
jMylescompdoc: modprobe natsemi gives me: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:554 kmod_search_moddep: could not open moddep file19:58
Dr_willis_Night all...19:59
betrayd Dr_willis  gnite19:59
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mustafa_i upgraded from ubuntu 12.04 to 13.04 and i started having problems now i am trying to reinstall it from usb disk and i can't get to the boot menu disk! would someone please help before i get a dcc20:00
MonkeyDusta dc?20:00
compdocjMyles, could you pastebin the output of:   ls -al /sys/class/net/*20:01
mustafa_MonkeyDust: disconnect20:01
mustafa_MonkeyDust: unreliable network, just as my current installation20:01
jMylescompdoc: The machine isn't connected, so I can't easily pastebin it.  Looking at the output, it's a symlink that points to ../../devices/virtual/net/lo20:01
compdocthats all?20:02
MonkeyDustmustafa_  start be describing what you tried, before you came here20:02
betraydmustafa_: do you still have your old install?20:02
jMylescompdoc: Yep, just the one symlink.  Nothing else in that directory.20:02
betraydwe lost him20:03
betraydguess he got his dc after all20:03
mustafa_MonkeyDust: could you assist?20:03
compdocjMyles, likely because networking isnt set up. do you use network manager? if not you should add an entry in /etc/network/interfaces20:04
nobblerCan anyone on 13.4 grep in his *mod files of grub if this symbol apppears anywhere?20:04
cordorNothing_Much: you are right. got fglrx-legacy working but old xorg doesn't seems compatible with gnome-shell or unity. using openbox now.20:04
brian__I'm guessing there has to be something in nodm.conf that specifies multiple sessions.  No idea what though.20:04
senthil6Dr_willis_ now i am using weechat.. looks good (except n terminal)20:05
mustafa_I shouldn't face that problem, I am on a socalled stable release. Why you are changing things to be more complicated. And why should I do all of that to get assistance. I installed linux because i though it would be reliable, not have upgrade to stable release with strange problems. and then can't remove the OS!! It's like jailing someone inside your free opensource OS!20:05
jMylescompdoc: I think I have a bigger problem.  I seem to be running kernel version 3.5.0-1720:06
compdocjMyles, didnt you say raring?20:06
jMylescompdoc: (based on uname -r)20:06
betraydmustafa_: why don't we begin with the exact problem, now that you've let that off your chest20:07
jMylescompdoc: Yep, raring.  Just installed from a live USB.  However, I did keep home and swap partitions from a previous install....20:07
compdoc3.8.0-19-generic is current20:07
jMylescompdoc: ls /boot doesn't show that kernel, only 3.8.0-1920:07
wilee-nileenobbler, without a live cd/usb all you can do is manual boot grub possibly20:07
jMylescompdoc: Yeah, I know.  I was surprised to see the output of uname of course.  :-)20:07
jMylescompdoc: So, it's now obvious that these modules aren't loading because it's looking in /lib/3.5.0-1720:08
compdocjMyles, you installed some package?20:08
mustafa_betrayd: I can't get into the boot menu or the BIOS settings, the grub loads just after the vaio logo20:08
brian__betrayd, Anything in here look like I could set the display/session?20:08
jMylescompdoc: Nope.  No packages installed.  I can't get online.20:08
compdocjMyles, maybe its left over in grub20:08
jMylescompdoc: same thought.  rebooting and checking grub menu.20:09
nobblerWilee-nilee: these trys give me abovementioned error,  i guess id have to insmod the right module before,  but dont know which,  hence the request for someone to grep20:09
jMylescompdoc: grub menu says 3.8.0-19-generic20:09
jMylescompdoc: I'm trying recovery mode.20:09
betraydbrian__: have you psted your custom xsession somewhere i can look at20:09
mustafa_betrayd: By the boot menu I mean boot from usb disk or hdd20:09
jMylescompdoc: Nope.  uname -r still says 3.5.0-17-generic20:10
brian__betrayd, I will, it is very simple though20:10
betraydmustafa_: most BIOSes have F12 to do that20:10
compdocjMyles, heh, very weird. maybe you need to erase the whole drive20:10
MonkeyDustmustafa_  the BIOS loads, before ubuntu does20:10
jMylescompdoc: I can't easily do that.  Any hunch about how this is possible?20:11
mustafa_betrayd: Yes I have F10 and it worked in Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows 8 but it doesn't work after upgrading to 13.0420:11
brian__betrayd, This is all I have that I am testing with.  http://pastebin.com/k2p7knr020:11
betraydbrian__: 1 sec20:11
compdocjMyles, never seen such a thing. I have seen packages that dont undertand raring yet, because its so new.20:11
mustafa_MonkeyDust: Yes, it doesn't take any input grub loads anyway. When this problem happened due to uefi i fixed it from inside the ubuntu20:12
betraydbrian__: why the quotes20:12
thenoobHelp-me please! (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/1063965)20:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1063965 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Choppy sound in 12.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:12
brian__betrayd, I don't know, saw them somewhere, I'll remove and refresh20:12
SlaizerHi all, I dont understand oneubuntu-client at all. It is not uploading all my files. How come? been here before and disgust this. it is quite frustrating.20:12
Jordan_UjMyles: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"?20:12
KommaHHey everyone. Could I get someone to help walk me through connecting to wireless via terminal?20:12
KommaHRight now, I20:13
betraydwait brian__ bec they're in a script my guess20:13
mustafa_mustafa_: i ment windows, this problem happened in windows 8 and i was able to trun it off from inside the windows, to get the bios settings. something releated to uefi or something like that20:13
KommaHRight now, I'm having a few issues.20:13
thenoob6 months that was reported and so far nothing!20:13
betraydbrian__: couple things to try20:13
thenoobI'm from Brazil and not speak English. :(20:13
CitrusFlowerHi. I cant update to VLC 2.0. It is stuck on VLC Luggage. I have tried two different PPAs and even disabled all ordinary ubuntu software sources20:13
betraydbrian__: if it erors because of syntax precede the colon with \20:14
betraydbrian__: (after removing quotes)20:14
CitrusFlowerBut no matter how many times I remove and reinstall vlc it is still on vlc luggage 1.1.220:14
betraydbrian__: also put another '&' after 2nd browser commands20:14
jribCitrusFlower: apt-cache policy vlc   (I'll brb)20:14
jMylesJordan_U: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic root=UUID=<some uuid> ro quiet splash vt.handoff=720:15
=== ken_ is now known as Guest70950
betrayd he'll b rib =)20:15
CitrusFlowerjrib: Ok Ill do it and see what the output is20:15
mustafa_betrayd: could you please continue your assitance?20:15
CitrusFlowerbetrayd: Dont mess with him! He is HELPING me :-P20:15
mustafa_Anyone has experience with UEFI BIOS???20:16
Guest70950on the UEFI20:16
juan_Hello. I am new here, How can I change of chanel? Thanks20:16
Jordan_UjMyles: That is bizzarre. What is the output of "md5sum /boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic"?20:17
thenoob(https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/1063965) Can anyone fix this bug? Please! Makes 6 months that reported and so far nothing. :'(20:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1063965 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Choppy sound in 12.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:17
Guest70950what are you trying to do to the yefi bios20:17
jMylesJordan_U: :-)20:17
betraydbrian__: i see why the second one is in limbo, put an & after it, now something different should happen20:17
juan_I need to go to Ubuntu.es20:18
invariantthenoob, you weren't expecting Ubuntu people to ever fix anything, were you?20:18
invariantthenoob, Ubuntu just collects bugs such that the world can look at how much they are doing wrong.20:18
CitrusFlowerOk when I do apt-cache policy vlc I get the following output: http://pastebin.com/pwEYuBtF20:18
thenoobinvariant, I'm a new in Linux and I'm from Brazil and not speak English!20:19
betraydbrian__: or try a combo, one an xterm the other a browser20:19
invariantthenoob, if you want them fixed, you fix it yourself, or you pay someone.20:19
bazhanginvariant, thats not helpful. stop20:19
CitrusFlowerI have added ppa.launchpad.net/videolan/stable-daily20:19
jMylesJordan_U: 91833c751222eab625523ffe5f54af3c3 (had to type it)20:19
juan_Well. I need to download this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z77eZMfiyoY&list=UUcX1QcSqYFqFIE2IbxKhAyA How can I do, please?20:19
invariantbazhang, Ubuntu is not much different from Windows here, except that you can choose the vendor.20:19
bazhangjuan_, with firefox download helper20:19
bazhanginvariant, take the chat elsewhere20:20
bazhang!pt | thenoob20:20
ubottuthenoob: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:20
invariantbazhang, oh, right, this is for "support".20:20
betraydthenoob: what about alternative sound, tried other live CDs? you might get sound20:20
Jordan_UWould someone running Ubunu 13.04 mind posting the output of "md5sum /boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic" so that I can compare it to jMyles's output?20:21
thenoobbazhang, The Brazilian community did not help me then I came to see if someone here can help!20:21
mustafa_Would someone please assist me in getting into BIOS? Can't get into bios after ubuntu installation20:21
compdocdeacc3c3a21beb4913c43a00bb6d5e01  /boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic20:21
jMylesJordan_U: You've gone full on investigator :-)20:21
jMylescompdoc, Jordan_U : WHAT?!!!20:22
Draxelisskype doesnt work on ubuntu 13.04. I read that skype 4.0 should work, where can I get one?20:22
compdocthats 64bit server20:22
betraydmustafa_: ubuntu can't change THAT far into your system otherwise it'd be a virus20:22
jMylescompdoc, Jordan_U: I swear to you, I did not take an old version of the kernel and name it vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic20:22
thenoobbetrayd, What alternative sound? I'm on Ubuntu 13.0420:22
Angelic``How to change themes without ubuntu-tweak which won't allow me to choose my own downloaded theme?20:22
Guest70950which version of ubuntu did you install20:22
brian__betrayd, I had a url specified on the end of it, so I know which is running, based on google.com or microsoft.com -- I am now trying it with a & on the end of the second line.  Removing the quotes on the display, didn't change anything.  What is strange is it rotates which monitor is used.  Sometimes it loads the browsers in the left, other times in the right20:22
vonkrolokGLib.GException: File does not exist (in `gio-sharp') happens when drag&dropping tracks from iPod Touch 2ndGen to music library in Banshee... can anybody help?20:23
betraydbrian__: ok getting somehwere...no?20:23
thenoobbetrayd, I've tried Xubuntu, Debian, Lubuntu, Kubuntu and all have this problem!20:23
CitrusFlowerOk so I repeat if its ok :-/ : I cant update to vlc 2.0. I'm stuck on vlc 1.1.12 the luggage. Output of apt-cache policy vlc is this: http://pastebin.com/pwEYuBtF20:23
CitrusFlowerI have ubuntu oneric20:23
Jordan_UjMyles: However it happened, I'm guessing that "md5sum /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic" from someone who had that kernel would match your md5sum.20:23
betraydthenoob: try pulse?20:24
jMylesJordan_U: Wouldn't you love to know for sure? :-)  I'm guessing you're right.20:24
=== Robbilie__ is now known as Robbilie
tefterthenoob: try http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/pulseaudio-discuss/2011-December/012342.html disable front mic with this program20:24
thesilence84hey guys, quick question:  Suspending my portege z935 works the first time, but the second fails.  I get:20:24
thesilence84error:  command pacmd list failed with exit code 1 no pulseaudio daemon running or not running as session daemon20:24
jMylesJordan_U: But how?  How does the ubuntu installer copy that file to /boot?  How could it have gotten the wrong version?  And from where?20:24
Jordan_UjMyles: No idea.20:24
thenoobtefter, Tank you!20:25
mustafa_betrayd: Virus on Ubuntu?20:25
compdocjMyles, did you say you installed from usb?20:25
mustafa_betrayd: I heared sometimes Ubuntu misses the BIOS configuration20:25
jMylescompdoc: Yes.20:25
betraydmustafa_: is this one of them uefi PCs20:25
thenoobbetrayd, I've never seen.20:25
compdocwhat did you use to create the usb?20:25
mustafa_betrayd: yes20:25
Slaizerwhy can i upload large files, e.g. above 500 mb on my personal ubuntu cloud?20:26
bazhangSlaizer, try #ubuntuone ?20:26
Jordan_UjMyles: To fix this you can probably just re-install the kernel package, but I'm downloading the .deb for vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic to check the md5sum just to confirm.20:26
betraydbrian__: check the browser setting, maybe 'start with page from last time' is the Home Page setting20:27
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, Orignially I had to add a ppa to get vlc 2 I still use it, not sure but I would think it s now in the repos.20:27
betraydbrian__: that might be why they're 'switching'20:27
brian__betrayd, It didn't load at all with both lines having the &20:27
jMylesJordan_U: Thanks dude.  :-)20:27
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Draxelisdoes SKYPE work for you guys!??????????????20:27
brian__betrayd, I think it is set to no special page loaded.. I'll check20:28
jMylesJordan_U, compdoc: I'm booting to the live USB again to poke around20:28
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/quantal/universe/base/vlc20:28
CitrusFlowerwilee-nilee: I dont have quantal, I have oneric20:29
CitrusFlowerwilee-nilee: Ooops, I see a deb-package. Are you referring to that??20:29
brian__betrayd, Ok, here is something intriguing.. It loads the first browser in the right monitor.  If I alt+f4 it, it then loads the second browser in the left monitor.  Which is closer to it working.  Where both monitors should have browsers at the same time..20:30
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, No, however you are less than two weeks from end of life you might consider an upgrade at this point.20:30
betraydbrian__: you took out the first & it then goes to thenext line in the script20:30
jeanbaptisteIs it possible to disable commercial software from showing in ubuntu software center?20:31
Nothing_MuchDid somebody say something to me20:31
mustafa_wilee-nilee: do u have experience with uefi bios?20:32
Jordan_UjMyles: md5sum vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic: 91833c75122eab625523ffe5f54af3c3  vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic :)20:32
betraydbrian__: goes to the next line in the script when the first one exits20:32
mustafa_betrayd: yes it is, could u further assist?20:32
betraydmustafa_: have no experience with flawed-from-factory HW20:33
betraydiow, i dont use uefi-encumbered pos20:33
Jordan_Ubetrayd: Please watch your language.20:33
buckymustafa what are you trying to with the UFEI bios20:33
CitrusFlowerI have uninstalled vlc but something still happens when I execute command "vlc". What more package must I uninstall?20:34
brian__betrayd, that is what is weird, I left it in there.. The first line had &, let me try a few things and report back20:34
buckymy typing is terrible today20:35
mustafa_bucky: Nothing, it's just when i reboot and click F10 to get devices i want to boot from it doesn't respond to my input and goes directly to grub.20:35
jMylesJordan_U: Incredible.  I'd love to know how.  I'm poking around now on the live USB.20:35
compdocjMyles, most ppl like unetbootin to create usb installers20:35
betraydk, good luck brian__20:35
Jordan_UjMyles: I'd love to know how it happened as well.20:35
CitrusFlowerexecuting "vlc" initializes a program in the prompt that says "vlc media player 1.1.12". I wanna get rid of it but I've already done apt-get remove vlc20:35
jMylescompdoc: I used unetbootin for this one.  Do you think that might have something to do with it?20:35
Angelic``Thank you folks.20:35
compdocmaybe unetbootin isnt ready for raring?20:36
Angelic``Ubuntu is too damn complicated. I am going back to Windows. Thanks for the help folks.20:36
buckywhat version of ubuntu are you running20:36
betrayd learning curve,120:36
wilee-nileemustafa_,  Nope I refer user to the ubuntu forum for UEFI, it is a waste of time here.20:36
Angelic``bucky: Ubuntu 12.1020:36
Nothing_MuchWhat's complicated about Ubuntu?20:37
wilee-nileenot much20:37
ardianHi I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed and I want to install the last version of KDE 4.10, how do I install it20:37
thesilence84freaking suspend is whats complicated20:37
Angelic``Nothing_Much: Everything is 'command-based'. I am used of everything being just about GUI based which is Windows.20:37
thesilence84its driving me nuts20:37
bazhangardian, try in #kubuntu20:38
buckywhen you installed 12-10 did you do a fresh install or upgrade20:38
Jordan_Umustafa_: Are you actually able to interact with the grub menu at boot or has the firmware still not initialised the keyboard at that point?20:38
AbdullahDeanhi, i just registered my name for the first time. what should i do now?20:38
Nothing_MuchCommand-based is easy once you get the hang of it, learning something new is obviously gonna take some time, but I do somewhat agree that there needs to be more GUI based stuff.20:38
compdocAngelic``, there can be some command line stuff setting it up I gues, but there are guis for most things20:39
brian__betrayd, well, no idea.  No matter what I put in the bash script, it only wants to put one browser up at a time.  Maybe there is something to chromium not wanted to have two windows open without a cmdline argument added20:39
wilee-nileeAbdullahDean, wait a couple of weeks and ask for a cloak in #freenode20:39
Nothing_MuchUbuntu actually was one of the first distros that had a GUI for an installer20:39
AbdullahDeanthanks wilee. what's a cloak?20:39
Nothing_MuchWhat problems, specifically did you have Angelic``?20:39
wilee-nileeAbdullahDean, It hides user info like your IP.20:39
mustafa_Jordan_U: I can interact with it20:40
=== A-TCP-BreAKDoWN is now known as An-IP-BreAKDoWN
Angelic``Is there a way I can transfer all my media from Ubuntu without losing it on my way back to Windows20:40
Jordan_Umustafa_: OK, then it sounds like all we need to do is add a proper entry to grub that will boot Windows via UEFI.20:41
mustafa_Jordan_U: It's just directly after the Vaio Logo I get Grub. Note that I changed my BIOS settings from UEFI to legacy.20:41
Angelic``back to Windows 8*20:41
mustafa_Jordan_U: I don't want to boot windows. I want to boot USB Flash drive to reinstall Ubuntu again.20:41
wilee-nileeAbdullahDean, There are channel commands to do other things, you can look on here, http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml20:41
jMylesJordan_U, compdoc: I see no evidence of any sort.  Shall I try chrooting and installing the latest kernel package?20:41
Nothing_MuchExternal hard drive dude20:41
Jordan_UjMyles: Yes.20:41
Jordan_UjMyles: What is the creation time on that kernel file? What is the creation time of other files in /boot/?20:42
brian__betrayd, well that wasnt it.  When I alt+f4 the first browser, then it loads the xterm window in the opposite monitor.  I feel like it is so close.20:42
Nothing_MuchAngelic``, do you have an external drive?20:42
betraydbrian__: it20:42
betraydstill doing things in sequence?20:42
jMylesJordan_U: April 9 12:5320:42
jMylesJordan_U: For the vmlinuz.  The initrd is today at 19:1220:43
Jordan_Umustafa_: So you're currently booting Ubuntu via BIOS (with CSM), is your Windows installation UEFI based or BIOS based?20:43
mustafa_Jordan_U: I have no OS installed other than Ubuntu.20:44
brian__betrayd, hot damn!  I was missing the & on the first line after I changed it to load xterm on the second line... Now it works with chrome in the right and xterm in the left!20:44
Jordan_Umustafa_: Ahh, I understand now.20:44
brian__betrayd, I've been killing myself and its a chromium thing20:44
jMylesJordan_U: I have forgotten how to do a simple chroot and install a package.  Is there a link with simple instructions?20:44
betraydbrian__: w00t progress20:44
Nothing_MuchCan somebody tell me why I get a black screen on TF2 when I use the Nouveau drivers?20:44
betraydbrian__: sure you want to stay with one type of browser20:44
Angelic``Nothing_Much: I have a flash drive and that is it..20:44
betraydbrian__: for troubleshooting20:45
brian__betrayd, Well, I am checking for some argument for specify the window name or something to avoid a double creation.  If that doesnt work, I'll use firefox too for testing20:45
betraydbrian__: ok20:46
Nothing_MuchAngelic`` then you either need to re-download everything, use a Cloud service, or learn more about Ubuntu/Linux in general.20:46
Jordan_Umustafa_: Unfortunately, if the only way to get back to your boot firmware's setup screens is by changing a UEFI variable (which is how you did it before, or rather what Windows did to get the menu to show at the next boot), you can only change UEFI variables from an OS that was booted via UEFI.20:46
netlarHow would I share a folder between users on the same computer?20:46
carrerawhich version of 13.04 do I need to detect RAID 0 partitions created with 12.04?20:46
lmatnetlar: Add them both to the same group?20:46
betraydAngelic``: yeah its kind of a commitment, learning curve and all...20:46
Jordan_Ucarrera: Server or mini.iso.20:46
mustafa_Jordan_U: And since I can't boot from any device other than HDD, I am stuck forever with my current OS :D ?20:47
Nothing_MuchYeah, but take that chance, I did it with both OS X and a buncha different distros20:47
Nothing_MuchIt's pretty neat once you have the knowledge to work around almost every OS/Desktop environment20:47
netlarDo I do that in terminal?20:47
betraydnetlar: most times, a filemanager would let you browse20:48
Jordan_Umustafa_: If the only way to get back to your fimrmware configuration screens is by changing UEFI variables, yes. I doubt that's the only way though. Have you looked at your motherboard's documentation, or called the company's tech support?20:48
mustafa_Jordan_U: No, I'll search for it.20:49
mustafa_Jordan_U: Thanks...20:49
carreraJordan_U, thanks u sir.  I don't want to install the server for reason that I can tell u later but I tried the mini.iso lastnight.  I didn't even have to use the nomodeset option to bypass the Nouveau driver (it crashes with my nVidia M360 ). However, mini.iso did NOT detect my wireless card. Does it need Ethernet?20:49
Jordan_Umustafa_: Also, you can install any other OS you want, you'll just have to jump through a lot of hoops to do so without being able to boot from any other media.20:49
lmatnetlar: If you're addressing me, please write my nick so I'll see it :)20:49
lmatnetlar: I do everything in framebuffer ^_^20:49
Jordan_Ucarrera: Yes, IIRC it needs an ethernet connection.20:49
SupaYoshiHi does anyone know how to select the best apt-get servers? I am using a vps, and it's connecting with IPV6 to archive.ubuntu.com20:50
Angelic``betrayd: Exactly which is why I learned my lesson when I ditched Windows.20:50
SupaYoshiBut its really slow20:50
=== anonymous is now known as Guest5886
SupaYoshiSo I cant really install anything easily with apt-get :P20:50
carreraJordan_U, IIRC?20:50
SupaYoshiDo you want to continue [Y/n]? Y20:50
SupaYoshi0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8c01::22)]20:50
SupaYoshi0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8c01::22)20:50
netlarlmat: sorry20:50
supertoughto change from left button menu to right gsettings set org.gnome.shell.overrides button-layout ":minimize,maximize,close"20:50
Jordan_Ucarrera: If I Recall Correctly20:50
carreraJordan_U, thanks!  :)20:51
betraydAngelic``: ouch20:51
Jordan_Ucarrera: You're welcome :)20:51
wilee-nilee!paste > SupaYoshi20:51
ubottuSupaYoshi, please see my private message20:51
lomo7why when i set on bios boot from usb to install ubuntu, it loads automatic the current ubutnu??20:51
carreraJordan_U,  you're awesome!20:51
CitrusFlowerI've added ppa:videolan/stable-daily and disabled all other software sources, and yet apt-cache policy vlc shows nothing20:51
lomo7I can't boot from any USB device after installing ubuntu...20:52
SupaYoshiI didnt know you could do that.20:52
SupaYoshiI tried to make it as small as i could already :P20:52
wilee-nileelomo7, Sometimes that happens use the oer session boot outside the bios.20:52
CitrusFlowerIt says "(none)" both for installed and candidate20:52
lomo7wilee-nilee: how can i force it to boot from usb?20:52
carreraJordan_U, unfortunately, I don't have access to Ethernet in my apartment so I have to go over to my little cousin's place to try the mini.iso.20:52
CitrusFlowerI've added ppa:videolan/stable-daily and also updated apt-get. Still apt-cache policy vlc gives nothing20:53
lameuseriàm trying to20:53
carreraWhy did they get rid of the alternate?20:53
lmatnetlar: So, if I'm correct, place both users in the same group (see /etc/group) then, have the file you want both to be able to access be owned by that group20:53
lmatnetlar: kapish?20:53
wilee-nileelomo7, Not sure of a force but try the boot from menu I mentioned mine is accessed with f12 at powering on yours may be different.20:53
Jordan_Ucarrera: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-August/035675.html20:53
netlarlmat: I hope so20:54
LaykePermission question.. Can I set a directory to chown.. nobody:nogroup and set chmod to 600... I want a read only directory for FTP20:54
bazhang!permissions | Layke20:54
ubottuLayke: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions20:54
SupaYoshiAnyone know how to swithc to IPV4 for ubuntu update servers? (apt-get update, etc)20:55
bazhangAtum, try #test20:55
SupaYoshiIts using IPV6 and its really slow20:55
lomo7wilee-nilee: f12 not responding..20:55
lomo7for menu..20:55
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, oneric s not in that ppa.20:55
carreraJordan_U, are u one of the devs?20:55
Jordan_Ucarrera: No.20:56
lnostdalhi, ok  13.04 has horrible graphics performance  (Intel GPU here) ..    is there some way to fix this or downgrade to 12.10?20:56
CitrusFlowerwilee-nilee: ok thx. I give up20:56
bazhanglnostdal, downgrade is full reinstall20:56
lnostdalok, perhaps i'll do that then ..    this is useless20:56
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, Have you considered upgrading 12.04 will get you vlc 2 and 5 years support.20:56
CitrusFlowerwilee-nilee: I say this once. Everytime I update ubuntu my system gets deeply f*cked up for weeks to come20:57
CitrusFlowerwilee-nilee: No offense, but that is entering a sh*t hole with no ending in sight20:58
wilee-nileeCitrusFlower, Please don't swear and do a fresh install.