sirriffsalotHow do I put in precise values in the frequency knobs with calf equalizer 12-band?00:00
BorisHi all00:55
Borisany upgrade gurus around? I need help.00:57
BorisI'm trying to upgrade from 12.10 and after downloading ~1600 packages the upgrade fails with a "Failed to fetch : gb...........phasex.0.14......size mismatch" .  I have tried 'sudo apt-get clean all' 'sudo apt-get update" but this doesn't fix the problem.01:03
BorisI don't even have phasex installed01:06
BorisI guess I'm talking to an empty room01:06
nixnineanyone know what dependency libz is?03:55
holstein!info libz03:56
ubottuPackage libz does not exist in raring03:56
holsteinnixnine: what are you doing?03:56
nixninetrying to install a program -- pdfedit -- but it says libz not found03:57
holsteinnixnine: from where?03:57
holstein!info pdfedit03:57
ubottuPackage pdfedit does not exist in raring03:57
nixninedownload from sourceforge and trying to configure the file to make install03:58
holsteinnixnine: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36601/what-to-use-to-annotate-pdf-highlight-underline offers pdf annotation options03:58
nixnineI need to edit the pdf.  I used the program on mint 12 but now i am using studio and would like to use the program again04:00
holsteinnixnine: get the .deb from the mint repos04:00
holsteinnixnine: or, use another option04:00
nixnineno idea on libz?04:01
holsteinnixnine: i'll download it from sourceforge and see04:01
holsteinnixnine: the maintainer is really responsible for making usre you can use the software04:01
nixnineokay.  using studio 12:1004:01
holsteinnixnine: 32? 64bit?04:07
holsteinnixnine: its not in the repos?04:09
nixninesourceforge is the only place I found it04:09
holsteinnixnine: open the terminal04:09
holsteinapt-cache search pdfedit04:10
holsteindo you see it?04:10
holsteinnixnine: ?? do you see it listed?04:11
Unit193!info libreoffice-pdfimport04:11
ubottulibreoffice-pdfimport (source: libreoffice): PDF Import component for LibreOffice. In component main, is extra. Version 1:4.0.2-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 221 kB, installed size 789 kB04:11
nixninenothing happens when I do that04:11
holsteinnixnine: you can try this..04:11
holsteincd ~/Downloads04:11
holsteinwget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pdfedit/pdfedit_0.4.5-2_i386.deb04:11
holsteinthen, sudo apt-get install gdebi04:12
holsteingksudo gdebi-gtk ...then navigate to the downloaded .deb04:13
holsteinthen, you can email the address in the readme if that doesnt work, and ask the maintainer what you are supposed to so with the software they make04:13
holsteinor, load up a 12.04 live CD and sudo apt-get install pdfedit and work with it04:14
holsteinor, try one of the other pdf editing options that *is* supported04:14
holsteinnixnine: you can also ask in #ubuntu or #xubuntu since this is not an ubuntustudio specific issue04:15
nixninedo you know of another pdf editor?04:15
holstein!info flpsed04:17
ubottuflpsed (source: flpsed): a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2-1 (raring), package size 34 kB, installed size 148 kB04:17
celestehi'm trying to write/find a script which can tell if my fast track ultra is plugged in.  I know that what I want is aplay -l | grep -i ultra, but I can't seem to figure out how to put together an if statement for the bash script17:11
zequencecelesteh: You want a script to do something only if it finds the fast track?17:20
zequencecelesteh: Would you mind sharing what you have done so far? You could paste here http://paste.ubuntu.com17:20
zequenceI would probably do "grep -o"17:23
zequenceULTRA_EXISTS = $(aplay -l | grep ultra)17:23
zequenceif [ $ULTRA_EXISTS == "ultra" ]; then..17:24
zequenceI forgot to add the -o option to that17:24
celestehthanks zequence, that's got me sorted!17:31
ArkhanaCan anyone help me with configuring GRUB 2?19:04
zequenceArkhana: What is it that you are configuring in Grub2 more exactly?19:22
ArkhanaI want to dual-boot Ubuntu Studio and Syllable. The problem is: Syllable is not Linux or even BSD19:23
ArkhanaSo I don't know where to edit GRUB19:23
ArkhanaCorrection: how to edit grub19:25
zequenceArkhana: http://web.syllable.org/documentation/FAQ.html#2_419:26
zequenceSeems you need a module19:26
ArkhanaOk, and where to edit the menu?19:27
ArkhanaSo I can enter the lines so that Syllable can boot. Then it will be no problem to copy the module19:30
zequenceArkhana: I'm not sure you need to edit the menu. May be enough to add the module, and then do: sudo update-grub19:31
zequenceArkhana: If you want to edit the grub menu manually, you need to edit a file in /etc/grub.d/*19:32
zequencethen do: sudo update-grub19:32
zequencecheck out /etc/grub.d/40_custom19:33
ArkhanaYes, I've already looked at that file, but I didn't really understand were to enter the lines19:34
ArkhanaBtw my pc is turned off. I'm doing this on my smartphone now19:35
ArkhanaI've looked at grub.d19:35
zequenceArkhana: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/CustomMenus19:37
zequenceBut, you won't be able to boot syllable without the module anyway19:37
zequenceSo, you'll need the module first19:37
zequenceAlso, you might not need to edit grub manually at all, if you have the module19:37
zequenceI would try the module first19:37
zequenceThen, do: sudo update-grubv19:38
zequenceThen, do: sudo update-grub*19:38
zequenceIt may be that syllable will automatically be added to the menu19:38
ArkhanaSeems kinda hard to config...19:42
zequenceArkhana: Why not try the module first, and then maybe you wont' need to do any configs19:43
ArkhanaWhere are the commands menuentry until intrid for?19:43
ArkhanaOnly the module won't work. Syllable didn't install along Ubuntu, there was only a chainloder command19:45
ArkhanaIn the GRUB installed by Syllable19:46
zequenceArkhana: It might be easier just to install Syllable last, as I believe the GRUB it has will also see Ubuntu19:46
ArkhanaI did install Syllable at last. But in the menu.lst of Syllable's GRUB were only chainloaders19:48
ArkhanaAnd yes, those chainloaders did not work19:49
ArkhanaI already tested them out19:49
ArkhanaSorry, did you say something while I was away?20:01
zequenceI've never installed syllable, and don't have any experience with it20:03
zequenceneither have I ever had a reason to edit grub2 menus manually20:04
kuranevii am new on ustudio20:11
kuranevii have any questions20:11
zequencekuranevi: Just ask away20:13
kuraneviwhat is the standart desktop environment on ustudio?20:13
zequencekuranevi: XFCE. It's mostly imported from Xubuntu20:14
ArkhanaZequence is righr20:14
kuranevimy system is correct;)20:14
kuranevianother question:20:14
zequenceArkhana: I better be, since I'm the project lead :)20:15
ArkhanaZequencer :D20:17
kuranevimy monitr support 1280 x 1024 resolution but i can use only 1024 x 76820:17
kuraneviwhat is wrong?20:17
zequencekuranevi: Did you try arandr?20:18
kuranevino. i dont know this!20:19
Unit193Do you have the open or closed drivers?20:19
zequencekuranevi: menu -> settings -> ARandR20:20
kuranevithis is my first run20:20
zequencekuranevi: You either have free drivers, or you have closed (proprietary), but I'm guessing you have free20:21
kuranevihe says 1024x768 too20:22
Unit193For some cards/drivers, I've needed to generate an xorg.conf file, and on one computer I have to force it to a higher resolution.20:22
zequencekuranevi: did you try arandr yet?20:24
zequenceoh, sorry20:24
kuraneviyes.. zequence20:24
zequencekuranevi: So, only one resolution there?20:24
kuranevionly tree, the another res. is lower20:24
kuraneviexcuse me: only 4 resolution but the another tree is lower20:25
Unit193You could try the proprietary driver, if there is one for your device.20:25
zequencekuranevi: what kind of graphic card do you have?20:26
kuraneviradeon hd 465020:27
zequencekuranevi: I would take this up at ubuntu channels or forums, as it's something that affects all ubuntu flavors20:31
zequencekuranevi: Are you sure 1280x1024 is the native resolution for your screen?20:32
kuraneviyes: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/EM/200512/20051227074515625/EN/6_sub.htm20:35
zequencekuranevi: might be you need to do as Unit193 said, create a custom xorg.conf. I can't advice you on that, but it it's a file that is not used anymore, unless you want to make settings manually. You put it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:38
ArkhanaI have some problems with ALSA and JACK20:41
kuranevican i do anything under add. drivers?20:41
ArkhanaKuranevi: You could build a second-hand video card in your PC. For about ten euros you don't have to config anything20:43
zequenceArkhana: It's not sure that it's the fault of the driver20:44
kuraneviyes, i can. which graphic card can i use20:44
zequenceMaybe none of the drivers are making sense of the screen20:44
zequencekuranevi: Something like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/74808/how-do-i-force-a-resolution-of-1024x76820:46
zequenceModes     "1024x768" "800x600"20:47
zequencenot sure what you should do with the HoriSync and VertRefresh20:48
zequenceYou could try leaving them out20:48
zequencekuranevi: When you do this kind of stuff, it's good if you know a little bit about using the terminal20:48
kuranevii have this information on add. drivers: http://www.cnx-software.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Ubuntu-Additional-Drivers-ATI_Radeon_drivers_Catalyst.png20:49
zequencekuranevi: There's a package for it in Ubuntu repos20:49
zequencekuranevi: fglrx20:49
zequencekuranevi: Again, it might not be a problem with the driver20:49
zequencekuranevi: Also, it's not certain that the new AMD drivers work20:49
zequencekuranevi: But, if you want to try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI20:50
zequencethere's been a problem with recent AMD proprietary drivers. not very good support20:51
zequencethe free drivers are good, except some people have problems with overheating20:51
zequencealso, the proprietary AMD drivers drop support for newer cards very quickly20:52
zequenceAnd, you can't easily build the older drivers on newer Ubuntu releases20:52
zequenceSo, in the end, the free drivers are the easiest20:52
zequencesorry, drop support for older card, is what I mean :)20:52
ArkhanaSounds like building a driver is not for noobs20:53
kuraneviyou meaning, i have a risk activate the licenced driver under addional drivers;?20:54
kuranevibetter is to work with xorg.conf?20:54
ArkhanaI don't know. I always recommend to do back-ups when you're doing things like this20:55
zequencekuranevi: Just read the page to learn about the different choices you have with drivers20:55
kuranevithank you all20:55
zequencekuranevi: I would at least try the xorg.conf solution20:55
ArkhanaKuranevi: do you understand it a little?20:56
zequencekuranevi: Just remember, if you do it badly, your desktop could disappear, and all you can do is use a terminal, so it's good if you know what to do when that happens20:56
kuraneviyes Arkhana20:56
kuranevii know zequence20:56
ArkhanaOk, if you understand all the files and such you are kinda safe not to break something20:58
ArkhanaAll the files you need for this20:58
kuraneviunderstand sir:)20:59
ArkhanaI learn computing by breaking things and building it up again21:00
ArkhanaBut that's not always nice, believe me :D21:00
ArkhanaGood night everybody21:01
ArkhanaI'm going to sleep21:01
kuraneviArkhana: we walk on the same way but you are far away;)21:02
ArkhanaWhat do you mean?21:02
kuranevilearning computing by breaking21:02
kuraneviand building it up again;)21:03
ArkhanaYep. Sometimes you have a nice thing for office purpose, and after 10 minutes you have to start over new again21:04
ArkhanaWhere are you from, btw21:05
kuranevigood night all21:05
kuranevifrom Istanbul21:06
kuraneviand you?21:06
ArkhanaI'm from the Netherlands21:06
ArkhanaTomorrow it's Queens Day21:06
ArkhanaMaybe you have heared about it?21:07
kuraneviA little bit21:07
kuraneviwe have not a king and queen;)21:07
ArkhanaA sheik?21:07
kuraneviare you Dutch?21:07
kuranevinot a Sheik21:08
kuraneviwe have a democratic republic21:08
ArkhanaWe too. We have a queen, but she has no power at all21:08
kuranevii dont love the Sheiks21:08
ArkhanaNo? Why not?21:09
zequenceI think the Turkish language is probably quite similar to Finnish. Not many people know this21:09
zequenceIt is not related to Arabic21:09
zequenceAs many think21:09
ArkhanaNo. I didn't know that too21:09
zequenceEven if many words are borrowed from the Arabic language21:09
zequenceThe grammar is very similar to Hungarian and Finnish21:10
kuranevizequence: you are right21:10
ArkhanaBut the capital letter i in Turkey is very handy21:10
kuraneviArkhana: i dont love the monarchy and Theocracy21:10
ArkhanaI love communism21:10
ArkhanaBut there will never be good communis,21:11
kuranevido you know anything from ibni Haldun?21:11
ArkhanaNo, not at all21:11
ArkhanaIs he Atatürk?21:11
ArkhanaWho is Ibni Haldun?21:12
kuranevino he is a socialogist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Khaldun21:13
kuranevibut you can find not good informations on wiki21:14
kuraneviread this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muqaddimah#.27Asabiyyah21:15
ArkhanaWell, i see a lot of informatiom21:15
ArkhanaI will check that out tommorow. I'm going to sleep now21:15
ArkhanaGood night21:16
kuranevii ask you tomorrow;)21:16
kuranevigood Queens day for any, and on 1 mai for us all:)21:16
kuranevigood night21:17
ArkhanaI will leave my phone turned on the whole night, so the link is still on my phone tommorow21:17
ArkhanaBut what is on 1 mai?21:17
kuraneviInternational Workers' Day21:18
ArkhanaO yes, that's true.21:18
kuranevia spirit day in communism:P21:18
ArkhanaGood night21:18
kuranevizequence: where are you from?21:19
zequencekuranevi: I'm Finnish, but I live in Sweden21:20
zequenceI've read about a bit about the Turkish language. It looks very similar to Finnish in deed, even if probably not a single word is the same, but the grammar is very similar21:21
zequenceThe way you can use one word to say something that in other languages require 5 words21:22
kuraneviyes, you are right21:22
kuranevieskimo people and the american indians too21:22
zequenceSioux :)21:22
zequenceProbably all of the languages of the nomad people on the northern hemisphere21:23
kuranevitottally correct21:23
kuraneviwhat do you know about the runic alphabet?21:24
zequencenot much21:25
zequenceused by the old norse people21:25
kuraneviwhat do you know about he Etrusk?21:25
zequenceFinnish didn't have a written language until quite late. Officially, probably not until the 180021:25
zequenceVery little21:26
kuraneviand Basque people?21:27
zequenceNot much21:27
zequenceI know there has been some ideas about those belonging to the same group of languages21:27
ArkhanaDutch with Somalian21:28
kuranevithis communitys have no connection from the Indo-european21:28
zequenceIn Europe, the study of languages has been heavily influenced by nationalism, so probably a lot of the information today is wrong21:28
ArkhanaThe Dutch grammar is quite easy nowadays21:29
kuraneviDutch=Deutch/German/allemania etc.21:29
ArkhanaVery few people use right grammar21:29
Arkhanain Holland21:30
kuraneviis same  in all countrys21:30
ArkhanaBut in Holland a lot more21:30
kuraneviArkhana kannst du deutsch sprechen?21:31
ArkhanaThe gender types of words are used wrong very often21:31
ArkhanaJa naturlich21:31
ArkhanaDas habe ich gelernt auf der Schule21:31
kuraneviich auch21:31
zequenceFinnish grammar is easy in one way. You can put the words almost in any order you want, and it will always be correct. But, knowing how to bend them, is a different story :). 16 forms of casus21:31
ArkhanaHere it's not21:32
kuranevi"i love linux" on turkish: "linux'u sev+i+yor+um"21:32
ArkhanaAt our language lessons at school we learn to give all the kinds of words a own kname21:33
kuranevisev(mek) mean love21:33
ArkhanaI love linux : Ik houd van Linux21:33
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.21:33
ArkhanaHoud van: love21:34
kuraneviHoud man is not german?21:34
ArkhanaHoud (van)21:34
ArkhanaIt's Dutch21:34
zequencein Finnish: "linuxta rakastan", all though, Finns rarely say they love something ;)21:34
ArkhanaGerman: liebe21:35
ArkhanaIk haat smurfen: I hate smurfs :D21:35
ArkhanaWhen do they say they love someti21:35
zequenceIt's not a word easily used21:37
kuraneviLove and Liebe is a little similar but Houd is very different21:37
ArkhanaHoud : keep21:37
ArkhanaHoud van : love21:37
ArkhanaHoud jij van Linux : Do you love Linux?21:38
ArkhanaJij: you21:38
zequenceIn Finnish, you only need two words for that: rakastatko linuxta?21:38
kuraneviyou on turkish: siz/sen :)21:38
zequencerakastatkokin linuxta = do you also love linux?21:38
ArkhanaLazy typing in Finnish :D21:38
zequenceArkhana: Less word, more complicated words21:39
ArkhanaI see21:39
kuraneviDo you love Linux on turkish: Linux'u seviyormusun?21:39
ArkhanaAll kinda long words21:39
ArkhanaThe most complicated word I know is methylfenidaathydrochloride21:40
ArkhanaMy daily medicine21:42
ArkhanaTo decrease autism21:42
zequenceProbably the longest one word in Finnish epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkään21:42
zequenceIt's not a combination of words, but a grammatical form of one word21:42
ArkhanaWOW GEEZ21:43
kuranevihey friendst , i want to go sleep21:43
kuranevinivce to meet you21:43
kuraneviyhave you twitter account?21:43
zequenceIf your read further down, you'll see how the word is constructed21:43
zequence"I wonder if it's not with his act of not having made something be seen as unsystematicality"21:43
kuranevifollow me please: kksafak21:43
kuraneviand zequence?21:44
zequenceI don't twitter21:45
zequenceBut, I'm usually always around here21:45
ArkhanaI don't know how to add people on Symbian21:46
ArkhanaSo please follow me: speedfreaked21:46
kuranevii cant find your nickname on twitter21:46
ArkhanaWithout the 121:47
ArkhanaSo just speedfreaked21:47
kuranevino, icant find21:47
kuranevimy name is Kenan21:48
kuraneviyou can fşnd my name in Binle:P21:48
ArkhanaI don't know where to search people in Symbian21:49
ArkhanaCould you place a tweet with #something_very_random ?21:51
ArkhanaI can find you that way21:51
ArkhanaAnd then tell me what's after the hashtag21:52
ArkhanaOr do you have fb21:53
kuranevii dont use fb21:53
ArkhanaOk could you place a tweet?21:54
ArkhanaWhat's in it?21:55
kuranevii have say how are you21:57
ArkhanaHey a mail21:57
ArkhanaNow I can finally sleep :D21:57
kuranevime too:P21:58
IntuitiveLeaphello everyone23:41
IntuitiveLeapif any of the ubuntustudio folks are on, i have recently gotten this following nasty message from some of the regular updates.23:42
IntuitiveLeapDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y23:43
IntuitiveLeapSetting up initramfs-tools (0.103ubuntu0.7) ...23:43
IntuitiveLeapupdate-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)23:43
IntuitiveLeapProcessing triggers for initramfs-tools ...23:43
IntuitiveLeapupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.8.0-19-lowlatency23:43
IntuitiveLeapgzip: stdout: No space left on device23:43
IntuitiveLeapE: mkinitramfs failure cpio 141 gzip 123:43
IntuitiveLeapupdate-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-3.8.0-19-lowlatency with 1.23:43
IntuitiveLeapdpkg: error processing initramfs-tools (--configure):23:43
IntuitiveLeap subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 123:43
IntuitiveLeapNo apport report written because MaxReports is reached already23:43
IntuitiveLeap                                                              Errors were encountered while processing:23:43
IntuitiveLeap initramfs-tools23:43
IntuitiveLeapE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)23:43
Unit193gzip: stdout: No space left on device  You seem to be out of room, try removing something, adding room to the partition, or uninstalling some things as well.  Bit first, what's the output of df -h ?23:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:44
IntuitiveLeapi have a terabyte of space O.o23:44
Unit193Ah, nice.  What's the output of  df -h  though?23:45
IntuitiveLeapany speciasl folder u after?23:46
Unit193That's drives, not dirs.  (it is df, not du.)23:46
IntuitiveLeapso u after boot23:46
IntuitiveLeapah yes i am at 98 %23:46
Unit193There ye go, that's your problem. :)23:47
IntuitiveLeapcan gparted increase the boot drive while it's running?23:47
Unit193I'm pretty sure it cannot.23:47
IntuitiveLeapwell ty for the diagnosis23:48
IntuitiveLeapi will mull this over23:48
Unit193Sure.  LiveCD and gparted should be on it.23:48
IntuitiveLeapty again, ill give that a try. does it seem strange that the boot drive would be full, i have only had this os on here for a few months?23:53
IntuitiveLeapubuntustudio 13.0423:53
Unit193Depends on what you have, if you remove old kernels, etc.23:58
Unit193dpkg -l | grep -e linux-image -e linux-header23:58
IntuitiveLeapi know the updates have installed a lot of updated kernels, that must be it23:58
Unit193You normally only want to keep the current one, and one you know works.23:59
IntuitiveLeapwhat is the standard procedure to remove them?23:59

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