DanaGSay, I'm having trouble writing an upstart rule/job/scriot (whatever you call it)... if I try to start it, the 'start' command hangs forever, and nothing happens.  There isn't even a logged failure in syslog, and the log with the upstart job's name doesn't exist.  I've stripped it down to a minimal test case, and even this fails:  http://pastebin.com/D8wEy8fW05:20
jYsounds like a fork problem05:40
DanaGhmm, I'll try adding 'expect fork', even though a simple '/usr/bin/env' (print environment variables) ought not to fork itself...05:42
DanaGLast thing I see with initctl loglevel at debug: "asset-upnp goal changed from stop to start".... then nothing.05:43
DanaGOkay, that didn't change anything.05:43
DanaGhmm, is it possible for upstart itself to get stuck in a screwed-up state where it refuses to do things?  I can stop and start lightdm just fine, but not my own service.05:44
DanaGgah, for now, I'm giving up, and starting the darn thing in rc.local.06:20
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