pmitrosIs there good text on debugging juju anywhere? I've gone through the Hello World example a few times (wordpress+mysql), and it's never worked. On one machine, it would break while apt was installing packages (specifically, the postfix package was waiting for user input). On my home maschine, I get a bad gateway error from nginx. Some kind of high-level roadmap would be very helpful ("Here are where log files live," "Here's how you downloa10:35
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marcoceppijcastro: can you delete this? https://code.launchpad.net/~jorge/charms/precise/docs/trunk It breaks `charm list`14:42
rshade98I am still having a problem with TLS failure. Any ideas?15:28
hazmatmarcoceppi, see jitsu search15:50
hazmatrshade98, pastebin?15:50
hazmatpmitros, which version?15:51
hazmatpmitros, ie. juju-core or pyjuju15:51
marcoceppihazmat: I see there's a search, but no "list" function, any way to list "reviewed" charms outside of charm list?15:52
marcoceppiTrying to replace `charm list | grep lp:charms`15:53
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hazmatmarcoceppi, search -h16:03
hazmatmarcoceppi, owner:~charmers is cheeky but should hit the majority16:03
hazmater. owners:charmers16:04
marcoceppihazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5619558/ ;)16:04
hazmatmarcoceppi, ugh.. the help in jitsu is broken.. try jitsu help search16:07
marcoceppihazmat: Ah, thanks that works much better16:07
hazmatmarcoceppi, its going to break in a week or two when jujucharms.com gets switch over to its new backend, easy enough to fix though16:08
marcoceppihazmat: ack16:08
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hazmatrshade98, it looks like you have a cert mismatch, the ca is cached on the client in ~/.juju but the ca cert on the client doesn't match up with the bootstrap'd state server16:51
rshade98Is there a way to only bootstrap the certs16:52
hazmatrshade98, not without a destroy-environment and rebootstrap16:52
rshade98I get a failure with multiple boxes, saying the environment is already bootstraps16:52
hazmatrshade98, did you switch machines?16:53
hazmatrshade98, which ever machine you did the original bootstrap on. you have to copy the whole ~/.juju over16:53
rshade98oh, so it is gone16:53
hazmatthe ca cert file that works, is in the one that bootstrapped16:53
rshade98I need to destroy the whole environment huh16:53
hazmatrshade98, in that case destroy && bootstrap is the simplest option16:54
rshade98is that just deleting the bucket in ec2?16:54
hazmatalternatively manually creating a new ca, new cert, and installing it onto the bootstrap server16:54
rshade98I mean s3/ec216:54
hazmatrshade98, destroy-environment kills all the machines in the env16:54
rshade98ok, so that just deletes the bucket etc.16:56
rshade98now it won't dial the mongos should upload the certs, kill the machine, add the juju groups to it, and start it17:02
arosalesmarcoceppi, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/view/Precise%20Charms/ looking a lot better. Thanks for getting beating that into shape :-)17:41
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hazmatmarcoceppi, you coming out to oakland?18:50
marcoceppihazmat: yes18:51
hazmatmarcoceppi, it looks like failures generate false success in some cases18:55
marcoceppihazmat: have an example?18:55
hazmatmarcoceppi, i thought i did.. but explicitly navigating to the last build looks okay.. i was looking at the wordpress graph test18:56
hazmatwhich still fails with memcached.. but the test is passing18:56
hazmatbut the it does look significantly better18:56
marcoceppihazmat: yeah, there's still a few broken tests out there. Some corner cases like juju environment not getting set up properly cause the test to pass18:57
sarnoldooh, I like that jenkins overview of charms :) ec2 and local, very neat18:58
hazmatmarcoceppi, the new juju-deployer version is pretty robust and helpful about doing the proper wait for success with streaming change output (jcore only though)18:58
hazmatmight be able to feed it the test plans, or massage the test plans into a compatible form18:59
marcoceppihazmat: juju-developer? You mean the API stuff?18:59
hazmatmarcoceppi, its a tool for deploying complex environments from a yaml/json description.. with inheritance, file value substitution, etc.19:01
hazmatwe use it quite a bit for openstack19:01
marcoceppihazmat: that sounds super sexy. Shouldn't be difficult at all to format the test plans to feed that in19:02
rshade98is juju a per s3 folder environment?19:13
rshade98it seems to alway have conflicts when they share.19:14
rshade98and if so, any idea what the best way to randomize the uuid is19:14
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_mup_Bug #1174905 was filed: Not possible to deploy local charms <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1174905>20:23
mwhudsonmramm: hey20:40
mwhudsonmramm: <generic armhf juju ping goes here>20:40
mrammI've filed a ticket to get the go 1.1 beta into the archive so that we can start building official images with it20:41
mrammif you want help trying to compile yourself davecheney (dfc) can help (I CCed him on our last e-mail exchange)20:41
mwhudsoncompile go myself or compile juju?20:42
rshade98is there any way to make the juju commands super verbose21:07
sidneirshade98: as in -vvv?21:34
sidneirshade98: though you might be actually looking for juju debug-log which tails the services' logs21:35
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