eagles0513875_hey guys has anyone setup openssh client to use a tunnel09:38
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eagles0513875_ok guys im at my wits end with the unity web apps plugin i remove the packages from my system and chromium continues to prompt to instal them11:08
eagles0513875_wtf seriously how can i stop these popups11:08
alvinA lot of machines running Kubuntu have problems showing transparancy in KDE applications. My task manager is barely readable. Is there anyone who can point me to a bug report?11:37
alvinIt happens on different Intel videocards. Not on nouveau.11:37
Tm_Talvin: hmmm, I'm on intel and don't have such issues11:40
Tm_Tscreenshot or something about the issue you're having?11:41
alvinYes, I'll take screenshots of the 3 different machines. (3 different cards also)11:41
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alvinhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/296786/kde1.jpg and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/296786/kde2.jpg That's on an Intel 4000. Notice the weird corners. In the first screenshot the  cashew on the taskbar is up. On the second, it's the top of the KDE start menu.11:46
alvinDesktop effects on or off doesn't make a lot of difference. Corners are the weirdest part11:47
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Tm_Talvin: hmmm, does resizing the panel have any effect?12:09
Tm_TI'm wondering if it's image cache issue, other than that, I cannot help as I cannot reproduce12:09
CenbeMenu editor problem. I create a new menu entry with command text "xt5250 ssl:weyco400 env.TERM=IBM-3477-FC" (no quotes)...12:28
CenbeBut ps ax shows "/bin/sh /usr/bin/xt5250 -BOOT ssl...". Where does "-BOOT" come from and how do I get rid of it?12:29
bradleemy kubuntu system is very slow and control-esc shows plasma desktop in disk sleep...any ideas???12:51
bradleenepomukservicestub is taking 49% of cpu12:52
bradleemaybe I should disable nepo indexint12:52
bradleenepomukservicestub is taking 2 gb of memory and growing12:53
bradleehow can that be???12:53
bradleegoing to google to see...12:54
nick_omegahello, i suddenly cannot connect to my wifi device with kubuntu 12 after several consecutive weeks without issues.  1. i can connect with windows 7 without a problem 2. i have deleted the particular wifi connection and recreated it and rebooted.  is there a solution?12:55
michaelplast night setup qpaeq. had trouble with pulse.. so i unstalled pulseaudio deleted eetc/pulse.. reinstalled it... now im missing deamon.conf.. and when useing qpaeq sound stops when the next video starts playing..12:55
nick_omega^^ 3.i've also reset the router and modem12:57
nick_omega^^ above issue was resolved13:36
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BluesKajHi all14:17
noaXesshow do i recover a kmenu entry.. have made a copy to the taskbar and removed it frmo kmenu.. but need the same again.. where to copy that one from taskbar?14:51
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ovidiu-florinhello world :D15:28
ovidiu-florinHow is everybody?15:30
genii-aroundovidiu-florin: I'm ill but at work because no one can cover my shift today. Otherwise peachy.15:31
BluesKajok here , still getting over my bout with sg=hrimp protien alergy ,, something that just developed in the last few yrs15:33
ovidiu-florinI've moved my server to annother location, and just now I've realised that I haven't set the port forwarding for ssh :((15:33
genii-aroundovidiu-florin: Ouch. So now you have to go back over in person ?15:34
ovidiu-florinhttp and znc works fine.... but no ssh... :(15:34
ovidiu-florincan a virtual machine be istalled on the server from ssh?15:38
ovidiu-floringenii-around: that sucks....15:39
ovidiu-floringenii-around: what are you working?15:39
BluesKajovidiu-florin, I've ssh'd into my other pc and installed packages15:39
genii-aroundovidiu-florin: Operating the manual elevator all day, plus I have 7-8 small building repairs today15:40
ovidiu-florinBluesKaj: I mean that I want to install a new virtual machine on my server. How can I do that being connected via ssh tot the server?15:40
BluesKajdunno , never tried that , ovidiu-florin15:41
BluesKajgenii-around, , is his question possible ?15:42
genii-aroundDepends what VM system. We have done this at work with Xen but I think default virtualization is now KVM which I'm not familiar with15:43
ovidiu-florinat the moment I'm using VirtualBox15:43
ovidiu-florinhow can I have a system on which I can have virtual machines and controll them from a web interface or some console commands, or something..?15:43
ovidiu-florinI saw something like this on VMware15:44
ovidiu-florinbut it only works on specific proprietary hardware15:44
ovidiu-florinis there an open source/free solution for this?15:44
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Virtualbox has an open-source version.15:45
ovidiu-florinhey lordievader15:45
genii-aroundovidiu-florin: For virtualbox I think you'll need vboxmanage for command-line VM admin15:46
ovidiu-florinyeah, I've used that15:46
ovidiu-florinit's great for managing15:46
ovidiu-florinbut a web interface tool would be great15:46
lordievaderovidiu-florin: VB has a web interface.15:47
lordievaderovidiu-florin: https://code.google.com/p/phpvirtualbox/15:47
ovidiu-florinah, this one15:48
ovidiu-florinis this official??15:48
lordievaderovidiu-florin: There is a link to it on the virtualbox website, don't think it is backed by Oracle though.15:48
ovidiu-florini'll give it a try15:51
roastedWhat is the secret to installing Kubuntu on a UEFI system even with UEFI disabled?15:58
roastedUbuntu installs without issue, but Kubuntu yells about grub-efi or something or another. Tried about 10 times, no luck.15:58
BluesKaj!efi | roasted15:58
ubotturoasted: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:58
roastedpretty sure this link is what I was on yesterday15:59
ovidiu-florinuuuuu: Can be "detached" to open the VM's console in a minimal, new browser window16:00
roastedI just wasn't understanding how Ubuntu with guided partitioning installed without issue while Kubuntu with guided partitioning failed. :(16:02
BluesKajroasted, you could install ubuntu then install kubuntu desktop and run a kde pure command as a workaround16:02
roastedBluesKaj: I appreciate the thought, but no.16:02
roastedIf I'm going to run Kubuntu, I'll run Kubuntu. If I'll run Ubuntu I'll run Ubuntu. :/16:03
roastedI'm not going to jump through hoops to make Kubuntu work if others work without a hitch.16:03
BluesKajor use the manual partitioning option rather then guided16:03
roastedIt didn't help that my brightness controls didn't work on KDE but worked fine on Ubuntu either... but that was something I was hoping to curb once I finally got Kubuntu installed.16:03
roastedBluesKaj: I did.16:05
roastedBluesKaj: I installed about 6 times manual and another 5 times guided.16:05
roastedeach time failed with the same error. EVen if I used identical partitioning structures that worked on Ubuntu, it still failed on Kubuntu16:05
rd1381hi how can i change the locale for my gnome apps?16:06
BluesKajroasted, what's the error?16:06
keithzgHmm, this is an odd one. After my upgrade to 13.04, kwallet keeps prompting for my password but never quite accepts it.16:08
rd1381do anybody gets freezes randomly?16:12
genii-aroundroasted: I mentioned your issue to #kubuntu-devel , they would like a bug report, with logs if possible16:14
BluesKajkeithzg, I just turn the kwalletmanager off/disable  , since I'm a homeuser ,but it depends on your setup and security requirements16:15
keithzgBluesKaj: It normally works quite fine (extremely useful for remembering various ftp/sftp/smb passwords, amongst others). Killing kwalletd and letting it be prompted into restarting seems to have restored it A-OK.16:16
genii-aroundroasted: It's suggested for now to follow BluesKaj's recommendation to install a minimal Ubuntu then add kubuntu-desktop16:16
keithzgrd1381: What behaviour exactly? I got into work today and I was confronted with a kernel panic, or at least a kernel backtrace (haven't had time to look at the system logs yet)16:17
roastedgenii-around: how does one get logs during the installer16:17
BluesKajkeithzg, good to hear , especially since you need all those different pws :)16:17
roastedthanks, I'll keep that in mind. either way my brightness controls are butchered in Kubuntu which alone would be a substantial deal breaker, but if I get some free time maybe I'll give it another shot16:18
shadeslayerroasted: merely run ubuntu-bug ubiquity post install16:19
roastedpost install? the install doesn't succeed...16:19
shadeslayerright, doesn't matter, just let the installer fail whenever16:20
shadeslayeronce it says install succeeded / failed / whatever, run ubuntu-bug ubiquity16:20
BluesKajBBL ...16:20
roastedI thought I remember it locking up once it failed, which would kill my chance of running that...16:20
* shadeslayer hasn't read the backlog16:20
roastedI'll have to see though. I tried so many dang installs I forget which is which...16:21
shadeslayerthough this is not really a ubiquity bug, from what I was told, the Kubuntu images don't support UEFI yet16:21
roastedare you serious?16:22
shadeslayer*proper UEFI support16:22
shadeslayerI thought we did16:22
shadeslayerapparently not16:22
roastedwell, I'm on Ubuntu now, so at least I'm able to get work done. maybe someday. :-[16:22
roastedthanks for the insight16:22
shadeslayersomething to do for the saucy cycle16:23
roastedindeed. means more waiting though. :-[16:23
genii-aroundroasted: I'm pretty sure the logs from the liveDVD will be in the same place as regular system eg: /var/log   ... so probably want /var/log/installer/*  logs and /var/log/apport.log   and so on16:23
shadeslayeryeah, or just boot in BIOS mode?16:23
roastedI am16:24
roasteduefi is disabled16:24
roastedbut Ubuntu creates an efi boot partition, whereas Kubuntu does not16:24
roastedeven if I manually create it, no difference16:24
rd1381keithzg : i dont know if its kernel or not but every thing freezes even my harddrive and i have to reboot it16:30
keithzgrd1391: Does alt+sysreq+REISUB work to reboot it when it's frozen like that?16:30
rd1381keithzg: no it doesnt respond to any key other that reset key16:35
keithzgAnd *definitely* not alt+sysreq+REISUB? Remember that's not exactly a normal keyboard combo (the R at the start sets it into raw input mode; the B at the end forces a reboot).16:38
keithzgBack in the day when KDE 4.x was new and wasn't playing very well with the NVIDIA setup I had (proprietary blob, asymmetrical twinview) the whole system would lock up all the time, but holding alt and sysreq while punching in REISUB would softly reboot it, thankfully.16:40
l_rdoes kmail support newsgroups?17:14
roastedis there a big difference between the uefi on a Mac versus a windows 8 system? I installed Kubuntu on my iMac without issue but my Asus is a different story...17:18
Tm_Tl_r: kmail is mail application and only that, there's Knode for newsgroups17:23
l_rcan kmail emit a beep when an email arrive?17:27
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alesanI just installed kubuntu 13.0417:30
alesanwhat is the login manager? is it kdm or...?17:30
Tm_Tl_r: yes, or notification popup, or speech or ...17:30
genii-aroundalesan: lightdm-kde-greeter17:30
l_rTm_T, where exactly?17:30
alesangenii-around, where is its configuration file?17:30
l_rTm_T, i cannot find it17:31
alesangenii-around, the equivalent of /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc17:31
Tm_Tl_r: one moment17:31
l_rTm_T, thx17:31
genii-aroundalesan: /etc/lightdm/lightdm-kde-greeter.conf17:31
l_rTm_T, never mind17:31
l_rTm_T, it seems it's the default17:31
alesangenii-around, that file is empty.........17:31
l_rTm_T, i just heard of a bip17:32
Tm_Tl_r: yeah, you can control it from the settings menu, "configure notifications"17:32
alesangenii-around, sorry not empty17:32
alesanbut .... very very few options17:32
alesankdmrc had hundreds of lines17:32
Tm_Talesan: what is the problem?17:33
genii-aroundalesan: In the same directory is the main lightdm.conf file also17:33
alesanTm_T, that I am confused by the options of this new login manager17:33
alesanI was used to kdm, do you think I can switch back to the regular kdm?17:33
Tm_Talesan: ah, you can but I'd rather learn the new one as it will be there in the future17:34
genii-aroundalesan: Sure, but it will soon be deprecated as the lightdm one is favoured17:34
* genii-around slides Tm_T a large coffee17:35
alesanok. so I need to have a read only FS kiosk mode setup that I had in the past with 12.04 and works great17:35
alesanonly thing I enabled "AllowRootLogin=true" because of reasons17:35
alesannow, is there an equivalent version for lightdm?17:35
Tm_TI would argue there's no reason to allow root login though (:17:36
alesanyou can argue, but that is not my question and I am not here for a lecture on security policies17:36
alesansorry I do not mean to be rude17:37
Tm_Talesan: I understand, this setting might help you: greeter-show-manual-login=true17:37
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genii-aroundalesan: greeter-show-manual-login=true    in lightdm  under section [SeatDefaults]   should be the same effect17:37
alesanin fact that poses a new question17:38
Tm_Tgenii-around: we're bit out of sync17:38
genii-aroundTm_T: I didn't check backscroll after I came back from researching it, sorry!17:38
Tm_Tgenii-around: I mean if we're going to say the same things we should have to do at the same time to full effect17:39
alesanmy next question is: how do I disable ALL effects, transparencies, auras, animations?17:41
Tm_Talesan: System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> "enable desktop effects at startup"17:43
alesanTm_T, is this a system wide setting or a per-user ne?17:43
alesanisn't there a system wide one? :(17:44
Tm_Tbut I believe you can make it to be the default for every new user17:44
alesannooo... :(17:45
alesanI already have multiple users17:45
Tm_Thmmm, let's see...17:45
alesanin fact I also have another question: how do I encrypt home directories after having created the user?17:45
alesanI'll be right back :)17:46
alesanwhat is the best way to remove dolphin?17:59
alesanwhat is this nepomuk that is wasting so much I/O?18:01
genii-aroundFile indexing.18:01
BluesKajalesan, you can't , unless you want to remove the whole desktop18:01
alesanBluesKaj, why, can't I use konqueror?18:02
alesangenii-around, how can I uninstall it? unless it brings some advantage18:02
BluesKajdolphin is the default file manager18:02
alesanBluesKaj, I do not want it, I want konqueror18:02
alesanwho would want to use dolphin when there is a much better one available18:03
* BluesKaj shrugs and leaves to do some errands18:03
genii-aroundalesan: You can remove the package dolphin without worrying. It says it will also remove kubuntu-desktop but that is a virtual package18:04
BluesKajalesan, it's the way it is , use konqueror if you like18:04
alesangenii-around, OK good riddance18:05
BluesKajtaking out kubuntu desktop takes alot with it , or used to anyway , unless things have changed18:06
alesanok done18:07
yofeltaking out kubuntu-desktop doesn't take anything with it by design18:07
yofelit's just a guarantee that all the defaults are there18:07
alesanok while I was playing around, I realized that my task bar is rather empty18:09
BluesKajyofel, really ? I recall trying to remove akonadi and nepomuk , and the list of apps that it was oing take with it included kubuntu-dektop and whole lot of others as well18:10
alesanI just have the classical K menu and three dots (RGB) that open some sort of strange panel18:10
alesanbut I do not have the application tabs and the tray area18:10
alesanhow can I add them back?18:10
yofelBluesKaj: that's the fault of akonadi/nepomuk, not kubuntu-desktop18:11
BluesKajtoo bad they share so many dependencies18:11
alesaneven the clock is gone :(18:12
BluesKajalesan, try the widgets18:12
alesanBluesKaj, is there a list of default widgets? this happened only for a specific user, not for all18:12
[GuS]Hi guys... i have a problem since upgraded to Kubuntu 13.04: usb sticks does noy appears (or any usb storage). It shows USB info in dmesg, but nothing more... even does not appears with fdisk -l. Any idea?18:12
alesanso that I can re-create a default configuration of the task bar18:13
BluesKajalesan, rihj=ght click on the desktop , add widgets18:14
BluesKajok , gotta go for sure now ...bbl18:15
alesanwhere do I set the time in 24 hours format?18:18
genii-aroundalesan: System Settings... Locale... Time and Date....Time Format  ... just remove the PH part18:21
genii-aroundalesan: Sorry, the AMPM part at end if it has it18:22
rohdefcan someone explain to me how to get the sound right on youtube? It seems that the sound's pitch is way above what it should be18:22
ElTimabloOk, so I keep setting my clock using systemsettings, but it changes to GMT every time I log in.18:39
ElTimabloThe time zone stays correct, but it's always 4 hours ahead. And it doesn't do it until about five minutes after I've logged in.18:40
ElTimabloAlso, setting it to sync to ntp does nothing.18:41
ElTimabloOh cool, now it's doing it multiple times per session.18:43
ElTimabloNot sure why I asked here. Nobody ever answers.18:44
bazhangbe patient18:45
bazhangit takes a moment to check the forums for your issue18:45
ElTimabloI've been at this for 36 hours straight now, and I ran out of cigarettes. My patience is all kinds of gone.18:45
ElTimabloSo please understand if I'm a little testy.18:45
bazhangthen step away18:46
ElTimabloI already stepped away to smoke all my smokes.18:46
bazhangwell, we are volunteers, and answers only come as fast as we either know them, or check the forums for them'18:47
ElTimabloI did check the forums, but all the answers are from 2010 or 2011 and the files they refer to no longer exist.18:48
genii-aroundElTimablo: What is in /etc/timezone   file?18:48
alesanElTimablo, but is your BIOS clock set to UTC or what?18:48
ElTimabloAnd it's set to UTC18:48
ElTimabloKubuntu is the only OS on the computer.18:48
alesanit should be a rather simple setup, no idea why it's not working18:49
genii-aroundElTimablo: What is the result of: date -u  && echo && date18:49
alesanI never had anything like that18:49
genii-aroundwork, back shortly18:50
ElTimablo$ date -u && echo && date18:50
ElTimabloTue Apr 30 14:49:43 UTC 201318:50
ElTimabloTue Apr 30 14:49:43 UTC 201318:50
FloodBotK1ElTimablo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:50
alesanFloodBotK1, oh come on18:50
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alesanElTimablo, well your system is evidently not configurd for your timezone :)18:50
alesandate -u  && echo && date18:51
alesanTue Apr 30 18:49:51 UTC 201318:51
alesanTue Apr 30 11:49:51 PDT 201318:51
alesanin my case it correctly shows the local time as PDT18:51
Unit193sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata18:51
ElTimabloNow it's 4 hours slow ><18:52
=== TaiChi_ is now known as Guest93684
ElTimabloBut it did do something, so that's a start.18:52
ElTimablobrb, checking if it sticks.18:53
ElTimabloIt appears to have stuck for now.18:55
ElTimabloI was getting ready to reformat.18:56
alesanElTimablo, well that would probably have worked18:58
ElTimabloYeah, but I literally JUST got KDE to look the way I want it after three days of tweaking.18:58
ElTimabloAnd I was worried that if I copied over my settings, I'd still have the same problem.18:58
alesanElTimablo, I know, it's a LONG process to make KDE useful18:59
alesanthe defaults are just so bad... :(18:59
alesanI am doing that just now18:59
ElTimabloFor desktop effects, they certainly are.18:59
ElTimabloWhy the hell would I want my windows to go transparent when I move them?18:59
wxl!info kubuntu-low-fat-settings19:00
ubottukubuntu-low-fat-settings (source: kubuntu-settings): transitional dummy package. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:13.04ubuntu11 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 55 kB19:00
alesanElTimablo, well in that case I just disabled all effects19:06
alesanI wonder who came up with desktop effects19:06
ElTimabloalesan: I kinda like them.19:06
ElTimabloPresent windows is pretty useful.19:06
alesanElTimablo, I do not, at all19:07
ElTimabloSo then why do you use KDE? Eye candy is its MO.19:07
ElTimabloNot trying to sound like a dick.19:08
=== jan_ is now known as Janneman
alesanElTimablo, well I love konqueror and the task bar19:20
alesanand konsole19:20
alesankonsole is the one tool I use almost all the time19:20
alesannow KDE has extremely good external monitor support19:20
alesanand I love klipper19:20
bazhangwhats the dropdown HUD like terminal for kde19:20
alesanin fact19:21
alesanhey where is klipper???19:21
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jarleAny showstoppers after upgrading to 13.04? (Should I wait at 12.10, or should I just "go for it"?)19:26
genii-aroundjarle: It's mostly just incremental changes and tweaks19:27
jcgsHi :) I'm currently having problems with the amd catalyst driver. Is this a good place to ask for help?19:28
jarlegenii-around: so nobody regretting the update yet then ? :)19:28
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) release notes can be found here http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0419:28
jcgsjarle: don't upgrade if you have hybrid graphics. Doesn't seem to work properly at all :(19:28
=== titbit is now known as oohmatron
jarlejcgs: what do you mean by hybrid?19:28
=== Babbu is now known as DiggestBouche
BluesKajoops , forgot that factois was dropped19:29
BluesKajjarle, it's dual gpu system for laptops that helps save battery power by only using the hi power gpu when the graphics load needs it19:31
jarleBluesKaj: ahh, yeah I know what it is19:31
alesanBluesKaj, I think I have something like that, but I disabled the "hi power" completely in the BIOS19:32
alesanwhat could be more wasteful?19:32
alesanI am not playing or doing accelerated 3D19:32
alesanin the last computer anyway there was a defect, that is only the hi power graphics could drive the DVI output19:32
alesanso I had to use VGA19:32
alesanfor the external monitor19:33
BluesKajalesan, it depends on your requirements and what you like , not eveyone uses an austere look or graphics.19:33
jcgsjarle: My laptop has an amd card and an intel card in it. they work fine together on windows but the x drivers won't play nice together :(19:34
jcgscurrently i'm limited to text terminal only :(19:35
jarlejcgs: are you saying that hybrid GPU will work better in 12.10??19:35
jcgsjarle: yes. soooooooo much. when i installed on this laptop i had to use the driver packages from some guy's ppa and that fixed it fine. unfortunately it is proving much more difficult in 13.04 :(19:37
alesanBluesKaj, and why would anybody need a hi-power graphics for that?19:38
jcgsjarle: the default install leaves you stuck on the19:38
alesanthe intel graphics is more than fine for desktop effects19:38
jarlejcgs: personally I have found other distros to work better on laptops than *buntu19:38
jcgsalesan: but not for watching hi def videos19:38
alesanjarle, on the contrary I find kubuntu to work extremely well on laptops19:39
alesanjcgs, not true; the best way to watch hi def videos is to have a hardware colorspace conversion and scaler. that is beautifully implemented by vx19:39
jcgsjarle: orly? like which ones? i've never managed to make fedora work at all, even on my old laptop with totally standard run-of-the-mill intel graphics. opensuse was annoying because i couldn't install flash. i also doubt i will be able to install soptify on it as well19:40
alesanand intel supports it well. I can play my H.264 full HD 60fps content very well with intel19:40
jarlejcgs: I found fedora to be the best match for *my* laptop :)19:40
jcgsalesan: unfortunately most of the hi def stuff i watch is from bbc iplayer, and is therefore served in flash >:(19:41
BluesKajalesan, they would not for a "minimalist look" , but for desktop effects which most ppl like , a higher powered gpu is a bonus.19:42
alesanBluesKaj, I had the effects turned one when I first installed the Kubuntu and intel was just fine19:43
alesanI disabled them because I do not like them19:43
jcgsalesan: if only the bbc would deliver videos in h.264 :)19:44
alesankeep in mind the intel solution is like a GPU of few years ago, so still quite powerful in terms of 3D19:44
alesanof course if you pla to run the latest games... well19:44
alesanjcgs, I am not sure about BBC as I do not watch TV, but youtube at full screen 1920x1080 is just fine with intel and I see absolutely no reason why a more advanced graphic card would help at all19:45
jcgsalesan: i did buy this laptop with gaming in mind, at least as a possibility19:45
alesanflash does internal compositing so it is even less dependent on graphics card than other multimedia players19:46
alesanjcgs, games are one of the few reasons I see to enable the "discrete" card19:46
jcgsalesan: anyway, now that this graphics card exists in my laptop, i would like to be able to use it19:46
jcgsand hybrid graphics cards are only going to get more common in laptops i would assume19:47
alesanjcgs, keep in mind it will run much hotter; if you disable it even when powered, likely your laptop will shut off all the fans19:47
alesanunless you do sometihng very CPU intensive, but that should not happen most of the time19:47
jcgsalesan: fan runs low most of the time19:47
jcgsalesan: it's running now, even though i'm only in text mode :(19:48
alesanexactly, that is because you have the "discrete" graphics active19:48
alesanif you disable it completely in the BIOS chances are that it will stop while CPU is not loaded much19:49
jcgsalesan: but i don't want to disable it, i want to use it :)19:49
alesanyour choice19:49
=== rosco_away is now known as rosco_y
jcgsany the reason i came here is that my x server currently segfaults on launch :( would anybody mind taking a look at my logfile to see if they can interpret the information. It seems to be doing fine until it just dies :(19:54
jcgsif anybody could give me a tip on how to use pastebin in text mode, that would also be appreciated :)19:55
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BluesKajhmm, guess the bouncer dropped my connection momentarily19:59
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sickel-cellis there any microcontoler in which we can feed opencv coads ?21:32
alesanopencv coads?21:33
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depeszhi. i'm trying to install 13.04, but I want to use lvm - but for some reason, I can't pick lvm when partitioning disks.21:34
depeszis it a known problem, or am i doing something wrong?21:34
sickel-cellan imageprocessing coad todetect circular shape21:34
sickel-cellcode is working on pc21:34
alesanwhat is a coad? an OpenCV data structure?21:34
alesansickel-cell, first of all I'd ask on #opencv instead of Kubuntu21:35
samskiter__hi, my kde taskbar has dissappeared. alt+f2 doesnt work, but ctrl+alt+f2 does. could someone please give me a command to run to get my taskbar back please?21:38
BluesKajsamskiter__, if your at+f2 isn't working try the run command in desktop right click dialog box21:40
samskiter__BluesKaj: doesnt work :)21:40
BluesKajsamskiter__, no addpanel ?21:41
samskiter__BluesKaj: ?21:41
samskiter__BluesKaj: i managed to move the windows and find the cashewnut and right click it and click "run command..." but nothing hpens21:42
BluesKajsamskiter__,is there the cashew in right corner of the pabel21:42
samskiter__BluesKaj: yes,21:42
BluesKajtry installing the the plasma-desktop21:42
samskiter__BluesKaj: via ctrl+alt+f2 ?21:43
BluesKajyes , if you can't get a terminal or muon21:43
samskiter__BluesKaj: what makes you think i need to install something?21:44
BluesKajyou're missing patrs of the plasma desktop it seems , but if you think so then I'm out of ideas21:44
samskiter__BluesKaj: its only just stopped working (i tried to suspend to ram)21:45
BluesKajand I have to go anyway , others can help you since you're crossposting21:45
RiotingPacifistsamskiter__:  DESKTOP=:0 plasma-desktop should do the trick21:45
samskiter__also, apt-get cant get lock21:45
samskiter__RiotingPacifist: got an error about cannor find d-bus session server21:46
samskiter__then pipe closed21:46
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RiotingPacifistsamskiter__: check dmesg for errors, is your /var (or hdd full)?21:47
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samskiter__oh the first message was trhat the d-bus connection was created before qcoreapplication21:48
samskiter__cant see anything in dmesg RiotingPacifist. no idea how to check the other stuff21:49
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RiotingPacifistsamskiter__: is there anything open in xorg that you want to keep, restarting kdm should bring up your desktop cleanly21:50
samskiter__RiotingPacifist: yea ill probably just restart. i was just seeing if there was an easy way of doing this for if it happens again21:51
samskiter__ (like in windows, get task manager open then use that to run explorer.exe)21:51
RiotingPacifistsamskiter__: if something has gone very wrong a restart isn't always a good idea21:52
RiotingPacifistsamskiter__: you could use top to see if something has gone crazy on the dekstop21:52
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samskiterRiotingPacifist: what am i looking for ?21:53
RiotingPacifistthe top entry in top, how much cpu is it eating and what is it?21:54
samskiterRiotingPacifist: that would be dropbox @ around 40%21:57
RiotingPacifisthmm 40% seems a little high, what happens if you try DISPLAY=:0 xterm21:59
samskiteri got a thing22:00
samskiterBUT i cant seem to change the kleyboard focus to anything other than this window (chrome)22:00
samskiterhaha! what is it with me and linux. i always get the strangest issues22:01
RiotingPacifistahh try, DISPLAY=:0 kwin22:01
samskiterhmmm im not sure that worked22:02
RiotingPacifistit sounds like your window manager has died, this means you can't change focus and certain apps (like plasma will go crazy/die)22:02
samskiterBadWindow error22:02
samskiter(got the same "session D-bus connection created before QCoreApplication" error"22:03
samskiteras the first error)22:03
samskiterfollowed by Badwindow22:03
RiotingPacifistdoes the xterm window now have decorations/borders?22:03
Artakhathat stuff shouldn't stop kwin from functioning22:03
RiotingPacifist"QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave." is OK, everything tends to work22:03
samskiterRiotingPacifist: ill have a try22:04
samskiteryea! i can switch keyboard focus!22:05
samskiterok. now what? :P22:05
RiotingPacifistin xterm try plasa-desktop22:07
samskiterdont think that worked22:08
samskitergot that QDBusConnection error twice22:09
RiotingPacifistthat error is normal, are your menus back?22:11
RiotingPacifisttry krunner22:15
RiotingPacifistdoes alt+f2 work now? if not what error (other than dbus stuff) do you get?22:15
samskiterRiotingPacifist: krunner doesnt work. same error: ie i get the QDbus error twice.22:16
samskiteralt+f2 doesnt work22:16
samskiteralt+f2 gives no error. nothing happens22:17
RiotingPacifisthmm, not sure what is up, try checking ~/.xsession-errors and /var/log/syslog and df for anything22:19
RiotingPacifistjust tail them to see the last few errors (e.g tail ~/.xsession-errors ) then pastebin the results if nothing jumps out22:19
RiotingPacifist*jumps out as an obvious cause22:20
samskiteri cant copy paste22:20
samskiter / i dont know how to22:20
RiotingPacifistIn xterm run konsole (stupid workaround but I don't know how to copy-paste from xterm either) then in konsole ctrl+shit+c is copy (ctrl+shift+v is paste)22:21
samskiteryea its ok. right click works on konsole :)22:23
RiotingPacifistright so none of them seem to show errors, try pgrep krunner , then if that shows anything pkill krunner, pgrep krunner again22:26
samskiterpgrep krunner shows 220022:27
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RiotingPacifistok so kill it with pkill krunner, then check it's dead by running pgrep krunner again, it looks like krunner (provides alt+f2) has gone crazy and is ignoring you22:28
samskiterand then i did it again22:28
samskiterbut nothing reallly happened22:28
samskiteralt+f2 still does nothing22:29
RiotingPacifistok but now pgrep krunner shows nothing right?22:29
samskiterand i tried alt+f2 again and nothing happened22:29
samskitershould i be trying to run krunner again22:30
RiotingPacifistyep, now krunner is dead try starting it22:30
samskiteralt+f2 isd working22:30
samskiternow what22:30
RiotingPacifistdo the same kill it, check it's dead then restart it22:30
JLPsamskiter: if you rightclick on desktop and select Run Command, this should start krunner again22:31
samskiterso i needed to restart plasma-desktop22:32
samskitervia pkill22:32
samskiterbut i had to get xterm up to do that22:32
RiotingPacifistyeah, i guess it had gone funny too, what version of kubuntu are you on?22:32
samskiterthe latest22:33
samskiterit updated a couple of days ago22:33
RiotingPacifisthave you restarted since the update22:33
samskiter(i didnt actually realise i was updating lubuntu at the time)22:33
RiotingPacifisthmm, it's bad that it's a bit unstable but hopefully they will iron out the bugs soon (e.g before i switch :P)22:34
samskiterill restart again now i think haha22:34
samskiterhaha all the fancy kde visual stuff is gone22:34
samskiterits like im running without windows aero22:34
samskiterok. be back after rebooot...22:34
samskiterthanks so much22:34
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: yeah a restart (or oftem sudo service kdm restart) is often much quicker but being able to troubleshoot is often useful22:34
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: np, it sounds like you have graphics card drivers missing22:35
genii-aroundRiotingPacifist: lightdm now, not kdm22:35
samskitergfx card is the issue for sure22:35
samskiteri was trying to sleep at the tim22:35
samskiterlike suspend to ram22:35
samskiterand got a neuveau error22:35
samskiterstupid nvidia22:35
samskiterwindow switching still isnt workiung22:36
samskiterlike clicking studdf on the taskbar does nothing22:36
RiotingPacifistthanks genii-around22:36
RiotingPacifistyeah, to restore gfx without reboot you can hit alt+shift+f12 , but it sounds like your graphics drivers arn't powerful enough for one (or more) of the desktop effects you are using22:37
samskiterRiotingPacifist: they definitely are haha22:38
samskiterRiotingPacifist: geforce 635m. this laptop is only a year old22:38
samskiterand im using default desktop settings22:38
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: The drivers not the card, nouveau can't get the most out of the card as they are not written by Nvidia themselves22:39
samskiteroooook. well it works majority of time. but i have issues with suspend to ram22:40
samskiterso presumably the driver packed in and then i had all these issues.22:40
samskiterhow do i switch windows22:40
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: it depends how you installed it, if you are dualbooting it will show up in a menu during reboot22:40
samskiterhow do i switch between windows22:41
samskiterlike the taskbar isnt working22:41
samskiterclicking different programs/windows does nothing22:41
samskiterits as if starting plasma-desktop wasnt enough22:41
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: alt+tab shoudl work as long as the window decorations are about22:42
genii-aroundsamskiter: alt-tab usually22:42
samskiterdoesnt do anything22:42
samskiteralready tried that :(22:42
RiotingPacifistin konsole try kwin --replace22:43
samskiterlots changed22:45
samskiterand i briefly lost the ability to keyboard focue22:45
samskiter (had to open xterm again and then do kwin)22:46
samskiterbut i still cant switch windows22:46
samskiterhaha this is hilarious22:46
samskitermy session is SO f*ed up22:46
samskiterok im going to shutdown then22:50
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: yeah I'd look at installing the nvidia drivers once your back up again, definetly something wierd going on22:50
nick_omegakubuntu froze.  is there a log file for checking out why22:53
RiotingPacifistnick_omega: try dmesg, /var/log/syslog, ~/.xsession-errors and df22:54
nick_omegaRiotingPacifist, there could be several things to check for in the logs i bet22:55
RiotingPacifistyep, try using tail first as this will just show you the recent events22:56
nick_omegaRiotingPacifist, what sort of keywords would you look for22:59
nick_omegain the tail22:59
RiotingPacifistnick_omega: not sure if it's a serious problem i should jump out23:00
nafgHelp, my mouse pointer keeps jumping back23:00
RiotingPacifistnafg: shiney surface?23:01
nafgRiotingPacifist: Actually it's a touchpad :)23:01
RiotingPacifistis it jumping while your typing?23:02
nafgI'm sliding my finger, say left to right,23:02
nafgand all of a sudden the mouse pointer is where it was a microsecond ago23:02
nafgso instead of moving gradually from x=0 to x=1000, it goes from 0-600 then 500-100023:02
nafgDoes that make sense?23:03
nafgIt's like there's a race condition between something that's setting the pointer location23:03
nafgto where it thinks it still is23:03
samskiterhi again RiotingPacifist23:03
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samskitershutdown hung23:03
samskiterand  ended up REISUBing23:04
RiotingPacifistnafg: I've never come accross that, you might want to stick arround see if anybody else has or try #ubuntu/#xorg23:04
samskiterthanks alot for the help though23:04
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: np, certainly sounds like a driver problem23:05
samskiterRiotingPacifist: yea i have endless ones of those. my linux experience has never been smooth23:06
RiotingPacifistsamskiter: yeah your two options are open source but relatively slow, or closed source, faster but more prone to issues when there are upgrades, ofc the alternative (always pretty slow intel cards) isn't great either23:13

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