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cjwatsonvibhav: you should be able to, yes13:22
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varunhi all, there is an account(https://launchpad.net/~varun) that is inactive since its creation (8 years back). Is it possible to drop it ? I was interested in the username varun on launchpad as well .13:46
czajkowskivarun: you cna file a answer on lp13:47
czajkowskijust note some peoople do use the account they may just appear inactive.13:47
varunhow to file an answer?13:48
mgzcalling it 'answers' is confusing in that context :)13:48
varunbut it has overall zero activity13:48
mgzvarun: answers.launchpad.net/launchpad13:48
varunok, thanks , i'll do it13:49
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alessiohi...I have a team on launchpad and I want create a project wtih same name and join them. It's possibile?have I some problems with repository that I have already made?17:01
wgrantalessio: Teams can own projects, but the are separate types of objects in separate namespaces, used for separate things.17:03
alessioso I can do what I want...17:04
wgrantalessio: Yes17:04
alessioperfect...the goal is to use the section code of project...not for packaging17:05
alessioso I can do that only with project or not?17:07
wgrantalessio: I don't understand what you mean17:08
wgrantA team is a group of people17:08
wgrantThe team can have a PPA containing Ubuntu packages17:08
wgrantAnd the team can own a project17:08
wgrantProjects have bugs, branches, etc.17:08
dobeyprojects don't have packages17:09
dobeydistributions and PPAs do17:09
alessiook thanks...17:09
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qenghoHi hi. I'm interested in having a vcs-import resume after failing a few times long ago. I don't own the branch. I clicked "retry", but I'm not sure that did anything.  Does it?  https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/v8/trunk-svn/+index17:28
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dobeyqengho: i think not. i think you have to be in the team that owns it. i've retried it. i expect it will fail though17:32
* qengho casts SUMMON STATIK17:38
dobeyoh, it'sstill runing at least17:47
qenghodobey: looks like the v8 import failed.  Some connection error, obscured by TLS layer I reckon.18:08
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dobeyqengho: probably a connection being open for too long and the server dropping prematurely or something18:30
qenghodobey: sure. Almost exactly 29 minutes, start to end.18:34
qengho"1174/14502" is not very far along.  :\18:35
dobeyyeah, 14K revisions is quite a lot :-/18:35
dobeyand it seems to always start at 018:36
dobeyat leasting comparing it to the old import log18:36
dobeywonder why it doesn't do chunked imports to work around such things18:38
qenghoI wonder if the SVN plugin is supposed to be smarter.18:38
wgrantThis is the iniial phase18:40
wgrantWhere it discovers which revisions exist18:41
wgrantOn a normal svn repo it's fast18:41
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qenghowgrant: "normal repo"?19:18
wgrantqengho: A non-Google SVN server19:18
qenghowgrant: is the failure Google's fault, or is nonstandard behavior ticking a bug?19:28
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imachine_how can I censor something on a mailing list?21:39
imachine_I accidentaly posted tmi ;)21:39
imachine_who can I contact?21:39
imachine_is this the right place?21:40
StevenKimachine_: It's on the Internet, it will have already been archived by many places.21:40
imachine_StevenK, I know of two so far21:41
imachine_StevenK, at least known by google21:41
StevenKYes, that's my point.21:41
imachine_StevenK, which leaves only this place because the other one is censored enough21:41
imachine_StevenK, yep, I accidentaly posted personal information which could be a possible threat.21:42
imachine_StevenK, maybe not life or death.. but a possible harm nonetheless.21:42
imachine_StevenK, I'd like that not to happen.21:42
StevenKimachine_: Link me the post, privately?21:42
imachine_StevenK, cool21:42
dobeyimachine_: you cannot "censor" e-mail that has already been sent. anyone who is a recipient will have already received a copy, and there is no way for you to revoke it from all the machines. even if it's removed from the mailing list archive on launchpad, anyone else who received it could archive it, and if any of them wanted to use any of the information in it for some purpose, they could already do so.22:08
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