n-iCethe lubuntu kernel is screwed00:19
n-iCecan't install a package00:19
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jamie_How do i restore lxpanel?13:39
juan_144Hi. Problems with Intel Graphics on a HP Compaq d530 with LUBUNTU 13.0413:41
juan_144Intel graphics on 13.04 is broken?18:01
pmatulisjuan_144: why ask that?  what behaviour do you observe?18:05
juan_144Video output with very limited colors18:05
juan_14465000 I think. Flash player wrong too18:06
pmatulisjuan_144: ok, so just your card?18:06
pmatulisjuan_144: what is 65000?18:06
juan_14465000 colors on display, the range I can see.18:07
pmatulisjuan_144: ok, so just your card?18:07
juan_144Yes the only hardware not working18:11
juan_144I dropped Ubuntu by problems with the Unity.18:15
juan_144Related to the same card.18:16
pmatulisjuan_144: what card do you have?18:18
juan_144Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (integrated with Intel 865G chipset)18:21
juan_144Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (integrated with Intel 865G chipset)18:42
pmatulisjuan_144: ok already18:42
pmatulisjuan_144: how do you know you only have 65000 colours?18:43
pmatulisjuan_144: and can you get the pci id please?18:43
juan_144I am away from the PC now. But I see anormal gradient. Plain colors, no smooth transitions from x to y.18:45
pmatulisjuan_144: i recommend trying with a 13.04 live CD.  if problem persists, open a bug against the kernel: 'ubuntu-bug linux'18:56
juan_144Back to Windows 718:57
pmatulisjuan_144: how come?19:05
juan_144I filled a bug when I was on Ubuntu19:05
juan_144and it never was even assigned19:05
pmatulisjuan_144: so?19:06
pmatulisjuan_144: try again19:06
InfiniteByteHi, little problem: 2 monitors, one taskbar on each. Both taskbars show the same windows. How can i configure it, that e.g. the taskbar on the left only shows windows, that are on the left monitor, and vice versa?19:08
InfiniteByteI know it's possible in gnome 2(or the fallback at least) Could it have to do something with xrandr?19:13
InfiniteByteI just tried LXDE today the first time, and i really like it, but the taskbar thing is a no go.19:18
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n-iCephillw: hi22:24
phillwhi n-iCe22:24
n-iCehow you doing?22:24
n-iCephillw: haz instalado lubuntu minimal?23:13
n-iCeLo descargué, lo pase a la usb con unetbootin, use network boot en la laptop, pero nada23:13
phillwn-iCe: I do not know spanish23:19
n-iCe_have you used ubuntu minimal installation?23:20
phillwn-iCe_: not this cycle, i did write up the initial wiki area which has been edited by others.23:22
phillwI've not heard of differences in 13.04 to older releases. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall23:23
n-iCe_I downloaded it, used unetbootin to make it bootable in the usb, and booted with network, and nothing happened23:24
phillwunetbootin is reported as not working on 13.0423:24
n-iCe_it was 12.0423:25
n-iCe_anyway, what could I use then?23:25
n-iCe_to move it to the usb23:25
n-iCe_dd ?23:26
n-iCe_let me check that23:26
phillwlet me dig you some instructions out23:26
phillwn-iCe_: http://pastebin.com/kr5zkRSF23:27
n-iCe_same as debian23:29
n-iCe_ok, done, let me reboot23:29
n-iCe_mini.iso is called23:29
n-iCedone it is installing the base system23:43
n-iCeit will ask for a desktop?23:44

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