Teduardoanybody know what the story is when a downstream node keeps saying this over and over?12:47
Teduardo2013-04-30 08:46:33,297: juju.agents.provision@ERROR: Cannot get machine list12:47
TeduardoTraceback (most recent call last):12:47
Teduardo  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/juju/agents/provision.py", line 175, in process_machines12:47
Teduardo    provider_machines = yield self.provider.get_machines()12:47
TeduardoProviderInteractionError: Unexpected TimeoutError interacting with provider: User timeout caused connection failure.12:47
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Dr{Who}http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/quantal/juju-quick-start.html does not seem to indicate when / how to install juju itself.19:49
mwhudsonDr{Who}: it sort of does, enable the ppa:juju/pkgs ppa and apt-get install juju19:56
mwhudsoni'm not sure you actually need to enable the ppa if you're on a newish ubuntu though19:56
Dr{Who}k will try that out.20:12
Dr{Who}hmm. Just found virtual-maas maybe I should try that as I am doing all my tests with minimal hardware. Can I convert my maas box to virtual-maas by just installing it?20:26
TheChistoso|2hello -- when i run "juju status" i get: error: file 'provider-state' not found -- have i misconfigured something?20:55
TheChistoso|2anybody available to help w/ a maas question?22:06
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Dr{Who}hmm. ok juju wont run because maas is not happy yet. '409 CONFLICT' from what I can tell this old error is because MAAS cant start an instance. Back to the original problem. I dont have hardware just virtual machines in vmware. Maybe virtual-maas is a better place to start my testing?22:20
mwhudsonbigjools: i know i've asked this at least three times now but re: disk image (as opposed to d-i) support for maas is there anything i can subscribe to to find out progress?23:17
mwhudsonor even help with?23:17
* bigjools points mwhudson at roaksoax23:37
mwhudsonin other news, strict host key checking and maas is an annoying combination23:38
bigjoolsmwhudson: what's up?23:38
mwhudsonnothing deep :)23:39
mwhudsonjust having to run ssh-keygen -R a lot23:39
mwhudsoni guess i should learn me some ssh config and turn it off for those hosts23:39
bigjoolsmwhudson: ah ISWYM23:40

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