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shadeslayerhm, no robert_ancell :(14:36
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shadeslayerrobert_ancell: ping :)17:27
shadeslayerrobert_ancell: for some reason I think lightdm isn't starting up on my Nexus 10 : http://paste.kde.org/735290/17:30
shadeslayerI thought maybe you could help shed some light on this, I'm using the AC100 rootfs from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-preinstalled/current/17:31
robert_ancellshadeslayer, According to LightDM, it thinks it is running a greeter according to the log17:44
robert_ancellshadeslayer, have you got /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log?17:44
shadeslayerit has one line : ** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:3884): WARNING **: Failed to open sessions directory: Error opening directory '/usr/share/lightdm/remote-sessions': No such file or directory17:45
robert_ancellshadeslayer, there are warnings about the VTs not working - I guess you don't have VT support on the build? It shouldn't matter though17:45
shadeslayerrobert_ancell: I do ( CONFIG_VT=y )17:46
robert_ancellshadeslayer, hmm, that doesn't give any hints. What do you see? Text or black screen?17:46
shadeslayerblack screen17:46
shadeslayerthe backlight is on, but there's absolutely nothing on the screen17:46
shadeslayerfwiw framebuffer console doesn't work17:46
robert_ancellshadeslayer, what does /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log say? If LightDM is having trouble with the VTs then X might be too17:46
shadeslayerXorg.0.log : http://paste.kde.org/735314/17:48
shadeslayerrobert_ancell: I have no idea what's going wrong here tbh17:50
robert_ancellshadeslayer, Everything seems fine in the lightdm/x logs. Talking to RAOF (X guy) he says it's likely your framebuffer device works.17:53
robert_ancellCan you start X manually with X -retro and see the checkerboard background?17:53
shadeslayerI can write a quick upstart script to check that17:53
* ogra_ wonders if there is some DPMS issue involved17:53
ogra_like ... your display is fully up but immediately suspended via DPMS17:54
shadeslayeruhhh doubt it17:54
shadeslayerthe backlight brightness is quite high17:54
shadeslayerand then if I leave it like that for about 20 minutes, the screen turns off17:54
ogra_there are different DPMS states :)17:54
* shadeslayer only knows 2 :P17:55
shadeslayerrobert_ancell: so I just need to run `X -retro` ?17:55
ogra_off/blank/suspend come to mind17:55
robert_ancellshadeslayer, yes, as root. That should show a cursor and a background17:59
robert_ancellor there is a video driver problem17:59
shadeslayeruhhh ....18:06
shadeslayerXorg :0 -retro doesn't do anything, and there are no logs :S18:07
shadeslayerno Xorg.0.log18:07
shadeslayerit's empty18:07
shadeslayerthe screen doesn't flicker like it did with lightdm as well18:09
shadeslayer( when it started lightdm the screen used to turn off and turn on again18:09
shadeslayerogra_: robert_ancell ^^18:11
robert_ancellshadeslayer, outside my knowledge then - if X doesn't work lightdm can't display anything18:11
shadeslayermaybe RAOF knows something about this18:15
marinhello, Im having some trouble with roostock, the error Im getting is : "./rootstock: 1000: ./rootstock: cannot create /tmp/tmp.C7sAyhcAxf/tmpmount/etc/fstab: Directory nonexistent" , Ubuntu 13.04 any info about this?18:58
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shadeslayerhrw: I don't suppose you have a link to the armhf libgles so that comes with the Samsung Chromebook19:24
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UndrWaterhello all...i recently put an 11.10 image on my igepv2, and it boots up to the login screen...i have a Guest account, but no obvious way to do administrative tasks (sudo asks for Guest pass).  Am I missing something obvious?22:19
UndrWateri did google for default root or guess passwords, but nothing seems to work22:19

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