opuscontinuumadding a networked printer?15:31
holsteinopuscontinuum: is that "how do i add a network printer" ?15:41
holsteinopuscontinuum: what printer? what operating system?15:42
opuscontinuumubuntu, printer uses a web service16:10
holsteinopuscontinuum: ubuntu what? what printer?..16:11
holsteinthis is how i use my 2 network printers.. by IP16:11
holsteinan hp and a brother16:11
holsteini just used the printer wizard and added..16:12
opuscontinuumubuntustudio 13.04 printer is a brother and hp as well.16:12
holsteinopuscontinuum: just use the wizard..16:12
holsteini set mine to static IPS's16:12
opuscontinuumyeah i just had to boot my printer off network for a sec, should I just use the generic(recommended) driver or try and find one16:15
holsteinopuscontinuum: i usually try ones til they work, unless i can bypass using a driver16:16
noobneed some help with log files23:55
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Guest80263need some help with log files23:56
Guest80263can someone help me please?23:56

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