BobJonkmanping genii-around!14:51
BobJonkmanI'm going AFK in a bit, but I wondered if you had any pics of the release party. If so, I'd like to add them to http://pix.ie/ubuntuca14:53
genii-aroundBobJonkman: I didn't take any pictures but Sammy or some of the other FreeGeek people may have ...15:01
BobJonkmanThat's too bad.15:02
BobJonkmanIs still still a valid ID for you? genii = http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=0x9E4DC09A&fingerprint=on15:02
genii-aroundNo, unfortunately :(15:03
BobJonkmanToo bad...  It looked a little sparse, signature-wise.15:03
BobJonkmanAnyway, sorry to ping and dash, but I'm picking up my son from Uni today.15:04
genii-aroundI had to make a new one recently so I could scp to ubuntu.com15:04
BobJonkmanSomeday we should have a keysigning party15:04
* BobJonkman is now going AFK for the rest of the day. Bye all!15:05
=== BobJonkman is now known as BobJonkman_AFK

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