czajkowskidaker: are you about if so can you pop into locoteams09:53
dakerczajkowski: ?10:54
czajkowskidaker: can you pop into #ubuntu-locoteams10:55
mhall119morning popey15:30
mhall119jono: are we having our regular call today?15:30
jonomhall119, not at the scheduled time, but I would like to hop on a call with you at some point today15:32
mhall119jono: ok, just let me know a bit ahead of time so I'll be around15:32
jonomhall119, let me check the cal now15:34
jonomhall119, can we do 11.30 Pacific?15:34
jonomhall119, oops15:35
jono12pm Pacific15:35
mhall119jono: that'll work for me15:36
jonomhall119, awesome, putting it in the calk15:36
smartboyhw_jono: So ALL Canonical Employees are in the sprint?15:38
jonosmartboyhw_, nope15:40
jonosmartboyhw_, primarily engineering and design15:40
smartboyhw_jono: Oh OK. I am finding it difficult to find balloons this week so wondering if he is involved or what:P15:40
jcastroI am in Detroit15:41
jcastroSo it's like Oakland except cold15:41
popeysmartboyhw_: he's here in california15:41
mhall119jcastro: I'm sorry15:41
popeyemail works15:41
popeynot all, no smartboyhw_15:41
smartboyhw_jcastro: Eh aren't your second Server post supposed to appear in Planet Ubuntu? Still can't see it here (lemme refresh)15:42
smartboyhw_part 215:42
jcastrosmartboyhw_: it gets delayed sometimes15:43
smartboyhw_jcastro: Bad blog system:P15:43
smartboyhw_Mine always appears within 30 minutes15:43
smartboyhw_Or rather, 1515:43
jcastroI usually don't invalidate my RSS feed15:44
popeythe job runs hourly15:44
* jcastro does so to make it refresh15:44
jonosmartboyhw_, he is here15:44
smartboyhw_jono: I know15:44
smartboyhw_Anyhow, sleep timeā€¦15:46
jcastrothanks for the feed tip15:46
jcastroit's being fixed15:46
smartboyhw_jcastro: ;)15:46
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