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melodiehello !19:12
melodieis anyone around ? I'am looking for a recent doc or information relevant to the management of services (everything out there looks outdated, can't find any tool... )19:13
phillwmelodie: have you looked at the ubuntu server guide?21:06
melodiephillw no, why ?21:08
melodieis there something related to a gui in a server guide ?21:09
phillwmelodie: if you want a gui to services, have a look at http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-controlling-access-to-linux-services.html please note that I have tested it and do not know if it will do as you want. Please also note that this is not a support channel. For things like services (by which I assume you mean apache, cups etc). #ubuntu-server would be a better channel. They may even be able to let you know about that link.21:18
phillw*I have NOT tested it*21:19
melodiephillw I mean all services : upstart jobs as well as the sysvinit services which are not yet ported to upstart and any else which could be there, if systemd is there never know... ie : zram-config service, cups service, sshd, /usr/sbin/modem-manager, and so on and so on...21:23
melodiephillw I know it's not support here, but packagers : else, no one has a clue anywhere because of fast changes laste years and old gui managers don't work anymore21:24
melodieso thank you21:24
melodiephillw your link : by nixCraft on December 12, 200721:24
phillwmelodie: either #ubuntu-server or #ubuntu-kernel are the only channels I can think of to get more information.21:25
melodieI know how to seek on google, I have been searching for days and days, and trying all existing gui apps : I wanted to know if something new will arrive next :)21:25
melodiethanks but I don't think this should be specific to either server or kernel. I'll try with the devs in the coming days. thanks21:25
phillwsorry I cannot help more, I run a centos server although everyone on it runs server 12.04LTS in their virtual machines :)21:28
melodiephillw their distro have a very decent service manager. I had a Fedora setup for a course in the hands recently and I was amazed about their job services tools21:28
melodieUbuntu team should port it to Ubuntu packages :D21:29
phillwyou can raise it as a wish list bug. It will get read.21:30
melodiephillw I'll have to ask advice about that at the devs first. I would not know how to tell about it in a wish directly22:50

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