darkxstjbicha, its working here00:03
darkxstnot sure if I am running the same version of g-c-c though00:04
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darkxstjbicha, can you test the new g-c-c on my ppa?11:41
darkxstshould be pretty good now11:41
darkxstparticularly interested if you still get a crash in activity-log, since I haven't been able to reproduce that11:42
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arpudarkxst,  hello again i see today i get gedit 3.8.0 and gedit-plugins 3.8.113:18
phakohey, you might want to recompile rygel against tracker 0.16 to avoid https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rygel/+bug/115853513:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1158535 in rygel (Ubuntu) "rygel crashed with signal 5 in g_settings_get_value()" [Medium,Confirmed]13:54
camelinahatWill any other 3.8 packages be promoted from Staging to the main gnome3 ppa? Or everything left has the known regressions? (in particular I'm curious about gnome-terminal but others as well)14:42
jbicha_camelinahat: we haven't figured out how to get new tabs to open with the same current working directory with gnome-terminal 3.8 yet14:51
mgedminthat would be a nasty regression14:52
gdtr54trgfdHi, I'm having a little problem. I've got a 1gb usb key and I'm using unetbootin to load ubuntu-gnome in it. But seems like there's no sufficient space for it.15:15
tommie-liejbicha_: does the solution provided in the changelog for gnome-terminal 3.7.0 not work?15:21
atrustommie-lie: where? 3.7.0 doesn't seem to be mentioned in /usr/share/doc/gnome-terminal/changelog.gz15:26
tommie-lieyou're right, it's not the usual Changelog file, that only seems to contain formatted commit messages when compiled15:27
atrusi don't see this "__vte_ps1" script anywhere...15:28
atrusoh, i see.15:29
tommie-lieit's a shell function15:29
tommie-lieand is included in libvte15:29
atrusi don't seem to have that function defined though, which is odd.15:29
atrusdoes something automatically invoke things in /etc/profile.d/ ?15:30
tommie-liedon't POSIX shells do?15:30
atrusmaybe this was only introduced to the package recently, and i need to logout/login again?15:31
atrusif i start a new login shell, i do get it.15:31
tommie-lieah, all Bourne shells, actually15:31
tommie-liethey execute /etc/profile and this calls all scripts from profile.d15:32
atruslogging out and logging in didn't help, I still don't have that function defined in new gnome-terminals.15:34
ricotzdarkxst, seems to works :)15:34
tommie-lieatrus: I'm just checking in which version vte.sh was introduced15:35
atrusvte.sh is here, and it's in /etc/profile.d15:36
atrusif i ssh to localhost, OR just source that file, I get the __vte_ps1 function defined.15:36
tommie-liethen just starting a new bash should provide __vte_ps115:36
atrusbut it's not defined in terminals launched from gnome-shell (launched by gnome-session launched by gdm...)15:36
tommie-liethat's odd15:36
atrusdoes the function need to be exported?15:38
atruscan functions even be inherited by non-shell child processes?15:38
atrusif i start a bash *login* shell (ie, bash -l), it does source those files.15:39
tommie-lieuhm, ok, I can reproduce your behavior, even logging in on a TTY gives me the function, gnome-terminals don't15:39
atrusyeah, gnome-terminal shells aren't login shells.15:39
atrusie, putting this in profile.d is probably the wrong solution.15:39
atrusdoes this work outside of ubuntu?15:40
lukepli would like to upgrade my ubuntu 13.xx to ubuntu-gnome15:42
tommie-lieatrus: dunno, this might actually be a "bug" in the NEWS file, you probably have to source vte.sh first in .bashrc15:42
lukeplbut cant find desc how to do it on the ubuntu gnome webpage15:42
lukeplam i blind ... or it is not how it suppose to go15:43
lukepllike i shoul reinstall entire OS15:43
atrusfollowing up on bugzilla 67598715:43
tommie-lieatrus: otoh, the package bash-completion installs /etc/profile.d/bash_completion.sh, which then would also only work on login shells15:43
atrustommie-lie: that just sets environment variables, which can be inherited by child processes15:44
atrusfunctions cannot be exported to child processes AFAIK, only sub-shells.15:45
tommie-lieatrus: actually it sources /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion which defines some functions, I also have it enabled in my .bashrc, so I don't know if I have them because I am supposed to have them15:45
atrustommie-lie: ah, yes. it looks like my .bashrc has that as well, as a standard bit15:46
tommie-lie_userland is from the completion stuff, for instance15:46
atrusso, the workaround is simple enough, source /etc/profile.d/vte.sh from .bashrc. but the documentation for the workaround is entirely wrong :)15:47
tommie-lieyou could still add it to /etc/bash.bashrc which is read for non-interactive non-login shells15:49
atruswith that, and the other .bashrc trick (actually setting PS1), the workaround does appear to work for me (with ubuntu 13.04 + gnome3 ppa + gnome3-staging ppa)15:49
tommie-lieI don't think this should be considered a workaround, it's the way it#s intended to work (minus explicitly sourcing vte.sh)15:50
tommie-lieactually I think it's a much cleaner solution than having vte/gnome-terminal setting the environment accordingly15:51
tommie-lieplus the user can decide wether to have his own shell use it or not15:51
tommie-lieatrus: I wonder why nobody noticed this and has reported it somewhere15:56
tommie-lieat least I can't find anything about it15:57
tommie-lieatrus: after having said that, I found: http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org/msg1115370.html15:58
mgedminthis is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=675987, right?16:13
ubot5Gnome bug 675987 in general "stop using chdir / readlink" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:13
atrusgonggggg showwwww16:13
mgedminor, rather, a side effect of that bug being resolved16:14
mgedminhttps://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=697475 is a more useful bug to follow16:17
ubot5Gnome bug 697475 in general "New tab is not opened in same directory as previous tab" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]16:17
Madonnahi all16:50
Madonnaanyone is here?16:54
ubot5A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:59
MadonnaCould you tell me how to install Ubuntu Gnome in Ubuntu Unity?17:00
mgedminMadonna, install the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package17:11
mgedminwith Software Center (or apt-get install, if you prefer the command line)17:12
camelinahatIn addition to above, check out the recent article by OMG Ubuntu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/gnome-3-8-ppa-for-ubuntu-gnome17:12
Madonnaok, thanks17:15
Madonnabut Ubuntu 13.04's repos are not working well in my country17:15
atrusthat omgubuntu link is only relevant if you're interested in playing with something not actually in real "ubuntu gnome" releases yet17:15
Madonnamany packages can't be downloaded17:16
MadonnaMaybe it is due to the fact that my country is in war with China? =))17:17
camelinahatatrus, is ubuntu-gnome-desktop not _the_ Ubuntu GNOME meta package?17:20
atruscamelinahat: it is17:20
camelinahatOh sorry I misread.17:21
camelinahatYes my bad it does also contain the steps for adding the gnome3 ppa in addition to the desktop17:21
camelinahatThat said, I think most Ubuntu GNOME users have the main gnome3 ppa added, though not necessairly the staging (I know I'm not using staging myself, primarily because it's my work laptop and just-in-case ;)17:23
FrozenFireYeah, I use the PPA, but not staging17:48
JackSpratI restarted GNOME using sudo /etc/init.d gem restart. Now when I restart I get a blank desktop with no icons or menus nor a login. I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS19:30
atrusJackSprat: that's a better question for #ubuntu. this channel is for the gnome-variant distribution, which only exists in 12.10 or so and later.19:35
JackSpratgotcha, thanks!19:36
darkxstjbicha_, so the network manager pc file is wrong21:08
atrushrm. i tried unity for a few minutes, then switched to gnome-shell, now focus-follows-mouse is disabled, and i can't see a place to enable it in gnome-tweak-tool. any idea what might have happened?22:40
atrushuh. unity definitely altered my gsettings >:|22:48

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