philipballewlousygarua, know what you wanna do tomorrow?16:32
avihayhi philipballew. t'was ma bot.16:59
philipballewavihay, what you mean?17:00
avihay  <Avis_bot> philballew: ברוכים הבאים ל #ubuntu-il! ...   <philballew> whoever made this is a good person17:00
philipballewavihay, thats right17:02
philipballewavihay, doin good?17:03
Zeevavihay: what lang u wrote this bot in?17:08
avihayI suppose. how you holding out with the whole moveing thing?17:08
or_schapiraחשבתי שזה אובונטו ישראל...17:13
avihayit is, it is17:19
or_schapiranot its not17:29
or_schapirayou speak english!17:29
avihayso? nothing in the rules against it, also, phill is an american who asked for help, and doesn't speak Hebrew18:04
avihaylousygarua:  I think philip wanted to remind you to post that postcard21:11
lousygaruaavihay, i sent it21:14
lousygaruayou should send one too :)21:14
avihayexcept for שלום I don't really have anything to say21:46
akaarsזה בערך 4 אותיות יותר מהנדרש :)21:48
avihayלא, הוא ציין שהוא רוצה שיהיה רשום משהוא ומקבלים עוד "נקודות אינטרנט" על טקסט בעברית21:50
akaarsכנראה פיספסתי משהו. לא משנה :)21:52
lousygaruaavihay, I wrote 'greetings from ubuntu israel! שלום מאובונטו ישראל' or something similar23:37
lousygaruaavihay, where is your bot? bah i don't feel like installing it on a willie/whatever on the sever23:37
avihayI have to start it manually. on my only working box, which is currently serving as my internet sensing organ23:39
lousygaruaavihay, haxi tov we'll install it on avishai's server that's hosting hte website23:40
lousygaruaalso this is cool: http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/flashkus/23:40
avihayand as such, and me, being unable to live long without the internet drip into my vains, I have to lug it around with me all the time23:40
avihayand those accursed intel driver crashing my kernel on getting out of suspend, makeing suspend useless...23:41
avihaycute, but they apperently don't know about moor's law23:42

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