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antaruscjwatson: why does debconf store its answers in /var/cache, it is wrong ;p19:39
cjwatsonantarus: predates me, but I think the answer is actually that it *is* meant to be a cache and that the bug is that recovery from it being removed isn't as graceful as it should be20:32
antaruscjwatson: yeah I ended up finding a horrible solution20:48
antarusinvolving dpkg-reconfiguring every installed package at critical priority ;p20:48
antarus(with a non-interactive frontend)20:48
antarusluckily we don't actually rely on debconf for much post-install ;)20:48
antarusit wouldn't have helped anyway, users were just copying and pasting crap they read on a forum20:48
* antarus grumbles20:48
ogra_aret forums great :)20:52
antarusyeah I yelled passive-aggressively on google+20:54
* antarus would rather they go to helpdesk and get help than run random comands, when they obviously don't know what the commands do20:55
antarusaside from 'delete files' ;p20:55
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