apwinfinity, ok found it ...00:17
infinityapw: \o/00:20
apwinfinity, interface change in teh kernel, requires an fs-FOO alias ..00:23
apwali1234, pastebin the error and we might be able to help15:38
ali1234apw: i am having difficulty finding the actual error because the debian scripts hide the verbose output15:45
ali1234i have actually narrowed the problem down to the repository can only be built once, and then you have to clone it again15:46
apwali1234, shouln't be, i do that constyantly15:46
apwali1234, pastbin the whole failed build output15:46
ali1234ok, please wait 2 hours15:47
ali1234the weird thing is that i can clone the "broken" repo and then clone works once15:47
apwali1234, well its either hiding the output, or there is a lot of output, not both15:48
ali1234you have to wait 2 hours because it compiles for 2 hours and the fails15:48
apwif you are not doing _anything_ other than dpkg-buildpackage in it then it should just work15:48
ali1234i'm not doing dpkg-buildpackage at all15:48
apwif you are making it using make, then probabally rmdir include/config is going to fix it for you15:49
ali1234i'm doing: git clean -f -d -x (which restores respotiory to identical state as when it was cloned, confirmed with diff -ur)15:49
ali1234fakeroot debian/rules clean15:49
ali1234AUTOBUILD=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-debs15:50
apwali1234, whit series you building15:56
apwali1234, will try same sequence, i assume you are saying if you run it twice in that exact order, the second fails16:12
ali1234i will spin up another vm and record the entire session...16:13
apwali1234, just did your pattern 2x here without issue16:34
ali1234in 20 minutes??16:34
ali1234the full build takes over 2 hours for me on a quad core system16:34
apwali1234, it took longer cause we have network issues16:35
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alex-s77Hi. I'd like to rebuild the kernel with one additional patch. At best, I'd like to end up with deb packages that I can install. How would I go about it?19:05
alex-s77do i need to put the patch file (with the diff) somewhere and tell the build system where the patch is, or how do you do that in Ubuntu?19:08
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apwalex-s77, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel19:16
apwalex-s77, that is the current start of the art in building ones own19:17
alex-s77apw: thx. and how or where would I add the patch? or would I simply modify the source tree beforehand?19:18
apwalex-s77, apply it with patch i guess19:18
alex-s77don't I need to tell dpkg (or whatever…) to run "patch …"?19:18
alex-s77or do I run patch manually?19:19
apwalex-s77, you wuld need to apply the patch yourself19:19
alex-s77apw: so it's not like RPM, where you tell the system what to do.19:20
ali1234i restarted the VM with 1 core to try to get better error messages and now i can't reproduce the problem19:52
ali1234(the do-over VM is still crunching on the first build)19:52
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apwali1234, i built it on a 24 way19:57
ali1234now i'm not sure if 1 core fixed it or rebooting fixed it :(19:58
ali1234or if it's just fooling me and it's going to crash out still19:58
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kimosabeinstalled new kernel 3.9 in 13.04, but since restart unity is not working. Not even in the older kernel anymore... any suggestions?22:41
kimosabetried sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop, but no good came of it...22:41

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