iulianRhonda: Someone will have to send out an email quite soon I reckon. Do we want to have the News on packages.u.c? I doubt that our users find that helpful.10:15
RhondaThe news on the packages site are more a changelog of what's done.10:21
iulianRhonda: Yes, I can see that. I was just saying that I don't see the point of it being public.10:22
iulianAnyway, not a big deal.10:23
iulianUni time.10:23
RhondaDo you see it as problem?10:33
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mhall119question for any MOTU, unity-tweak-tool needs a screenshot uploaded for Raring, the package is in Universe, but is not showing up on screenshots.u.c, how can they upload something for display in USC?14:48
tumbleweedmhall119: I don't know anything about screenshots.u.c, and assume most other MOTUs don't, either14:50
mhall119tumbleweed: ok, let me change the question then14:51
mhall119unity-tweak-tool is in Universe, and needs a screenshot added, how do they do that?14:51
tumbleweedit's hosted on a Canonical server, and presumably someone in Canonical administers it14:51
tumbleweedmhall119: no idea14:51
tumbleweedlooks like the Ubuntu one people look after software center things, these days14:55
mhall119tumbleweed: yeah, but they only deal with stuff going through MyApps, not stuff in Universe15:32
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jtaylorcat launchpad git importer do submodules?16:31
tumbleweedjtaylor: #launchpad?16:35
Laneyit explodes and dies16:35
jtaylorhm bye bye ipython daily build then :(16:37
jtaylornow I have to start packaging javascript *shudder*16:37
* tumbleweed doesn't beleive in submodules16:38
jtayloryes they suck :/16:40
jtaylorbut having more third party javascript code in your repository than own code is also not nice16:41
chilicuilhi there, I'm looking into bug #530036 do you think it may be acceptable for a SRU?, I'm not sure how important is to have a wget 'digest' capable into the stable Ubuntu releases (precise / quantal)18:03
ubottubug 530036 in wget (Ubuntu) "Incomplete realization of http digest auth" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53003618:03
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gotwigI wanna report a broken package18:36
gotwigwhat to do18:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1174070 in touchegg (Ubuntu) "Touchegg 1.0 under 12.04, 12.10 causes segfault, is NOT working. missing backporting of 1.1 to 12.04/12.10" [Undecided,New]18:36
* Rhonda nibbles again on Laney19:31
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LaneyRhonda has a career in Ubuntu support ahead20:32
ScottKmhall119: Own answer is get the package in Debian.  Screenshots from screenshots.debian.net/org (I don't recall which) are automatically pulled in.21:16
mhall119ScottK: I'm not sure Debian would want a tweak tool for a desktop shell that isn't in Debian21:23
RhondaLaney: pah :)21:27
RhondaLaney: Now I'm even summoned to unrelated bugs to comment on launchpad. :)21:27
Laneyhave you had a packages related email?21:28
RhondaOf course.21:28
LaneyYou could just remove it21:28
RhondaWhy else would I nibble on you. :)21:28
ScottKmhall119: Sure, just saying that's the only way I know.21:28
RhondaNo, I enjoy the nibbling invites. ;)21:28
Laneyno, I mean have you ever had an on-topic email as a result of it?21:28
RhondaYes, just recently.21:29
Rhonda"raring isn't the default"21:29
mhall119ScottK: thanks anyway21:29
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chilicuildoes anyone knows of an alternative to dpkg-shlibdeps?, I'm trying to get all the dependencies of a binary file, but dpkg-shlibdeps requires I setup a packaging directory tree, and I don't want to hack my own ldd + apt-file script22:37
maxbldd alone is no enough?22:41
maxbOr you want the deps translated into package names?22:42
chilicuilmaxb: yes, I want to get the package names where are the .so libraries22:44
maxbI think you're stuck with dpkg-shlibdeps then22:45
chilicuilmaxb: thanks for replying =), I'll give it a shot or write my own script22:46
Unit193for file in $(ldd path/to/program | awk '{print $3}') ; do dpkg -S $file ;done    :P  (Though, I don't think I'd use it.)22:49
chilicuilUnit193: cool, I've just though in ldd /path/to/program | sort -n | uniq | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -i apt-file search {} #will test both =)22:51
Unit193I clearly didn't bother to add uniq, was just an example.22:52

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