apacheloggerslangasek, ScottK: I think kubuntu-settings-desktop (providing etc/default/grub.d/05_kubuntu.cfg) needs to pre-depend grub-pc ... grub-pc.postinst looks for etc/default/grub OR etc/default/grub.d/* and if found it will try to read the grub_default_cmdline from there, however since 05_kubuntu does not define the cmdline it ends up empty (as seen on the kubuntu iso's default/grub)10:48
apacheloggergrub-installer then runs update-grub on /target and only afterwards injects "quiet splash" as default without re-running update-grub, hence why after grub-installer ran the config appears in order on the target system but the grub.cfg does not10:49
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cjwatsonapachelogger: Depending on a specific grub platform package at all is wrong, and a Pre-Depends is probably even more wrong12:13
cjwatsonapachelogger: If you depend on grub-pc you make it impossible to do e.g. EFI installs12:13
cjwatsonapachelogger: In any case, grub-pc.postinst reads /etc/default/grub *and* /etc/default/grub.d/*, not *or*12:14
cjwatsonapachelogger: Also, grub-installer does re-run update-grub after injecting "quiet splash"12:15
cjwatsonMaybe I should do a Kubuntu install myself to investigate this, since I don't fully understand the problem12:16
apacheloggercjwatson: I only see one update-grub run and that is before injection12:59
apacheloggerIIRC it would rerun if user-params wasn't null, except it is13:00
cjwatsonAh, right - would be better to fix that in grub-installer then13:04
cjwatsonI don't get why it isn't sufficient for kubuntu-settings-desktop to just be in the desktop task, though, which it is13:05
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cjwatsonogra_: disregard any kubuntu-active/raring/daily-live failure you see - I c'n'ped the wrong crontab line16:49
ogra_oops, ok16:50
bdmurraycjwatson: is there a new release tasks wiki page?16:55
cjwatsonI didn't create one, was just prodding NewReleaseCycleProcess16:56
cjwatsonso it's possible there are dead links now16:56
cjwatson(if you mean my edit to ReleaseTeam/FeatureStatus)16:56
cjwatsonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseTaskSignup does appear to exist16:57
bdmurrayI wonder where to add tasks for updating meta-release-development for the new release, uploading ubuntu-release-upgrader for the new release and uploading python-apt for the new release16:58
cjwatsonbottom of NewReleaseCycleProcess17:00
cjwatsonAt least some of those are there already17:01
cjwatsonogra_: Oh, apparently I should have set ARCHES or something (why is this out of sync with default-arches?)17:07
cjwatsonogra_: Can you advise?17:07
ogra_we never built that image officially ... there was one single testbuiuld and it kind of got lost until shortly before release17:08
ogra_i wanted to have a successful testbuild before adding it17:08
cjwatsonOK.  What's the right ARCHES for me to use?17:09
ogra_my command should be in cdimages shell history17:09
cjwatsonRunning, thanks17:09
infinitybdmurray / cjwatson: There's a small typo in meta-release*, an extra space in the Quantal 'Name' stanza.17:25
infinity(Almost certainly a non-issue for the parser(s) that look at it)17:25
bdmurrayinfinity: I'll fix it in bzr and on the server sometime17:33
cjwatsondoing now17:33
infinitybdmurray: Also, pgraner's getting a non-upgrade upgrade scenario with ubuntu-release-upgrader.  Want to come yell at his laptop?17:34
bdmurrayinfinity: where is it?17:35
pgranerbdmurray, qa room17:35
cjwatsoninfinity: a friend of mine noticed this morning that nothing ever clears /var/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/release-upgrade-available after upgrade17:35
infinitybdmurray: 2nd floor, 210/21117:35
cjwatsoncould be the same thing17:35
bdmurraycjwatson: that is bug 117320917:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 1173209 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Prompted about New Release for 13.04 again after dist-upgrade and a restart" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117320917:35
infinitycjwatson: Would that cause it to uselessly upgrade from raring to raring?17:35
cjwatsonnot sure, it would cause motd noise at least17:35
infinity(Which is what he's seeing)17:35
cjwatsonbdmurray: ta17:35
infinitybdmurray: Oh, so saucy.tar upgrades to raring. :P17:36
infinitybdmurray: That might be a problem.17:36
infinitybdmurray: Fix is obvious, I'll fix it here.17:36
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, thanks.  I'll stay put then17:36
adam_gzul, why are these saucy/havana branches going into grizzly branches? https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/keystone-saucy-ftbfs/+merge/16160617:38
zuladam_g:  launchpad being launchpad...not sure17:40
adam_gzul, huh?17:40
zuladam_g:  im not sure17:40
cjwatsonogra_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-active/raring/daily-preinstalled/20130430.1/ is there now, though not visible from conference wifi yet17:42
cjwatsonScottK: ^-17:42
infinitybdmurray: I take it back, maybe I won't fix it.  Building this source package from bzr is some sort of rocket voodoo.17:54
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, I can do it then17:56
cjwatsondid you try bzr bd -S?17:56
bdmurrayI think the pre-build.sh requires a few things17:57
infinitycjwatson: I did.17:57
infinityAnd it does.17:57
infinityAnd I supposedly installed everything it wants.17:57
* infinity tries a bit harder17:58
bdmurrayokay, just let me know17:58
infinityDoes it rely on itself being installed too?  Seems like.17:58
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ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.20:06
yofelScottK: ^20:12
ScottKyofel: I saw.20:12
yofelok, thanks for looking20:12
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ScottKyofel: ^^^20:16
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DavieyIf a package is the same version in precise, quantal and raring.  Does 3 different SRU versions make sense, or should it be done on precise - then binaries copied forward?20:44
cjwatsonSeparate uploads, please20:44
DavieySpecifically, bug 117479720:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1174797 in debmirror (Ubuntu Precise) "Canonical repos with Suite!=Codename cannot be mirrored" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117479720:45
cjwatsonFor that package it'll be quicker to just do the uploads than debate it :-)20:45
Davieycjwatson: Ok, thanks - What is the justification ?20:45
Davieycjwatson: yah20:45
cjwatsonIn general, we want to see independent testing on each release anyway, so it doesn't really buy us anything to carefully try to avoid multiple uploads20:45
cjwatsonSure, in this specific case it might be possible to avoid that, but it's easier to just have a consistent message20:46
DavieyYeah, ok - thank you.20:46
ScottKFor Universe/Main we apply DFSG #8 (License Must Not Be Specific to Debian) as License Must Not Be Specific to Ubuntu, right?20:56
cjwatsonScottK: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ch-archive.html#s-ulp21:16
ScottKcjwatson: Perfect.  Thanks.21:16
DavieyI see.21:18
infinityDaviey: Dude, upgrade your ubuntu-dev-tools.21:37
Laneylet me guess: synced into release?21:37
infinityLaney: Yup.21:37
infinityDaviey: Syncing to the release pocket is a no-no.21:37
infinityDaviey: As an added bonus, you synced something with a new build-dep that needs an MIR.  Please to file/21:38
Davieyinfinity: no, publishing the same binary in multiple -proposed and (pending verification) -updates pocket is what i was suggesting.21:39
infinityDaviey: ...21:39
infinityDaviey: python-testtools21:39
infinityDaviey: No idea what you're on about.21:39
DavieyI see, multiple threads21:40
Davieyinfinity: revno 138721:41
infinityDaviey: Erm, well, that's not the syncpackage you used, is it?21:42
Daviey2013-04-30 19:59:45  syncpackage -d experimental -r saucy -f python-testtool .. manpage for -r suggests "Specify target Ubuntu release"21:42
infinityDaviey: Or you explicitly targetted "-r saucy" instead of just letting it do the right thing.21:43
infinityDaviey: Yeah, don't do that.21:43
infinityDaviey: If you omit "-r", it will go to "-proposed" for the current devel release.21:43
infinityDaviey: Alternately, target it yourself.21:43
infinityDaviey: Archive admins get to copy to -release, so we have to be careful not to.21:43
Davieyinfinity: Ok, noted - I assumed it DTRT for syncpackage to gate into -proposed.21:44
infinityDaviey: If you explicitly tell it where to go, it does what you ask it.21:45
cjwatsonYes, it DTRT unless you override :)21:50
cjwatson(I made a similar mistake earlier this release, though using copy-package ...)21:51
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ScottKcjwatson: I noticed we're short the alpha/beta bug milestones for saucy like we had for raring.  Could those be added?22:19
infinityScottK: I guess month-based ones aren't quite good enough due to not lining up with the scheduled A/B milestones?22:34
infinityScottK: Could we maybe just fudge the schedule a bit so the month-based milestones are "good enough", and we don't have a messy set of not-quite-matching milestones?22:35
infinityScottK: If we ditched A3, and shuffled A1/A2/B1 a tiny bit, we could just align them with end-of-months, ish.22:38
ScottKinfinity: Personally, I'd find that very confusing.  The A/B milestones worked very well for us last cycle and I'd like to stick with what's working.23:19

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