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onewanmananyone able to get flash working in Ubuntu 13.04?00:10
MarconMonewanman, chromium00:11
onewanmanFirefox: Chromium: and Chrome Beat I have tried all of them for more that 5 hours ever ran al the patches00:12
onewanmanChromium launches and then goes away after 4 sec00:12
onewanmanMarconm: Firefox 21 Ubuntu 13.04 up-grade from 12.1000:14
onewanmanshould i keep trying  google search to find a solution "shockwave crashed Firefox ver 2100:15
shadeslayerogra_: progress [+3.79s] DEBUG: Greeter start authentication for guest account09:50
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valbrgHey guys, does anybody know what happened to vmlinux after building the sources? In current revisions it seems to be deleted during the build process.13:31
blixahow hard is it to install touch to a standard x86 system?13:45
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mhall119fginther: ping14:14
mhall119fginther: the terminl-app's plugin package is building on raring, but failing on quantal do to missing dependencies14:16
mhall119same PPA though, which depends on the qt5-proper PPA14:17
mhall119so why should it work for raring but not for quantal?14:17
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mhall119bobweaver: am I crazy, or do I remember you having done something with Box2D several months ago?14:36
dobeyanyone know where the Qt equivalents of g_get_user_cache_dir() g_get_user_config_dir() etc… would be?14:39
elvitoHi guys I have made some amendments to my port of Ubuntu Touch on the LGP880 and it done shut down anymore however it never gets to showing the system (stays blank): last_kmsg is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5619372/14:53
elvitohopefully someone can understand this stuff. I know only enough to follow the porting guide14:53
mhall119dobey: can you use env vars?14:54
elvitoAlso I am able to get into ubuntu_chroot shell but only for a small amount of time because the device always remounts on my computer with a message that it cant mount the MTP device... any help would be appreciated14:56
dobeymhall119: yes and no. i'd rather not have to re-implement the xdg base directory spec in C++/Qt. it's certainly possible, but i'd prefer to avoid doing so.14:57
mhall119dobey: I'm sure there's something that exists, for KDE apps anyway14:57
mhall119but a quick google didn't turn up anything14:57
dobeyah. more searching and i've found QStandardPaths which looks like it does it *phew*15:03
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mhall119popey: is fginther in Oakland with you?15:45
popeymhall119: yes15:48
mhall119popey: buy him a beer for me :)15:48
fginthermhall119, I've updated the jenkins job and re-approved the job.15:56
mhall119fginther: thanks, any idea what the issue was?16:01
fginthermhall119, it was just a missing PPA. In order to keep build times low, we try to not add PPAs to the build unless they are needed and don't always get this right in the beginning16:05
fginthermhall119, the build worked this time16:05
mhall119fginther: do you know why there's a version number difference here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+packages16:10
mhall119oh wiat, that's 10, not 116:10
fginthermhall119, :-)16:10
mhall119reading comprehension, ftw16:11
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mhall119ZDmitry: your konsole plugin is building properly now16:28
mhall119which means we can land the associated changes to the ubuntu-terminal-app trunk16:28
Orangerkaleo: Ping !16:28
mhall119ZDmitry: can you make a merge proposal from https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/ubuntu-terminal-app to do that?16:29
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stgraberslangasek, lool: Updated version of the spec is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades/Mobile/New I'm still busy writing some of the bits, I'll then move it over the current version17:22
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slangasekstgraber: great, thanks17:37
johnjohn101when would be a good time to buy a tablet and start checking this release out?17:45
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elvitoI need some help in finding out why Ubuntu Touch lockscreen dont come up and stays blank after boot... my logcat shows this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5619997/18:33
elvitoThis is an LG Optimus 4xHD running the Ubuntu Touch (well if it would show a screen)18:33
GooUserI cant seem to find a toroplus build for UTouch. on ubuntus cdimage site. Is there any such thing?18:55
mhall119kaleo: when my app is rotated to landscape, I can't access the toolbar.  Is this because the "bottom" of the app is now also the "left" of the shell, and it's competing with the Launcher?19:03
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kkszysiuHello :)19:10
kkszysiursalveti, morphis could you explain me or redirect me to some info how you use libhybris in ubuntu touch?19:10
matzipan rsalveti, sergiusens, ricmm or bfiller ... any of you around?19:21
bfillermatzipan: yes19:21
bfillerwhat's up19:21
matzipanbfiller: can you explain to me what's dangerous about https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ppa ?19:22
matzipani need it to build mediaplayer-app19:22
matzipanwhat should I avoid doing while playing with it?19:22
bfillermatzipan: you don't want to install the unity or indicators from it as it will break your desktop19:23
matzipannetwork-manager... pulseaudio?19:23
bfillermatzipan: right those too19:23
matzipanso i'm just gonna grab my dependencies and then disable it19:23
bfillermatzipan: don't dist-upgrade with that in your sources.list19:23
bfillermatzipan: yes19:23
matzipanok perfect19:23
bfillermatzipan: also note - there is a new ppa you'll need if you're trying to biuld from trunk19:24
matzipanbfiller: which on19:24
bfillermatzipan: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build-next19:24
bfillermatzipan: this one is used now along with phablet-team ppa, eventually both will go away when everything lands in "s" series19:25
matzipanbfiller: then someone should https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/desktop-deps19:25
matzipanremove this19:25
matzipanfrom phablet-team deps19:25
matzipanoh no, it's not the same thing19:26
bfillerit's different19:27
bfillerlatest images are pulling from phablet-team/ppa and ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next ppas (as well as some others). you can see the sources.list.d entries in the images to see complete list19:27
sergiusensmatzipan: avoid mountall19:32
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AndroUserHi folks19:41
hansHow to start port to Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet PC?20:02
kaleomhall119: exactly, the shell is not rotating yet20:02
kaleomhall119: when it does it will fix that20:02
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ZDmitrymhall119:  Sorry for delay. I'll make a merge proposal. But would it better to pull latest changes (I almost finished with settings tab) or just merge current revision?20:18
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mhall119ZDmitry: put your latest and I'll try them out before approving it20:33
mhall119kaleo: cool, thanks20:34
morphiskkszysiu: it's used already by default20:43
kkszysiumorphis: I know but how? Whats youre wrapping using hybris?20:45
kkszysiuGPU access?20:45
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ZDmitrymhall119: added latest revision - https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/configs-tab21:06
morphiskkszysiu: a lot, GPU, camera, audio, sensors, ....21:14
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mhall119thanks ZDmitry21:26
ZDmitrymhall119: no problem21:28
JoseeAntonioRHey, guys. I'd like to know, where can I find a list of already ported devices?21:41
greybackJoseeAntonioR: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:47
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bobweaveris anyone good with x11 settings ?22:22
BassyMaybe a dumb question but has anyone successfully installed UT on a GS322:23
bobweaverI want to have a virtual machine that I have be the same size as my nexus 7. the VM is Ubuntu Touch with minimal stuff installed on it (started with ubuntu min) I want t so when I open the vm it is the same size as my nexus 7.22:24
bobweaverI also need to set up auto login and also a upstart or init script to start unity-next22:25
bobweaverbut x11 is first22:25
BassyAnyone installed ubuntu touch on galaxy s3??22:27
bobweaveri have not Bassy  sorry22:27
BassyI really want it lol22:28
bobweaverBassy,  you have tried it on a VM ?22:29
bobweaverand checked the porting list on xda or where ever it is22:29
BassyNo and no .. do you have links?22:30
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices22:31
BassyThanks .. and ive seen a guy thats done it .. gunna check his guide out22:32
bobweaverHi ogra_ you know anything about x11 config settings ?22:34
BassyOk could someone explain the difference between the VZ SGS3 and the i9300 SGS3 ??22:35
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ogra_bobweaver, well, nothing off the top of my head ... i know how to read manpages though ...23:03
bobweavergood point ogra_23:07
* bobweaver feels silly 23:07
issackellyI just got the default image installed. Does it happen to have an ssh shell?23:07
bobweaverI am so close to getting unity 2d on qt5 and then will be able to have all the things that I need23:07
bobweaverissackelly,  adb ? maybe you can install server / client I dont know I use adb23:08
issackellybobweaver oh interesting, I guess I don't totally get the relationship between ubuntu + Android23:10
bobweaverissackelly,  what do you need ssh for ?23:10
issackellyI wanted to examine settings that aren't available in the interface23:11
issackelly(what's my ip settings)23:11
bobweaveris it connected via usb ?23:11
issackellynot anymore23:11
bobweaveradb shell23:11
bobweaverthat will drop to shell ^^23:11
issackellyI've done the jump and tried to use it as my primary devices23:11
issackellybut it feels like it's more like a trade show display device, lots of data that's not mine23:12
issackellyI can receive but I don't think send SMS23:12
bobweaverissackelly,  correct that is what it is23:12
issackellyis anybody using it as their primary device?23:13
bobweaverissackelly, connect device and see if it is there on host computer (not device) run adb devices  this will give a list of things attached then you can run adb shell  this is like running ssh name@host23:13
bobweaverwell kinda23:14
issackellyyeah, cool thanks23:14
bobweaverissackelly,  http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html23:14
issackellyserial terminal, or sort of serial terminal over some TCP host23:14
issackellyor something :)23:14
issackellySo, it is probably a bit too much to consider running it as a primary device right now maybe23:15
Azrael_GodHello all! Here comes a potentionally stupid question. Has anyone gotten the UTouch OS on a Windows 8 tab?23:15
bobweavercorrect issackelly  unless you want to hack it till it is what you need. I think that is how a lot of opensource software is started (I could be wrong) kinda new to this myself only been coding for 2 to 3 years23:16
bobweaverIf I could just get stupid dconf-qt to compile to qt5 !!!!23:16
issackellybobweaver yeah, I'm more or less willing to do that, I just need a couple more core components to work :)23:16
bobweaverissackelly,  you can google "qml google voice" there are apps that use wifi and google voice like tapatalk but qml23:17
bobweaverissackelly,  as long as the libs are installed on device (qt ones ) he app will run23:18
bobweaverissackelly,  I have not used it but you might like to look at "qgvdial"23:19
bobweaverissackelly,  https://code.google.com/p/qgvdial/23:19
issackellybobweaver so, this is a stupid question, but does it have any cabapility of running ADKs?23:19
issackellyor android apps, I mean23:19
FishsceneI'm not sure if anyone here knows, but is Cononical still on track for an Ubuntu phone in October-ish? Or is there some website that is keeping track of development and progress?23:19
bobweaverissackelly,  Not sure never tried adb install this.qpk23:20
bobweaverissackelly,  I will try it23:21
bobweaverissackelly,  no deals23:23
bobweaver~/Desktop$ adb install Terminal\ Emulator_1.0.52.apk23:23
bobweaver944 KB/s (400941 bytes in 0.414s)23:23
bobweaver /system/bin/sh: pm: not found23:23
issackellyI just loaded a website that crashed my phone23:23
bobweaverissackelly,  do any of the videos play for you or anyone for that matter none work for me I get a green screen mixed with red23:31
issackellybobweaver the html5 video I tried didn't work either23:43
bobweaverissackelly,  I am going to make a simple video player and see if it works better23:45
bobweaverseems like all the webkit stuff that I make works as long as there is no "Tabs"23:46

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