czajkowskiI'd be well pissed if someone decided to bring a kid even if I said no kids09:38
mungbeanthey said because of space on the invite.09:38
diployeah I didn't want them at mine, I love kids ( have 2 ) but not at my wedding day :D09:38
mungbeanobviously i would ask first maybe infomrally via another channel09:38
czajkowskiif others do the same thing, then eventually there will be no space :)09:38
mungbeanbabes in arms is not the same as kids09:38
czajkowskimungbean: you clearly haev your mind made up :)09:38
Myrttigo and ask them.09:38
MyrttiI'm sure you'll get some kind of an answer.09:38
mungbeani will find out, but not ask directly in case they feel obliged to say yes09:38
Myrttithis discussion makes my mind set more and more for elopement09:39
Myrttiless hassle++09:39
czajkowskiMyrtti: true, and people tend to not respect peoples wishes09:39
czajkowskiwhich is shite tbh09:39
MyrttiI wouldn't know about that, I've never organised anything where I've had other wishes than "please come"09:40
Myrttiand I've tried not to organise anything too.09:40
MyrttiI escaped my 30th birthday to a cottage in Cornwall.09:40
czajkowskihehe I went to canada for mine09:40
czajkowskiand managed to upset my entire family by doing so09:40
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:41
BigRedSGooood Morning!09:41
MyrttiI should continue my jumper.09:42
diploI'm going to go away for my birthday for the same reason09:44
Myrttimy main reason was to give my family and relatives an excuse to not get me any presents and for me to escape the harsh reality that I wouldn't get anything useful or reciprocal to what I've given them anyway09:46
BigRedSI've never understood the idea of a useful present09:49
BigRedSI always buy people useless tat09:50
mungbeanamazon wish list seems to work well for my family09:50
TheOpenSourcererWe had a "no kids" wedding. Totally Black Tie event. Would have been outraged if anyone had brought a kid along. In fact I would have kicked them out.09:50
diploMyrtti: I'd rather I didn't get anything, but people never listen :)09:50
BigRedS"Kits will be shot on sight"09:50
BigRedSer, kids09:50
diploTheOpenSourcerer: My uncle and auntie still brought their kids, even though I had explicitly called her and told her why :/09:50
mungbeani think i go to different kind of weddings09:51
diploheh, most of the weddings i go to allow kids mungbean09:51
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: I would have evicted them.09:51
diploMine was on a very tight budget ( i paid ) and I also didn't want kids there :)09:51
mungbeanmost of my family are erally close and would love to have kids but there's just not enough room09:51
diploShould have done yeah, my ex was quite annoyed09:52
TheOpenSourcererIt is the bride and groom's day. If they do not want kids then they DO NOT WANT KIDS. What is so hard to understand?09:52
mungbeanbecause it's not as clear cut09:52
diploIf i was in your position, I'd either have one of us go or find a sitter and pop back if possible09:52
TheOpenSourcererEither you accept kids or you don't.09:53
diploWe did that a few times over the years09:53
MyrttiBigRedS: either a consumable (sauces, jams, cookies, yarn, tea, book, giftcard works) or a piece of kit or tool or something else useful that they've heard me talk about. I buy my nieces and nephews mobile phone charging cable, hair straightener iron, shaving kit, laptop batteries and harddrives, mobile phone covers etc.09:53
TheOpenSourcererHold a separate event for families and have a bouncy castle ;-)09:53
mungbeani'm obviously gonna ask, but there will be a couple of close friends who will have v young babies that are a bit young to stay with anyone else, and would be carried etc, hence without baby then cannot come09:54
TheOpenSourcererIn my boat that means they don't come then.09:54
diploheh, I never know what to buy Myrtti. I am so awful at buying anything09:54
mungbeanin which case, sometimes the couple say, of course bring the sprog, it's cos we don't have room for 1-15yr olds09:54
mungbeanand other people say nope09:54
mungbeandepends on the couple though09:55
mungbeanits rude to not ask of course09:55
Myrttiatleast this Christmas I didn't get any cosmetics after telling people that I still have about 40kilos of Bodyshop stuff and I won't use them in my lifetime09:55
mungbeani used to imagine that after my nan died we'd find a room stacked to the ceriling with oil of ulay09:55
Myrtti"do not buy me moisturiser or bath bubbles, I won't be able to go through it"09:55
DJonesWe said no kids at our wedding, the only exception turned out to be an Aunty who was so near full term that she started with labour pain during the evening reception, didn't end up having the baby until 2 days later though09:56
diplohah DJones, that would have been fun09:56
diploAn event to remember for everyone09:56
DJonesIT would have made a mess of the dance floor09:56
mungbeanjust anyone have any just cause ...ARTTTTTGFHGHGHGHHH09:57
DJonesmungbean: Is that with DJ playing pop-goes-the-weazel tune09:57
diploMates just sent me a image from his 35 holiday, says it's live the med on the devon coast, not sure if i like him anymore09:58
diplo35 quid*09:58
MooDoodiplo: disown him09:58
mungbeani went to devon in june09:58
mungbeanrain EVERY DAY09:58
MyrttiI should get on with planning the wedding tho09:59
Myrttibeen nearly a year since I got my ring09:59
mungbeanweddings are overrated09:59
diploI need to plan my divorce :(09:59
diploPut it off for 2 1/2 years already09:59
MooDoodiplo: :(09:59
BigRedSMyrtti: yeah, I generally get odd bits of outdoorsy/motorbikey/computery tat and trivia. I've been carrying around a bottle opener that I got that way for about 10 years now...10:00
diploit costs sooooooo much!!!10:00
mungbeansolicitor fees?10:00
MooDoodiplo: got kids?10:00
mungbeani keep watching hoarders next door and being inspired to tidy10:00
diploJust everything, can get married for like 50 quid, going to cost me 7-800 to get divorced. yeah MooDoo10:00
MooDoodiplo: ah crap10:00
diploShe left me so I feel she should pay for it :/10:00
czajkowskidiplo: why didnt you just ask them to leave10:01
diploBecause they had driven 200 miles, and didn't want to cause a family row, they kept them out of the way most of the time.10:02
mungbeanthe wedding is in sussex, one of you can go as my SO then10:02
czajkowskithats still shite10:02
awilkinsThe wedding industry is like a country of ghouls that prey on the memories of Disney dreams that grown women carry from their childhood.10:02
diploYep, I even phoned them previously so my dad didn't have to do it and cause him any agro10:02
czajkowskiand people who do it as they know the people who requested not to bring kids are ding it to suit themselves10:02
mungbeanawilkins: creepy but lol10:02
diploWell I got invited to one of the cousins wedding but didn't go in spite last year :D10:03
awilkinsSeriously, paying £12,000 so 200 of my wife's relatives who I don't know (or care to know) can sit down to a chicken dinner in their Sunday best is not my idea of a useful spend10:03
diploShould have taken my 2 boys up there though really, would have shown them!10:03
mungbeanweddings shouldn't be so massive, since if couples live together they are practically married already, and if they didn't then the marriage is the occasion, not the wedding10:03
czajkowskisuch a manly way of thinking lads :)10:04
diployeah my wedding itself was 40 people, evening about 12010:04
mungbeanits always interesting looking at guest list of your wedding to think, why did i invite them?10:04
diploWas great, everyone got totally drunk and did stupid dancing and stuff, most relaxed wedding i'd been to in years if i don't say so myself10:04
* bigcalm intends to have a jolly good wedding in October. And a happy ever after. No Disney required :)10:04
diplomungbean: I didn't invite any of the should I/ shouldn't I people, made that decision early on10:05
czajkowskiI think every wedding is unique and cant really be compared tbh10:05
bigcalmczajkowski: I found some cufflinks!10:05
awilkinsczajkowski, Wouldn't mind unique - would much prefer an effort to make unique memories every year10:05
mungbeani was so nervous for wedding i didn't enjoy it10:05
diploI hate weddings themselves, would love to go to one of these ones where they dance and stuff, now that would make it less formal10:05
bigcalmCame by fedex this morning http://www.etsy.com/listing/61040400/sterling-silver-pacman-cufflinks10:06
czajkowskiif ne group[ asks 200 people and the other 20 it's still their choice and their prerogative10:06
davmor2Morning all from 13.04 at last, shuggin fashin uefi10:06
* mungbean has spitfire ones10:06
czajkowskibigcalm: nice10:06
diploNever owned any cufflinks10:06
* TheOpenSourcerer thought ours was brilliant.10:06
czajkowskiI do like black tie events though10:06
czajkowskiwent to a lot of them in college any excuse to get into a ball gown10:07
awilkinsBut weddings are largely cookie cutter assembly line jobs in my XP - they have a whole industry dedicated to stamping them out and extracting the money from flowers, photos, party favours, chocolates to sit on the tables, cake, table decorations, balloons, the anchors you tie the balloons to ... etc etc etc etc etc10:07
TheOpenSourcererWe got married here and had the reception etc.10:07
diploNever been to one myself10:07
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: nice10:07
bigcalmczajkowski: I also have a set of minecraft ones coming from the US http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/105932237/minecraft-creeper-cuff-links-laser-cut10:08
czajkowskiawilkins: ours tend to be different and start off in church, and if not there, a pub before hand, then church, then post pup and then off to hotel foods drinks dancing and most definately ear hours singining10:08
TheOpenSourcererWent to one in Sligo that was a real craick czajkowski10:08
TheOpenSourcererWe all had to "do a trun" at the reception - much fun.10:09
czajkowskiaye mates one started at 2pm that was the drnks in the pub oposite the church and finished up at 6am and back up for 10am fry up followed by BBQ10:09
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: great night last friday! cant wait for next year.10:09
TheOpenSourcererOh jeez - will you be coming again then?10:09
* diplo wants to do a release party at some point, always falls when I have the kids :/10:10
bigcalmdiplo: have a release party with them10:10
DJonesLast wedding I was at was South AFrican themed, normal church wedding first, then wedding breakfast with south african bbq'd food, evening had south african drummers & dancers10:11
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: and we have the RAT to look forward to10:11
TheOpenSourcererHave a release party with a bouncy castle and/or water pistols ;-)10:11
czajkowskibut wont be as yummy ciders :(10:11
diploMy youngest would be bored, my eldest already uses my ubuntu machine, just gets on and uses it, never asked why it's different from his windows laptop :)10:11
SuperMattmmm... ciders10:11
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: Feck - you coming on that too?10:11
diploKids are great10:11
mungbeanmy 3yr old was sitting in bed this morning and had a piece of paper and crayon10:12
mungbeanthen he wrote his name10:12
diploDJones: That sounds a great wedding, all the ones I attend bore me to death10:12
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: yup ;)10:12
TheOpenSourcererOh lovely...10:12
diplomungbean: first time ?10:12
mungbeancompletely independently . i was amazed10:12
MooDoomungbean my 18 month old had paper and a crayon then though it would be more fun to write on the carpet10:12
mungbeanit actually loked like proper letters10:12
diploCool, it's great the first time, they start writing everywhere else soon10:12
diploGot my first name writing in a box in the loft, good memories10:13
mungbeanyeah we used to put crayons back in a special tin10:13
DJonesdiplo: It was good, Cousin was born in SA & lived there for about 14 years before moving back to the UK,10:13
mungbeanhe has a mario booklet with paper in10:13
mungbeanmario ,shaun the sheep and ninja warrior are faves atm10:13
diploIF and that's a big if I ever get married again, I defo want to do something slightly different10:15
DJonesDidn't somebody get married while doing a bungee jump (I seem to remember seeing pictures in the newspapers), That would be different :)10:16
diploSounds great, or a skydive!!10:17
DJonesYep, I thought I'd seen it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1084734/Pictured-The-couple-wedding-kiss-upside-bungee-line.html10:17
diplohah great!10:18
DJonesWasn't quite what I thought though, I had visions of bride & groom, vicar & witnesses bouncing up & down at the bottom of the bungee rope reciting the wedding vows10:20
diploheh, I thought that as well. But 7k! ooer10:21
bigcalmAnybody know how I use openjdk-6 on 13.04?10:43
directhexyou don't10:44
davmor2bigcalm: see if there is a 6 first10:44
directhexwell, you could download sun java from oracle10:44
bigcalmusc says that 6 is installed10:44
bigcalm(as well as 7)10:44
directhexleft over from quantal10:45
directhexsudo update-alternatives --config java10:45
bigcalmI did a fresh install10:45
bigcalmYep, listed 6. Thanks10:46
SuperMattjava /o\10:47
bigcalmI know jack about java. Makes getting this app to run rather tricky10:49
* bigcalm pokes the developer some more10:49
SuperMattjava's OK for my first programming language10:50
brobostigonhow do i remove a package, properly, that i installed via a debian package,?10:51
MooDoosudo apt-get --purge remove xxxxx won't that work for you?10:51
MooDooor is it delete, can never remember10:52
brobostigoni am trying to work it out, aswell.10:52
SuperMattyou can just use apt-get purge10:52
brobostigonapt-get purge packagename ?10:52
brobostigonok, thank you.10:52
SuperMattthat'll remove all config files too10:53
brobostigonyes, it did, :)10:54
brobostigonjust migrating something, from one vps to another, that has more free resources.10:56
MooDoobrobostigon: oooo fun :)11:05
brobostigonMooDoo: :) yes, openvpn-as11:06
MooDoocan't say I've used that....11:06
brobostigonit is assentially a preconfigured, easy to install package, that does most of the openvpn configuration for you.11:07
MooDooyeah just read about it online.11:07
brobostigonthe licence is limited to two people, doesnt bother me, as i will be the only person using it,11:08
brobostigonoh dear, that would have made things easier, they have a debian repo for their packages,11:09
brobostigonwould make removing also easier,11:09
brobostigonneed to work out, ipv6 on it next.11:10
SuperMattI'm not looking forward to the day I have to learn about ipv6 D:11:12
brobostigoni have had ipv6 here at home, using radvd and a tunnel, on my wrt54gl, for atleast the last year.11:13
mgdmI need to put a different firmware onto my GL so I can do IPv611:13
brobostigonif i remeber, it has a version of openwrt.11:13
mgdmapparently the default DD-WRT firmware includes a gadget to make old Xboxes be able to play games across the internet, instead of IPv611:14
directhexi'm waiting for BT to catch up with the glorious ipv6 future11:14
directhexi cba with tunneling11:14
mgdmso I need the firmware for weird people who never owned an old Xbox11:14
directhexxlink kai?11:15
mgdmsomething like that11:15
mgdmIt seems an awfully niche feature to be in there by default, instead of something useful11:16
ali1234if you want useful use openwrt12:01
MartijnVdS\o/ openwrt12:03
MooDoomy router doesn't support it12:04
MartijnVdSI decided which router to buy based on OpenWRT workingness12:05
awilkinsMartijnVdS, I will buy my NEXT router based on OpenWRT workingness (current one is getting a bit long in tooth)12:05
MartijnVdSawilkins: WDR4300 from TP-Link12:05
MartijnVdSseems to be the choice of the moment12:05
awilkinsNot sure what bands my wifi bridge downstairs supports either12:05
MartijnVdSthat one is dual-band12:06
MartijnVdSthough I turned down the txpower of the 2.4GHz bit so devices actually pick 5GHz12:07
awilkinsThe MythTV box is on a bridge12:08
MartijnVdSooh exciting.. new king is going to do his oath now12:09
awilkinsBecause wake on lan doesn't work on wifi12:09
MartijnVdSawilkins: wake-on-wifi is a thing12:09
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Didn't work at the time - box is over 10 years old12:09
awilkinsMartijnVdS, It's an ageing Sempron12:09
MartijnVdSah, I can see why then :)12:09
awilkinsIt's weathered really well, even if it is now running off a cannibalised ATX power supply hanging out the back of the case because it won't fit12:10
awilkinsProblem is I can't be bothered to upgrade it until we go HD12:11
awilkinsTVs that fit into my requirements just get cheaper and better every year...12:11
ali1234any router that supports dd-wrt supports openwrt, because dd-wrt is just openwrt repackaged for xbox bros12:11
MartijnVdSsame problem as PCs really ;)12:11
MartijnVdSali1234: not really.. some high-end hardware has for-pay dd-wrt12:12
awilkinsI guess I'll buy when the power requirements of my current big heavy CRT exceed the cost of a new one12:12
MartijnVdSali1234: and no openwrt target12:12
awilkinsBut for now I like my viewing angle and true blacks12:12
awilkinsMaybe when you can get OLED in 28" or better12:12
awilkins(can you?)12:12
awilkinsI mean, I know they've been showing off Stupidly-Expensive-Giant-o-Vision OLEDs12:13
awilkinsWith curved screens just because they can (tm)12:13
SuperMattwoo, successful raring upgrade :)12:14
bigcalmI want to upgrade, but I also want to know for definite that my workstation will continue to be as usable as it is right now with 12.10. Curse my unique set-up12:19
* bigcalm consoles himself with a lunch break trip to Maplin12:19
bigcalmI've been doing work on a serial console. Correct spelling is optional on IRC ;)12:21
ocean22Hi guys.12:23
ocean22Not sure if this is an ubuntu problem and I can post this up here. Guide me to the right place if it must be at some other places please.12:23
ocean22I am using ubuntu 13.04 with mozilla firefox as the web browser (default version on ubuntu 13.04). I have noticed that firefox stop streaming some media content around 15 to 20s (that is after playing the add) but keep saying “buffering” but would never play it again. I had this issue with previous versions of ubuntu but google chrome browser was spared but seems its chromium broswser (installed from repo) is affected on ubuntu12:23
ocean22 13.04.12:23
ocean22but intrestingly, youtube has never been affected and still not. i ahvent done anything apart from installing ubuntu restricted extras to start playing youtube videos.12:23
ocean22please see a link to one of the websites where it happens12:23
ocean22please guide me and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.12:23
mungbeani get this problem with 4od website12:24
mungbeani don't think its client related but a server issue12:24
mungbeanseries 1 of a programme worked12:24
mungbeanseries 2 didn't12:24
SuperMattif you have an add blocker install, 4od might not work12:25
mungbeantried that12:25
hooverjoin #puppet13:18
hooveroops, sorry ;)13:18
olyhi, anyone know if there is a way to see what webapps are detected by firefox / chrome ?13:30
olyhaving real issues making them work and i constantly hit road blocks, but if they dont load its difficult to know why13:31
dwatkinsoly: what do you mean by webapps?14:20
sara_ali1234, hi15:05
MooDoomorning popey15:33
davmor2popey: pfff might be for you, some of us have been working hard for hours already,  although I'm glad to be here rather than at the sprint to be honest, sprints scrambles your head with info overload :)15:40
popeysprints are great15:40
olydwatkins, the unity webapp integration15:41
olyfigured it out in the end, syntax error in javascript15:42
olyi found out the chrome version of the plugin has debug options you can enable15:42
sara_popey,  hej15:42
olycould not find the same in firefox though15:42
MooDoodavmor2: hulllooooooo15:44
davmor2MooDoo: how am ya15:52
MooDoodavmor2: yes great15:58
dwatkinsoly: aha16:03
dwatkinssara_: any joy with the bluetooth?16:04
=== deegee is now known as drussell
brobostigonwow, they are advertising ST 12 on tv, amazing,17:11
brobostigonomfg, google play updated itself auto-magically, wow.17:13
sara_:'(  I watched a very sick video today17:25
sara_it was part of a tv programme about the RSPCA17:25
sara_they raided apuppy farm, and showed what they found, including footage of some puppies in the back garden which had been burried alive.17:26
sara_when they dug them up they where still alive :(((17:26
sara_somepeople are really sick17:27
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
mungbeanthe number 6 for dortmund is called sven bender19:31
sara_ali1234, hiii19:52
ali1234sara_: i should have a new kernel for you in half an hour or so... maybe a bit longer19:53
=== G4MBY is now known as PaulW2U
sara_ali1234, :) you are sweet20:04
mungbeanawesome idea for schools: wish my kid was old enough to have an airfix party http://www.airfix.com/project-airfix/20:44
mungbeanshould probably arrange a "team building exercise" for my office20:45
ali1234sara_: new kernel: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/btpatch/3/20:57
sara_dpkg -i21:17
sara_is that right?21:17
sara_no for a reboot21:22
saraok so ali1234  thats recognising the broadcom devoce which is awesome, I can add a new device (nexus 4 in this case) BUT i have no access to services, eg "service not available" when i click send file to device21:35
saramay have the name of the bluetooth wrong21:35
sarasorry wait21:35
ali1234it should be atheros?21:35
sara04:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)21:36
ali1234no, that's your wifi21:36
ali1234pastebin dmesg and hciconfig -a please21:37
ali1234sounds like it is working though if you paired a phone21:37
ali1234Manufacturer: Atheros Communications, Inc. (69)21:39
ali1234last line21:39
sarawill try a few services and feed back :) Thank you for your work I really appriciate it21:41
saraOBEX Push is not working how can we work towards fixing this?21:45
ali1234no idea21:46
ali1234this is above the kernel layer21:46
saraok :) I read about what a kernal is (not just popcorn apparently) so i understand on a basic very very basic level what it is21:47
ali1234does anyone know what the correct mailing list is for bluetooth patches?21:48
directhexbluez list? http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html#linux-bluetooth21:48
saradirecthex, anyway of giving ali1234  a cookie? a nice one made out of chocolate. not a tracking cookie...21:49
ali1234i need to remember how to git-send-email too21:51
Laneywakka wakka23:25
ali1234ok, reported on linux-bluetooth23:45
ali1234sara: that kernel is only a temporary workaround and the fix will stop working when there is an update in ubuntu23:45
ali1234but hopefully it gets fixed upstream and then it will be fixed permanently in 13.1023:46

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