brouschI was thinking of buying one of these http://www.fsf.org/news/ryf-certification-thinkpenguin-usb-with-atheros-chip11:44
brouschBut it's $5411:44
snap-lThe source code reviewed as part of our certification process for this product includes the open-ath9k-htc-firmware and the Linux-libre 3.9 kernel.12:01
snap-lWhat is this Linux-libre thing?12:01
snap-lAnd does this mean that Nacho Libre is also FSF-monickered?12:01
snap-lAh, OK. I see what this is12:03
snap-lIt's Linux with the non-free bits removed12:03
snap-lExcellent branding.12:03
snap-lbrousch: Honestly, $54 for no-hassle wireless is a-ok in my book12:05
brouschI don't know. I could buy five random adapters for $10  each and 4 of them will work12:08
rick_h_gotta support the freedom lovers12:08
snap-lbrousch: Why do you hate freedom?12:11
brouschIt's too expensive12:11
snap-lPlease show me on the doll where freedom touched you.12:11
brouschI'm a free lover!12:11
rick_h_just not willing to support the extra work of freedom12:12
rick_h_lazy freedom :P12:12
brouschI thought freedom was free12:17
rick_h_heh yea...common misconception12:37
ColonelPanic001freedom is like happiness. You're not supposed to get it, just pursue it. Preferably with made-in-china magnets on your car.13:56
rick_h_so ummm, http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/?lat=42.70860&lon=-83.43970&zoom=10&type=terrain&units=english&tl.play=0&tl.spd=2&viewportstart=now-3623&viewportend=now-23&groupSevere=1&groupHurricane=1&groupFire=1&groupCamsPhotos=1&groupRealEstate=1&extremes=0&fault=0&femaflood=0&fire=0&firewfas=0&fissures=0&fronts=0&hurrevac=0&hur=0&lightning=0&livesurge=0&mm=0&ndfd=0&rad=1&rad.num=1&rad.spd=25&rad.opa=70&rad.type=00Q&rad.t14:25
rick_h_damn sneaky big links14:26
rick_h_lol, so that's probably why it provides a short link option http://wxug.us/13m2814:26
ColonelPanic001hm. I've seen this before, actually.14:29
ColonelPanic001I'm glad you mentioned it. I advise moving away from city centers and the white house. Aliens are about to float over and shoot down a big beam of kaboom.14:29
ColonelPanic001actually, that's a nice site. I usually go to weatherspark.com14:31
ColonelPanic001have to remember this one, too14:31
ColonelPanic001for just a radar display, think I might kind of prefer this one14:31
rick_h_I like the rss feed from here I use to keep up with things14:31
rick_h_and it adds local alerts to the rss feed which brought me to the radar14:32
ColonelPanic001damn, even plots lightning strikes? that's completely useless yet really cool14:32
ColonelPanic001for me anyway14:32
ColonelPanic001not like I'm going to dodge them14:32
ColonelPanic001still interesting though, even says positive/negative, etc14:35
snap-lduplicity is really starting to get on my nerves14:58
snap-lseriously, this thing is designed for files that never change14:59
snap-lAnd gave obnam a try. Seems awesome, but has a critical flaw in 1.3, and the person with the Ubuntu PPA hasn't released the 1.4 version for 12.0415:00
jcastroI just use dropbox for everything15:05
ColonelPanic001another reminder to me that I have to get a box together for owncloud15:05
rick_h_jcastro: +1 though my rsync + nas ftw for full every single little dotfile I have15:06
rick_h_dropbox at 50G isn't big enough15:06
rick_h_and paying for more :/15:06
rick_h_but important can't live without and cool to have available on mobile tablets/etc dropbox ftw15:06
jcastroI have 100GB15:06
jcastrothey do photos now15:06
jcastroand with picasa/g+ being a cluster it's a nobrainer to use dropbox for everything15:07
rick_h_yea, my /home/$me is 79GB atm15:07
jcastroI do keep an rsync'ed copy of my dropbox on my NAS as well15:07
rick_h_I went to picasa for photos. Just wish their android app did uploads/etc15:07
jcastroas well as an ISO mirror of course, heh15:07
jcastrothey're dumb15:07
jcastrothe G+ app will do uploads15:07
jcastrobut then you have copies in both G+15:07
rick_h_sorry, not picasa, flickr15:07
jcastrowhich are synced back to picasa15:07
rick_h_went from picasa -> flickr15:07
jcastroit's a mess15:08
rick_h_right, picasa/etc ugh15:08
jcastroevery time I'm like "you know, maybe I can replace dropbox with something else"15:08
jcastrothey land a new feature15:08
rick_h_heh yea15:09
rick_h_<3 those guys (python woot)15:09
jcastrobtsync is ok15:09
jcastrobut I don't want to pay for an instance to keep things offsite15:09
jcastroso there's no advantages there for me mostly vs. dropbox15:09
jcastrohttps://www.copy.com/home/ is excellent too15:10
jcastroalso has a native app15:10
greg-gwait, g+ app doesn't do photos?! that's... why do you all put up with that shit?15:11
jcastroit does do photos15:11
greg-gI mean, like, upload, you know, create/share15:12
jcastroit does15:12
jcastrobut it's annoying15:13
jcastroyou can't just like "send this photo of this pic to my dad"15:13
rick_h_it's too G+15:13
jcastroit's like circles and all this crap15:13
jcastrowants to by default share on G+15:13
jcastroso you need to upload it15:13
jcastrothen go into the browser15:13
jcastroopen the pic15:13
jcastrothen use your browser to get the URL15:13
jcastrobecause you can't direct navigate to it15:14
jcastrothen you end up with this crap:15:14
jcastronice URL!15:14
jcastroand from there the only way you can share is to G+15:14
jcastrono email, no direct link, nothing.15:14
jcastroimgur basically does a way better job15:14
jcastroor I can just click in dropbox to get that ^^ done.15:15
jcastrowhich doesn't work apparently15:16
greg-gohhh, I misread you guys15:16
jcastro http://db.tt/XLKEEjVX15:16
jcastrook does that work for you guys?15:16
greg-gyeah, google fails a lot of the time15:16
jcastroyeah they just fail worse than normal with photos15:17
greg-gjcastro: "creating album... this page will display your new album once its created"15:17
jcastroit's like, why are there 2 photo services15:17
jcastrogreg-g: yeah, the dropbox stuff is beta, so it's a bit slow15:17
* jcastro had to opt in and beg15:17
greg-gflickr "just effing works" for me15:17
jcastroI bailed on flickr when they made you move to a yahoo account15:18
snap-lOK, now that we've had this little detour to "cloud shit that doesn't make my backups work"... ;)15:18
jcastroand I didn't feel like being jorgecastro289374298374982734982374@yahoo.com15:18
greg-gjcastro: it's a fucking email that isn't displayed anywhere....15:18
greg-gthat you don't have to use (you can set your primary email to whatever)15:19
snap-lYeah, but it means I have to have a yahoo account. ;)15:20
snap-lregardless though...15:20
rick_h_snap-l: flickr works sans yahoo account :P15:21
snap-lI'm still without my local backups because of two fails. ;)15:21
greg-gok, and speaking of "oh so wonderful google" apparently you can't use any gdoc after a suspend, it freezes Fx15:21
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, but GOogle gets a pass15:22
greg-gthey've already had their fair share of passes15:22
snap-lyeah, likely.15:26
greg-gsorry, apparently I'm annoyed this morning15:28
greg-gmy excuse is that it's MY monday as I was sick at home yesterday15:28
snap-lToday is my monday too because of Penguicon and taking yesterday off to handle errands.15:29
rick_h_heh, you monday'ers15:29
rick_h_my project got pushed back again so I worked all weekend for nothing and found out middle of yesterday. So today I'm just happy. :P15:29
snap-lrick_h_: Your team lead needs to seriously get his shit otgether15:30
snap-lThat's fucking bullshit15:30
greg-grick_h_: hah15:31
greg-gjrwren: glyn moody is pretty good, and he has a response to that article/issue you linked to before, as well: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130430/09022922890/no-uk-did-not-just-abolish-copyright-despite-what-photographers-seem-to-think.shtml21:47
greg-gstupid long techdirt urls21:47
greg-gjrwren: full disclosure: I didn't read anymore than the title ;)21:49
greg-gwhich you can get from the url21:50

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