durrellAnybody home?00:09
holsteindurrell: you just find the channel? or have you been here before?15:39
durrellholstein: I've been here a few times before17:33
durrellIt's been well over a year, though17:33
holsteindurrell: welcome20:30
durrellholstein: Thanks20:32
holsteindurrell: are you in NC?20:32
durrellholstein: I yam20:32
* holstein is in asheville20:32
durrellLive in Eastern NC, work in Morrisville20:32
durrellYeah, remembered this channel trying to fix a problem I'm having with 13.04 but don't know that I'll have much luck here either haha20:34
holsteini havent seen a support question yet20:35
holsteinwhats up?20:36
durrellI'm having an issue in the "final" form of 13.04 that wasn't there in beta20:36
durrellI can't run extended monitors unless they're the same res20:36
durrellI have one 1920x1080 and one 1680x1050, worked beautifully in the daily I was running for weeks..but as soon as I updated it broke20:37
durrellSo I'm having to run both at 1680x105020:37
durrellNot sure if it's the Radeon driver or something more simple20:38
holsteini would try booting an older kernel version first. then, i would try a live CD to rule out my config.. i would try using arandr ..i would try a custom xorg.conf ..in that xorg.conf i would force the vesa driver as a test as well20:40
durrellYeah I tried the older kernel version with the same result20:41
durrellHaven't tried new Live CD yet20:41
holsteinif i were using the open ATI driver, i would try the proprietary one, and vice versa20:41
durrellOr any of the others20:41
durrellMight give that a shot tonight20:55
durrellIt's annoying running at the wrong res20:55

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