mlankhorsthm weird10:17
zzippymlankhorst: weird? whatever. If I can do anything else to help, let me know. Busy in RL next hours. Thank you.11:02
mlankhorstI'm not working today :)11:27
shadeslayerRAOF: hi, I believe robert_ancell pinged you about this a couple of minutes ago18:19
shadeslayerI'm having issues getting X up on the N1018:20
RAOFshadeslayer: This is correct.18:20
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shadeslayerhey :)18:20
shadeslayerso, I might be missing something obvious in the kernel I think18:20
RAOFI saw your Xorg.0.log; *some* things are obviously working.18:21
shadeslayerI basically take the Android kernel and enable VT, NAMESPACES and HW_CONSOLE_BINDING18:21
RAOFBut you don't get any framebuffer console, right?18:22
shadeslayerif I enable fbcon It doesn't even boot afaict18:22
RAOFIf the framebuffer console doesn't work then it's highly likely that X won't work, because X is using the framebuffer and will be using it in the same way as fbcon.18:22
shadeslayeroh, that indeed makes sense18:23
shadeslayerRAOF: I tried the modesetting driver as well18:23
RAOFThat won't work, because you don't have a kms driver.18:23
shadeslayerthat resulted in something about Xf86console setpgid calls failing18:23
shadeslayerwell this sucks :P18:24
shadeslayerRAOF: any suggestions on how to make fbcon work?18:25
shadeslayerI gave up on it because googling didn't turn up anything18:25
RAOFNo idea, sorry.18:25
shadeslayerit's super weird that the chromeos kernel works18:26
shadeslayersame SoC18:26
RAOFWith X and all?18:26
shadeslayeroh, what I meant was, the chromeos kernel works on the chromebook :D18:27
shadeslayerwhich has the same SoC18:27
shadeslayerand yes, it runs X18:27
RAOFPlausibly with a non-fbdev driver, of course :)18:27
shadeslayerhrw didn't mention if the fbdev driver works18:28
shadeslayerRAOF: and xserver-xorg-video-armsoc won't be of any help here?18:34
RAOFI'm totally unfamiliar with that driver.18:35
RAOFBut "armsoc" seems like an over-ambitious name, as there isn't a single armsoc and each of the graphics chips will need a different driver.18:35
shadeslayeryeah, but that thing is specially for the mali GPU's18:36
RAOFThen that might work?18:36
shadeslayerthe name is a misnomer however :P18:36
shadeslayeryeah, except I am uncertain on how to put it on the rootfs so that it is seen by the kernel18:36
shadeslayeror do I just install that driver and X will pick it up?18:37
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RAOFX will pick it up18:38
RAOFIt's not used by the kernel18:38
shadeslayeroh cool18:38
shadeslayerI'll feel super bad if this doesn't work :/18:42
shadeslayersince I'll have no option left18:42
shadeslayerhere goes nothing18:55
* shadeslayer crosses his fingers18:55
shadeslayernope :(18:55
shadeslayerhm, didn't even try armsoc18:56
RAOFshadeslayer: You might need to explicitly load it in xorg.conf18:59
shadeslayeryeah, doing that18:59
RAOFI don't recall that being hooked up to the autodetect.18:59
shadeslayerRAOF: http://paste.kde.org/73535019:01
shadeslayerignore the OMAP bits, it was forked from the OMAP driver19:01
shadeslayer[    13.125] (WW) xf86OpenConsole: setpgid failed: Operation not permitted19:02
shadeslayerwhich is what I got with the modesetting driver19:02
RAOFYeah, armsoc can't detect any supported devices.19:03
RAOF[    13.120] (WW) Falling back to old probe method for armsoc19:03
RAOF[    13.120] (EE) No devices detected.19:03
shadeslayerI have half a mind to try out git19:03
RAOFgit armsoc, or git xserver, or both?19:04
shadeslayergit armsoc19:04
shadeslayermaster is just one commit ahead -.-19:04
shadeslayerso yay, can't do anything with this tablet19:05
shadeslayerRAOF: how come the fb driver finds the correct resolution :S19:16
shadeslayerand everything else19:16
shadeslayerjust fails to start19:16
RAOFIt *is* starting.19:17
shadeslayeruh okay19:17
shadeslayerthen what's the problem?19:17
RAOFIt's just that what it's displaying isn't ending up on your display.19:17
RAOFAs far as X is concerned, everything's working.19:17
shadeslayerI see19:18
RAOFxf86-video-fbdev is happily drawing to what it thinks is the framebuffer.19:18
RAOFBut it's clearly mistaken.19:18
shadeslayerexcept it's not19:18
shadeslayerRAOF: no way to debug it as well right19:31
RAOFshadeslayer: Not that I can think of off hand.19:31
RAOFAlthough getting fbcon working would likely fix it too.19:32
shadeslayeryeah, except I have no idea how19:32
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