magespawnKilos wget is running without any errors09:42
Kiloslekker tool hey09:43
Kilosand you get to feel real geeky09:43
magespawnindeed will have to wait and see if the iso is corrupted or not09:43
Kilosmind that pro he wants to keep wget for himself09:43
Kilosit will be fine im sure09:44
Kilosi dunno what all the other stuff is in man wget but maybe will figure it out one day09:44
Kilosi think it first scans what you already have before getting more and hopefully in the scan it sees if there are any errors in whats already there09:46
magespawnthis is just for the pro http://xkcd.com/293/09:47
Kiloshes gone to sleep again09:48
Kilosold age you know09:49
inetproeish! :-)09:51
inetproKilos: that hurt man09:51
magespawnhttp://xkcd.com/306/ 09:57
magespawnsee what is happening now09:57
tumbleweedKilos: good, thanks09:58
Kilossorry inetpro didnt see you there09:59
magespawnokay last one for today http://xkcd.com/323/10:10
Kiloslo tonberryE352 10:16
Kilosmagespawn, if voyager 42 comes back get him to join the mailing list then he can ask there about the release party in gauteng. i see they got things going10:42
Kilosim just gonna add/remove drives here10:43
Kilosi dunno if he got the message on the twit place10:44
Kilosi shouldnt be long10:45
Kiloshmm... forgot something10:54
magespawni gotta go out KIlos bbl10:57
jmagunduniGuys where can i get ubuntu 13.04 CD around capetown?11:07
Kiloshi jmagunduni welcome to ubuntu-za11:07
Kilosyou have to download the iso. only LTS dvd's will be forthcoming11:08
jmagundunithanks Kilos .11:08
Kiloshang here maybe someone close can help if you have bandwidth probs11:08
Kiloslotsa ubuntu peeps aroung CT11:09
jmagunduniyes , i've got bandwidth problem , my internet conn is also Slow.11:10
Kiloseish everyone is having probs nowadays i think11:10
Kilosour internet is very sick11:10
Kilosare you on ubuntu at the moment?11:11
tumbleweedjmagunduni: http://lists.clug.org.za/pipermail/clug-announce/2013-April/000677.html if you want to come to that, this evening, there's an Ubuntu mirror in the building11:11
jmagundunii was on ubuntu ! in 2011 , but had to remove it for my final year project.11:12
Kilosah well as soon as you have it installed make this your favourite hang out11:13
jmagunduni@tumbleweed , but im not a UCT student , is this open to the public?.11:14
Kilosyou dont need the @ here11:14
Kilosyou a twitter fan11:14
Kilosif the weed says come then go11:15
jmagunduniyes i am y?11:15
Kiloswe just use nicks without the @11:15
jmagundunioh ok . thanks kilos.11:16
tonberryE352@ Kilos: why not?11:16
* tonberryE352 ducks11:16
tumbleweedjmagunduni: yes, it's open to the public11:16
Kiloslol @ tonberryE352 11:17
Kilosdoes it bloep if you dont put a space after the @11:18
Kilosyay another ubuntero11:19
jmagundunithanks   ... should i bring my ID ?11:19
tonberryE352it wont tab complete without the space11:20
tonberryE352no idea if it makes a noise or not11:20
Kilosok Tonberry_ thats why not, you can stop ducking now11:20
Kilosthe bloeps call me if im not near11:21
Kilosai! wrong tonberryE352 11:21
Kiloswhen your eyes get bad you rely on your ears11:22
tumbleweedjmagunduni: no, it's just a Cape Linux User Group meeting11:26
tumbleweedbring a laptop, if you want to download a Ubuntu DVD11:27
jmagunduniwow  thanks! :-)11:28
Kilosjmagunduni, you are at the right place at the right time hey11:36
Kiloshow much data can go onto a dvd?11:48
Kilosmaking a remastersys dvd of my 12.0411:49
Kilosty HawkiesZA then i hope it doesnt try add in my packages folder on the desktop thats 5.g GB11:57
HawkiesZAMore if you have double sides or double layers11:57
Kilosi dunno about that stuff11:58
ThatGraemeGuyyou would know if it was dual-layer, they are still crazy expensive11:58
Kilosoh no these were cheapies11:58
HawkiesZAYeah, I've never bought dual layer11:59
HawkiesZAThen it's most likely 4.7GB11:59
Kiloscool ty guys11:59
ThatGraemeGuydisc-burning tools will tell you if you added too much stuff11:59
ThatGraemeGuybrasero and k3b definitely will, i'd assume any worthwhile tool would tell you11:59
Kilosim just running it without customising12:00
Kilosi use k3b find its a bit ahead of brasero12:00
Kilosremastersys said i need to remove some packages, so i trashed the 5g packages folder off desktop and reran remastersys and the iso is only 1.7gB so all good12:39
Kilosty guys12:39
Kilosnow i should be able to install 12.04 without battling to get 3g working12:43
inetproMaaz: coffee on14:39
* Maaz washes some mugs14:39
inetproKilos: ^^14:39
KilosMaaz, coffee please14:39
MaazKilos: Okay14:39
Kilospretty please14:39
Kilosty inetpro 14:39
KilosMaaz, large14:39
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos14:39
inetproand no rusks?14:41
KilosMaaz, rusks please14:41
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone Kilos14:41
* Kilos needs to learn how to make rusks14:41
inetproahh, thanks Kilos14:42
Kiloshehe you had a good ay inetpro 14:42
Kilosnow i gotta go make pap14:43
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!14:43
Kilosto have with curry14:43
inetproMaaz: dankie14:43
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend14:43
KilosMaaz, thanks14:43
MaazKilos: No problem14:43
Squirmhey inetpro, Kilos 14:43
Kilostoday curry and pap, tomorrow curry and rice14:43
Kiloshi Squirm 14:43
inetproeh Squirm14:43
inetproKilos: and Thursday?14:44
Kilos12.04 unity is actually quite lekker14:44
Squirmany idea when the Durban release party is?14:44
Kiloscurry with fried onion and tomato added also with rice or maybe macaroni14:44
Kilossee nothing in the mail or here Squirm 14:45
Squirmcause weren't they going to be this coming weekend?14:45
Squirm"Ok, agreed that the 4th of May is a good date.14:46
Squirm 14:46
SquirmThe DLUG spot at Gloria Jeans @ Davenport"14:46
Squirmaccording to nuvolari on the list. wonder if it's changed. I may be in Durban this Saturday. But such a thing may bore her :P14:47
* inetpro can see that Kilos likes his curry14:53
inetproprobably from his Durban days?14:53
Squirmcurry wins14:55
Kilosohi georgelappies 14:57
georgelappieshi Kilos, how are you doing?14:58
Kilosah good indian curry puts hair on your chest14:58
Kilosgood ty and you14:58
georgelappiesgood thanks, glad tomorrow is a bit of a break ;)15:00
Squirmit is?15:03
Kilosworkers day methinks Squirm 15:16
Squirmall you people and your public holidays :/15:17
Kilosnot me man every day is the same here15:17
tonberryE352only people with jobs get to have holidays15:17
Squirmyet I have a job and still don't have this holiday15:18
Squirmok, THIS holiday15:18
SquirmI guess it gets added to my leave though15:18
magespawngood evening16:07
Kiloshi magespawn 16:11
magespawnfinished the curry already?16:12
Kilosya its ready16:12
Kilosmouth watering already16:12
magespawnright i am on my way around then16:12
Kiloseat after 7dee laan16:12
Kilospull in16:13
magespawnbe there in about 8 hours16:13
Kiloslol long way for a meal16:13
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kilosyo Trixar_za 16:13
Trixar_zaHey Kilos16:13
Kilosyou missed the new guy today magespawn 16:13
Trixar_zaI got the damn bundle a day too early16:13
Kilosgetting new ubuntu at the clug meet tonight16:14
Kilosaw thats sad Trixar_za 16:14
magespawnI saw the conversation Kilos, pretty cool16:14
Kiloswhich bundle16:14
Trixar_zaOh well, it only expires on 01/06/2013, so that's alright16:14
Trixar_za2GB+1GB promo16:15
Kilosoh ive had to do that too16:15
Trixar_zaYou know, they did actually kill it at 8ta since it's a Telkom Mobile deal now16:15
Kilosmaybe thats why its gone so slow16:15
Cantidehey Kilos :)16:16
Kilosi was down to 1kB/s last night16:16
Kiloshi Cantide 16:16
Kilos1.6 actually16:16
magespawnHey Cantide Trixar_za16:16
Cantidemagespawn, '-'/16:16
magespawnTrixar_za: the word is that they are supposed to be the same thing16:17
* Cantide shares his bandwidth with Kilos 16:17
Trixar_zaHey magespawn16:17
Kilosty Cantide 16:17
Cantidei was getting about 200 Kbps last night, Kilos :<16:17
Kiloswell ive foned and they looking into it16:17
Cantidegl :-S16:17
Kilosused to get up to just over 30016:17
Trixar_zaThey are magespawn, we all just assumed it meant they were killing the deal completely and not moving it16:17
Kilosno man kB/s16:18
Kilos200kb/s is slow16:18
Cantidethe best i've gotten was 700 Kbps16:18
Kilosshould get over 200 kB/s16:18
Cantidebut that'll all be irrelevant soonish :)16:18
Trixar_zaI remember a time where we were content with 10kb/s16:20
Cantidei remember those days, too :p16:20
Trixar_zaAnd GPRS was expensive16:20
Kiloshi deegee 16:21
Kilosoh its the real one16:22
Kiloshows things Dave16:22
KilosTelkom Gets Ex-Vodacom South Africa Head Sipho Maseko as CEO 16:22
Kilosthats why 16:22
=== deegee is now known as drussell
Kiloswell we rev him and see what happens16:24
drussellKilos: hiya, someone squatting on my nick, had to regain it :o)16:25
Kilosisnt it registered drussell 16:25
Kilosand i think masking also makes it more secure16:26
Kilosquite a job that though, you gotta ask them ops peeps to mask it for you16:27
drussellKilos: yup, it is registered, just had to ghost and then regain it16:28
Kilossigh these peeps you know. they get a message that says the nick is already registered16:29
kbmonkeyhello all16:39
Cantidehey kbmonkey '<16:40
kbmonkeyjust sayin hi, waiting for this encoding to finish16:41
kbmonkeyits 'friday' :)16:41
Kiloshi kbmonkey 16:42
kbmonkeyI see you said hi to me yesterday, I was away. Hi :)16:42
kbmonkey^ Kilos that is16:43
Kilosrather late than never16:43
Kilosill get you back dont worry16:43
kbmonkeybha ha ha16:43
kbmonkeyI'm off, going to collect food.16:44
kbmonkeymay be back later16:44
kbmonkeytoo de loo16:44
Kiloscheers kbmonkey be good16:45
Cantidesee ya :p16:45
magespawnKilos: the wgetting is done16:59
Kiloslekker and all good hey?16:59
Kiloswget rocks17:00
Kilosand sometime try k3b, imo its better than brasero17:00
magespawnnot sure, said "Scheme missing." at the endso i'll do the md5 and see17:01
Kilosbut if you got uncapped how come you didnt just download from scratch?17:06
Kilosi wonder if one could fsck something like that17:08
magespawni probable will download again anyway, but it is worth the exercise to find out what is possible17:19
Kilosnext tiem wget it from scratch17:20
Kiloshi gwood 17:25
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za17:25
Kiloshi smile4ever 17:26
Kilosoh magespawn if it dont work try the zsync command as well for interests sake17:27
Kilosand ask the clever peeps if one can fsck an iso17:27
smile4everhi kilos :)17:31
gwoodtumbleweed: hey, hope i did not miss too much at todays CLUG, sad i could not make it :'(17:32
Kilosmagespawn, are you doing the md5 ting or is that for tomorrow17:35
magespawnbit tires Kilos, and now also reading about Nagios17:36
Kilosok keep me in suspense17:36
superflymagespawn: have you looked at something like untangled?17:47
* magespawn goes to google17:47
magespawnno superfly, like nagios?17:48
superflyuntangled is an "appliance"17:48
superflyI don't know if it does nagios, I think it's actually a firewall, but there might be similar systems out there17:49
superflyMaaz: WAYTTD17:49
Maazsuperfly: WAYTTD is What Are You Trying To Do?17:49
superflymagespawn: ^^17:49
magespawnwas just looking into a server monitering and network monitering17:50
magespawnis this it http://www.untangle.com/ ?17:51
jmagundunianybody home.18:16
Kiloshi jmagunduni 18:16
Kiloswhats news, you got your ubuntu?18:16
Kilosthere is always someone here , you just gotta be patient at times cause they are busy18:17
jmagunduni<kilos>no man, but some guy promised me that he will make a copy for me tommorow.18:18
Kilosbut tomorrow is good hey?18:19
magespawnall good things are worth waiting for18:19
Kilosdid you get to meet tumbleweed  jmagunduni ?18:20
jmagundunieish ! dude hehe .. i went to rondebosh went on asking ppl where UCT is ! no 1 was will to tell me any thing so i had to turn back.im so disapointed really!18:22
Kilosah sorry to hear that18:23
jmagundunieish ! im cool man. but atleast some one is going to lend me a cooy , so i cool.18:24
magespawnisn't the meeting tonight?18:25
Kilosyou should popped on here and aksed for directions. im sure someone knows18:25
magespawngoogle if no body else18:25
Kilosi think they arew there now18:25
Kilosdepends how long they keep going18:26
jmagundunibra i did... but no1 was willing to show me directions , dont worry i will show up next time.18:29
Kilosnot_found, you still here? what you on holiday18:29
jmagundunibra i did... but no1 was willing to show me directions , dont worry i will show up next time.18:29
jmagundunibra i did... but no1 was willing to show me directions , dont worry i will show up next time.18:30
magespawnno worries jmagunduni18:30
Kiloshehe what happened18:30
Kilosbit of a lag18:30
jmagundunino just started working here last month .. so im new ...18:31
Kilosah where are you from18:32
Kiloseasy to get lost when new in an area18:32
jmagundunioriginally from Limpopo, studied in JHB now im here.18:32
Kiloswhew long way from home18:33
Kilosare you here now with your browser?18:33
smile4everbye :)18:33
Kilostoosd smile4ever 18:33
Kilostoods too18:33
smile4evergood night18:34
jmagunduniyes why?18:34
jmagunduniNOOOO im mean in CPT lol18:35
Kilosyou can install xchat on windows which will give you a proper irc client18:35
jmagunduniok let me try to do that , 18:36
Kilosmagespawn, is there still a free xchat for win?18:36
KilosMaaz, google free xchat for windows18:36
MaazKilos: "X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/ :: "Download - X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/download/ :: "HexChat" http://hexchat.org/ :: "XChat for Windows" http://xchat.org/windows/ :: "XChat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XChat :: "Windows - How to get XChat for free! - YouTube"18:36
Maazhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5YgBkpZMT8 :: "XChat 2 Build Lineup for Windows" http://b0at.tx0.org/xchat/ :: "Fre…18:36
magespawnyes but it is called ychat i think18:36
superflyseriously? you couldn't find UCT?18:36
superflyMaaz: google for directions to UCT cape town18:37
Maazsuperfly: "University of Cape Town / Contacts & maps / Directions to UCT" http://www.uct.ac.za/contact/directions/ :: "University of Cape Town / Contacts & maps / Campus maps" http://www.uct.ac.za/contact/campus/ :: "University of Cape Town / Contacts & maps / General contacts" http://www.uct.ac.za/contact/ :: "University of Cape Town / Contacts & maps / Route18:37
Maazmaps" http://www.uct.ac.za/contact/route/ :: "University of Cape Town / Applying to UCT / App…18:37
jmagundunibra it happens when you are new bra!18:37
superflyjmagunduni: firstly, I'm not a piece of your lingerie, and secondly all you need to do is put your fingers on a keyboard and google it18:38
jmagunduniO_O  lol jah neh.18:39
Kiloswe  dont normally use slang here18:39
Kilosbut we do use afrikaans at times18:40
KilosBanlam, you got network probs tonight18:42
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosinteresting so www. is twenty today18:47
Kiloshehe you scared him away superfly 18:55
Kilosdid you install xchat now jmagunduni ?18:58
jmagunduniim still downloading.18:58
Kilosok shout if you need help setting it up19:00
jmagundunidownload complete, what do i have to do next19:01
Kilosok run it19:01
jmagundunii did..19:02
Kilosfirst page the opens scroll down to freenode and tick once on freenode then tick edit on the right19:02
Kilosin favourite channels type in #ubuntu-za19:03
Kilosand if you have an irc password enter it lower down19:03
Kilosalso you put in your nick at the top19:03
Kilosthen close that page and tick connect19:04
inetprosuperfly: nice link that... 20 years went by way to quickly19:14
inetprooops, right19:14
inetproKilos: wat is jy so stil nou?19:17
Kilosek wag om te sien wat gebeur19:18
Kilosslowly we are getting the lug peeps here19:18
inetproKilos: what did you do?19:18
Kiloswhen inetpro ?19:19
inetproKilos: to get them joining here19:19
Kiloseverything is working here19:19
Kilosoh no one was looking for the weed19:19
jmagundunithanks kilos it worked.19:19
Kilosother one is new19:19
Kilosyw jmagunduni 19:20
inetprowb jmagunduni19:20
Kilosnow when you want to type someones nick you type the first 3letters and hit tab19:20
Kilosit will sort uppercase out for you19:21
jmagundunioh ok thanks man19:21
Kilosjust as well that nick of yours would wear out my fingers19:21
inetproMaaz: coffee on19:21
* Maaz flips the salt-timer19:22
KilosMaaz, coffee on19:22
MaazKilos: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup19:22
KilosMaaz, sorry19:22
MaazDon't be sorry Kilos Be careful.19:22
jmagunduniKilos, :) its long i know.19:22
KilosMaaz, coffee please19:22
MaazKilos: Done19:22
Kilosthe tab complete makes it easier jmagunduni 19:22
jmagunduniKilos, very easy ... so how long have you been using ubuntu?19:23
inetpronow if only I could preserve my firewall rules on my router19:23
Kilosi think 3 or 4 years now19:23
Kilosand pc's a year longer19:24
Kilosfirst year was only playing games19:24
jmagunduniKilos, i started with ubuntu 9.1019:24
inetprosuperfly: who was the BusyBox fundi here?19:24
Kilosi started with 8.04 which i couldnt get online with then went to 8.10 and never looked back19:25
Kiloslucky i had peeps to help with cds19:25
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!19:25
KilosMaaz, danke19:26
inetproMaaz: dankie19:26
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend19:26
jmagunduniKilos, do you like Unity thou?19:26
Kilosyes the 12.04 version. 13.04 has too much eye candy19:26
Kilosi also use kubuntu19:26
Kilosi also had to modify unity to give me 10 workspaces19:27
Kiloshehe everyone says im mad19:27
Kilosthe old ubuntus using gnome2 were easier for me but they all expired now19:28
jmagunduniKilos, :-) you are not alone people think i am obsessed 19:29
Kiloslol with what?19:29
magespawnhome time, later all19:30
Kilosinetpro, chickens news?19:30
Kiloscheers magespawn go safe19:30
Kiloswhew you late19:30
inetproKilos: had my gardener up in arms today19:30
jmagunduniKilos,  with Ubuntu .19:30
Kilosoh ya me too19:31
Kilosubuntu rocks19:31
inetproKilos: it caught another chicken and was eating it high up in the tree right in front of him19:31
Kilosyou gonna have to keep them locked up till you rid of it19:32
superflyinetpro: that monkey again?19:34
jmagunduniKilos, when i first installed it, it gave me problems with codecs then i discovered SuperOS which is like  Ubuntu with codecs , but i think that its no longer supported. 19:34
Kilosactually you can get sleeping pills19:34
inetprosuperfly: yep19:34
Kilosthose with pam in them19:35
Kilostemazepam etc19:35
superflyinetpro: i would see if I can find a humane way to deal with it, if possible19:35
Kilosthe kill one chicken and put pills under skin all over and leave it thwere he can get it19:35
superflymaybe see if there's somewhere you can relocate it to?19:35
Kilosthen when he sleeps put him in cage and take far away19:36
Kiloseven the zoo19:36
Kilosits costing you money that thing19:37
inetproKilos: as far as I'm aware even the neighbor has started making plans to catch it19:38
inetproobviously it's been causing havoc there as well19:38
Kilosi would try grub it the take to zoo when asleep19:39
Kilosi think any sleeping pills should work19:39
inetproit's only the last few days that we have really seen it on a daily basis now, will really have to make a plan now19:40
Kilosbut at this rate you gonna have nothing left soon19:40
inetpronow if only I could catch it on camera so we can identify it first19:42
Kilosdont worry about identifying it first. catch it first then the zoo will tell you what it is19:43
Kilosadd up the chickens gone so far and see how much data you could get with the value19:43
Kilosor even onderstepoort19:44
Kilosthey take in animals like that i h=think19:44
Kilosand they near to you19:44
Kilosai! he smiles19:44
* inetpro smiles about "how much data you could get with the value"19:45
Kiloschickens arent cheap anymore19:46
inetproKilos: what do you pay for Bantams?19:47
Kilosmust be at least R20 each19:47
Kilosmore if they pure breds19:47
inetprono these are real basters19:48
Kilosthe 20 bug food value19:48
inetprowhat is that, hybrids?19:48
Kiloscross breedsa19:48
inetproMaaz: define hybrid19:49
Maazinetpro: Hybrid \Hy"brid\, a. 1. Produced from the mixture of two genetically distinct strains; as, plants of hybrid nature. [1913 Webster]  2. derived by a mixture of characteristics from two distinctly different sources; as, a hybrid musical style; a hybrid DNA molecule. [PJC], Hybrid \Hy"brid\, n. [L. hybrida, hibrida, prob. allied to Gr. ? wantonness (as if19:49
Maazunbridled, lawless, unnatural), perh. akin to Gr. "ype`r over, E. over: cf. F. hybride.] 1. …19:49
Kiloscheck the price of chicken in checkers and work it out19:49
Kiloshaha makes me think of my ex in utrecht19:50
inetprothey are very light, can't be a lot of meat on them19:50
Kilosshe would sit all day selling my broilers then go buy a chicken from the supermarket for supper19:51
Kilos1/2 kg19:51
Kilosi go sleep now. night all. sleep tight20:00
jmagundunigood night everone20:46

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