IntuitiveLeapwill apt do it?00:00
Unit193I just list them (like above) and remove all but the current 2.   (apt-get purge linux-image-3.5.0-23-generic linux-image-extra-3.5.0-23-generic linux-headers-3.5.0-23 linux-headers-3.5.0-23-generic )00:01
Unit193But that's me.00:01
IntuitiveLeapi havent ever had to manually remove them before on other distros, kindof new at it.00:03
IntuitiveLeapi found this command floating around... looks interesting.00:08
IntuitiveLeapdpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge00:08
Unit193That seems to remove all but current, and not sure how it works on lowlatency.  Add an echo before "sudo" and after "xargs"00:12
IntuitiveLeapecho to stout?00:13
Unit193That way you can see exactly what it'll do before it does it.00:13
len-1304IntuitiveLeap, I would look through /var/log/00:14
IntuitiveLeapit actually shows without the added echo00:14
IntuitiveLeapanything special i should look for len?00:14
len-1304Big files :)00:14
len-1304I have had a file fill it up if there is a badly behaving program.00:15
len-1304Video drivers can be bad for that, but they may show up in different places00:15
IntuitiveLeapive got dpkg.log.1 pretty huge00:16
len-1304Some times kernel, sometime x sometimes syslog00:16
Unit193I've had a log file in home do that.00:16
IntuitiveLeapbut thats probably because i retried to update like 1 million times lol00:16
IntuitiveLeapwhat unit is the size given in when i use ls - l?00:17
len-1304try adding -h00:17
len-1304ls -lh00:17
Unit193len-1304: He indicated /boot/ was the issue, but that should help too.00:18
Unit193I personally like ncdu. :P00:18
len-1304I _should_ be more familiar with the available tools than I am.00:18
IntuitiveLeapthat dpkg.log.1 file is an order of magnitude larger than any others in /var/log/00:19
len-1304I have had video driver troubles give me log files in the 100s of GB00:20
IntuitiveLeapwhen i see a size written as root 2145584 Mar 31 13:49 dpkg.log.1, is it in KB?00:21
len-1304Thats not very big. Its in bytes.00:23
len-1304try using ls-lh00:23
len-1304* ls -lh00:23
len-1304the h means human readable00:23
sirriffsalotMy login takes forever to prompt when I boot.. why is this?12:47
sirriffsalotThis is now on a fresh install of beta12:47
ArkhanaI don't know12:50
ArkhanaMaybe install stable? (but you might have thought that already)12:51
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: The beta?:O12:54
smartboyhw_We don't currently have BETA releases…12:55
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: uhm..12:58
sirriffsalot13.04 beta12:59
sirriffsalotYou kidding me?12:59
sirriffsalotOh you changed the name.. well, 13.04 then12:59
sirriffsalotI had this problem in a 12.04 install too..12:59
sirriffsalotNow same12:59
smartboyhw_sirrfsalot: How long is "forever"? It never appears or what?13:00
ArkhanaThat's the reason why I don't update13:01
smartboyhw_Arkhana: Er hrm he has that in 10.04 too…13:01
smartboyhw_opps 12.0413:01
ArkhanaI'm using 10.04 and even that has problems13:02
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: 30 seconds.. a minute ish13:02
sirriffsalotJust a black screen, and I can tell something is happening, I just don't know what13:02
sirriffsalotIs it doing some network checking before prompting login?13:03
sirriffsalotI've lost three good riffs becasuse of this issue now.. hehe13:03
sirriffsalot"Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Beta 2 is now released!"13:04
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: Well?13:04
smartboyhw_sirriffaslot: Now where do you see that link? We have updated all our links to final release...13:05
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: For me it can boot from poweron to login in 15-30 never min.13:07
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: http://ubuntustudio.org/download/13:07
sirriffsalotRecent posts13:07
sirriffsalotWell and good, but it really is a problem for me lol.. Ubuntu could be perfect if not for a few silly things I am sure. This is a relative beginner in linux talking.. I wonder I wonder why the developers do the silly things, hehe13:08
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: The top post of "Recent posts" is the 13.04 final release one13:11
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: yea:P13:11
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: What's your hardware spec?13:13
smartboyhw_Or maybe try install Ubuntu13:13
ArkhanaUbuntu doesn't work for me13:13
ArkhanaNo DE13:13
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: what in particular?:)13:14
smartboyhw_Arkhana: ????13:14
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: RAM, CPU13:14
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: 4gb ram, 1.6GHz/2.13GHZ13:14
ArkhanaI didn't have a desktop enviorment13:15
ArkhanaOnly a wallpaort13:15
ArkhanaNo button13:15
ArkhanaOr menu bar13:16
smartboyhw_Arkhana: What the hell?13:17
smartboyhw_That shouldn't happen AT ALL13:17
smartboyhw_It has a DE called Unity13:17
smartboyhw_Ubuntu I mean13:18
ArkhanaWhat? Only a wallpaper13:18
smartboyhw_Arkhana: What? Gimme a photo…13:18
ArkhanaUhm, how can you send a photo over IRC?13:19
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: so.. what more?13:19
smartboyhw_!screenshot | Arkhana13:22
ubottuArkhana: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.13:22
ArkhanaI'll make a screenshot with my phone now13:22
ArkhanaKinda easy since I chat with my phone now13:23
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: Nothing more, but then it's awkward that it boots slowly. Maybe a CPU problem, since it has only 2.13 GHz atop. Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit?13:24
sirriffsalot2.13GHz i plenty.. :-S?13:26
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: 2.13 GHz or 1.6 GHz is relatively a bit slow by today's standards and you should use 64-bit13:28
smartboyhw_And wait a minute, can you try to find out how much RAM your Ubuntu system detects?13:28
len-1304Depends, I have recorded very comfortably on a 10 year old P413:28
cfhowlettsmartboyhw_, I plan to visit HK soon ... got an extra couch?    :)13:29
smartboyhw_cfhowlett: No. My parents would ABSOLUTELY not agree13:32
smartboyhw_len-1304 how long does your P4 need to boot?13:33
cfhowlettsmartboyhw_, good parents!13:33
* Arkhana is ha13:36
ArkhanaHassling with his internet connection13:37
smartboyhw_Arkhana: What?13:37
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: this really sounds a frivolous assumption.. I still run MMORPG's flawlessly with this computer, no laggs (I don't play anymore). This is a decent computer, and 64-bit? Why?13:37
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: after some updates, it has taken forever long to prompt login, it's not that my computer is slow, it runs beautifully otherwise, something goes on when a black screen keeps hanging.. I wanna know what's going on; how do I do this?:)13:38
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: I think I got the point. The black screen, it is the GRUB bootloader loading the linux-lowlatency kernel13:39
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: aha, why is this taking so long?13:40
sirriffsalotMight try a realtime one then, hehe13:40
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: -rt takes the same time also....13:41
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: but this makes no sense, yours never takes this long? even windows doesn't take that long, lol13:41
sirriffsalotSomething has changed, for the worse :P13:42
ArkhanaUbuntu without any signs of icons or start baf13:44
ArkhanaAnd yes, the CD is done loading13:44
smartboyhw_Arkhana: Meh you clearly have some screen issues...13:45
smartboyhw_What's the resolution of that screen?13:45
Arkhana1080 x 78613:46
ArkhanaOr something like that13:46
* Arkhana leaves #ubuntustudio13:46
smartboyhw_Whoa that's LOW resolution…13:48
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: The time depends. If it is in gd mood it can boot within 15 seconds. If not, probably 35 or more13:49
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: linux is like a delicate lady.. if it's doing something wrong; it's your fault.13:50
sirriffsalotIt has no moods that you don't cause :P13:50
sirriffsalotAnd this is a fresh install, makes no sense13:51
sirriffsalotI'm not saying ubuntu studio is crap, I love it, no criticizing here13:51
sirriffsalotBut I just want to fix this :)13:51
smartboyhw_I'm talking about the truth.13:53
sirriffsalotTruth needs proof mate.. all I'm seeing are claims. I on the other hand hear that you and others don't have this problem of one minute, which often is my case13:53
sirriffsalotGonna have to edit the boot so I'll see exactly what's going on, then get back to you!13:53
* smartboyhw_ is slayed13:54
smartboyhw_Sure, you want proof, how can I give you proof? I'm not at my computer now…13:54
sirriffsalotNot my falt is it?^^ You claimed truth, I just disagreed :P13:55
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: Everyone's computer is different…13:57
sirriffsalotYeah, encapsulates my point..13:57
sirriffsalotBut hey I don't mean to argure13:57
sirriffsalotI'll get back with more info!13:57
sirriffsalotbe back*13:58
smartboyhw_sirruffsalot: OK13:59
sirriffsalotStil got a lot of repos etc to add13:59
sirriffsalotA3 rocks13:59
smartboyhw_We have a test repo for raring anyways14:00
ArkhanaBack again14:00
ArkhanaSo could you help me with what's wrong with Ubuntu?14:01
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: But are you willing to take risks?14:01
sirriffsalotsmartboyhw_: depends, heh!14:01
smartboyhw_Arkhana: For Ubuntu, try asking in #ubuntu14:01
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: https://launchpad.net/~zequence/+archive/testing14:02
smartboyhw_Try to see if you would like to install this PPA and take the risk14:02
sirriffsalotUhm, ardour3, lv2 and some other bleeding edge stuff?14:03
sirriffsalotrecordmydesktop? What's that haha14:03
ArkhanaBtw can you help me with recording sound? Both Alsa and Jack don't wirk in Audacity14:03
sirriffsalotArkhana: you have to tell audacity to route between jack correctly14:03
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: That is a new app in 13.0414:03
smartboyhw_For Ubuntu Studio14:04
sirriffsalotArkhana: if you're a more graphical user interface guy, fire up patchage, so you can route 'till you bleed14:04
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: It captures your audio+video data of your current desktop session14:05
sirriffsalotMight need that to show others how to use ardour etc14:05
sirriffsalotMy vocalist isn't exactly a linux-user lol14:05
sirriffsalotWhat the hell, I'll try it14:05
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: That is a good use:P14:05
sirriffsalotI trust zequence so14:05
smartboyhw_sirriffsalot: You should, he's our (Ubuntu Studio Team's) Project Lead14:07
sirriffsalotYeah, hence my trust ;D14:07
zequenceIt's basically ardour3 from Debian Multimedia Teams git repo, with some added dependencies in order to get it built, and also a patch by falktx14:07
zequenceI was just testing it for myself so far14:07
sirriffsalotYeah, I only had recordmydesktop and one other as a new install14:08
sirriffsalotLol, cool14:08
ArkhanaSirriffsalot: I can use the cmdline as well14:08
sirriffsalotOne of the first programs in linux I've used that worked on first attempt from start to finish14:08
sirriffsalotArkhana: sorry?14:08
sirriffsalot.ogv .. that's new14:08
ArkhanaThe command line14:08
sirriffsalotArkhana: I know.. but what of it?14:09
zequenceI was mixing an album for a friend and had some CPU problems with ardour2 and effects. Switched to ardour3, everything was fine14:09
sirriffsalotzequence: really!14:09
sirriffsalotzequence: sounds strange14:09
sirriffsalotBut hey, ardour 3 is definitely a  huge leap, even I can tell that14:10
sirriffsalotzequence: any idea what caused the cpu problems in 2?14:10
zequenceIt's so much easier to work with14:10
sirriffsalotEspecially with a 4-core computer14:10
sirriffsalotI tend to have 900 regions around at the end of recording.. so record-enabling at that point used to take five seconds, lol14:11
ArkhanaSirriffsalot: I'm going to check it all out later, but I think I can makr it14:11
sirriffsalotArkhana: well, patchage makes routing easier, rather than using qjackctl14:11
ArkhanaI don't know about any of these14:12
ArkhanaNever heard of them14:12
sirriffsalotArkhana: oh, you're very new to this?14:12
sirriffsalotArkhana: how far have you got?14:12
sirriffsalotgotten* meh14:12
ArkhanaI am kinda new to alsa and jack but not to linux14:12
sirriffsalotArkhana: well what are you struggling with exactly?14:13
ArkhanaAt this moment: nothing. But at my pc, I couldn't record14:13
ArkhanaAnd I could only select Jack as input14:14
sirriffsalotArkhana: when jack runs, which is an audio server, is is the sound-routing master, so to speak14:14
sirriffsalotArkhana: it's the boss. So all sound goes through jack when it runs14:14
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro14:14
sirriffsalotArkhana: and patchage is basically a graphical way for you to route sound as much as you like14:15
ArkhanaAnd what is routing? Does patchage let the sound go trough diffrent ways?14:15
sirriffsalotzequence: hey, wanna help me out with finding the right guitar-sound with eq's? I'll give you a small recording of the raw guitar-sound, and you tweak it to something you find fits a pop-like song, and slap it back to me14:16
sirriffsalotArkhana: yeah, routing is basically feeding sound in different directions14:16
sirriffsalotIf you've got rhythmbox or some audio player sending sound, you can route it's output to your speakers, so you actually hear something14:16
sirriffsalotThat's the simplest of routing, you'll get more advanced as you go along14:17
ArkhanaOutput is OK already14:17
sirriffsalotSo if you wanna record something, route the output of whatever you want to record, to audacious input14:17
ArkhanaBut its also possible that with the wrong routing the sound is very distorted14:17
sirriffsalotArkhana: absolutely, you gotta route things right, hehe14:18
zequencesirriffsalot: I could give it a shot. I mostly mix metal, all though that probably matters less. I don't spend a lot of time working on it14:18
ArkhanaLol i love those kind of sounds that nobody wants but are still good14:18
zequencewish I had more time, and a nice studio14:18
sirriffsalotzequence: metal?! really? I'll stick to you, but hang on, gonna fetch it14:18
DarkErawould be nice to use zynaddsubfx in ardour 3 when working with midi :)14:20
ArkhanaHey everybody: I know how to record LP's in a cheap way with Ardour or Audacity14:20
smartboyhwThis, is the best 4-way talk I've ever heard in this channel.14:20
ArkhanaWanna know?14:20
DarkErasmartboyhw, :D14:21
ArkhanaSmartboyhw, DarkEra: Lol we are talking u just watching14:22
zequencesirriffsalot: Are you recording it first? ;)14:24
sirriffsalotzequence: nope, hehe14:25
sirriffsalotzequence: but it was on my studio laptop, had to export and move it14:25
ArkhanaHey does anyone know a good VSTi program for UStudio?14:30
sirriffsalotArkhana: fraid not.. :/14:33
ArkhanaSirriffsalot: t14:43
sirriffsalotArkhana: cómo?14:43
ArkhanaMust be pure Windows technology14:43
ArkhanaSirriffsalot: must be pure Windows technology, vsr14:45
sirriffsalotI know what it is??14:45
ArkhanaYes, but I meaned that something like VST isn't likely to be ported to Linux14:46
ArkhanaExcept Ardour14:46
ArkhanaBut that's only for VSTfx14:46
sirriffsalotArkhana: well.. you can use them in wine (which is a windows emulator that runs the programs as if it were windows OS)14:47
sirriffsalotArkhana: but since these companies are closed source and proprietary, I doubt linux will ever be able to make their tweaked versions14:47
ArkhanaYes I know about Wine14:48
ArkhanaBut Wine has lend some code from ReactOS, a project to build Windows from scratch14:49
ArkhanaAnd ReactOS has dissasembled a14:49
ArkhanaSome pieces of Windows14:49
ArkhanaSo I think at the moment that Wine is really good, Microsoft will stop Wine14:50
ArkhanaJust some info14:50
sirriffsalotArkhana: how are they going to stop wine? hehe14:51
ArkhanaBy judging them14:51
sirriffsalotI doubt the people that are wayy above them will really care what judgement the arch-bishops of windows preach :)14:52
ArkhanaMight be14:53
ArkhanaSince Linux has no commercials14:53
sirriffsalotOr demant any payment14:54
ArkhanaAnd a lot of people don't understand Linux15:00
ArkhanaIn example: it has not disk numbers15:00
ArkhanaPeople won't understand that15:01
sirriffsalotArkhana: I'm not THAT knowledgable about linux.. hehe15:02
ArkhanaAnd even less people know about Syllable, but Syllable is friggin' fast15:02
ArkhanaBoot time: 10 secs15:02
ArkhanaFor the OS itself15:02
ArkhanaOn a 10 year old PC15:02
sirriffsalotWell yea.. but not really studio compatible..15:03
sirriffsalotArkhana: and hey, if you want quickness, try slax15:03
ArkhanaTry Kolibri OS15:03
sirriffsalotNo need to have it installed, just on a usb stick :P15:03
ArkhanaNothing beats that15:03
ArkhanaMy PC doesn't boot USB15:04
ArkhanaFilthy thing15:04
sirriffsalotStill not studio-compatible=815:04
ArkhanaYou have a point... :D15:05
ArkhanaBut using them both is best15:05
sirriffsalotI'll trade a thousand x-runs for 1-minute extended boot-time any day15:05
ArkhanosWhat is the slowest OS btw15:11
sirriffsalotArkhanos: windows15:16
sirriffsalotArkhanos: x-runs are moments when the jack audio server can't handle the things going on and so the sound has a slight lagg og glitch sound.. like a rip in a cd15:17
sirriffsalotNot as bad, but noticeable15:17
ArkhanosSirriffsalot: do you know the buzz w15:19
sirriffsalotArkhanos: no15:20
ArkhanosThat appears at wrong amplifiers15:20
ArkhanosIf you hear that from your PC15:20
ArkhanosThen you can recognize if your computer is working hard15:20
sirriffsalotAre you still talking about x-runs? What it sounds like?15:20
ArkhanosLike a mmmmmmmmmm15:20
ArkhanosAnd not about x-runs15:21
ArkhanosIt's an analog sound15:21
sirriffsalotYou hard drive I guess?15:21
sirriffsalotBeing recorded :P15:21
=== opus2 is now known as opuscontinuum
ArkhanosIf you plug a cable into your analog amplifier15:22
ArkhanosAnd you touch the other end of the cable with your finger15:22
ArkhanosThat sounf15:22
sirriffsalotAh yea15:22
sirriffsalotWhat about it?15:22
ArkhanosIs it called that way?15:23
sirriffsalotIs what called that way?15:23
ArkhanosThe buzz from the amplifier. Opus2 said it was called opuscontinuum15:23
ArkhanosAnyway, if it comes from your PC15:24
sirriffsalotArkhanos: hehe, I think he was trying to change his nick^^15:24
ArkhanosAnd it's getting lower15:24
sirriffsalot"<-> opus2 is now known as opuscontinuum"15:24
ArkhanosYour PC is working15:24
sirriffsalotArkhanos: not sure what the sound it called15:24
ArkhanosI know it as a '50 Hz buzz'15:24
ArkhanosBut it's not 50 hz in tone15:25
ArkhanosIt has got sound over the whole spectrum, but you hear the sound 50 times per second15:26
sirriffsalotThis is sounding weird..15:26
sirriffsalotWhat are you recording exactly?15:27
ArkhanosHow do you mean?15:27
sirriffsalotWhat are you recording??15:28
sirriffsalotWhat's making the buzz?15:28
ArkhanosThe audio cicuit15:29
ArkhanosIt's short-circuited in some way15:29
ArkhanosYou hear it when you amplify a wrong circuit15:30
ArkhanosAre you testing it now?15:30
sirriffsalotI can't help you here I'm afraid.. :715:30
sirriffsalotAsk in #ubuntu perhaps15:30
sirriffsalotBe precise15:30
sirriffsalotAnd if no luck strikes, go to ubuntuforums and post an even more detailed report there15:31
ArkhanosNo, it's not really a problem15:31
ArkhanosIt hasn't anything to do with the PC itself15:31
ArkhanosI only meant that you can know if the pc is working by hearing this sound15:32
ArkhanosJust a tip15:33
opuscontinuumis your equipment grounded properly?15:39
opuscontinuumyour just hearing a feedback loop.15:39
holsteinyeah, i have to agree.. the "hum" is not going to be from software15:40
holstein*maybe* you are routing something in through jack that is allowing you to hear something that is being plugged in incorrectly15:41
opuscontinuumis this analog amplifier a separate device? or is it in your computer case?15:43
studio-user200Ciao a tutti :)16:09
studio-user200Volevo sapere se tra gli strumenti di questa distribuzione fosse disponibile un programma equivalente a Magix Foto :) e che quindi fosse in grado di creare "videomontaggi" con l'uso di foto in pratica e una musica sotto scelta da me...16:12
studio-user200?? nessuno sa rispondermi ? xD16:14
holsteinstudio-user200: please wait16:14
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:15
holsteinstudio-user200: ^^16:15
studio-user200thx :)16:17
ArkhanosThe amplifier is separate16:42
ArkhanosActually, the amplifier is a mixing table16:44
ArkhanosAnd indeed, the amplifier is not grounded well16:44
ArkhanosIt's in a wooden robe16:45
ArkhanosAnd the mixing table has rubber at the bottom16:45
kuranevican we use the skype on ubuntu studio13?17:22
ArkhanosYep, you can17:45
ArkhanosType 'sudo -i'17:46
ArkhanosAfter that, type your password17:46
MaynardWaterskuranevi: i can use skype on ubuntu 12.04, I don't see why it wouldn't work on 1317:46
ArkhanosAfter that, type 'apt-get install skype'17:46
MaynardWaterso, it appears Arkhanos is giving you real help17:47
ArkhanosAnd you're done17:47
MaynardWatersshouldnt the software center also be an easy method to find and install skype?17:48
MaynardWatersnot that i am trying to knock Arkhanos execellent help17:48
ArkhanosSoftware center: ok17:49
ArkhanosOnly a little slow at my pc17:49
ArkhanosBut it's as good as terminal17:49
ArkhanosMaybe better, since the terminal is a little hard to beginners17:50
kuranevibut i become a error:17:55
kuraneviE: skype paketi konumlandırılamıyor17:55
kuranevihis meaning: skype packet can not find a position17:56
ArkhanosNow try with the software center17:56
kuranevihe can not find skype17:57
ArkhanosI'm going to watch the news now17:58
kuranevithank you17:58
Unit193!partner | kuranevi18:18
ubottukuranevi: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »18:18
Unit193That's what has Skype.18:18
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga18:18
MaynardWatersNice help Unit193, thanks.18:41
ArkhanosYes, it's something new for me18:42
ArkhanosSo Unit193's advice is indeed very nice18:43
kuranevidont work18:45
ArkhanosOw, that's a bummer18:45
Unit193What's wrong?18:46
ArkhanosYou can compile Skype, do you know what that means?18:46
Unit193Where's the source to it?   It's a closed source application, so chances that you have the source is really limited.18:47
Unit193kuranevi: Did you add the repo, then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype  ?18:47
ArkhanosUnit193 has a point18:47
ArkhanosNo, I didn't advice that18:48
ArkhanosBut I read on google that that's the way it should work18:48
ArkhanosI mean: Unit193's way18:49
kuraneviyou mmean this:18:50
kuranevisudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"18:50
Unit193Yep, then   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype18:50
kuranevimy terminal do nothing18:51
kuraneviroot@Kuranevi-Studio:~# sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"18:51
ArkhanosJust try to move on. Maybe that will work18:52
ArkhanosBy typing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype18:53
ArkhanosJust try if that works18:53
kuranevican i try from the official site for ubuntu 10.04?18:54
kuranevito downloading?18:54
ArkhanosDo you mean downloading the program there?18:55
ArkhanosI think you have a bigger chance if you look at the Skype website18:55
Unit193What's wrong with this method?  It's from the official repos, and will update with the rest of the system.18:56
kuraneviyes, but in the official site, i have only the possibility for ubuntu 10.04 and ubuntu 12.04. but have ubuntu studio 13....18:57
kuranevii dont know Unit19318:57
ArkhanosWell, try both methods18:58
kuraneviok, i try18:58
Unit193(Really should only do one...)18:58
kuranevii do the 12.0418:58
ArkhanosAnd you were just doing that?18:59
phoenix67skype is in the main repo in 13.0418:59
Unit193!info skype partner19:00
ubottuskype (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 15 kB, installed size 61 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)19:00
Arkhanos61 kB install size... That's not a full Skype program19:02
Unit193!info skype-bin partner19:02
ubottuskype-bin (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service - binary files. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 29926 kB, installed size 35964 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)19:02
Unit193Happy now?19:03
ArkhanosYup, now I'm happy19:03
ArkhanosBut kuranevi: does it work now?19:08
kuraneviyes, it work now... i think for why not work from repo ... under software resources turkish server selected19:09
* Arkhanos is away for a sec19:11
kuranevii have installed the skype 4.119:11
kuranevii can login with my skype account19:13
ArkhanosOk but first make a test call19:13
kuraneviis OK19:13
kuranevii have logout, and want login with my msn account19:13
kuranevibut skype log me not in with microsoft account19:14
kuranevii can not login with microsoft account19:15
ArkhanosWait, I've found something that might help you19:16
ArkhanosMight help you, according to the page it doesn't always work19:18
ArkhanosDoes it help?19:25
kuranevii have a solution19:29
ArkhanosThen you must install it over new19:29
kuranevii will forgot the microsoft account19:29
ArkhanosSure, you can do that19:29
kuranevii can login with skype account19:29
ArkhanosBut did you unistall Skype now?19:30
kuraneviArkhanos, are you Arkhana?19:30
ArkhanosIt's because if my phone can't find wifi19:30
ArkhanosThen the connection will break but IRC doesn't know19:31
ArkhanosSo I have to wait then until Arkhana is dissapeared19:31
ArkhanosAnd I've changed to Arkhanos so I can still chat19:32
kuranevii have try the skype 4,1 in my other PC with LMint 14 installed19:33
ArkhanosSo Arkhanos is Arkhana19:33
kuraneviand the same problem19:33
ArkhanosI'm leaving now19:33
kuraneviOK Arkhanos19:33
kuraneviexcuse me, i identify you too late19:34
kuraneviwhat have you do today19:34
kuraneviin your Queens day?19:34
DarkErai guess that will be Kings day from now on :P19:37
ArkhanosYes, that will be Kings day20:06
ArkhanosI've seen a part of the abdication20:07
ArkhanosAnd what I've done in my Queens Day:20:07
ArkhanosMy little brother went with a truck driver20:08
ArkhanosIt's from an organisation who let children with a handicap drive with truckers on Queens Day20:09
ArkhanosAfter that, I went to a flea market20:10
ArkhanosLol you've missed my answer20:12
ArkhanosAbout what I've done today20:14
ArkhanosGoodbye everybody20:33
MaynardWatersdoes anyone know where the mixxx down goes when you hit record22:04
MaynardWatersduh, music > mixxx > recordings22:07

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