knome!doublejoin | GridCube 00:16
ubottuGridCube: Your IRC client is completing NickServ authentication after joining channels, which triggers a fake quit and rejoin to apply your cloak and increases channel noise. Please see https://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nocloakonjoin and use SASL or another method to prevent this.00:16
GridCubei dont understand what that means00:17
Unit193knome: See in -ops that that factoid wasn't so liked? :P00:17
knomeUnit193, no, i didn't see that comment... what's wrong with it?00:17
GridCubedid it work now?00:19
knomemuch cleaner, and we don't see your ip right away00:20
GridCube:) thanks00:20
Unit193knome: 1. Wanted SASL, and 2. Thought it was nitpicky, IIRC.00:21
Unit193knome: Can we nmap the old one?00:21
GridCubei used the xchat script00:21
knomeUnit193, well there's SASL now? :P00:21
Unit193(Was updated, of course.)00:21
knomenitpicky... yeah, but it's 3 lines or 1 line00:21
knomeand while you can find out the ip anyway, it's some additional security00:22
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