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jeaAfternoon skellat 02:56
skellatGood afternoon02:56
skellatI think I'm in the wrong channel02:56
jeahaha, that is alright02:56
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jeaHi everyone10:08
jeaReady for the meeting?10:09
jea_Hi all10:11
jea_I will start the meeting if others are around for it10:12
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jeaHi ScottHarrison 10:15
ScottHarrisonhi Jea.10:15
jeaHere for the meeting?10:15
ScottHarrisonI knew it was on, more just dropping in to observe than anything else.10:15
jeaWell I haven't started it yet, because nobody else has indicated they are around10:16
jeajared is away tonight, but I thought there would be some others10:16
ScottHarrisonI'll probably be heading to bed shortly, I've got a cold but have to make it to work tomorrow.10:17
jeaOk. Well, while you are here, what are your thoughts on the re-approval of Ubuntu Australia?10:18
ScottHarrisonI think it would be a positive move but to be quite frank, if this is the turnout for a meeting, do we have any hope?10:18
jeaAt this stage no10:19
jeaWe are actually doing less now than the last reapproval time, which was rejected for other reasons10:19
ScottHarrisonI think we're lacking a core group of "activists" for want of a better word.10:20
jeaI suspect we would have more chance in a year or so, once a few more of us have more time available10:20
ScottHarrisonand by that I don't mean lacking interested people, I mean lacking interested people able to devote a substantial amount of time to activity.10:21
jeaYes, that is the problem at the moment10:21
jeaThe few of us who have been organising things in the past have been a lot busier outside over the past few months, so not much has got off the ground10:22
ScottHarrisonI understand that, I'm working full time and about to start studying part time as well.10:23
jeaThe other issue we struggle with is the physical size of Australia10:23
jeait is much harder to get events running all around the country10:24
jeaScottHarrison: which state are you in?10:24
ScottHarrisonI'm an hour from Melbourne though, so since a lot of Linux related events are in Melbourne and Mon-Fri, attending events is complicated.10:25
jeaRight. We have a few members from each state, but no 'leaders' as such for most10:25
jeaThat would make it harder for you10:25
jeaWhat type of events would you be interested in participating in?10:27
ScottHarrisonI would be interested in public facing events, helping people install/use Ubuntu, I'm a support technician, so helping end users is my bread and butter.10:28
ScottHarrisonbut also intermediate/advanced tutorials for more season users would be nice too, maybe some python workshops etc.10:29
ScottHarrisonI could help a fair bit with the former but my skills aren't quite up for teaching more than the basics of Ubuntu.10:29
jeaLast year jared ran a Ubuntu open day sort of thing in Brisbane. It worked fairly well, and might be something you could look at10:30
jeaWould you be able to run an online session within the Ubuntu jams?10:30
jea(just thinking of different things that we could do)10:31
ScottHarrisonwhat would that entail?10:31
jeaBasically using IRC or something like a Gogle+ hangout to teach a topic to people who come along10:32
jeaWe have done them in the past for Translations, and a couple of other areas10:32
ScottHarrisonyeah, it's something I would consider10:32
jeaGreat :)10:33
ScottHarrisonIf you like, drop me an email with an overview of whatever plan you have to get us reapproved, along with some particular jobs that need to be completed. I will take a look at it and see what I can fit in to whatever spare time I have.10:35
ScottHarrisonmy email is scott@scottharrison.com.au10:35
jeaOk, sure. Are you on the mailing list at the moment?10:36
ScottHarrisonyeah, I am.10:40
ScottHarrisonAnyway, I look forward to hearing from you, I'm off to bed. Goodnight.10:40
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