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Wiz_KeeDhey guys!14:54
Wiz_KeeDi have a question, if i have commited and push-and-update14:58
Wiz_KeeDthere's no way i an uncommit that right?14:58
Wiz_KeeDi just forgot to change 1 line or something liek that, the other changes are perfect, but that 1 line could halt the code and i wanted to have working commits14:58
Wiz_KeeDi test before i commit but shit somethimes happens :)14:58
mgzyou canm but it's generally better to just fix in a new commit14:59
mgzotherwise anyone else who has pulled the branch needs to know you've changed history14:59
Wiz_KeeDIt's just me on localhost and deployment server that's it15:01
Wiz_KeeDotherwise if i made a bad commit it's normal to commit and do a "[FIX]" so everyone knows15:01
Wiz_KeeDbut in this case...15:01
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ccxCZImportError: cannot import name shlex_split_unicode15:18
mgzprobably an out of date plugin? bug 997229 say15:19
ubot5bug 997229 in svncreate "cannot import name shlex_split_unicode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99722915:19
ccxCZyup, old version of externals15:20
ccxCZthnxbye :-)15:24
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