teknicois this known? on https://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/ , Firefox shows: SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)10:35
teknicoand chromium does not work either10:36
rick_h_ugh, the email overload10:52
gary_posterteknico, I don't think uistage has ever supported https12:11
gary_posterthe failure behavior could definitely be nicer12:12
teknicogary_poster: oh, that's why. I'll correct the charm README then :-)12:12
gary_posterthanks teknico 12:13
teknicogary_poster: we cannot yet write in the docs that we support IE, right?12:16
gary_postercorrect teknico 12:16
=== hazmat` is now known as hazmat
rick_h_jujugui is the HACKING doc up to date on the setup? Is the goal to still dev against the pyjuju ppa there?12:45
benjirick_h_: I am pretty sure it is up to date in that regard.  I don't think it mentions anything about how do set up juju-core and dev against that, though.12:47
rick_h_benji: yea, why I was asking as they mention needing the ppa for the websocket api and seemed that we'd be against core these days12:47
benjiin juju-core the websocket API (well, a slightly different one) is built-in, in that case you just need to configure the GUI to use the newer protocol12:48
rick_h_woot, desktop running tests. down to 30s hatch 13:17
rick_h_but chrome update helped as well13:17
abentleyadeuring, jcsackett, rick_h_ or sinzui: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/bulk-insert/+merge/165110 ?13:17
adeuringabentley: i'll look13:17
sinzuiah, the missing review finally appears13:18
abentleysinzui: The "Story 1" next lane is looking very empty.13:23
sinzuiwe can fill it today.13:24
frankbanguihelp: anyone available for another review of https://codereview.appspot.com/9642043 ?13:24
abentleysinzui: +!13:24
abentley+1 even.13:24
BradCrittendeni like +!13:24
BradCrittendenit shows real enthusiasm13:24
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
adeuringabentley: r=me13:26
abentleyadeuring: Thanks!13:26
abentleysinzui: Should I work on hiding oneiric?13:27
sinzuiAre you reading my screen?13:27
abentleysinzui: No, I did see that bug report in my email earlier.13:28
sinzuiI think we want ~charmers to make oneiric obsolete, so that ingest knows to only get data for development and supported series. We could easily just hack the code to use a blacklist of series13:29
teknicofrankban: doing it13:37
frankbanteknico: thanks!13:37
gary_posterbenji, you saw the meeting invite for statsd, and the google doc?13:40
benjigary_poster: yep13:40
gary_postercool benji13:40
=== rogpeppe1 is now known as rogpeppe
hatchrick_h_: haha nice13:57
hatchCI failed14:01
hatchjcsackett: looks like it was your branch14:02
hatch"should support export" in sandbox juju api14:06
hatchhmm that's odd that your branch would cause that test to fail14:06
hatchI am thinking that we had that failure in the past as well...14:07
hatchfrankban: still need another review?14:08
frankbanhatch: no thanks14:08
jcsacketthatch: looking.14:09
teknicohatch: I need one! or rather two! :-)14:09
hatchteknico: the upstart branch?14:10
teknicohatch: yep14:10
hatchteknico: can you just remove PYTHONPATH without any issues anywhere else?14:13
teknicohatch: I'm not removing PYTHONPATH wholesale, look again :-)14:14
hatchohh you're just not re-assigning it14:14
hatchok nm, sorry I haven't had coffee yet :)14:14
teknicohatch: thanks!14:15
jcsacketthatch: does that test not play well with being set as .only? i'm getting timeouts for it in trunk, pre my branch.14:19
hatchjcsackett: honestly I'm not sure14:20
hatchso if you set the suite to .only that one fails?14:21
jcsacketthatch: just that test. it.only. i'll try describe.only14:21
jcsacketthatch: ok, same for the suite. getting a fail in the before all hook.14:22
jcsackettoddly, i don't see it if i run the whole suite.14:22
jcsacketter, all tests that is.14:22
rick_h_lovely, test leakage ftw! 14:22
rick_h_hatch: didn't get around to breaking up all the tests on vacation, sorry :P14:23
hatchhaha -14:23
rick_h_jcsackett: if you want we can jump on a hangout and I can walk through debugging tips for those things14:23
jcsackettrick_h_: sure.14:24
jcsackettglad i don't use that setting for anything.14:25
gary_posterbenji, did you get a chance to verify whether statsd emitters can send aggregated initial values?14:26
hatchjcsackett: lol what setting?14:27
benjigary_poster: I have a couple of arguments why they should not.14:27
hatchFYI - node 0.12 will likely be node 1.0 so we really should figure out our node issue on CI by then :)14:42
jcsackettof fun. ie stuff.14:47
* jcsackett goes to setup ie machine14:47
luca____bcsaller: Hey, quick question. Can you list the different type of error states in Juju?14:47
jcsacketthatch: i'm thinking there's a good chance this isn't my branch, in which case i'm going to need to grab you or someone to analyze what's going on. i'll follow up once i can reproduce the ie failure.14:48
hatchjcsackett: alright thanks for looking into it, lemme know if you need me to step in14:49
luca____can anyone else answer my question above?14:51
hatchluca____: he isn't usually in for another hour14:51
bcsallerluca____: different errors apply to different objects, for example an install error is service related, but there are relation errors that can apply to relations. Juju doesn't have many 'types' of errors though.14:51
hatchoh hah14:51
bcsalleryeah, not really here14:52
luca____bcsaller: hatch hehe sorry!14:52
luca____bcsaller: I was trying to figure out if there was more important errors? and if you would fix a certain type before fixing the others. Also is it possible to multiple errors at the same time on the same service block? Is that plausible?14:53
bcsallerluca____: not really, hook serialization (they run one at a time in the order they happened) means you'll see one thing at a time (at a unit level). Given that we take the errors from all the units and roll them up to the service level there might be a case for what you're talking about but usually the units progress in similar phases, if one fails to install or configure there might be an issue with the charm and that impacts th14:56
bcsallerem all14:56
luca____bcsaller: I see, thank you14:57
luca____bcsaller: you can go back to sleep now :P14:57
teknicobac: review barter? :-)15:03
bacteknico: sure15:03
hatchgary_poster: in deploying a ghost service should we not also allow the user to configure other options than name and num units?15:06
gary_posterhatch bug 118229515:06
_mup_Bug #1182295: adding a charm from the charm browser is broken <blocker> <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1182295>15:06
* hatch bows head in shame15:07
bacdone teknico15:18
teknicobac: thanks!15:18
bacluca____: the review for the issue we discussed yesterday is available if you'd like to add your comments and exercise the code: https://codereview.appspot.com/965004315:20
luca____bac: cheers, I'll write something up15:20
teknicobac: is this better? https://codereview.appspot.com/9646043/diff/5001/config/juju-api-agent.conf.template15:25
bacteknico: excellent15:26
bac+1 for 'mucks'15:26
rick_h_jcsackett: how did you auth lbox to LP from the lxc container? It wants to open a browser to LP but failing to do so with a cli links and the like.15:26
teknicobac: that's gary's, not mine :-)15:26
hatchrick_h_: you might need `exec ssh-agent bash`15:27
rick_h_hatch: huh? 15:27
hatchoh nm15:28
hatchI didn't read the whole thing15:28
jcsackettrick_h_: oh, it's a bad hack. :-P from outside of the lxc, `/var/lib/lxc/$lxcname/rootfs/usr/bin/lbox propose -cr`15:28
hatchhaha nice15:28
jcsackettget through the LP validation, then kill it.15:28
rick_h_jcsackett: every time? Or just for the initial volley?15:28
rick_h_ah, ok15:28
jcsackettrick_h_: once it validates you're fine.15:28
hatchrick_h_: just fyi that's the command I have to run to get the ssh-agent environment variables in my ssh'd tmux terminal15:30
hatchwithout it the bzr and lbox won't auth15:30
rick_h_thanks jcsackett, onto the next issue heh15:31
gary_posterbenji, rogpeppe turns out my "next call" was tomorrow, not today :-P  probably not bad to have a hard limit though15:33
gary_posterbenji, quick followup?15:33
jcsackettjujugui: am i seeing correctly that jenkins sorted itself?15:35
hatchjcsackett: did you push a fix?15:35
jcsacketthatch: i didn't. but other branches have landed.15:35
hatchok I guess we wait15:35
rick_h_jcsackett: yea, looks like an intermittant bug found there. The test suite of doom15:35
gary_posterjcsackett, :-/ and yes15:35
teknicothat's frankban to the rescue, as usual ;-)15:35
jcsackettwell, at least this forced me to finally setup an ie vm.15:36
jcsackettbeen avoiding that since reloading the OS.15:36
hatchI don't think that frankban's fix actually fixed the issue15:37
hatchI am pretty sure this is an intermittant bug15:37
hatchjcsackett: were you able to reproduce it at will?15:37
jcsacketthatch: oh, i didn't get it to happen on ie. but you can cause an error in that testsuite anytime via .only15:38
hatchthat was the pyjuju api suite?15:39
frankbanhatch, jcsackett: https://saucelabs.com/jobs/6b46469e257b453dbc09b95e565502f0# ... this one will be hard to fix, explorer sensationally crashed on the saucelabs initial page... :-/15:42
hatchI don't know why but these CI failures drive me up the wall15:43
rick_h_because the tests should be solid and tell you when you've introduced regressions and having them fail willy-nilly doesn't instill confidence in your code? :)15:47
gary_posteryeah that would be it15:51
gary_posterjujugui call in 9; kanbanize it, pls!15:51
rick_h_yay, lbox is alive. Stupid virtualenv version issue in lxc/raring.15:52
gary_posteryay? :-)15:52
hatchrick_h_: when clicking a charm in the sidebar it blocks out the env while loading...could that be changed to move the loading indicator into the sidebar and then pop it open when it's ready?15:52
hatch(of course it COULD, wondering if there is a reason why we woudln't) :D15:53
rick_h_hatch: so we're supposed to do some animations and the like so I could see that going on. It'd be part of the overall UX polish there15:53
hatchalrighty cool - I've been using the browser a lot lately heh so I am coming across some oddities15:53
rick_h_hatch: plus there's changes to only have the details + sidebar be 3/4 of the screen so it'll leave some15:53
rick_h_hatch: so there's some changes/tweaks in that UX coming in the pipe I believe15:54
rick_h_jcsackett: gary_poster just a heads up, grabbing the card to feature-flag the browser by default right this minute15:55
gary_posteryay thanks rick_h_ !15:55
rick_h_now to figure out how to actually do it lol15:56
hatchoh rick_h_ you can't15:57
gary_posterrick_h_, we can move feature flags earlier in stack but I don't think you need to do this for this15:57
hatchthe flag controller needs to be moved to index first15:57
rick_h_hatch: :( 15:58
hatchI think he will because of when the subapp is instantiated15:58
gary_posteris the flag controller processed after the other namespaces hatch?15:58
rick_h_gary_poster: well I think I'd hack the point into the main Y.App initializer15:58
hatchthe flags are parsed after the Y.App init15:58
gary_posterif it is first then you can control it in the routes15:58
rick_h_gary_poster: well, the trouble is that all that happens in the Y.App init with the this.addSubApplications(cfg);15:59
rick_h_it seems the best thing would be to add/remove the browser subapp at that time via flag15:59
hatchrick_h_: best would be to move the flag code ;)15:59
gary_posteranother idea but we can talk in a mo15:59
hatchI can tell you how to do that if you like15:59
gary_posterjujugui call now15:59
hatchit should be pretty trivial for you15:59
rick_h_hatch: gary_poster k, going to grab food then, after the call hit me up and we can chat. 16:00
hatchice cold!16:00
bacbenji: nice shirt!16:03
benjibac: thanks :)16:06
bcsallerluca____: were you able to get approval on your side for the plan for URL handling?16:08
luca____bcsaller: do you mean this thing? https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1Nn1TeSQtc5ebIwmiaotusJfI8_Vw3fRg-Dynqf2Gthg/edit16:09
bcsallerluca____: yes, thats the one16:09
luca____bcsaller: I haven't discussed it with Ale because she's not in a wednesdays16:10
gary_posterrick_h_, wana come by guichat?16:10
rick_h_gary_poster: sure thing, sec16:10
bcsallerahh, ok, just trying to cross off the work-item, you'll be ping'd again ;)16:10
luca____bcsaller: I can't see anything that would cause an issue and I'm not sure if Ale needs to know about it hehe16:11
bcsallerI felt that way too, but some people think the URL is a notable part of UX16:12
bcsallerI didn't know if that was the case here or not16:12
luca____bcsaller: URL taxonomy is a part of UX but in this case it makes sense to separate browser from the canvas and allow the back button to be used for browser specific features16:15
luca____bcsaller: if I understood correctly you can use the back button to go back a step in the inspector, is that right?16:16
luca____bcsaller: hum, that's meant to say can't^ hehe fatal miss-type16:18
bcsallerluca____: yeah, I don't think it makes as much sense. If there is more than one panel open it becomes less clear.16:34
luca____bcsaller: yeah, it's better to relate it to one thing. Let me discuss it with Ale in the morning and we'll get back to you. Sorry for the delay!16:36
bcsallerno problem :)16:36
hatchsome great photos http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/05/2013-national-geographic-traveler-photo-contest/100516/16:39
hatchbcsaller: I suppose that if we don't need to update multiple namespaces because we won't be using them any longer then you can disregard that part of my review comment16:58
bcsallerhatch: I still don't think its clear which way we are going as even w/o updating the url state we still need to be able to parse full state to pass it along. As long as thats a goal the problem is real16:59
hatchso instead of dispatching gui multiple times, passing that through once and having our callbacks understand that?16:59
bcsallerhatch: I think there are a number of ways around 'how' to fix it, I'm more interested in nailing the use-case17:12
hatch"Support Everything!"17:13
hatch"Support all the things!!!17:13
benjigary_poster: I'm ready to finish our discussion whenever you are.17:15
hatchok I need a bzr expert17:18
hatchI am trying to diff my current branch from trunk17:19
hatchbut no matter what I do it keeps giving me the trunk diff17:19
hatchas if I was merging it in17:19
benjihatch: are you doing something like this: bzr diff -r ancestor:../trunk/17:22
hatchbenji: `bzr diff --old ../../trunk`17:22
hatchit is giving me a diff as if I was merging them, not as if I am trying to find the changes17:23
benjihatch: that will work if both are up to date relative to one-another; otherwise I have been told that the form I posted is the way to go17:23
hatchok lemme try that17:23
hatchahh you rock17:24
hatchI don't even think that is documented on the diff man page17:24
benjihatch: it is documented in docs/process.rst17:32
hatchoh hah - I never would have thought to look there17:33
hatchI should review our docs though, see what other little tidbits I'm missing17:33
hatchhad to turn my office fan on :/ guess it's summer now17:39
hatchdust.....everywhere lol17:39
bachatch: do this and never forget: bzr alias tdiff="diff -r ancestor:../trunk"17:41
rick_h_hatch: we had some 88 on monday and such. Had to kick the AC on and start hiding in the basement. I still haven't talked the wife into moving to portland yet17:42
hatchhaha - I haven't had to kick the AC on yet, the nights are cold enough that it only gets to about 25c in here during the day :)17:42
hatchwhich is 77f17:43
hatch88 would be too damn hot haha17:43
rick_h_yea, so 31C was the other day17:43
rick_h_yea, cools off for a week then back at it per forecast. <3 the basement office for this stuff17:43
hatchyikes that's hot17:44
hatchbac: not a bad idea17:47
bacrick_h_: i hear there are some good brunch spots in portland.  gotta get there early, though.17:48
hatchrick_h_: where are you now?17:50
* hatch forgets17:50
rick_h_hatch: a bit north of detroit MI17:51
rick_h_bac: yea, it's my dream spot but that whole family and 'just built up my medical practice base' keep me chained down :P17:51
hatchrick_h_: just move and say they can visit :P17:53
bacrick_h_: if she'd been a radiologist she could've worked remotely...17:58
rick_h_bac: hah, there you go.17:58
hatchhow would that work? tell the patient to stand just right in the machine and then she could push the button from home? :)17:59
hatch"little to the left.....now hold that"17:59
gary_posterbcsaller, you available to talk through the url fragment thing in guichat?17:59
hatch"ok we are done, thanks"17:59
rick_h_hatch: so that's the tech, but the tech sends the images to a radiologist which is generally over the net these days17:59
hatchohh I didn't know that :)17:59
hatchI thought the tech===radiologist18:00
* rick_h_ used to work for a medical school that had a radiology residency and managed their T1 connections between 3 local hospitals18:00
rick_h_hatch: because radiologists are dr's that don't like people. They sit in an office and view the images on a computer and report back "yep...broken. See here [circle area with a mouse]"18:00
rick_h_then your doc tells you he noticed the break and points to the circle the radiologist made (though usually it's more detailed/technical/harder to see stuff than a bone break)18:01
hatchlol gotcha18:02
benjiso, radiologists are doctors that don't like people, in other words: if I ever decide to become a doctor, radiology is for me18:07
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gary_posterbenji, how you liking that "Charms have to be written in Python?" thread?18:42
gary_posteryou want to talk in guichat, benji?18:42
benjigary_poster: heh, sure; give me one minute and I'll be there18:43
sinzuiorangesquad, I have a stupid line of code mu my mongodb charm that needs rewriting. I created a temp dir using mkdtemp. That is no good since I need another user to see the contents. Do you think I can dare to create a dir with os.mkdir to set perms?18:44
rick_h_sinzui: any chance they share a group or anything?18:45
benjigary_poster: did you click "join"?18:46
sinzuirick_h_, The users are mongodb and root. and I don't think I can use the mkdtemp and set permissions18:46
rick_h_sinzui: nvm, I see that mkdtemp doesn't set a group access either18:46
abentleysinzui: Hmm.  You could chmod after creating it.18:47
rick_h_sinzui: what file is this? maybe it'd be better to stick in swift or something? 18:47
sinzuiwell, maybe I need to look at the perms in the charm, I think anyone can read the tarball, so is no consequence to read the untared files18:47
sinzuirick_h_, I unpack the tarball of the mongodb dump in a temp dir, then realised mongorestore doesn't have access.18:48
sinzuiabentley, I could do that. I think my motivation for using mkdtemp is misplaced. The hook still manually deletes the dir.18:49
rick_h_sinzui: hmm, and looks like you can't cat/tee the file into mongorestore since it wants the path itself18:50
hatchO K sick of writing tests....going to grab some lunch :)18:50
hatchding if ya need18:50
* rick_h_ resists urge to 'ding' hatch18:50
* hatch had already walked away....hates rick18:50
sinzuiyeah, the command is a little awkward.18:51
rick_h_sinzui: so yea, I mean why not just stick the file in /tmp, clean it up yourself, etc? What was the reason for mkdtemp?18:51
rick_h_sinzui: as you say, it has to be accessed by diff users and we don't have any 'private' data in the dump that would be revealed. 18:52
sinzuiabentley, actually install_hook() is already doing that. I am just getting a random name component using tempfile. I may not need that if I have a better name rule18:52
sinzuirick_h_, yeah. I think this is a case where I just copied code from a test to the actual function without really thinking about the consequences18:53
sinzui"hatch" sounds like a '70s cop name. I can image him doing a lot of car chases and knocking over vegetable carts18:55
sinzuiyou'll need a mustache and longer hair though18:55
hatch70's pfft, that's Saskatoon today!18:55
sinzuiOh really? Let me know when they get to the 80s. I need some think ties18:56
Makyo HAhaha19:20
MakyoThe world needs more thin ties.19:20
MakyoWow, that was a while back.  Kudos, me. :/19:21
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
hatchhaha sok19:44
bacbenji, gary_poster: matthew wedgewood has submitted his first charmhelpers reorg branch, if you're interested: https://code.launchpad.net/~mew/charm-helpers/refactor-to-core/+merge/16498019:46
* gary_poster on call19:46
benjithere's a lot of commented-out code in there19:47
bacbenji: huh, python-charmhelpers was in quantal main but removed from raring19:52
benjithat's odd19:52
bacbenji: the commented out code are things that he's moved from contrib into core, if you're looking at the same stuff i saw19:52
benjiyeah, that's what I figured19:52
bacso it looks like he's keeping a lot of our stuff (nee python-charmhelpers) which he's moved and fixed other packages to reference19:53
hatchrick_h_: thought you would like to know that running the tests in chrome on my machine took 51s so 21s slower than your new desktop :)20:39
hatchjujugui anyone able for a review? https://codereview.appspot.com/9673044/ thanks20:53
bachatch: sure20:53
hatchthanks sir20:53
bacbac: done21:01
bachatch: done, too21:01
gary_posterbenji, made invitation to talk more about statsd stuff early tomorrow morning.  mostly a reminder for me to do it, 'cause day is busy21:04
hatchgary_poster: any chance you could possibly do a review on  https://codereview.appspot.com/9673044/ before EOD? ppplllleeeaaassseeee21:06
gary_posterhatch, trying to run away as fast as possible. :-) looking21:06
hatchhaha sorry :)21:07
gary_posterhatch LGTM--very nice,21:15
gary_posterrunning away now :-)21:15
hatchgary_poster: thanks, glad you like it - have a good night21:15
gary_poster:-) thx u 221:16
benjigary_poster: sounds good21:26

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