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_mup_Bug #1182774 was filed: JuJu not found after having installed juju packages. <apt-get> <juju> <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1182774>07:33
jamespagecould one of the charmers team +1 https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/ceph/fix-notify-clients/+merge/16183509:32
jamespageits quite a trivial fix and resolves a common race condition09:33
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: k, will take a look09:33
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: k, done09:39
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, ta muchly09:39
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, if you are feeling brave - https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/precise/mysql/ha-support/+merge/165059 :-)11:01
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: hmm, I think this would take me a day (at least)11:03
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jcastromarcoceppi: so tldr13:49
jcastrojono started with juju13:49
jcastroand was on pyju, installed charm-tools13:49
* jcastro makes explosion sounds13:49
jonowill file a bug to provide context13:49
marcoceppiOkay, Well I woke up this morning, upgraded my computer, and now pyjuju is disappeared from update-alternatives for juju13:49
marcoceppiBut that has nothing to do with charm-tools13:50
* marcoceppi awaits bug13:50
jcastrohey so from your email, it seems you changed the region after you had deployed something?13:50
* jcastro will just wait for the detail in the bug13:51
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marcoceppijcastro: OH HE INSTALLED CHARM-TOOLS and that depends on pyjuju and everything borkd?13:51
jcastroyeah, I believe that's the case13:52
jcastrohe had installed goju but I don't think he did the update-alternatives13:52
jcastroand from looking at the log he was using pyju the whole time13:52
jcastrounless we added timestamps to goju recently?13:52
jcastrothe console output I mean13:52
marcoceppino, only pyjuju does console timestamps13:52
jcastrothat awkward phase, where we still tell people about pyju in the docs.13:53
marcoceppiSo if you install juju-core, then juju-0.7, update alternatives re-configures to use juju-0.7 as it has higher weight in update-alternatives13:53
jcastromarcoceppi: this is why I pray for the local provider every day13:53
jcastrowhat is unexplained is how he was working fine until he installed charm-tools13:53
marcoceppijcastro: we really just need to change charm-tools to suggest juju, it's not a dependency by any means to run13:53
* marcoceppi double checks packaging13:54
_mup_Bug #1182905: charm-tools requires extra environments.yaml config <apport-bug> <i386> <saucy> <charm-tools (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1182905>13:54
jonojcastro, why why doesn't juju-core just default to using the go version?13:55
jcastrobecause the go version doesn't have the local provider yet13:55
jcastroand it should, I suspect you had juju installed already and installing core installed goju, but by default we don't switch you from pyju to goju unless you are explicit about it13:56
jcastrothe ideal is of course, we have a local provider ready for goju and that removes like all the complications you just had, other than the -tools thing13:56
jonojcastro, dude, as I have said twice, I didn't have it installed :-)13:58
jonothis is a new machine running saucy, I haven't installed juju on it before13:58
marcoceppijcastro: based on the bug, it looks like the flow as "Install juju-core, deploy stuff, install charm-tools, charm-tools magically installs juju (0.7), try to deply somemore, juju 0.7 envs not compat with juju-core, weep"13:59
ahasenackyeah, if I try to install charm-tools here, I get14:00
ahasenackThe following NEW packages will be installed:14:00
ahasenack  charm-tools juju juju-0.7 mr python-cheetah14:00
ahasenackI don't even have a juju-core package installed, I use the trunk built version in GOPATH14:00
marcoceppiahasenack: yeah, charm-tools recommends Juju14:00
ahasenackmarcoceppi is right, and then it defaults to pyjuju, and env file and actual environment is not compatible14:01
jonoevilnickveitch, started using your docs by the way14:01
ahasenackdoes charm tools work with gojuju?14:01
marcoceppiI can move juju from recommends to Suggests, but it really *does* recommend juju, it just needs to either recommend juju-core instead14:01
jonoevilnickveitch, I am testing juju by using them, is there a place you want me to file docs bugs/14:01
ahasenackI don't even remember what it is14:02
marcoceppiahasenack: charm-tools doesn't rely on juju at all, so yes :)14:02
evilnickveitchjono, cool - for the moment just email me14:02
marcoceppiI'm going to just add juju-core | juju to the recommends, should resolve this for future users14:03
evilnickveitchjono - and don't listen to anything the constraints section says, it's all wrong14:03
jonoevilnickveitch, ok14:03
evilnickveitchjono - btw are you checking out the branch or using the online version?14:04
jcastromarcoceppi: <nod> that sounds like a plan14:05
jonoevilnickveitch, online version14:10
evilnickveitchjono, ok, well, it is currently updating quite often, so refresh before you flame me :)14:11
jonoevilnickveitch, np :-)14:11
jcastromarcoceppi: hey, moving forward maybe we should test the charm-tools/juju installation stuff in a container or something14:13
marcoceppijcastro: we can make it part of charm-testing since we have the jenkins infrastructure already14:13
marcoceppierr, charmtester*14:13
marcoceppiCould also push it in to qa.ubuntu.com14:13
marcoceppiThough we have plenty of good testers already like jono :P14:14
jononot sure I am a good tester14:14
jonobut I am a tester :-)14:14
jcastroyou find things that advanced users won't14:15
jcastrolike I suspect your findings will be different from what say, kapil would find.14:15
jcastroevilnickveitch: I send mattyw your way wrt. doc inline videos14:17
marcoceppijcastro: I've patched it in the ppa, waiting for it to be merged for saucy14:17
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah, I saw that thanks :)14:17
evilnickveitchanother sucker... er, I mean helper...14:18
mattywevilnickveitch, jcastro I plan to do a test video at some point over the next few days to see if it's good enough14:19
evilnickveitchmattyw - cool! I'll mail you the specs we are using and a suggestion for something to record :)14:19
jcastroyeah, make the test video count for something. :)14:20
nextrevisionis there a way for a charm to set config values when running a hook, say config-changed?14:31
marcoceppinextrevision: no, charms can't set configuration, only "humans" can14:33
nextrevisionmarcoceppi: so then best practice around providing, say a 'port' and 'ssl' config option, would be to trust the user to set the port to '443' and 'ssl' to true14:34
marcoceppinextrevision: You can just have them set "ssl" to true then have the charm make an opinion on what the port should be, so if ssl is true, port will just be 443 (then remove port from configuration)14:35
nextrevisionmarcoceppi: ok, have you found that it is better to include a port configuration parameter or to leave that logic up to the charm itself? has there been much demand for non default port configuration settings?14:37
marcoceppinextrevision: depends on the service, I think it's expected most web service will run on 80/443 but it really depends on what people's expereince is when setting up a service. Some services default to things like 8080, etc14:38
nextrevisionmarcoceppi: ok sounds good, thanks!14:38
marcoceppiahasenack: did you install charm-tools yet?14:45
ahasenackmarcoceppi: no14:45
mattywjcastro, what happens in the weekly charmers meeting?15:14
jcastrostatus updates, syncing with charm work15:16
stubjuju packaging seems to have gone wonky. pyjuju no longer gets installed to /usr/bin/juju (which might just be update-alternatives problems), and gojuju now just dumps itself into /usr/bin/juju so the docs on https://juju.ubuntu.com/get-started/ are now out of date15:17
marcoceppistub: yeah, I just noticed that this morning. Not sure what broke it or where to report it.15:18
stubNot to be confused with the other getting started docs at https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/getting-started.html ;)15:19
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jcastroWeekly Charm meeting hangout will be here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/d0ea0bcfb82ba886057c147953ed10eaabff6831?authuser=0&hl=en15:56
jcastroarosales: marcoceppi m_3 mattyw and anyone else ^^15:56
arosalesjcastro, thanks15:56
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mattywjcastro, arosales  where can I find the notes? / agenda16:14
arosalesmattyw http://pad.ubuntu.com/7mf2jvKXNa16:14
mattywarosales, thanks16:14
arosalesmattyw, sure, np. We'll note that next time to paste with the hangout URL.16:15
mattywmarcoceppi, https://code.launchpad.net/~mattyw/charms/precise/mongodb/auth_experiment/+merge/16288716:34
sinzuihazmat, I think juju 0.7+bzr628+bzr630~raring1 is on crack. I got the update and now have no commands. Well I do, they are in /usr/lib/juju-0.7+bzr628+bzr629~raring1/bin. How do you propose I solve this? downgrade?17:11
mgzthat's not good...17:12
* sinzui could change PATH17:12
mgzwhat heppends if you run update-alternatives?17:12
mgzI'd expect the install to have borked on the version, rather than happening then not linking17:12
mgzI did keep that stuff out of the ppa semi-deliberately, but it was asked for...17:13
mgzprobably need to look at the scripts again17:13
mgzlooking at the apt log might be enlightening17:13
hazmatmgz, its been crack for two days.. it looks like the packaging changed?17:15
hazmatmgz, mostly atm i see intermittent test failure on the builders atm, but  not able to reproduce locally17:15
marcoceppihazmat: I'm in the process of writing a bug report for it, since my install is "broken" as well17:16
sinzuiI just downgraded to raring's universe package.17:16
* sinzui hopes lxc-ls still works with this version17:16
marcoceppiActually, there's already a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/118277417:21
_mup_Bug #1182774: JuJu not found after having installed juju packages. <apt-get> <juju> <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1182774>17:21
hazmatmarcoceppi, sinzui origin back to distro ?18:11
sinzuiI did switch back to distro to get a working juju18:13
marcoceppihazmat: I've just been using absolute path18:14
mgzm_3 aksed why the ppa wasn't using update alternatives, which is because I didn't want the ppa actually tracking a branch daily any more... but I switched it, and apparently it also breaks things18:18
mgzwas trying to fix the breakage from hazmat applying my distropatch on the branch18:19
hazmatmgz, where it should have been..18:21
mgzI don't really agree, but it was too late at that point anyway18:22
hazmatmarcoceppi, sinzui other option is specify the branch directly18:29
hazmatfor origin, till the ppa is working again18:29
sinzuithanks hazmat, I locked to old version. I'll unlock when I see a fixed version18:31
koolhead17jcastro, grrrrrrrrr. u never replied back to me18:51
jcastrooh, wrt. that openstack guy?18:52
jcastroso I responded to him with like 3 emails of options for him18:52
jcastrobut he never responded. :-/18:52
koolhead17jcastro, haha. ok18:57
koolhead17Daviey, poke poke18:57
koolhead17did you see my email18:57
Davieykoolhead17: hey18:59
Davieykoolhead17: i did indeed.18:59
DavieyAnd i fully agree18:59
koolhead17Daviey, well you want me to write a big RANT if you think that will work19:00
koolhead17am telling you clock is ticking19:00
Davieytick tock19:00
Davieyi know :)19:00
koolhead17if that will put some noise in ear of our big bosses in canonical19:00
koolhead17i will be most unhappy to see all our hard work going down drain that`s it19:01
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jonojcastro, filing more bugs:21:08
_mup_Bug #1183109: 'juju destroy-environment' missing from 'juju help' <apport-bug> <i386> <saucy> <juju-core (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183109>21:08
_mup_Bug #1183110: Handshake error when first bootstrapping with AWS <apport-bug> <i386> <saucy> <juju-core (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183110>21:09
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thumperhi jcastro21:13
jcastrothumper: heya21:13
* thumper looks for jono too21:14
jcastrojono's done like 6 bugs today dude, you will be busy!21:14
thumperjcastro, jono: did you two want to have a quick hangout?21:14
jonomost of it small fry stuff I think :-)21:14
jcastroI am literally out the door in 521:14
thumperjcastro: np21:14
jcastroI just wanted you to be aware of the incoming papercuts21:14
marcoceppijono: your second one might be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/104210621:14
_mup_Bug #1042106: environs/ec2: certain operations should be retried if possible <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1042106>21:14
thumperI've not actually looked at the bug list for some time21:14
thumperprobably should21:14
jonovery possibly21:15
jcastrothat sounds like a good idea thumper21:15
jcastroI think in general21:15
jcastrowhen running a status21:15
thumperit is very easy to get stuck into new stuff21:15
jcastrowe suck at telling the user what is up21:15
thumperand forget what is there21:15
jcastroit's like ... some weird error21:15
thumperthat I agree with21:15
jcastrowhen we can just say "Deploying the instance and the juju agent, hang tight yo."21:15
thumperheh, is there a locale for that?21:16
thumperman that would be funny to implement21:16
jcastro"Deploying with Juju ... reticulating splines."21:16
thumperEN_st for "street english"21:16
jonoso, running juju status after I have detroyed my env gives me:21:16
jonojono@forge:~$ juju status21:16
jonoerror: The specified bucket does not exist21:16
jonois that normal?21:16
* jono files bug21:17
jcastroit should say "You've destroyed the environment, there's nothing here." and so on21:17
jonothat makes no sense21:17
jonoyou guys can wishlist it :-)21:17
thumperjono: what it means is "oi, dumbass, there is nothing there"21:17
marcoceppiaka "Dat bukkit's gone, da env probs destroyed yo"21:17
jonoyou should run all errors through gizoogle's engine :-)21:17
sarnoldhunh, 'apt-cache search jive' returns nothing..21:17
thumpermarcoceppi: fyi, plugins should land today21:17
jcastrowell, we're too far along for these to be wishlist, it's getting to the time where we should really start polishing these up21:18
marcoceppithumper: Awesome, can't wait for the next release21:18
jonojcastro, totally21:18
thumperjono: can you tag bugs "cli feedback" or something?21:18
jonothumper, sure21:18
jcastrothat's the perfect tag21:18
thumperthat too21:18
* thumper realises that he should integrate the new logging shizzle21:19
jcastrothen when local lands, and he sees juju switch21:19
jcastroour lives will be complete21:19
thumperjcastro: local is third on my list21:19
* thumper double checks21:20
thumperyeah, third21:20
thumperneed to get general containers first, and fix machine addressability21:20
thumperthen comes local provider21:20
jcastrocan't have local without containers!21:20
marcoceppithumper: so, we can expect local provider in a week then ;)21:21
thumperso general containers should give us a better co-location story21:21
marcoceppicontainers will be awesome, I'm really looking forward to that as well21:21
_mup_Bug #1183116: 'juju status' output when no env is non-intuitive <apport-bug> <cli-ui> <i386> <papercut> <saucy> <juju-core (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183116>21:21
jonotagged with cli-ui and papercut21:21
thumperjono: awesome21:22
kyhwanamarcoceppi: i'm hanging out for user namespace support in the kernel21:22
jcastroman, a status bug just reminds me of how badly I want juju-top21:22
marcoceppijcastro: you mean juju watch?21:23
sarnoldjuju-top sounds neat :)21:23
jcastromarcoceppi: sure21:23
marcoceppijcastro: http://i.imgur.com/OhvuaEg.png we have the power now!21:25
* thumper sighs21:25
thumperI want to implement top (aka watch, observe) correctly21:25
thumperand plugins, while hacky, and may work...21:25
thumperis icky21:26
marcoceppithumper: you could, it'd just just superced the plugin :P21:26
jcastrorobbie was pretty clear to me not to distract the core team with my crazy juju top idea.21:26
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thumperjono: while messing around, I'd love it if you could think about what you'd like to see as 'help topics'21:26
jcastrothumper: but if we find someone _new_, mwahahaha21:26
thumperjono: like yesterday, I went 'juju help constraints' and was frustrated that there wasn't anything there21:27
marcoceppijcastro thumper actually, it'd probably be better to write it as juju top and leave juju watch as something for core to land21:27
thumperjcastro: roger tells me that most of what we need is implemented already...21:27
thumperjust the plumbing that needs to be sorted out21:27
dpb1thumper: I was told to contact you as well, any chance we can get a quick look at: #1182224  -- from the outside looking in it seems easy and it blocks charms migrating from pyjuju.21:28
_mup_Bug #1182224: relation-list returns null with json-output <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1182224>21:28
jcastrothumper: yeah, I'd rather have containers first, heh21:28
thumperdpb1: interesting...21:29
jonothumper, sure21:31
thumperdpb1: triaged, but not sure how soon I can get someone to it21:31
jonoone thing that is bugging me is 'juju status'21:31
* thumper isn't really in charge21:31
jonowhat an incomprehensible pile of nonsense :-)21:31
jonoI am working on an alternative way of presenting that information :-)21:31
thumperjono: file a bug with what you want to see :)21:31
jonothumper, will do :-)21:31
thumperjono: trust me, status is only going to show you more shit21:32
jonoall I care about with status is:21:32
dpb1thumper: I was told you *were* in charge.  believe in it!21:32
jono * are my machines there21:32
jono * is my shit connected21:32
thumperdpb1: hmm, by whom?21:32
jono * where is it exposed21:32
thumperjono: 'juju status --summary'21:32
thumperjono: it isn't there yet, but might be an idea21:32
dpb1thumper: oh, just kidding with you.  Just was trying to get a hold of mark and was told you could fill in.21:33
marcoceppi+1 to a --summary flag, but I truly love the verbosity of the output from status21:33
dpb1thumper: thanks for looking at it.  I'll be patient. :)21:33
thumperdpb1: heh21:33
jonothumper, I think juju status should be the summary and juju status -v gives you the detail21:35
jonofiling bug now21:35
jcastroI don't even like running juju status21:35
jcastrowhat I want is to run juju watch or whatever21:35
* thumper agrees with jcastro21:35
jcastroand have a realtime representation of status21:35
thumperjust think of the charm schools21:36
jcastroinstead of "watch juju status"21:36
jcastroso basically, a CLI version of the GUI21:36
* thumper goes to land code21:36
jcastrobut for charm schools it doesn't matter, we show the real gui21:36
marcoceppiso many tools and swamp code would break if it was required to be juju status -v21:37
jonothumper, jcastro, marcoceppi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju-core/+bug/118312921:42
_mup_Bug #1183129: 'juju status' difficult to read and provides unneccessary information <apport-bug> <cli-ui> <i386> <saucy> <juju-core (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183129>21:42
jonotagged with cli-ui21:42
marcoceppijono: I wonder if this would be better served as juju summary, or something similar. juju status has always been tradtionally presented in a way that was designed for both humans and machines to consume21:44
* marcoceppi collects thoughts for the bug report21:44
jcastrobut with the API21:44
jcastrothat handles the machine consumption21:44
jonomarcoceppi, I don't think machine friendly output is human friendly21:45
jonoI recommend the primary way we recommend people check status provides a people-friendly format21:45
jonono reason why juju status -yaml or something could not present another format21:45
jcastroso now that we have an api that machines can consume21:45
jcastromake status nice for us!21:45
marcoceppiIs the API actually out for juju-core?21:46
marcoceppiI mean, other than the websockets thing that kapil posted to the list a few weeks ago21:46
thumperone difference right now, is the format param doesn't control the volume of information21:46
thumperjust how it is presented21:47
jonomarcoceppi, I agree that exposing json or yaml formatted status would be awesome so when I subprocess it from python I can consume it21:47
jonobut that should be a switch, not the default UI21:47
gQuigsI'm getting: ERROR [('SSL routines', 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE', 'certificate verify failed')] whenever I try to run juju deploy21:47
gQuigsany ideas how I should troubleshoot?  What is the url that "etherpad-lite" for instance actually tries to load/21:48
gQuigs^ in juju deploy etherpad-lite21:48
marcoceppijono: thumper I think git does a good job of this when viewing the juju log. There's things that control format, then things that control data volume "prettyprints" that might be interesting to have in a status command21:49
marcoceppigQuigs: Can you try juju deploy with a -v flag for more verbose output?21:49
marcoceppi(then put it in a pastebin somewhere like http://paste.ubuntu.com)21:49
gQuigsmarcoceppi: oops, I forgot to post that: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5691834/21:49
marcoceppigQuigs: Are you behind a firewall or proxy?21:50
gQuigsit seems like it must be an SSL issue on my machine... because using openssl works fine to store.juju.ubuntu.com21:50
gQuigsmarcoceppi:  technically yes, but not anything that interesting (standard NAT/Firewall box)21:51
thumperhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/juju-core/+spec/s-cloud-juju-core-plugin complete21:52
kyhwanagQuigs: O.o your SSL is being MITMed?21:52
marcoceppigQuigs: I wasn't able to replicate the error on my machine using juju-0.7, I'm not sure what would be causing that error except twisted bad certs locally or an actual mitm21:53
gQuigsIf I'm being mitm it's juju specific.. so I guess that leaves bad certs..21:54
jonomarcoceppi, yeah, I think there are a few options for improving it21:56
marcoceppigQuigs: There might be something else, but that's the first time I've encountered that error in particular21:59
gQuigsyup, ca-certificiate reinstall fixed it. sorry for the noise22:07
marcoceppigQuigs: no problem! Glad that's all it took to resolve22:17
paragladeany ideas why juju-0.7 errors with this during deploy:  ERROR [('PEM routines', 'PEM_read_bio', 'no start line')]22:18
paragladeverbose output here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5691915/22:21
sarnoldbah, why couldn't it at least include the filename that failed..?22:22
thumperdpb1: found the source of your bug22:25
* thumper considers22:26
dpb1thumper: ohh?  easy fix?22:26
thumperstill looking22:27
thumperinterestingly, the HasLen check in the tests succeed, as (nil, HasLen, 0)22:28
marcoceppiparaglade: you're the second person to be having SSL issues trying to connect to the store today22:28
thumperdpb1: yeah, one line fix, and I found the line22:29
thumpernot sure if anything else will break22:29
marcoceppiparaglade: The the errors are different, it looks like txaws is having problems loading CA certs22:29
paraglademarcoceppi: awesome :)22:30
marcoceppiparaglade: If it's anything like the last users issue, trying reinstalling ca-certificiates as that resolved the issue for them22:30
paragladewell I just deleted the .juju/cache and my local data-dir and I am not able to deploy22:31
dpb1thumper: ya, that is a problem. It strikes me as wrong to put the fix in the charm since it's not proper json text.  But I can see the quandry.22:31
marcoceppiparaglade: so, it's resolved?22:32
kyhwanahttps://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=jujucharms.com < welp22:32
thumperdpb1: I'm looking at it now22:32
marcoceppikyhwana: jujucharms.com isn't the charm store22:32
sarnoldmarcoceppi: hrm, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691944/22:32
sarnoldoh. what -is- the charm store? :)22:33
dpb1thumper: k.  if you need anything just ping.  I'll be afk in a bit22:33
thumperdpb1: I think it'll be fine22:34
marcoceppisarnold: I believe it's store.juju.ubuntu.com but I'm not 100% certain. I'd have to dig through the source code again to verify22:35
paraglademarcoceppi: yup.  my mysql node is starting up now on a local provider22:35
marcoceppiparaglade: ah, didn't realize you were using the local provider22:35
marcoceppikyhwana: I don't personally run the store, so I can't comment, but this line "This server supports insecure suites (see below for details). Grade set to F." seems to be why they've decided to give it an F ranking22:38
marcoceppikyhwana: if you'22:38
marcoceppid like you can open a bug against the charm store with that information. You'd at least get a response from those maintaining it22:39
kyhwanamarcoceppi: yeah, the anon cipher suites don't provide any authentication22:39
* marcoceppi looks for charmstore project22:41
marcoceppikyhwana: if you want to open a bug about it, do it against the juju-core project. It looks like the charmstore is housed inside that project.22:44
kyhwanamarcoceppi: alright, will probably have to wait till I get home22:46
marcoceppikyhwana: at the very least they'll be able to respond with why it is as it is22:46
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thumperdpb1: fix submitted for review22:57
mwhudsonjuju-core on arm ping23:01
hazmatkyhwana, thanks23:06
hazmatmwhudson, better ping luck with that on #juju-dev23:06
mwhudsonoh i didn't know about that channel23:06
hazmatmwhudson, ping cheney (aussie) about it.. he's got a bank of arm test runner23:07
hazmattz delta isn't quite good for it atm23:07
mwhudsoni'll email again then23:08
mwhudsoncheers :)23:08
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hazmatkyhwana, marcoceppi fixed re ssl23:19
hazmatclear cache on page to verify23:20
kyhwanahazmat: hmm?23:21
hazmatkyhwana, https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=jujucharms.com23:22
kyhwanahazmat: oh, awesome23:22
kyhwanatho https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=store.juju.ubuntu.com&s= is still showing F23:23
hazmatkyhwana, sadly i don't have access to that one, i'll raise a flag to those that are23:25
kyhwanahazmat: ahh ok, cheers. :)23:26

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