kubotusmartboyhw meant: "Guys, where (which package) is the configuration for the menu tabs stored?"00:00
apacheloggersmartboyhw: kubuntu-settings00:14
ScottKdantti: I'm out of ideas then.01:00
danttiScottK: oh :/ I thought you are going to tell me good news :P01:06
danttimaybe I should try 13.10 :P or gummiboot01:06
ahoneybunvalorie: ping01:13
ahoneybunDarkwing: ?02:05
ScottKdantti: If Ubuntu fails too, you might ask stgraber during the day on #ubuntu-devel.02:07
danttiok thanks :)02:07
ScottKHe might be around now too.02:07
ahoneybunhey ScottK02:08
ahoneybunwhat's up02:10
ScottKI've got a cold.02:24
ahoneybunoh that sucjs02:24
danttiScottK: funny if I use efibootmgr and set the next boot to Windows it boots fine...02:40
danttibut using the bios option to boot windows doesn't02:41
ScottKWeird.  I don't have any experience with it myself.02:41
danttiwell i should work well (at least without secure boot) and afaik it's a good intel standard02:42
ahoneybun /away04:06
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valoriehi, ahoneybun04:35
markeygaaah, Muon is so freaking unstable06:06
markeyit crashes when the wind blows gently06:06
soee_good morning06:24
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apacheloggermarkey: file a bug report plz08:45
markeyfor AudioData?08:46
apacheloggerfor muon crashing08:46
markeyoh heh, wrong channel. thought this was multimedia08:46
vHandashadeslayer: Have a look at this please ^09:36
vHandaThis is a similar issue to the one that guy was having yesterday09:36
vassiehello, i packaged an app for raring, i have just updated and uploaded it to my ppa, i'm not sure what i need to do next11:19
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palassoMay I fix typos I see on the Kubuntu Docs?11:40
BluesKajHiyas all11:50
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yofelRFC: ubiquity has an option to "install updates while installing". Would it be totally insane to enable that by default?12:06
xnoxyofel: it has an option to "_download_ updates while installing" it doesn't install them.12:07
yofelxnox: so the user needs to still install them once he's in the installed system?12:07
xnoxyofel: yeap, it's just they are prefetched and ready to install. E.g. on ubuntu the software updater pops up saying "Updates are ready to be installed"12:08
yofelhm, why can't ubiquity install them right away?12:08
xnoxyofel: no known final & reproducible install state. If installations go awray, very hard to debug & easy to fail installation. At least with a CD image, we know all of those packages install, because well we had to install them to build the cd in the first place.12:10
yofeltrue :S12:10
xnoxyofel: also see ubuntu installation specification document, which has a paragraphs about this checkbox, behaviour, and reasoning.12:10
yofeloh, where is that?12:10
jussihehe, this was funny...12:19
jussijussi@starling:~$ apt-cache search weather unity12:20
jussiplasma-widgets-addons - additional widgets for Plasma12:20
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palassobaltolkien__, plz don't reconnect all the time, you're flooding the channel with messages13:30
yofelapachelogger: btw, what's the status of your kde-frameworks daily-build-framework?13:31
smartboyhw!ops | baltokien13:34
ubottubaltokien: Help! Riddell, amu, imbrandon, Hobbsee, Tm_T or jussi0113:34
smartboyhwHelp, it's trolling…13:34
smartboyhwQuit and join messages13:34
yofelnote: at least the ubuntu IRC ops don't count that as trolling13:35
yofelmost clients can disable join/quit messages13:35
kubotuyofel meant: "most clients can hide join/quit messages"13:35
smartboyhwOK then…13:36
yofelthanks nevertheless Pici13:36
BluesKajbut it's still a PITA for thiose of us who prefer to have quits and joins enabled13:36
smartboyhwPici: Thx :)13:36
smartboyhwBluesKaj: Sane13:36
palassoMay I fix typos when I see them on Kubuntu Docs?13:37
smartboyhwpalasso: Which Kubuntu docs do you mean?13:37
palassoSome of them have some typos that I noticed while reading them13:38
smartboyhwpalasso: Sure.13:40
yofelI doubt they'll mind if you just go ahead and fix them, but poke ahoneybun or Darkwing to make sure it's fixed in all places they work on right now13:40
palassoI see valorie is editing them and since she's around I'll ask her if I can edit to fix typos when I see them..13:44
yofelis someone working on backporting amarok 2.7.1?13:47
smartboyhwOr, is the new KTp in?13:47
yofelQuintasan_, shadeslayer ^13:48
BluesKajit's default in 13.1013:49
yofelsmartboyhw: newest is? I see 0.6.X in archives13:49
Riddellvassie: best to put any packaging changes in the changelog14:26
RiddellI'll put a line for "new build-depends libcdparanoia-dev, libmusicbrainz5-dev, libcddb2-dev14:26
Riddellvassie: uploaded to saucy!14:28
yofelMamarok: 4.10.3 announcement out, sorry for the delay14:30
Riddellthanks yofel 14:30
Riddellsorry I failed to do that14:31
yofelwell, you and me both14:31
vassieRiddell: what do i need to do for raring?14:37
Riddellvassie: various options14:37
Riddellvassie: it's in your PPA so that could be good enough, we could put it into the kubuntu backports PPA or you could go through the backports process for the proper thing14:38
vassieRiddell: how did it make it into the official repo before? how do i upgrade that package?14:38
Riddellvassie: that was before raring was released14:39
vassieRiddell: ah, ok14:39
Riddellvassie: now that it's been released it's frozen hard14:39
vassieRiddell: kubuntu backports ppa? what about that?14:40
Riddellvassie: yeah I can throw it into there14:40
vassieRiddell: thanks, how can i veiw the changes you made, so i know for next time14:41
Riddellvassie: just changed the changelog http://paste.kde.org/748892/14:43
vassieRiddell: thanks14:45
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Riddellhi howard_ 16:11
Riddellhoward_: interested in helping Kubuntu?16:11
howard_Current lurking. Interested in observing next Kubuntu Team meeting. Recently joined work project using Kubuntu (I am mostly a Debian user)16:13
Riddellhoward_: oh cool,let us know what good/bad points you find16:20
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soeeagateau, ping18:10
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1183030] package plasma-widgets-workspace 4:4.10.2-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to ov... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1183030 (by Fila Kolodny)18:38
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1183031] package kdm 4:4.10.2-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/k... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1183031 (by Fila Kolodny)18:38
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1183032] package plasma-desktop 4:4.10.2-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1183032 (by Fila Kolodny)18:38
vHandashadeslayer: ping19:00
shadeslayervHanda: hi 19:14
vHandashadeslayer: do you want to implement the epub extractor?19:21
shadeslayeruhh ... I do not have the time sadly :(19:21
shadeslayertoo many things to do 19:21
vHandashadeslayer: are you sure? :P19:22
vHandaIt'll just take an hour or so19:22
shadeslayerI need to stop signing myself for things for which I have no time :p19:22
vHandaplus you were looking to code something19:23
shadeslayervHanda: yep, really, I want to finish my previous commitments first 19:23
vHandahow about a mobi parser? :P19:23
shadeslayerlol 19:24
shadeslayerno 19:24
shadeslayerhave to start saying no somewhere 19:25
shadeslayerno time ... I have no flipping time 19:25
shadeslayerI already feel so bad about saying no 19:26
shadeslayervHanda: btw I looked at the opensuse forum post this morning :p19:30
shadeslayerI make it a point to read backlogs in nepomuk-kde ;)19:30
vHanda ... and?19:30
shadeslayerfreetype ... who would have thought19:31
shadeslayerand ... it doesn't make sense to me 19:31
shadeslayermight look a bit more when I have some time 19:31
ahoneybunvalorie: ping19:40
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valoriehmm, no ahoneybun21:29
valoriepalasso: of course fix typos!21:29
valorieit's a wiki; that's the point21:30
valorieno need to ask permission , these are your docs21:30
valoriethe only time coordination is necessary is to keep from walking over one another's edits; in other words, only one person editing a page at a time21:31
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ScottKdebfx: Now that colibri is in Debian, should we just sync their pacakge?22:23
DarkwingWell, I'm going to start work on this years halloween costume. Will take some time. http://www.therpf.com/f24/dr-who-silence-124190/22:49
valorieomg that will be frightening22:51
DarkwingMy girlfriend is going to walk around with tally markings :D22:52
DarkwingHey valorie, you busy?22:52
valorieI just watched the bbc america "Best Doctor Who Monsters" ep the other night22:53
valorieand saw River with all the hash marks22:53
DarkwingOh yeah. Dr Who FTW22:53
valoriescary few eps22:53
valorienope, whassup?22:53
DarkwingThe other one I'm going to put together for cosplay is this. http://crafty-tardis.livejournal.com/152724.html22:53
valoriethose were effing scary too22:54
valoriein fact I think I scared my hubby off of the doctor by showing him Blink22:55
DarkwingYou get a working mic?22:55
valoriein the mail22:55
Darkwingblink was amazing.22:55
DarkwingOkay sweet.22:55
DarkwingAbout the docs. :D 22:55
valoriemight be my favorite evar22:55
valorienow I eye every statue I see though22:55
DarkwingIt's a toss up between the angels and the silence. 22:56
valorieprimal fears22:56
valorieabout the docs: I'm not sure aaron is exactly on board22:56
valoriehe keeps wanting more22:57
* Darkwing raises an eyebrow22:57
valorieand I keep wanting LESS22:57
DarkwingWell, let's comprimise then.22:57
valorieand linking to other stuff on the website22:57
DarkwingOn the Wiki, we will have more and more if he is willing to maintain.22:57
valoriewell, I think maybe another discussion would clarify it all, for all of us22:57
DarkwingThat is the biggest thing, maintaining the docs.22:57
DarkwingThe other thing, we are going to be able to have the welcome screen with webslice.22:58
valorieI want each lil subject to be by itself as a separate page22:58
valoriewe're all together there22:58
DarkwingUnless you can convince the council otherwise 22:58
ScottKMy suggestion is to agree on a minimum for an initial release and then aaron can do more if he wants.22:58
valoriebut I think we need to agree on what those basic page(s) should be22:58
DarkwingScottK: +122:58
valorieScottK: I think we should always ship the minimum22:58
DarkwingMy idea is having ALL the documentation online on the wiki.22:59
valorieand have whatever else we want on the wiki22:59
Darkwingship a horridly minimum amount.22:59
valoriehelpful, but minimal22:59
valoriepeople don 't like to read text22:59
DarkwingAnd, because we wont have the pop-up welcome screen, I'll just recode what we have into docbook for the minimum22:59
valoriethey don't even read the slides22:59
DarkwingThis will prevent us from having to code a new viewer.23:00
valorieheck, *I* don't even read them, except to admire how nice they look23:00
DarkwingAnd, we will have a docs and welcome icon in the ~/Desktop folder23:00
Darkwingand not a lot of text.23:00
DarkwingA lot of screenshots.23:01
Darkwingvisual is always better.23:01
valorieDarkwing: how about sending a nice email summing up your thoughts to kubuntu-devel list?23:01
DarkwingThat would be too easy. :P23:01
DarkwingOkay, I'll knock that out.23:01
valoriewe'll need to keep the screenies small or at least the filesize small23:01
valorieI like big, but this should all be viewable on someone's phone23:02
valoriein case they are hosed and that's the only way they can access23:02
valoriebe sure to share photos of you in your costumes!23:03
valorieare you gonna get the teeth for the angel one?23:03
valorieheavy makeup seems like a better idea than masks, though23:06
valoriealso it seems like you could use a mop head for the wig23:07
valoriedamn, those will be awesome23:08
DarkwingFor the angel I'm just going to use molding clay23:11
DarkwingThis way it will be more like stone.23:11
valoriemolding clay for the hair?23:17
DarkwingFor the face.23:17
DarkwingI think for the hair, I'll stiffen a mop head23:17
DarkwingBut, it will have to be really really stiff.23:17
valoriewell, you can get powdered starch, and mix it really thick23:17
valorieand then paint more on top23:18
valorieeven the liquid starch will make it pretty firm23:18
DarkwingYeah, I was thinking of spray plaster as well.23:19
valoriethinned liquid plaster maybe23:19
valoriealthough then you'll have cracking23:19
valorieplaster is fun to work with23:19
DarkwingYup. :D23:20
DarkwingAs of right now, we should be abandening the webslice idea.23:26
valoriewhy is that?23:32
valorietoo glitchy?23:32
valorieI personally hate widgets on the desktop, but that's just me23:32
DarkwingBecause, to open a widget with an icon that is a limited about of space is kinda a bad idea. 23:32
DarkwingAs I'm laying out in my email, the shipped basic docs shouldn't change from release to release unless we change something MAJOR23:33
valoriethere is a browser widget too23:33
DarkwingSo, keeping it in the KHelpCenter *gags* for now is a better idea.23:33
valorieI hear you23:33
DarkwingIt also gives a good looka t where they can find KDE help docs as well.23:34
valoriemaybe we can work with apachelogger to get khelpcenter fixed?23:34
DarkwingIt's usable.23:34
valoriebecause I always prefer to do things the KDE Way23:34
valorieok, usable23:34
valoriebut not cool23:34
DarkwingBut, if we have a VERY limited about of stuff that we add to the shipped docs, we wont have to update them every 6 months.23:35
Darkwingand with a limited about of stuff, we don't need cool.23:35
valoriewell, cool gets people to use the docs23:35
DarkwingWe can save cool for the wiki23:35
valorieumm, .... moinmoin23:35
valoriethat will never be cool23:36
DarkwingI know.23:36
DarkwingIt will change but, we only have so much to work for,.23:36
valorieand again, most stuff won't change23:36
DarkwingRight, so, no real reason to change from KHelpCenter23:37
valoriegot it23:37

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