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troulouliou_devhi i m trying to register on launchpad but i do not receive a confirmation email and when i m trying to log in it say "Your page was stale."09:33
wgranttroulouliou_dev: That usually means that your browser isn't sending a Referer header.09:36
troulouliou_devwgrant, ha right it is disable here thanks !!09:37
troulouliou_devwgrant, bugtrack is mixed for ubuntu / mint ?09:38
wgranttroulouliou_dev: No, Mint is a separate project with a separate bug tracker09:39
wgrantThe Ubuntu bug tracker is not for Mint bugs09:39
troulouliou_devwgrant, ok09:40
Terry_GuoHi, I just successfully packaged my source and uploaded them into Launchpad. They did get successfully built and published. The .org.tar.bz2 file is also uploaded. Now I made some changes to my source, what command should I use to repackage the source? I used "dpkg-buildpackage -sa -S", and then "dput ppa:/xxxx  yyy_source.change". The problem is that the .org.tar.bz2 file will be uploaded...10:19
Terry_Guo...again. It is quite annoying. What should I do to just upload the necessary files? Thanks.10:19
StevenKTerry_Guo: -sa is the problem10:19
StevenK-sa says to include always10:19
wgrant-sa means "include the orig tarball always"10:19
wgrantThe only thing it does is exactly what you're asking it to not do :)10:19
Terry_GuoSo I should just use "dpkg-buildpackage -S"??10:20
Terry_GuoOK. Thank you.10:21
Terry_GuoI once misunderstood that "-sa" means sign my files. How silly I am. Thank you guys.10:23
StevenKTerry_Guo: It signs by default, there are two options to stop it doing so10:24
Terry_GuoYes. I am reading the manual again.10:25
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ricotzczajkowski, hi :)14:42
czajkowskiricotz: what's up14:43
ricotzyesterday an upload of a successful build timed-out and i am fearing it will happen again with that try https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa/+build/459619614:43
ricotzczajkowski, wgrant seems to be aware of such an internal time-out14:44
czajkowskiyes I read the scroll back14:44
ricotzit seems to be like that now for over half an hours14:45
ricotzand i am hoping it won't fail again14:45
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ricotzczajkowski, i just wanted to point you there maybe it can be debugged somehow14:46
czajkowskiricotz: nobody is around I'm afraid right now14:47
ricotzczajkowski, no worries, thank you14:48
marcoceppiSo, I updated a daily recipe, requested another build and fo this error: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/140463202/upload_466117_log.txt I'm not sure what to do at this point.15:03
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czajkowskicjwatson: have you ever seen an error like marcoceppi is getting before?15:19
czajkowskicjwatson: sprry for ping but StevenK and wgrant are not on15:19
marcoceppiczajkowski: I think I figured it out, I bumped the revision in the recipe link and it seem to have accepted that15:20
czajkowskiah ok if you'd had a ppa before and deleted it and need to reupload15:21
czajkowskiyou need to increase the version number15:21
marcoceppiczajkowski: right, which is what these recipe things do apparently. The version was slightly cryptic but made sense after a bit more poking15:22
cjwatsonczajkowski: I have very little experience with recipes, sorry15:25
czajkowskicjwatson: np thanks15:26
ricotzczajkowski, marcoceppi, the source package itself is already present and one can't upload a new *different* tarball15:27
ricotzthe recipe created a new tarball, but that exactly revision was already uploaded to the target ppa and maybe even already built15:28
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marcoceppiricotz czajkowski thanks for the help/clarification15:40
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rockstarlosa ping?16:15
rockstarApparently mthaddon or mew are the guys I need.16:23
wedgwoodrockstar: what's that you say?16:23
rockstarwedgwood, hello sir16:23
rockstarI am looking to get the mailman pickle file of of the ~openstack mailing list so we can migrate away.16:24
wedgwoodrockstar: Aha. I think I can do that for you.16:26
rockstarwedgwood, the -infra team got a pickle from flacoste when he was still engineering manager, so I assume that's *way* old. :)16:27
wedgwoodrockstar: I don't expect that there's anything in that file that would be considered sensitive information, but as it is a convenient list of thousands of OpenStack users' email addresses, I'd feel a bit more comfortable handing it over to one of that team's administrators16:29
rockstarwedgwood, okay. Lemme get someone to make me an administrator. :)16:30
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rockstarwedgwood, the due diligence is completed and I am an admin of that team.16:43
wedgwoodrockstar: OK, just sorting out some sanitization of the file.16:45
rockstarwedgwood, okay, great.16:45
sebbuis/will launchpad be able to crosscompile & package for other distributions/systems ?16:59
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wedgwoodrockstar: ok, that's in the mail17:41
rockstarwedgwood, thank you kindly!17:41
wedgwoodrockstar: or so I thought...17:43
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marcoceppiSo, I'm back to breaking things. Trying to request a build for a recipe and I'm getting "You have exceeded today's quota for ubuntu saucy." Is there anyway to squeak by this just one time?19:11
dobeymarcoceppi: request the build as a different user19:23
marcoceppidobey: ah, thanks. I'll have someone else on the team do that for me19:23
dobeyi don't know of any other way. and i've complained about the recipe build request quota a fair bit ;)19:24
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sebbuwhat is the current limit ?19:40
sebbui'll soon be trying to set up automated build for at least one of my project, so i may try quite a few19:40
dobeysebbu: it's like 5 per day or something small19:48
dobeysebbu: if you want to set up a recipe, you can use "bzr dailydeb recipe.txt" to build the source package locally, and pbuilder or sbuilder to test build it in a clean chroot19:49
sebbuI don't have the same distribution @home19:54
sebbuall i have is a debian7 & a win7 ^^19:55
ScottKsebbu: The Debian debbootstrap knows about Ubuntu.  You can do it fine on a Debian system.19:58
dobeyyeah. and if you use a service like s3 or whatever, you can spin up an ubuntu or debian instance to do it on as well19:59
sebbudon't have any service like s320:05
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semiosisthe build time estimates are ridiculous. right after upload, said it would start building in 6 hours. an hour later, it said 7 hours.  now 7 hours since upload, says 3 hours.22:53
semiosiswhy even bother to have an estimate22:53
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