mwhudsoni deploy a node, the bootloader gets an ip address fine and it netboots but the installer fails to DHCP00:01
mwhudsonor rather, it doesn't think it's DHCPed successfully00:02
mwhudsonbut i can ping it so...00:02
bigjoolsmwhudson: is your daughter at the keyboard again?01:06
mwhudsonno, just a slightly hacked off daddy01:06
mwhudsonbigjools: can you use maas-cli to release all nodes in one go?01:46
bigjoolsmwhudson: I don't know off hand - I suspect not01:46
bigjoolswe're adding mass-action support in the next week or so01:46
bigjoolsat least in the UI01:46
mwhudsongiven that there is no ui at all for releasing ...01:48
mwhudsonyou can parse json with awk, right?01:50
* mwhudson does evil01:50
bigjoolsroaksoax: did you backport raphael and yui3 to precise, or did we have to keep them in-tree for 1.2?01:53
* bigjools wonders about security updates ...01:53
mwhudsonbigjools: would you expect maas to support deploying raring to armhf yet?02:02
mwhudsoni see raring has appeared in the distro options02:03
mwhudsonbut there's only precise and quantal in /var/lib/maas/ephemeral/02:03
bigjoolsmwhudson: I don't know, it depends on whether the ephemeral images support it and that's largely out of my hands02:04
mwhudsonoh well02:04
mwhudsoni guess having02:04
mwhudsonRELEASES="precise quantal"02:04
mwhudsonin /etc/maas/import_pxe_files ain't gonna help02:04
mwhudsonbug 111517802:05
ubot5bug 1115178 in MAAS trunk "Raring ephemeral info not available on https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111517802:05
bigjoolsimages are there02:05
bigjoolsthe RELEASES are set deliberately tight otherwise you wait ages for a download of stuff you might never use02:06
* mwhudson chases bugs to https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/117793202:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1177932 in MAAS "Unable to select which pxe files to download by both series and architecture." [High,Triaged]02:06
bigjoolsyeah that one's on our list of things to fix this cycle02:06
roaksoaxbigjools: they are speed with packaging02:06
bigjoolsroaksoax: yeah, because they are in the tree :)02:08
bigjoolsroaksoax: but what's the plan for security updates?02:09
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah so since they were removed on quabtal and i didn't wasn't to differ from that source then i had to put them in packaged as it was also recommended02:09
roaksoaxbigjools: for yui?02:10
bigjoolsroaksoax: well anything that's in-tree but not packaged in precise02:11
bigjoolswill the security team be aware and responsive?02:11
roaksoaxbigjools: evrything in 1.2 is in tree but the js files and i think python-tx-tftp02:12
roaksoaxbut we dont need to keep python-tx-tftp in tree anymore02:13
bigjoolsroaksoax: yes exactly - if there is any change to the upstream js we need a plan to fix it in maas02:13
roaksoaxbigjools: so yes if there's a security fix in yui or Raphael then it would need to be backported to raring quantal02:15
roaksoaxand precise on the maas packaging02:15
roaksoaxi think jdstrand is aware of us shipping the yui stuff there02:15
bigjoolsroaksoax: will the maas-packaging be handled by the security team?02:15
bigjoolsthat's what I needed to know, thanks02:15
roaksoaxbigjools: so the branches wont be touchrd02:16
roaksoaxbigjools: the ones under ~maas-maintainers02:16
roaksoaxthe securitu team works against the ones on the release02:16
roaksoaxso we are "upstream" for packaging02:17
roaksoaxso whatevrr fix that need to be backported will be done via patches on thr ubuntu packaging02:17
roaksoaxso say we fix something on 1.2, i will cherry pick and SRU as a patch in debian/patches02:18
bigjoolsbut we can include the same patch upstream02:18
roaksoaxbigjools: yes so i think we should fix upstream, and from there sru02:19
roaksoaxthats the normal procrss02:19
roaksoaxbigjools: btw i would like to have a catch up call to agree in these thinga and see where you guys need ne02:21
bigjoolsroaksoax: sounds good02:22
* bigjools heads out for lunch02:22
rvbaroaksoax: that's right, none of the services are started.  I can start them manually (sudo service maas-pserv start) but they are not started right after the package gets installed.13:33
roaksoaxrvba: i installed saucy and then maas13:34
roaksoaxand all of the success seem to be running just fine13:34
roaksoaxupgrade saucy and test again13:35
rvbathat's weird, I just tested it with the daily pacakge (1.4+bzr1475+dfsg-0+1487+181~ppa0~saucy1).13:35
rvbaroaksoax: also (you'll tell me if it's normal or not) but ls /etc/init.d/maas*=> no file13:36
roaksoaxrvba: then maybe something change in upstream packaging and broke it?13:46
roaksoaxrvba: and i don't know, maybe something changed in upstart and is no longer creating that13:46
rvbaroaksoax: I suspect something changed in upstart indeed… but I was kinda relying on your expertise here :)13:48
rvbaroaksoax: If only I could get canonistack to work, then I could test with the latest saucy…13:48
roaksoaxrvba: i'll tr again asi uploade\d something to sauycyc yesterday13:50
roaksoaxand shuldhave built with whatever is in saucy13:50
roaksoaxrvba: oh btw... there's what i believe a critical bug that needs attention14:05
rvbaroaksoax: which one?14:05
roaksoaxrvba: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/115307714:06
rvbaroaksoax: btw, you said you had an output of lshw that was causing problems in MAAS.14:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1153077 in maas (Ubuntu) "rabbitmq queue fills up and celery stops executing tasks when upload_dhcp_leases is done every minute (by default)" [High,Confirmed]14:06
roaksoaxrvba: yes that too, let me get it14:06
smoserroaksoax, ping15:28
smoseri'm poking at a maas install... i basically dleted everything and upgraded to raring15:29
smoserapt-get --purge remove maas-everythgin-here15:29
smoserand then install maas15:29
smoserbooted nodes.15:29
smoserthey enlist fine15:29
smoserbut then i can't power them on as the ipmi detected creds are not correct15:30
roaksoaxsmoser: let me think15:43
roaksoaxsmoser: so during enlistment maas created the credentials15:44
smoseryes. it did.15:44
roaksoaxsmoser: they were sent back to maas15:44
roaksoaxsmoser: but they don't work?15:44
smoserthe username that shows up in maas is 'maas'15:44
smosernot 'maas-commission'15:44
roaksoaxsmoser: that's correct15:44
smoserwell the user on the system is 'maas-commission'15:44
smoser(per user lsit)15:44
roaksoaxsmoser: right but maas should have create a user maas instead15:45
roaksoaxsmoser: let me check15:45
roaksoaxsmoser: ok, found the issue15:50
roaksoaxsmoser: what is wrong with this: show_re = re.compile("Username.*%s\\b" % user)16:28
smoserroaksoax, looks reasonable.16:31
roaksoaxsmoser: doesn't seem to work, ANyway, I know how to fix it16:31
smoser>>> bool(re.search("Username.*%s" % "maas", "Username foo"))16:33
smoser>>> bool(re.search("Username.*%s" % "maas", "Username maas"))16:33
smoserseems reasonable here.16:33
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah but user=maas-commission, and that regex matches maas-commission *and* "maas"16:33
roaksoaxsmoser: ok I have fixed it now16:36
roaksoaxsmoser: you should be able to just enlist/commission and it will make suer that maas-commission is changed back to maas in the BMC16:37
smoserwell, enlist worked, but then maas doesn't power system on16:37
smoserso i have to do that manually16:37
roaksoaxsmoser: ok power them on manually and during the commissioning it will fix the user issue16:37
roaksoaxsmoser: so for deployment they should be just fine16:38
smoserwhats the enlistment template16:38
roaksoaxsmoser: ok so I started .17 to test this16:39
roaksoaxsmoser: /usr/share/maas/preseeds/enlist_userdata16:39
smoserwhta is the enlistment template ?16:40
smoserpower on parameters do not affect the 'default' boot16:40
smosermeaning i can't get '-- console=ttyS1,115200' to it16:40
smoserroaksoax, you ahve to 'pxe-boot'. i'm not sure why, but they're not set to pxeboot16:41
smoserand you didn't accept that node16:41
smoseroh. you did do that.16:41
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah just did the pxe-boot16:41
roaksoaxsmoser: maas tells the machine to PXE when it controls them16:41
roaksoaxsmoser: let me test in that node whether it worked or not16:42
smoserthat doesnt seem to work, roaksoax16:43
smoseri see16:43
smoserwell maybe it would have worked, but  maas can't power it on :)16:43
roaksoaxsmoser: now it can:16:44
roaksoaxroaksoax@maas:~$ ipmipower -h -u maas -p 3jaWUoCvrC34U --stat16:44
roaksoax192.168.9.17: off16:44
roaksoaxsmoser: they either need to commission or enlisted again16:45
roaksoaxsmoser: so that it gets fixed16:45
smosercan i easily tell maas to forget all nodes ?16:46
roaksoaxsmoser: i think so yes, I think allenap added a command to do so16:46
roaksoaxor maybe not16:47
smoserand see question above... what is the preseed for "default" ?16:47
smoserer.. not preseed16:48
smosertemlate. pxe boot template.16:48
roaksoaxsmoser: what do you mean default?16:48
smoserwhen its not known to maas16:50
smoserand it boots into the enlistment16:50
smoserwhat is that one16:50
roaksoaxsmoser: the PXE template, should be this one: /usr/share/pyshared/provisioningserver/pxe/config.commissioning.template16:51
smoseroh, really? that kind of sucks.16:51
roaksoaxsmoser: file a bug and maybe we can get it changed16:52
smoseri'll file a bug. you need to file one for your isssue that you sovled there also.16:52
smoserDaviey, i think you had some script for "maas forget everythign"16:52
smoserright ?16:52
Davieysmoser: yes17:01
Davieydelete-all ?17:01
Davieysmoser: or you mean EVERYTHING?17:01
smoserdelete-all was it.17:06
smoserdid you have a "accept-all" ?17:07
smosernever mind. i'll get it.17:07
smoserroaksoax, is there a way to create a non-admin user ?17:28
smoserfrom the cmdline17:28
smoserand what is the difference from maas perspective on 'admin' ?17:28
Davieysmoser: There was an accept all17:35
smoserDaviey, just for later reference17:50
smosermaas-cli maaslocal nodes accept-all17:50
smoserroaksoax, did you open a bug ?17:54
smoseri opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/118298017:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1182980 in maas (Ubuntu) "global parameters do not apply to enlistment" [Undecided,New]17:54
smoserbut you ened to open one for the issue you solved17:55
roaksoaxsmosmofor my error yes just did (sorry i was caught up doing my first openstack mp)18:11
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^18:11
smoserroaksoax, do you know how to add a user other than 'admin" ?18:19
smoserie, there is maas createadmin18:19
smoserbut can i create *non* admin via cli?18:20
roaksoaxsmoser: i don't think you can through the CLI18:22
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smoserroaksoax, so...20:02
smoseri'm confused how maas interacts with dns20:02
roaksoaxsmoser: ok...20:03
roaksoaxsmoser: what confuses you?20:04
smoseron this system, it seems to be somehow poopulating stuff in /var/lib/bind/20:05
smoserbut i'm not sure how20:05
roaksoaxsmoser: did you wipe out the previous configuration?20:07
roaksoaxsmoser: maas is not configured for DNS/DHCP20:08
roaksoax[2013-05-22 21:07:08,910: INFO/PoolWorker-13] The DHCP leases file does not exist.  This is only a problem if this cluster controller is managing its DHCP server.  If that's the case then you need to install the 'maas-dhcp' package on this cluster controller.20:08
roaksoaxsmoser: are you mlooking to manage DHCP/DNS with the MAAS server as well? there's no other DNS/DHCP server there right?20:09
roaksoaxsmoser: IIRC, bind was manually configured by sabdfl to provide DNS20:09
roaksoaxdon't know if that was kept20:09
smoserwell, something is odd.20:09
roaksoaxsmoser: yes20:10
roaksoaxsmoser: bind is manually configured20:10
smoserbecase timestamps on db.cloud in /var/lib/bind are very recent20:10
smoser(2 hours ago)20:10
smoserand i didn't touch those.20:10
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah, it was manually configure20:10
Davieysmoser: this is the manual integration i was saying.21:04
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