iqbalkhanexcuse me guys...06:22
iqbalkhanwhere do i find the ubuntu application development?06:22
iqbalkhancan i contribute in the on going project..?06:23
iqbalkhanas a programmer06:23
coolbhavihello iqbalkhan look at http://developer.ubuntu.com for a start07:52
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DanChapmanafternoon kaleo :D14:36
Kaleohi DanChapman :)14:36
timphello :)14:36
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odraHello Kaleo, DanChapman, timp14:40
timpwho is working on calendar-app?14:41
odraI'm not. I'm working in the image viewer app nobody knows of.14:43
kalikianathat's a bit like the clapping when nobody can hear it, the second somebody reads that it's no longer true :-D14:45
timpodra: I only know of these apps https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps14:46
odrakalikiana: nope. I'm still working on a image viewer. And you still doesn't know it.14:46
timpodra: now he knows OF it :)14:46
odraHe knows of the existence of an image viewer I'm working but he doesn't know any details :U14:47
odraThat is like knowing someone invented linux but not knowing who exactly14:47
kalikianado you really know who, though, even if you know their wikipedia article?14:48
kalikianaby that definition you'll never know short of being their room mate14:48
odraI don't even know who.14:49
kalikianamust've been that Finnish dude with the same name as the peanuts character carrying a blanket :-P14:51
dpm-laptoptimp, the calendar devs, when around usually hang out in #ubuntu-touch. Otherwise, you can find the team members here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev15:05
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timpdpm: thanks. I found the list of devs but I couldn't find them on irc15:07
dpmtimp, yeah, they're generally on their daily jobs now. You can find them around the meeting times https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Meetings15:12
timpdpm: thanks. I'll try to catch them tomorrow, cimi told me there is a meeting with them then.15:16
timpby that time I hope to show them an MR instead of discussing some small changes now :)15:16
dpmtimp, yeah, or the mailing list15:17
dpmtimp, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps15:18
dpmthat might actually be the best place15:18
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odraI wish I had a phone :/16:06
odraThen I could develop apps for phones16:06
dpmtimp, ah, and actually oSoMoN is helping the calendar team, so he might be able to look at your MP too16:08
dpmodra, you can start developing them on the desktop :)16:08
timpdpm: ah good point :)16:08
dpmphone apps run equally well on the desktop for testing purposes16:08
odradpm: does it work vice versa?16:09
timpoSoMoN: would you care to review this? https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-calendar-app/monthViewHeight/+merge/16518916:09
odraDesktop apps run on mobile?16:09
dpmodra, if they are created with the Ubuntu SDK, yes. That's the neat thing about the convergency story :)16:10
odraHmm... my app wasn't created with the ubuntu SDK. :/16:10
timpodra: in which language was it written?16:11
oSoMoNtimp: yes, but not today, I’ll review it tomorrow16:11
timpoSoMoN: great, thanks.16:11
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odratimp: python,3 with gtk316:16
timpthe sdk only has Qt with QML support at the moment16:18
timpyou may be able to re-use your python code with a QML user interface using pyqt5, but I don't have experience with that16:20
timpanyway, you can already develop phone apps on your desktop :) https://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/16:20
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oSoMoNrenato_: is the media player supposed to be working on the desktop16:43
odraWhat do people usually write in a readme D:16:46
oSoMoNrenato_: nevermind, I managed to run it and make it play a video, I was missing some packages16:49
guschom26er: do you know what's wrong with the test on jenkins? gallery_app.tests.test_photo_viewer.TestPhotoEditor.test_photo_editor_crop(with mouse)16:50
om26ergusch, let me have a look16:50
guschom26er: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner/1598/?16:50
om26ergusch, looking at the video it seems, due to slowness in jenkins it tried to move the mouse before the edit dialog appearing16:52
om26ergusch, so we need to make sure the dialog appears first, before moving the mouse16:52
om26ergusch, i'll fix that16:52
guschom26er: cool, thx16:52
om26eri believe those tests will pass in the next run in jenkins though.16:52
guschom26er: did you trigger a new build on jenkins?16:54
om26ergusch, no I didn't, should I ?16:54
guschom26er: I will ...16:54
guschI did ;)16:54
oSoMoNrenato_: two more issues to address in your MR, and it should be good to merge16:54
oSoMoNgusch: do you have someone reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-translations/+merge/165179 ?16:56
guschoSoMoN: not yet16:57
guschoSoMoN: I would really like to get it merged, as then I can enable the orientation change (will bzr conflict)16:58
oSoMoNgusch: ok, looking into it16:58
guschoSoMoN: thx16:58
om26ergusch, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/gallery-app/fix-failing-test-jenkins/+merge/16520117:14
guschom26er: ok - looking on it17:14
oSoMoNgusch: commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-translations/+merge/16517917:15
guschom26er: I'll wait for Jenkins to run the test to approve17:15
om26ergusch, ok17:17
om26ergusch, i have a test of the gallery-app that fails on the touch17:17
guschoSoMoN: ok - checking it17:17
om26ergusch, i have spent quite a lot of time trying to fix it have failed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691065/17:17
om26eri could try it sometime with a fresher mind but I have less hope I'll succeed fixing it. seems like the app is doing something strange there17:19
guschom26er: the revert.enabled can't be checked? - really weired17:21
om26ergusch, that passes on the desktop and jenkins, fails on devices17:23
guschom26er: hmmm - to be honest - I'm not too keen on getting the tests run on the device atm. (sorry)17:24
om26ergusch, alright, though I have a branch incoming that fixes quite a few failing tests on the device, which you'll have to review ;)17:25
guschom26er: ok - np17:26
guschoSoMoN: gettext can't handle "…" (I get an error when creating the pot file)17:46
oSoMoNgusch: what error exactly?17:56
guschoSoMoN: xgettext: Non-ASCII string at /home/schwann/Projects/manhattan/gallery-trans/rc/qml/LoadingScreen.qml:36. Please specify the source encoding through --from-code.17:57
guschoSoMoN: any idea? or should I just leave the three dots?18:02
oSoMoNASCII is a thing from the past18:03
oSoMoNfrom the distant past, even18:04
oSoMoNgusch: have you tried --from-code=UTF-8 ?18:04
guschoSoMoN: no, bit I didn't run the xgettext myself, but used the creator plugin18:05
oSoMoNgusch: so please try running it yourself with that option, and if it works then file a bug report against the ubuntu touch qtcreator plugin18:05
odraWhat do ppl usually write in readme?18:14
guschoSoMoN: works :)18:18
oSoMoNgusch: cool, when you file the bug, can you please subscribe me to it?18:20
guschoSoMoN: ok18:20
guschoSoMoN: pushed an update, I case you can take a view today18:58
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om26errenato_, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/mediaplayer-app/fix_on_touch/+merge/16523019:22
om26ervery simple, yet enables autopilot tests on touch devices, only one fails now.19:23
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