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NekoXPhey guys. anyone know where in gdm or standard gnome desktop session stuff the backgrounds are handled, like when you swap backdrop it does that fade between backdrops?15:13
OurMaNdO|Wcompizconfig settings manager15:15
OurMaNdO|Wunder animations15:15
OurMaNdO|Wwill allow u to change15:15
NekoXPthis is pre-compiz.. like maverick/oneiric kind of era. I assume gnome-session is handling the background transitions, but it seems unlikely (or maybe it is very likely) that gdm wouldn't share this code (since it does the same thing logged in and for loading the gdm splash)15:17
OurMaNdO|Wi was using compiz with 10.0415:17
OurMaNdO|Wwhich was before maverick and oneiric15:18
OurMaNdO|Wi also use it on 13.0415:18
NekoXPhmm window manager is a good place to look, I guess gdm needs one too and that makes sense.. so it'd be metacity15:19
OurMaNdO|Wwindow manager doesnt handle window animations15:20
OurMaNdO|Wa fade is an animation15:20
OurMaNdO|Wopengl and compiz handle it15:21
NekoXPokay you're just not helping at all.15:23
NekoXPI have metacity and gdm. I updated cairo for a good reason, and now my fade-between-backgrounds on gdm and inside gnome using the gnome appearance properties has turned from a fade into a kind of burn-in effect (everything scales to white). I am looking for the thing that handles that fade effect *for the background image* on the root window.15:25
NekoXPit would probably be also called from anything that uses the xml backdrop stuff, since every transition does the same, it should be the new backdrop going from full transparency to full opacity over the current background, but it instead does what in Photoshop is the multiply filter, then snaps to the new image. So I assume it's some kind of alpha channel pre-multiplication thing or the values are backwards or.. I can't figure out what is even15:28
NekoXPhandling rendering the backdrop let alone find code15:28
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NekoXPthere's got to be something that's watching for gconf updates in desktop/gnome/background and then doing the rendering.. if I knew that I'd know what it told to go render it if it didn't do it itself..15:39
NekoXPbang. it's gnome-settings-daemon15:41
NekoXPwhich calls libgnomeui...15:43
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mfischogra_: you still around?20:18
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