jonobkerensa, around?03:22
dholbachgood morning06:27
dholbachhola dpm07:03
dholbachqué tal?07:03
dpmhey dholbach, welcome back!07:03
dpmbien, bien07:03
dpmdid you have a nice long weekend?07:03
dpmdid you manage to destroy any houses like last time?07:04
dholbachyes, being out in the nature with nothing around was just beautiful07:04
dpmnice :)07:04
smartboyhw__Hey dholbach!07:04
dholbachI never thought I'd be happy with sitting on the same spot for 2 hours with binoculars watching birds07:04
dholbachit was meditation-like07:04
smartboyhw__Meh, I missed the community website vUDS session…07:04
smartboyhw__dholbach: I don't think I can stay for like 30 minutes…07:05
dholbachyou'd probably be surprised what nature can do to you :)07:05
dholbachdpm, how are you doing?07:05
smartboyhw__dholbach: How did the session go?07:06
smartboyhw__I saw loads of work items…07:06
smartboyhw__(without me:()07:06
dpmdoing good here, slowly waking up...07:06
dholbachsmartboyhw__, they went rather well - good discussions, everybody was quite focused - I was happy with the outcomes07:07
dholbachmy inbox is a disaster site07:09
dholbachpleia2, bkerensa, elfy: did you have a bit of time to review the content on already? I'll put some work into it today09:45
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elfydholbach: I'm finding time ;) is someone going through this for grammar/spelling etc - or are we doing that as well?11:18
dholbachI didn't note down anyone specific for a grammar/spelling check11:19
dholbachlet's just note down all the problems we find (of whatever nature) and fix them11:19
dholbachI'm sure people will complain about mistakes and bugs quickly enough once it's online :)11:19
elfyreally ... :D11:19
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elfydholbach: I'm working on the pages that link from the 'top bar' at the moment11:21
smartboyhwdholbach: Use Launchpad bugs for that?:P11:21
dholbachsmartboyhw, [dholbach] create launchpad project for the site: TODO11:21
dholbachelfy, great11:21
smartboyhwdholbach: We should add [dholbach] assign bugs to people who have access (a.k.a dholbach): TODO11:22
dholbachI don't know - I'd prefer if we would create a team of editors who then get the bug mail and get on with fixing those bugs on their own11:23
dholbachI'm not sure I'm the best bug manager :)11:23
smartboyhwdholbach: Sure:)11:23
elfydholbach: it would be useful if there was a temp 'somewhere' that we could use to put what we've found, etc or at least what we're looking at11:23
smartboyhwHeck, grammar checks, let me run through some.11:23
elfydholbach: like an etherpad perhaps11:24
smartboyhwI lik trellp11:24
dholbachelfy, http://pad.ubuntu.com/aNBBojgxJg11:24
dholbachI'll document it in the blueprint11:24
smartboyhwEtherpads are unaccessiable in mobile…11:25
elfyok - that makes sense dholbach11:25
elfythanks :)11:26
smartboyhwGrammaar bug #1:11:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111:26
smartboyhw"to make it pleasant read" should have a "a" before "pleasant" under Package maintenance in development page:p11:28
smartboyhwdholbach: ^11:28
dholbachsmartboyhw, are you on mobile right now? :)11:28
elfysmartboyhw: trying to follow things in this channel will be nigh on impossible ;)11:28
smartboyhwdholbach: Unfortunately yes.11:28
dholbachsmartboyhw, all right, will copy over11:28
smartboyhwAnd you won't see me starting Monday till 14th June…11:29
smartboyhwdholbach: How come you can be so careless that you can drop a laptop?!11:53
dholbachsmartboyhw, if I only knew :)11:54
smartboyhwdholbach: Developer page checked but now I needed a shower:P11:55
dholbachexcellent, thanks11:55
elfydholbach: this the sort of thing you're after? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5690089/11:55
dholbachcan you paste that into the pad?11:55
elfyI've followed the top banner links and then followed links within each page - tried to do it in order and logically11:56
elfydholbach: yea will do - just wanted to be sure that's the sort of thing you were after :)11:56
elfyokey doke11:57
elfyok - pad up to date with what I've looked at11:59
elfyobviously another pair of eyes is good too lol11:59
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dpmJoseeAntonioR, UOW starting in 5 mins?12:56
jcastroheya balloons13:08
jonodpm hey13:29
jonodpm I have FLOSSWeekly which probably won't finish until 9.30am13:29
jonocan we chat then?13:29
dpmjono, sure13:29
jonothanks dpm13:30
jonodpm oh damn13:30
jonoI have a call with Daniel at 9.3013:31
jonodpm lets chat soon, I am here with Jack, but we can talk13:31
jonowe can do it before my calls begin13:31
jonodpm you free now ?13:31
dpmjono, running an Ubuntu Open Week session13:31
jonodpm np, ping when done13:32
jcastrojono: huh weird, did you have juju already installed before you began?13:37
jonojcastro, np13:37
jonojcastro, running juju 0.7 it seems13:38
jcastrohmm, you had to have had it installed bfore13:38
jonojcastro, np13:38
jcastrothere's no way you can accidentally be on pyjuju following those instructions13:38
jcastrogood to know it worked though!13:38
jonoI installed juju-core13:38
jonoyeah, it was installing charm-tools that screwed me13:38
jcastroyeah but if you had juju installed prior to that13:38
jonobut I managed to get it working13:39
jcastroit'll install core but not switch you13:39
jonowhat will install core?13:39
jcastroit installed you just need to switch to it13:39
jcastrois the stuff still up and running or did you tear it down?13:39
jonojcastro, I tore it down13:41
jonohang on13:41
jonoI need to switch to what?13:41
jonoJuju go?13:41
jcastrothe go version13:41
jcastrosudo update-alternatives --set juju /usr/lib/juju-1.10.0/bin/juju13:41
jonook done13:42
jonohow do I check the version now?13:42
jcastrojuju help13:42
jonojono@forge:~$ juju version13:42
jonojuju help doesnt tell you13:42
jonoalthough it should do13:43
jcastrooh man, he added the version13:43
jcastrothat's newish13:43
jonoalso, that is not exposed by help13:43
* jono files bugs13:43
jonoso 1.10 is the right version I should use?13:43
jcastro`juju --version`13:43
jonodoesnt work13:43
jcastrois supposed to work, I can file that one13:43
jcastroyeah, I mean, in unixland, that's supposed to work13:43
jonowhich project do I file gojuju bugs in?13:43
jonothanks jcastro13:44
jonowas pretty cool getting it working last night13:44
jonogonna spend some more time with it today13:44
jcastrothese are the little bugs I want you to find13:44
jcastrothe nice thing is the go version is much faster13:44
jcastroso not as much waiting13:44
jcastrojono: ok so the config files from pyjuju and goju are not interchangeable13:45
jcastroso you need to move .juju/environments.yaml out of the way or remove it13:45
jcastroand generate a new one with:13:45
jcastrojuju generate-config -w13:46
jcastroyou should then see a nice .juju/environment.yaml with comments and links to documentation and so on13:46
jcastroand then you can insert in your region, AWS account, and your secret key.13:46
jcastroin the pregenerated AWS section13:46
jcastrojono: the bonus here is you get to see the improvements in little things like the comments we put in the config file and stuff13:47
jonojcastro, np13:47
jcastrovs. the old way which was, here's a blank file, good luck dude!13:47
jonocool, thanks jcastro13:47
jcastrohttp://www.evilnick.org/juju/config-aws.html is the ref you want13:47
jcastroit is nice though huh, to see a full wordpress come up just like that.13:48
jonojcastro, so I am still trying to understand why charm-tools screwed me13:48
jcastrome too13:48
jonoI will file a bug13:48
jcastromarcoceppi: awake yet?13:48
jcastrowe can take this to #juju13:48
marcoceppiand kicking13:49
jcastrojono: notbadobama.jpg, you already found 2!14:08
jonojcastro, :-)14:10
jonowell, technically 3 :-)14:10
jonodpm free now?14:15
dpmjono, sorry, in 15 minutes, on the calendar design call now14:15
jonodpm np14:15
jcastroheya dholbach14:18
dholbachhey jcastro - giving a UOW session right now - I'll get back to you14:19
JoseeAntonioRdpm: thanks for the session, couldn't be here :( (blame teachers!)14:25
dpmJoseeAntonioR, no worries :)14:28
elfydholbach: I've got as far as the Contribute - Translations and am calling it a day today - all updated on http://pad.ubuntu.com/aNBBojgxJg14:28
dholbachthanks so much elfy! you're a hero!14:29
elfylol - you've not seen it yet - or if you have you've not read it all :D14:30
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: wow, you're getting loads of questions14:45
coolbhaviJoseeAntonioR, thats why he is called the dholbach :-)14:47
smartboyhw_JoseeAntonioR: You DO know that dholbach is a popular international brand?14:48
JoseeAntonioRI do, knew it for a couple months14:48
=== dpm-laptop is now known as dpm
JoseeAntonioRhey pleia2, I see ubuntulog is logging #ubuntu-women-project instead of #ubuntu-women, is that known?15:36
IdleOneyes, and intentional15:38
IdleOne#ubuntu-women is not publicly logged and we don't want it to be15:39
JoseeAntonioRoh, ok :)15:39
IdleOne#ubuntu-women is a safe space for people to be able to speak about things.15:41
pleia2dholbach: the site review is on my list for tonight16:17
dholbachpleia2, excellent - thanks!16:56
dholbachpleia2, if you want, you can just add your notes to http://pad.ubuntu.com/aNBBojgxJg and I'll update the site tomorrow!16:56
dholbachthanks a bunch in advance16:56
pleia2dholbach: oh perfect, will do16:56
dholbachrock and roll16:56
dholbachit's dinner time over here, so see you tomorrow :)16:56
jonojcastro, hey18:43
jonojcastro, you have ubuntuonair access?18:43
jonomhall119, do you have access to it?18:44
* jcastro checks18:45
jcastrojono: yep I am in, give me your youtube url and which irc channel you want.18:45
jonojcastro, well, we normally use the ubuntuonair account to start up the session18:46
jonocan you give me the user/pass for the acct?18:46
jcastroit's openid18:46
jcastroit's not an account18:47
jcastroI think we just need to put you in the right team18:47
jcastroyou're in the team18:47
jcastrogo to /wp-admin18:47
jcastroand that should be it18:48
jonolet me check18:48
jonojcastro, well SSO works for the wordpress site, but not for the G+ account18:49
jononm, I will just use my own G+ account18:49
jcastroI see18:49
jonothanks, pal!18:49
jcastrothat I might have18:49
jcastrohmm, apparently not18:50
jonojcastro, now worries18:51
mhall119jono: the Google+ onair account?19:21
mhall119jono: I have login credentials for the ubuntuonair G+ account, yes19:23
bkerensajono: do you know the link to the UAK BP so I can see what my work items were21:17
jonobkerensa, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-s-uak-first-release21:18
jcastrojono: new flash complete!21:23
jcastrojono: man, the smooth animation on the clock's second hand21:23
jonojcastro, nice :-)21:23
jcastroIt's mezmerisizng21:24
jcastrojono: hah man21:34
jcastroyou know jeremy from linuxquestions21:34
jcastroshawn mcance is going to put both us on a panel with a mozilla guy on a panel on openhelp-like things ... like say, forums and stackexchange.21:34
jcastroI responded with "we've had this argument like 50 times, your audience will get an awesome discussion, I promise."21:35
jonojcastro, nice :)21:35
philipballewchilicuil, Welcome!23:49
chilicuilphilipballew: hi there =)23:51
philipballewhope all is well chilicuil !23:51
chilicuilphilipballew: it's all great, hope you're having a nice time as well =)23:54
philipballewchilicuil, I believe I am as well. Just enjoying the afternoon.23:57

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