pittiGood morning03:40
didrocksgood morning05:46
pittibonjour didrocks05:46
didrocksbonjour pitti, comment ça va?05:47
pittididrocks: ça va bien, merci ! Je me suis levé tôt aujourd'hui, avec ma femme05:48
pittididrocks: et toi ?05:48
didrockspitti: ça va bien, on dirait que le temps n'est pas si horrible que ça, un peu de soleil malgré les nuages :)05:49
veebersdidrocks: ping05:50
pittididrocks: enfin, tu vas avoir l'été ? :-)05:50
didrockspitti: il faut croire, au moins aujourd'hui :)05:50
didrockshey veebers!05:50
didrocksveebers: thanks for your MP on the testsuite listing :)05:51
veebershow goes it didrocks?05:51
veebersdidrocks: heh no problem, hopefully it's helpful05:51
didrocksveebers: I'm doing good, thanks. Yourself?05:51
veebersdidrocks: hmm, had a day scratching my head WRT to a couple of the autopilot functional tests failing in the jenkins job05:51
veebersdidrocks: which is why I bother you now, it appears that with a i386 install the tests fail, using a amd64 install they pass no problems05:52
didrocksveebers: interesting, normally, it's more the other way around :)05:52
didrocksveebers: do you have a link?05:52
veebers(this is WRT to the email that sil2100 sent)05:53
didrocksah, just got to it (60 emails in the morning, can't be that efficient)05:53
didrocksone sec!05:53
veebersdidrocks: I don't have a link to the passing job as there is not one, I'm manually manipulating the machine, but there is a link to the failing one in the email :-)05:53
didrocksah ok, those ones05:53
thomididrocks: only 60?05:53
didrocksthomi: in inbox :p05:54
thomididrocks: right05:54
didrocksthen, I don't count the bugs, MP, ML… :p05:54
thomididrocks: me neither :P05:54
didrocksheh ;)05:54
didrocksok, the good thing is that it's reproducible everyday on both intel and ait05:54
didrocksso, if I bzr branch lp:autopilot05:54
didrocksand run the tests05:54
didrocksI won't see those on my amd64?05:55
thomididrocks: the entire autopilot test suite passes for both veebers and myself, and on an amd64 machine veebers has going in the QA lab, and on a VM05:55
thomididrocks: None of us have an i386-installed machine, so it took us a while to think about trying that05:56
didrocksthomi: can I run tip trunk in my session without being scared?05:56
thomididrocks: yes, it's fine05:56
veebersdidrocks: yep05:56
thomididrocks: trust me :P05:56
veebersoh, thomi you bet me to it :)05:56
* thomi quickly pushes some code to trunk :)05:56
didrocksahah :p05:56
didrocksthomi: veebers: bin/autopilot run autopilot/tests/ ?05:57
veebersdidrocks: I'm about to try a i386 VM, but waiting for iso05:57
thomibin/autopilot run autopilot.tests05:57
didrocksoh right05:57
veebersdidrocks: autopilot run -v autopilot.tests.functional.test_input_stack.TouchTests05:57
thomior that05:57
veebersdidrocks: that is for 2 of the 3 failing05:57
thomibut I guess you want *all the tests*05:57
didrocksyeah, I prefer to see all the tests, if this has an impact :)05:57
didrocks(running btw)05:58
veebersdidrocks, thomi I'll be back in a little bit. Need to do the grocery shop and have tea :-)05:58
didrocksveebers: sure, enjoy!05:59
* veebers hates the supermarket05:59
didrocksdon't enjoy then :p05:59
veebersdidrocks: cheers05:59
didrocksthomi: ok, I have a lot of failures, but I think it's not related to that :)06:04
didrocksthomi: some surely due to autopilot-gtk not being installed I guess06:04
thomididrocks: ahhh, you're missing some deps then06:04
didrocksand a lot of getcwd() failing06:04
didrocksit rmed my trunk!06:05
didrockszomg :p06:05
thomididrocks: check out the deps listed in debian/control for the python-autopilot-tests06:05
didrocksmaybe /tmp/autopilot wasn't the right place to put it :)06:05
thomididrocks: that should work fine06:06
didrocksthomi: weird that the directory was removed once the test finishes though :p06:07
thomididrocks: really?06:07
didrocksI bzr branch lp:autopilot in /tmp06:07
didrockscd /tmp06:07
didrocksbin/autopilot …06:07
didrocksand /tmp/autopilot was removed06:07
didrockshence all the getcwd() error I guess06:07
didrocksthomi: maybe you use that directory somewhere as a temporary placeholder?06:07
thomididrocks: ahhhhhh06:08
thomididrocks: yes, now that I think about it06:08
thomididrocks: file a bug if you like06:08
didrocksthomi: with pleasure! :-)06:08
didrocksthomi: ok, I don't have python-evdev06:09
didrockslet me see if it's in the ppa06:09
* didrocks steals06:09
thomishould be06:09
didrocksthomi: I'm getting now UInput: UInputError('"/dev/uinput" cannot be opened for writing',)06:10
didrocks(on the autopilot.tests.functional.test_input_stack.TouchTests)06:11
didrockswhich is still different from what the error was on the tests06:11
thomididrocks: on sec06:11
thomijust in a call06:11
didrockssure :)06:12
* didrocks opens the bug meanwhile06:12
didrocksthomi: bug #1182755 FYI06:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1182755 in Autopilot "autopilot removes /tmp/autopilot while running its testsuite" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118275506:13
thomididrocks: so to fix your permissions issue, you can build the package and install python-autopilot06:14
thomididrocks: it will add you to the autopilot group06:15
thomididrocks: which will give you the permissions you need06:15
didrocksthomi: ah ok06:15
didrocksdoing that now06:15
thomididrocks: or you can do it manually I guess06:15
didrocksthomi: hum, let's have the autopilot package installed anyway06:15
didrocksthomi: ok, logging out and back now that I have all the deps installed06:22
thomi \o/06:22
didrocksthomi: keep getting:06:24
didrocks08:23:56.041 WARNING __init__:185 - Caught exception while searching for autopilot interface: 'DBusException("Could not get PID of name 'org.freedesktop.DBus': no such name",)'06:24
didrocks(running autopilot run -v autopilot.tests.functional.test_input_stack.TouchTests)06:24
didrockswith the installed tip trunk of autopilot, and installed tests06:24
thomididrocks: and the test fails?06:27
didrocksthomi: yep, with an unsurprising RuntimeError: Unable to find Autopilot interface.06:28
thomididrocks: I'm afraid I need to go to dinner, we have guests, but perhaps you can email me the details? I can assure you that the tests all pass for me... I suspect there's some odd library issue going on06:28
thomibut that seems really odd. veebers tested with a fresh VM and it worked perfectly06:28
didrocksthomi: well, it was just to double confirm the failure on we have while tests are executing06:29
didrocksthomi: you will continue with an i386 machine I guess?06:29
didrocksthomi: basically, this is what today is blocking all the stacks to go to saucy06:29
didrocks(touch included)06:29
didrocksno pressure ;)06:29
thomididrocks: if it's that important, just disable those three tests. We know they pass for amd64, and I'm pretty confident in the quality of the code.06:30
didrocksthomi: ok, we can do that, indeed06:30
didrocksor have a trigger of 4 tests failing06:30
thomididrocks: probably the best idea at the moment, especially since I'm kinda busy these days06:30
thomididrocks: 3 tests06:30
didrocksthomi: no, 4 ;)06:30
thomididrocks: we already fixed one of the failures yesterday, but after your last run was triggered06:31
didrocksah ok06:31
thomididrocks: so we're down to 306:31
didrocksthomi: so I'll put the trigger to 306:31
didrocksso that we don't disable them in trunk06:31
didrocksthomi: but then, we'll need to tackle that I guess06:31
thomianyway, I gotta go. Talk to you later06:31
didrocksthomi: enjoy your dinner!06:31
jibelgood morning06:48
didrockshey jibel !06:48
jibelsalut didrocks !06:48
didrocksjibel: jenkins isn't really happy right now :(06:54
didrocksjibel: all the prepare jobs are red (even if the upload to the ppa was successful)06:54
didrocks/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/cu2d-oif-head-1.1prepare-frame/builds/2013-05-22_02-01-23/archive is empty though06:54
didrocksso that's why have:06:55
didrocksArchiving artifacts06:55
didrocksERROR: No artifacts found that match the file pattern "*xml". Configuration error?06:55
didrocksERROR: '*xml' doesn't match anything06:55
didrocksthe xml are there though in the workspace: /var/lib/jenkins/cu2d/work/head/oif/06:56
didrockspitti: bon ben voilà… c'est plus l'été ici :(06:56
* didrocks will ask for refunding from the weather master06:57
Mirvjenkins also seemed to be down earlier07:01
didrocksMirv: ah, let me try to rerun a prepare then07:04
didrocksMirv: no, still the same issue :/07:05
Mirvok :(07:05
jibeldidrocks, looking07:06
didrocksMirv: since the sprint, we are quite unlucky, it was really stable beforehand07:06
jibeldidrocks, it doesn't make sense workspace is set to WORKSPACE=/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/jenkins-autocheck/workspace while it should be /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/cu2d-oif-head-1.1prepare-frame/workspace07:17
jibelor the name of the project07:17
didrocksjibel: hum, maybe that's when we relaunch prepare directly07:18
didrocksjibel: as we inherit fro m07:18
didrocksfrom the parent*07:18
didrocksjibel: one sec, trying the parent07:19
didrockshum still WORKSPACE=/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/jenkins-autocheck/workspace07:19
didrocksjibel: waitonstack is in the right ws though07:20
didrocksBuilding on master in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/cu2d-oif-head-0waitonstacks/workspace07:20
didrocksah that doesn't mean anything07:20
didrocksBuilding on master in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/cu2d-oif-head-1.1prepare-frame/workspace07:20
didrocksbut waitonstack didn't fail, so I think the relative dirs were ok07:20
didrocksjibel: for waitonstack ^07:22
seb128hey desktopers07:24
didrockssalut seb128!07:24
jibeldidrocks, this is a problem with the master node, even the most simple job inherit from this workspace07:25
didrocksjibel: some workspace root directory?07:26
jibeldidrocks, my guess would be that someone restarted jenkins with this variable set in his environment07:27
jibelbut that's just a guess07:27
didrocksjibel: oh, and that override everything? Mirv mentionned that jenkins was down earlier07:27
Mirvdidrocks: jibel it seemed like down at least, but I cannot be sure if it was VPN or jenkins itself07:29
jibeldidrocks, I'll restart master with a clean env, do you need to wait for webapp-head?07:29
didrocksjibel: I have no hope for webapp, so kill please :)07:30
pittididrocks, jibel: OOI, how's otto behaving in the DC?07:53
didrockspitti: we are more fighting with jenkins issues (env not being good) for now…07:54
jibelpitti, we didn't test much yesterday becasue the lab was down most of the day. But we made good progress on the integration with autopilot07:55
pittiyeah, I just looked at the most recent commits (and did some README fixes)07:56
pittilooking great!07:56
didrocksnice :)07:56
seb128pitti, salut, ça va ?07:59
pittiseb128: bonjour Monsieur ! ça va bien, et toi ?07:59
seb128pitti, ça va bien merci ;-)07:59
pittiI'm happy that I didn't get bombarded with regression reports from udev so far :)07:59
jibelI wished I could finish the autopilot side this morning, but once again didrocks killed my morning ;)07:59
didrocksjibel: you killed mine as well07:59
didrocksTBH, since the sprint, the jenkins machine is really horrible, we lost of lot of runs and hours…08:00
seb128pitti, hehe, good job!08:00
Laneyguten morgen08:02
seb128Laney, good morning08:07
Laneyapparently Skype fixed the bug I reported in the new release ... probably didn't need to workaround it in glib yesterday08:08
Laneyho hum08:08
seb128Laney, nice, we can drop it in the next upload then08:12
sil2100attente: ping!09:10
chrisccoulsongood morning09:17
Laneyricotz: p11-kit goes depwait on libtasn1-6-dev09:21
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chrisccoulsonhi Laney, how are you?09:32
Laneyhey chrisccoulson09:33
LaneyI'm on cup of tea #4 ... getting there ;-)09:33
Laneyhow are you?09:33
* czajkowski nicks Laney bucket of tea 09:34
chrisccoulsonLaney, good thanks. i'm looking forward to the weekend so I can open a bottle of AB:13 :)09:34
LaneyI shouldn't ... don't ... buy ... arghgosdihgsoih09:35
LaneyI wonder if you can buy bottles from the pubs09:36
Laneythat would be more cost effective09:36
Laneyit's about 10 minutes from here ...09:37
chrisccoulsonyeah, the delivery costs really suck09:37
chrisccoulsonwe have a local off-license who normally gets them in (http://www.stirchleywines.co.uk/)09:37
Laneyeven the AB?09:39
seb128hey chrisccoulson09:39
chrisccoulsonLaney, yeah, they still have some of the older ones in stock too09:39
chrisccoulsonhi seb128 :)09:39
ricotzLaney, ah sorry, libtasn1-6 needs to be MIRed :\09:40
Laneyour beer shop is pretty CAMRA so I doubt you'd see any brewdog there ever :P09:40
Laneyricotz: well, 1-3 is in main so maybe not09:40
Laneybut perhaps we could avoid having both in main09:40
ricotzLaney, ah, ok09:40
chrisccoulsonLaney, see, there are *some* advantages to living in the west midlands09:41
chrisccoulsonwell, 109:41
LaneyI checked it out a little bit and gnutls (one of the rdeps) was reverted back to 1-3 in Debian09:41
seb128wifi reconnect09:41
Laneyshould check out why09:41
Laneyricotz: want to investigate?09:41
seb128chrisccoulson, hey ;-) (not sure it went through before)09:41
LaneyI also checked and p11-kit seems to be OK against 1-309:41
chrisccoulsonhi seb128 :)09:41
ricotzLaney, will testbuild it again 1-309:42
seb128chrisccoulson, did you see that ted asked you for small stylistic changes for your dbusmenu fix?09:43
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i saw that09:43
chrisccoulsonseb128, it's great being able to change my network configuration in the morning and not have to restart nm-applet :)09:45
seb128chrisccoulson, did it start doing it more frequently recently for you?09:46
seb128nobody was able to reproduce that around the precise time09:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, yes, but i suspect that is to do with the explosion of wifi networks nearby (it runs out of ID's faster)09:47
seb128I'm glad you figured it out anyway09:48
seb128we should get that in and then backport to precise09:48
seb128with the 2 leak fixes you made earlier09:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, would be good :)09:48
seb128chrisccoulson, I guess you never managed to find time to write testcases for those?09:48
chrisccoulsonnot yet. it probably shouldn't be too hard though09:48
seb128chrisccoulson, step 1, update that MR to address ted's comment so we can get the fix in saucy09:49
seb128then we can discuss SRUs ;-)09:49
ricotzLaney, gcr/keyring related functions working as expected -- http://paste.debian.net/plain/570909:54
Laneyjust looking at clutter-1.0 first09:55
Laneyricotz: can't that be pushed to exp?09:56
ricotzno problem, thanks09:56
ricotzLaney, 1.14.4 yes09:56
Laneywant to update it in svn? I can sponsor there09:56
ricotzLaney, hmm, ok09:57
Laneyseems like a straightforward update09:57
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attentesil2100: pong11:37
sil2100attente: hello, can I poke you in 15 minutes?11:45
sil2100attente: ok, free again11:52
sil2100attente: so, I actually had a question - when I unisntall appmenu-gtk3 and use unity-gtk3-module instead, I actually get some errors in gedit11:53
sil2100`menu_proxy_module_load': gedit: undefined symbol: menu_proxy_module_load11:53
sil2100(gedit:5089): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to load type module: (null)11:53
sil2100The appmenu is there, but all entries seem to be grayed out11:53
sil2100Am I missing some package/patch?11:53
seb128sil2100, you might need http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-appmenu/trunk.13.10/revision/23811:58
seb128sil2100, what version of indicator-appmenu do you use?11:58
sil2100Ah, let me check11:59
sil210013.01.0daily13.05.02.1ubuntu.unity.next-0ubuntu1 <- old one indeed12:00
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attenteyeah, seb128's right12:01
attentethe warning is probably because UBUNTU_MENUPROXY is still set to the old appmenu.so12:02
seb128sil2100, iirc that update would fix the inactive items12:03
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Mirvany other still getting the -ati machine brokenness in check phase?12:12
Mirvnot seeing the same elsewhere, but getting "UTAH timeout: Timeout (3600) occurred for install complete message." on SDK12:14
sil2100seb128, attente: thanks guys12:24
seb128sil2100, does it work with the new appmenu?12:25
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kenvandinedidrocks, you had said to remove the -check for webcred after redeploying, how do i do that?13:41
didrockskenvandine: just click on the job13:42
didrockskenvandine: then, on the left, you have a delete job option13:42
kenvandinedidrocks, i don'13:43
didrockskenvandine: are you logged in?13:43
kenvandinei'm not logged in anymore...13:43
kenvandinei have  "Delete Project"13:44
didrocksyep, that's the one13:44
Laneyis something wrong with the public jenkins?13:45
LaneyPlease wait while Jenkins is getting ready to work....13:45
didrockskenvandine: yw :)13:46
sil2100didrocks: still not merged :<13:47
didrockssil2100: did you repoke mmrazik?13:48
sil2100didrocks: I poked Martin, he said that he unblocked it and put on the queue, but it's merging over 4 hours now13:48
didrockssil2100: and repoked?13:48
sil2100didrocks: I'll repoke fginther ^13:48
didrocksyeah, thanks!13:48
didrocksMirv's one is merged13:48
sil2100fginther: poke, could maybe you take a look if it's still building, or is it broken?13:49
didrocksMirv: waiting for jenkins to restart and then I'll do the rebuild for sdk13:49
fginthersil2100, didrocks it's still running, about 30 minutes left13:49
didrocksfginther: after 4h? :/13:49
didrockssounds like it's not armhf only the issue ;)13:50
sil2100Maybe the merger was busy ;p13:50
didrockskenvandine: webappsappsappsapps :)13:50
didrockskenvandine: I see that some are rereleasing like -youtube13:51
didrockskenvandine: without any new content13:51
didrockskenvandine: it means that building the source package is creating some diff with trunk13:52
didrockskenvandine: do you mind having a look?13:52
fginthersil2100, didrocks, :-(13:52
didrockssame for gmail, facebookmessenger13:52
didrockskenvandine: I think go on all the ones that were published and when there is no commit message, it means there is something that needs to be fixed13:52
kenvandinehumm... i thought prepare prevented that?13:53
didrockskenvandine: yeah, if the source package doesn't have any diff with trunk (apart from .bzr)13:55
didrockskenvandine: as it's making a diff to compare13:55
kenvandineso there must have been some diff there?13:55
didrocksyeah, like some .log13:55
didrocksor whatever13:55
kenvandinei'll look at one of them13:56
didrockskenvandine: thanks, FYI the diff I'm doing is:13:57
didrocks    diffinstance = subprocess.Popen(['diff', '-Nrup', '.', dest_version_source], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)13:57
didrocks    filterinstance = subprocess.Popen(['filterdiff', '--clean', '-x', '*po', '-x', '*pot', '-x', '*local-options'], stdin=diffinstance.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)13:57
didrocks    lsdiffinstance = subprocess.Popen(['lsdiff'], stdin=filterinstance.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)13:57
didrocks    (relevant_changes, err) = subprocess.Popen(['grep', '-v', '.bzr'], stdin=lsdiffinstance.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()13:57
kenvandinedidrocks, i looked at gmail14:05
kenvandinethere was a translations merge14:05
kenvandineall the .po files were changed14:05
didrockskenvandine: hum, see my filterdiff ^14:05
kenvandinethat is the only change14:05
didrockskenvandine: you did try to run the command?14:05
kenvandineok, i'll try that14:06
didrockskenvandine: remember to bzr revert && bzr uncommit the last commit :)14:06
didrocksas the generated one wasn't there14:07
kenvandinedidrocks, weird... i ran that and it returns nothing14:09
kenvandineso prepare shouldn't have prepared it...14:10
didrockskenvandine: what did you run exactly? can you paste the command?14:10
didrocks$ diff -Nrup . ../unity-webapps-gmail-2.4.16daily13.05.17/ | filterdiff --clean -x '*po' -x '*pot' -x '*local-options' | lsdiff | grep -v ".bzr"14:10
didrocksso yeah14:10
didrocksthere is a diff14:10
didrockskenvandine:  ^14:10
kenvandineoh wait... if there is a commit message you still prepare right?14:10
didrockskenvandine: no, it's only the diff deciding14:11
didrocksdobey: ?14:11
dobeywtf does libpeas have python and python3 as separate loaders for? it should just have a --with-python3 configure option or something, to specify whether to use python3 or python2 for the loader14:11
kenvandineoh... i wasn't doing it from bzr14:11
didrockskenvandine: diffing the same folder twice? :p14:11
kenvandinewhat are you diffing it with unity-webapps-gmail-2.4.16daily13.05.17 ?14:11
kenvandinei was diffing the commit that was in the changelog14:12
didrockswith latest reverted commit as we are in daily release, so before the change in changelog is done)14:12
kenvandinei reverted that and did a bzr diff -c 5014:12
kenvandinewith the filterdiff14:12
didrocksdobey: argh, not fun :(14:12
didrocksah ;)14:12
kenvandinedidrocks, so the latest in the ppa is
didrockskenvandine: no, you want to diff trunk and what's in the distro :)14:12
kenvandinenot 05.1714:12
kenvandineah, right what was published14:13
didrockskenvandine: yeah, but I'm diffing with distro14:13
didrocksthe destination :)14:13
didrocks(or next for instance)14:13
dobeydidrocks: tell me about it, since i have a plug-in that's written in python, and rhythmbox git has switched to 'python3' as the loader, and there's no way to tell which one i should use (plus i'd need to do it at runtime, which is basically impossible, since there's no way to know which one to use before then, and the plug-in won't run unless you pick the right one)14:14
kenvandinedidrocks, 2.4.16daily13.05.21.1-0ubuntu1 was the previous version in saucy14:14
didrockskenvandine: are you sure? ;) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/unity-webapps-gmail14:15
kenvandinethere is a changes file for it14:15
didrocksdobey: that's why I don't want to do bindings :p14:15
kenvandinewhich is weird14:15
kenvandinethere are two changes files for today's version14:15
didrockskenvandine: it's been never published to saucy though, you should get that from a ppa ;)14:16
dobeydidrocks: eh?14:16
didrockskenvandine: see my link, last one is .1714:16
kenvandineoh... so it was in saucy-proposed i guess14:16
didrocksI don't think so, I don't even see it in -changes14:16
kenvandineregardless... why doesn't that file show in the diff?14:16
kenvandinelook there14:17
didrockskenvandine: because you compare tarball to tarball14:17
kenvandinediff from 2.4.16daily13.05.21.1-0ubuntu1 to 2.4.16daily13.05.22-0ubuntu114:17
didrockskenvandine: not tarball to trunk14:17
didrocksso if the file is generated/removed from trunk, it will be removed in both diff14:17
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didrockskenvandine: so, basically in trunk, you have this debian/files14:18
kenvandineyeah, it hasn't changed since september14:18
didrockswhich is not shipped in the source package14:18
didrockshence the diff having one file between trunk and source package14:19
kenvandineso i guess this one has been publishing everyday that it's ran?14:19
didrockskenvandine: yep14:19
kenvandinewe should remove this from trunk :)14:19
didrockskenvandine: agreed, mind doing that? (and looking at the other?)14:20
didrockskenvandine: feel free to push directly14:20
kenvandineyeah... i guess they probably all have it14:20
didrocksthat doesn't worth a change :)14:20
didrocksmaybe better to double check with a second one14:20
didrockskenvandine: and looking if something else wants to release tomorrow14:20
didrocksthat way, it forces us to ensure that we really ship trunk14:20
didrocksnot trunk + some modification to generate the source tarball14:20
kenvandinei'll check with another, but i am sure they are all the same.  robru did these all with a script14:23
kenvandineso they are the same14:23
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didrockskenvandine: he's all wrong! :-)14:26
didrockskenvandine: yeah, so when getting to a new stack, that's why it's important to look a little bit14:27
didrockskenvandine: I could as well prepare a new source from trunk and compare that14:27
didrocksbut I prefer to force us to clean the packaging14:27
didrocks(I only ignore bzr stuff basically and things we don't want to daily release for just that change)14:27
kenvandinedidrocks, mind reviewing this? https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/cupstream2distro-config/settings/+merge/16517014:39
didrockskenvandine: we can build on saucy if needed14:40
didrocksand directly on daily-build14:41
didrocksthe other are on raring because of autopilot14:41
didrockswhich we don't have for that one, right?14:41
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kenvandinebut i don't want to land it in distro just yet14:41
kenvandineit isn't useful14:41
kenvandinebut we want it building some plugin developers can start creating plugins14:41
didrockskenvandine: set it to manual publicatoin14:41
kenvandineso i retargetted it for raring14:41
didrocksok then14:42
didrockskenvandine: can we avoid having on ppa?14:42
didrockskenvandine: trying to kill all those CI ppas14:42
kenvandineoh we are?14:42
didrockspeople can use next (or then the distro)14:42
didrockswhich at least is "certified"14:42
didrocksand you didn't enable the schedule14:43
didrocksfor daily build14:43
didrocksis that wanted? :)14:43
didrocks(if so, please, put it late, like at 7)14:43
kenvandinecopy and paste mistake... actually that means webcred isn't scheduled14:43
kenvandinehow did we not notice that!14:44
kenvandineso to recap... for CI autolanding i can use the same ppa_target as the ppa for the stack?14:45
kenvandineand i can just build for saucy and manual publish14:45
kenvandinedidrocks, ^^14:48
didrockskenvandine: no no14:48
didrockskenvandine: they shouldn't be any ppa14:48
didrocksbut for the rest, yeah, saucy, and manual publish14:49
didrocksin daily-build ppa14:49
didrocksand schedule at 714:49
kenvandinedidrocks, so drop ppa_target14:56
didrocksyep ;)14:56
kenvandinedidrocks, pushed... and i enabled the schedule for webcred too :)14:57
kenvandinei guess drop the hook too14:58
kenvandinedidrocks, ok pushed again14:59
sil2100Ok, I jump out for practice now, be back later15:04
kenvandinelater sil2100!15:05
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didrockskenvandine: approved, I'll let you redeploy :)15:15
didrocksttyl sil2100 ;)15:15
kenvandinedidrocks, thx15:15
kenvandinedidrocks, boom.. traceback15:16
didrockskenvandine: did you look at the ui? :)15:16
didrockskenvandine: also, please deploy with trunk, I've pushed a change to the template that you want ;)15:17
kenvandinewhat ui?15:17
didrockskenvandine: jenkins15:17
didrocksin a browser :p15:17
kenvandinejenkins is dead :)15:17
didrocksretoaded is trying to fix the issue that we had to workaround15:18
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* didrocks waves good evening16:37
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xnoxSweetsha1k: libvigraimpex is fixed now. I cherrypicked 4 patches for libreoffice, it builds but there is at least one test suite failure. I will not rerun a full clean build & probably will have  to pass it over to you, if that one fails as well.22:57
xnoxi'm confident that trunk builds fine though. so probably just missing cherry-pick or a new regression in saucy.22:57
xnoxlibhsqldb-java is not installable in saucy at the moment =( *sigh*23:02

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