n0ydbah, freenods webchat lagged out on me01:50
n0ydsorry about that (if anyone had answered me, I didnt see it)01:50
darkxstn0yd, never saw a question!01:52
n0yddamn, i guess freenode really has been having issues with the webchat recently then01:54
n0ydWell, basically I asked if anyone is sucessfully using cairo-dock in gnome. I've ran it before in gnomeshell without issues. Now on a fresh install I cant launch cairo-dock in gl mode or no gl mode01:55
n0ydIt just crashes over and over until it launches the maintenance mode sttings menu01:55
n0ydI just spent about 3hrs configuring the "ultimate desktop" for my purposes, and that was basically the last piece01:55
n0ydI did some troubleshooting on my own, found some similar issues people had online, but all their fixes didnt work for me (granted their issues were all about a year old)01:56
darkxstn0yd, I am using it, no problems here02:05
darkxstn0yd, perhaps try removing any old config for cairo-dock?02:07
n0yddarkxst: already tried, sadly02:25
n0ydlike the first thing i thought of02:25
n0yddarkxst: standard repo version?02:25
n0ydie., non ppa02:25
darkxstn0yd yes from standard repo02:26
n0ydk just checking02:26
n0ydi truied the standard and the weekly svn build from ppa02:26
n0ydYa I have debug logs and such, but the errors are dont give me a real clue to whats happening, like when I google them, other people have the same errors and the same thing happening, but whats causing the issue is different02:27
n0ydI can pastebin them if you want02:28
n0ydone sec, lemme reinstall02:28
n0yddarkxst: ok, first, this is the standard terminal output with a little error message. You can see the program tries to restart like 5 or so times, giving the same error each time: http://pastebin.com/TUXSdXGW02:31
n0ydI will do a verbose log now02:32
darkxstlooks like a mesa/GL issue that one,02:33
n0ydya i donno, im thinking trying xorg edgers, just because I need it anyway to run CSS on steam properly02:34
darkxstwhat gpu and drivers?02:34
n0ydbecause the 13.04 default mesa version doesnty have the proper opengl version support for intel cards and certain steam drivers02:35
n0ydIntel GMA 350002:35
n0ydive never had a problem on this hardware running cairo02:35
n0ydA matter of fact, I think it worked fine on 13.04 pre-release back in march/april02:36
n0ydIf it wasnt 13.04 when I used cairod-dock last, definitely 12.1002:36
n0ydLemme paste the verbose log02:36
n0ydmuch more messages02:36
n0ydthis is the error I keep seeing,  couldn't find an appropriate visual, trying to get one without Stencil buffer02:37
n0ydand googling it comes up with lots of stuff, but that all seems to be issues like a year old or more, and none of the solutions either apply or work, at least on the hits I looked at02:38
darkxstn0yd, I dont think that is the problem02:38
darkxstit retries and succeeds second time02:38
darkxst"Strike, found a GLX visual with alpha-support !"02:39
n0ydthats a good sign02:39
n0ydalpha-support would be a good thing02:39
darkxstthere is nothing really in there that indicates what caused the crash02:39
darkxstyou would need to get a backtrace02:40
n0ydone sec, Ill run a strace02:41
n0yddarkxst: i dont see it retrying and suceeding a second time02:41
darkxstn0yd, a couple of lines after the first message02:42
n0ydlike I said, it retries like five times, you can see it in the first paste02:42
n0ydAnd it gives that same error each time iirc02:42
n0ydstencil buffer error each time02:42
darkxstat first it fails to find the framebuffer02:42
darkxstn0yd, in the verbose log02:43
darkxstthe lines directly after the stencil message02:43
n0ydya i know, the fbconfig02:43
n0ydim aware of that02:43
darkxstanyway just grab a backtrace02:43
n0ydi am02:43
n0ydi just use strace, but if you want to use ubuntus specific method, that is fine02:44
n0ydhmm, thouyght i had gdb installed. one sec02:45
n0ydgonna have to find a dbg package for this thing02:47
n0ydfound some :)02:49
n0ydgotta uninstall the cairo dock from repos and use the stable ppa cairodock packages tho02:50
darkxststrace is different02:51
n0ydsorry i was taking so long, putting my son to bed02:56
n0ydman what a clusterfark, im gonna have to install all of this manually cause ubuntu made a minor change to the version number of the ones in their repos02:58
n0yddarkxst: hmm i need a hand03:07
n0ydi cant figure out how run gdb during the short amount of time the cairo-dock process is even running03:07
darkxstn0yd, it is easiest to use the ubuntu tools to get the trace03:12
darkxstsomething like 'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr_bin_cairo....crash'03:13
darkxstthe click 'examine locally'03:13
n0ydlol thats gonna give the same output as starce i believe03:14
darkxstno, strace is an entirely different tool03:14
n0ydapport-retrace grabs ba stack trace03:14
darkxstubuntu-bug gets a symbolic trace for you using apport-retrace03:14
n0ydDESCRIPTION        apport-retrace  regenerates  the  stack traces (both the simple and the        threaded one)03:15
n0ydisnt that what strace does?03:15
n0ydcan you give me a better example of that ubuntu bug command?03:16
darkxstjust look in /var/crash for the right file03:17
n0ydok, but when the app crashes, its not seen by ubuntu as crashing03:17
n0ydlike when other apps crash03:18
darkxstit should be03:18
darkxstother you can run 'gdb cairo-dock', but you will need to install all the symbols manually03:19
n0ydi already installed them03:19
n0ydthey arent in the repos03:19
n0ydonly in the ppa03:19
n0ydso then i had to install all the ppa packages and deps03:19
* n0yd is not a "new user"03:19
darkxstn0yd, symbols come from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/03:19
darkxst(for repo packages)03:20
n0ydya and it looks03:20
n0ydgdb nautomatically looks online03:20
n0ydand it cant find them, because they arent there03:20
darkxstno gdb doesnt look online03:20
n0ydgenerally ubuntu has -dbg packages03:20
n0ydumm yes it does03:20
n0ydrun it03:20
n0ydim lookinh at it03:20
n0ydit clearly says it attempts to look online for the debug symbols03:21
darkxstn0yd, -dbg packages are obsolete and leftover from debian packaging03:21
n0ydobsolete.... lol03:21
n0ydgotta love ubuntu03:21
n0ydseing how every ppa provides them03:21
darkxstubuntu generates -debsym pacakges for every built package03:22
darkxstregardless of if they have a -dbg generated from the debian packaging03:22
n0ydand its somehow easier to go find them on a random website rather than just have apt instll them?03:22
n0ydregrardless, this is pointless. I have the crash report03:22
n0ydok so iu found the file in var/crash, what exactly should this be doing?03:25
n0ydbecause if I run 'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr_bin_cairo_blahlbah' it shows nothing in the details03:25
darkxstthere should be an 'examine locally' button?03:27
n0ydthats what i expected, no03:27
n0ydshow details or continue03:27
n0ydshow details, expands it, and shows nothing03:27
n0ydcontinue just sends the report03:28
darkxstyou can try apport-retrace -g crash-file03:29
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jonaskulHi guys08:23
darkxstjonaskul, hi09:28
eugene42Hi I am interested in installing ubuntu-gnome 13.04 64bit but only one issue I cannot seem to enable mobile broadband it just does not show an option for mobile broadband and it's the only way for me to really connect? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!09:34
darkxsteugene42, it should work unless you are using gnome3-staging09:40
darkxsteugene42, I believe you can use 'nm-connection-editor' either way though09:43
darkxsteugene42, I believe you can use 'nm-connection-editor' either way though09:43
eugene42Hi darkxst, I have done  full install and tried everything it just doens't see it and there is nothing to enable in the network manager for mobile broadband?09:43
eugene42Ah, running it sudo in the terminal?09:43
darkxstit shouldnt need sudo, just run it from a terminal09:44
eugene42kk will try that, :-) thanks for that I appreciate your help.09:44
jonaskulFound this release a few days ago, and its just what I wanted! Its still a little buggy, but guess thats ok. It freezes from time to time too.09:59
darkxstjonaskul, like deadlocks where you have to restart gnome-shell? they should be fixed in gnome3 ppa10:08
jonaskuldarkxst: It may be the shell, I have not found time to check it out.10:24
ricotzdarkxst, hi, did jbicha said something about uploading fontconfig to gnom3 ppa instead of staging?10:59
ricotzthis doesnt look intended10:59
tommie-lieHas anyone tried installing Ubuntu 13.04 + ppa:gnome3 in VMware workstation? I have a problem accessing the notifications tray with the mouse. Resting either at the bottom edge or bottom-right corner does nothing, the "fling" also does not work.14:16
mgedminwhat about Super+M?14:22
tommie-liethat works14:25
tommie-lieok, disabling vmmouse driver in xorg did the trick. the pointer position seems to be off one pixel to the top right for the whole screen in VMware, don't know whose bug it is...15:12
tommie-lie(but definitely not Gnome's)15:12
zsxfgvbefore I install ubuntu gnome i would like to know is overlay scrollbar used in it ?20:58
darkxstricotz, hi21:38
darkxstdon't know anything about fontconfig going into gnome3 you will have to ask jbicha21:38
ricotzdarkxst, hi, i think he just copied it to the wrong ppa while he is building it first in his personal one21:41

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