mattcenHi all. I'm trying to preseed a Lucid d-i install. If my disk isn't partitioned correctly, I get prompted: "Partition Disks" "...The partition tables of the following devices are changed:" ... "Write the changes to disks and configure LVM?" "Yes/No".07:36
mattcenNothing I've tried will preseed the answer to this question. I've tried partman-lvm/confirm, partman-lvm/confirm-nooverwrite, but neither works. Is this a bug, and if not, what option name do I need?07:37
GrueMastermattcen: My (dated) preseed shows:  partman-auto/method string lvm  partman-lvm/confirm boolean true and several parts there after for the actual partition layout.15:06
GrueMasterGranted, I haven't used it since pre 12.04 release.15:07
mattcenGrueMaster: Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow after sleep :)15:09
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