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bkerensachrisccoulson: have you by chance had any difficulty uploading photos on the new Google+ with Firefox in Saucy?20:53
chrisccoulsonbkerensa, i don't use google+20:53
bkerensachrisccoulson: when I click "Upload from Computer" on FF it does nothing but I tested on two other browsers and it works there20:53
Unit193bkerensa: Works in FF Aurora on Raring.20:54
bkerensaUnit193: Do you have a saucy install?20:55
Unit193chrisccoulson: Not that it matters, but while you're here...  I tested a gstreamer firefox aurora when you were switching from 22 to 23, worked pretty good.  (Still needs bugfix before default.)20:59
bkerensachrisccoulson: this is what was happening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IyiOGXjxW421:15

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