HwkillerCan someone kick guest40874 ? He pm'd me and said he is going to attack my network02:33
IdleOneHwkiller: they are running irc as root. You got nothing to worry about.02:55
IdleOnewow, what an unfortunate time to ping out02:59
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bazhangoh yeah08:07
Flanneloh no08:11
Myrttielky: you should try this too sometimes08:20
Myrttifirst you sit in your office chair08:20
Myrttithen you put a bix mixing bowl, preferably plastic, in your head08:20
Myrttiand then spin around!08:20
Tm_TMyrtti: I've suggested racing with office chairs here couple times, no luck yet though08:21
jussiTm_T: what about sword fighting on roller chairs, aka xkcd compiling comic style... ?08:25
Unit193Tm_T: http://i.imgur.com/rt9AD.gif08:25
bazhang<justinbe> Ubantards08:53
bazhangtroll detected08:54
k1l_i muted him already08:54
bazhangwhoa nice08:54
bazhangthat was less than a second08:54
bazhangchu could have gotten a complete brain scan in that time!08:55
k1l_i actually looked into #ubuntu and saw that before you posted :)08:55
chubazhang: :)08:55
k1l_i hope <andrew__> nurries   is some aussie slangish thing for no worries.10:49
jussik1l_: yep, it is11:09
ubottusmartboyhw called the ops in #kubuntu-devel (baltokien)13:34
FearTheLorddid you know god has the power to kill you?15:00
LjLdid you know that IdleOne has the power to ban you?17:08
IdleOneDid you?17:09
Myrttiban you from what?17:09
LjLIdleOne: i sure did, since freenode stopped having an "unban yourself" feature for ops by default, i'm very careful about who's in the access list!17:10
IdleOneLjL: I wouldn't ban you. I like you're special brand of hooman17:10
Myrttiyou accidentally a word17:12
IdleOneeye did17:13
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