balloonssmartboyhw_, howdy01:02
smartboyhw_balloons, howdy I got a unexpected holiday today01:03
smartboyhw_(smartboyhw) Hi madeinkobaia, I got a surprise holiday today, a Black Rainstorm Warning and all students are banned for school01:04
smartboyhw_balloons: ^ the reason01:04
balloonssmartboyhw_, black rainstorm?01:13
balloonsnice.. stay safe01:13
smartboyhw_balloons: Yep. But you read SCMP?!01:16
balloonssmartboyhw_, no if anything I'll read Asia Times01:18
balloonshurricane season is starting for us here as well01:18
smartboyhw_balloons: Torpedo?01:20
smartboyhw_Seems like it killed a lot of people:(01:20
balloonsTornado you mean?01:29
pittiGood morning03:40
SergioMenesespitti, evening here03:45
pittihey SergioMeneses03:46
SergioMenesespitti, how's everything?03:46
pittiquite fine, thanks! how about you?03:48
SergioMenesespitti, tired... today was my first day in a new job03:49
pittioh, congratulations03:51
SergioMenesespitti, thanks03:51
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Noskcajsmartboyhw__, Testdrive: i've contacted dustin, but he has no time yet.06:30
Noskcajsmartboyhw__, have you put any more time into getting ubuntu gnome in? if not, i'll have a look. do you think there would be any differences other than swapping from "kylin" to "gnome" in the diff?06:33
jibelgood morning06:48
smartboyhw__Noskcaj: Shouldn't be...06:52
smartboyhw__Just the same thing06:52
pittibonjour jibel06:52
jibelbonjour pitti06:58
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chappersmorning all08:52
Noskcajevening chappers08:54
* pitti looks at the apport adt failure10:19
pittiileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/motd'10:19
pittiwow, we really stripped down these VMs10:19
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pittijibel: seems udisks2 adt failed again because scsi_debug is not available; it does work locally (well, there's one test case failure which I'll fix now)12:40
pittijibel: do you know why the jenkins VM doesn't have linux-extra, but my prepare-testbed VM does?12:40
jibelpitti, no, this is something that had been a while ago especially for this case, I'll have a look.12:41
pittijibel: I thought we'd use the very same script for building the jenkins VM, don't we?12:42
jibelpitti, we install linux-image-generic which depends on linux-image-extra-3.9.0-2-generic12:47
pittihm, strange12:47
jibeland I confirm scsi_debug.ko is in linux-image-extra-3.9.0-2-generic12:48
pittiERROR: could not insert 'scsi_debug': Cannot allocate memory12:48
pittihm, so maybe it's too small then12:49
pittioh, amd64 indeed doesn't have that issue, just i38612:50
jibelpitti, ah, is it a problem with vmalloc too small ?12:50
jibelit is set to 384MB on i38612:51
pittijibel: it tries to allocate a 300 MB scsi_debug disk12:51
jibelpitti, okay, I'll increase vmalloc to 500MB see if it fixes the problem12:52
pittijibel: merci12:53
pittijibel: I'll do another upload soon12:53
jibelpitti, fixed in r181 and published in the lab. We'll need to reprovision the VMs, do you want them now or wait the next automated builds tomorrow morning?13:13
pittijibel: tomorrow is fine13:13
pittijibel: merci beaucoup!13:13
jibelthere is not a lot of activity ATM, reprovisioning before your upload will not hurt anyone13:13
pittijibel: if it takes you less than 10 s (i. e. just a button click), sure; but I don't want to pile even more work on you13:14
pittiok, fixed both udisks test failures upstream now13:15
jibelbuilds are running13:15
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pittijibel: hm, I can't run lxc-ls --fancy; how can I get to the jhbuild lxc on rabisu now? doesn't work any more15:12
pittijibel: ah, I can do that as user ubuntu, nevemrind15:14
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VasudevanArchive Manager (file-roller) - basic manual interaction - create a new archive 'test.tar.gz' or 'test.zip', add couple of files;  throws error msg -  'error opening file'; how to work around this?17:06
balloonsVasudevan, is this an autopilot test or a manual test?17:11
DanChapmanWhen writing autopilot tests, are we to do it in saucy or raring?17:11
Vasudevanauto pilot script failed, so was trying it out manually17:11
balloonsVasudevan, ahh.. That sounds like a bug, but I'm happy to try it right now and reproduce :-)17:17
balloonsDanChapman, we can do it in raring or saucy. However, the target for where they will be run is always the development version of ubuntu, which is currently saucy17:18
Vasudevanballoons, my dev box is still quantal 12.10 ...17:18
balloonsVasudevan, yes, and you had to do some workarounds to get autopilot 1.3 working right?17:18
balloonsVasudevan, so let me try repeating your steps right now17:19
DanChapmanballoons, thanks :D17:19
Vasudevanyes - to build autopilot 1.3 on quantal I had to disable lttng (ext) modules..17:19
balloonsVasudevan, ok, so I added files just fine.. I'm running saucy17:19
balloonsis it just the file your adding?17:20
Vasudevanballoons,  no - i tried adding and extracting and get error msg from the file-roller app on 12.1017:22
Vasudevanalso saw couple of file-roller:8385 gtk-CRITICAL msgs on the console..17:23
balloonsVasudevan, bizarre.. hmm17:29
balloonsdo I have a quantal install lying around17:29
balloonsit seems I do.. let me boot it17:30
Vasudevanballoons, this is the msg - (file-roller:8385): Gtk-CRITICAL gtk_device_grab_add: assertion 'GDK_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed17:33
balloonsVasudevan, hmm.. so it's not file-roller specific then is my guess17:37
balloonsis quantal up to date?17:38
VasudevanI think not..17:38
balloonsworks fine for me..17:39
balloonson quantal :-017:39
Vasudevanok, will try running updates - is there a log file that I can look for these types of apps - does logging need to enabled in a conf file?17:44
balloonslog file for file-roller?17:48
balloonsyou can log autopilot testcase runs (as you can imagine).. you can even record them17:48
balloonsanyways, if it's still an issue after updating you definitely have a bug..17:48
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Vasudevanballoons, yes - debug events and msgs from file-roller and other default apps that we test - tried to tail var/log/lightdm and was wondering if there other specific logs that we could look at17:53
Vasudevanlet me update and try again, thanks again.17:54
balloonsVasudevan, each app is different in logging.. for general system level logs /var/log is your friend17:55
balloonssometimes apps will have verbose or debugging mode17:55
balloonsI don't know if file-roller has such a thing17:55
Vasudevanok, thanks17:56
balloonsfile-roller --help-all has some debug setting abilities17:56
Vasudevanballoons, thanks.18:01
DanChapmani'm having trouble running 'autopilot launch' here is the output i'm getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691358/19:03
DanChapmanautopilot vis works fine. But trying to have a look at the introspection tree for gedit. Any ideas anyone?19:04
DanChapmanahh just found bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/116959319:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1169593 in Autopilot "Some applications are not introspectable" [Undecided,New]19:08
balloonsDanChapman, yes, some apps can give trouble19:19
balloonshowever gedit is not among them19:19
balloonsit should work :-)19:19
balloonswhat version of autopilot do you have?19:20
DanChapmanballoons its not for me even trying to pass -i19:20
balloonsapt-cache show python-autopilot19:20
balloonsautopilot launch gedit19:21
balloonsAutopilot GTK interface loaded.19:21
balloonsshould get that :-)19:21
DanChapmanversion: 1.2daily13.04.09-0ubuntu119:21
balloonshmm.. ok that's fine19:21
balloonsare you missing the introspection library19:21
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DanChapmanwhats the lib name?19:22
balloonslibautopilot-gtk and libautopilot-qt respectively19:24
balloonsat one point they were installed by default when installing python-autopilot, but I don't believe that's an issue anymore19:24
DanChapmanAhh that got it, libs were not there.19:26
DanChapmanthanks balloons19:27
balloonsDanChapman, ahh.. ok, so that packaging fix must be in the new version of autopilot, 1.319:28
balloonsDanChapman, found it :-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/115898319:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1158983 in autopilot (Ubuntu Raring) "Autopilot doesn't depend on or recommend introspection libs" [Undecided,New]19:30
elfyballoons: do you happen to have an easily digested starting point to working with testcases?19:30
balloonselfy, watch the video on youtube would be my recommendaion19:31
elfymmm - I'm not good with doing that, lose concentration easily - nothing to read?19:31
balloonselfy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Manual19:32
elfyta - got as far as getting them with bzr this morning19:32
balloonsyou get the words or the video, your choice.. the video is more in-depth , more visual, etc19:32
elfyk - if necessary I'll go to youtube19:32
balloonsalso this is good to make sure your setup right: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Launchpad19:33
balloonsit's all in the tutorial tho19:33
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elfyballoons: all looks 'fairly' self-explanatory - I'm sure there'll be need for some xubuntu ones - especially if we do this new package tracking19:43
balloonselfy, yes, there is a need for xubuntu specific tests. Up until now that has been tossed into the image folder and done as part of the image testing19:44
* elfy sees busy in his future :p19:44
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Letozafballoons, Hi20:27
balloonsLetozaf, hello :-)20:28
Letozafballoons, howzit ?20:28
Letozafballoons, I was looking at autopilot 1.3 for porting 1.2 tests20:29
Letozafballoons, I was trying out the gedit test20:29
Letozafballoons, first looking at what you did with the firefox one20:29
Letozafballoons, but I do not understand why  self.assertThat(btn, NotEquals(None)) gives an error MismatchError: None == None20:30
Letozafballoons, or is it better we see this tomorrow during the hackaton20:32
balloonsLetozaf, hmm..20:33
balloonswe can talk about it now :-)20:33
Letozafballoons, it's the test_save_and_open_a_file20:34
Letozafballoons, where you click on the new "button"20:35
balloonsrightm sure20:35
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Letozafballoons, in autopilot 1.2 it used to work, is this different in 1.3 ?20:35
balloonsI feel like it's just a python erorr Letozaf20:36
balloonsI'm trying to think about it.. it might be better to look at the code20:36
Letozafballoons, the weired thing is that it's the same exact code as in autopilot 1.2 and there it used to work20:36
Letozafballoons, I am using Saucy and autopilot 1.320:36
thomiLetozaf: might be a good idea to open vis and make sure you'er selecting on the right properties20:38
balloonsohh.. good point20:38
balloonsI need to grab 1.3 on this pc20:38
thomiselect_single & select_many changes how they work slightly between 1.2 and 1.320:38
Letozafthomi, but do you think things have changed respect to autopilot 1.2 ? I mean that same property used to work20:39
Letozafthomi, and now not anymore, the error though is the one when the property is wrong20:39
Letozafthomi, so maybe you are right, it's just weired that it was ok with 1.220:40
balloonsLetozaf, ohh.. are you running the non-introspection version of gedit20:40
balloonsman, so much housekeeping to do tomorrow :-)20:40
thomiLetozaf: maybe pastebin your failing test, and I can take a peek?20:41
balloonsLetozaf, your looking at this right?         btn = self.app.select_single('GtkToolButton', label='_New')20:41
balloons        self.assertThat(btn, NotEquals(None))20:41
balloons        self.mouse.move_to_object(btn)20:41
Letozafthomi, #open a new blank document20:43
Letozafbtn = self.app.select_single('GtkToolButton', label='_New')20:43
Letozafself.assertThat(btn, NotEquals(None))20:43
Letozafballoons, yes20:44
Letozafballoons, right lines20:44
Letozafthomi, balloons in vis I can find that property, it's still there20:49
thomiLetozaf: ahhh, sorry - I was being dumb. This is a known bug, and there's actually already a patch to fix it, I just need to review it20:50
thomiLetozaf: it's a problem with autopilot-gtk20:50
Letozafthomi, ok fine20:51
Letozafthomi, so I will wait :D thanks20:51
thomiLetozaf: well, if you felt like it, you could grab the branch that's supposed to fix the issue, build it, install it, and tell us if it fixes the issue for you or not20:52
Letozafthomi, ok, I will try, but tomorrow evening, it's late here in Italy now, better go to bed, but tomorrow I will do it :D20:53
thomiLetozaf: ok, it might be merged by then, so check the commit log in lp:autopilot-gtk first :)20:54
Letozafthomi, oh! sure! sorry but tomorrow got to get up early :(20:54
Letozafthomi, anyway I will let you know20:54
Letozafthomi, balloons 'night guys20:55
thomino worries20:55
balloonsbah.. she's gone :-) thomi ok, I'll probably give it a whirl tomorrow during the fest20:55
phillwballoons: what sort of feed back did you get from your classroom session? It looks like at least one new tester has come forward (and I got a lubuntu new comer). Well worth an hour of time if we can get a new tester each session :D21:03
balloonsphillw, glad to hear it21:07
balloonsyes there's been some folks stirring up at the start of the cycle which is great to see :-)21:07
balloonschilicuil, quite the storm of new bugs your filing :-) I didn't expect so many21:08
chilicuilballoons: those are the default applications just for edubuntu, expect a little bit more from lubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, mythbuntu and ubuntu studio =)21:12
balloonschilicuil, that many really?21:12
balloonsdo we think it would be helpful to tag them in any way? I was expecting say 10-20 apps for each flavor21:13
chilicuilballoons: yep, edubuntu, mythubuntu and ubuntu studio release dvd size distributions21:13
balloonsa default file manager, browser, music player, video player, office suite21:13
balloonschilicuil, ohh right.. my goodness21:13
chilicuilballoons: if you want I can tag them21:14
chilicuilcurrently, I'm only adding the 'todo' tag21:14
balloonsyea, I think making it easy to show what belong to what flavor(s) would be good21:14
balloonsespecially since there is so many :-) So for lubuntu we'll have a bit saner number right?21:15
chilicuilit sounds reasonable, yep, for lubuntu there will be less, also some applications are used in more than one flavor, so they should be less21:15
phillwballoons: we did discuss, last cycle, about creating a spread sheet (table) to list applications and what flavours use them, maybe now is a good time to make a start on it?21:16
phillwe.g. lubuntu uses the xcfe power-manager so any test of that as an application would be applicable to both lubuntu and xubuntu (possibly studio) etc.21:18
balloonsphillw, what would be the purposed of the list? information or ?21:18
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phillwballoons: it would allow application tests cases to be monitored accross the flavours. e.g. if a there is a test case for xcfe power-manager, either a lubuntu or xubuntu tester could run that test case and the result would be applicable to both flavours?21:20
balloonsphillw, I'm not sure we can paint with such broad strokes21:21
balloonsit would be up to the teams if that was true or not.. That said, if that was the purpose of the list, I think it's better managed inside the tool than a list21:21
balloonsthat said, sharing tests and potentially results is a good thing.. and something we want :-)21:22
phillwballoons: do not forget writing them :D21:22
phillwballoons: a classic case of a bug affecting all flavours is one where a browser (chromium / fire fox) has an issue that one tester picks up, but others have not noticed :)21:26
balloonsphillw, certainly any non-distro specific issue is useful :-)21:34
phillwballoons: at present I get *all* chromium bugs (but that is via lp), I'm just wondering if the apps qa-tracker will alert another a flavour of a bug found on an application that they both use?21:36
chilicuilthat's currently not possible, AFAIK, and it's related to the discussion we had about enlighten some bugs in the qa tracker even if those bugs wasn't found particulary by following the testcases21:39
phillwchilicuil: okies, thanks :)21:41
balloonsindeed.. I think chilicuil is right here21:41
balloonswe talked about filtering important stuff or showing tracker bugs, etc, etc21:41
balloonsRequires work on the tracker, but it is possible as long as we define what we want21:41
phillwI would imagine so, but there must be an API on lp that allows me to receive (in this example)21:44
phillwYou received this bug notification because you are a member of Lubuntu21:44
phillwPackages Team, which is subscribed to chromium-browser in Ubuntu.21:44
phillwand, not really related. the bug is asking ubuntu to "stop messing about" and move from v25 to v27 which has a lot of CVE's fixed (security issues)21:53
phillwthe stable is actually newer than my development one!21:54
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