penguin421ah good00:00
MangaKaDenzaThats over00:00
MartijnVdSI wonder what inspires someone to do things like that05:10
daftykinswhat's that?05:46
MartijnVdSdaftykins: some guy during the night spammed the channel05:58
daftykinsholy moly my blog got its' first legit comment in several years06:05
knightwisecongrats dweaver06:24
knightwisedaftykins i mean06:24
daftykinsknightwise: hehe thanks06:35
knightwiseI think that "comments" aren't realy the thing anymore since social media came around06:36
daftykinsthere's comments that are possible through social media logins i guess?06:37
daftykinsalthough what way do you mean is the primary replacement?06:37
daftykinsif there were an article, just linking to it via the social means d'you mean?06:46
daftykinsrather than comments06:46
knightwiseyeah ,but that doesn't help the article I think.06:46
knightwisepeople nowadays share the article on social media and comment on it on those platforms06:47
knightwisea petty realy because comments on the actual article enrich the content06:47
knightwiseits demotivating sometimes when you blog.06:47
Myrttioh thats nice, no death threats from that spammer06:47
daftykinsmine are mostly just reports on how i solved problems06:48
Myrttigood morning06:48
daftykinshi Myrtti06:50
daftykinsnow, to inflict myself on others today or not06:54
daftykinsthat is the question06:54
daftykinsi tend to be a little crazy when i've not slept06:54
daftykinsTheOpenSourcerer: \o06:54
knightwisehey TheOpenSourcerer06:57
daftykinshypothetical question07:00
daftykinsyou're cycling in a cycle lane at the road side, it's a bi-direction cycle lane, on just one side of the road.07:01
daftykinssomeone is heading toward you cycling the opposite way, which side do you stick to? you're in the UK.07:01
daftykinswell, technically you're on my crazy island but it's English enough that it feels like the UK07:02
daftykinsany takers?07:02
TheOpenSourcererI think the side nearest the motor traffic should face it. Similar to when you walk where there is no pavement.07:02
knightwiseto the right07:02
TheOpenSourcerer4 eyes better than 2 and all that.07:02
knightwise(if you are in .be)07:02
daftykinssee i'd say stick to the left no matter what07:03
daftykinswell, in this cycle lane situation07:03
daftykinssince we're on the left on the road, why not consider the cycle lane a miniature road07:03
knightwisebidirectional cycle lane = road07:04
TheOpenSourcererwas there any [ahem] protection between the cycle lane and the main road lanes?07:04
daftykinswell you're on a kerb07:04
daftykinsso think of it as <road here>___|kerb, cycle lane here | pedestrian bit here |<wall>07:04
TheOpenSourcererif there is some separation then yes, it's just another road.07:04
TheOpenSourcererWe drive on the left.07:05
daftykinsi get so irate at other cyclists coming my way and them going to the right =|07:05
TheOpenSourcererWith no separation (just a white line) I'd want to do the above, nearest side faces oncoming vehicles07:05
daftykinsthis pales in comparison to the anger i feel when there are pedestrians walking in the cycle lane07:06
daftykinsapparently the cryptic hieroglyphics depicting a bicycle and a person are just that - cryptic :>07:07
knightwisethe great thing is you can run them over07:07
daftykinshave you got experience of that? :)07:07
knightwisewatched girlfriend run another cyclist of the road once because he wouldn't budge .07:07
knightwisethey were cycling side by side and thought that might girlfriend would yield.07:08
knightwiseshe didn't and plowed the guy into the ditch.07:08
daftykinsa game of chicken07:08
knightwisewhile remaining upright.07:08
knightwiseshe actually rammed him07:08
daftykinsthey sound like lycra-clad roadies07:08
* knightwise 's girlfriend (now wife) IS impressive :)07:09
Nafallohttp://t.co/68iVj9GKtB ← slightly relevant ;-)07:09
daftykinsthe other one yesterday, was a pedestrian strolling into the cycle lane to stand and await a crossing without looking left or right beforehand07:10
daftykinsnaturally i expressed my sentiments on the matter O_.07:10
knightwiseCase and point :  µ07:10
TheOpenSourcererShe is from Suffolk.07:11
daftykinsoh deary me, that's the exact attitude euthanasia is here to help07:11
daftykinslol, quick delete your twitter account! that'll save the day!07:14
diploMorning all07:16
Nafallono evidence left if you delete the evidence ;-)07:17
daftykinsNafallo: sounds legit07:18
daftykinsso has anyone else felt an angry phase in their lives? does it go away?07:18
shaunono.  you're now officially a grumpy old man07:18
daftykinsaww :(07:18
daftykinsdidn't even make it to 30 before it set in07:19
daftykinsthis does not bode well07:19
shaunoand I can't stand cycle lanes.  they just seem to complicate everything07:19
daftykinstoo true07:20
daftykinsa 50-something guy was just killed on the one i speak of recently07:20
daftykinsit's got some serious design flaws07:21
shaunocycling with traffic, at least I know what I'm supposed to do, what they're supposed to do, where the pedestrians will be, etc.  everyone has a fairly sane set of expectations from everyone else07:21
daftykinsthe pavement is so narrow at some points that the cycle + pedestrian lanes merge into one block07:21
daftykinsshauno: indeed07:21
daftykinscomment on that news story contains this: "We even have adopted a standard of unclipping from the pedals and putting a foot down every time, since the local police department objected to stopping in-place (doing a trackstand) at stops."07:21
daftykinsyou won't get me doing that07:22
nucc1i've played around with a few linux based network appliances that have something like "configure" where it asks you for ip, netmask and gw and does what it needs to do to /etc/network/interfaces. do we have something likethat in ubuntu?07:22
daftykinsif i'm at a traffic light i quite enjoy messing about rolling back and forth staying still without using the brakes or putting a foot down07:22
daftykinsnucc1: well you can configure network manager to apply static details07:22
nucc1no, i need to reconfigure my network constantly07:23
nucc1cos i use the VM for testing stuff.07:23
nucc1gets tiring to keep editing the file07:23
daftykinsso it has to keep changing network?07:23
daftykinsis there a specific set of them?07:23
daftykinsyou could just make a set of 'interfaces' files with each one07:23
nucc1the answer is no then.07:23
nucc1maybe i'll think about writing one...07:24
daftykinswell don't assume my knowledge is complete07:24
nucc1there's always that caveat07:24
shaunoI think I'd revert to writing one there too.  if it's always static, it's basically bash+dialog & a here doc ?07:30
nucc1yea, always static. just IP, subnet, and gw. there are often multiple interfaces though, one for management access and the other for the grunt work07:31
daftykinsif they change so often you don't even need to hardcode the config surely?07:31
daftykinsunless it does ever persist after reboot07:32
nucc1often here is a span of a few days.07:32
nucc1sometimes i need to power down the vm to spin something else up, having finite resources...07:32
nucc1i've been at this for like a year now,07:32
nucc1and got annoyed just now for having to do it again :p07:33
daftykinsi did a lot of similar stuff when doing a virt project for my degree at Uni07:33
daftykinsgot very handy at all the interface / route / DNS config lark that's for sure XD07:34
daftykinsalthough deleting a default gateway tends to be the one i fudge a few times before i get it right07:34
daftykinsawkward syntax on that one07:34
shaunobecause I'm really bored, bash/dialog network setting thingie http://pastebin.com/n9gepLEZ    (result is something like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23042/Screen%20Shot%202013-05-22%20at%2009.05.03.png  )08:05
shaunowouldn't recommend actually using it (it just prints the results to screen atm), but dialog is fun for making bad bash look convincing :)08:06
Myrttidaftykins: you're keeping yourself busy08:08
daftykinsMyrtti: in #ubuntu ?08:09
Myrttidaftykins: *EVERYWHERE* :-D08:09
diploshauno: Bitfolk VPS ?08:09
daftykinsMyrtti: err... yeah a little too talkative i suppose08:09
Myrttiit's fine, I just found it funnyy08:10
daftykinsshauno: nice one :)08:10
daftykinsMyrtti: daftykins is far more sedate when getting adequate sleep08:10
* Myrtti pours daftykins a glass of Crabbies from her can08:11
daftykinsoh my word you have Crabbies08:11
daftykinsyou ma'am are my new best pal ^_^08:11
daftykinsgood ol' alcoholic ginger beer08:12
daftykinsalthough 9am is a tad early to start methinks08:12
daftykinsthough i appreciate the sentiment...08:12
Laneyi didn't know they did cans of crabbies08:15
daftykinsi've only seen glass bottles08:16
daftykinsbut i sense that may simply be semantics08:16
daftykinsMyrtti: have you tried it with lemon as the labels suggest? any preference as to with / without?08:18
daftykinshow do?08:18
Myrttiyeah, we bought four to make ginger beer can chicken08:19
Myrttibut ended up buying a Weber beer can chicken thingie instead of using the can08:19
Myrttidaftykins: no I haven't08:20
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Day for Biodiversity!  This year's theme is water and biodiversity. :-D08:21
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:21
daftykinsMyrtti: i recommend it!08:22
daftykinshey brobostigon o/08:22
brobostigonhey daftykins08:22
SuperMattwe should start having a sweepstake for this morning things08:22
daftykinssay what?08:23
shaunodiplo: yeah bitfolk, I'm on my mac at work, which is a bad place to sketch out that kinda thing :)08:23
SuperMattsorry, I was talking about JamesTait's morning "Day of ..." thing08:24
daftykinsoh to guess what he'll say the next day?08:25
JamesTaitSuperMatt, I'll have to find more sources then, otherwise it'd be too easy to guess. ;)08:26
SuperMatthah, true08:28
daftykinsi could've given you Liberation Day for the Channel Islands, the other week :(08:28
shaunooh dear oh dear.  "ergonomics audit".   I guess that's my fault for saying I was bored08:28
SuperMattshauno: never, ever say you're bored08:29
SuperMattand if you are, walk around with a clipboard or something08:29
SuperMatt*look* busy08:29
SuperMattnever *be* busy08:30
shaunoI'm almost always bored.  it's half the job - staring at green dots waiting for them to turn red08:30
JamesTaitSuperMatt, are you dickturpin in disguise?08:31
SuperMattnot that I know of08:32
SuperMattI'm pretty certain I'm just a regular guy08:32
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:33
JamesTaitSuperMatt, http://identi.ca/dickturpin <-- "look busy, never be busy" sounds like something I might read there. ;)08:34
daftykinsSuperMatt: pleased to meet you Mr. Turpin08:34
SuperMattmornign bigcalm08:34
SuperMattI'm so confused08:34
bigcalmWho let Pete in here?08:35
JamesTaitbigcalm, we think SuperMatt is Pete in disguise. ;)08:35
JamesTaitTo be fair, there are *much* worse people to be compared to. :-P08:36
bigcalmWell, if it means more people come to the Wolves LUG. Imposters or not08:36
bigcalmJamesTait: like davmor208:37
bigcalmNow we have to wait until 11am for him to retort08:37
JamesTaitYeah, exactly! :-P08:37
SuperMattI feel like I'm being made fun of, but I'm not eactly sure how08:43
bigcalmSuperMatt: not to worry, the focus has sifted to davmor2 I think08:43
bigcalmAnd shifted08:45
SuperMattoh god, this has just happened to me: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/wisdom_of_the_ancients.png08:47
SuperMattliterally one google result with the same error message08:47
daftykinsa googlewhack eh?08:48
SuperMattno no08:48
daftykinsoh was that a single word08:48
JamesTaitSuperMatt, and no answer?08:48
daftykinsi forget08:48
SuperMattlots of other "related" results, but nothing with the exact combinations08:49
SuperMattJamesTait: pretty much08:49
SuperMattdaftykins: a google whack is supposed to be two words with one result08:49
daftykinsi don't like that seemingly new Google style08:50
SuperMattman, so many other websites trying to be "cool" and "maintaining" googlewhacks have clearly misconfigured their servers because google is now brining back those results in the googlewhacks, thus making them not googlewhacks any more08:51
daftykins'hey did you mean to search for LESS words than you typed?'08:51
daftykinsoh piss off08:51
* bigcalm slithers back to work08:51
daftykinsbe content i can spell ¬_¬08:52
* SuperMatt imagines bigclam, instead of bigcalm, slithering back to work like Zoidberg08:53
SuperMattwhoop whoop whoop whoop whoop08:53
daftykinsdoctor clam-berg08:53
mungbeandecided i'm man enough to pull off riding a "commuter scooter"08:54
bigcalmSome people indeed know me as bigclam. christel is such a person :)08:55
SuperMattthat's how I've always read it08:55
SuperMattyuck yuck yuck08:57
SuperMattI hate logging in to our centos box08:57
daftykinsaww why so?08:57
SuperMattbecause it's icky08:58
SuperMattand because it always takes me too long to unscrew my *deb head and stick on my rpm head09:01
mungbeancan any clever peole tell me the difference between the following items on amazon?09:03
MartijnVdSdepends.. what are the items? :P09:03
MartijnVdSI think they're identical09:04
SuperMattthe size of the picture09:04
mungbeanone takes 2 days extra to order09:04
mungbeanand is £5 cheaper09:04
mungbeandescription is different slightly, but i suspect there is only one model09:04
mungbeanweird eh?09:05
MartijnVdSthe cheaper has no reviews09:05
MartijnVdSthoguh it's dispatched & sold by Amazon09:05
mungbeanyes, odd.09:05
daftykinsnobody can take you seriously talking about 'yum install' versus 'apt-get install' imo :(09:06
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shaunommmm packages  *drools*09:09
daftykinsbad shauno, DOWN!09:09
czajkowskiohhh I want pancakes now!09:11
Laneywe made sourdough pancakes the other day09:11
Laneythey were weird/tasty09:12
SuperMattmmmm... pancakes09:12
SuperMattdamn this diet!09:12
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: pancake diet?09:13
MartijnVdSyou can eat what you want, as long as it's pancakes09:13
bigcalmHayley has been making Slimming World pancakes. Odd but still enjoyable09:16
SuperMattI used to make gluten free pancakes when I thought I may have been coeliacs09:16
daftykinsi still have pleasant memories of Uni when my French housemates would knock on the door and say simply; "you want Crepes?"09:16
MartijnVdSdaftykins: "No that's the next door"09:16
bigcalmWho doesn't always want crepes?09:17
MartijnVdSbigcalm: when they're crepe ;)09:17
daftykinsi tell you, if they left the kitchen in a mess i wouldn't have taken their Crepes09:17
* bigcalm rolls his eyes09:18
daftykinstough crowd.09:19
MartijnVdSdaftykins: So, how long did you have to put up with their crepes?09:20
daftykinsjust a year09:20
* bigcalm sneaks a Toy Story reference into a spec09:24
MartijnVdSbigcalm: to infinity, and beyond!09:24
bigcalmMartijnVdS: exactly!09:24
daftykinsbigcalm: ah specs! thanks for reminding me, need to tighten them before i lose a lens09:24
bigcalmdaftykins: get rimless specs, far fewer bits to go wrong :)09:25
daftykinshaha, they wouldn't go well with my cycling unfortunately09:25
daftykinslikely break a lot more often :S09:26
bigcalmOnly screws in my specs are in the hinges09:26
daftykinsah my lenses are clamped too09:27
mungbeanhow strange. trying to call a major chain of shops and they have a central number. nobody picks up09:31
mungbeanends up timing out after 5 mins09:31
Laneyimpressed you held on for that long09:31
mungbeani'm at the office09:31
mungbeanjust carry on working09:31
mungbeanits as if they don't want me to buy anything from them09:32
daftykinsi find that about trying to get people to do work for me on my new house09:32
daftykinsthere you are trying to give people work and they don't phone back O_O09:32
mungbeanand why do all builders drive such flashy cars09:36
daftykinsover here they tend to just be vans09:37
MartijnVdSwhite ones09:37
daftykinswell, mostly white09:37
daftykinsno MOT over here ;)09:37
mungbeanthats their work car09:37
daftykinsdon't see their domestic ones tbh09:38
mungbeannor does the taxman :-009:38
daftykinsmister tax maaaaaaan09:39
daftykinsi wonder if depression is abnormally high in tax workers09:39
daftykinsi was told a tale the other day of how a traffic warden locally would have people spit in the faces of his kids out on the town high street of weekends09:40
mgdmw t f09:40
daftykinsbit extreme09:40
mungbeanhow would they know? small town?09:42
daftykinsright i'm getting nothing done09:48
daftykinsso i best depart09:48
daftykinslater all \o09:48
* daftykins slices some lemon and hands it to Myrtti 09:48
davmor2bigcalm: man now I need to go dig through the backlog so I know why I need to slap you silly10:03
davmor2Morning all10:03
davmor2Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pancakes10:06
TheOpenSourcererGod I'm starving. Tummy is rumbling like an Oaklahoma Tornado...10:07
TheOpenSourcererWas that not a good metaphor?10:07
dogmatic69too soon10:07
TheOpenSourcererSorry. My bad.10:07
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: your tummy was responsible for the Oaklahoma Tornado!  I hope you are ashamed of the damage you caused10:09
* TheOpenSourcerer feels suitably chastised10:12
TheOpenSourcererBUt still !"£$%^&*() hungry.10:12
TheOpenSourcererThink I might need to go for an early lunch...10:13
davmor2bigcalm: your saying I'm worse than the canonmiester....... You know the next Lug meeting, I'd wear a crash helmet if I were you :P10:15
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bigcalmdavmor2: speaking of which, I can't make it next week. Meal out to celebrate Hayley's birthday10:40
davmor2you trying to say that sat in a pub with a bunch of geeks isn't the ideal meal out for a birthday?10:41
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
bigcalmI did suggest the LUG for said meal out10:43
bigcalmShe didn't give me a positive look10:43
mungbeanoggcamp isn't on this year, right?10:43
bigcalmmungbean: no idea. The website is a single graphic10:44
mungbeanprevious years, tickets have been out since end of april10:44
mungbeanwifey said i can go this year if its in the south10:44
mungbeandoesn't look like it will happen :(10:44
bigcalmMaybe it's later this year if it's happening10:44
mungbeansince all the people involved got jobs with canonical ;)10:44
bigcalmAll being 1?10:45
mgdmwell, given the website says "Oggcamp 2013", I guess there's a decent chance it will happen10:45
bigcalmSome how I don't see Fab working for Canonical10:45
mgdmjust because tickets were out in April before doesn't mean much10:45
mgdmAlso I selfishly would prefer it not to be in the south :-)10:50
bigcalmBring it back to Wolverhampton :D10:53
davmor2The city of dreams10:55
czajkowskiare you sure that's what they call it10:57
davmor2czajkowski: yeap everyone dreams of escaping it :)10:57
TheOpenSourcererSainsbury's has Chicken Phall as a ding meal :P11:21
JamesTaitbigcalm, +1 for Wolverhampton. ;)11:31
JamesTaitIt's a nice steady drive down the A38 for me.11:32
bigcalmJamesTait: straight along the A41 for me11:32
TheOpenSourcererChuffing miles 'tup north for me :-(11:33
LaneyJamesTait: you derby-ish then?11:34
JamesTaitLaney, without the ish, yes. :)11:34
Laneyyay for more east mids-ers11:34
JamesTaitLaney, you're in Notts, right?11:35
Laneysure am11:35
Laneycycled to derby the other week11:35
Laneythere's a cool veggie cafe place near the bus station11:35
JamesTaitIn Derby?  I tend not to go into town much these days.11:36
JamesTaitThen again, I go to Nottingham even less!11:36
Laneyhttp://goo.gl/maps/psHSd that11:37
JamesTaitI didn't know about that place!11:38
Laneypay it a visit!11:38
davmor2Laney, JamesTait: the best thing about derby is the A38 or the way out as I like to call it ;)11:39
LaneyThe other time I went there recently was to get a bus straight out to Ashbourne :P11:40
LaneyDerby*shire* is great11:40
JamesTaitdavmor2, you're just jealous of our mascot.11:41
davmor2derby is a smashing place really it's just I only ever see the A38 as I travel through it to get up North11:41
JamesTaitLaney, yeah, we're quite lucky to have some great countryside very close by, and some pretty decent cycle routes too.11:41
JamesTaitdavmor2, you'll have to stop by for a cuppa next time you're passing through - I'm literally 5 minutes' drive from the A38.11:43
Laneyah p-town, me home city11:43
LaneyI wonder if the Met Lounge still exists11:44
WobboFacebook doesn't work in Empathy anymore. Any tips or just wait until this bug (if it is known) solved?11:44
Laneythe "Success" thing?11:44
davmor2JamesTait: it was in my Lorry Driving days I had a lot of deliveries to Sheffield and it is the quickest route from Wolves11:45
LaneyWobbo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center-signon/+bug/118029711:45
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1180297 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "Opening facebook "Success" page in external browser" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:45
LaneyWobbo: there's a workaround in comment 4 there11:45
davmor2Wobbo: is there a button top right saying reauthenticate if so there is a bug for that too11:46
davmor2Wobbo: top right of empathy that is11:47
JamesTaitdavmor2, http://goo.gl/maps/PL7iA next time you're passing by, look me up. :)11:49
davmor2JamesTait: that ram is just a wolf in sheeps clothing ;)11:50
JamesTaitdavmor2, better not bring the lorry though, we might struggle to make space for it. ;)11:50
davmor2JamesTait: Not driven one for a while I don't think my shoulder would take it :)11:52
JamesTaitdavmor2, I thought you were supposed to sit in the cab, not carry it! :-P11:52
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DanChapmanHey guys. If i have cloned a branch in launchpad, does bzr keep it in sync with new additions/merges or do i need to regularly update my local copy?.12:18
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TheOpenSourcererDanChapman: bzr pull12:37
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Laneyaka "no"13:08
Laneyor "no, and yes you do"13:09
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DanChapmanTheOpenSourcerer: thats great thanks13:34
mungbeaninstalling .net v4 on a windows machine. EULA is in a box that only shows 2 lines at a time, (or 1 line if just showing the heading)13:39
mungbeanthey *really* don't want you to read it13:39
BigRedSThe raring installer claims to need only 5.4 GB of disk space; surely it needs more than that by default?13:47
* awilkins powers up his Raring VM13:49
czajkowskiBigRedS: xnox or Laney might know13:53
xnoxBigRedS: 5.4 GB should be sufficient for a default installation + installing extra apps / language packs + have some space for your personal files.13:55
awilkinsHmm, my Raring VM refuses to start a desktop13:58
* awilkins throws another 16MB of video ram at it13:58
BigRedSxnox: really? I was expecting LibreOffice and that sort of thing to use that much space13:59
xnoxBigRedS: we are good like that.13:59
awilkinsThe 12.10 install fits easily onto my 8GB thumbdrive13:59
BigRedSJust wondered if it thought "Hm, no disk space, I'll not install $extraApps"13:59
BigRedSxnox: you've even got room for two online accounts thingies! :)14:00
xnoxBigRedS: ideally you'd want more space, but it depends on your usage.14:00
BigRedSYeah, I have more, I just happened to actually read the dialog for once14:00
awilkins5.1GB used for a live install of Quantal14:00
shaunothat boggles my mind.  my ubuntu VM is <300MB14:23
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n1md4_hi.  does anyone what what determines the set resolution in X?  specifically if not used with a DE.14:32
n1md4_.. short back story.  I have an htpc connected to my tv, and i'm trying to launch steam, but the resolution is wrong.  xorg says 1920x1080 but what's displayed is more like 800x600, and doesn't fit the screen (if that makes sense)14:34
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
n1md4_..and here is xorg.conf http://pastie.org/pastes/7931632/text14:43
SuperMattn1md4_: what graphics drivers are you using?14:48
n1md4_SuperMatt: 304 I think14:51
n1md4_sorry, yeah14:52
MartijnVdSwow.. Google+ photo search got smart14:55
MartijnVdSVERY smart14:55
SuperMattn1md4_: I'm really not sure if I can help. It may be an issue with your TV rather than the drivers14:56
MartijnVdSyou can search for "cat" and even if you never tagged a photo as containing a cat, it'll find pictures of cats14:56
MartijnVdSsame with lots of other words14:56
SuperMattthat's quite cool14:57
SuperMattone of these days I need to upload my 80ish gigs of photos to google14:57
SuperMattstill waiting on that google drive client for linux14:57
MartijnVdSI have 100G of storage on Google, because I bought the Chromebook14:58
SuperMattI have 100G which I pay very little money for :)15:01
SuperMattit's nice and cheap15:01
mungbeanSuperMatt: flickr?15:14
MartijnVdSmungbean: but not very well integrated with other social stuff15:14
MartijnVdSthat's not integration, that's composition ;)15:15
SuperMattI've never liked flickr15:16
MartijnVdSI used to, but I like Plus more now15:17
SuperMattplus, I wanna put my pictures on drive so I can maintain the formatting15:17
SuperMattrather than picasa15:17
awilkinsYeah, I watched Google IO and for "smart" I read "creepy"15:17
awilkinsThe thing processes all your photos and marks them according to how important they are to you. Including... people who are in your family. People smiling. etc.15:17
SuperMattthing is, we all have to work out what makes our live better and what makes it worse. Does it matter that google knows I've taken pictures of a cat?15:18
SuperMattnot really15:18
awilkinsWhich means they are doing full fledged facial geometric reco on them all15:18
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: does it matter that it knows you like pictures of cats? I don't think so.15:18
MartijnVdSawilkins: not just faces, also other things -- I tried "weather", "snow", "sunset", "car", "wheel", "train"15:19
MartijnVdSall worked15:19
awilkinsProbably not. Does it matter that it knows you regularly associate with a particular set of people? Not until a totalitarian government decides they are worth hunting down.15:19
awilkinsI agree, in a perfect world it doesn't matter at all, but I don't see a perfect world forming outside my window any time soon...15:19
MartijnVdSawilkins: nobody's forcing you to use it though15:20
SuperMattok, it has so far found butterfly, lion, monkey and gorilla from my trip to london zoo15:20
SuperMattand it didn't find tiger, which I thought it might15:21
SuperMattlemme try cat15:21
SuperMattwell, it didn't find the lion in a search for cat, but it did find dogs15:21
SuperMattit found my ex even though she's not tagged in anything15:22
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: yeah it's scary like that15:22
awilkinsSo many people are going to love the photo-auto-adjust15:23
awilkinsTry "cupcake"15:24
SuperMattit knows which of my budgies is which15:24
awilkinsThe only photo of a cupcake I have has "cupcake" in the caption15:24
awilkinsSo it's not really a good test15:24
SuperMattI don't think it's as clever as all that15:25
MartijnVdSLots of my photos don't have captions15:25
MartijnVdSthey're just auto-uploaded from my phone15:25
SuperMattso there's a gallery with my ex's name in it. I imagine that it picks names from gallery titles and captions and tries to work out what keeps reappearing.15:25
SuperMattwhich is how it knows which budgie is which, simply from titles and captions15:26
SuperMattyou know what evolution needs? the ability to run just one section. So I can use it as a calendar without loading all the other components16:24
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diddledanSuperMatt, I thought that was going to be a rant on the state of affairs between religion and darwinism17:09
knightwisehey guys18:04
knightwiseany chance if anybody knows why my wifi card on my macbook air is so slow ?18:04
knightwiseI run 12.04 and have a broadcom BCM4322318:04
knightwiseafter a couple of minutes its start to slow down to a crawl18:05
diploevening all18:22
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DJonesDoes anybody use (or have tried) Insync Google Drive, I'm wondering how well it works18:56
penguin42what's that?19:01
DJonesIts a GDrive client for linux19:01
=== marlinc is now known as Marlinc
diddledanDJones, I'm using it. It works fine - documents appear as microsoftie formats, but other than that it's good19:09
diddledanI lie19:10
diddledanseems they're appearing as open document format19:10
diddledan\o/ for the good guys19:10
DJonesI'm just trying it out now19:10
diddledanin fact, why aren't I using that more?!19:11
diddledanit's awesome19:11
DJonesDoes it autostart on boot?19:11
diddledanit's started when I login I believe19:11
diddledandon't you love that ubuntu tells you when a "package is of bad quality"?!19:13
diddledanyeah, so google royally screwed everyone on storage costs - they used to charge $5 per YEAR for 20GB upgrade. NOW they charge $2.49 per MONTH for 25GB19:16
diddledanupping to 100GB isn't so bad tho, $4.99 per month for that19:17
DJonesHmmh, restarted but Insync didn't auto start19:19
brobostigoni just thought of a great idea, mens clothing websites, should have a section saying, "these items are approved by our customers girlfriends/wifes."19:19
diddledanmight have to plop it into startup applications manually19:19
diddledanbrobostigon, I'm sold!19:20
brobostigondiddledan: ummm,19:20
diddledanyeah, that didn't come out right19:20
diddledanI mean, I like the idea19:20
shaunothey should probably have a moral obligation to let you know when it's too late to dress like you're still in college19:21
diddledanwait, it's too late?!19:22
brobostigonaint that a great idea though ?19:23
shaunoit is actually a decent idea, yeah.  I'm hopeless at clothes.19:24
mgdm"Dress for the job you want." - that's why I go to work in an Iron Man suit19:24
brobostigonin that case, shouldnt i go in a sheldon suit ?19:25
mungbeanunity sidebar not working in this session. i could log out again...or?19:46
mungbeanany other suggestion to wake it up?19:47
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mungbeanunity --repalce19:52
mungbeangot it19:52
ubuntu-gnomehi i am trying to install ubuntu gnome. i already have ext4 partition with mint. in the live usb nautilus shows all the partitions properly including ntfs ones. but in the setup screen no partition table is shown. how do i fix this?20:22
JezHello.  How do I get my Command Line to actually sync with the GUI?21:31
Jez I make a directory in the command line, nothing appears in GUI.21:31
Jez I try to go to a folder in my GUI home folder from Command Line, it says it doesn't exist.21:31
Jez I'm confused.21:31
zleapI am logged in to bugs.launchpad.net how do I submit  bug report21:46
dogmatic69zleap: in terminal 'ubuntu-bug <app>'21:51
diddledanergh, how do I go about getting access to a device when I've forgotten what subnet it's listening on let alone what ip address it has?!21:52
zleapi am sure i did it with the website last time21:52
shaunodiddledan: go looking for it's LL ipv6 address?21:52
diddledanI don't know how to do that21:53
shaunodiddledan: "ping6 -I eth0 ff03::1" .. everything in local scope should reply.  then you can go through them one by one and see what they are :)  (unless you can remember the mac address off-hand  hehe)21:54
diddledanI've got the mac writted down in front of me - I tried arp table hacking but couldn't get a response21:54
shaunothe autoconf addresses are a mutation of the mac address, so just matching up the last few chars should narrow the list a lot  (unless you have a fiendish lan)21:55
shaunothis saves my hide more often than I care admit.  ping ff03::1 and ssh to the replies.  even if the v4 configuration is completely wrong  (and especially when the v4 is wrong)21:57
diddledanI'm getting zero response from that21:58
diddledan$ ping6 -I br0 ff03::121:58
diddledanPING ff03::1(ff03::1) from 2001:470:6904:8008:58f9:16dc:5829:93f4 br0: 56 data bytes21:58
diddledanand then nada21:58
shaunoah .. bridges are a little more awkward21:59
diddledanwill it work on windows - I've got one of those running over yonder I can play with22:00
diddledanelse I could reboot it to loonicks at a pinch22:00
diddledanI should change my spelling of that to llewnicks22:00
shaunoI actually have no idea.  it should, I assume.  but I only have XP, which seems to take to ipv6 like a duck to astrophysics22:01
shaunowhat have you lost where?22:02
diddledanan access point22:02
diddledanthing is I don't think it's recoverable with a long-press on the reset button, 'cos it might be running openwrt which doesn't respond in such a manner22:02
shaunohm, that could be fun22:03
shaunowould it be advertising any services?  or trying to reach any other machines?22:04
diddledanI think it's set not to do dhcp, and so it's dumb as .. well .. me22:05
shaunodoesn't have to be a useful service, just anything that'd cause it to arp out for whohas/tell that'd show up in wireshark/tcpdump22:06
shaunoie, if it's got samba, it'll spend all day telling anyone who'll listen what its wins name is.  just anything that makes noise on the wire22:07
diddledanhmm, maybe the long-push reset did do something - it's showing up as SSID dd-wrt now22:08
diddledanI can't seem to connect to it tho22:09
diddledan[275995.988487] wlan0: authentication with d4:ca:6d:86:a2:2a timed out22:09
shaunoI gave up on arp stuffing because most the devices at work are a pain.  they'll only respond that way if you send them a ping of a specific size.  ipv6 broadcast has become my go-to22:09
daftykinsdiddledan: can't connect to it via web management or wireless LAN?22:30
diddledandaftykins, yes22:30
daftykinsi think dd-wrt sometimes uses a non-standard port, no?22:31
daftykinsis it one you modded with dd-wrt?22:31
diddledanyeah, it's an old lafonera22:31
daftykinscould be just https enabled too22:32
daftykinsconfiguration could be locked down to wired only, directly in and not even via a switch between too22:33
daftykins*shrug* all total guesses22:33
diddledantis all pretty academic if I can't find what IP it's listening on, though, no?22:33
daftykinsoh you've got that challenge too22:33
daftykinsyes indeedy ^_^22:33
daftykins192.168.1.x subnet could be a worthwhile attempt22:34
shaunointeresting.  that ipv6 broadcast ping seems to be completely useless on linux machines that have more than one interface22:35
shaunomachine with two nics, each connecting to a different lan.  if I ping6 -I eth0 ff03::1, it sends a ping from ipv6 address that's assigned to eth0, and gets replies22:37
shaunoif I ping -I eth1 ff03::1, it sends out to eth1, but still using the address that's assigned to eth0, so replies don't come home22:37
daftykinssounds like bug talk to me!22:38
daftykinsin ping6 mayhaps?22:38
shaunoso I'm assuming the reason dan got no replies on br0 is because the source address (2001:..) it was using isn't assigned to br022:39
* penguin42 admits to not understanding ipv6 addressing enough - but that does sound pretty dumb22:39
diddledangot the blighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!22:39
diddledanit's ALIVE22:40
ali1234oh hey22:40
ali1234next time just look at the mac address and insert an arp table for whatever IP you want22:40
penguin42send whats his name and whats hisname to retrieve....22:40
ali1234as long as you get the subnet right it will work22:40
* penguin42 wonders where Nook got this supply of nasty USB connectors from22:41
daftykinsdiddledan: what was the winning IP?22:42
diddledanturns out it was actually listening on - donno why it wasn't responding when I tried that before though - admittedly that was through an intermediary router when it didn't work22:42
diddledanmikrotik.com <-- the dude is actually pretty useful (I'll leave GPL violations discussions for another day :-p)22:43
Azelphurali1234: I'm officially full time bitcoin now, came off the benefits, got myself a business account22:49
diddledancongratulations Azelphur22:50
shaunohah, okay, I'm officially an idiot.  for some reason I had ff03::1 in my bash history so went with that because it looked good.  it's ff02::1.  sigh.22:50
diddledanNOW you tell me!22:51
daftykinsshauno: DOH22:51
AzelphurSantander is trying to rip me for £7200 though, which is fun :P22:51
shaunothat explains crazy results :|  (hey, I've been up since 4am)22:51
daftykinsexciting new bug averteD?22:51
shaunosadly :(22:51
shaunodiddledan: curious though, try it with ff02::1 and see if you get a fun picture of your lan?22:52
diddledanlooks like 5 hosts responded22:53
diddledanmaybe 622:54
shaunodo any of them end with the same ending of the mac address?  I'm curious if it would have worked if I wasn't a complete idiot :)22:54
diddledannope, none22:54
shaunooh well22:55
daftykinswhy'd they end with similar MACs? bunch of same brand gear, or VMs?22:56
shaunothe link-local addresses are usually generated from the mac address, so if you know the mac of the machine you're looking for, you can narrow down the list22:57
diddledanmy chair is far too squeeky22:59
diddledanI think probably because I'm far too fat22:59
shaunooh well.  I still like my little trick.  I have a script somewhere that iterates through the replies and pokes them with nc to see if/what ssh answers23:08
penguin42shauno: That's what the privacy setting is for - right?23:10
shaunono, that doesn't affect local addresses23:12
diddledanthe hotspot crowd still haven't figured out how to do ipv6 with a captive portal23:12
shaunothe idea behind that is that with autogenerated addresses, my IP is myprefix:mymac.  were I to connect to the same site from home, take my laptop to work, and then connect again there, they could match that the mac is identical, despite being a new IP23:13
penguin42oh ok23:14
shaunoso with privacy extensions, you generate a random address for outbound connections (but still have the normal address).  so you have the predictable (autoconf) one where you need it (inbound), but don't advertise it by connecting out with it23:14
penguin42hmm ok23:15
shaunodiddledan: I'd have thought that'd be quite easy?23:17
diddledanshauno, you'd think so, but for some reason there's been argument and complaints that "ipv6 won't let you NAT, therefore captive portals are impossible"23:18
shaunowhy does a captive portal require nat?23:19
diddledanno idea23:19
daftykinssingle point to transparently intercept behind maybe23:20
daftykinsbut then any network should have that in the form of any gateway 0o23:20
penguin42I assume they make it respond to every IP that the victim tries to connect to23:20
shaunoI'd have thought the annoyance would be that with privacy extensions, their address changes every hour so you'd keep forgetting who they are23:21
shaunobut the captive part is basically port forwarding.  forward outbound 80 to the handler unless they're on 'the list'.  and you can do that by interface, not by address23:23
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shaunoI'm still annoyed that my lightbulbs don't have ipv6.  way to ruin a perfectly good stereotype.23:25
penguin42what do they run?23:25
daftykinsshauno's bills sky-high23:25
shaunothey're on zigbee, but there's an IP gateway for them.  but it only does v423:26
daftykinsi've been tempted by some home automation gear23:26
penguin42shauno: Can't you get a zigbee module for a PC?23:26
shaunoit just strikes me as ironic that the only device in my house that doesn't do v6, is the one that'd best match the "internet of things" stereotype23:27
penguin42how many do you have?23:27
shaunolightbulbs? or devices  lol23:28
penguin42ip connected lightbulbs23:28
penguin42on/off or can you change colours or anything?23:29
shaunoall of the above :)23:29
penguin42got them wired up to anything interesting?23:30
shaunoalthough I still haven't managed what I actually bought them for.  I want xbmc to dim the living room when I hit play, and back again when I stop/pause23:30
shaunoso far, just my calender.  so the bedroom lights turn on an hour before my next shift23:30
shaunoworking on getting my coffee machine to do the same, but belkin's protocol is a lot more cumberson - the lights are just http/json23:31
penguin42belkins? Is it a pdu?23:31
diddledanHyperText CoffeePot Control Protocol23:32
shaunotechnically, but with a single socket23:32
diddledanit's a bona fide standard, dun'tcha know?!23:32
shaunothis; http://www.belkin.com/us/wemo-switch23:32
penguin42US plug sockets look like they're really really scared23:33
shaunoit does work with ifttt, so it'd be prety straight-forward if I was still using google calendar.  but ifttt won't connect to arbitrary caldav sites23:34
shaunoxbmc is annoying me more though.  because what I've tried so far works fine from my laptop, but not on my appletv.  so it's less a case of making it work, and more an issue of figuring out just how badly python's been bludgeoned on the appletv23:37
penguin42put your own python on?23:41
penguin42ok, that's better - I can now build the nook kernel from source on my ubuntu box23:42
shaunoit seems to be using one that's been bundled with xbmc, which is complicating things a lot23:42
penguin42almost as bad as Java23:43
shaunoplan to just replace the box eventually, but all my silly plans move at glacial pace due to budget :/23:44

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