raevoloh hello05:09
raevolphilipballew pleia205:09
pleia2hello twitter friends05:09
philipballewSorry for Tweeting too much.05:10
raevoldude pleia2 ALADDIN05:10
raevolno, aladdin05:10
pleia2pretty sure I still have that movie memorized05:11
raevolyes aladdin05:11
pleia2you were right the first time05:11
raevolit's awesome05:11
pleia2still kind of want a tiger for a pet05:11
pleia2or a monkey05:11
philipballewLike the Hangover!05:11
philipballewwell, not really05:11
raevolphilipballew: do you just have one turntable? or is it a Dj setup?05:12
philipballewraevol, I have one. I leave the mixing to the people who actually know what their doing.05:13
raevolman, you and like no one else05:13
raevolit's been fun guys but i finished my food and now have to go save Dr. Vance with Alyx05:15
pleia2I was gonna watch aladdin but it's not on netflix streaming and my dvds are all the way over in the other room05:15
pleia2plus dvds I need to take them out of their box, and put them in the dvd player, which seems like a lot of work05:15
raevolwait aren't you sick05:15
nhainespleia2: aww!  But... Robin Williams!05:15
pleia2raevol: yeah :\05:15
raevolyea :/05:16
pleia2I took 3 naps today!05:16
raevolthat's impressive05:16
philipballewI just got Netflix05:16
philipballewSeems nice05:16
raevolsolution: philipballew donates his netflix to pleia205:16
raevolmy work is done05:16
* pleia2 puts on thief and the cobbler instead05:16
philipballewwell, its kinda my friends cousins neighbors netflix then let me use05:16
philipballewGonna use it for Arrested Development, my favorite show.05:17
* philipballew high fives pleia2 05:17
pleia2new AD on Sunday!05:18
philipballewSO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!05:18
philipballewremember pleia2 , there's always money in the banana stand.05:18
nhainesAnyone want to see the Vulcan costume I wore to see Star Trek on Friday?05:24
darthrobot`Content type: [image/jpeg] Size: [118378]05:25
nhainesI am happy to announce that while plan C was to shave half of my eyebrows, the crash course in eyebrow wax made that unnecessary.  Plus, that's my own real hair extending my eyebrows; they're not drawn in or GIMPed.05:39
nhainesPlan B was creative plucking, but to be honest, I probably would have just dress as a Human before going to Plan C.  :P05:42
pleia2plucking hurts more than waxing (mostly because it draws out the pain :))05:44
nhainesI'm up for a little discomfort for the sake of putting a costume over the edge, but losing half my eyebrows was a little extreme.  :)05:46
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philipballewpleia2, hope you're feeling well today!16:48
pleia2thanks philipballew :) on the mend16:49
pleia2I think I ate something bad on sunday16:49
philipballewCrazy San Fransisco food problems!16:50
MarkDudejono, I appreciate your response yesterday. Sorry for my late reply, I am planning some events. And tis budget time now :)16:55
MarkDudeThe key part from me was later- even when I was not stoked. The article as it is now- is inline with our talking :)16:56
MarkDudeTy for listening to my objections. And more than that- showing something important - dialog.16:57
jonoMarkDude, np16:58
MarkDudeMost likely not today17:00
MarkDudeThis event planning is taking some details of fun. I am making sure a student from Mexico is gettng his flight paid for sooner - rather than later17:01
MarkDudeOh- details were sorted out. There were other issues making it complicated. But I NEED to say, the phonecall was fair and legit. My concerns were listened to - and acted upon :)18:00
MarkDudeSidestepping imperfections(everyone has them) the multiple ways I can reach Ubuntu or folks in charge. THings ARE improving.18:02
* MarkDude also suggests taking a more calm manner than say ME - lol works better :D18:02
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MarkDudeApologies to Jono, his intent was pure, I need to drink less coffee. I was wrong on the intent of the article :)23:31

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