snap-lI'm planning on going, along with JoDee02:38
snap-lwhat's the worry?02:38
snap-lso it looks like the loco approvals are now going to be called "verified"02:38
snap-lthough I fear it'll just be the approval process now used for verification02:39
CrusaderADAnyone awake?02:46
CrusaderADI've got an issue I was hoping someone wouldn't mind taking a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214738502:51
snap-lYou might want to post that on askubuntu.com rather than the forums02:52
snap-lnot sure how much traffic they get02:52
CrusaderADI did :/02:52
snap-lAlso, best to list what cards / routers you've tried02:52
snap-lWhat's the URL of the askubuntu post?02:53
* snap-l will upvote it02:53
snap-lAlso, if you use a static IP, do the machines connect?02:54
CrusaderADI haven't tried that yet. I've tried 3 different ethernet cards, different brands, different cords, different gigabit switches (brands).... same result everywhere. I'm going to give a static IP a shot and see what happens.02:56
CrusaderADIt just blows me away that nothing has worked out of the box.02:56
snap-lI think what's happening is your DHCP server isn't serving properly02:56
snap-lor you've set the switches so nothing can access it02:57
snap-lsomewhere it's not getting the info it needs. :)02:57
CrusaderADEven with different switches? I've had other machines connect just fine to the switches.02:57
snap-lAgain, it's not easy to diagnose it unless there's more information02:58
CrusaderADIt's driving me insane to say the least. Thanks for the troubleshooting! It's probably something stupid simple.02:58
snap-lmodel numbers, connection diagrams02:58
snap-lpacket traces02:58
CrusaderADever heard of startech? that's the brand I last tried02:59
snap-lBut it looks like you have some folks jumping on to help02:59
CrusaderADI've tried trendnet and netgear gigabit switches02:59
snap-lI've heard of Startech. I can't say I'd knowingly use their networking cards02:59
snap-lWhat's acting as the DHCP server?03:00
CrusaderADjust the switch... I'm not trying to use it in combo with anything else... some machine connect, this one doesn't.03:01
snap-lThe switch is just a dumb repeater03:02
CrusaderADeven though 3 different pci network cards and the on board one fail03:02
snap-lthere's nothing in there to act as a router / DHCP server03:02
CrusaderADa switch doesn't assign an ip by itself?03:02
CrusaderADno shit03:03
snap-lSo let's determine what you've actually got there03:03
snap-lwhat's the model of the switch?03:03
CrusaderADjusta sec03:03
CrusaderADnetgear GS10503:05
CrusaderADST1000BT32 Startech03:05
CrusaderADI have a wireless netgear router that can dhcp03:06
snap-lWere the other machines perchance Windows machines?03:06
CrusaderADnope, all Ubuntu03:06
snap-lI think you might have set one up as a DHCP server, or used the netgear router as DHCP03:06
snap-land may have either forgotten that you did that, or something else03:07
snap-lbut that Netgear is just going to intelligently repeat packets over the wire03:07
snap-lthat's about it03:07
snap-l"Hey, machine X, here's this packet that some machine sent you"03:07
snap-lThat's all a switch will do03:07
snap-l(I'm probably grossly oversimplifying it, but that's the gist)03:08
CrusaderADAm I on the right path to achieve gigabit speeds?03:08
snap-lWell, you have a gigabit switch03:08
snap-land you have a gigabit card03:08
snap-lbut you don't have a router that you've explicitly connected to the network, correct?03:09
snap-lAnd if you do, what port is it connected to on the switch?03:09
CrusaderADI have a router managing my wireless devices and has 4 10/100 ports on it.03:10
snap-lAh, now we're getting somewhere.03:10
snap-lAnd have you connected the switch to the router in any way?03:10
CrusaderADwhen I first tried it, I connected port 1 on 10/100 to port 1 on 10/100/100003:11
snap-lThere's usually a special port on routers /hubs that allow them to bridge betweeen them03:12
snap-lYou might want to try port 5 on the switch03:12
snap-land see if that makes a difference03:12
CrusaderADhm, ok... just knowing that I need dhcp from something other than the switch makes things much more clear... I may have had it working at one point and just didn't have it tapped into the router to pull an IP03:13
snap-lAlso, bad news: if yor communication goes to the router, it'll bump down to 100 mbit03:14
snap-lso your chances of getting gigabit with that setup are not great.03:14
snap-lUsually your best results are to have gigabit throughout the network connection03:15
snap-lIdeally you'll want to update the router at some point03:15
CrusaderADyeah, I'll most likely end up doing that too03:15
CrusaderADThanks for the help!03:17
snap-lnp. Hope it gets you further along. :)03:17
rick_h_morning party people11:22
rick_h_ouch http://blog.angularjs.org/2013/05/spring-cleaning-for-github.html11:47
snap-lGood morning13:22
brouschI just came across this band: Absinthe - Amish industrial hardcore folk15:47
greg-gwait, is that first part for realz?15:50
greg-gand, what does industrial folk sound like?15:50
snap-lKeep in mind: Amorphis labels themselves as folk15:50
brouschI have no idea15:51
brouschThey will be at the GR Festival of the Arts15:51
snap-lThat could be utterly awesome, or a trainwreck15:52
* rick_h_ runs15:52
rick_h_everyone try out the google music radio stuff?15:52
greg-gthey don't look amish15:53
snap-lSounds like something that would be played on WRIF15:54
snap-lNot bad15:55
snap-lbut I'm not hearing the industrial or Amish15:55
snap-lSounds more like Stone Sour with a good vocalist15:55
snap-lSome label support and I could see that band being very radio friendly.15:56
snap-lrick_h_: No, I haven't yet.15:57
rick_h_snap-l: lol'ing at it since I have to use it in FF, just blows up in Chrome15:58
greg-ghah, nice15:58
snap-lOh that's precious.15:58
brouschrick_h_: Hm. $8/mo is a bit steep15:59
brouschI think my wife pays $4/mo for Pandora16:00
jrwrensupporting the people who corrupt our senators and create perpetual (c) laws. *task* :p16:03
jrwrenjcastro: fun with fanzoo, tonight, 6pm. you want to meet there?16:03
brouschjrwren: Are you saying Pandora is evil?16:04
rick_h_brousch: yea, but this is nicer for sure.16:29
rick_h_I've paid for ad free pandora before and guess I will because it works on the squeezebox that we run16:29
rick_h_but for nice work music playing this is cool16:30
rick_h_http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/05/2013-national-geographic-traveler-photo-contest/100516/ crazy16:46
brouschjrwren: I'll let my wife know and see if she gives a flip17:15
jrwren excellent17:16
greg-gtime to do the SFO->AMS thing17:48
greg-gfor http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Amsterdam_Hackathon_201317:48
brouschAren't they the same city?17:49
greg-gjust the "coffee shop" part17:50
greg-galright, laterz!17:50
jcastroor smokeathon??17:55
brouschMost mellow hackathon evar17:57
jrwrenjcastro: tonight, 6pm. you want to meet there or do you want to meet before hand?17:58
jcastroyeah sorry I was on the phone17:58
jcastroone sec17:58
jcastrolet me find jill's plans17:59
jcastrojrwren: what is this fanzoo thing?17:59
jrwrendoes python urlparse have something which will give /a/b?blah from http://host/a/b/?blah ?  parse splits on ? and I find I must path+'?'+query to reconstruct that part myself.18:00
jrwrenjcastro: its a code session. basically people sitting around working on whatever they want while talking shit. nothing formal18:00
jcastrojrwren: yeah so my only issue is that jill's car is in the shop and she took mine until like 8:30, since I'm not far from you can homey get a pickup?18:01
jcastrook so fanzoo is like CHC then18:01
jrwrenyes, its CHC with beer.18:01
rick_h_CHC ftw!18:01
jrwrenjeff is so awesome he usually provides beer & subs.18:01
rick_h_crap, they've got beer? cheaters!18:01
jrwrenjcastro: pm me your address. I'll come get you at 5:3018:02
brouschrick_h_: google Music fails for you in chrome?18:05
rick_h_brousch: yea, throws and error when I try to play and keeps asking me to relaod18:05
rick_h_brousch: that's with chrome dev channel18:05
brouschAh, it seems fine with Chrome stable18:06
brouschIt generated a good playlist based on pirates of the carribean18:06
jcastroTHIS IS EPIC18:07
rick_h_that's crazy18:15
rick_h_so reading the comments a twitter post might stop her career right as it's about to get going.18:15
rick_h_<3 the modern world. Done downloading 24GB of google take out stuff before the EOD18:17
jrwrengoogle take out stuff?18:19
rick_h_now uploading 24GB of photos frightens me18:19
jrwrenyou can download food?18:19
rick_h_did a google takeout of my photos18:19
brouschthat's a lot of photos18:19
brouschDid you find a new host?18:19
rick_h_brousch: well, I've been using flickr for things and was going to upload them there. For now I'm pulling them down and will make sure they're all on my NAS18:20
brouschI use flickr, then smugmug, now picasaweb18:20
rick_h_the whole ads on flickr thing is annoying and I'll probably pay the new higher price for no ads, but curious if that removes ads for people viewing my galleries18:20
rick_h_I don't want to link my grandparents to a bunch of ads on my photos18:21
jrwrenoh right, google takeout!18:21
brouschI got annoyed by the extra steps for google login on flickr18:21
rick_h_I just want to be able to load photos and point family at urls for a gallery18:21
rick_h_Google has fubar'd that up18:21
brouschsmugmug is good for that18:21
brouschCan do your own domain, too18:21
rick_h_for some reason I equate smugmug with the twitter pic hosts that seem spammy and such.18:22
brouschNo. You pay for it. no ads, no spam18:22
rick_h_and I worry about longevity at this point.18:22
brouschThey cater to profession photographers, so they allow raw uploads, nice custom themes, unlimited storage18:23
rick_h_cool, /me is looking at the site18:23
brouschOpposite of imgur and such18:23
brouschI think the biggest drawback when I left was no/poor mobile app and digikam integration18:24
brouschThat was like 18 months ago, so I'm not sure how that's improved18:25
brouschlooks like they have mobile apps now18:27
jrwrenrun gallery, cuz PHP is awesome.18:31
jrwrenand man that UI looks good :p18:31
snap-lrick_h_: Good luck getting a pro account on Flickr18:31
snap-lapparently they're doing "things" to make sure people get ads.18:31
rick_h_snap-l: I had a pro account. Now I'd need to pay more for an 'ad-free' account18:31
brouschOH, has anyone tried mediagoblin?18:35
rick_h_looked at the code :P but not tried it out18:35
snap-lHaven't tried it out either18:35
brouschWell dangit18:36
snap-lIt's not PHP, so I can't put it on my web server. :)18:36
brouschGet a real webserver :P18:36
brouschIt's not Django, so you can't complain about that18:37
brouschHere you go. Revive this https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyGall/0.1218:40
snap-lHow about no.18:41
rick_h_there are several static generating things. I'd just do that, though a 24G git repo would be scary18:41
widoxdropbox? they have a gallery thing now19:05
rick_h_widox: thought about it.19:05
jrwrendon't put them into git.19:06
rick_h_jrwren: yea, was just being funny19:06
jrwrenoh. *whew*19:06
rick_h_jrwren: I'm not sticking GB of binary data into any VCS really19:07
brouschgithub that sumbitch19:07
brouschdigikam seems to be fixed with smugmug19:09
brouschCrazy stuff. The mediagoblin lead dev just showed up in an unrelated channel and we started chatting20:05
snap-lSo it looks like Sourceforge is one of the few places offering project downloads20:33
jrwrenjcastro: OMG21:17
jcastroOMG yo21:17
jcastrojrwren: what's up21:18
CrusaderADHey snap-l just wanted to let you know I got the gigabit stuff worked out... you got me on the right path. Really helped me out, thanks!22:04
snap-lCrusaderAD: Awesome! Glad it helped!22:12

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