mr-richBluesKaj: funny that the snd_hda_intel is in there 3 times ...00:00
awm10Biomechd > What error do you get when trying to access the folder on the Windows computer over the network with Nautilus (the file manager) on your Ubuntu computer?00:00
calimero_82hey guys00:01
calimero_82my audio doensn't work00:01
BluesKajmr-rich, snd-intel is listed twice , so do you have just one soundcard ?  the onboard intel as default , which would be card000:01
calimero_82i've ubu 12.1000:01
Biomechdawm10: i'll have to go turn it on quick.00:01
mr-richBluesKaj: it's stuck on "Analog Stereo Duplex" in system settings ... can't changed it to anything else ... always reverts back00:02
calimero_82I can not hear anything00:03
mr-richBluesKaj: I saw that ... there's also a Juniper card in system settings, but I have that set to off ... the Intel HDA is the onboard sound ...00:03
BluesKajmr-rich, card0 is default, ok  do you have pavucontrol installed ?, it can control the inputs and otputs of the soundcard00:03
elisa87how should I set this zero? (, please set /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope to 0) like set /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope=000:03
mr-richBluesKaj: yes ... pavucontrol up and running ...00:04
BluesKajcheck yoir output settings tab there , mr-rich00:05
elisa87how can I set /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope to 0?00:06
tipoxHello ive tried using, sudo apt-get install mysql-server in ubuntu 12.04 and it doesnt prompt for root passwd?00:06
SonikkuAmericatipox: Did you use sudo in the same terminal session?00:08
tipoxYes, as root user00:08
mr-richBluesKaj: has "Built in Audio Analog Stereo" and "front left" and "Front Right" and two sliders ...keeps fluctuating between "Analog Output" and "Headphones" in  time with the clicks and pops I'm hearing ...00:08
SonikkuAmericatipox: It won't ask again unless you exited from a root@machine:~# prompt.00:08
tipoxso i have to install mysql, non root ?00:09
yashwantnay one know how to access ntfs partition without root password.00:09
tipoxsorry my english not good00:09
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yashwantanay one know how to access ntfs partition without root password00:10
eric2_Is there a slick way to convert GPT to MBR for a 3rd partition on a Linux machine on which I want to run Win7?00:10
BluesKajmr-rich, add this to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, options snd-hda-intel model=auto , with root permissions , the save the file , you00:10
BluesKajhave to reboot00:10
SonikkuAmericatipox: No, you just use the same command and it won't ask for the password but executes as normal.00:10
tipoxill pastebin00:11
SonikkuAmericatipox: Unless you exited from a root@machine:~# prompt or closed the terminal session down.00:11
yashwanthow to privide accessiblity of ntfs drive for normal users in Linux00:12
tipoxthat is what im doing, SonikkuAmerica00:12
SonikkuAmericatipox: OK... it's all set then.00:13
tipoxit didnt prompt, me for to enter its root passwd00:13
SonikkuAmericatipox: Because you're currently in a root prompt, root can do whatever it wants. See the following:00:14
BluesKajyashwant, normal users should have access if the drive is shared00:14
SonikkuAmerica!root | tipox00:14
ubottutipox: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:14
tipoxhow do i access, and change mysql root passwd00:14
yashwantBluesKaj:but without sharing root password how normal user acccess00:14
BluesKajyashwant, read only ?00:15
yashwantBluesKaj: but it is not accessible it is asking for the password while clicking ntfs drive.00:16
SonikkuAmericatipox: Why would you want to? The idea behind sudo'ing stuff is that you only use it when you absolutely need to (such as installing software or editing system configurations(.00:16
tipoxim wanting, mysql installed for wordpress00:16
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SonikkuAmericamysql | tipox, read this00:17
mr-richBluesKaj: Update: I changed something on the input and clicks and pops have stopped ...00:17
Biomechdawm10: i can't seem to access the windows machine at all.00:17
SonikkuAmerica!mysql | tipox, read this00:17
ubottutipox, read this: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.00:17
lmatI'm trying to use ssh to connect to a remote computer.00:17
SonikkuAmericatipox: This is probably a better version of what you want anyway.00:17
jpdslmat: Alright.00:17
Biomechdi mean, i can log in to the computer itself, but it's not showing up in the network.00:17
lmatHow can I ensure that ssh is reading my public key?00:17
lmatI put the private key on the remote.00:17
jpdslmat: Well, that's not going to work.00:18
somsiplmat: no - public key on the remote. Never share a private key00:18
jpdslmat: You're suppose to put your public key there.00:18
lmatmy mistake :)00:18
lmatI actually shared the public and I have the private.00:18
dr_willisi just know  enough to use the 'ssh-copy-id' command.   ;)00:18
somsiplmat: ssh -vvv will give you some helpful output. Maybe just -vv.00:19
awm10Biomechd > In Nautilus on your Ubuntu computer, the Windows computer isn't listed in the Network area?00:19
Biomechdyes, that's correct00:19
mr-richBluesKaj: saved file ... reboot?00:19
BluesKajyashwant, sudo chown -R (user name) /dev/(device name)00:19
lmatI'm trying and it says Permission denied (publickey)00:19
BluesKajmr-rich, yes it's better than forcing alsa to reload00:20
lmatsomsip: Thanks!00:20
somsiplmat: are you connecting with the right username?00:20
yashwantBluesKaj, i have use this one unable to change the owner, it is not effecting for ntfs drive.00:20
lmatsomsip: I think so. It's the same username that I used to create the keys.00:20
mr-richBluesKaj: kk ... brb ...00:21
awm10Biomechd > Have you tried right click > sharing options... a folder on your Windows computer?00:21
Biomechdawm10: no, i haven't yet00:21
awm10Biomechd: Can you do that?00:21
somsiplmat: more importantly, is it the same as the account on the remote computer. Eg: I'm signed in as mark@local but I might connect to ubuntu@remote. So the public key needs to be saved in /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote00:22
dr_willisi really wish they would make some sort of 'samba setup wizard/trouble shooter' for ubuntu to help people setup  shares on a mixed lan.00:22
somsiplmat: connecting as mark@remote will not work00:22
BluesKajyashwant, then the owner has set the hdd to access only with password00:23
Biomechdawm10: i'll see if i can00:23
yashwantBluesKaj, my partition is sda i know the password for normal user what i can change so they can access without knowing the password.00:24
BitNovaHi can anyone tell me where the install dir of Bitcoin-QT is on ubuntu 13.04? i cannot seem to link it to the Armory. please help00:25
BluesKajyashwant, do you think that's wise , you need a pw and other users don't ?00:26
Biomechdawm10: i'm not seeing the ability to share stuff with computers on my network, aside from a homegroup, which i don't have.00:26
awm10I believe it would be a homegroup.00:26
yashwantBluesKaj:, see if i will share the admin password any one change the functionality, i want without asking authintication how normal user can access that partition.00:28
awm10If you're having trouble sharing a folder on your Windows computer, you could try sharing a folder on your Ubuntu computer.00:28
BluesKajyashwant, are you talking about network access to the drive or access directly from your pc , then give read only permission in the drive properties >permissions00:29
trismBitNova: dpkg -L bitcoin-qt;00:30
eric2_Anyone on with experience doing dual boot with win7 on a non-UEFI machine?00:31
yashwantBluesKaj:, in my system there is a windows partation also and that is in linux access only by the root password or we can change using ntfs-config software, but without ntfs-config software how we can give the accessability.00:31
BitNovatrism, thank you.. i saw the list of packages.. but it doesnt seem to list the bitcoin daemon anywhere...00:31
trismBitNova: perhaps in the bitcoind package?00:32
trismBitNova: dpkg -L bitcoind;00:32
BitNovaive only installed bitcoin-qt00:32
lmatIt looks like perhaps my ssh is sending the private key rather than the public key?00:33
elisa87how can I disable nmi_watchdog interrupt?00:34
fractalineeric2_,  what is your question?00:34
somsiplmat: it should use the private key to create a token to support the connection, then the server uses the public key to decode that and send it back. If they match, the client continues with the connection. AIUI00:34
lmatssh -v -p port ipaddress     shows     "Offering RSA public key: [path to private key]"00:34
BluesKajyashwant,  as suggested earlier by awm10 , use homegroup in nautilus network options00:34
lmatsomsip: Should it be asking for my password somewhere in there?00:35
BitNovaim a newbie, so it seems like bitcoind is needed for Armory to work trism .  i only had bitcoin-qt and it worked alright on its own.00:35
somsiplmat: ssh -vv -p port user@ipaddress00:35
somsiplmat: unless your local user and remote user have the same name00:35
lmatsomsip: How do I tell what my remote user name is?00:35
somsiplmat: if you have entered a passkey for your private key it should ask for it, yes00:36
BluesKajyashwant, or workgroup00:36
somsiplmat: whatever login you should be using on the remote server. eg: ubuntu@remote00:36
lmatwrong username.00:36
BitNovaok trism thanks.. seems like uve helped me identify  that bitcoind was missing00:36
lmatApparently the remote username is "root" not my user name00:36
lmatthanks much somsip !!00:36
somsiplmat: <insert warning about allowing root access over ssh here>00:37
somsiplm you got a connection?00:37
somsiplmat: ^^00:37
lmatfo sho00:37
somsiplmat: cool00:37
lmatsomsip: "man uname ... -sh: man: not found" :(00:37
lmatsomsip: It's a router.00:37
bfighello, i'm having trouble connecting to an ssl openvpn connection. I have a config file but it doesn't seem to work00:37
somsiplmat: can't help you with that...00:37
lmatsomsip: No help needed :) I was justifying the root thing :)00:39
somsiplmat: k - got you00:39
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benzrfhas anybody here ever had issues with skype00:42
benzrf's window being invisible?00:42
somsipbenzrf: FWIW, new version of Skype was released yesterday but you need to install manually not through the repo00:44
somsipbenzrf: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/05/skype-42-for-linux-released-with-minor.html00:44
benzrfthanks :D00:44
somsipbenzrf: working fine here, but I didn't really have any problems with 4.1 either00:45
benzrfit only started a little ago... .-.00:46
somsipbenzrf: a common 'fix' for skype problems is to delete ~/.Skype You lose your history log and have to log in again, but it might be worth doing if you have no other options00:46
benzrfstupid POS nonfree centralized unreliable software00:47
benzrfhow the hell did it get such a foothold00:47
Ben64stop using it then00:47
benzrfcan't, all my friends are on it so I need it to talk to them00:48
zykotick9help the police... use skype00:49
benzrfbwa ha ha00:50
benzrfthanks anyway I suppose00:51
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liam_Hi guys..01:02
mnewtonHow do i get a random sample of 5 files in a directory01:02
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Guest58036I have a problem: I was dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 12.10; decided to do full wipe and install new ubuntu 13.04. the problem, is that the software centre is bloody awful. Most of the apps are gone!! NO skype, no linkedin, no Google+.....what gives???01:04
awm10Google+ is a website?01:05
SonikkuAmericaGuest58036: Did you remember to enable ALL the repos?01:05
ElysiumNetis there a reason why ubuntu refuses to start a service on boot?01:05
Guest58036its an app01:06
ElysiumNetI can't seem to find a log where they would refuse to start01:06
ElysiumNetI've also tried putting it in /etc/rc.local but to no avail01:06
Guest58036there was a software centre in 12.10, but the one i got for 13.04 is fairly empty01:06
awm10On a kinda unrelated note, make sure you install ubuntu-restricted-extras so you can play different media files and stuff.01:06
awm10If you're on a new Ubuntu install, you'll want to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs after installing ubuntu-restricted-extras.01:07
Guest58036awn, thanks will do01:08
awm10Guest58036 > Here's Skype: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/raring/skype/01:09
Guest58036alright...that is not in my software centre01:09
Guest58036what gives?01:09
_PehdeN_#moshpit everyone is +O01:09
Guest58036"there isnt a package called Skype in your current software sources"01:10
SonikkuAmericaGuest58036: [ sudo apt-get install skype ]01:10
SonikkuAmericaEnd of story.01:11
OerHekseneble partner repo, i guess01:11
Guest58036enable partner repo...how do i do that?01:11
Guest58036i have a problem with my software source01:12
Ben64no... you don't01:12
awm10You're right, I clicked the link and I don't see Skype either.01:12
Guest58036mad, eh?01:13
Guest58036so maybe i am not linked to correct repo01:13
Ben64skype is not in the ubuntu repositories01:13
Guest58036how does one "enable partner repo"01:13
awm10Maybe MS removed Skype from the repo or something.01:14
awm10The 12.04 version should work.01:14
Guest58036yea, but loads of stuff is missing on 13.04 version01:14
awm10Either that, or you could download the "dynamic" version, unpack it, and run it.01:14
Ben64Guest58036: nope01:15
awm10What else are you missing?01:15
Ben64you probably had PPAs on your previous install01:15
ElysiumNetwhy the hell is ubuntu refusing to start several very specific services01:15
ElysiumNetcould someone ander me that01:15
Ben64unity-webapps-linkedin unity-webapps-googleplus01:15
awm10Do you mean you had a Linked'n web app in your launcher?01:15
awm10I think Ben64's answer is what you're looking for.01:16
Ben64ElysiumNet: nobody can answer with the information you are providing01:16
ElysiumNetBen64: and I am getting no information on where to start looking01:16
ElysiumNetgrep -i -r 'servicename' /var/log/* isn't doing much for me either01:16
Guest58036unity...and? where, what?01:17
Ben64!details | ElysiumNet01:17
ubottuElysiumNet: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:17
ElysiumNethow am I supposed to give the details if I don't have the details!01:17
Ben64then its hopeless01:17
ElysiumNetreboot - service is not starting, I don't know where to look01:17
ElysiumNetand it all started happening after an update01:17
Ben64how is anyone supposed to help you if you aren't saying anything01:18
ElysiumNetBen64: ... I have said this about 5 times now01:18
Guest58036I still have bloody amazon, which is a launcher i dont want01:18
awm10Guest58036 > You could also use Google Chrome and Tools > make app shortcut..01:18
Ben64ElysiumNet: no, you're saying generic stuff that could mean anything01:18
Guest58036yea, but the apps were nice ben.01:18
ElysiumNetBen64: and I am asking where I should look since there are no logs in any of the logs about the services having any errors01:18
ElysiumNetthey run just fine when I manually invoke them01:18
_PehdeN_ /msg chanserv FLAGS #moshpit +O *!*@*01:18
ElysiumNetbut they won't start when I reboot the machine01:18
Ben64ElysiumNet: maybe try #mindreaders? we're not clairvoyant here01:19
ElysiumNetand the upstart files are in /etc/init.d/ and they are registered and show up with both chkconfig and update-rc.d tells me they are installed01:19
ElysiumNetis this enough detail yet?01:19
ElysiumNetthen what do you want/need!01:19
awm10When I log in, I hold down the Super key and run my finger along the number keys to start all my launchers.01:19
Ben64ElysiumNet: for starters, what are you trying to run? big detail there you never mentioned01:19
zykotick9ElysiumNet: fyi init.d is NOT upstart... just sayin'01:20
ElysiumNetzykotick9: the scripts inside init.d aren't upstart?01:20
ElysiumNeter, /etc/init/01:20
zykotick9ElysiumNet: NO.  yes /etc/init/ IS upstart01:20
ElysiumNetnginx, mysql and php5-fpm won't start upon boot. there are no errors01:20
ElysiumNetrc.local also doesn't get executed01:21
Guest58036ok, i see this thing about unity.01:21
Guest58036yes, the apps are there, its just a case of looking for them. shame the logos are missing01:22
ramonhello everyone01:22
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ElysiumNetrunning these services manually works just fine01:23
Ben64check in /var/log/upstart/01:24
ElysiumNetBen64: no errors01:25
awm10Can someone point me to good documentation for how to make a .deb file, or a program that'll help me package my application?01:25
Ben64ElysiumNet: all the stuff you mentioned should be auto starting, you must have done something wonky01:25
ElysiumNetBen64: yes, updating ubuntu01:26
awm10The developer.ubuntu.com example isn't very helpful: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html#starting-a-package01:26
ElysiumNeteverything was working fine until I did that01:26
Ben64define "updating"01:26
ElysiumNetapt-get update apt-get upgrade01:26
Ben64ElysiumNet: try setting a static ip and rebooting01:27
ElysiumNetit already has a static IP01:27
ElysiumNetother network services work just fine01:28
ElysiumNetlike fail2ban and proftpd01:29
Ben64try jobs-admin01:29
Guest58036lads...you wont believe this, but it think i might not have updated the system after installing. Lord, I am embarrassed01:30
ElysiumNetcron doesn't seem to be running either.....01:30
DrFoodoes the openvpn package contain the client or server?01:31
Guest58036sudo apt-get upgrade01:32
Guest58036after, sudo apt-get update01:33
ElysiumNetBen64: why does that package need so many dependencies...01:33
Guest58036this has solved my software problems after fresh install of 13.04; sudo apt-get update01:34
Guest58036then, sudo apt-get upgrade01:35
ElysiumNetthat's the last time I update an ubuntu installation...01:35
dr_williscant recall last time i had update/upgrade/dist-upgrade issues..01:37
Ben64ElysiumNet: then you'll be opening yourself up to security problems01:37
ElysiumNetBen64: as if breaking the entire installation by doing an update is less worse01:37
Ben64it's probably something else01:37
ElysiumNet....jobs-admin is a GTK-based tool.... I'm SSHing into the box01:37
ElysiumNetI can't use this01:37
dr_willisyou caan use ssh and x forwarding.01:38
ElysiumNetdr_willis: yes, let me install X on a server...01:38
Ben64what version of ubuntu01:38
dr_willisElysiumNet:   go ahead..01:38
ElysiumNetdr_willis: not going to happen01:39
dr_willisor just rant more..01:39
ElysiumNetBen64: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS01:39
dr_willissounds like somthing in upstart is seriously messed up if rc.local is suddendly not running at boot along woith all those other services01:39
ElysiumNetnginx, mysql, rc.local, cron and php5-fpm aren't working01:40
ElysiumNeton boot01:40
Ben64i update my 12.04 server all the time and everything works fine01:40
ElysiumNetI've updated on the day that the nginx vulnerability was patched01:40
Ben64i would have to say it's user error01:40
ElysiumNetand since then everything has gone to crap01:40
ElysiumNetyes, apt-get upgrade is an user error. I made the mistake of updating01:40
dr_willisstart with basic tests.. try sshing in and doing a 'sudo service cron' start  and see if it starts01:40
ElysiumNetthat all works fine01:40
* dr_willis is done trying to help.01:40
Ben64i mean PPAs or weird modifications01:40
ElysiumNetservice cron start works01:40
ElysiumNetservice nginx start works01:41
ElysiumNetphp5-fpm, mysql works01:41
ElysiumNetit just won't run on startup01:41
ElysiumNetproftpd for some reason runs, though01:42
ElysiumNetit's the only one with a script only in /etc/init.d/01:42
Ben64ElysiumNet: what runlevel are you in? and what runlevels will cron start in? (cat /etc/init/cron.conf)01:43
ElysiumNethow do I determine the runlevel?01:43
Ben64type "runlevel"01:43
ElysiumNetN 201:43
ElysiumNetI do not see a runlevel declaration in /etc/init.d/cron01:44
Ben64thats not where i said01:44
ElysiumNetin /etc/init/cron it's [2345]01:44
ElysiumNetcould bluetoothd be screwing things up?01:46
ElysiumNetI swear if it was the bluetooth service, I am going to break stuff01:48
ElysiumNetoh, apparently disabling bluetooth killed off proftpd01:49
ElysiumNetBen64: okay, when doing 'runlevel' right after a reboot, it says unknown01:49
icedwaterSo, I've got gnome-screensaver back in and it still doesn't ask for my password on -command -la invocation.01:50
icedwaterDoes that maybe have anything to do with the fact that I'm a live user on a persistent USB?01:51
Ben64ElysiumNet: try "sudo init 2" and see if all the services start01:52
ElysiumNetBen64: is there a command to reinstall the kernel?01:52
ElysiumNetBen64: yes, that works01:52
Ben64ElysiumNet: ok, pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces01:52
ElysiumNetcan I censor the IP's?01:52
ElysiumNetand which pastebin service01:53
dr_willisicedwater:  i dident think the live user had a password to begin with..  or did you create one?01:53
Ben64ElysiumNet: yeah censor is fine, and any01:53
laskohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/   <<-----01:54
laskoThats a good start :)01:54
ElysiumNetah crap, why can't I delete it01:55
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Ben64ElysiumNet: a solution, but not a good one, would be to set the stuff to run under an unknown runlevel01:59
ElysiumNetso you're saying the networking file is correct?01:59
ElysiumNetBen64: I commented out the ipv6 bit...02:01
ElysiumNettake a guess02:02
ElysiumNetand the rest besides the first one...02:04
icedwaterdr_willis: I did before.02:04
ElysiumNetseems to be an issue with setting up aliases?02:04
icedwaterIt should be retained, right? Given that there's persistent storage and all.02:04
Jordan_Uicedwater: Try "su $(whoami)" and check that it asks for a password.02:05
dr_willisicedwater:  i think so.  but ive found once you take a live+persistant setup and start adding/changeing lots of things.. they can get quirky. i normally do full installs to usb flash drives  if im going to do a lot of work with the flash drive02:06
icedwaterdr_willis: Jordan_U thanks, I'll check.02:07
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ElysiumNetBen64: are network, broadcast and network neccesary?02:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest78238
icedwaterJordan_U: it does take a password.02:08
supersecondhello, i just installed ubuntu 12.04 but i'm not able to change the date and time. everytime i try to it reverts back.02:08
roothorickI'm testing out two Hauppauge tuner cards, one analog, one analog+digital combo. I can't for the life of me find an app that actually reads the analog TV.02:09
=== otend_ is now known as otend
ElysiumNetBen64: apparently that was the problem02:10
ElysiumNetnetwork and gateway were not neccesary02:10
Wickxdo you lot in here talk about ubuntu?02:11
dr_willisWickx:  ubuntu support in here. ubuntu chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:12
Jordan_Uicedwater: What is the output of "whoami"?02:12
daftykinsroothorick: is there any analogue TV still broadcast where you are? :D02:14
Wickxwell i was being sarcastic because it seems other people in other topic related channels dont talk about the topic they're meant to02:15
Wickxor at least they refuse to02:15
Wickxwhich is annoying02:15
roothorickdaftykins: not broadcast. Cable.02:15
daftykinsthat's still broadcasting i thought02:16
roothorickwhen you say broadcast I think OTA02:16
daftykinsja, the medium doesn't matter though02:16
icedwaterJordan_U: ubuntu.02:16
roothorickwell, tvtime doesn't work at all :/02:16
Compy2In Ubuntu 12.04 (stock kernel), is there a way to run a process at the highest priority? I edited /etc/security/limits.conf and set root's niceness to -20, and I am sending data over a parallel port that requires a minimum of 2ms response time, and even running the process at -20 niceness (according to top) doesn't seem to do it.02:18
daftykinswouldn't a low latency kernel help?02:18
Compy2Like rtlinux?02:18
Compy2That'd be the obvious choice I suppose.02:19
SonikkuAmericadaftykins: linux-rt doesn't exist rt now02:19
SonikkuAmerica*oh bad sic02:19
SonikkuAmericaHowever, if you get linux-image-lowlatency it might help02:19
daftykinsyour advice should really be aimed at the person asking, not the person helping02:20
SonikkuAmericadaftykins: Guilty party aquí02:20
SonikkuAmericaCompy2: Get linux-*-lowlatency02:20
Compy2daftykins and SonikkuAmerica, I'll go check out some of those. I just wasn't sure at this point if there was anything else I could do short of modifying the scheduler :)02:21
Compy2Yeah, sounds like the way to go.02:21
SonikkuAmericaHowever, FYI, the Ubuntu Studio team is looking into getting linux-rt back for 14.04 LTS02:21
WeThePeopleheadphone work some times other times they dont, any ideas02:21
SonikkuAmericaWeThePeople: USB headphones?02:21
WeThePeoplesonikkuamerica, no miniplug02:22
SonikkuAmericaOh. Dunno about miniplug.02:22
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pr0_t4njunganyone using ubuntu 13?02:26
daftykinsjust ask away if you have a question, someone will answer02:27
roothorick"Unable to find frequency"... what.02:27
aaronisfinehow can i mannually install eclipse plugins02:28
aaronisfineI unzip the plugin into /usr/share/eclipse/dropins/02:29
needtonsofhelpi need tons of help!02:31
icedwaterSo ask your questions, one pound at a time.02:32
needtonsofhelphere goes02:32
needtonsofhelpim running ubuntu 1202:32
needtonsofhelpdual boot02:32
needtonsofhelpwith windows 7 6402:32
needtonsofhelptoday, windows wouldnt boot02:32
Ben64sounds like you want ##windows02:33
needtonsofhelpi chose recovery option in grub, then cancelled figuring i can backup everything off the partition02:33
leeweeshow do i mount my encrypted home fs from livecd?02:33
needtonsofhelpthrough ubuntu02:33
needtonsofhelpat reboot, hit grub rescue02:33
=== NePtUnO is now known as NePtUnO|Off
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: you know what, one tip on IRC is not to use the enter key as punctuation. :P02:33
needtonsofhelpin grub rescue, im unable to ls (hdx,y)/ to gain results02:33
WeThePeopleyou could use --bind options as well02:33
needtonsofhelpsorry iced water02:33
icedwaterIt -is- normally similar to an IM, but here we want to see things as compact as possible so as to be able to help better.02:34
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code02:34
icedwaterNo, it's not a problem, it's just something I thought I should point out to you.02:34
needtonsofhelpnoted. so grub resuce isnt listing file system as it should, my 2nd partition is mia, and im stuck without a boot (unkown file system error for all)02:35
icedwaterSo, do you have the disc you originally used to install Ubuntu?02:36
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l' from a livecd to see what the disk looks like02:36
johnjohn101ha new skype.  wondering if it works with ubunut.02:36
Ben64needtonsofhelp: so is ubuntu not booting either?02:36
daftykinsjohnjohn101: i want to try an ubu nut.02:36
needtonsofhelpnope. on vacation. no boot, simply to boot error and not reading partitions so cant find boot directory02:36
icedwaterdaftykins: Canonical sells them for $2 a packet, I think 200 grams each...02:36
icedwaterThey're a South African delicacy.02:36
needtonsofhelpi get nothing, i double checked the boot sequence and its hitting the hd, listing the partitions, just not recognizing any of them02:37
daftykinsicedwater: 200g a nut or a packet?02:37
leeweeshow do i mount my encrypted home fs from livecd?02:37
icedwaterdaftykins: Depends on which flavour you buy, I hear the mint one is pretty popular.02:37
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: can you boot the liveCD / flash drive you installed from and pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l' anyway to see what it reads?02:38
daftykinsicedwater: must've been after the bad batch of unity packet i guess02:38
needtonsofhelpunfortunately, no usb here, even hit up other tourists, and no live cd02:38
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: Hold on... let me see02:38
needtonsofhelpdownload speed is hideiously capped02:38
needtonsofhelpi can get an iso by next year lol02:39
Ben64needtonsofhelp: how are you on irc then02:39
icedwaterOK, for a moment there I thought you asked random tourists if they had an Ubuntu install disk :P02:39
SonikkuAmericaneedtonsofhelp: Going approx as fast as NYC traffic maybe? :)02:39
icedwaterIRC needs next to 0 download speed, Ben64.02:39
Ben64i mean with no OS02:39
icedwaterTrue, missed that.02:39
needtonsofhelpirc works great here on a borrowed netbook02:40
* icedwater wanders off to buy a packet of Ubunuts.02:40
icedwaterAh, OK. So downloading through this netbook isn't an option because it would take forever.02:40
needtonsofhelpcorrect. is there no other way through grub rescue? ive tried the old ls (hd0,msdos1)/ to all unknown filesystem errors02:41
Ben64looks like you're on vacation in miami, you must be able to find a flash drive and an ubuntu image02:41
needtonsofhelpon a boat02:41
Ben64also, its (hd0,1)02:41
icedwaterBen64: thanks, was riffling through stacks of /etc to find the line.02:42
CrusaderADAnyone with some ethernet expertise out there?02:42
=== Bart is now known as Guest76784
needtonsofhelpskip the msdos and just hit the number?02:42
Ben64CrusaderAD: millions02:42
Ben64needtonsofhelp: hd0 = first drive 0=first partition02:43
userZwhy is the screen brighter in some versions of ubuntu?02:43
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: er how did you install ubuntu then if you don't have install media?02:43
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: yeah, hd0,1 is your sda2 I think.02:43
Ben64so it depends on what your setup is, could be hd0,0 or hd3,2 or something else02:43
CrusaderADI have an issue where the I don't get an IP... it just says connecting constantly02:43
icedwaterdaftykins: he02:43
cappicardGuest40874, do NOT connect to irc as root!02:43
icedwaterdaftykins: he is on holiday at the moment, doesn't have access to his install media :P02:44
needtonsofhelpno media, going to rey to skip the msdos in the command02:44
icedwaterSorry, missed the apostrophe.02:44
daftykinsicedwater: ah, installed before leaving02:44
CrusaderADThe thread with everything spelled out is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2147385 any help would be appreciated :)02:44
needtonsofhelpthis system has been dual boot some form of ubuntu since i got it =)02:44
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: well, sorry to be captain hindsight but don't install OS's then leave home XD02:44
icedwaterdaftykins: Ha! Captain Hindsight.02:45
Ben64i always bring my tools with me. usb drive, cds of various tools02:45
daftykinsicedwater: yeah it's a great character02:45
daftykinsBen64: i hear ya.02:46
daftykinsi was roadtripping the US when a taxi driver who i think was toking on weed asked me about whether he should install case fans in a PC he'd just built02:46
daftykinsmoral of the story - you've gotta take your gameface wherever you go02:46
johnjohn101well did he need any case fans?02:47
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: gonna reboot and try the hd0,1 bits?02:47
needtonsofhelpran ls (hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1)02:48
arcripexany1 please help see screenshot http://postimg.org/image/q7q3lnaap/ my desktop is showing some annoyin white panel in gnome 3 fallback please help02:48
needtonsofhelptried ls command with /, without/, with msdos, and only with numbers. error reads Unknown Filesystem02:48
icedwaterLooks like you do need msdos then.02:48
daftykinsjohnjohn101: definitely02:49
daftykinsi recommended an exhaust fan, always worth it02:49
needtonsofhelpI figured I needed the msdos in there, but it read with all the same results, should i try to add the boot after the slash as well?02:49
Ben64needtonsofhelp: http://i.imgur.com/auKggI6.jpg02:50
needtonsofhelpi get the Unknown Filesystem with no sector listings, nothing02:51
Ben64try hd1?02:52
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: You chose the Windows recovery option?02:52
needtonsofhelpearlier, never passed the main screen, will try hd1 now02:52
needtonsofhelphd1 cannot get C/H/S values02:52
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: "ls" alone will list all drives and partitions.02:53
Ben64what did hd0 say?02:53
needtonsofhelpUnknown Filesystem02:53
Ben64oh cool, didn't know you could do ls by itself02:53
needtonsofhelpran ls (hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1)02:53
=== benjamino is now known as ium_ajn
Ben64needtonsofhelp: try just "ls"02:53
needtonsofhelpjust posted my result02:54
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: It sounds like the Windows recovery process did start somehow, and deleted your Ubuntu partition (and maybe your Windows one as well) completely. Did you have any data on this machine that you haven't backed up?02:54
needtonsofhelp(hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1)02:54
daftykinswhy does it think they're msdos partitions, heh :(02:54
Ben64its msdos partitions02:54
needtonsofhelpi am willing to lose the data, no idea why its reading everything as msdos02:54
Jordan_Udaftykins: Because they're partitions on a msdos partition table, as opposed to a GUID partition table, or Apple Partition Map, or...02:54
daftykinsJordan_U: ah ok, GRUB talks about them in a non-FS way02:55
dr_willismsdos is the partion type. not the filesystem of the partition ;)02:55
daftykinsfair enough02:55
daftykinsi haven't ever been graced with any education with GRUB02:55
daftykinsif it said MBR i'd have known02:55
Jordan_Udaftykins: DOS's FS is FAT anyway, not "msdos".02:56
daftykinsJordan_U: yeah, you're getting patronising now... easy there ;)02:56
Jordan_Udaftykins: But all disks have an MBR, so it's not a very good description of a type of partition table.02:56
johnjohn101how do you get the really nice grub on ubuntu that opensuse uses?02:56
johnjohn101yeah, i need to learn me some grub02:56
icedwaterMe too, just not now :P02:56
daftykinswell a >2.5TB odd disk with GPT doesn't really have an MBR i'd have thought - unless you mean in the most generic sense - 'a master boot record' i.e. pointer to what to boot02:57
daftykinsbut yeah, i've pursued that tangential thread a tad too far02:57
Jordan_Ujohnjohn101: "Really nice" in what way? Grub has theming (which Ubuntu doesn't use by default). Assuming that OpenSuSe uses grub2 you should be able to use their grub theme in Ubuntu.02:57
needtonsofhelpon boot: error:no such partition grub rescue>02:57
needtonsofhelpim assuming my partition was 2 for ubuntu, however wasnt there a recovery partition as well?02:58
johnjohn101Jordan_U: how does one do that?02:58
Jordan_Ujohnjohn101: Assuming they've done things the normal way, look for their grub theme directory in /boot/grub/, copy it to Ubuntu's /boot/grub/ and in /etc/default/grub add GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub/THEME_DIRECTORY_HERE/theme.txt, then run "sudo update-grub".02:59
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: found it yet?02:59
needtonsofhelpicedwater got nothing amigo03:00
johnjohn101jordan_u: wondering why ubuntu doesn't do the themes03:00
icedwaterTo keep things as simple as possible is my bet.. I don't know though.03:01
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: did you say you were in Florida? whereabouts?03:01
Jordan_Ujohnjohn101: Ubuntu hides the grub menu by default, and grub themes can slow down the grub menu (more or less depending on hardware, the theme, and the screen resolution).03:01
needtonsofhelpfort lauderdale area03:01
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: anywhere near Ft. Lauderdale?03:01
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: no freakin' way03:01
icedwaterFrom IRC to IRL.03:02
icedwaterNot bad.03:02
icedwaterYou gonna help on-site, daftykins? :P03:02
daftykinsicedwater: i'm not in the US but someone in another channel is03:02
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: Without any external boot media, or a way to put the internal hard drive into another computer, or an ethernet cable and someone with a computer that has a tftp server you can netboot from, you'll pretty much have to wait until you get off the boat to fix this.03:03
needtonsofhelpok, so when i get a live cd i can run grub repair03:04
dr_willistinycorelinux live cd is like a 20mb download ;)03:05
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: this guy can give you some old CDs if you're game to go fetch them03:05
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: It depends. If you no longer have an Ubuntu partition then fixing grub won't help you much.03:05
needtonsofhelplol wish i had the capability to just jump out there03:05
Jordan_Uneedtonsofhelp: How strong of a swimmer are you?03:06
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: are you near some landmark he'd know? at a net cafe did you say?03:06
daftykinsor hostel or something03:06
needtonsofhelpok, so now im assuming that just starting up the recovery probably had an affect, lost partition 4 which is ubuntu primary boot partition and now i need a reinstall to recover, which will allow me to access the other partitions and backup03:07
needtonsofhelpdaftykins: you freakin rock. if you were here in lauderdale i would definitely buy you a drink =)03:07
fang0654Where does ubuntu store the startup information for multiple screens?03:07
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: whereabouts more specifically are you? this guy i know says he's north of Lauderdale03:08
userZwhy is ubuntu brighter than mint, and can that be adjusted?03:08
Jordan_UuserZ: The screen backlight?03:08
needtonsofhelpeast and travelling through canals03:08
icedwaterfang0654: what does multiple screens?03:08
needtonsofhelpnorth is pompano and deerfield area03:08
fang0654icedwater: multiple x sessions - I have 2 gpus03:09
icedwaterJordan_U: I've been wondering the same thing, actually, I have to tone down the brightness at boot time on my laptop even though brightness is set to 0.03:09
needtonsofhelpicedwater: come to lauderdale amigo!03:09
dr_willisuser can have monitor settings in their home directory, or the sysem an have xorg.conf define several monitors03:09
fang0654icedwater: I'm trying to get compiz to start on both at startup, but only seems to run on one of them03:10
icedwaterfang0654: yep, so my first place would be to look in ~ for a .X_something_or_the_other03:10
icedwaterThen maybe in /etc/03:11
userZJordan_U. yes the backlight, is that adjustable in ubuntu? and in mint?03:11
icedwaterBut if you're concerned about compiz, probably the compiz configuration is what you would prefer.03:11
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: my good pal is west of pompano, "near St road 7/441" apparently - if you could get near there you could get a CD off him?03:11
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: you steer the boat?03:12
fang0654icedwater: no luck.  I've got compiz configured fine, just getting it to startup on login03:12
icedwaterHmm, tough.03:12
Jordan_UuserZ: Yes, it's possible to change the screen brightness. I'm working from Lubuntu at the moment so I don't have the same settings GUI, but it should be in "System Settings" somewhere.03:12
needtonsofhelp7/441 is miles inland03:12
userZmint is really dim default03:13
needtonsofhelpwell guys, you are very appreciated, however, i believe that this problem will require me to do more that grub rescue alone03:13
icedwateruserZ: I prefer that, I am often momentarily blinded when I turn my laptop on at night, and then again when I log on to Ubuntu.03:14
needtonsofhelpicedwater: im the bar captain, you gotta go through me for booze03:14
icedwaterneedtonsofhelp: doesn't mean you can make the boat go ... oh right :P03:14
=== d is now known as Guest31747
userZicedwater, I sit several feet away from my monitor so I like it bright03:15
daftykinsneedtonsofhelp: sad face :( well good luck with it03:16
makarai've register with Ekiga, but I can't connect. How can I check that SIP ports are being forwarded by my company's router and that it's not just an Ekiga issue?03:16
roothorickhow do I kill pulseaudio?03:17
dr_willisisent pulseaudio a servie you can stop?03:18
=== matthew is now known as Guest95155
Guest95155My Software Updater is failing everytime I try to run it03:19
Guest95155does anyone else experience this problem?03:19
laskoWhat errors is it displaying?03:19
Guest95155"Failed to download repository information"03:20
dr_willisor fallback to the cli command to update/upgrade the system Guest95155  and look for any errors.03:20
laskoopen a terminal and try  "sudo apt-get update"03:20
laskoit'll give more information03:20
Guest95155I tried the Terminal route but it came across the same three detailed errors:03:21
Guest95155W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chasedouglas/multitouch/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found03:21
Guest95155W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chasedouglas/multitouch/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found03:21
Guest95155E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.03:21
daftykinsGuest95155: those errors don't mean it didn't work at all03:22
daftykinsGuest95155: just that those specific sources didn't work03:22
userZMultisystem is a great little program for usb booting03:22
Guest95155correct, but I'd like it to actually install the updates, because all it has done is recognize them and download them03:23
userZbetter than unetbootin or pendrivelinux imo03:23
Guest95155@ daftykins: it doesn't finish loading the application03:23
dr_willisthose ppas are either down, or dont have quantal packages.. best idea would be to disable the ppas  Guest9515503:23
laskoIf you actually go to: ttp://ppa.launchpad.net/chasedouglas/multitouch/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not03:24
laskoyou'll see the url doesn't resolve properly03:24
laskohence your error03:24
makaraor any suggestion on SIP alternatives to Skype, Ekiga?03:24
dr_willisi alwos have to wonder why you have the  64bit and 32bit ppas enabled03:24
Guest95155@ lasko: so how do I disable those connections03:24
daftykinsGuest95155: sure, but the errors you mention when done CLI aren't showstoppers. did you perform an upgrade via CLI?03:24
laskoedit your sources file03:24
somsipmakara: I used jitsi for a while. Seemed ok03:24
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:25
Guest95155@ lasko: thanks03:25
laskoor comment them out --  /etc/apt/sources.list03:25
dr_willisa PPA should be in /etc/sources.list.d/*   not in sources.list03:25
makarasomsip, thx03:25
Guest95155@ daftykins: I am a complete noob at linux stuff - don't know what CLI means03:25
lasko^Ah yes03:25
laskoThats right03:25
dr_willisdepending on how you added them03:25
* lasko is now away03:26
dr_willisGuest95155:  use the software-sources tool and disable them via the gui then03:26
icedwaterGuest95155: CLI is the command-line interface.03:27
Guest95155@ icedwater: ha, wow, thanks.03:27
daftykinsGuest95155: so updating via "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"03:29
Guest95155@ daftykins: this updater - does this just install all recommended updates?03:30
daftykinsGuest95155: yep all available package updates03:31
dr_willistheres no need to be using @ on irc03:31
daftykinsdr_willis: could be worse ;)03:32
dr_willishe'll get carple tunnle. ;)03:32
Guest95155dr_willis: it has nothing to do with twitter, I promise.03:32
Guest95155just a habit of mind03:32
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:33
dr_willismost peoples irc clients auto 'jighlight' when you say their nick.. so its a bit redundant03:33
voignarwierd sort of question. I recently had a laptop die on me, due to the graphics card. I tried putting the hard drive from that laptop into my new one. The Ubuntu install works great, but the WIndows install doesn't. I'm relatively sure that all I'm missing is one driver from Windows. Is it possible for me to install the driver from Ubuntu, for Windows?03:33
voignar(if th question is better for the forums, just point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way :))03:34
daftykinsvoignar: are you trying to boot the Windows install from that second hard disk on the new laptop?03:35
dr_willisvoignar:  may  be better to ask in #windows also03:35
daftykinsi'm more puzzled as to what you mean03:35
voignardaftykins, its one hard drive, dual booting with wubi.03:35
dr_willisvoignar:  the wubi install in windows works.. but windows it self dosent? thats.... amuseing03:36
daftykinsso what isn't working in ubuntu?03:36
daftykinsoh windows doesn't03:36
daftykinswhat isn't working in windows? :D03:36
voignarubuntu works amazing, no modifications neccessary, which is pretty incredible. Windows doesn't boot, and I'm pretty sure its the mass storage controller03:37
dr_willisid be using that wubi instgall to backup anything imporntant from the windows and linux  parts of the hard drive.. befor trying to fix windows03:37
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
dr_willisits possible any fixs to windows may break wubi..03:38
daftykinsplus WUBI breaks WUBI03:38
daftykinsand thus should be killed, preferably with fire03:38
voignarlol, had no idea wubi was that bad :P03:38
dr_williswubi is being disciontinued..03:38
Soulflare3LOL wubi breaks wubi03:39
dr_willisso it would be a good idea to plan on moving to a normal install in the future03:39
Soulflare3You get a faster install with a normal install anyway :/03:39
Soulflare3it performs much better in EXT3/4 than under NTFS03:39
daftykinsmostly i just cringe when people come on here and ask for help fixing their WUBI installs03:40
daftykinsor getting data back from them03:40
dr_willisat least this time wubi is the life-saver  not the rock03:40
daftykinsi mean, if they're not happy at command line, getting someone to mount NTFS from a LiveCD to start is just insane :(03:40
daftykinstrue, but as you pointed out he's gotta undo that scenario to progress03:41
daftykinswe should really be able to decouple installation order from computers, if you get me?03:41
daftykinseasier with multiple disks i suppose03:41
daftykinsi got tired of multiboot 'cause you couldn't easily reinstall one without messing with the others to some extent03:42
voignarwubi was a nice way to have people try out ubuntu for the first time. Real easy install and all that.03:47
icedwaterI haven't seen wubi in a long time, they switched it to just a "reboot to try Ubuntu" dialog box, right?03:49
voignarsomething like that yah. Loads less intimidating then using a live cd to set it up03:49
awm10If I'm making a package and some install files need to go into users' /home/theuser directories, how do I do that?03:50
awm10If I install files to the root user's home folder (/root), will they also be installed to all of the users' /home/* folders?03:51
daftykinsvoignar: i suppose it depends how much the user wants to see, granted LiveCDs were terrible for speed. nowadays of course, flash drives are so ubiquitous that they make that experience great, if users can get them03:52
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
awm10When you make a new desktop user on Ubuntu, where do his files come from? Are they copied from the /root user as a skeleton or something?04:02
somsipawm10: /etc/skel04:05
=== raster is now known as Guest74479
awm10somsip > Thanks!04:06
i3luefireso i am trying to "clone" my 160gb ide hdd to a newer 500gb sata hdd but i have tried several different programs and they all are taking too long. clonezilla said over 26hrs dd seems like it may be even slower and ddrescue is slower still04:06
seronisi assume  'cp'  wasnt fast enough either ?04:08
awm10If I wanted a .deb file to add an entry to the .bashrc file, I would of course want to have it append to /etc/skel. Would it be incorrect to also modify existing users' /home/*/.bashrc files?04:08
i3luefirei thought it would be slower and more prone to errors04:08
i3luefirebut i didnt try cp04:08
WeThePeopleheadphones are not working through pulseaudio, ive have tried editing the .conf files no luck04:09
somsipi3luefire: rsync is probably the safest but I doubt it will be quicker04:09
i3luefirei am talking about 400KB/s04:09
awm10i3luefire > cp -r if you're copying a directory.04:10
i3luefirethe slower drive should be able to be read at ~50MB/s04:10
somsipawm10: use the global /etc/bashrc, though whether that is a good idea I don't know. man bash and /bashrc04:10
i3luefirei am not doing directories i am trying to move my ubuntu isntall to a newer safer faster easier to use sata drive04:11
awm10somsip > Thanks again, I'll check the man.04:11
seronisi3luefire:  so you are copying the  '/' directory04:11
seronis(just pointing out its still a recursive directory copy)04:11
seronisbut.. i have no idea how symlinks and such will be handled04:12
i3luefirein a manner of speaking but i want the mbr and the uuid to come too if possible04:12
seronisout of my league04:13
somsipseronis i3luefire: cp can preserve everything - cp -ar from memory but needs checking04:13
i3luefirei need to be able to boot this final product04:13
somsipi3luefire: then your solution needs something more than just copying /04:13
somsipi3luefire: here you go https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MovingLinuxPartition04:15
=== sathish_ is now known as sathish
i3luefirety somsip04:16
LibrePenguin32bit Raring installs as guest on windows host, boots to login, gets to desktop, updates, but then there is only a black screen. No gui. What should I do?04:19
somsipLibrePenguin: enable 3d accelaration in the VM? It sounds like you're talking about a VM...04:20
LibrePenguinyes, I am. Will do. THanks for the suggestion, sornsip...04:20
somsipLibrePenguin: I understand that Unity under Raring does not play nicely on VMs without 3d accelaration. Can't say I've done anything with this myself though04:21
LibrePenguini will be glad if i can get it to run...04:21
dr_willis i got rareing with unity going ok in vbox  on windows7. with guest addations and 3d support checked in vbox04:27
dr_willislubuntu does run better however ;)04:27
LibrePenguinsornsip, i also get an error message: compiz crashed with sigil04:27
slicefruitsninjacan anyone please help me04:28
slicefruitsninjai installed my first ubuntu 13.0404:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:28
slicefruitsninjai wiped windows04:28
slicefruitsninjai have problem with partions04:29
slicefruitsninjamy computer won't boot from the install which i did on the partition, right now I am booting from a live CD04:29
slicefruitsninjacan anyone please help me.04:29
dr_willisyou are going to make  a windows free system?04:29
dr_willisgive us more details...04:29
dr_willisand the issue is?04:29
slicefruitsninjathe issue is04:29
slicefruitsninjai installed ubuntu04:29
slicefruitsninjabut my laptop is not booting from that install04:30
dr_williswe can read more then 3 words on a single line... ;)04:30
slicefruitsninjasorry, i chat like that :(04:30
dr_willisso what is the laptop doing exactly when you tell it to boot/04:30
slicefruitsninjawhen I turn it on04:30
dr_williswe finally get to the atual problm.. ;)04:30
slicefruitsninjait shows this black screen with a message04:30
slicefruitsninjaand gives me boot options04:30
bazhang!enter | slicefruitsninja04:30
ubottuslicefruitsninja: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:30
slicefruitsninjato boot from cd/network/hdd04:30
awm10somsip > After reading your comment I realized that what I actually need to do is add a .desktop for my application's service to the global autostart at /etc/xdg/autostart.04:30
bazhangslicefruitsninja, stop with the enter key04:31
LibrePenguinwhich is a nice, default 2D Desk Top Environment that is in the Ubuntu repositories? What would be the command to install it? eg sudo apt-get install gnome-shell   (btw, gnome-shell is default 3d, i believe)04:31
awm10Thanks again for the help.04:31
somsipawm10: that's over my head, but I'm glad you got sorted out04:31
dr_willisLibrePenguin:  lubuntu or xubuntu04:31
slicefruitsninjadr willis, can you help me please04:31
dr_willisLibrePenguin:  package name is lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop04:31
slicefruitsninjashould it ake a snapshot of Gparted?04:31
LibrePenguingreat, thanks, dr_willis04:32
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  so far you havent really told us much.. you tell the thing to boot the hard drive you installed to.. and it should boot..04:32
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  if its not booting. i would try redoing the install. or trying the boot-repair tool04:32
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:32
slicefruitsninjai have the following partion /dev/sda inside there is /dev/sda2, dev /sda304:33
slicefruitsninjainside /dev/sda2 my ubuntu is installed because it shows 7GB spaced used and 285GB free04:33
alien64slicefruitsninja: sounds like grub thinks your install is somewhere else04:33
bazhangwubi install?04:33
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  so whats sda1 ? you did erase all of windows off the hd?04:33
slicefruitsninjano, I downloaded ubuntu 13.04, burned it, and deleted my partitions which had windows, I wanted clean ubuntu install.04:34
slicefruitsninjathe ubuntu installation worked, however, when I turn on my computer, it shows black screen and then goes to the boot options04:34
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slicefruitsninjadr willis, yes I erased all of windows.04:35
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  i would try the boot-repair tool mentioned on the wiki pages liste above. and let it 'fix' grub for you and see if that works04:35
alien64so if it worked whats the problem ?04:35
dr_willisthe installer had an option to totally erase the hard drive. :) it could have erased windows fo ryou.04:35
slicefruitsninjawell i had errors, when I was doing disk erase and install ubuntu, so I messed with the partitons and I have like 4 partions now04:36
slicefruitsninjai am going to try the wiki pages, hopefully, it fixes it.04:36
alien64it will04:36
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  or redo the install and tell it to use the whole hard drive. and let it partion as it wants04:37
alien64dont skip any steps :)04:37
slicefruitsninjaDo i need to burn boot repair?04:37
dr_willisyou can install/run boot-repair from a live cd.04:37
slicefruitsninjaokay awesome, thank you very much!104:38
slicefruitsninjado you guys think it is a good option to dual boot with windows?04:39
dr_willisif you need windows. yes04:39
dr_willisi keep windows on its own hard drive normally04:39
slicefruitsninjaAlso, would you recommend doing wubi installations?04:39
dr_willisrun away from wubi04:39
dr_willisdont even LOOK at wubi04:39
alien64wubi sucks04:39
dr_williserase wubi from the pages of history04:40
slicefruitsninjaokay boot repair gave me the following message04:40
slicefruitsninjaGPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). This can be performed via tools such as Gparted. Then try again.04:40
slicefruitsninjaDid I mess up really bad?04:41
dr_willissounds like the installer did not properly set up a gpt type partitions.. what you COULD do - is totally delete all partions on the hd.. with gparted. reboot the installer. then rerun the installer and let it partion as needed04:41
dr_willisthere is nothing on the hd you nee dto keep? its  just a broken new ubuntu install?04:42
slicefruitsninjai lost all my files, I had a backup drive, but that got wiped, I guess it's okay.04:42
slicefruitsninjaOkay I opened Gparted and i see three partions04:42
slicefruitsninjaunloaccted, /dev/sda2/ and /dev/sda304:42
slicefruitsninjashould I delete these three?04:43
dr_willishmm.. looks like thats how it should be.. from that boot-repair message..04:43
dr_willismane sure the bios-grub flag is set on the first partition04:43
dr_willismake sure.04:43
slicefruitsninjaby first partiton, do you mean the one which has Ubuntu installed?04:43
dr_willisbut it shouldent be unallocaed.04:44
dr_willisso that may be the issue04:44
dr_willisor delete alll 3 and rerun the installer..04:44
slicefruitsninjaokay deleting.04:44
slicefruitsninjaumm, why is delete greyed out?04:44
slicefruitsninjathere is a key beside the /dev/sda2 [ext4] and /dev/sda3 [linux-swap]04:45
alien64slicefruitsninja: are you running from live cd atm04:46
slicefruitsninjayes @alien.04:46
dr_willisswap may be in use04:47
alien64he clouls just run the installer again and tell it to erase everything and install ubuntu on sda just let it auto do it04:48
slicefruitsninjasorry for being such a newbie, how do I delete these 3 partitions, since the delete in the menu is greyed out.04:50
dr_willismake theure they are unmounted and  swap it turned orr..04:51
dr_willisright click on th epartions and look and see04:51
slicefruitsninjaokay unmounting04:51
daftykinsslicefruitsninja: you have to right click turn swap off04:51
slicefruitsninjaI was following a tutorial and it said to change the Grub, use this: sudo grub-install –root-directory=/home/ubuntu/temp /dev/sda04:51
alien64slicefruitsninja: just run the installer and let ubuntu del the partitions there is an option to erase everything04:51
linelevelHi. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in an LVM on a LUKS-encrypted partition. Now when I boot, I get an LVM error (it can't find /dev/mapper/vg-root) and I get dumped into an initramfs shell. Can anyone please help me figure out why my initramfs can't see my LVM volumes?04:51
slicefruitsninjaokay, should I just re-run the installer OR should i try to delete these partitions?04:52
slicefruitsninjaam I disconnected? hello?04:53
slicefruitsninjalol, I need to fix this, it's almost 1 am and I have school :(04:54
slicefruitsninjaso what do I do, wipe the partitions, or re-run the installer?04:54
i3luefireokay.i am just going to start with a new partition on the new 500 gb hdd and then copy over all files that do not exist or have newer file versions04:55
slicefruitsninjaokay I deleted04:55
alien64id rerun the installer and choose the option to erase everything and use the whole disk :)04:55
slicefruitsninjaokay alien, re-running now.04:56
slicefruitsninjashould I choose the option Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu OR choose something else?04:57
alien64erase and install04:57
lotuspsychjemorning to all04:57
slicefruitsninjaokay, I hope it works :D :D ty for the awesome help.04:58
slicefruitsninjamorning @lotus.04:58
lotuspsychjeslicefruitsninja: tnx mate04:58
slicefruitsninjaso far no errors :D :D :D04:58
alien64if that dun work i dunno i did exactly that and it worked for me04:58
slicefruitsninjaif it doesn't work, then I have to install windows 7 :(04:59
slicefruitsninjai want to try ubuntu :D :D04:59
kelvin_who are you04:59
slicefruitsninja<-- Creator of Ubuntu04:59
slicefruitsninja<-- Newbie05:00
slicefruitsninja@alien, do you code?05:00
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houserWhat does this command exactly do? (omitting target dir) cp -R /path/to/folder05:02
lotuspsychjeslicefruitsninja: please you #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss other stuff then ubuntu problems05:02
slicefruitsninjaokay sorry05:02
=== cj-bnc is now known as cjsarette
SwedeMikehouser: I'd imagine it'll throw an error?05:03
lotuspsychjehouser: man says its -R recursivly copy folder05:03
alien64slicefruitsninja: for android some yes05:03
houserSwedeMike, it dont05:04
houserSwedeMike, it did it accidently and something was copied in a weird way and my dir structure is all messed up now05:04
SwedeMikehouser: did you use a wildcard in the folder string?05:05
slicefruitsninjanice nice, @alien, I have one partiton in /dev/sda it is called unallocated, do you think this installation would fix it, it's currently intalling right now.05:05
SwedeMikehouser: when I tried cp -R <dir> it threw me an error.05:05
alien64slicefruitsninja: pm me to discuss other stuff05:05
dr_willisunallocated means there are no partitions there. ')05:05
houserSwedeMike, i did this cp -R /path/to/folder/*05:05
slicefruitsninjadr_willis, i chose the erase and install ubuntu option,.05:06
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:   the installer should allocate partions as it needs them.05:06
dr_willisso it erased them, then remade them05:06
slicefruitsninjai erased them05:06
SwedeMikehouser: * is expanded by the shell, and then the complete string is sent to cp. So everything it expanded to will be copied recursively to the last entry * expands to.05:06
slicefruitsninjaand now running installer with the option erase and install ubuntu.05:06
dr_willisso it should have remade the partions it needed05:06
alien64you should have picked erase and install you dont see what its doing it just does it05:06
SwedeMikehouser: so if you have d1 d2 d3 and do cp -R d* d1 and d2 will be copied into d3.05:07
lotuspsychjehouser: with what purpose did you choose -R05:07
dr_willisassuming it did make them right.. it could be   using gpt when it dosent need to.05:07
houserlotuspsychje, to copy recursively05:07
i3luefiremy both ubuntu and my xubuntu disks are having issues booting so i am going to use pc-bsd. no-offence05:07
slicefruitsninjaokay i just opened gparted and i see new partitions05:07
houserSwedeMike, yeah ok then that must have happened05:07
houserSwedeMike, so everything has been copied into my webroot dir05:08
lotuspsychjei3luefire: what kind of issues?05:08
alien64let the install finish and we shall see05:08
slicefruitsninjadev sda1 [fat32], dev sda2 [ext4], devsda3 [linux-swap]05:08
slicefruitsninjaokay :D :D ty for the awesom help.05:08
i3luefirethey stop reading the disks and just sit ther05:08
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  that looks mor ereasonable.. sda1 was unallocatgged befor05:08
alien64lol fat 3205:09
slicefruitsninjawill fat32 work?05:09
lotuspsychjei3luefire: any errors you can paste us?05:09
MBfreeWhy fat32?05:09
slicefruitsninjaI don't know, ubuntu choose that.05:09
dr_willisbecause thats what grub-gtp/efi needs05:09
dr_willisits a special boot partion for some reason05:10
MBfreeoh ok, sry, I'm joining late in the conversation05:10
i3luefirenot past but. it had something to do with not having access to a particular drive which i am assuming was the cd drive05:10
slicefruitsninjais there any way to click the icon in unity and it minimizes same behavouir like windows?05:10
lotuspsychje!details | i3luefire05:10
ubottui3luefire: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:10
alien64id say ubuntu is going on sda205:10
slicefruitsninjayes, it's used space is 7.64gb05:11
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  theres some patched unity out there that has that feature.. but  i find its best to just learn to click on the  app you are interested in.. not minimizeing somthing THEN click on the app you want05:11
dr_willisi rarely minoimize anything these days05:11
i3luefirelotuspsychje, one moment i have another disk in there atm and want to see if that works05:11
alien64how big is that fat 32 part?05:11
MBfreeit's better to just click the app you need slickfruitninja05:11
slicefruitsninjafat32 size = 94mb, used 1.58mb05:12
slicefruitsninjait has the flag boot.05:12
alien64humm thats bad05:13
Ben64slicefruitsninja: what are you trying to do? why do you have a 94MB fat32 partition?05:13
alien64it shouldnt be there at all lol05:13
slicefruitsninjaI was trying to install ubuntu, I wiped the windows hd, and ubuntu woudn't load. So booted live cd and went to installer and choose Erase and Install Ubuntu.05:14
slicefruitsninjaNow I got 3 partitions inside dev sda05:14
slicefruitsninja dev sda1 [fat32], dev sda2 [ext4], devsda3 [linux-swap]05:14
lotuspsychje!info virtualbox-qt | sianhulo05:15
ubottusianhulo: virtualbox-qt (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - Qt based user interface. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.10-dfsg-0ubuntu2 (raring), package size 4490 kB, installed size 20433 kB05:15
dr_willisthe fat32 partion is needed because of the use of gpt according to what boot-repaiir said05:15
dr_willisand its what the installer auto-setup05:15
lotuspsychjesianhulo: did you install this package?05:15
slicefruitsninjaI guess we will find out after I reboot, installation is 90% finished.05:15
alien64oh ya forgot about gpt05:15
sianhulolotuspsychje, no, I haven't, but isn't that a dependency for kubuntu?05:16
dr_willishis install BEFOR did not have that fat32 partiton. but had sda1 unallocated. (well where sda1 would be)05:16
MBfreeubuntu should partition itself as needed without worrying about partitions if it's not a dual boot, etc05:16
slicefruitsninjaI hope I get all my drivers (Wifi, Sound, Graphics), as I had problems with it before.05:16
Medjaidoes anyone know ow to execute the gui that asks if you want to restart or shutdown from command line?05:16
slicefruitsninjaHowever, it works fine in Live CD.05:16
pabs3how do I get a 64-bit kernel on i386 Ubuntu precise?05:16
WeThePeopledr_willis, headphones not working through pulseaudio, i have edited the conf files extensively, no luck, any ideas, im on 12.04.2 x64 asus k55a laptop05:16
Medjaii want to mimic what is done when i go to the top right portion of unity and go to shutdown05:16
alien64never seen an install do that before05:16
dr_willispabs3:  you dont use a 64bit kernel on a 32bit install05:16
Medjaihow can i find out what the command is?05:16
WeThePeoplepabs3, download from ubuntu05:17
lotuspsychjesianhulo: read the info trigger :p05:17
pabs3I need to05:17
slicefruitsninjaQuick Question, does the battery on ubuntu or windows 7 last longer?05:17
dr_willisWeThePeople:  no idea here i rarely use headphones05:17
dr_willisslicefruitsninja:  windows drivers/companies know the tricks for the spcific hardware to make batterys last longer in windows.05:17
MBfreeMine last about the same05:17
slicefruitsninjabrb need to restart.05:18
i3luefire"I have a problem with getting into the installer, I'm running Ubuntu version xubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso and also ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso When I try to do a normal boot from the cd, I get the following output: i see the splash screen with some symbol at the bottom and the disc stops spinning, but I expected it to do keep spinning and bring my to an installer prompt of some sort or a live desktop"05:18
dr_willisbut ubuntu/linux can often do the same tasks with less cpu load.05:18
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: did you upgrade or clean install?05:18
sianhulolotuspsychje, "This package provides the Qt based graphical user interface for VirtualBox."05:18
WeThePeoplelotuspsychje, clean install from live cd05:18
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: did you check additional drivers for audio?05:19
Yoshiewhat is bbl?05:19
lotuspsychjeYoshie: be back later05:19
WeThePeoplelotuspsychje, yes none there05:19
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: maybe a pulseaudio restart?05:19
WeThePeoplelotuspsychje, tried that many times with newly edited conf files05:20
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: or finding pulseaudio logs to see errros?05:20
lotuspsychjei3luefire: are you sure your hd is good to go? magnetic hd or ssd?05:21
i3luefiremagnetic hd05:21
lotuspsychjesianhulo: how about installing virtualbox from software centre?05:21
sianhulolotuspsychje, I took a closer look, and there are 2 packages with the name virtualvox-qt, one is installed already05:21
i3luefirelotuspsychje, the cdrom disc is magically working now05:22
lotuspsychjei3luefire: ubuntu should work or any computer, if not doublecheck your hardware05:22
boggleNeed to crop a photo. Don't want to deal with installing gimp and wading through features. If this were windows I'd use mspaint. Can anyone recommend something similarly straight forward and light?05:24
i3luefirelotuspsychje, i am aware of that. so i have done all the checking of the hw i know how to do. also this hw has been working with ubuntu. but i am just having a frustrating time getting it to work now.05:24
MBfreeLibre Office Draw should do that05:24
sianhulolotuspsychje, that was the first thing I did, didn't work>tried from the page, it didn't wprk05:24
i3luefirei am out of blank cds or i would have just made a new disc05:24
PARAPANhi fellows need some help with 12.04 lts - is there a way tomake-it look like 10.04 ???05:25
lotuspsychjei3luefire: you got an usb to install from?05:25
Name141is the mini ISOs the closes to Ubuntu's Netinstall ?05:26
MBfree@i3luefire what exactly is your problem?05:26
i3luefiremaybe. but the disc seems to be working now. so i am going to try to use it05:26
lotuspsychje!notunity | PARAPAN05:26
ubottuPARAPAN: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.05:27
slicerfruitsninj@dr_wilson, same error :(05:28
PARAPANlotuspsychje: thanks > but there are other changes too ....like libre office instead ooo ????05:28
lotuspsychjePARAPAN: newer versions hold new changes yes...05:28
slicerfruitsninjI wonder why i am getting this error05:29
MBfreewhat error?05:29
i3luefireMBfree, i am truly just trying to get my working ubuntu server 12.04.2 x64 installation copied off of an old ide hd to a new sata one so that i can get back to normal opperations. i had the os semi-working yesterday by installing a new grub. but then i realized it was running off of the old hd. and that i wanted to get rid of that because my new mobo doesnt have pata ide ports05:29
lotuspsychjeslicerfruitsninj: re-ask your question here once in a while05:29
slicerfruitsninjExiting Pxe Rom its a black screen, and just goes to boot options. it does not boot ubuntu, even though I inatalled it.05:30
PARAPANlotuspsychje: the first thing I miss is the menu from top left ...with all categories like internet / office , etc ..where you could see all installed programs at a glance - is there any way to have the same in this version ?05:31
lotuspsychje!info classicmenu-indicator | PARAPAN05:31
ubottuPARAPAN: classicmenu-indicator (source: classicmenu-indicator): indicator showing the main menu from Gnome Classic. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.07-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 8 kB, installed size 105 kB05:31
beastmanragehello all, anyone with an android device have a sec, i really need some thoughts on an app05:31
lotuspsychje!android | beastmanrage05:32
lotuspsychjebeastmanrage: check #android mate05:32
beastmanragei've been, id like to hear it from non-devs05:32
beastmanrageandroid* devs that is ;)05:32
lotuspsychjebeastmanrage: #ubuntu-offtopic will have good opinions :p05:33
fractalinebeastmanrage, whats up?05:33
diaboliknot here folks05:33
beastmanrageits a rotary phone (novelty) app, it would take like 2 secs05:33
boggleNeed to crop a photo. Don't want to deal with installing gimp and wading through features. If this were windows I'd use mspaint. Can anyone recommend something similarly straight forward and light?05:34
PARAPANlotuspsychje: so i've to install new packages05:34
lotuspsychjeboggle: they just requested you libreoffice draw05:35
bogglelotuspsychje: ah, just not addressed to me, thank you05:36
alien64my ubuntu install 13.04 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32291204/Screenshot%20from%202013-05-21%2023%3A21%3A26.png05:36
boggleMBfree: thanks!05:36
MBfreeyes boggle, use draw, i'm sorry i didn't adress you05:36
slicerfruitsninj@alien, it did not working :(05:36
boggleMBfree: no worries, thanks for the tip! :)05:37
alien64slicerfruitsninj: yes i see that sorry05:37
slicerfruitsninjThanks for help though.05:37
boggleMBfree: about to try some elancing, so I have to crop my ex out of one of the four photos I have of myself in a suit lol05:38
slicerfruitsninjRunning boot repair05:38
alien64sure np wish it would have really bean helpfull :(05:38
alien64brb rebooting05:39
Neozonzhello im using ufw allow 333305:39
Neozonzbut the port does not appear to be open when port scanning05:39
Ben64Neozonz: you need something listening on the port05:39
Neozonzah ok05:40
Neozonzseems like the daemon is not working correctly05:40
sianhuloI don't know what's the deal with virtual box http://pastebin.com/Fy6CzUh405:40
Ben64sianhulo: stuff in init.d are not things you can modprobe05:41
sianhuloBen64, hmm, still I don't know what's the deal with it as I cannot run any OS because of "missing kernel"05:42
slicerfruitsninjFinally it worked05:43
slicerfruitsninjAwesome ty for the help at dr_wilson.05:43
slicerfruitsninjYou there?05:44
alien64yup i seen05:44
Soulflare3sianhulo what OS is your host system (the one you are trying to run virtualbox on) and the version of your OS?05:45
diabolikprobably give up on vb and try out the CD itself05:45
alien64slicerfruitsninj: you on irc via your phone :)05:45
sianhuloSoulflare3, ubuntu 13.04 (64 bits)05:45
slicerfruitsninjAlien, yes it worked05:45
slicerfruitsninjBoot repair fixed it :D ty ty05:46
alien64slicerfruitsninj: good05:46
slicerfruitsninjCant enable wifi though05:46
alien64why not05:46
slicerfruitsninjIts greyed05:47
=== JKL1234- is now known as JKL|lejos
slicerfruitsninjIt was working on live05:47
alien64look in network in system settings05:48
dr_willisi am on irc right now via my phone05:48
lotuspsychjedr_willis: what irc client?05:48
dr_willisusing andchat05:48
alien64my tablet i use android irc05:49
dr_willisit handles the basics well.. crashes on nick completion WAY to much.. but its crased on nickcompletion at times for ever.. :) the only time i ever see it crash05:49
slicerfruitsninjIn network settings for wireless i cannot turn on switch05:49
dr_willistablet   hot-spoted to my phone   at the moment05:49
Soulflare3andchat is awesome :D05:49
slicerfruitsninjShould airplane mode be on?05:50
dr_willisslicerfruitsninj:  but it worked on the live cd?05:50
slicerfruitsninjYes at dr05:50
lotuspsychjewhat irc client would ubuntu touch use?05:50
dr_willisairplane mode = all wifreless is OFF..05:50
slicerfruitsninjLuckily everything else is working05:50
daftykinsall bets are off05:50
daftykins...in airplane mode05:50
slicerfruitsninjTurned off airplane05:50
Soulflare3is ubuntu touch a regular ubuntu install just optimised for touch? If so I use XChat on both my Windows and Ubuntu machines...05:51
slicerfruitsninjBut wifi turn on is still gray05:51
dr_willisAirplane mode ON  = all wireless is OFF. ;)05:51
dr_willisairplane mode  off = wireless works ;) here05:51
slicerfruitsninjIn terminal do you use code wifi unblock all??05:51
aeon-ltddr_willis: that said it's a wonder why modern phones don't have individual radio controls05:52
dr_willisi rarely have to do anything with wifi on my machines. :)  I was sure to buy usb dongles that worked with linux out of the box.05:52
daftykinsaeon-ltd: err they do...05:52
Soulflare3sianhulo what is the exact error you receive about the kernel? I think it's one I've solved in the past, but I want the exact error.05:52
dr_willisaeon-ltd:  mine does. :)05:52
dr_willisaurplane mode = all off.05:52
daftykinsdr_willis: what situation do you find yourself in when only a tablet + phone to IRC from is possible?05:53
slicerfruitsninjI turned of airplane05:53
dr_willisairplane mode =  turn that on befor you hand the phone over to the 5 yr old.. or else he will buy stuff on amazon when you dont expect it05:53
WeThePeopleis it possible to turn a windows exe driver into a ubuntu compatible driver?05:53
slicerfruitsninjI used command rfkill list all05:53
slicerfruitsninjIt shows wifi as hard blocked.05:53
alocerinternetless :D05:53
aeon-ltdWeThePeople: that depends on what driver it is05:53
dr_willisdaftykins:  i am using a Nexux7 with a bluetooth keyboard  -   going through my phone.. to get to irc. i do it all the time at work05:53
daftykinsdr_willis: ah ok, whilst working05:53
dr_willisi dont carry a laptop around any more05:53
alocerWeThePeople: Ndiswrapper05:53
daftykinsdr_willis: weight factor?05:54
Soulflare3You need to get the .ini files out of the .exe first though for Ndiswrapper05:54
sianhuloSoulflare3, http://pastebin.com/Uny43rN305:54
dr_willisplus i dont need anything a laotp does   at this time. ;)05:54
lafynon the plus side, i found by anyone else05:54
dr_willisi can do it all on my tablet05:54
lotuspsychjedr_willis: nexus7 can do touch right05:54
dr_willislotuspsychje:  its a mainstream android google tablet. ;) so yes.05:55
dr_willisubuntu touch is also ported to it - if thats what you mean.05:55
lotuspsychjedr_willis: your not curious to install ubuntu touch on it?05:55
Soulflare3sianhulo, in a terminal, type in: uname -a05:55
dr_willislotuspsychje:  not really.   most all i need to do.. android does it fine05:56
sianhuloSoulflare3, "Linux simon-System-Product-Name 3.9.2-pf #17 SMP Sun May 12 10:35:57 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:56
Soulflare3Android is still linux, so... ;)05:56
* dr_willis thinks 'touch' is a silly name for an OS.05:56
WeThePeoplealocer, itwould be for a sound card driver05:56
daftykinsthat's what ubuntu have called their phone OS?05:56
daftykinsor Canonical rather05:56
lotuspsychje!touch | daftykins05:56
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:56
ubottudaftykins: please see above05:56
daftykinsyeah that's pretty bad05:56
slicerfruitsninjUghh why is my brightness on full when i turn on ubuntu05:57
alocerWeThePeople: i dont think you can !!!05:57
lotuspsychjebut it looks pretty neat!05:57
daftykinsslicerfruitsninj: 'cause you haven't haxxed your power config :D05:57
Soulflare3that happens on my laptop sometimes lols05:57
lafynhence my bad idea05:57
lafynwethepeople: what asa do05:57
=== robert_ is now known as Guest24103
WeThePeoplelafyn, do you mean alsa?05:58
lotuspsychjedr_willis: would ubuntu touch not be safer that android? i hear tons of malware every day on androids..05:58
lafynis there a which is the project level, the project says so in function(e) and then cost in power graphics cards that can be up to round a number of computers.05:58
Soulflare3I have been using android for almost 2 years and never gotten a virus ._.05:58
lotuspsychjeSoulflare3: or you think :p05:59
alocereven a malware05:59
daftykinslol virus on android05:59
Soulflare3lotuspsychje, I fix PC's, I know what a virus looks like :P - My system is clean05:59
slicerfruitsninjUghh it says wifi is disabled by hardware switch05:59
slicerfruitsninjI never touched anything05:59
daftykinsslide it back on!06:00
Soulflare3slicerfruitsninj, did you try switching the switch to off then on (if you have a hardware switch?)06:00
alocerslicerfruitsninj: sudo rfkill unblock all06:00
dr_willis'what you hear' and what you actually 'get' are often widely different06:00
lafyndonkeez: does home-grown script mean we don't spam channel on his heavily loaded06:00
lafynno, i've been spending tons of other people know me as it can modify the variable, too)06:00
sianhuloandroid being java is more secure than other systems, being sandbox leads to apps to be "isolated"06:01
daftykinswow, lafyn's english was terrible06:01
lotuspsychjewho wanna join me in ot for android security talk06:01
Soulflare3sianhulo, java more secure? LOL06:01
sianhulounless it has root permisson or it exploit a java bug, of course06:01
slicerfruitsninjSoul no i am not touching anything it was working fine a few mins ago in the live cd, but when i inatalled it doesnt work anymore.06:01
daftykinsit's like his/her every sentence was three personalities trying to express their different conversations but with one pair of hands O_O06:01
sianhuloas long as the app isn't exploiting a bug on java, yes06:02
slicerfruitsninjRfkill unblock all didnt fix it06:02
Soulflare3sianhulo, did you happen to have VB installed and then upgrade to 13.04? like from 12.10?06:02
alien64who would like an android virus ill code you one up :)06:02
slicerfruitsninjWhen i type in rfkill list all it shows wifi as hard blocked.06:02
sianhuloSoulflare3, fresh install06:02
MBfreeme, i want one :P06:02
daftykinsso your argument about java's level of security is to say it's great as long as nobody is trying to make it look bad? sweet06:02
sianhuloalien64, I'll pass06:02
Soulflare3booting my ubuntu machine so I can take a look and walk through06:03
lotuspsychjeguys guys ubuntu support :p06:03
daftykinslotuspsychje: oooooh yeah that's that thing... we do06:03
lotuspsychjelets move to ot,06:03
daftykinsi dunno, there be dragons in ot06:03
sianhulodaftykins, no, a virus may cause harm in any system without exploiting bugs(because of careless users), but in android the harm it may do is less than others systems because of java06:03
MBfreequestion: how do you mention a specific person on XChat?06:04
alien64MBfree: here ya go >>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32291204/www/alienbrowser/Alien_Browser.apk06:04
lotuspsychje!tab | MBfree06:04
ubottuMBfree: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:04
sianhulostart typing their name and tap "tab"06:04
icedwaterMBfree: just write the name.06:04
lotuspsychjeidedwater: lol06:05
Soulflare3xchat has an autocomplete, but it will recognize the name automatically06:05
MBfreeok thanks alien6406:05
Soulflare3by default it puts a comma behind the name if you hit tab, but you can also just type out the name06:05
lotuspsychjeSoulflare3: join ot got a link for ya :p06:05
MBfreei dont have time for typing lol06:05
Soulflare3lotuspsychje, I saw that, I was already typing and didn't want to stop lol06:06
Soulflare3faster than me :P06:06
lotuspsychjeSoulflare3: no i mean another link (security)06:06
lotuspsychjejoin ot :p06:06
MBfreeicedwater, thanks also06:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:07
fishcookerwhy many server often choosing centos rather than ubuntu server?06:08
Soulflare3i'll read that in a min, gotta write a command for sian06:08
aeon-ltdfishcooker: you should ask the centos users that06:09
daftykinsSoulflare3: what's sian's command do?06:09
Soulflare3will fix the kernel problem he is having with virtualbox06:09
daftykinsfishcooker: lots of people talk red hat, so centos is their friend06:09
daftykinsa guy called sian, interesting06:10
Soulflare3sianhulo you're on the beta kernel? ._.06:10
MBfreeI was under the impression this was ubuntu only06:10
sianhuloSoulflare3, I'm using the one from ubuntu repository06:11
Biomechdmy laptop seems to have a minor glitch where the clock won't show the number 8 any time it occurs.06:11
Ben64sianhulo: what version of ubuntu?06:11
Soulflare3Ben64, he's using 13.04 x64 with kernel 3.9.2-pf06:11
sianhuloBen64, ubuntu 13.0406:11
Ben64!info linux-image06:11
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB06:11
Ben64yeah thats not normal06:12
Soulflare3thought so06:12
Ben64i'd bet thats the problem06:12
Soulflare3yeah, which means VB isn't compiling with 3.9, which makes sense06:12
sianhuloI wonder why is that06:12
aeon-ltdBiomechd: what clock is this?06:12
Ben64sianhulo: you must have installed some other one06:12
Biomechdaeon-ltd: generic unity clock06:12
sianhulooh yeah, now I remember I'm using a custom kernel, facepalm06:12
Soulflare3that's why06:13
Biomechdin the corner06:13
Soulflare3any reason you're using a custom kernel?06:13
chunkyheadguys need a little help i ran these commands sudo cpufreq-set -f <freq> and sudo cpufreq-set -g performance now my laptop is quite hot, any way to get it back to default settings?06:13
sianhulothe system is faster06:13
Soulflare3ah, but now you can't compile virtualbox ;)06:14
sianhuloyeah, gotta sacrifice it ;(06:14
phillip_2is there any fix for using a mobile brodband usb stick the software wont install to open the client06:14
Soulflare3is it possible to safely uninstall a kernel and roll back, say to 3.8.x?06:14
Soulflare3I've only upgraded kernels, never downgraded06:15
sianhulodone, I'll miss you snapiness :(06:15
MBfreesometimes --remove rolls back but idk either06:15
sianhuloSoulflare3, yeah, already did06:15
sianhulojust gotta wait some downloads to finish to restart06:16
Soulflare3now do you have the one installed that came with ubuntu 13 or was that removed06:16
sianhuloI still have the previous one installed06:16
Soulflare3should be either 3.8.0-19 or 3.8.0-21 depending on if you updated or not06:16
MBfreei'm completely stock ubuntu 13.0406:17
Soulflare3when your downloads finish, reboot and try running VB again. You *may* have to do a reinstall on virtualbox06:17
phillip_2trying to get clearwire moblie usb stick to work on laptop i just installed os on cant get client to install only has options for windows and mac os any workaround available?06:17
sianhuloit's not a problem, I mean, after all of this headaches06:17
Soulflare3:) almost there, just hang in there06:18
sianhuloSoulflare3, yeah, but I still have to wait 50 minutes06:18
chunkyheadguys need a little help i ran these commands sudo cpufreq-set -f <freq> and sudo cpufreq-set -g performance now my laptop is quite hot, any way to get it back to default settings?06:18
MBfreechunkyhead, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_use_cpufrequtils06:19
Soulflare3I plan on going to bed a little late tonight so I'll try to stay on for another hour or two06:20
Ben64chunkyhead: instead of performance, use ondemand06:21
MBfreeSoulflare3, where u from?06:21
lotuspsychjechunkyhead: theres a cpu indicator aswell06:22
chunkyheadBen64, that solves the performance problem :)06:22
chunkyheadMBfree, let me check it out06:22
chunkyheadlotuspsychje, that is?06:22
MBfreechunkyhead, Ben64 hit the nail on the head06:23
lotuspsychje!info indicator-cpufreq | chunkyhead06:23
ubottuchunkyhead: indicator-cpufreq (source: indicator-cpufreq): CPU frequency scaling indicator. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 32 kB, installed size 601 kB06:23
ceborsomebody who has ubuntu 13.04 with chrome-stable-27 and a soundblaster5.1-usb?  Since Version 27 all Flash Videos run a little bit to fast, while my Soundblaster is connected.06:24
chunkyheadMBfree, thanks guys that link worked :D lotuspsychje Ben6406:25
chunkyheadbattery was dying so fast, *phew*06:25
=== Simson-san|away is now known as Simson-san
chunkyheadi hear there's malware being distributed thru irc and fb these days O.o06:26
chunkyheadi read it somewhere i dont remember, brb06:26
MBfreefb is malware, hehe06:26
chunkyheadlol true that06:26
MBfreebut i still have one06:26
chunkyheadhttp://techxarena.com/308/new-malware-found-spreading-via-facebook-chat/ here found it06:26
WeThePeopleare there any other sound servers besides alsa and pulseaudio06:26
chunkyheadMBfree, you still have what?06:26
MBfreechunkyhead, facebook :P06:27
alien64fb is a waste of time06:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:27
MBfreehaha, damn bot, sry sry sry06:27
chunkyheadyeah i found that out, now it's only twitter i use for daily customized news (this was last offtopic comment bot)06:27
Soulflare3MBfree, Sorry I was working in another PC. Draper, Utah06:28
MBfreeSoulflare3, no worries06:28
chunkyheadbtw the new 3.9 kernel came out, how to update my kernel?06:29
dr_williscame out where?06:29
dr_willisive been using the 3.9 kernel from the mainstream kernel repos/site for some weeks now06:29
chunkyheadlinux peeps released it i mean06:30
Soulflare3according to the IRC bot is still the current kernel06:30
dr_willisnot seen it in the normal updates yet.06:30
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)06:30
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds06:30
chunkyheadit hasnt come out for ubuntu yet, how to update manually06:30
dr_willissee !mainline info above06:30
chunkyheadyeah yeah06:31
Soulflare3!info linux-image06:31
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB06:31
dr_willisthats what im using at least06:31
dr_willisthat was the only way to get my HDMI audio working06:31
MBfreesudo apt-get remove ubottu06:31
Ali_nz2Hi All06:32
WeThePeopledr_willis, do yuo know where the audio modules are at so i can look at them06:32
Ali_nz2I am on Ubuntu 12 from an upgraded 1106:32
WeThePeoplefor alsa iirc06:32
Ali_nz2but it says network is unreachable when I try to access anything on LAN06:32
Ali_nz2ifconfig shows eth406:32
onkeltemHi all. I've got an Atom 525 board with GMA 500/600 series and I wonder how can I get 3D working?06:32
Ali_nz2but doesnt show ip06:33
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: any logs you could trace pulseaudio problems?06:33
Name141hm.. my mininstall stopped at file 865 of 1233 .. at 25%,  anyway I can tell it to retry the file ?06:33
Name141or somehow save the trouble of redoing it all again06:33
WeThePeoplelotuspsychje, idk where those logs are at06:35
WeThePeoplei tried .pulse not there06:35
dr_willisWeThePeople:  ive rarely had to mess with audio issues. other then that hdmi kernel issue recently.06:35
MBfreeName141, honestly the net install is unreliable. I'd suggest downloading the full ISO06:35
Name141MBfree: installing from a live ISO ?06:36
Soulflare3Best way to go06:36
MBfreeName141, yessir06:36
Name141I might as well at this point06:36
Name141any reason not to install 64bit on a 2GB RAM ?06:37
Name141I know Windows 7 64 bit was a kiss of death06:38
Name141using 1.5 GBs of RAM all the time06:38
MBfreenot really, but 64 bit is usually only to adress 4gb or more of ram06:38
somsipName141: low RAM can make a difference according to general opinion. It might depend what desktop you will be running06:38
lotuspsychjeWeThePeople: /var/log/syslog.1 maybe search for pulseaudio06:39
somsipName141: http://askubuntu.com/questions/7034/what-is-the-difference-between-32-bit-and-64-bit-and-which-should-i-choose/70551#7055106:39
MBfreeJust install the 32 bit and enable the PAE kernel06:39
ubottuThe Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)06:39
alien64i run 64bit on 2gigs on my lappy06:39
MBfreethanks ubottu we had no idea06:40
lotuspsychje!info mupdf | qin06:40
ubottuqin: mupdf (source: mupdf): lightweight PDF viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 3053 kB, installed size 5939 kB06:40
alien64i wont a copy of that bot so i can kill it06:42
qinno mu, normally using zathura, but have interactive pdf which is only doable in adobe... yet, strangely, have difficulty with finding package in 13.04...06:42
=== akshay_r is now known as akshay__
pii3hey guys06:43
pii3something missed here in this page06:43
pii3"Now that you have configured the LDAP configuration, you need to enable LDAP authentication itself. Edit /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-auth.conf and uncomment this line:"06:44
Soulflare3Only reason I can see for installing 64-bit on a machine with 2GB of memory is to plan for the future, so if you are planning on upgrading it to more than 2GB. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.06:44
pii3but next line is blank06:44
lotuspsychje!info feedly > lotuspsychje06:44
sianhuloguys, I need libgtk-1.2 but it's no longer in the repositories http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgtk-1.2&searchon=all&suite=all&section=all06:45
sianhulowithout that I cannot run epsx06:45
BroUnicornHow many people had a CS major? I apologize for asking an unrelated question, but I'm just wondering how key having done an internship is when searching for a job out of college?06:45
MBfreeCS depends on what country you're in. what acronym are you referring to06:46
Name141sounds like the machine would be better on the 32 bit06:46
BroUnicorna Computer Science degree06:47
MBfreeIn that case <---me06:47
somsipName141: if you're prepared to install both and run benchmarks you might get a definitive answer06:47
silareMy LM 15 (MATE, 64bit) freezes my keyboard when I click Ctrl or Super too ofteen.06:48
skp1can someone help me? i have no sound in 13.0406:48
Name141somsip: nah06:48
silareHow to fix?06:48
alien64night all06:48
ezra-ssilare, why do you ask in an ubuntu channel?06:48
qinFeel demented, what "fra" stands for in adobereader-fra?06:49
MBfreesilare, try this before anything https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting06:49
ezra-sskp1, hdmi?06:49
Myrtti!mint | silare06:49
ubottusilare: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:49
skp1ezra-s: im not sure. it says hdmi on the side of the case06:49
silareezra-s: Oops. mistyped wrong iwndow.06:49
silareMBfree: It's actually not sound.06:49
MBfreesilare, ok i'm sry, you will have to ask the mint forum06:50
ezra-sqin, france? :P06:50
silareMBfree: Haha, thanks. No worries; I didn't realize it said #ubuntu at the bottom. Thought it was linuxmint-help.06:50
skp1ezra-s: according to pavucontrol the music is playig but im getting no sound from the speakers06:51
qinezra-s: in that case where is eng?06:51
MBfreesilare, no worries, I might still be able to answer some questions, hehe. I used mint for a little bit06:51
ezra-ssilare, your keyboard is usb connected? probably you're using a piece of sh*t.. or are you pretty sure it just happens under linux mint?06:52
ezra-sno offence intended06:52
Brad_I'm looking for a Scripts to enable and disable the ethernet interface, can someone help me ?06:53
somsipBrad_: look at ifup and ifdown06:53
ezra-sqin, unless you have specific needs I recommend you using eog or evince06:53
lotuspsychjehere's a nice list of indicators: http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available06:53
skp1can someone help me with no sound in 13.0406:53
ezra-seog - Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program06:54
MBfreethat's a broad question06:54
ezra-sevince - Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer06:54
qinezra-s: very specific, one yearly form. no other know to me readers cope with interactive form to well.06:55
silareezra-s: lol None taken. It's actually my on-board L502x keyboard (laptop). It just happens under Mint; I tried Ubuntu and Xubuntu 13.04, and older versions of Mint.06:55
dr_willisskp1:  you using hdmi output?06:55
dr_willisfor the audio>06:55
skp1dr_willis: it only lists dummy output in the sound properties06:56
MBfreesilare, this works? V06:57
dr_willisskp1:  well for my system i had to try out the mainline 3.9 kernel to get audio working for some reason. but my audio was working over analog. just not hdmi.06:57
qinok, adobereader is buggy, but works...06:57
ezra-ssilare, it's a weird issue really, probably a buggy xorg input driver version if it does not happen under console, I would try looking in askubuntu for mint if mint has something like that06:57
silareezra-s: Hahah, gotcha. THanks.06:58
ezra-ssilare, I would try keyboard layout settings, there are some keys you can tweak in there, things you can disable, that might work for you with a bit of tweaking06:59
ezra-ssilare, I'm sure mate has keyboard layout settings somewhere07:00
ezra-ssilare, ;)07:00
Name141How do you remove this Amazon load of junk?07:00
MBfreego into apps, right click it, and uninstall07:01
ezra-sName141, easy, System Settings - Privacy, disable online searches07:01
silareMBfree: Hmm… I'll have a look. I don't see much about a frozen keyboard, but it has some bug workarounds that have been bugging me since 11.04. :o Thanks!07:01
somsip!adlens | Name14107:01
ubottuName141: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ07:01
silareezra-s: Haha, I'll have another look. Reinstall #12 today soon. xD07:01
MBfreesilare, you're welcome, i'm glad I could help in any way07:02
ezra-ssilare, lol, try not to reinstall, each time a Linux user reinstalls, an evil windows user kills a kitten07:02
qingfxtablet? Does anyone using it, anyone lefthanded?07:02
pranavi did backup of /etc/apt/sources.list and ran "sudo apt-get update" but still getting the same error "some index files failed to download" please watch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689490/07:02
silareezra-s: xD True. Gotta' think about them kittens. D: Thanks for your help though. :D07:03
ezra-spranav, probably you are missing http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main in /etc/sources.list.d/...07:03
pranavi did backup of /etc/apt/sources.list and ran "sudo apt-get update" but still getting the same error "some index files failed to download" please watch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689490/07:03
intokOk, so I used the live CD to save files from a box that had a corrupted install after last nights storm, the files all seem to check out fine, but my actual install thinks that because the files where moved to it from the live CD that all the files are owned by root. Seeing as there are a few hundred of them, this would be a massive pain to do manually, is there an idiot proof faster way?07:03
ezra-spranav please do not repeat07:03
ezra-ssilare, you're a nice dude ;o)07:04
pranavezra-s: ok.. wait.. am seeing07:04
silareezra-s: I owe it to you to remind me of the kittens. :P07:05
lotuspsychjeis there an indicator for all volumes attached to system and used space of it?07:06
Ben64lotuspsychje: df07:07
lotuspsychjeBen64: yes i know df, but i want an indicator for it, just found unmount indicator aswell :p07:08
pranavezra-s: yes im missing that file. but how to restore that file ?07:08
ezra-spranav, missing which file?07:09
ezra-spranav, you have sources which are no longer available, remove them and re-do apt-get update07:09
pranavezra-s: can i remove the complete "apt" folder and redo the apt-get update :P07:10
chunkyheadumm dr_willis is there a kernel update for precise? all i could find out kernel.ubuntu.com was for raring07:10
ezra-spranav, NO07:10
ceborsomebody who has ubuntu 13.04 with chrome-stable-27 and a soundblaster5.1-usb?  Since Version 27 all Flash Videos run a little bit to fast, while my Soundblaster is connected07:10
pranavufff ok07:10
ezra-spranav, can't you just look inside the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and remove those which are giving you 404?07:10
pranavezra-s: will try to..07:10
ezra-sit isn't that hard really07:10
pranavthere are lot of07:10
ceti331_does unity run on the geforce 640 in 13.04. .. It Didn't on 12.1007:10
ezra-sno, just a couple or 307:10
ezra-spranav, why did you add them in the first place?07:11
chunkyheadis there a kernel update for precise? all i could find out kernel.ubuntu.com was for raring/quantal/etc07:11
ezra-spranav, I believe you can remove all in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory and you should be safe but if something breaks don't blame me ;P07:12
Soulflare3ceti331_, you can always test it on a live CD. My GTX 260 works out-of-the-box, so hopefully your 640 will too :)07:12
pranavezra-s: there was a site with neat ppa and apps. so i copied the url and installed those apps07:12
Soulflare3If not you can always try the proprietary drivers option07:12
ezra-spranav, you have a graphical tool to manage that too "software & updates"07:13
pranavezra-s: there are 19 files07:13
ceborceti331_: i think the problem on 12.10 where the missing headers, this is fixed in 13.0407:13
ezra-sopen the graphical tool I tell you and look in the "Other sources" tab07:13
pranavyes wait07:13
ceborwhere = was07:13
lotuspsychjeBen64: my indicator-multiload already see hd activity, would be nice to see space used aswell07:14
ceti331_So far ive seen gt220 work fine, but my 12.10 install on a core2quad reverts to 2d. The issue is i want to put my 640 in my newer core i7 pc07:14
ezra-spranav, another recommendation, it is wise not to add sources randomly without knowing exactly whats in them07:14
Ben64ceti331_: you just need the proprietary drivers. and why are  you getting such low powered cards?07:14
Soulflare3yeah 13.04 has fixed a lot of issues, it's worth a shot07:14
pranavezra-s:  will keep that in mind07:15
ezra-srandomly adding sources is a way to bring trouble easily07:15
pranavezra-s: Thanks :)07:17
pranavi just unchecked all those sources, and the sudo apt-get update is working fine07:17
ezra-spranav, we're here for guiding ;)07:17
dr_willis'use the source luke!'  ;)07:17
Soulflare3well, I was planning on staying up, but i'm tired07:20
Soulflare3night everyone xD07:21
=== Soulflare3 is now known as Soulflare3_zzz
ceti331_Ben64 i dont game, i just want lots of screen real estate for viewing source and documentation07:25
Ben64ceti331_: then why worry about how 3d unity is?07:26
ceti331_the little dropshadows are pleasing07:26
ceti331_As is expose07:26
ezra-ssaying unity didn't run with X graphics card is incorrect anyways07:27
ceti331_And ive got used to globalmenu and unity launchers07:27
ceti331_I don get those in fallback gnome 207:27
Ben64unity works fine in 2d07:27
ezra-syou can always grab drivers from nvidia and run their installation which does all the job07:27
Ben64don't do that07:27
Ben64it'll break every update07:27
chunkyheadcan i update to kernel 3.9 on ubuntu 12.04 lts?07:27
Ben64chunkyhead: you can if you really want to, but its not supported here07:28
ezra-sBen64, yes, ubuntu tend to use too cutting edge kernel which needs upgrades often07:28
Ben64ezra-s: no they don't...07:28
chunkyheadBen64, what can be the possible drawbacks? ezra-s07:28
ezra-sBen64, since we're on it you can also grab kernel source, compile it yourself and remove all ubuntu kernel binaries and headers...07:28
ezra-schunkyhead, sometimes you have to go back to console and reinstall the drivers due to certain upgrades for X.org07:29
Ben64chunkyhead: unless you need a newer kernel, why upgrade?07:29
ezra-s12.10 had lot of kernel upgrades07:29
i3luefire_xubuntmy keyboard is being flaky07:29
Ben64ezra-s: security fixes07:30
ezra-sBen64, they should have used a more stable branch then.. 3.5.... I don't really undertand why using that instead of 3.4.x07:30
chunkyheadBen64, i want to learn more about linux(rather more abt computing) frankly only reason why i am doing it.07:30
Ben64ezra-s: you might want to check kernel.org every one is getting security fixes07:30
ezra-sbut I bet they had their reasons other than being cutting edge..07:30
ezra-sBen64, I do...07:30
Ben64ezra-s: its not even cutting edge, it's the same version each time07:31
ezra-sBen64, cutting edge meaning using 3.5 for 12.10 when you had a stable longterm 3.4.x07:31
ezra-sBen64, now 3.8 in 13.04 which is stable but very short term too07:31
Ben64you should do more research07:32
ezra-sin fact 3.8 is already EOL07:32
ezra-sprobably I do07:32
Ben64LTS versions exist for stability07:33
ezra-sdozens of community members and developers will surely have more knowledgable reasons than I do, but I'm just wondering07:33
ezra-sBen64, yes, I understand that, but I'm talking about the so many issues people have with propietary drivers, although they are a nuisance they are necessary in most cases07:34
Ben64proprietary drivers have nothing to do with what kernel version non-lts ubuntu releases use07:34
chunkyheadbtw what happens when i compile a custom kernel instead of downloading it from ubuntu?07:35
chunkyheadBen64, ^07:35
Ben64what do you mean07:35
chunkyheadwhat if i download kernel from kernel.org and compile it07:36
ezra-sBen64, ask ceti331_07:36
Ben64chunkyhead: then you will have a newer kernel...07:36
chunkyheadinstead of downloading it from kernel.ubuntu.com07:36
chunkyheadBen64, no i mean what can be the pros and cons of that07:36
Ben64you'll probably end up breaking something07:37
linelevelHi. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in an LVM on a LUKS-encrypted partition. Now when I boot, I get an LVM error (it can't find /dev/mapper/vg-root, the logical volume that mounts at /) and I get dumped into an initramfs shell. Can anyone please help me figure out why my initramfs can't see my LVM volumes?07:37
chunkyheadwill it be unrepairable?07:37
Ben64find out07:38
ezra-sone has to be very careful when you compile kernel yourself, but you can always check /boot config files for your actual kernels and see if  you are missing something when you are done configuring, it can be painful though07:38
ezra-salso, since you configure and compile yourself there are many things you won't need if you want to be specific for your hardware07:39
ezra-sIt is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing07:39
ezra-slinelevel, are you loading lvm support in initram?07:41
ezra-slinelevel, are you loading driver for your hdd controller in your initram?07:41
linelevelezra-s: I basically followed the instructions in this post to the letter, except with Ubuntu 12.04 and I didn't create as many LVs as that guy does: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186797007:47
mezzobob_i use "mail" on bash to read mail how can i skip to the next mail?07:48
pranav1i was installing eclipse package. the download completed. but during installation. ubuntu went to sleep. what command should fix the reinstallation process without having me to download the entire package again ?07:48
ezra-slinelevel, is it a new install?07:49
pranav1ezra-s yes07:49
linelevelezra-s: so to answer your questions, I do have lvm support in initram (at least, I have access to the `lvm` command, but `lvm vgscan` finds nothing)07:49
linelevelezra-s: Yes, clean install.07:49
pranav1ezra-s i was installing eclipse package. the download completed. but during installation. ubuntu went to sleep. what command should fix the reinstallation process without having me to download the entire package again ?07:50
ezra-slinelevel, then you are missing hdd controller driver in the kernel loaded with initramfs or compiled-in the kernel07:50
ezra-slinelevel, If I recall well, there is an alternate install iso for 12.04 so you can encrypt and use LVM without much hassle07:50
linelevelezra-s: The alternate installer doesn't support the XTS encryption mode, which is why I used this method.07:51
linelevelIt only supports CBC, if I remember correctly.07:51
=== pranav1 is now known as trap24
trap24i was installing eclipse package. the download completed. but during installation. ubuntu went to sleep. what command should fix the reinstallation process without having me to download the entire package again ?07:51
ezra-slinelevel, I see, didn't know that, sorry07:51
linelevelezra-s: I used the normal Ubuntu installer, so I don't see why I'd be missing the hdd controller driver.07:52
linelevelhave to logout, I'll be back in a moment07:52
trap24ok, i googled, its: sudo apt-get install --reinstall mypackage07:53
ezra-slinelevel, I don't see it too, but I tried to sum 2+2, if you can't see the disk, chances are you haventt loaded support to see it07:54
daftykinshe's gone07:54
ezra-show rude :P07:55
daftykinsezra-s: you were being, indeed07:56
daftykinsyup :(07:56
daftykinsyou made several baby penguins cry07:56
ezra-sdaftykins, surely it was not my intention07:56
* ezra-s sad :(07:56
daftykinsezra-s: all is not lost, you can apologise when he/she comes back!07:57
ezra-sdaftykins, but I didn't say anything rude, I was just trying to guide him to find the problem or alternatives to it07:57
daftykinsezra-s: yeah, the 2+2 bit got sorta confusing when it comes to that ;)07:57
ezra-sdaftykins, that was about logical thinking in my mind, not an attack to anyone, or that's at least how I thought about it, english is not my mother language07:58
intokOk, so I used the live CD to save files from a box that had a corrupted install after last nights storm, the files all seem to check out fine, but my actual install thinks that because the files where moved to it from the live CD that all the files are owned by root. Seeing as there are a few hundred of them, this would be a massive pain to do manually, is there an idiot proof faster way?07:59
ezra-sdaftykins, and the 2+2 thing was said when he was gone already ;P07:59
ezra-sI win!07:59
daftykinsthere is no 'win'07:59
ezra-sdaftykins, still you fail to say where I was rude to him ;P if you do a 2+2... hehehe, just kidding08:00
daftykinsand then you subtract the number you first thought of, you get the line number where ezra was rude :O08:00
* daftykins bows08:01
ezra-sdaftykins, where I work we usually solve problems, to solve one problem you have to find out the cause behind it, if you don't enclose the problem you will never find a solution, so going ???? without wondering which are the specific possible reasons behind your problem you can always wonder around asking yourself why oh why08:02
ezra-swhy me!! I didn't do anything to deserve this problem!08:03
ezra-spitty me, problems come to me with no particular reason08:03
Ben64keep it on topic here...08:03
* ezra-s goes back on topic08:03
=== charles is now known as Guest78097
ezra-sI apologize08:04
Ben64#ubuntu-offtopic if you want to chat08:04
chunkyheadhow to change nick on irc?08:04
daftykinsBen64: oh calm down, there's no harm whilst waiting for questions08:04
daftykins /nick x08:04
Ben64theres rules for a reason08:04
Tex_Nickchunkyhead:  /nick newnick08:04
chunkyheaddoes anyone use irssi?08:04
daftykinsBen64: gives you something to do?08:04
daftykinschunkyhead: yup08:04
Green_Geeky_Dudeyea the reason is "break them"08:05
bazhangdaftykins, thats enough08:05
chunkyheaddaftykins, thank god, how to change nick there, it's stuck to my username08:05
daftykinsamusingly my client has decided to colour Green_Geeky_Dude... in green08:05
Green_Geeky_DudeYAY :-)08:05
bazhang!ot | daftykins08:05
ubottudaftykins: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:05
daftykinsbazhang: heard it all before pal08:05
daftykinsbeen here years off and on, every time we do this little dance the only one continuing the convo is yourselves :)08:06
vitimitihi o/08:06
bazhangdaftykins, then you know to follow the channel rules. chit chat elsewhere NOT here08:06
daftykinsnow let's just await some questions08:06
xroHi, i try do create a facebook account in empathy without success... does it work for you? I'm blocked in the authorisation phase... It open my browser -> i log in -> i get "Success08:06
xroSECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone." -> then nothing... any idea???08:06
daftykinsbazhang: sigh.08:08
ezra-show rude :P08:09
ubunboi need some help,about wine08:10
ubunboMy wine right-click menu disappeared, only use the command line to run win program08:11
MonkeyDustubunbo  try logout/login08:12
ubunboI tried, it's useless08:13
dr_williswhat 'wine right click menu' are you talking about?08:14
MonkeyDustubunbo  what filemanager and what ubuntu version?08:14
ubunboRight-click the windows program will appear in "run the program in wine program load"08:17
dr_willisubunbo:  the windows.exe in question has been made 'executable'' ?08:17
lotuspsychjehow could i manually add applications in panel with dconf?08:17
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  i guess dconf is to change settings, not to add icons or applications08:18
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: ive just readed some about whitelist indicators, so i tought maybe there was a trick for adding apps too?08:19
Name141is it true the 12.04 will be good till 2017?08:19
Name141even for desktop ?08:19
daftykinsName141: yeah 12.04.x is a Long Term Support (LTS) release08:20
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120408:20
daftykinsyou can look up the dates they're supported until online08:20
dr_willisI never can rember the dates.. ;)08:20
dr_williswho wants to be using a  5 yr old os. ;) unless its CP/M08:21
daftykinsserver tended to be supported longer than desktop, but i think that changed at some point08:21
daftykinsweb hosts that have no need to change i'd say08:21
Name141dr_willis: XP is way behind 5 years.08:21
daftykinssuch as myself08:21
Name141er beyond08:21
daftykinsnobody WANTS to be running XP :D08:21
lotuspsychjedaftykins: :p08:21
dr_willisXP is the zombie they keep trying to kill.. but  it just klings on08:21
Ben64xp is dying april 8th 201408:22
Name141Anyway, I was just saying I'd want to be left alone.08:22
daftykinsand it can't come sooner imo08:22
Name141If nothing was broken08:22
daftykinsName141: then exploits would be found08:22
Name141daftykins: Wut? I mean.. Left alone more than regular releases08:23
lotuspsychjeName141: all the years you run ubuntu on a machine is a win-win situation08:23
Name141Or as long as possible08:23
daftykinsName141: oic08:23
* Tex_Nick thinks micro$oft is still trying to provide a better OS than XP & failing badly08:23
ubunbo......My English is bad...Bad expression....I checked the files and permissions, and the problems have been fixed08:23
daftykinsTex_Nick: 7 is great08:24
ubunboHowever, there is still no wine right-click menu options related08:24
Tex_Nickubuntu is best ;-)08:24
lotuspsychjetrue tex08:24
Name141Anyway, I'll go to the LTS instead08:24
MonkeyDustubunbo  time to get rid of windows programs and find linux equivalents08:24
NK`how can i know the matching between ubuntu libwebkit version numbers and the official respository version numbers ?08:24
Name141Tex_Nick: I'm not sure how games are running in Steam on linux?08:24
=== ubunbo is now known as Livo
Ben64Name141: theres a bug in steam, but other than that its working great08:25
dr_willisubunbo:  why do you need a right click menu  item. when you can double click on the .exe and launch it.08:25
Name141Ben64: for only nVidia ?08:25
Ben64Name141: ati works too, but i have nvidia08:25
lotuspsychjeName141: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/05/half-life-2-steam-linux08:25
Name141lotuspsychje: I doubt all my games would work.08:26
Name141just the Source ones probably08:26
Name141Ben64: ATi is dead08:26
Kartagiswhat are the possible downsides if I edit /etc/passwd to change my username and rename my $HOME?08:26
dr_willisnot all steam games are ported to linux yet. :)   but many of the good ones are08:26
lotuspsychjeName141: you can checkout playonlinux aswell08:26
dr_willisKartagis:  i belive theres cli tools to do those changes without needing to manially edit that file08:27
Kartagisdr_willis: can you name one?08:27
dr_willisusermod perhaps? i cant recall08:27
Name141Ah, I probably wont mess with moving this machine off of 7 till I get a 650ti boost to try it.   I doubt the 6750 is going to do well.08:27
dr_willisKartagis:  may be easier to just add a new user under the new name :)08:27
Name141Even though I'll probably keep this one 7 for games08:27
Name141though = then08:27
lotuspsychjeName141: dell sells alienware machines with ubuntu for gaming08:28
Snypa[Work]Need advice on a laptop I plan to buy, any hardware geeks in atm?08:28
Name141but of course the 7790's were released that beat the 650ti for $135 instead of $150.. *shrug*08:28
Name141anyway, kinda off topic I guess08:29
lotuspsychjeSnypa[Work]: many machines will run smooth with 13.0408:29
Name141lotuspsychje: I doubt Unreal 4 is gonna run on that well08:30
MonkeyDustSnypa[Work]  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport08:30
Snypa[Work]I was concerned about if it that weird boot thingy08:30
Name141or Cryengine 308:31
MonkeyDustSnypa[Work]  you mean UEFI ?08:31
Snypa[Work]MonkeyDust: that's the one08:31
lotuspsychjeSnypa[Work]: ##hardware might help you aswell with win8 machines and uefi08:33
dr_willistheres always ubuntu preinstalled laptops  - like from system7608:33
MonkeyDustor ZaReason08:33
lotuspsychjeName141: http://www.alienware.com/ubuntu/gaming_on_linux.aspx#tab_Gaming_On_Linux08:34
Snypa[Work]dr_willis: I would love a s76 system, alas by the time I have paid for import tax and courier fee's it wouldn't be worth it :(08:35
Snypa[Work]dr_willis: even though the weak dollers means they are sold at good value, taxes are insane :(08:36
dr_willissee what models they offer..  i think they mainly rebrand other companies stuff. ;)08:36
dr_willisor at least they used to.08:36
lotuspsychjeSnypa[Work]: i would buy a cheaper laptop and insert an ssd myself and run 13.04 64-bit08:36
dr_willisive not looked into laptops in years. ;)08:36
Livodr_willis, yes08:37
dr_willisits hard to justify high end expensive laptops. ;) i always went with midrange then got a new one  2 years later..   for about the same $$ as a high end one and keeping it for 4 years08:38
Snypa[Work]I normally buy high-end mid range laptops :)08:39
=== DanChapman is now known as dpniel
LibrePenguinAfter reaching the raring desktop for Try Ubuntu, what command is issued to install raring from the terminal?08:40
dr_willisLibrePenguin:  the 'install' icon dosent work?08:41
dr_willisi think the installer is called ubiquity08:41
LibrePenguini would like to use the CLI, dr_willis btw, what is the command for the lubuntu and xubuntu install again? I lost it in chat... Do certain repositories need to be activated for this?08:44
dr_willistheres not a text-based installer as far as i know on the live-desktop cd.08:45
dr_willis!info lubuntu-desktop08:45
ubottulubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.48 (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)08:45
dr_willislubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop are the metapackages for lxde and xfce08:45
dr_willisthey aer all part of the normal repos.08:45
LibrePenguindr_willis, thank you. I am having trouble with DTE, so need to work from CLI for installation. What command do i need to activate the universe repo?08:46
dr_willisi think its enbled by default08:47
dr_willischeck /etc/apt/sources.list to see if its commented out or not08:47
dr_willisim not sure if the desktop live cd/dvd has ever included the text-based installer.08:48
LibrePenguindr_willis - I can only see 3 lines in that sources file. None are the Universe line. What should the universe line look like? I will paste it in and save.08:50
dr_willisaskubuntu.com or other qweb sites should show  the file for a normal install.08:51
dr_williscould be the  one on the live-cd is minimnal.08:51
=== dpniel is now known as chappers
dr_willisim not on a ubuntu box to check mine08:51
justinbeDr why u help08:52
justinbeDo get any money08:52
dr_willisbecause we have nothing better to do at 3AM ;)08:55
dr_willisand i am at work right now.. ;) thats why i often have to leave in mid-support.08:55
=== klaas- is now known as klaas
ActionParsnipdr_willis: 10am here :)09:00
=== Xethron_ is now known as Xethron
woozlyguys, how to enable/disable iptables without using 'ufw' ?09:03
xroHi, i try do create a facebook account in empathy without success... does it work for you? I'm blocked in the authorisation phase... It open my browser -> i log in -> i get "Success09:03
xroSECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone." -> then nothing... any idea???09:03
ActionParsnipwoozly: use iptables itself09:03
woozlyActionParsnip: it is always On ?09:04
ActionParsnipwoozly: yes, the default config is to allow all traffic09:04
woozlyohh.. nice, thank you!09:04
woozlyActionParsnip: how I can check if it is working?09:04
woozlyin 'ps aux' ? which proc?09:04
ActionParsnipwoozly: ps -ef | grep -i iptab09:04
woozlyActionParsnip: but I don't see it :(09:05
dr_willisxro:  could be  facebook has altered stuff and empathy has not been updated to work with it. You might want to check askubuntu.com to see if anyone knows of a work around09:05
dr_willisfirewall is enabled.. but no default rules. ;) so evverything is allowed.09:05
dr_willisso is that On or off?  ;)09:05
=== Soulflare3_zzz is now known as Soulflare3
AndroUserHi all .09:08
icedwaterSo my firefox just died and trying to start it again resulted in 'Bus error'.09:09
icedwaterThis is the second time in two days I had something alarming happen to me on my USB live disk.09:09
PhoenixxlDo any of you have experience installing MOM ?09:09
dr_willisand whats 'MOM' ?09:09
icedwaterI know, I should probably install this properly onto the USB... but do you know what I can do to fix this?09:09
Phoenixxl@Willis automatic ballooning for kvm guests09:10
icedwaterToday it is a 'Bus error' preventing FF from starting, yesterday it was something with the squashfs that led to me being unable to apropos among other things.09:11
suigenerisI attempted to change my username by editing /etc/passwd and /etc/passwd- but apparently I screwed up and now my password is not accepted. what to do from this point?09:12
Ben64suigeneris: thats not the way to change a login name09:12
suigenerisBen64: what do I do?09:12
rymate1234suigeneris: Ya dun goofd09:12
dr_willishope you have a 2nd admin user handy? :)09:12
Ben64if you google "how to change username linux"09:12
dr_willismade backups of passwd?09:13
rymate1234You use the command passwd09:13
Ben64http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-change-rename-user-name-id/ comes up and is the correct answer09:13
Ben64step 1. always google first09:13
suigenerisrymate1234: to change username?09:13
rymate1234I misread09:13
PhoenixxlI have 2 guests that do things that have low cpu requirements , and do fine with 192 mb ram .. but one of them needs to inflate to about 512 for an hour every day .. If there's other options than mom i'm open to suggestions .09:13
rymate1234the command passwd is for changing password09:13
suigenerisif I edit /etc/passwd and /etc/passwd- again, will everything revert back?09:14
* suigeneris headdesks09:14
rymate1234You really shouldn't go around editing files you don't know how to edit09:15
dr_willisor if you do.. you could backup those files first09:15
suigenerissudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted09:15
rymate1234Good job!09:15
dr_willishope you have a 2nd admin user handy? :)  <<<<-----09:15
rymate1234Do you have the root user handy?09:16
dr_willisfailing no 2nd admin user.. time to use a live cd/recovery mode09:16
Ben64yeah you'll probably have to do it in single user mode or a livecd09:16
suigeneriswhat exactly do I do with livecd?09:17
Ben64edit the file back to how it was09:17
dr_willismount your  systems  / partion/   and edit the files09:18
dr_willisor chroot in and use the passwd command to set a proper password perhaps?09:18
Ben64i think the password isn't the problem... its the username09:18
=== Cazazo is now known as cazazo
alvesjnrhiall. I changed my default shell using chsh, but it only works on terminal (ctr+alt+f2, e.g.) How to change the default shell on Gnome terminal (the terminal emulator on gnome desktop) ?09:22
ActionParsnipalvesjnr: is there not a setting in gnome-terminal ?09:22
ActionParsnipalvesjnr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/26439/how-do-i-set-fish-as-the-default-shell09:24
alvesjnrActionParsnip: I fond an option "Run command instead of shell", but I was wondering if it is the proper way09:24
ActionParsnipalvesjnr: found using http://tinyurl.com/qaruq4509:25
ActionParsnipalvesjnr: or change the shell by editting /etc/passwd you will need to log off and on to apply it09:26
dr_willisgnome-terminal can use profiles to rin whatever shell you want09:26
Ben64why doesn't anyone want to use usermod09:26
dr_willisthats one way to make it use a specific shell09:27
=== [OS]Cazazo is now known as Cazazo
Ben64editing /etc/passwd is not good09:27
dr_willisBen64:  its not leet enough09:27
ActionParsnipalvesjnr: how come I was able to find that....?09:27
PhoenixxlSo , anyone ?09:30
Phoenixxlwith mom experience ?09:30
troulouliou_devhi i mtrying to register on launchpad but i do not receive a confirmation email and when i m trying to log in it say "Your page was stale."09:31
Biomechdi have plenty of mom experience. they can get annoying sometimes, as i'm sure just about everyone will agree.09:31
ActionParsniptroulouliou_dev: try in #launchpad09:32
troulouliou_devActionParsnip, ok thanks :)09:32
xrodr_willis: i checked but there is no answer! i hope facebook will work in empathy soon09:33
dr_williscould just try the latest empathy ppa09:35
dr_willisor it could be a tempary bug with facebook09:35
xrodr_willis: it looks like it a problem with the facebook authorisation!09:35
woozlyguys, where to put my script, which must run when system booted and all services started?09:38
woozly(I want to store there some iptables config)09:38
=== aaaa_ is now known as Guest93336
dr_williswoozly:  /etc/rc.local09:39
woozlydr_willis: thank you!09:39
dr_willisbut  i think theres a specific iptables config file somewhere else09:39
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.09:39
dr_willisbye all..09:40
AktiffisusHey can anybody hep me to install bitdefender antvirus for unices i know linux are too secure but i interact whith windows machines and dont want to infect them or something like that i recive that download link and dont know what i must to do my  version of ubuntu are 12.04 LTS 64 bits09:41
KartagisBen64: I'm the guy who couldn't log in. apparently editing those files was enough09:43
Aktiffisushi kartagiis can you help me to install bitdefender antivirus for linux i dont know how09:43
musicanybody there?09:44
Aktiffisusi only recive that link and have ubuntu 12.04 http://download.bitdefender.com/SMB/Workstation_Security_and_Management/BitDefender_Antivirus_Scanner_for_Unices/Unix/Current/EN_FR_BR_RO/09:44
musichas anyone installed and run skype in linux09:45
Aktiffisusi run it from software center09:45
somsipmusic: yes09:45
Aktiffisusand it works fine music09:45
musicok I want to use it to talk internation09:45
Aktiffisusdo you have any problem?09:45
=== hyper_ is now known as Guest32435
Aktiffisustalk interaction  you can open a video call for default it dont send video you must have to activate normaly09:46
Kartagismusic: you want to call phones?09:46
musicthis is my first time here so i am just taking it all in09:46
Aktiffisus i dont understand you music09:47
Cazazomusic: I do use skype but the latest version doesn't work fro myself09:47
daftykinsmusic: if you want to call internationally to a real phone, you'll need to add some 'credit'09:47
ActionParsnipmusic: you can use the partner repo or grab the deb from the skype site09:47
musicthank you I am currently using ubuntu 12.04 and love it!!09:47
ActionParsnipmusic: if your OS is 64bit, yo uwill haul in quite a bit of 32bit packages for deps but apt-get and dpkg will manage this09:49
Aktiffisusyou can go to updates for ubuntu and in update manager select all resources and principal server09:49
Aktiffisusor can download fro skype  and select ubuntu multitarch09:49
musicI had used skype with an old usb phone some time ago and liked it but the phone started to have some issues so I opted out - am now wanting to start it up again09:49
Aktiffisusdownload just doble click and all go fine09:50
Aktiffisusin ubuntu skype works well but dont have facebook integration09:50
AktiffisusAction can you help me to install bitdefender plase09:51
ActionParsnipAktiffisus: why do you need AV?09:51
ActionParsnipAktiffisus: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/07/install-bitdefender-from-its-software-repository-in-ubuntu-12-04/09:52
Aktiffisusi interact whit too much windows machines and use wine and dont want risk i am new too and this have only on demand scan and trust on bitdefender09:52
ActionParsnipAktiffisus: seen that link?09:52
=== marcinello is now known as mpoiu
musicI have Ubuntu 12.04 on an older dell desktop 4400 dell dimension w/ 1gig RAM so it is 32 bit  but there is a possible hardware issue I think w/ the harddrive it hangs every so often when I am on the net it will stop for a second or two and I wondere if this could have been part of my problem w/ the skype09:52
Aktiffisuslet me see09:52
musicI have dual boot w/ xp and ubuntu 12.0409:53
Aktiffisuslet me see the link thanks action09:53
musicinsanity is doing the same thing and expect different result09:54
Aktiffisushey action thanks09:56
musicyes you are right09:56
=== branant_ is now known as branant
ActionParsnipAktiffisus: simple web searching dude....10:04
Aktiffisusyeah but i crash several times the sistem  becayyse bad websearcgubg+10:04
Aktiffisussearch  i trust more on yo10:05
ActionParsnipAktiffisus: http://tinyurl.com/qasnpmq  2nd link10:05
Aktiffisusanyway thanks to you10:07
dinar2hello. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet has worked , but stopped after saying : downloading release files ...10:09
dinar2with 12.0410:09
yeatsdinar2: try alt-F4 to see log messages from the installer10:16
Cazazoany one here uses a wacom desk tablet under Ubuntu?10:25
CazazoI did installed and all... but still falls short in the dpi and precision10:26
Kartagiswhen I use usermod, it says user xxx is used in the process yyyy10:26
andrew__newb here10:30
andrew__anyone backed up all their apps, sms etc from galaxy to ubuntu?10:31
k1l_andrew__: talking about ubuntu touch?10:33
andrew__no S@ to my ubuntu notebook10:34
andrew__s2 that is10:34
andrew__ive got a new s4 and want to put all my data to notebook and then reinstall them to s410:35
Cazazocheck this up... http://www.downloadatoz.com/howto/how-to-backup-restore-rom-on-rooted-galaxy-s-iii,101404.html10:35
k1l_andrew__: easy one. just use nandroid backup, but that is more of a android support issue10:35
k1l_andrew__: or any other backup app like titanium backup. but that all is not ubuntu related10:36
andrew__thanks <kil_> and Cazazo10:36
Cazazonp mate10:36
dinar2how can i run ubuntu 12 04 installer from debian ?10:36
andrew__i'll check them out10:36
Cazazokk hope it helps you10:37
=== ritz_ is now known as ritz|away
dinar2i have installed debian from windows 2000  , but i cannot install ubuntu from debian10:37
andrew__unfortunately no Cazazo10:38
andrew__mine isnt rooted10:38
Cazazooh kk10:38
aquaratDoes anyone know if there's a PPA or repo that will allow me to install linux-images that aren't available in the standard repos?10:39
aquaratlike an older version10:39
aquaratespecially after a release upgrade10:39
andrew__all the googling was either rooted or cloud10:41
Cazazoandrew__: yeah I was googling it.....10:42
andrew__yeah i thought id do that first before coming here10:43
icedwaterHi, what do I do if my live USB starts showing "Bus error" from time to time? e.g. after running Firefox for a certain length of time it dies, and some things just don't work...10:43
Cazazoif you root yours do you void your phones guaranty??10:44
icedwaterAlso on a recent disk scan /casper/initrd.lz showed "mismatch", so I'm suspecting the USB is a little crazy now.10:44
andrew__and i'm changing sim types10:45
ActionParsnipicedwater: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?10:45
k1l_!ot | andrew__ Cazazo10:45
ubottuandrew__ Cazazo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:45
icedwaterActionParsnip: I can't remember, but I only ran into this problem a few days ago.10:45
icedwaterI think I did. I really have to look it up again.10:45
andrew__this ubuntu related10:46
andrew__this is....10:46
Cazazothat's a bot here....10:46
k1l_andrew__: rooting your phone and backing up is not ubuntu related.10:46
ActionParsnipicedwater: is it an install to USB, or is it the ISO transferred with a large persistance storage10:46
ActionParsnipandrew__: changing sim types in a phone is not ubuntu related10:47
andrew__im not rooting10:47
icedwaterActionParsnip: the latter, with about 10GB of persistence.10:47
ActionParsnipicedwater: I see, have you tested your RAM health?10:47
k1l_andrew__: just ask in the offtopic or in a android specialized channel. thats it10:47
icedwaterOh, it could be RAM? Why?10:47
icedwaterNow that you mention it it's only been on this machine... which isn't the newest.10:48
icedwaterSo you're saying, ActionParsnip, that it could be because the part of RAM into which the OS is loaded is slightly damaged?10:49
ActionParsnipicedwater: the OS is running in RAM, if it is bad then it will cause issues10:49
ActionParsnipicedwater: also, shove the stick in another system and fsck it (unmount of course)10:49
icedwaterBecause the "mismatch" result came on another machine too.10:49
icedwaterYeah, I will do that, meant to check yesterday but didn't get round to it.10:49
ActionParsnipicedwater: also make another Ubuntu user adn see if it happens there too10:50
ween101Good morning and good day Is it possible to slipstream a driver into an ubuntu iso? if so could someone point me into the direction of who to go about it ?10:50
icedwaterAll right, logging off to test something :)10:51
icedwaterThanks ActionParsnip10:51
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=== ardi is now known as bejo
ween101Is there a procedure in asking a question and getting support?10:54
k1l_ween101: give as much information as you can. and wait if someone knows the answer or wants some more information10:55
ween101I have a Sager 9860 that needs to have Promise Fast Trak 378 driver installed with the OS and I was curious how to go about slipstreaming the driver in an ubuntu iso10:57
Lokendrahi ajay11:01
ween101I have a Sager 9860 that needs to have Promise Fast Trak 378 driver installed with the OS and I was curious how to go about slipstreaming the driver in an ubuntu iso11:02
friendoflinux!repeat ween10111:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:04
bejois there a solution for Lenovo Y450 brightness??11:04
=== Arkthik is now known as arthic
bejoi'm using ubuntu 13.04 recently11:04
ween101Appreciate the help have a great day11:05
chunkyheadhey guys i switched to kde and then i lost my default loginscreen, how to get it back? i still have unity on my computer11:08
MonkeyDustchunkyhead  it's gdm --replace, something11:09
chunkyheadumm where can i get the full command11:09
MonkeyDusti'm searching11:10
chunkyheadMonkeyDust, and isn't it lightdm for unity not gdm11:10
MonkeyDustchunkyhead  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-switch-between-gdm-and-kdm-on-ubuntu/11:10
MonkeyDustchunkyhead  no, unity is a shell for gnome311:11
chunkyheadi dont have gdm on my computer11:11
ezra-ssudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm11:11
chunkyheadas far as i know i have lightdm and kdm11:11
ezra-ssudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm11:12
chunkyheadezra-s, although i had tried that, but let me just re try it11:12
chunkyheadand then just a logoff loggon would work right? no need to restat? ezra-s11:12
EvilDMPHi, I am running Ubuntu 10.10, and my /etc/sources.list looks like: http://dpaste.org/mD7OO/11:14
EvilDMPnow whenever I try to run apt-get update I get a lot of errors and Ign, and when I try to install things I get a lot of "this package is unverified" - what is my problem here?11:15
makaraHi. Alternative graphics program that can do 'trace' function like in Adobe Illustrator?11:16
MonkeyDustEvilDMP  10.10 is no longer valid, available or supported11:16
MonkeyDust!eolupgrades | EvilDMP11:17
ubottuEvilDMP: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:17
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: same deal if you try and get Windows updates for Windows 98. They are both no longer supported in any way11:17
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: I suggest a clean install of Precise which is LTS and supported til April 201711:17
EvilDMPso in effect, there is *no way around this* other than to upgrade the entire system?11:19
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: the install you have will work, there are just zero updates or packages for it and zero community support anywhere11:19
EvilDMPwell, it's working, it's our web server, but building a new one is not something I'm looking forward to doing11:20
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: just build a new box and restore the configs from backup then fail it over11:20
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
EvilDMPActionParsnip: OK, thanks11:21
EvilDMPI'm almost tempted to do-release-upgrade as it suggests...11:22
EvilDMP(not really)11:22
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: if it was on Lucid (the previous release) you would still have 2 years support11:22
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: I recommend you keep to LTS releases for production servers11:23
EvilDMPActionParsnip: I shall do in future11:23
EvilDMPwhat is the advantage of Ubuntu over Debian for a server like this? I don't use a desktop interface for it at all11:23
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: http://geekyschmidt.com/2011/03/11/debian-server-vs-ubuntu-server11:25
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: for a web box, i wouldn't expect to see much between the two (imho)11:27
EvilDMPthanks for your advice ActionParsnip11:28
ActionParsnipEvilDMP: any time11:30
chunkyheaddidnt work ezra-s MonkeyDust11:30
ezra-schunkyhead, but your login screen works right? is it lightdm or kdm?11:31
chunkyheadyeah but i want lightdm can i not get that ezra-s11:32
ezra-schunkyhead, you just want to use lightdm right? have you removed kdm? "sudo apt-purge kdm"?11:33
ezra-ssorry, error, it is apt-get purge kdm11:33
colhesterhi guys. i want to ask something. i need to recover my server's sudo password via ssh. i read that i can do so on the recovery mode but is this possible via ssh? any other ways to recover?11:39
bekkscolhester: The sudo password is the password of the user running sudo.11:40
SwedeMikecolhester: you can boot the server and as root, change the password. Allowing this to be changed remotely without a valid user login is like the movies having an "override security" button.11:41
makaraHi. I want to change my login name. I have some instructions to do it, but the first one doesn't work. "killall -u old_name". How can I open a terminal without being old_name to even issue the first command?11:41
[OS]Cazazoany one here uses a wacom desk tablet under Ubuntu?11:41
bekksSwedeMike: the root account is disabled by default.11:41
SwedeMikebekks: I am aware of that, but if you boot and do stuff frmo within the initrd, you'll be root anyway.11:42
colhesterwhen i try to change the password it asks for the sudo password...11:42
bekkscolhester: rebooting for chaning a users password is - overkill :)11:42
SwedeMikecolhester: just type in the password of the user you're currently logged in as.11:43
xomjakPlease help to deal with porting Ubuntu Tuch on Samsung Infuse!11:48
MonkeyDust!touch | xomjak11:48
ubottuxomjak: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:48
BluesKajHiyas all11:50
applecideranyone knowledgeable about hosted servers?11:53
=== ium_ajn is now known as benjamino
Ben64!anyone | applecider11:54
ubottuapplecider: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:54
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
appleciderAnyone know much about hosted servers?11:55
sawjigDoes anybody get tired of being told what to do but a bot?11:55
Ben64sawjig: this is a volume business, it saves time11:55
Ben64applecider: read what the bot just said11:55
sawjigDoes anyone read what the bot says?11:56
appleciderdo i use the command like "!anyone questiontoask"? im new to irc11:56
MonkeyDustsawjig  we don't the bot to feel ignored11:56
Ben64applecider: no, you need to ask a question though11:56
SwedeMikeapplecider: no, you're supposed to ask the question you want answer to.11:56
MonkeyDustsawjig  we don't want the bot to feel ignored11:56
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:57
pybeapplecider: ask your question about hosted servers11:57
appleciderok, im wondering if AWS is suitable to host a commercial vpn11:57
MonkeyDustsawjig  the bot helps us to prevent getting tired of giving the same answers and information over and over again; plus: the bot's information is more complete11:58
MonkeyDustand it's faster11:59
applecideranyone know?11:59
sawjigMonkeyDust, yeah faster than all this conversation we're having about it :312:00
Ben64applecider: thats not really an ubuntu issue... but probably. lots of companies use amazon12:00
sawjigapplecider, kind of a vague question, there are probably much cheaper options though.12:00
sawjigespecially if you're just looking to route your traffic through it..12:01
jamwwhen I reboot my ubuntu 12.10, it gives an error about low graphic card then ask me to select one of these options http://oi39.tinypic.com/5kf6ds.jpg however, it is not possible to select any of them although I press all buttons on the keyboard. It reacts to only "esc" bu then it returns a black screen where I can type stuff but it does not continue to any other screen. However, currently I am using windows and the graphic card works fine12:01
jamwit is possible to boot ubuntu on recovery mode, and possible to drop on root shell. could anyone tell me how I can fix graphic card error?12:01
jamwwhat command do I need for configuring the graphic card?12:02
jony_easyrideragain... this is my fifth memory stick broken, what's happening?12:02
Ben64jamw: have you ever gotten into ubuntu?12:02
ezra-sjamw, the specified driver is not loading well, are you using external binary from nvidia/amd?12:02
jamwyeah I have been using that ubuntu for 2 years12:02
Ben64jony_easyrider: stop breaking them12:02
applecider I plan on running ubuntu on the server, so its related. Im worried about data records basically. I dont want amazon logging anything that the server does. Are there better alternatives?12:03
jamwI am not using any external device, the graphic card on the laptop is ati radeon12:03
Ben64applecider: get a dedicated server then12:03
jony_easyriderit's very strange... other say that they have very old sticks and they are functioning12:03
MonkeyDustjony_easyrider  don't use their sticks, you could break those, too12:04
applecideradmittedly im new to the hardware aspects, so which provider would you recommend? also what specs would i need to support 2000, 10000 and 20000 users respectively12:04
Ben64applecider: you'd be better off finding a more appropriate channel. #ubuntu is for solving ubuntu problems12:05
Ben64!alis | applecider12:05
ubottuapplecider: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:05
mchlbhmHey, anyone know how to get my cam to work with chatroulette?12:05
jony_easyriderMonkeyDust, I already tried Kingmax, Kingston, A-Data and Corsair12:06
jamwdoes anyone suggest me what command to execute on the root shell to fix the graphic card's setting?12:06
Ben64jamw: what did you do between it working fine and now?12:06
appleciderthanks for the help anyway12:07
mchlbhmIt's annoying because it works fine in cheese, but the second I try to use it on the web (chromium and firefox) it's suddenly not detected.12:08
jamwBen64: I was using google chrome and watching youtube video, then suddenly google chrome collapsed but ubuntu was working fine. I tried to open google chrome many times but it did not open. Then I reboot ubuntu then I started to get the graphic card problem12:08
MonkeyDustjamw  try replacing google chrome with chromium-browser12:10
jamwBen64: the graphic card should be working fine since I am using the same laptop now. Something should change video card's setting, but I don't know how to configure it via the terminal12:10
Roy_Ubuntu_13-04just did a shrink on winblows partition and grew Ubuntu! ,everything work, microsift winblows <- lol and Ubuntu.., But how can i do a proper check of my ext4 /dev/sda3 and a surface scan so if there is any bad spots on the harddrive to mark them and not use them?12:10
jamwMonkeyDust: I will do it when it is able to boot normally again. But it does not boot correctly because of the graphic card's settings. would you have any suggestion what to execute on the shell prompt to reconfigure the graphic card?12:12
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
MonkeyDustjamw  in the grub menu, select recovery mode, then Repair12:12
jamwMonkeyDust: I did it, but it did not help, I also did start with Failsafe Graph or something like that, it also did not help12:13
jamwthe only thing I can do is to drop into the root shell12:13
strHi, I'm getting this error with empathy where it keeps me telling my accounts require authorisation, but I already gave authorization to it.  What should I do?12:15
shafoxI have accidentally deleted some of my file system folders including bin,boot . how can i recover all those without reinstalling again ? i am on lubuntu 12.0412:17
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:18
=== ndevuk is now known as pnode
aguitelhow upgrade firefox in lucid?12:23
MonkeyDustaguitel lucid for desktop is no longer upgraded12:24
ezra-syou can try downloading firefox from the web and do a "local" install12:25
aguitelMonkeyDust, in this old laptop only lucid works12:25
ezra-saguitel, ^^12:25
MonkeyDustaguitel  works, but is no longer upgraded12:26
SonikkuAmericaaguitel: Have you tried Xubuntu or Lubuntu? They might have a better chance of working...12:26
aguitelonly lucid with gnome 2.x run12:26
aguitelno other sh...it12:27
inahdhey all,12:27
SonikkuAmericaaguitel: That doesn't answer my quesitonl.12:27
ezra-saguitel, I repeat, have you tried going to firefox.com , download the tar you can get there and use that?12:27
ActionParsnipaguitel: tried Precise with XFCE?12:27
aguitelezra-s, no12:27
aguitelActionParsnip, only kernel 2.6.32 series run in this laptop smoly12:28
aguitelActionParsnip, this laptop was made in 200312:29
inahdcan anyone help me with my ice1712 soundcard and jackctl setup? seems like i can't get pulseaudio to work for jack AND anything else. even after i quit jack no sound will come12:29
aguitelsony vaio pcg-frv3512:29
foo357Hello I've got a computer running ubuntu where the network interface (eth0) hasn't been brought up (ever) when I try to bring it up by simply: "sudo ifup eth0" I get an error message: "Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"12:30
* ezra-s chuckles12:30
Cerepelhello. Is there any way to put all users in the same group, or combine two groups ?12:30
ezra-sfoo357, you sure you have a driver that supports that?12:30
ezra-sCerepel, adduser USER GROUP12:31
foo357ezra-s I guess it's the mothercard's onboard hardware, how could drivers be an issue?12:32
ezra-sfoo357, if you don't have a driver that recognizes your ethernet card you won't ever have eth012:33
inahdseems like it might be a pulseaudio issue...12:33
ezra-sfoo357, it could be a motherboard issue too of course12:34
foo357ezra-s: it should be intel hardware and very standard, so how do I fix any possible driver shortcomings?12:34
mezzobob_ubottu: have an upvote12:34
ubottumezzobob_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:34
=== root is now known as Guest93479
ezra-sfoo357, do a lspci | grep -i ethernet12:35
foo357ezra-s: the last line output by 'lspci' says: 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM57788 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 01)12:40
=== hazmat` is now known as hazmat
gumble_hey, can anyone tell me how to add a folder outside the home folder to ubuntu one to be synced?12:42
=== Phoenix is now known as Guest18849
foo357ezra-s: I have a parallel installation of Windows 7 on the machine, and when  I go to the network control panel where the network h/w should show up I see nothing, kinda strange I think since Windows should throw in necessary drivers (and this pc was also vendor-bought)12:44
SonikkuAmericafoo357: (Windows support on FreeNode is in ##windows)12:44
foo357SonikkuAmerica: ok I will try there to, thanks.12:45
=== userZ is now known as cornchip
ezra-sfoo357, I recall, it was possible for motherboard to completely disable the card if it didn't find a cable connected to it at boot, don't know if that's the case or If I'm recalling badly, but you may check that easily12:45
KuuuuuuHHey i want you to help me!12:58
KuuuuuuHHey who there?s12:58
TheHackOpsyeh go for tango12:59
ezra-sKuuuuuuH, ask away12:59
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=== Guest31145 is now known as alain1
anton_ehI have rkhunter installed - after running "rkhunter --versioncheck" in a terminal the output states "...update available" does anyone know how I would access and install this update?13:06
ddsschey I bound a remote server in nautilus using ssh. problem is other programs cant access this drive. how do I enable these bound drives to be visible in other programs, such as text editors etc?13:07
MonkeyDustanton_eh  rkunter is in the repos, simply do: sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade -- if you want something newer, you'd need a PPA, but that's not supported here13:08
=== NePtUnO|Off is now known as NePtUnO
anton_ehok thanks13:09
MalsasaHello, I have tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/24916/how-do-i-remap-certain-keys for mapping some of my key into my broken keys' fungtions. Nah, all work like a charm! But, only one. My menu key (not Super) only detected outside Libreoffice. In Gedit and Terminal, it works like a charm! But in Libreoffice, not works properly. I bind Delete and ) on my menu key. The Delete function works! But the ) function (Shift+Menu key) not works on Libreoffice.13:18
Malsasa Just the Shift+Menu key not works. How do I solve this problem? Thank you.13:18
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=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
foo357Hello,I've got a computer that got a Broadcom BCM57788 network hardware. I don't know if there's any drivers for it, how can I check it?13:26
ddsscis this a viable way to install netbeans in ubuntu? http://www.tecmint.com/install-netbeans-in-ubuntu-and-linux-mint/13:28
somsipddssc: just unzip to /usr/local/ or /opt and create a symlink from /usr/local.bin13:30
somsipddssc: actually, if it's the .sh I think it installs to /usr/local13:30
carifsystemd has appeared on my raring machine, i assume this is a stripped down version that doesn't do what upstart does, correct?13:36
KuuuuuuHHey! Who there?13:36
nW44bi want to change the default session, without using any graphical help. I changed /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf. This line : user-session=ubuntu into user-session=ratpoison. I changed ~/.dmrc as well … : Session=ubuntu into Session=ratpoison. But when i restart the computer it goes on unity. What's missing ?13:36
KuuuuuuHI want you to help about network.13:36
umar_ Will the security updates of Ubuntu Precise and Raring ring tail be added to Ubuntu Saucy ?13:37
ezra-sumar_, they will already be included unless they find their way back in, yes13:38
umar_"they will already be included unless they find their way back in" Please explain the sentence in quotations,thank you.13:38
ezra-sumar_, developing is incremental, you develop , you patch over, with newer versions and newer features some developers may accidentaly make more of the old mistakes... but that doesnt have to happen13:41
umar_thank you13:41
KuuuuuuHHey i have a 2 active network , 1 is a lan for connect to my work ntwork for remote to server only, 2 is a my phone modem for access internet . I want to set ubuntu for this! I change defaule gate way to my phone modem but if i do it ' i can't to rem13:51
KuuuuuuHRemote to rdp on my work network '  .  How to set it13:51
KuuuuuuHPlease help me.13:53
AtuMKuuuuuuH, use FQDN names and include both DNS nameservers from those networks to your /etc/resolv.conf13:53
ezra-sKuuuuuuH, since you are capable of changing default gw you could as well add a specific route for your rdp13:53
KuuuuuuHDNS on my work network : like , abc.com13:55
KuuuuuuHOr ip13:55
KuuuuuuHIp for phone modem that ip is set to ?13:57
KuuuuuuHThat it ip for internet.13:57
PhryqI'm trying to learn a new language with this site, http://www.memrise.com/course/359/beginners-russian/2/garden/grow/13:57
=== hachre_ is now known as hachre
Phryqand sometimes when I click the little speaker button to play a recording of the word, so I know how it sounds, it works. Most times it doesn't or it plays after 1 or 2 minutes13:58
PhryqI've tried it in Firefox, Chrome, Midori, and Epiphany browsers.13:58
titlesarehardIs port 80 block (or anything for that matter) by default for ubuntu13:58
KuuuuuuHEzra-s : special route for rdp i don't know how to set it .13:58
PhryqAnyone able to help me?13:58
AtuMKuuuuuuH, try connecting to RDP using IP... if you need a gw for it to work then you should add a route.13:59
drc0pPhryq: yes13:59
Phryqthanks so much13:59
Walex2Phryq: it could be simply some delay in downloading.14:00
Phryqhmmm, so if it's as you say Walex , there's nothing I can do about it, right?14:00
foo357I have a Win7 computer that I want to be part of a domain. I've got a linux machine running samba which would enable people to log in onto any clients using one account. When I enter in the client that it's in domain "foobar" I get a promt about entering credentials for a user who can log onto the domain. What kind of account would that be?14:00
pigmannew guy here  hi!14:01
drc0pfoo357: take the.14:01
AtuMfoo357, you mix domain with file share service.. get those facts right first14:02
pigmanmy  ubuntu 13.04 desktop unity14:02
KuuuuuuHAtuM: set route in network connection for my lan , and how to set only rdp .please sample it . Sorry i 'm new for network.14:02
pigmanjust  can not work14:02
AtuMKuuuuuuH, a sample: route add -host gw
KuuuuuuHOk. It look like ... ?14:05
AtuMKuuuuuuH, that is not usable for sure.. but it's a sample14:05
AtuMKuuuuuuH, routes have nothing to do with ports14:05
KuuuuuuHOh! I so newbie.14:06
AtuMKuuuuuuH, you're asking wrong questions.. you should first get to know how network works and what routes are...14:06
titlesarehardJust installed apache2 what could be some reasons that it is not listening on port 80?14:07
PhryqIs there a way for me to test whether it's a simple download delay?14:08
KuuuuuuHOk. My network on work is .myip sub: 255 Gw: / on my phone to access internet is not set gatway.14:08
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: service not running?14:09
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: firewall14:10
KuuuuuuHDefault gate way is to my work gw.14:10
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: different port being used14:10
titlesarehardI ran the command to start service. How do i check to make sure it is running?14:10
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: sudo service apache2 status      or whatever the service is called (use TAB to autocomplete it)14:11
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: you could also nmap the server to see what ports are listening14:12
AtuMKuuuuuuH, if you want internet to work, you should have the default gateway set to the modem, not work network.. then for the subnet you need to reach on your work network, you should define a route that points to the work network.. i suppose your remote rdp server has an ip that's not in the subnet of your work-lan connection. it it's on the same subnet then no extra route is needed14:14
kurachi can somone help me wht grml-rescuboot  it seys to put iso in /boot/grml but it only hes  1gb speace and i want to put 3gb iso  can i put some shorcut or magic link14:14
AtuMKuuuuuuH, you might want to learn the basics.. http://www.policyrouting.org/PolicyRoutingBook/ONLINE/CH01.web.html (some examples, no need to read the whole book)14:16
KuuuuuuHAtuM: thank you.14:16
titlesarehardSo the service is indeed not starting running even after i start it. Would this mean something is misconfigued?14:16
ActionParsniptitlesarehard: check the log file for the service14:16
kurachi can somone help me wht grml-rescuboot  it seys to put iso in /boot/grml but it only hes  1gb speace and i want to put 3gb iso  can i put some shorcut or magic link14:17
AtuMkurac, what are you trying to do anyways?14:17
=== lANCE is now known as Guest37106
Guest37106how do I do an ipconfig /registerdns  or the equivalent in ubuntu 12.04 lts14:18
th0rGuest37106: and that does what exactly?14:19
Guest37106I need to update srv records for a client pc..14:20
AtuMkurac, http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=rescueboot  - I don't think this is an ubuntu issue14:20
kuracAtuM:  i want to load bactrack in the grub when i try to manual manyentry i am doing somting wrog and it dosent work iso i wanted to do it auto whit grml-rescuboot  but in boot ther is only 1gb  speace and bactrack is 3gb.iso socan somone give me a working mayentry for bactrack  or help me to link  or can i resize boot?14:20
AtuMlink won't do because boot loaders don't see it's targets14:21
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ActionParsnipkurac: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot14:21
Guest37106any ideas?14:21
kuracActionParsnip:  i know the i read it and i created monyetry thet works for ubuntu,kubuntu,kali,benini, but bactrack wont work14:22
ActionParsnipkurac: I'd ask in #backtrack-linux then14:22
Guest37106ipconfig /registerdns14:23
Guest37106whats the ubuntu equivalent?14:24
ActionParsnipGuest37106: could restart the networking service14:25
BrixSatHello, i have a folder with big files that are regulary changed and i want to make a rsync, but rsync send all the file not just the small change. Any process to make that happen?14:27
mbeierlGuest37106, "pconfig /registerdns command refreshes all DHCP address leases and registers all related DNS names configured and used by the client computer."  That would simply be restarting the network as mentioned, or doing an ifdown / ifup of the interface14:29
compdocBrixSat, you have the same files stored on another drive? Rsync should only copy the changed files14:29
BrixSatcompdoc:  the rsync changes the modified files, but assume you have 2 gb files and transfer them via network is slow even if only 1 byte changed.14:30
=== asdf__ is now known as TitlesAreHard
compdocoh, you expect rsync to copy a changed byte. thats not going to happen14:30
TitlesAreHardwould 128mb memory be enough to run a small ubuntu lamp setup (its a vps that i got super cheap)?14:31
timholumI am having an interesting issue, I have a flash drive, I am running an rsync to it, it runs perfict for a few hundred files the filesystem becomes read only. I have to unmount it and remount it in order to get it writable again. any idea's?14:31
MonkeyDustBrixSat  rsync is the fastest way you'll find14:31
MonkeyDustBrixSat  rsync -a to only copy modified files   (-a means archive)14:32
BrixSatMonkeyDust:  im doing rsync -avz file destination:~/ any other parameter im thinking?14:32
LajjlaSay I mount a second drive to /home/username/, this will go alright without complaining?14:32
MonkeyDustBrixSat  try --progress (that's double -)14:32
LajjlaLike, it'snot even a partition, my computer has two drives, I want to run the OS on an SSD but keep home a spinning wheel thing14:32
BrixSatMonkeyDust:  that will  show the progress, and this is running in crontab so not interesting :p14:33
bodomHi there. Any idea why my just upgraded ubuntu wants to be upgraded?14:33
LajjlaWell, scratch that, mount the drive to /home/ and have a folde /username/ in it14:33
MonkeyDustBrixSat  then the v isnt interesting either :)14:33
BrixSatright :)14:33
MonkeyDustwhat fun and joy, discussing technical issues :)14:34
BrixSatwell i still have to find another alternative to rsync14:34
decciAnyone who have installed syscfg (dell dtk iso) onto ubuntu. I could see RPMs packages in the ISO.14:34
BrixSatrsync is not working well :p14:34
=== AndroUser2 is now known as titlesarehard
mbeierlLajjla, yes, you can use different devices at any mount point.  But if /home/username already exists on the SSD, you will need to move its contents over to the HDD in order for it to be seen once mounted14:37
Lajjlambeierl, hmm, if you mount to a mount point, it merges contents basically?14:37
LajjlaLike, the file system displays the actual and the mounted content in one folder?14:37
titlesarehardWould 128mb of memory be enough to run a small ubuntu lamp setup (its a vps i got for cheap)?14:38
=== Mech0z is now known as Mech0z_
BrixSattitlesarehard:  for testing or personal use yes, otherwise  NO!14:38
=== francisco is now known as Guest25788
WeThePeopletunapie2 not working, just freezes up14:40
WeThePeoplei have to force-quit14:40
`brendananyone running an hp blade 420c gen8 with ubuntu 12.04? having issues with the networking14:40
mbeierlLajjla, no.  The mount replaces the content14:40
mbeierlLajjla, for example, if I have /home/user/file1 on the SDD, then I mount a partition of the HDD as /home/user, I will only see the contents of the HDD under /home/user.  /home/user/file1 will become unreachable14:41
Lajjlambeierl, okido, thanks.14:42
Chrono_anyone able to assist a newling?14:42
MonkeyDustChrono_  start with a question14:43
Chrono_Hmm, well, this may not be the proper channel to ask this question but can someone explain the difference in linux "Flavors"?14:44
nldimitrisdoes anybody knows what happends after an update to my old files in my hard drive ??14:45
SonikkuAmericaChrono_: Gladly! The short answer is: Different desktop environments, same Ubuntu!14:45
MonkeyDustChrono_  different look and feel, like wearing a different jacket -- lubuntu is lighter than ubuntu14:45
mbeierlchrob, http://www.linuceum.com/Distros/osLinuxDistros.php14:45
mbeierlsorry, ^ Chrono_14:46
MonkeyDustChrono_  http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg14:46
DJonesChrono_: Thats probably a better question to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic, but effectivly, a distribution is Ubuntu/Debian/Slackware/Red Hat/Centos etc, a flavour is for example Ubuntu but split into Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc with different desktop environments14:47
mbeierlChrono_, similar to how there are different phones you can get - different options on each, but all are cell phones14:47
SonikkuAmericaChrono_: We currently have, as well as Unity, flavors that use GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and LXDE. Special versions also exist: (a) Ubuntu !Studio for digital audio workstations, graphic and video design, (b) !Mythbuntu for MythTV PVRs, (c) Edubuntu for educational settings, and (d) Kylin (for China)14:47
SonikkuAmerica(c) should read !Edubuntu14:47
mbeierlAnd... I just realized I was answering the question "what's a distro", not "what's a flavour"....14:48
Chrono_SonikkuAmerica: would there be a stability issue if I want all flavors installed?   (well, can all falvors be installed under one kernel?)14:48
Chrono_DJones: thank you sir, I will be sure to move my questions over there :-)14:49
SonikkuAmericaChrono_: Yes! (Each DE is its own metapackage as well)14:49
SonikkuAmericaChrono_: Let's take it into -offtopic14:49
mbeierlClarification, Chrono: Yes, you can, No there won't be stability issues14:50
MonkeyDustChrono_  you can, but the login menu would become very long14:50
Chrono_SonikkuAmerica: ok :-)14:50
=== ruben is now known as Guest80515
WeThePeopledoes anybody have tunapie2 working in 12.04.2 x6414:53
MonkeyDust!info tunapie14:55
ubottutunapie (source: tunapie): Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.17-2.2 (raring), package size 40 kB, installed size 229 kB14:55
WeThePeoplewhat the other ubuntu package for media besides restricted xtras?14:56
WeThePeoplemonkeydust, is there a alternative to tunapie for icecast streams14:56
MonkeyDustWeThePeople  there used to be medibuntu, don't know if it still exists14:56
WeThePeoplemonkeydust, thats the one thanks14:57
linelevelHi. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in an LVM on a LUKS-encrypted partition. Now when I boot, I get an LVM error (it can't find /dev/mapper/vg-root, the logical volume that mounts at /) and I get dumped into an initramfs shell. Can anyone please help me figure out why my initramfs can't see my LVM volumes?14:57
=== hugo is now known as Guest42050
zludeHello! i have a ubuntu server running proftpd and i need to be able to upload files more larger than 500GB in a single connection. But when i try just upload 3GB file, it can't be possible. I get "FTP no transfer timeout, disconnected - FTP session closed - notice: error closing '/test/anything.iso': Input/output error" Any ideas? Log: http://pastebin.com/xHrh5Mkb (nobody is replying on #proftpd channel)14:59
ActionParsnipzlude: tried sftp?14:59
cardethello world15:00
ActionParsnipzlude: what file system holds the ftp uploaded files?15:00
xroHi, i still try to get my facebook account working with empathy... i cannot get authorization... do you know this bug --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center-signon/+bug/1180297/comments/415:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1180297 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "Opening facebook "Success" page in external browser" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:01
quazimodorandom apt-get stuck at 0% waiting for headers , seems to solve itself randomly15:01
quazimodoanyone having thstroubleb too on 12.04?15:01
k1lquazimodo: just give it some time15:02
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xrobug 1180297 --> workaround, let use http.... but that sucks15:05
ubottubug 1180297 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "Opening facebook "Success" page in external browser" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118029715:05
zludeActionParsnip, it's a amazon s3 repo mounted in my machine and is the homedir from ftp user .15:06
linelevel(bump) Hi. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in an LVM on a LUKS-encrypted partition. Now when I boot, I get an LVM error (it can't find /dev/mapper/vgcrypt-root, the logical volume that mounts at /) and I get dumped into an initramfs shell. Can anyone please help me figure out why my initramfs can't see my LVM volumes?15:07
linelevelI followed this guide almost to the letter, the only differences being  that I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 instead of 11.10 and  made less LVs than this guide does (I made 3: swap, root, & home): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186797015:07
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hillarywhat command can i use to kill an hanging application15:10
AndChat|445556How to run dell dtk on ubuntu15:11
MonkeyDusthillary  pkill [program name]15:11
MonkeyDustAndChat|445556  what's dtk?15:11
xrohillary, maybe kill15:12
AndChat|445556Dell toolkit for system management15:12
hillarystill can quit with pkill fileZilla15:12
MonkeyDustAndChat|445556  sure there's no system management in ubuntu itself?15:14
mbeierlAndChat|445556, if that's an MS Windows toolkit published by Dell, that answer is most likely you cannot.15:14
hillaryam trying to quit filezilla but it is sturbon15:14
AndChat|445556It's dell open manage system toolkit15:15
milanHow to get Ubuntu eyecandy on Ubuntu 13.04??15:15
hillaryam using ubuntu 12.0415:15
AndChat|445556Deployment toolkit15:15
MonkeyDust!eyecandy | milan15:15
ubottumilan: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy15:15
gryAre the repositories down? I get http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main - connection failed.15:15
xrohillary, install htop than browse and kill all filezilla15:16
AndChat|445556I am able to use dtk on rpm based redhat but not sure if it is tried in ubuntu15:16
mbeierlhillary, just "killall filezilla", then if nothing "killall -9 filezilla"15:16
MonkeyDusthillary  try killall filezilla*15:16
xrobug 1180297 --> am I the only one that disagree with  "sending password in clear text" ?15:17
ubottubug 1180297 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "Opening facebook "Success" page in external browser" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118029715:17
DouglasKI've got an older box (running ubuntu 10.04 LTS, server), after running for a couple hours, the network slows right down on it.  Other machines on the network are fine, load averages on the affected box are under .2.  Any idea where I should start looking for the issue?15:17
=== Cyberspacelurker is now known as Cyberspaceloa
milanWhat about Myunity i think it doesnt support raring??15:17
ActionParsniphillary: xkill   and you can click the app to kill it15:17
linelevel(bump + more info) Hi. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in an LVM on a LUKS-encrypted partition. Now when I boot, I get an LVM error (it can't find /dev/mapper/vgcrypt-root, the logical volume that mounts at /) and I get dumped into an initramfs shell. I can manually run  `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 pvcrypt` and exit the shell and it works, but I can't figure out how to get it to prompt me  for the LUKS passphrase automatically. Can anyo15:17
linelevel^ Did my post  above cut off?15:17
MonkeyDustmilan  13.04 has unity-tweak-tool15:17
mbeierlhillary, "ps aux | grep filezilla" ... does the process state it is in "D" state?15:17
ActionParsniphillary: or:   killall filezilla15:18
mbeierllinelevel, probably no one knows the answer right now, sorry....15:18
milanDo you mean ubuntu tweak??15:18
MonkeyDustlinelevel  if you're not getting an answer, it means nobody knows15:18
MonkeyDustmilan  13.04 has unity-tweak-tool15:18
linelevelmbeierl: MonkeyDust: No worries, I realize that, and did not mean to spam. I just wanted to update my question with my lastest info.15:19
prashant_123456i have speakers attached to rear jack and headphones attached to front jack and when i play song both are playing at the same time and i need to configure it one at a time i.e i want to play audio either from front jack or from rear jack. dont want to play audio at the same time.15:19
linelevelI will post on Ubuntu Forums, and maybe try back here later in the day.15:19
milanthanx MonkeyDust i have checked out Gnome look cool themes again thanx a lot15:20
mbeierllinelevel, I see that now.  And it does seem to be an odd case of it not automatically starting the cryptsetup, but that's way out of my league15:20
mbeierlprashant_123456, are you sure the sound card is capable of controlling them independantly?15:21
prashant_123456mbeierl, yes i do it in windows environment.15:24
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=== Julian is now known as Guest54404
hillaryThanks this "ps aux | grep filezilla" helped15:27
gry(resent) Are the repositories down? I get http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main - connection failed.15:32
MonkeyDustgry  locally, maybe15:33
DJonesgry: Looks like that is down, I'm not getting any response from it15:33
dualBoothello , I am trying to install dual boot  Ubuntu 13.10 next to win 8 pre install . Is it possible , could some one give me advises. thanks in advance .regards15:33
Guest54404Hi, i have a small problem on different computers, and i can't find a solution for it with search engines, my problem is that i can't login when the screen of lightdm is locked, but i could use the login screen when i choose "switch user" and login on the start screen, where i could choose a user to login and so on .. i am not sure where there could be a problem causing this ..15:33
MonkeyDustdualBoot  you mean 13.04, i take it15:33
=== Cyberspaceloa is now known as Cyberspacelurker
gryDJones: ok, I did %s/au/uk/g on sources.list and it probably works15:35
dualBootMonkeyDust i confirm 13.1015:35
betraydGuest54404: so on lightdm (when you startup normally) you STILL have to 'switch user' before you can get in?15:37
iShotzCan someone help me?15:37
MonkeyDustdualBoot  then ask in #ubuntu+115:38
Guest54404betrayd: no, only when the screen is locked15:38
alocerhow can i solve mkvmerge sound delay problem :((15:38
dualBootthanks MonkeyDust15:38
iShotzYesterday I deleted the partition for Xubuntu, (I was dual booting with Windows 8) and when i turn my PC on, it says grub rescue> and won't let me do anythng15:39
iShotzapart from type15:39
VisCOUSWoah. That's some weighty shit. Did you google it?15:40
Guest54404betrayd: i could login when startup normally15:40
SonikkuAmericaiShotz: Do you only want Windows or do you want to put something else there?15:40
iShotzOnly Windows15:41
aloceriShotz: when booting from live media select "boot from first hard disk" it should bring up linux .15:41
iShotzI'm in my Xubuntu live CD now15:41
alocerfrom windows boot disc select repait15:41
SonikkuAmericaiShotz: OK... so reboot with your Windows 8 disc, select Repair, get to a command prompt, type in "bootrec /fixmbr" and then "bootrec /fixboot" and then reboot.15:42
iShotzI don't have a Windows 8 Disk15:42
iShotzIs there no way I can Just re-install grub?15:42
betraydGuest54404: so, after suspend or lid close i'm thinking it might be normal (as part of unlock process)15:42
SonikkuAmericaiShotz: Well you can... use the Boot Repair PPA to install Boot Repair and run it15:42
iShotzI'll probably just make a 200MB partition to install grub onto, another for install xubuntu onto and then just format the xubuntu one15:43
iShotzThat shouldn't cause any problems/15:43
amdfxishotz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:43
iShotzgetting my usb stick15:44
AvernusAnybody wanna help me figure out a problem with ubuntu (and possibly virtualbox)?15:44
SonikkuAmerica!anyone | Avernus15:44
ubottuAvernus: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:44
yofunHow do go into single user mode from command line?15:45
rolandhi!. I updated a kubuntu 12.04 system and after updating KDE won't boot anymor15:45
rolandI'm able to get into recovery console, but startx won't work15:45
SonikkuAmericaroland: Try running clean and dpkg from recovery.15:46
Guest54404betrayd: the screen get automatic locked after 10 minutes15:46
SonikkuAmericaroland: Then try rebooting normally again.15:46
rolandSonikkuAmerica: just "clean" on the commandline?15:46
SonikkuAmericaroland: From the recovery menu15:47
betraydGuest54404: 10 minutes of inactivity (no mouse or keyboard action)?15:47
Guest54404betrayd: exactly15:47
betraydwhich sounds about right15:47
chrohi, where can I put jps so that it can be called from any place?15:49
cppkingi'm running RHEL6,  #cd /usr/src/kernels/2.6.xxxxxx/    ;#make menuconfig ;#make    then error occured : no rule to make target "missing syscalls"   ;;how to solve this15:49
=== giuseppe__ is now known as demonio
MonkeyDustcppking  better ask in the rhel channel15:49
Guest54404betrayd: yeah but i can't use my password to login at the locked screen i have to switch to the startup screen to login with my password15:49
DJonescppking: This is the Ubuntu channel15:49
Avernusis there any way to mount /tmp before getting to the prompt screen on boot? i'm getting that "/tmp is not ready, please mount" error15:49
cppkingthere is nothing different15:49
MonkeyDustcppking  then why did come here?15:50
cppkingit's same in Ubuntu or RHEL15:50
DJonescppking: This channel only deals with Ubuntu support15:50
=== ritz_ is now known as ritz|here
alocerAvernus: man fstab15:51
cppkingOMG, if I change my words to this " i'm running Ubuntu 12.04.。。。。。。。。。。。。“then you guys will give me support?15:51
Avernusalocer: i'm afraid i'm not sure what you mean, but i will do some research15:52
k1lcppking: dont make a drama out of it. ask the RHEL support about your issue. thats it15:52
alocerAvernus: in terminal "man fstab"15:52
iShotzI found I still have my Windows 8 Loader15:52
iShotzhow can i remove grub15:52
aloceriShotz: you have to fix your MBR15:52
FloodBot1iShotz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:53
cppkingok ,bye15:53
aloceriShotz: where did you installed your grub ?15:53
MonkeyDustcppking  simply type /join #rhel      they're on freenode15:53
iShotza deleted partition15:53
betraydmusta thought it was paid support15:53
Avernusalocer: right, but i'm talking about on boot. can i bring up terminal while booting? i think i read somewhere it's alt + F2, but that didn't work for me15:53
alocerAvernus: it brings up a black screen or nothing happens ?15:54
aloceriShotz: i know a way but ... ( put win 8 cd select repair fix mbr )15:54
iShotzi don't have my W8 cd15:54
iShotzin fact15:54
iShotzi never had one15:54
aloceriShotz: how u installed win 8 ?15:55
betraydit came preinstalled15:55
Avernusalocer: ubuntu just hard freezes (can only reboot or REISUB). I'm running in Virtualbox, and when it reaches the /tmp mounting prompt it freezes if you try bringing that up, it freezes if you try to skip, and freezes when you try to open the maintenance shell with -m15:55
=== CoilDomain_ is now known as CoilDomain
alocerAvernus: so when this started to happen ? after fresh install or after a while and before it was working well ?15:56
`brendananyone running an hp blade 420c gen8 with ubuntu 12.04 w/ emulex OneConnect 10gb NICs? having issues getting online with the be2net15:57
Avernusalocer: so i've tried several different types of ubuntu, and it tends to happend right after you reboot the first time for update installs (after basic installation)15:57
yofunHow do I go into command Line mode ?15:57
MonkeyDustyofun  ctrl-alt-f115:57
yofun(Turn off the x server)15:58
yofunNo I want to turn off the x server to save ram CPU etc15:58
yofunSo I can do more stuff15:58
MonkeyDust!cli | yofun then try this15:58
ubottuyofun then try this: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro15:58
SonikkuAmerica!bug 115630615:58
ubottubug 1156306 in linux (Ubuntu) "Blank screen after resume from suspend - Intel ironlake - i915 - Kernel 3.8.0 - Ubuntu 13.04" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115630615:58
MonkeyDust!text | yofun15:58
ubottuyofun: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode15:58
yofunWill it start all the WiFi cards etc?15:59
MonkeyDustyofun  apologies for the wrong factoid15:59
alocerAvernus: this happens when windows version is x86 and installed guest is x64 and the other is virtualization is not enabled !!15:59
MonkeyDustyofun  wifi cards are no dependend on X15:59
alocerAvernus: if the two ways aren't the problem , then i have not any further idea :-)16:00
yofunMonkeyDust:  will the WiFi cards and everything start? Just not the x server?16:00
Avernusalocer: Oh my god, how did I not realize that? Jesus I'm dumb, thanks a lot for the tip, i'm going to try using the right .iso16:00
yofunOh ok so it should auto connect16:00
alocerAvernus: :-)16:00
MonkeyDustyofun  it's the same factoid as nox (no X16:00
ActionParsnip- ?DEMO Portal? und16:01
decciAny idea if http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1772.dell-openmanage-deployment-toolkit.aspx have been tried on Ubuntu16:02
ActionParsnipyofun: the nmapplet is simply a GUI for the network-manager service, which will start16:02
decciI read that alien is the utility which converts RPM into deb. Say, what if I use dtk for this16:05
zillahi the live USB creator is not working for my flash drive    --  when i try to boot it from it it says "Missing Operating System" how can I add a new mbr16:06
zillato the flashd rive16:06
ActionParsnipdecci: you call, it can break things16:07
utfans05zilla: what are you using to put the iso on the usb drive?16:08
zillautfans05:  i first tried i ubuntu16:08
zillathen i tried unetbootin in windows 716:09
zillaboth failed16:09
zillaso i must have a bad boot flag or mbr16:09
utfans05zilla: have you tried reformatting the usb stick16:09
alocerfat16 zilla16:09
zillaalocer: if im at fat32 how can i change to 16? do i need to start over?16:10
zillai have 12.04 LTS .iso on another drive16:11
alocerthey are the same zilla  , if you formated the flash with linux select fat1616:12
yofunsudo stop lightdm works too MonkeyDust16:13
=== Cyberspacelurker is now known as Cyberspaceloa
yofunAw :( it disables the GPUs16:14
yofunHow can I turn my GPUs back on without x server?16:15
aloceryofun: u cant go around switching on and off your gpu ,16:15
zillahow can i format the drive fat1616:16
yofunalocer:  I ran sudo stop lightdm and it stopped my GPU too :(16:16
yofunSo I can't run the command line program I want to run16:17
yofunWithout x server16:17
alocertry sth else yofun GPU dont have any button to turn ot on :)16:17
yofunI just wanted the program to run faster16:17
alocerright click on your drive zilla  select format , use fat32 and your good to go16:17
aloceryofun: -.-16:18
bodomAny idea why my just upgraded ubuntu still asks me to be upgraded?16:18
Avernusalocer: i'm back, and i realized that things were the other way around. you said it would be a problem if the host was x86 and the guest was x64 (opposite way around for me)16:19
alocerbodom: what is that ? how long did it takes you to upgrade16:19
MonkeyDustbodom  guess you can ignore it, reboot maybe16:19
Jordan_Ubodom: How did you upgrade?16:19
alocerAvernus: i have nothing to say16:19
Avernusalocer: can you recommend a place where i can get help then? i can't find a single resource on this problem that helps me16:20
alocerAvernus: sry that i can't help . is the virtualization enabled ?16:20
emrHello, TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 80. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters Whats that16:20
Avernusalocer: i can't tell if virtualization is enabled on the ubuntu guest, is there some way to check? people are saying you can check on the BIOS, but i don't know how to access a Vbox guest bios16:21
alocerAvernus: bios of your laptop :-)16:21
MonkeyDustemr  ask in ##networking16:22
Avernusalocer: so i'd have to have virtualization of the host working? i thought it was the other way16:22
demoniohi all i've a problem i've a device that send stream byte on my ubuntu, i need to store this stream in a file text using c16:22
emrok, thanks, MonkeyDust16:22
demoniobut i don't know how to receive this stream16:22
demoniocan anyone help me?16:22
alocernope check the host Avernus , but it must be on i have no idea why that is happening to you16:23
MonkeyDustdemonio  are you familiar with C ?16:23
demonioyes i know how create and store files16:23
Avernusalocer: yeah because if virtualization were disabled, i wouldn't even be able to use VBox, right?16:23
newbie|2Hi, I'm testing Tightvncserver on Lubuntu 13.04, all I'm getting is a plain grey X desktop.  Has anyone managed to get vncserver working?16:23
demoniobut i don't know what source use16:23
demonioi don't know what where this stream are16:24
alocerAvernus: u are able to use vbox but that happens that to you happened :D16:26
bodomalocer: it says "New release '13.04' available. Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it." It took about 2 hours to upgrade16:26
Picibodom: Does it say that when you login via ssh? or in the gui?16:26
bodomMonkeyDust: I think that too, but it's annoying16:26
alocerbodom: its funny . you are on 13.04 and its telling you to upgrade to 13.04 ?16:26
bodomJordan_U: I upgraded with do-release-upgrade16:26
bodomPici: via SSH, i don't have a gui16:27
Picibodom: Theres a bug out there about that, let me see if I can find it for you.16:27
pheonixashhi all does anyone know about the wifi stack in ubuntu?16:27
bodomalocer: /etc/lsb-release says i'm 13.0416:27
bodomPici: ty, i couldn't google it16:28
=== Strife is now known as Guest20514
alocerfor me its time to learn (^^)16:28
vitimitihi o/16:28
Picibodom: sorry, just give me a few minutes. I know I saw it, just can't seem to find it...16:32
Picibodom: aha! Take a look at comment 16 and 17 here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/117320916:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173209 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Raring) "Prompted about New Release for 13.04 again after dist-upgrade and a restart" [Low,In progress]16:33
bodomPici: lol! Thank you!16:39
cuddylierWhy when I download files into a directory, does it change the owner of those files to 'root' when the directory and all the files within are owned by the user 'mc18'?16:39
bodomcuddylier: which user is downloading the files?16:40
cuddylierbodom The user mc1816:40
cuddylierThrough a program, but the program is ran as user18, not root16:40
cuddylierSo I don't see why it would change them..16:40
bodomcuddylier: to me, the only possible explanation looks like that program changing owner of them, have you tryed with a different one?16:41
jribcuddylier: your program is likely running as root... what program is this?16:41
=== guest400 is now known as guest4001
cuddylierMulticraft, it's running as the user 'minecraft'16:42
cuddylierSo even then, I still don't see how16:42
jribcuddylier: I remember from your previous question it also seemed like the program was running as root16:42
cuddylierjrib I think I did have it running as root then, but I changed it to run as 'minecraft' and each server runs as a different use 'mc[serverid]'16:43
cuddylierIf you are familar with tekkit, it downloads files when started, these files that get downloaded are set as root.16:43
jribcuddylier: only root can change ownership.  So unless you have some other program running as root and changing ownership or have setup some strange ACLs, your program is running as root16:44
cuddylierThere are two processes in my top both using 100% CPU exactly, very weird16:45
cuddylierLooks like it's bugged to me16:45
beancuddylier, what are the processes.16:46
cuddylierBoth java ones16:47
bodomcuddylier: total is 100*n, where n is number of CPU... looks like you don't know how top works to me :P16:47
beanokay, and how many cores on the box.16:47
cuddylier8 threads16:47
beanyou can have 100% * no_of_cores.16:47
linuxpoetI have had an odd problem on two different machines with Raring, after the latest round of updates all of a sudden my X configuration is no longer accepted and it requires me to go back to safe mode graphics. I fixed it on a laptop by removing lightdm and then installing gdm (which was just an outright guess) but on my workstation I am already running GDM16:47
linuxpoetthis is 64bit16:47
cuddylierYea, I know it can go over 100%16:47
linuxpoetboth with nvidia cards16:47
cuddylierWhich is why I'm saying it's weird16:48
linuxpoetany thoughts?16:48
FloodBot1linuxpoet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:48
=== guest4001 is now known as someone
cuddylierHere is the program running as the user minecraft, http://puu.sh/2YQUo.png16:48
elisa87Do you know why I am receiving these two errors? when running this C executable? like file pointer error and core dump? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5690993/16:49
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest54327
mikwalkerHi, I'm testing vncserver on Lubuntu 13.04, all I'm getting is a plain X desktop, has anyone got vncserver running correctly?16:50
bodomelisa87: assimung you don't have hardware problems, it's probably a bug in the software16:50
beanand this isn't really a programming help channel16:50
elisa87bodom: this is a tested code. I have downloaded and it compiled correctly but now I have problem regarding its execution! How can I use gdb? and what is the file pointer error?16:51
bodomelisa87: This is the wrong channel for these questions, i think you should ask on #c16:53
=== Cyberspaceloa is now known as Cyberspacelurker
phisher1Hello all,16:59
phisher1I'm trying to configure an external app for ssh:// protocol handler.  I have configured xdg-open to call an external script that calls /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal and connects to the host in the ssh:// url.  xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/ssh returns my config file for the ssh mimetime, but when xdg-open ssh://hostname is ran, it opens the hostname in a SFTP nautilus window.  I have confirmed that my methods for xdg are proper, as I can make a16:59
phisher1xdg appears to be ignoring my ssh:// mimetype though. Can anyone help ? I am running Xubuntu, in Xfce, 12.04.216:59
betraydphisher1 how were you able to confirm17:08
phisher1betrayd  xdg-open abc://host.name    works.17:08
betraydas in, an xfce terminal appeared (just trying to get the picture)17:09
phisher1correct.. appeared and opened up ssh to my hostname given via the abc://hostname  url17:09
dmjazIs there any way around the 25 post minimum required to download attachments? I'm trying to grab a patch for my touchpad but I can only find it hosted on ubuntuforums.com.17:10
phisher1there's a 25 post minimum to download from the forums??17:10
betraydphisher1 the external script exists in two places17:10
phisher1betrayd .. the script, or the config file for the mimetype?17:11
dmjazYeah, I can't do anything for the  most part. I can't even use the search functionality to see if this question has been addressed.17:11
pcarsonCan anyone point me to a channel for help on adding an external hard drive?  Thanks!17:11
dmjazand I don't feel like posting a bunch of support requests just to get to a patch I want to test.17:11
phisher1I've tried placing it in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/shared/applications17:11
SonikkuAmericapcarson: ##hardware17:11
pcarsonThank you!17:12
=== oscailt is now known as Lucy
=== Lucy is now known as oscailt
bodomdmjaz: that's a stupid limitation... just spam 25 posts and download it :)17:12
phisher1that being said ,   xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/ssh    retuns my config file17:12
dmjazIt says something about requiring 25 bean posts? I'm assuming that means they can't just be BS.17:12
dmjazplus the script that chances that status runs once every hour, so it won't really get me anywhere more quickly17:13
=== DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
phisher1dmjaz: link me to post17:14
phisher1I'll see if I can download it17:15
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
phisher1I see 3 attachments17:16
phisher1dmjaz: which attachment ?17:17
echoeis there any kernel for undervolting that's being kept up to date? I'm installing 12.04 on my laptop with this: [warning: popup ads] http://linuxsolver.blogspot.com/2012/05/undervolting-cpu-in-ubuntu-1204.html < and it's great that 12.04 is a LTS releast but I'm just worried about after that. Since undervolting has to never go away.17:17
SuperGauntletThe GUI installer for Xubuntu isn't showing icons for the guided partitioning (like, 'drag the divider to allocate space'), which side is Xubuntu on by default?17:17
dmjazGrab the third. I'm hoping that will work even though my kernal is a very versions after that.17:17
dmjaz*is a few versions17:18
Yoshieinternet not working, ubuntu 64 bit motherboard  ASROCK NV68-VS3 FX17:18
dmjazArrrrgh, this mouse is killing me.17:18
dmjazphisher1: Thanks.17:18
betraydis it a large mouse17:18
=== oscailt is now known as updates
echoeyoshie, ethernet? pci plug in wifi? built in wifi? are your drivers working? that's where I would check first17:18
phisher1dmjaz: http://www.phisher1.us/uploads/psmouse-3.2.0-30-generic-pae.tar.bz217:18
=== dan_ is now known as Guest9045
dmjazNo, it's small but sneaky.17:18
dmjazphisher1: Thanks again. Saved me the hassle of posting BS.17:19
phisher1yup np17:19
SuperGauntletAnyone have any idea about the partition gui?17:19
Yoshieechoe: hello, Ethernet yes  aka  eth0,  I did a  sudo lshw -C network and it gave an out put of   MCP61: Ethernet17:20
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know what is rogue cron job?17:20
jribmojtaba: why do you ask?17:21
phisher1mojtaba: in the context of, you don't know what is running the job?17:21
Jester86Hey all17:21
=== updates is now known as SusieQ
=== SusieQ is now known as oscailt
echoeyoshi, netstat not showing any packets going in and out? can't ping anything?17:21
=== oscailt is now known as SusieQ7
bodommojtaba: it's a cron job waiting in the woods to ambush you17:21
sonOfRaAnyone here running 13.04 on a Thinkpad T510 with a MiniDock Plus Series 3?17:21
mojtabajrib: I have a host with bluehost and they said that they have throttled my account because of that.17:21
Jester86anyone running Ubuntu Touch on Droid 4?17:22
=== SusieQ7 is now known as oscailt
mojtababodom: ?17:22
DJones!touch | Jester8617:22
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:22
ubottuJester86: please see above17:22
betraydwhat are the odds sonOfRa17:22
Jester86ah thanks DJones17:22
Yoshieechoe: correct, as the wheel keeps spinning kind of thing..... and it keeps stating that eth0 has disconnected for some wierd reason as a pop up.17:22
sonOfRaUpon removing the laptop from the dock, it shuts down immediately, not cleanly, but just poweroff17:22
betraydsonOfRa just state your problem17:22
bodommojtaba: just kidding, it's a cron job you don't know of17:22
MonkeyDustmojtaba  if you type crontab -e    does it show this rogue thing?17:22
Jester86I tried #ubuntutouch .. didn't think about trying that one17:22
echoewhat's ethtool eth0 say?17:23
mojtabaMonkeyDust: Let me check that17:23
sonOfRabetrayd, the "anyone" was kind of necessary because it is a special case, and only happens on that exact configuration.17:23
Yoshieechoe: im not sure id have to reboot and check it out to find that one, only have 1 pc right now and its running windows17:24
jribmojtaba: they probably just mean you have a cron job that's hogging resources for whatever reason17:24
sonOfRaThis only happens with ubuntu, i tried other distributions on the same hardware, and it no longer occurs.17:24
mojtabaMonkeyDust: It says that I am not allowed to use this program17:24
betraydsort of a prologue, is it battery or AC when undocked17:24
MonkeyDustmojtaba  i read here, the 'rogue cron job' is related to mac os17:24
sonOfRait should go to battery. there is no AC cable connected when undocking17:24
sonOfRa(can't be, because of the way dock is build, really)17:25
betraydunderstood sonOfRa17:25
Yoshieechoe: want me to check that out and than come back?17:25
echoeyoshie, I'd check that and also look for the model# and see if anyone reports anything about incompatibilities w/drivers with that17:26
sonOfRaHaven't tried any other Ubuntus other than 13.04/amd64, but on other distributions it works fine. Windows is fine, too17:26
echoeyou're going to need to copy and paste the information down somehow too. maybe a USB stick and a text file :P17:26
betraydyou might know where acpi-events are located, might be lacking an 'undock' event scenario and does the poweroff as fallbacl17:27
cuddylierDoes anyone know how to allow users to access /proc/[process id]/stat? The user who is trying to access it owns the directory, e.g. /proc/2554/stat, the user mc85 might own it if it's their process. At the moment, they are just denied access, yet another machine with ubuntu I have is fine.17:27
sonOfRaI added empty undock scenarios for the undock and dock events17:27
sonOfRathis does not fix it.17:27
MonkeyDustmojtaba  you always have the strangest questions and problems, i wonder what you are doing17:29
sonOfRaI found exactly one other person with the same problems on the lenovo community forums, also running 13.04 on a t510 with the same dock17:29
mojtabaMonkeyDust: :-P17:29
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I am learning and also recently shifted to linux and I like this OS very much.17:30
betraydsonOfRa empty? Make it do something so you know it enters that part 'echo hey ima undocking'17:30
mojtabaMonkeyDust: Meanwhile I am designing a website. :)17:31
sonOfRayeah, that's kind of what I understood with empty ^^17:31
sonOfRait does not enter that part17:31
sonOfRaat least, it is not able to save the file I'm piping output to before it shuts off17:31
betraydsonOfRa might be putting in the wrong spot? Or some event is triggering it prior <<17:31
DiomedesHey there! Do you know where I could ask for help concerning Creative X-Fi on Linux?17:32
echoewhile [ 1==1 ] do sleep 5; echo "hey ima have no idea if i'm undocking"; done &17:32
MonkeyDustDiomedes  wepends on what it is17:33
MonkeyDustDiomedes  depends on what it is17:33
sonOfRabetrayd, http://phihag.de/2012/thinkpad-docking.html used that for figuring out the docking events17:33
DiomedesWell, minor problem is that I am lacking software for configuring it. Major problem is that voip is not working at all.17:33
sonOfRathey are in the right place17:34
sonOfRaHowever, "power off without asking" doesn't seem like a reasonable default behavious for an event17:34
MonkeyDustDiomedes  you want to configure it, but what is it, what does it do?17:34
MonkeyDustok, it's a soundblaster17:35
DiomedesWell, all kinds of stuff like EAX, equalizer, bass etc.17:35
DiomedesThere is some software for Windows made by Creative, but none for Linux it seems.17:36
MonkeyDustDiomedes  you didnt say it's a sound card17:36
DiomedesOh, sorry.17:36
DreamPCsHey guys, sorry to ask this question as I'm sure it's been asked a dozen times, but could someone please point me to KNOWN WORKING instructions to get Ubuntu installed with nVidia proprietary driver?17:36
DreamPCsSpecifically, I have a GeForce 9500 GT17:37
MonkeyDust!nvidia | DreamPCs is this useful17:37
ubottuDreamPCs is this useful: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:37
DreamPCsDoes this page address the new kernel issues and X not supporting legacy code or something or other?17:38
pcarsonHow (Who) do I get a +v in ##hardware?  Thanks!17:39
jribpcarson: #freenode can help you with that17:39
MonkeyDustDreamPCs  i missed that part in your initial question17:40
DreamPCsMonkeyDust: That page was last edited December of 2k12, I don't think it addresses the current issues.17:40
OerHekspcarson, maybe register your nickname ?17:40
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on 2012-10-28, see http://ubottu.com/y/natty for details.17:40
pcarson<OerHeks>Oops !  Thanks - I hate stupid questions.17:41
meganerdDreamPCs: what do you mean by "current issues"?17:42
vivekgI am having some issues with linking to pthreads. If my program while linking specifies -lpthread before -lsqlite3 then it gets all linker errors for pthread_* methods... but if I specify -lpthread later, then it links fine... any reason why?17:43
DreamPCsWell, apparently a lot of people are having issues with 13.04 (I don't know the technical details) because the 3.8* kernel and/or X has apparently dropped some support for "legacy" cards. This causes a lot of people to upgrade or do a fresh installation and end up at a terminal prompt on boot or no hardware acceleration.17:44
neighborsI installed ubuntu 12.04 desktop on one machine and 12.04 server on another, but one has a 3.2 kernel and the other a 3.517:45
neighborsI cannot figure out why they have different kernels, /etc/apt/sources.list are identical between them17:45
bekksneighbors: Install the latest kernel then. sudo apt-get install linux-image17:45
ActionparsnipNeighbors: the later installed one will have the 3.5 this is normal17:45
echoedoes the older kernel say anything specific? *is installing an old kernel on 12.04 now*17:46
bekksIntroduced with 12.04.2, the 3.5 kernel was in the repos due to a critical bugfix17:46
neighborsshouldn't a normal apt-get dist-upgrade bring the one with the 3.2 kernel up to 3.5 then?17:46
jribneighbors: only if you have the proper package installed17:46
neighborsechoe: I didn't notice a message like that17:46
bekksneighbors: Kernels arent updated automatically, you have to run the command above17:46
neighborsI see, interesting, OK let me try an apt-get install linux-image17:47
ActionparsnipNeighbors: no, all subsequent precise installs will get 3.5 its no bad thing.  Just enjoy the OS :-)17:47
neighborsI notice 3.5 is no longer on kernel.org which seems a little odd, will it go up to 3.9 at some point on its own?17:48
bekksneighbors: No.17:48
ActionparsnipNeighbors : when updates are ready, they will come17:48
linuxnewb2If you build it, they will come!17:49
meganerdDreamPCs: If nVidia drops support for "legacy" devices then there is nothing that can be done if you want to use the proprietary driver17:49
neighborsso doing an apt-get install linux-image on the box with a 3.2 kernel results in a 3.2 kernel still, do I have to specify some other package?17:50
ActionparsnipA supported gpu is usually pretty cheap too17:50
bekksneighbors: did you run sudo apt-get update before?17:50
neighborsyeah, but I can try again17:51
ActionparsnipNeighbors : is there something in the 3.5 kernel you need?17:51
DreamPCsIt's not nVidia dropping support, it's something to do with compatibility with the new X. I read somewhere that blacklisting the new nVidia driver and/or X will solve the issue. But I also read that blacklisting new X versions is a bad update if you keep the system up to date.17:51
cuddylierDoes anyone know how to allow users to access /proc/[process id]/stat? The user who is trying to access it owns the directory, e.g. /proc/2554/stat, the user mc85 might own it if it's their process. At the moment, they are just denied access, yet another machine with ubuntu I have is fine.17:51
DreamPCsAnd the video card I have (GeForce 9500 GT) is enough for this machine and I don't want to spend money for something that works in 12.10.17:51
neighborsNot at this moment, but I kind of wanted my development box and server box to be rather similar, I might play around with lxc and kvm and it's possible kernel differences might come into play, I'm not sure17:51
anddamdo I need resolvconf for a single, statically configured, interface?17:51
ActionparsnipNeighbors: is the 3.2 kernel running ok?17:52
meganerdDreamPCs: now you know why proprietary drivers suck17:52
neighborsActionparsnip: yeah it's running fine17:52
anddamalso I cannot see any "nameserver" option in interfaces(5), why is this?17:52
meganerdDreamPCs: sorry that came out snarky17:52
ActionparsnipNeighbors : I believe there is a backport package but I can't remember the name17:53
DreamPCsmeganerd: What would you recommend? I either have to pay for new hardware (for a software problem) or use opensource drivers without 3d acceleration.17:53
DreamPCsNo prob meganerd, I know what you mean and I don't like it either lol.17:53
yashwanti am unable to change ntfs owner in Linux.17:53
meganerdDreamPCs: proprietary video drivers have driven me insane since they became available17:53
Actionparsnip Meganerd: not had an issue with nvidia for 13 years now17:53
DreamPCsYeah I hear you. Strangely I've never hard issues with Ubuntu and this card since maybe 8.04 or something17:53
yashwantany body know how to change the owner of ntfs drive in linux17:53
=== _BJfreeman is now known as BJfreeman
meganerdDreamPCs: nvidia is my current hate on, I have managed to get optimus working on my laptop with 12.1017:54
ActionparsnipYashwant: you specify it at mount time17:54
meganerdDreamPCs: but my box at home with  a 5770 worked out of the box17:54
DreamPCsI'm not even sure if nVidia considers my card legacy or not. Normally proprietary installs are no issue for this card.17:54
meganerdDreamPCs: out of curiosity, does noveau work with your card?17:56
ActionparsnipYashwant : you will get issues with NTFS if it is not unplugged cleanly. Lots of windows users dont use safe remove before unplugging then wonder why they get issues17:56
DreamPCsIt does, without issue.17:56
meganerdDreamPCs: do you *need* the proprietary driver?17:57
DreamPCsWell, I don't "need" it but I can't really game without it. And Steam for Linux is useless without 3d acceleration. Plus, I can't watch YouTube in HD fullscreen without it.17:57
Actionparsnip Dreampcs: even with minitube?17:58
meganerdDreamPCs: on my laptop with the optimus garbage, I ended up with the PPA edgers, bumblebee PPA, and a custom built 3.8 kernel.  When I reinstall I am probably just going to disable the nvidia GPU in the BIOS17:59
DreamPCsI haven't tried with Minitube although I suspect it would work. Problem is, minitube doesn't pull links from browsers. So if I'm watching a video someone linked to on G+ for instance, I don't have a way to watch it unless I launch the app and search for the same video.17:59
DreamPCsmeganerd: Well if that's what I have to do I just won't upgrade the kernel.18:00
neighborsso I was able to get the kernels to match by doing an apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-quantal18:00
neighborson the box with the 3.2 kernel18:00
neighborsI see there's a raring kernel available, too18:00
ActionparsnipNeighbors : that's the one :-)18:01
Actionparsnip!info linux-image-generic-lts-quantal18:01
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts-quantal does not exist in raring18:01
=== _BJfreeman is now known as BJfreeman
Actionparsnip!info linux-image-generic-lts-quantal precise18:02
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-quantal (source: linux-meta-lts-quantal): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)18:02
DreamPCsThis ubottu thing is great.18:02
ActionparsnipDreampcs: lots. She is very smart18:03
ActionparsnipBut not intelligent18:03
DreamPCsThat's good stuff. I remember my old IRC days back with mIRC was the way to go.18:04
DreamPCsI'm writing Ubuntu to USB now so I can install it. I'm currently running Sabayon.18:04
meganerdDreamPCs: The easiest solution is an ATI one (or the Intel integrated).  For me the HD4000 in my laptop is good enough for everything except gaming, but the NVS 5400M is terrible for that anyway18:04
ActionparsnipOnly through ignorance of other clients :-)18:04
DreamPCsI have some onboard vga but I have no idea what it is. I've never used it lol.18:05
pipegeekI'm trying to run a network install of precise, and I can't find a way to tell it it should use eth2 instead of eth0.  during the network autoconfiguration stage, it attempts to dhclient eth0, fails, and gives up.  If I execute a shell, I can manually dhclient eth2 with no issues, but debian-installer refuses to use that nic18:05
meganerdDreamPCs: the custom kernel was so I could get a new kernel that better supported my hardware.  http://www.phoronix.com is a great place to look18:05
pipegeekany ideas?18:05
DreamPCsI'll check out that page now.18:05
ActionparsnipDreampcs : irssi is extremely scriptable and uses perl and so forth. Lots of power18:05
bekksDreamPCs: mirc never was state of the art ;) And just use "sudo lspci | grep -ui vga" for getting which graphics card you have.18:06
DreamPCsReally? I need to look into that18:06
DreamPCsI just use xchat lol.18:06
Actionparsnip Pipegeek: if you make udev rules you can call it what you wish.  Search for  "rename eth1 eth0"18:07
pipegeekwell ok, but... that doesn't seem like an answer18:07
pipegeekis there actually no way to tell D-I to install over an interface that's not called 'eth0'? o.O18:07
DreamPCsbekks: Output only shows 1, my GeForce 9500.18:07
neighborsthanks Actionparsnip and bekks and whoever else for the kernel help :)  I think I'm going to go ahead and bump to the raring kernel while I'm at it18:08
bekksDreamPCs: Thats your graphics card.18:08
DreamPCsI know, I'm saying I don't know what GPU is attached to my motherboard is all.18:09
DreamPCsBY attached, I mean onboard.18:09
goddardhow can i view my public gpg key via the command line?18:11
pipegeekI'm trying to run a network install of precise, and I can't find a way to tell it it should use eth2 instead of eth0.  during the network autoconfiguration stage, it attempts to dhclient eth0, fails, and gives up.  If I execute a shell, I can manually dhclient eth2 with no issues, but debian-installer refuses to use that nic18:12
bekksDreamPCs: You just investigated and told us which GPU is attached.18:12
DreamPCsbekks I think there's a loss of communication some where. I've always known what 3rd party video card I have in this machine. It's an nVidia GeForce 9500GT. I came in here initially to get updated instructions on installing the proprietary closed sourced driver. Someone (I don't recall) mentioned that they are using their intergrated VGA and it works well for them. I then mentioned that I don't even know what onboard VGA adapter I have.18:14
DreamPCsThat's all, lol.18:14
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goddardhow can i view my public gpg key via the command line?18:16
DreamPCsgoddard: try gpg --list-keys18:18
goddardDreamPCs: that doesn't list the public key though18:18
DreamPCsNo idea then, I just pulled that from this site: http://www.gnupg.org/gph/en/manual/x56.html18:19
th0rgoddard: I bet --list-public-keys would work, but so would18:20
th0r'man gpg'18:20
=== metra is now known as flypet
pipegeekI'm trying to run a network install of precise, and I can't find a way to tell it it should use eth2 instead of eth0.  during the network autoconfiguration stage, it attempts to dhclient eth0, fails, and gives up.  If I execute a shell, I can manually dhclient eth2 with no issues, but debian-installer refuses to use that nic18:21
SuperGauntletDoes moving a partition change the GUID?18:22
echoe... I hope yoshie didn't break everything18:25
meganerdDreamPCs: what CPU do you have?18:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest94950
DreamPCsThis machine has a dual core E218018:26
betraydpipegeek, second one also built in?18:26
pipegeekbetrayd: second one is a pcie card, but it's definitely being recognized.  'ip addr' shows it, and again, executing dhclient explicitly works18:27
pipegeekit's not that it can't find it, it's that there's no setting in the ui I can find to switch interfaces18:27
pipegeekbut I'm going to try passing in "interface=eth2" as a kernel option and see if that helps18:28
betraydpipegeek maybe switchoff eth0 thru BIOS?18:28
pipegeekI mean18:28
pipegeekI want eth0 to be available :P18:28
pipegeekI just don't want it to install over it because there's no dhcp on that network :P18:28
pipegeekbut we'll see if interface=eth2 works18:28
betraydhave a cold one in the fridge?18:29
pipegeekbetrayd: sadly no18:29
DreamPCsHow can I tell if nVidia considers my card to be a legacy card?18:31
meganerdDreamPCs: my last laptop was a T9550 and I found the intel GPU to be good enough for video, just in no way useful for gaming.18:31
DreamPCsYeah I hear you. No gaming is damn-near a deal breaker for me. I don't need to be playing the latest games but I need something.18:32
bekksDreamPCs: You have 9500GT, which is not a legacy card. "legacy" cards were all cards up to 8xxx series.18:32
DreamPCsOk cool bekks, thanks for the info.18:32
meganerdDreamPCs: have you upgrade to 13.04 yet?18:33
DreamPCsI did about a week ago but because of the drivers I lost that installation. I'm running Sabayon right now but I'm about to reinstall 13.04 in a few minutes.18:34
meganerdDreamPCs: did you try the nVidia download or the nvidia-current (apt) driver?18:35
DreamPCsFirst I tried the 310 drivers in the repository. After that didn't work, I tried the 319 drivers straight from nvidias website. I got so far down the rabbit hole I eventually just installed another OS.18:36
DreamPCsOpen source drivers are fine, but whenever I install the closed sources ones either I cannot login (black screens back to login prompt) or everything is horrendously slow and 3d acceleration still doesn't work.18:36
DreamPCsIt does work however on Sabayon through the defailt installation.18:37
meganerdDreamPCs: from what I read a few months ago (when I got the new laptop) there were a ton of changes being made to entire graphics stack.  Lots of kernel changes.18:37
subz3r0does anyone know a linux alternative to the program "visual certexam manager"?18:38
meganerdDreamPCs: you might want to add the PPA xorg-edgers, phoronix has a lot of articles on this stuff18:38
DreamPCsYeah I think that's why I need to stick to an older kernel or something18:38
DreamPCsI'm looking on phoronix's page now and I can't find anything that I need.18:38
meganerdDreamPCs: well the problem is that entire stack kinda depends on each other.18:38
bekksDreamPCs: Yeah, that always happen when people go to moronix. :>18:39
DreamPCsThis sounds like a fun project.18:39
grlpxubuntu is a very idiosintocratic operative system18:40
grlpxhow do I make interesting stuff with ubuntu18:41
grlpxto me it looks like having windoze18:41
echoemodify kernel18:42
echoewin internets18:42
bekksgrlpx: So you judge by what you see, without understanding what you see. Please keep that out of here.18:42
mcscruffhi all, i have just updated to 13.04, and now my wireless doesnt work.. i have rtl8723ae which i had to compile drivers for on 12.10 but now it is supported, it appears in iwconfig but can not scan for any networks18:42
grlpxbekks: of course, like you18:43
bekksgrlpx: You started the OT, now please stop it.18:43
kristenbbhi, I'm trying to install ubuntu 13.04, but when I boot, it says: grub error: missing partition. What to do ?18:44
DreamPCskristenbb is this before or after you installed Ubuntu?18:45
DreamPCsDo you have more than 1 hard drive? Or more than 1 partition?18:45
kristenbb2 drives, 3 on /sda which is data, and 2 on sdb, which the installation created18:46
Yoshieechoe: hello18:46
DreamPCsMy guess is the grub boot loader is referencing the wrong partition. My suggestion, for is to check your BIOS and see which hard drive it boots from. Then reinstall Ubuntu and point to to that drive when installing the boat loader.18:47
echoehey, any troubles?18:47
umcguys, after an ubuntu 10.04 LTS upgrade to 12.04 LTS, postfix is acting weird... I can receive mails, send mails to the same domain, but not to yahoo for example. in the syslog I see "warning: hostname localhost does not resolve to address ::1: No address associated with hostname". in my /etc/hosts I have line "::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback". is this correct ? or am I missing something ?18:47
echoewhat did it give you?18:47
DreamPCsbrb rebooting to a LiveUSB18:47
Yoshieechoe: Yeah sadly did not work, however i found the bug doing a google search       https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/100329718:48
kristenbbDreamPCs: how can I remove the boot loader from sda?18:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003297 in linux (Ubuntu) "Networking and ACPI conflicts" [Medium,Confirmed]18:48
echoedid the workaround work?18:48
=== mikestewart is now known as ms|afk
bekkskristenbb: By overwriting the first 448 bytes of the harddisk.18:48
echoeethtool eth0 just analyzes the port, it doesn't fix anything18:48
kristenbbbekks: how exactly ?18:48
bekkskristenbb: Why do you want to do it, anyway?18:49
Yoshieechoe: the work around is not guaranteed to work, and i dont want to have to type that everysingle time i boot my system lol..... ..18:49
kristenbbbekks: i don't know, it would appear that I'm not using the correct drive18:49
kristenbbbekks: i just want to install ubuntu, I've been trying for days :(18:49
echoeyoshie you should be able to add that command to rc.local to have it autorun18:49
bekkskristenbb: Then overwriting the bootloader will not solve it.18:50
kristenbbbekks: so what would ?18:50
bekkskristenbb: What exactly happens when you boot off a livecd?18:50
echoebut yes it isn't ideal. ... am working on a similar issue myslf with undervolting and an mv-40 processor actually.18:50
Yoshieechoe: did you check that bug report out?18:50
kristenbbbekks: a live cd ?18:50
bekkskristenbb: Or the install cd.18:50
kristenbbbekks: a live cd works, that's not the issue. The issue is when I boot with the drives.18:51
echoeyoshie, yes, the last post seems workable if you can get that18:51
echoei mean obviously it isn't perfect. >.>18:51
Yoshieechoe: hmm, how long does it usually take for a small bug like that to get fixed? cause that bug has been there for over a year....18:52
bekkskristenbb: Then where did you install grub to?18:52
=== graingert is now known as Guest30133
kristenbbbekks: I don't know, I didn't install anything by hand, I just hit next,next,next on the installation procedure, and input my name and such where asked.18:53
bekkskristenbb: And you were asked where to install grub.18:53
kristenbbbekks: maybe, I chose the default then.18:53
bekkskristenbb: The default depends on the installation options chosen.18:54
rymate1234kristenbb, do you not read installers?18:54
echoeYoshie, I've just moved from fedora, so I really don't know. but it looks like it's a low priority thing for some reason18:54
kristenbbso what to do from here? how can I check where grub was installed from the live cd ?18:54
Yoshieechoe: yeah i just also tried fedora a few minutes ago and fedora is having the same issue sadly... ..18:55
tipoxcan someone help me?18:55
pjack30hellopat_, i've got a rootkit on my system, "ps aux" keeps hidding its real path  with nullbyte18:55
echoefedora is bad at everything18:55
pjack30how i can get a real process fulll path???18:55
echoeI mean, not really but ... uh, I left it for a reason, and that reason is "sleep bugs and gneeral crappiness"18:55
pjack30root      2589  0.0  0.1  33376  4224 ?        S    May21   0:08 [eth0]18:55
echoepjack does rootkithunter find the rootkit?18:55
pjack30and then just nullbyte18:56
bekks!grub2 | kristenbb18:56
ubottukristenbb: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:56
pjack30i want to get its path18:56
pjack30please help18:56
echoei assume top -c nulls the path as well?18:56
pjack30top also views [eth0] only18:56
tipoxhttp://pastebin.com/gNzDMdGW can someone help me ?18:56
kristenbbbekks: I tried boot repair before, but it still says the same error message.18:56
makerbrakrwhats the best way to monitor netplug, and take an action based on a change?18:56
pjack30tis a perl bot with virus18:56
bekkskristenbb: So whats the full, exact error then?18:57
kristenbbbekks: well from here I can't give it to you anymore, without restarting the computer, since I'm on the livecd. But it's something like. grub error: partition missing.18:58
frozenlockI'm running a script at startup, but the machine doesn't seem to be connected to the LAN yet when it runs it. Is there a way to wait for the interface to be up?18:58
bekkskristenbb: We need the exact error message.18:58
kristenbbbekks: ok, I'll restart then18:59
kristenbbbekks: and also, on the page you gave, there is a terminal way of doing it, and so I tried: sudo grub-install /dev/sdb. But I get Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting.18:59
kristenbbshould I still restart ?18:59
kristenbbwell I'll restart anyway since you're not answering, I get it doesn't hurt.19:01
DreamPCsHey guys, any ideas on how I can install nvidia drivers from alive usb to a local install?19:02
DreamPCskristebb: You weren't talking to me I hope.19:02
giuseppe__hi all i've a device that send stream byte in usb port and i need to pick this stream byte and put they in a file so my question is where i can find this stream?19:03
tacomasterDreamPCs: why not just install the binary version in the repo?19:03
tacomasterDreamPCs: or maybe i misunderstood your question19:03
eN_Joyi remember there's a command line tool to help you build regex incrementally, forgot it's name, anyone? thanks19:04
DreamPCstacomaster: In the past (about 2 weeks ago) I had issues using the driver that shipped with Ubuntu. I wanted to install it via the terminal.19:04
DreamPCsI just wanted to know since I'm doing a fresh install now, if I can use the live usb (that's currently running) to install the nvidia drivers directly to the just-installed installation.19:05
moseshow do install a compiler onto ubuntu?19:05
eN_Joysomething like pcretest?19:05
meganerdmoses: apt-get install build-essential19:05
tacomasterDreamPCs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182365919:05
DreamPCsThanks Cool Ranch!19:06
mosesmeganerd: i have the tar.gz in a folder19:06
moseson my ubuntu19:06
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=== marlinc is now known as Marlinc
DreamPCstacomaster, I need to know how I can use the terminal in a live USB to edit the installed Ubuntu, not the live running one.19:07
tacomasterDreamPCs: ooo ok19:07
BigFistI've noticed my ubuntu stops loading after: sd 7:0:0:3: [sdf] Assuming drive cache: write through19:07
tacomasterDreamPCs: look in to chroot then19:07
tacomasterDreamPCs: after you chroot in to your existing install then run the command19:07
DreamPCsOk, will do, thanks.19:07
BigFistof course every second (or so) time it loads properly, and the next line is  sdf: sdf119:08
yeatsDreamPCs: depending on the issue, it may not be necessary to use chroot, fwiw19:08
tacomasterDreamPCs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115624019:08
tacomasteryeats: he needs to install a package19:09
DreamPCstacomaster, looking at your link now.19:09
kristenbbso I rebooted and the exact error message is: error: no such partition. grub rescue>19:09
tacomasterDreamPCs: going afk for a few seconds if you have any more questions ill just look up19:09
yeatstacomaster: ah - sorry - didn't have the full scrollback19:09
kafkatacomaster: i missed19:10
DreamPCsyeats, to make a long story short, I want to use a live CD(usb) to install the proprietary nvidia drivers. I literally just installed Ubuntu from this USB and I was wondering if I can install the nvidia drivers before even ooting Ubuntu19:10
yeatsDreamPCs: I think it would be easier to boot into the installed version and use a terminal19:10
DreamPCsWell I can't run nvidia-settings (or whatever the command is) if the GUI is running. If I boot the installation, I would have to kill X, go to a term and do the same thing. I figured this way I at least have internet access if something goes foul.19:12
tacomasterDreamPCs: sudo stop lightdm19:12
tacomasterDreamPCs: use links19:12
yeatsor wget19:12
tacomasterDreamPCs: links is a webbrowser with out the need of x19:12
tacomasterwget works too19:13
kristenbbcan someone please help me to install ubuntu ? I don't get why it's so difficult. :(19:13
yeatskristenbb: what's the problem?19:13
kristenbbyeats: the problem is that it doesn't start, it says "no such partition'.19:13
tipox-[a]does wordpress, require root user?19:13
tacomasterkristenbb: are you using a usb to install on a hard drive?19:13
kristenbbtacomaster: I'm using a cd to install on a hard drive.19:14
DreamPCsyeats I already have the binarties I don't need to wget them. tacomaster thanks for reminding me about lynx. I keep forgetting about that browser.19:14
opcode1I created a usb key from the ubuntu 13.04 amd64 desktop. It works on another PC but not on this one... (it does, but only after hacking into my HD grub) any idea what could cause that? is it a problem from my computer? the pb is it can't seem to boot from that key19:14
tacomasterkristenbb: where is the install failing?19:14
=== stan is now known as Guest70354
kristenbbtacomaster: when I try to use it19:14
tacomasterkristenbb: you need to have alittle more detail than that what does the screen look like when it fails or what is it asking you to input?19:15
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AvernusIs there a quick, easy way to check if the filesystem is read-only or read/write?19:16
tacomasterls -l19:16
kristenbbtacomaster: sorry, I mean that the installation is successful, it's just that when I reboot my computer without the cd, it fails to boot into ubuntu. Instead, the screen is black and white letters say: "error: no such partition. grub rescue>"19:16
yeatsDreamPCs: cool - then it sounds like you're all set - I would boot up, Ctrl-Alt-F1(through 6), sudo stop lightdm, run the installer, reboot19:16
Avernusthanks opcode119:17
tacomasterkristenbb: try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:18
kristenbbtacomaster: I tried both command line and graphic mode.19:18
tacomasterkristenbb: what was the command you used to try to repair grub?19:19
cuddylierDoes anyone know how to allow users to access /proc/[process id]/stat? The user who is trying to access it owns the directory, e.g. /proc/2554/stat, the user mc85 might own it if it's their process. At the moment, they are just denied access, yet another machine with ubuntu I have is fine.19:19
Cruzer506Anybody else who is going crazy like me and wants to Go back by backspace on Chromium :@19:19
kristenbbtacomaster: hmmm, I don't really recall exactly, but I think it was something like grub-install /dev/sdb.19:19
tacomasterkristenbb:  are you sure that /dev/sdb points to your primary hdd?19:20
kristenbbtacomaster: yeah it was  sudo grub-install /dev/sdb. And the error is: Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting.19:20
DreamPCskristenbb do you have any other Operating Systems installed?19:21
kristenbbtacomaster: well I have only 2 drives, one only contains data, and one only contains the ubuntu I just installed, this shouldn't be that difficult a setup.19:21
kristenbbDreamPCs: no19:21
tacomasterkristenbb: run the command "sudo fdisk -l"19:22
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DreamPCshda is the first detected by Linux which normally indicated its the one the BIOS is set to boot from.19:22
DreamPCsTypically the first hard drive is dev/sda19:22
tacomasterDreamPCs: very true19:23
DreamPCsI would try installed grub to sda and see if that fixes the issue.19:23
kristenbbtacomaster: what am I looking for ? it's quite verbose.19:23
tacomasterwhat are all the base ones forget the numbers following but your looking for /dev/sda or /dev/whatever19:23
DreamPCsrebooting, brb19:24
kristenbbtacomaster: well there's /dev/sda1               1  4294967495  2147403147+  ee  GPT and  /dev/sdb1               1   468062127   234401063+  ee  GPT19:24
[OS]Cazazosorry guys what would be a good wysiwyg html editor for Ubuntu???19:24
tacomasterkristenbb: i can almost bet that you need to run the grub-install for /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb19:25
deadweasel[OS]Cazazo: use BlueGriffon19:25
deadweaselbut there are many19:25
kristenbbtacomaster: okay, let me try that. But as I said, ubuntu is on sdb, that I am sure of.19:26
deadweaselthat's the first one that didn't crash on me in ubuntu 12.0419:26
iceroot[OS]Cazazo: i like kompozer19:26
deadweaselpretty stable19:26
tacomasterkristenbb: it is not where the partition is its the first harddrive that the bios see's19:26
kristenbbtacomaster: ok,  sudo grub-install /dev/sda gives Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting.19:26
starbuckhi guys, i want to upgrade my 4 years old laptop with a quick ssd, my question is: do i have to take of something when using the ssd, or will work everything like i'm used to it with a normal "old"hdd? will partitioning be available?19:26
yeats[OS]Cazazo: or bluefish19:27
tacomasterkristenbb: one second19:27
icerootstarbuck: there is no difference for the software if using an ssd or a normal hdd, you can do the same thing19:27
[OS]CazazoI guess blue fish isn't wysiwyg19:27
icerootstarbuck: if that was your question19:27
guzzlinks -g displaying very small screen in my vty19:27
[OS]Cazazodeadweasel: I'll have a look at it...19:28
starbuckiceroot: yes, that's what i wanted to know... no difference except a higher speed19:28
[OS]CazazoBlueGriffon is at the repos???19:28
BigFistanyone having problems with canon printer missing CMYK color mode ?19:28
yeats[OS]Cazazo: are you trying to replace something like dreamweaver?  if so, there's not a lot out there in the F/LOSS world that comes close19:28
[OS]Cazazonot really...19:29
deadweasel[OS]Cazazo: I don't recall19:29
icerootstarbuck: for the end-user there is no difference expect the speed19:29
yeats(last time I looked, that is)19:29
[OS]Cazazojust some editor that is wysiwyg under ubuntu....19:29
guzzlinks -g displaying a very small screen? directfb settings? help19:29
[OS]Cazazowould like to edit an old work19:29
starbuckiceroot: thx, so i'm going to order that thing right now19:29
[OS]CazazoI'll have a look thanks guys..19:30
echoei don't know of any good wysiwyg editors for linux and tried out a few. you may find one that works for you19:31
guzzlinks -g displaying a very small screen? directfb settings? help19:31
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kyew2[OS]Cazazo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_HTML_editors19:32
tacomasterkristenbb:  ok try this since your ubuntu is on /dev/sdb and your first hdd is /dev/sda. "sudo mkdir /media/mount" "sudo mount /dev/sdb* /media/mount" (*is for the partition number) "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/mount /dev/sda" be sure to read all to know were to replace your date with what i put to make since19:32
tacomasterkristenbb: if this doesn't work then it is past my knowledge in boot loaders19:34
kristenbbtacomaster: so, the output I receive is: /usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: warning: this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition; embedding won't be possible./usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: warning: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged.. /usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: error: will not proceed with blocklists.19:36
tacomasterkristenbb: i am out of ideas to try i am sorry i don't really have the need for more than one hard drive so i have never used a second.19:37
moseswhen i attach a USB device where will it come up in ubuntu?19:38
kristenbbtacomaster: well thanks for your help thus far19:38
moseswhat irectory?19:38
kristenbbcan someone else please help me to install ubuntu please ?19:38
yeatskristenbb: this is a fresh install, right?19:38
kristenbbyeats: yes19:39
schultzais there a way to downgrade the php package i have installed to 5.3.3 rather than 5.4.4 i have a critical program (to business needs) that needs to work and they currently have a bug based on 5.4.419:39
yeatsyou could attempt to start over and people here can guide you through the partitioning and grub steps?19:39
yeatskristenbb: ^^19:39
Geethi, i recently messed up something and lost my partition table. then using some testdisk or something i got it back up. but any new ubuntu setup does not show this partition table. how do i fix this?19:40
kristenbbyeats: yes I guess, it's only like the 4th or 5th time I'm trying to do that...19:40
genii-aroundmoses: If you do: dmesg | tail       after you plug the usb device in, it will usually say in there what the device is. Typically if it's a hard drive the designation will be something like /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc   ... if it's a usb modem of some kind, typically /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyUSB1   and so on19:40
miclenhi guys19:40
tacomasterGeet: have you tried to just mount manually?19:40
somnambulanthow would I echo (or any with any other tool) a string to the next to last line of a file?19:41
Geettacomaster, no. how do i do that?19:41
kristenbbyeats: but can I not first purge the boot loaders of the previous installations ? I have EFI settings, gpt settings, and so forth, that I don't need and that mess up everything.19:41
BillyZane2for some odd reason, i can't seem to get X11 forwarding to work19:41
yeatskristenbb: to be honest, I've not had to deal with EFI, so I'm unsure on how to answer that question19:42
BillyZane2i checked sshd_config and ssh_config, X11forwarding is enabled, as well as Xauth19:42
kristenbbyeats: ok so let me try once more... i'll get back here soon.19:42
tacomasterGeet: run the command "sudo fdisk -l" find the partition and "sudo mount /dev/* /media/"19:42
yeatsBillyZane2: how are you connecting?19:42
BillyZane2i'm using PuTTy, i have enabled X11 forwarding in my settings19:42
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BillyZane2yeats: i am connecting from my school computer to my home computer19:43
Geettacomaster, will this fix the table not showing up?19:43
=== adamk_ is now known as adamk
mosesit didnt work :(19:43
yeatsBillyZane2: ah - so you're on Windows?19:43
BillyZane2yeats: that's right19:43
mosesno dir came up19:44
BillyZane2yeats: however, there is a linux on a few computers, and i've tried using them as well19:44
tacomasterGeet: no it will just get you to your data with out having to jack with it19:44
yeatsBillyZane2: not sure what needs to be done on Windows for X forwarding to work - you might need to try ##windows for that19:45
yeatsBillyZane2: from a Linux box with a GUI, should be as simple as 'ssh -X user@host'19:45
prophitFor pidgin on 13.04.. how do I bring up the settings menu? I've right clicked on the buddy list all over the place but can't find any menus19:45
zillahi i've tried 3 different ubuntu versions using *STARTUP DISC CREATOR* and everyone one comes up "Missing Operating System" on boot19:46
zillaany ideas?19:46
tacomasterGeet: http://askubuntu.com/questions/48717/how-to-manually-fix-a-partition-table19:46
zillais there a good format to make my USB flash drive?19:46
Geettacomaster, i have windows 7 so i can access my data alright. I want to replace mint with gnome ubuntu. but the setup does not show the partitions. the whole 640gb harddisk is shown as a single unit.19:46
yeatsprophit: you don't see them in the top bar?19:46
prophityeats: just discovered the top bar.. thanks19:46
kristenbb1yeats: ok so here I am again, doing the installation one more time. What do you want me to do ?19:46
zillawould it benefit me to install a new MBR on my flash drive?19:46
zillawill try anything19:46
tacomasterGeet: ok so you want to resize the partitons?19:46
genii-aroundBillyZane2: Does:  grep nolisten /etc/X11/xinit       produce a result?19:47
tacomasterGeet: if you get gparted you can make the full partitons and shrink it down and make a new partition to put linux on19:47
Geettacomaster, no. only want to select the already existing 20gb ext4 partition for installation. but no list is shown.19:47
Geettacomaster, i have a ext4 partition and just want to install ubuntu on it. but it is not visible in the list.19:48
tacomasterGeet: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162631/ubuntu-12-04-installer-does-not-recognize-drive-partitions19:48
zillasandisk 4gb USB flash drive formatted W95 fat32 returns "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM" on ubuntu 13,12,1119:48
zillaanything to try?19:49
=== kristenbb1 is now known as kristenbb
echoezilla, what kind? cruzer?19:49
zillaechoe: yea19:49
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
yeatskristenbb1: well, this is your installation that's not working, so what I want really isn't the issue, but I would suggest sharing how you're doing the partitioning setup, possibly using screenshots or a pastebin19:49
echoeweird, i have one and it is recognized without any issues19:49
zillaechoe: i have gotten other USB flash keys/drives to work in the past with live boot19:49
echoemight want to try reformatting and/or using a different usb port19:50
zillareformatting to what?19:50
zillait is current W95 fat3219:50
kristenbbyeats: well should I use the default installation process, or go to the advanced mode ? I've never been there and wouldn't know what to do...19:50
yeatskristenbb: the default should be fine19:51
=== steveydeve is now known as steveydevey
kristenbbyeats: that's what I tried a few times already19:51
kristenbbyeats: If I redo exactly the same steps as before, I except I'll end up with the same issue...19:51
yeatskristenbb: okay - well if you've given up on it, I guess there's no point in my helping you, right?19:52
kristenbbyeats: no I mean you've asked me to reinstall everything and tell you step by step what's happening, but in the end you just want me to do the default options? This I was able to do on my own, and it didn't work.19:53
yeatskristenbb: I'm not sure I can help here - I'm sorry19:53
kristenbbit's okay, thanks for your help.;19:54
kristenbbCan someone please guide me through the installation process ? I've been trying 5 times now, and I was not able to start ubuntu 13.04 once.19:54
zillais it possible to format a usb drive with ONLY one partition?19:55
zillai think it's messing up my live usb19:55
zillawhere are all the smart people -.-19:56
tacomasterkristenbb: i found this and pretty sure this is the answer to your problem19:56
MonkeyDustzilla  use gparted, select the usb stick (right, up) and delete all19:56
tacomasterkristenbb: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435119:56
tijsAnyone have experience with vrjuggler?19:56
zillai cant install gparted19:57
MonkeyDustzilla  how so?19:57
zillaim on 10.10 unsupported and dist-upgrade fails19:57
tacomasterkristenbb: forgot to have you chroot before the grub-install sorry im retarded19:57
zillaneeds >python2.7-minimal19:57
zillajust trying to get this usb bootable19:57
kristenbbtacomaster: so wait what to do from here ? I'm trying to install ubuntu once again.  Should I abort and go back to the live cd ?19:58
MonkeyDustzilla  unetbootin lets you format a usb stick19:58
tacomasterkristenbb: oooo sorry didnt know you were reinstalling after you have it installed if you still have the issue use that site19:58
zillaMonkeyDust: thanks for your help but i tried that after 'startup disc creator' failed19:59
kristenbbtacomaster: well I'm just trying to follow the instructions I am given here, I honestly have no clue what i'm doing, I just want to install ubuntu.19:59
zillaill try the other usb port19:59
tacomasterkristenbb: on that website i linked?19:59
kristenbbtacomaster: would you like me to continue with the process or abort and go back to the live cd ?19:59
tacomasterkristenbb: if you have already started re-installing that finish that20:00
kristenbbtacomaster: the installation has not started yet, it's asking me to choose whether to reinstall ubuntu 13.04, install another 13.04 alongside 13.04, erase and reinstall, or do "something else".20:01
kristenbbtacomaster: or alternatively, just restart to the live cd.20:01
tacomasterkristenbb: then go back to livecd mode20:01
tacomasterkristenbb: this one seems to be a bit more update and easier to follow http://www.noobslab.com/2011/07/install-grub-2-on-ubuntu-from-live-cd.html20:04
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kristenbbtacomaster: ok I'm back to the live cd. I'll try the commands from the new link.20:05
tacomasterkristenbb: just remeber to not follow them to a t just remeber that the drive names change20:06
OliverJAshwhere can i find themes for terminal?20:07
OliverJAshi want preset ones20:07
kristenbbtacomaster: so I tried update-grub2 from the chrooted environment. The output is: found linux image: /boot/vm...    found initrd image: /boot/initrd...          found memtest86+ image: ... cannot find list of partitions ! try mounting /sys). done.20:08
CKLMNskype wont launch , can u help ?20:09
CKLMNubuntu 13.04 btw20:09
xikofreakhi everyone somebody can help me??, I need to install java on chromium and i want install it by terminal20:10
CKLMNi also tried a fix i found , but didnt help20:10
echoehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/47240/how-can-i-enable-java-in-chromium ?20:11
echoesure it isn't installed? you can download the rpm and install from adobe20:11
CKLMNskype wont launch , can u help ?20:11
DJonesechoe: Ubuntu doesn't use rpm's20:12
tacomasterkristenbb: ok then run "sudo mount --bind /sys /where/ever/you/mounted/it/sys" just replace where ever you mounted it with where you mounted it just have /sys at the end20:12
xikofreakim trying ty20:12
kristenbbtacomaster: so I need to "exit" first right ?20:12
CKLMNanyone fixed skype on 13.04 >?20:12
tacomasterkristenbb: yes sorry forgot to say that20:13
tacomasterkristenbb: lol making me think to much :D20:13
BsimsI'm looking for a good console font that supports box-drawing characters better than consolas; any ideas20:13
demoniohow can i check where my device usb send date?20:13
kristenbbtacomaster: ok this time the output was the very same, except for the error part. it ended with 'done'. Should I reboot ?20:14
BlueProtomanI'm trying to run GIMP on Ubuntu 13.04, but I just get this error: "gimp: symbol lookup error: gimp: undefined symbol: gtk_box_new".  Any tips?20:15
tacomasterkristenbb: ok if it all ended with no error then reboot and if you dont see grub then you put grub on the wrong partition you just need to switch the one you installed grub to but you have the basics to do it now20:15
tacomasterkristenbb: not partition sorry wrong hard drive20:15
tacomasterkristenbb: make since?20:15
kristenbbtacomaster: so I rebooted, and I still get the same error message. "no such partition".20:16
ubuntu-gnometacomaster, i asked you about the partition problem. here is a screenshot of the setup screen. this is the problem i am having. http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=4cebc6a20:16
tacomasterkristenbb: hmmm give me a few more mins to think sorry20:17
ubuntu-gnometacomaster, and this is the nautilus screenshot. so why is the setup not showing these partitions. http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=0d0a05c20:18
mcscruffis there a way to install  linux-headers-3.5.0-30-generic on 13.0420:18
mcscruffi cant see it in the repo20:18
arcripexhey anyway of downgrading ubuntu 13.04 to ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:19
OliverJAshwhere can i get terminal themes?20:20
bekksarcripex: Reinstall 12.0420:20
gordonjcparcripex: you can try editing /etc/apt/sources.list to point to 12.04 and update, but that will most likely break stuff20:20
bekksOliverJAsh: A terminal has no themes. :)20:20
gordonjcparcripex: give it a shot, you're going to be reinstalling *anyway*20:20
OliverJAshbekks: color scheme20:20
OliverJAshjoin /terminator20:21
bekksOliverJAsh: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/148/colorizing-your-terminal-and-shell-environment20:22
arcripexok anyway of installing openvpn network manager offline as in downloading the tar.gz file and installing it manually20:22
kristenbbbekks: hello again, I was still not able to launch ubuntu :(20:22
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ubuntu-gnomecan any one suggest what do I do at this screen? http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=4cebc6a20:25
tacomasterkristenbb: what other os's do you have on the machine?20:25
kristenbbtacomaster: none20:25
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  new table, create /home, swap end /20:26
woutersimonsif you are installing .. create a partition20:26
kristenbbtacomaster: however I tried various unsuccessful attempts, so I don't know what's the current state of the boot loaders, partition tables and such...20:26
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  new table, create /home, swap and /20:26
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, but i already have ext4 partition and want to install it to that partition. that is not being shown at this screen20:27
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  and you have that on sda ? how many disks do you have?20:27
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, this are my partitions shown correctly in nautilus: http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=0d0a05c20:27
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, only one hard disk20:28
kristenbbtacomaster: my setup is quite simple, I have a /dev/sda hard drive which contain 3 partitions, all of which are data, and a /dev/sdb that I would like to install ubuntu into.20:28
kristenbbyet I'm not able to install ubuntu successfully :(. The error I get is always: error: no such partition.20:29
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  what's the output of sudo fdisk -l ? paste it here and give us the url   http://paste.ubuntu.com/20:29
echoe... does ubuntu use .deb files instead of rpm's. it does doesn't it20:30
* echoe facepalms20:30
robottinosinowhy does man interfaces not have any info on the network command for the auto stanza of an inet static? man interfaces | grep --color=always  '\<network\>'20:30
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691623/20:30
MonkeyDustechoe  ubuntu uses .deb20:30
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  now thàt looks like a mess ;-)20:30
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, :( recoverable i hope?20:31
arcripexok anyway of installing openvpn network manager offline as in downloading the tar.gz file and installing it manually20:31
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  normally i'd say: backup, delete all partitions and start over...20:32
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  i'd like to see the output of blkid    (use pastebin)20:33
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, at present eveythings working fine but. the grub loader shows mint and windows7 at boot screen. and then i am able to use both of them. so is there any i can fix this without starting all over .20:33
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691634/20:34
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  if you can use both, what is your issue exactly?20:35
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ubuntu-gnomenow i want to remove mint and install ubuntu20:35
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  backup mint, boot a live cd or usb, use gparted, delete the mint partition, install ubuntu on that partition20:37
MonkeyDustmake sure you don't delete the wrong parition20:37
ubuntu-gnomethe gparted thing shows a unallocated space of 600gb ie my whole hard disk. it is not showing any partitions.20:38
MonkeyDustyes, you said that, it's odd20:38
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  the "empty" screenshot, is that in a live session?20:40
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, yes20:40
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  and which ubuntu version is it?20:41
robottinosinohow can i temporarily disable the wifi scanning? network manager?20:42
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, 13.04 ubuntu gnome20:42
ubuntu-gnomeno the official ubuntu gnome20:43
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  if you click revert, what happens? if it asks to confirm, don't20:44
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, nothing happened20:46
MonkeyDustubuntu-gnome  almost 11pm on this side of the planet, i'm off, hope you make it20:46
ubuntu-gnomeMonkeyDust, thanks for the help..20:47
DJonesubuntu-gnome: Have you tried asking in #ubuntu-gnome Thats the dedicated support channel for Ubuntu Gnome, I'm not sure how busy that channel is, but there may be somebody with an idea20:47
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know what is exactly dav:// ?20:49
dalfryHello. Need help with ipv6 config on a 12.04 server install (fully updated)20:49
dalfryI cannot get eth0 to configure ipv6. eth1 and eth2 on this machine automatically configure their IP addresses20:49
ubuntu-gnomeDJones, ok i will try. but i dont think this is ubuntu gnome specific. i doubt any setup will give the same problem.20:49
dalfrythe ipv6 line does not even show up for eth020:50
DJonesubuntu-gnome: I only suggested it in case there was a difference in the installer that they know something about20:50
woutersimonsdalfry .. what is the rest of the network .. are eth1 &2 on the same network as eth020:51
dalfryno. different networks20:51
dalfryeth0 is my wan link20:51
dalfryeth1 and 2 are internal networks20:51
woutersimonsare other machines on the eth0 network properly getting their ipv6 adress ??20:51
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dalfryThis comes up empty for eth0 - ip -6 addr show eth020:52
dalfrybut shows the auto configured IPs for other interfaces20:52
woutersimonswhere are you getting your ipv6 adresses ??20:53
dalfrythose are all auto configured IPs20:53
woutersimonsdirrectly from provider or do you have a tunnel set up ??20:53
dalfryinternal network is all auto configured. for the wan link (eth0), I need the interface to first have an auto configured IP so that the v6-dhcp client can then fetch a v6 address20:54
dalfrythat first step is now working for eth020:54
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know what is exactly davs:// in nautilus address bar?20:55
Picimojtaba: I'd guess it represnets a webdav url20:56
mojtabaPici: Do you know what protocols does it use?20:57
=== lonewolf is now known as Guest2355
dalfrymojtaba: most probably https20:58
Priceymojtaba: webdav is itself a protocol. Sure it may be inside http/https, but also tcp etc. at lower layers?20:59
Priceymojtaba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebDAV20:59
kristenbbI'm still having issues to install ubuntu... can someone please help me ?21:00
=== Troy_ is now known as Guest13563
cpkristenbb:   if you don't tell us, well, we won't know :S21:02
kristenbbcp: tell you what ?21:03
johnjohn101like what issues you are seeing.21:03
kristenbbI have a regular setup, with a ssd I'd like to install ubuntu on, and a hdd with data. I installed ubuntu on the ssd, but I get a grub error: partition missing.21:04
=== DouglasKAway is now known as DouglasK
somnambulantanyone have any idea why this command is working when you run from terminal, but DOES NOT work when you run it as a bash script? sed -e '/eth0/d' -e '/eth1/d' -e 's/eth2/eth0/g' -e 's/eth3/eth1/g' /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules > /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules-temp && mv -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules-temp 70-persistent-net.rules21:06
kristenbbI have tried many things, including launching a live cd and chrooting into my ssd, then updating grub, including using the boot repair gui tool, and so on and so forth, as I was told here. yet nothing worked, I have been through 5 installation procedures already, and it's been 4 days since I'm looking for help21:06
acovrigI would like to setup a virtual environment: xen,kvm,or virtualbox to run a webserver,router distro, and possibly something for a thin client; which should I use: xen,kvm,or virtualbox?21:07
Priceysomnambulant: What doesn't work about it? I note that last bit doesn't include a full path?21:07
johnjohn101kristenbb: what happens if you install to the ssd but you do not have your hdd connected?21:07
somnambulantPricey: ouch OK wow21:07
Priceysomnambulant: hmm?21:07
ekimHi all,21:07
somnambulantPricey: man I've been working on this too long.. that was it of course21:07
kristenbbjohnjohn101: I have not tried that but I don't have easy access to the drives.21:07
somnambulantPricey: err I mean that must be it21:07
ekimDoes anyone here know a linux program that I can install in Ubuntu 12.04 that is like Photoshop?21:08
kristenbbjohnjohn101: but i'm sure I'm not the first one with such a normal setup21:08
Priceysomnambulant: woop woop. You may also want to look into the '-i' option to sed. (Some seds i've used don't have it though... but pretty sure Ubuntu's will.)21:08
tacomasterekim: gimp21:08
marko-_-Hello can someone help me how to use spell check in libreoffice writter? Like here in xchat where it underlines the wrong words with red (like word does too). I need it for an english project21:08
johnjohn101kristenbb: i was just trying to eliminate the ssd as the source of the problem.21:09
Priceysomnambulant: (I'm sorry, it'll remove all need for half of what you've done)21:09
kristenbbjohnjohn101: hdd you mean21:09
musicI was also wondering about using dual-boot on a compaq presario cq-62 laptop that, unfortunately has windows 721:09
ekimtacomaster:  does that Gimp edit, touchup, manipulate photos real good?21:09
johnjohn101ssd is /dev/sda   hdd is /dev/sdb ?21:09
eagerhi all, I'd like to have a folder in my home dir with several executable scripts; I can put symlinks to usr/local/bin/ to make the system see these scripts as commands; but:21:10
gordonjcpekim: it's okay, although it's rather different to Photoshop21:10
eagercan I symlink only the dir-name?21:10
tacomasterekim: if you cant find it in the base program there are tons of add-ons that you can attach does every thing i have ever needed it for.21:10
kristenbbjohnjohn101: no, ssd is /dev/sdb and hdd is /dev/sda. I don't know why. I'd like to install ubuntu on the ssd. the hdd contains data21:10
eagerso that I have to do it only once?21:10
musicspell-check is usually used by right-clicking and then clicking on the correct spelling of the word21:10
gordonjcpekim: do not expect all your muscle-memory keyboard shortcuts to work ;-)21:10
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linelevelOkay guys, I just performed a clean install of Ubuntu and set up a LUKS-encrypted root partition. I did *not* use LVM  on top of LUKS this time. When I boot the system, I get dropped into a initramfs shell and have to manually call `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3 crypt`, after which I exit the shell (Ctrl-D) and it boots fine. But why won't it attempt the luksOpen on its own?21:10
linelevelIt's  as if my /etc/crypttab didn't exist.21:10
gordonjcpekim: also you can use command-line tools for a lot of photo processing, depending on what you're doing21:11
johnjohn101kristenbb: do you know how to used the manual partitioning tool and mount / on the ssd?21:11
Priceysomnambulant: See it? :P21:11
ekimI need one that is has good features and some power to it, like photoshop!21:11
gordonjcpekim: I use ImageMagick for scaling, rotating and watermarking large batches of images21:11
kristenbbjohnjohn101: come again?21:11
somnambulantPricey: thanks much for your help (or eyes :)21:11
ekimI have photos that I need to change the background on for starters.21:11
somnambulantPricey: so with -i I don't need to redirect?21:11
gordonjcpekim: bit of command-line scripting and walk away and leave it for ten minutes ;-)21:12
johnjohn101kristenbb: when you go to install, you do the partitioning of ssd yourself (not automatic) and then put / as the mount point.21:12
Priceysomnambulant: -i edits the file in place.21:12
ekimno command line as I am a linux noob...LOL21:12
gordonjcpekim: come back, boom, 30000 images rescaled, watermarked and recompressed with a thumbnail copy21:12
somnambulantPricey: hmm ok centos will have to have that too for what im doing21:12
musicyou can get photoshop for free but it isnt the new one21:12
Priceysomnambulant: You can also specify a suffix to get a backup.21:12
Priceysomnambulant: It does.21:12
kristenbbjohnjohn101: no I have not tried that. Would you like me to try a 6th installation with this option ?21:12
ekimmusic:  where and how old of version?21:13
somnambulantPricey: so I keep all the -e commands, add the -i, and remove the redirects I guess... k21:13
somnambulantPricey: thanks21:13
musicsnapfiles I think it is maybe 2007??21:13
johnjohn101kristenbb, i would try that.  there isn't anything on the ssd now, correct?  you may have to make a swap partition as well21:13
Priceysomnambulant: yup and the mv.21:13
somnambulantPricey: right ok cool21:13
kristenbbjohnjohn101: well there is just a failed attempt...21:14
kristenbbjohnjohn101: can you guide me through the process then please ? I'm tired of trying by myself and failing :(21:14
johnjohn101kristenbb: ok let me know when you get to the partition part21:14
Priceysomnambulant: test it... "echo foo > bar && sed -i -e 's/foo/baz/' bar && cat bar"21:14
ekimit doesnt show up in the software depository...imagemagick21:16
chimeracoderI have a Unity question - hopefully this is the right place to ask it:21:16
elisa87how can I install gimple for extracting the intermediates from the C/C++ code like CFG (Control Flow Graph)?21:16
chimeracoderI have a setup with two monitors - is there a way to specify a keyboard shortcut to change the focus to the other monitor?21:17
chimeracoder(I have focus-follows-mouse, so if there's a keyboard shortcut to place the mouse on the other monitor, that might work too)21:17
kristenbbjohnjohn101: ok I'm almost there. One thing I'd like to mention is that during the previous installations, I tried things such as a GPT partition table, and a EFI mode. I'm not sure what these mean, but I think it's part of why it is so messed up right now.21:18
gordonjcpkristenbb: aha21:18
kristenbbjohnjohn101: I'd like to go back to just a normal drive21:18
gordonjcpkristenbb: you've got it in one21:18
gordonjcpkristenbb: GPT puts a partition table at each end of the drive21:19
gordonjcpkristenbb: zero out the first and last few blocks of the drive21:19
kristenbbgordonjcp: okay, so what to do from here? I'm trying to install once more.21:19
gordonjcpkristenbb: something like "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd<whatever> bs=1M count=1"21:20
gordonjcpkristenbb: followed by the same thing with "skip=<some number" tagged on the end21:20
=== Cybert1nus is now known as Cybertinus
gordonjcpwhere <some number> is a bit less than the total number of blocks on your drive21:21
adymitrukI'm trying to increase the ulimit  and any changes I make in the files according to this documentation don't help http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-increase-the-maximum-number-of-open-files/21:21
kristenbbgordonjcp: where to do that from ? I'm at the installation procedure now.21:21
adymitrukI'm on ubuntu 12.10 64bdt21:21
=== patelx is now known as chirayu
g0tohello there21:21
adymitrukeven after a reboot, my riak user complains about a 1024 file limit and says it is expectiong 409621:21
g0toI'm having problems with my volume control21:21
g0tothe lower level I can set using the media keys is 18%21:22
mojtabaPricey: Do you know how can I access to this shared folder from cmd?21:22
mojtabadalfry: Do you know how can I get access to this shared folder via cmd?21:22
g0toand the three first strokes from the bottom (mute) don't do nothing21:23
Priceymojtaba: Have you googled "mount webdav"?21:23
mojtabaPricey: I have mounted it already21:23
Priceymojtaba: Awesome. So just access the folder like any other.21:23
mojtabaPricey: there was a guide in my host website and they just told there to copy the address in nautilus.21:24
kristenbbjohnjohn101: are you still there  ?21:24
mojtabaPricey: I took a look at /media, but there were nothing!21:24
mojtabaPricey: ls -l, do not shows it in my home folder.21:26
=== Limratana is now known as Bumptious
dekaeis there a cli/curses-based "post-install wizard" for ubuntu, similar to anaconda?  if so, what's it called, and is there a way to launch it on startup?21:29
=== raster is now known as Guest69361
aezrtyuiopwhats uppp21:29
kristenbbCan someone please help me to install ubuntu ? :(21:29
mojtabaPricey: Do you know how can I have access it through cmd?21:29
Priceymojtaba: I'm not sure how to access it if accessed via nautilut. I'm not sure if it'll even be mounted...21:30
g0tokristenbb, where did you get lost?21:30
kristenbbg0to: I am not able to boot into it, I get a grub error: 'no such partition'.21:31
mojtabaPricey: How can I find if it is mounted or not?21:31
bpromptkristenbb:    let's start from the very beginning, you burned the .iso to a usb stick?21:31
Priceymojtaba: I would've expected it to show in the output to 'mount'21:31
th0rmojtaba: open a terminal and type 'mount'21:32
kristenbbbprompt: no, a cd.21:32
g0tokristenbb, is that the first and only message you get when you insert your bootable media and start your computer?21:32
shortstraw8I have never setup a VPN and was wondering how to do it without a third party server. I just want to connect my Win7 laptop to my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop. I tried using what it come with (type in VPN brings up a program) and it does not connect. It says server might be unreachable.21:32
bpromptkristenbb:    then you booted to the cd and the bootup choices came up, to where did you install? "auto" to use the whole disk or manually creating your own partitions?21:32
kristenbbg0to: yes it is the first and only message I get when I start my computer. It's not related to inserting a bootable media, if I insert a cd, it starts from there.21:32
chirayushortstraw8, you are trying to access it from the outside?21:32
chirayuwhat are you trying to accomplish?21:33
kristenbbbprompt: auto.21:33
mojtabaPricey: th0r: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691796/21:33
bpromptkristenbb:   so, you only have 1 partition there, with ubuntu only, right?21:33
bpromptwell, plus the swap partition21:33
kristenbbbprompt: I have two disks, a hdd (sda) with data, and a ssd (sdb) where I'd like to install ubuntu.21:33
shortstraw8chirayu, yes they are not connected, other than my wireless router I guess21:34
bpromptkristenbb:   so you installed to the "sdb", right?21:34
linelevelIn case anyone cares, I figured out my LUKS boot problem!21:34
chirayuthey are both in a same physical location? if so, why do you need VPN?21:34
linelevelI am so happy right now.21:34
chirayujust set up LAN21:34
kristenbbbprompt: yes I did. And right now, as you said, I have the default installation with a swap and so forth.21:34
chirayulinelevel, that's awesome21:34
g0tokristenbb, you said you get the error message when trying to install or I just missunderstood ?21:35
shortstraw8chirayu,  I am going to be working out of town and have school file on my desktop that I want to access while I am gone.21:35
kristenbbg0to: no you misunderstood, sorry for explaining poorly. I was able to install successfully, but it's when I try to start the computer that I receive this message21:36
kristenbbbprompt: at this point I'd like to mention that during previous (which also failed) installations, some people told me here to choose a gpt table, and a EFI thing. I don't know what these mean.21:36
g0tokristenbb, I see now21:36
=== Limratana is now known as Bumptious
kristenbbg0to, bprompt: so the question is, what to do from here ? Would you like me to launch the live cd, to start yet another installation, to do something else ?21:37
bpromptkristenbb:    hold the mayo,  did the install fail during the installation process, or you're just saying it failed because you can't get in the installed ubuntu on "sdb"?21:37
kristenbbbprompt: the second one.21:38
bpromptkristenbb:    or did the installation finished "successfully" or did not?21:38
kristenbbbprompt: yes it appeared to finish successfully, but it didn't, since I'm not able to start ubuntu.21:38
bpromptkristenbb:   ok.. so the installation 'worked', your Grub in the MBR of the fixed disk isn't renewed to reflect that then21:38
g0tokristenbb, did you tried installing other OSs before on that disk?21:39
kristenbbbprompt: yes, though I'm not sure I have a MBR.21:39
bpromptkristenbb:    well, you do, all systems would have one :)21:39
kristenbbg0to: yes, including this one over 5 times now, for the last 3 days :(21:39
mojtabaPricey: th0r: did you see it?21:40
kristenbbbprompt: I'm not so sure, I'm not an expert but as I said I think I have a gpt or efi (not sure the difference).21:40
g0tokristenbb, I meant, a working one. Maybe you bought that computer with Windows pre installed21:40
th0rkristenbb: near the end of the install, when it installs grub, do you tell it to use sdb (I *THNIK* it will default to sda unless told otherwise)21:40
th0rmojtaba: I didn't see anything mounted other than the initial (sda) hard drive, and the vm21:41
kristenbbth0r: I don't recall changing this, but in the bios, I tried starting from sda or sdb, and both give the same error.21:41
mojtabath0r: Then it is not installed, just I have it in the nautilus?21:41
kristenbbg0to: No it was a ssd I bought by myself.21:42
g0tokristenbb, did you try some googling to ensure the disk is 100% compatible?21:43
kristenbbg0to: I had a working ubuntu in there before...21:43
th0rmojtaba: don't use nautilus, so can't help in that regard21:43
bpromptkristenbb:     using the bootable CD, don't install Ubuntu, choose the "try ubuntu" option, to start a Live Session, and then open a console window and try this -> http://pastie.org/794529021:43
=== mdfe___ is now known as mdfe
bpromptkristenbb:    all that does is, remakes the grub.conf in the SSD, and then will stick it in the MBR, "grub-install"21:44
kristenbbsorry my computer shut down for no reason. Did anyone say anything since I last spoke ?21:45
tinhpthow to install cloud "copy.com" for ubuntu?21:45
bpromptkristenbb:     using the bootable CD, don't install Ubuntu, choose the "try ubuntu" option, to start a Live Session, and then open a console window and try this -> http://pastie.org/794529021:45
bpromptkristenbb:    all that does is, remakes the grub.conf in the SSD, and then will stick it in the MBR, "grub-install"21:45
th0rbprompt: if the ssd is sdb, do you want that script to install to sda? (just checking)21:46
g0tobprompt's solution sound great to me. Check it out, kristenbb  and tell us how it worked21:46
bpromptth0r:  nope :), thus my comments there :)21:46
bpromptkristenbb:    so  you know, your installation is fine, is just the Grub in the MBR is looking for 'older' UUIDs  or paths21:47
dominic_i have a question21:48
g0togo ahead, dominic_21:48
bpromptkristenbb:    also understand that, each Fixed disk has an MBR, and if you have many partitions, Grub uses the Fixed disk mbr, no partitions mbr21:48
elisa87when I am trying to install gcc plugin I receive these error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691840/ do you know how to fix it?21:48
kristenbbbprompt: so wait, let's go step by step please ?21:48
dominic_i did a file in my home but when i try to open an other file in my home it doesnt work21:49
a5m0hi i just upgraded to 13.04 on a supermicro server and then ran all updates but now i'm getting a bug: soft lockup cpu stuck bug on startup21:49
bpromptkristenbb:   well, -> http://pastie.org/7945290     <- goes step by step :)21:49
kristenbbbprompt: this is unfortunately a list of commands I've tried before, and it didn't work.21:49
g0toelisa87, what's your current Ubuntu version?21:50
bpromptkristenbb:    well, is  a list I've used myself several times over, and worked, usually I install ubuntu 1st, then say win7, win7 kicks out grub, then I use a chroot like the pasted one, to stick grub back21:50
elisa87g0to: Ubuntu 12.04 and my gcc is gcc version 4.4.7 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.7-1ubuntu2)21:50
dominic_i do : cd /downloads : doenst work21:52
kristenbbbprompt: okay, so I'm at the update-grub part, and it says cannot find list of partitions, try mounting /sys. So I exit and mount /sys and try again, right ? I've been through all that already.21:52
kristenbbthe link was not the same but the instructions were exactly equal.21:52
bpromptkristenbb:   did you mount the ssd?21:53
bpromptkristenbb:    and what did "fdisk -l" give you for the ssd?21:53
kristenbbbprompt: I didn't write any commands besides the ones in that link you gave me.21:53
bpromptkristenbb:   well, those are in the paste21:54
kristenbbbprompt: fdisk -l gives /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1, and a warning saying fdisk doesn't support gpt.21:54
g0toelisa87, did you try installing the dependencies by yourself?21:54
g0toelisa87, 'sudo apt-get install gcc-4.4'21:55
ChvxWhich us best to use label or uuid?21:55
bekksChvx: Doesnt matter basically. Two different approaches.21:55
bpromptkristenbb:    ok, mount the sdb1 then -> sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt21:55
dominic_adwaita-cupertino what does it mean21:55
kristenbbbprompt: but 13.04 is not on sdb1, it's on sdb2.21:56
g0todominic_, what are you trying to do? you might use the 'ls' command to list the contents in your home21:56
bekkskristenbb: fdisk does not support GPT.21:56
bpromptkristenbb:     .... ok.... then mount sbd2 :|, I was about to ask where is your installation, cuz sda may as well be an ssd21:57
bekkskristenbb: Whatever fdisk says, its output will not reflect your system, cause you are using GPT.21:57
dominic_i try to learn linux21:57
bpromptkristenbb:     sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt21:57
kristenbbyes that's what I did21:57
kristenbband then I did sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc, and same for /dev and /sys21:57
kristenbbthen chroot, then grub-install, then restart computer, and then the problem is still here.21:58
bpromptkristenbb:    ok, now mount the proc and dev directories -->  sudo mount -o bind /proc /mnt/proc; sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev21:58
g0todominic_, you should try reading. There is a whole world of readings out there where you can learn lots stuff21:58
bpromptkristenbb:   now,   -> sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash21:58
kristenbbyes I did all that.21:59
bpromptkristenbb:    ok, upgrade-grub21:59
kristenbbthen update-grub, then grub-install, then restart.21:59
bpromptkristenbb:    then -> grub-install /dev/sdb   <--- sdb, no sdb2, just sdb22:00
dominic_i try what im reading22:00
jolsiphurHello. I'm very new to Ubuntu and I'm having a weird issue. Could anyone help me out?22:01
kristenbband then restart, right?22:01
RobbyFask away22:01
ActionParsniphey guys, when ubuntu moves to mir, will fluxbox run on it?22:01
kristenbbbprompt: and then restart  ?22:01
bpromptkristenbb:     exit; then umount everything, -> sudo umount /mnt/proc; sudo umount /dev/dev; sudo umoun /mnt22:02
bpromptkristenbb:  then restart22:02
jolsiphurI'm trying to grab some files from network attached storage. When i try to copy them over to my local drive I get an error saying no such file or directory. How can I get my files moved over?22:02
kristenbbbprompt: ok, I restarted, the problem is still here.22:02
g0tokristenbb, you almost got it!22:02
g0tokristenbb, ohhh, maybe you don't :/22:03
bpromptkristenbb:    you have 2 hdd, does you bios give you a boot override option?22:03
bpromptkristenbb:    I'm thinking you have a Grub in "sda" and is the one bios is booting with22:03
kristenbbbprompt: yes, I tried to launch both, and both give the same error message. grub error: no such partition22:04
ActionParsnipjolsiphur: what does the nas use to share on the lan?22:04
jolsiphurIt's using WINS to the best of my knowledge.22:05
bpromptkristenbb:    "no such partition" just means Grub is trying to access a nonexisten UUID or path, so, whatever Grub is kicking in, is very oudated and looking for old paths/devices, so not sure what you have in sda or .... whatever else, but I know the chrooting works22:06
ActionParsnipjolsiphur: wins is similar to a dns server22:06
ActionParsnipjolsiphur: do you mean samba?22:06
jolsiphurI believe so.22:06
kristenbbbprompt: using F8 when the computer starts, I can choose which device to boot from. I chose the ssd (/dev/sdb) and it produces the same error message.22:07
ActionParsnipjolsiphur: i suggest you use nmap to scan the device. If you find it has sftp then try connecting to that22:08
jolsiphurHow do I do that?22:08
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:09
ActionParsnipjolsiphur: install nmap, then run:  nmap ip.address.or.nas22:09
bpromptkristenbb:    can't say then.... I'd think something you're not doing, ... can't say22:10
meoblast001anyone have any idea why i'd have this issue? http://dpaste.com/1195702/22:11
bpromptmeoblast001:     try -> sudo apt-get check;22:12
bpromptmeoblast001:    that'd say which files are missing libraries22:12
ActionParsnipmeoblast001: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc22:13
bpromptmeoblast001:   but a "-f install" will fetch them anyhow22:13
jolsiphurI can't seem to find it with nmap. Though it doesn't help that it's built into my router. I know for a fact it's using Samba and i can find it using the file browser.22:13
meoblast001bprompt: complains about those radeon intel issues when i run check22:13
kristenbbbprompt: your instructions are not that hard to follow, I applied them one by one. The only thing I changed from your pastie was the UBUNTUPARTITIONHERE which I replaced by /dev/sdb2, the sudo mount -o bind /sys /mnt/sys, and the grub-install /dev/sdb.22:13
meoblast001ActionParsnip: quantal22:13
kristenbbbprompt: and I still get 'error: no such partition. grub rescue>'22:13
meoblast001hm, brb22:14
bpromptkristenbb:   it's not /sys, tis /proc, I assume that was just a typo22:14
ActionParsnipmeoblast001: did you try bpromt's sugestion?22:14
kristenbbbprompt: no it was not a typo, I had to use 3 bind commands, /proc, /dev and /sys, otherwise I get an error saying /sys is not mounted.22:15
=== brandon is now known as Guest94737
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:15
bpromptkristenbb:    must be a 13.04 thing, I don't get in 12.04 or older22:15
kristenbbbprompt: yes could be.22:16
kristenbbbprompt: in any case, I am still at the same error over and over again.22:16
bpromptkristenbb:     tried yet to do a "manual" install?    I mean, as in not selecting "auto" from the bootable cd installation menu22:17
kristenbbbprompt: no, would you like me to try that ?22:17
bpromptkristenbb:    all that does is, you make/create your own partitions and set them as root and/or swap22:18
kristenbbok so let's try that, it will only be the 6th22:18
bpromptkristenbb:    sure, try using "ext4", don't forget to make 2, 1 for root, and a tiny one for the swap, and don't forget to "flag" the root as root22:18
brendangIf I want to try ubuntu with kernel debuginfo, is there a version that is best to try? (12.04 LTS, 13.04, desktop, ?) I'll be using it for DTrace.22:19
kristenbbbprompt: wait please, guide me through this time, I've never done it manually before.22:19
bpromptkristenbb:   ok22:19
kristenbbbprompt: and once again, let me repeat that during previous installations, I had gpt and efi. I think these stay in between installations because fdisk -l still mentions gpt.22:20
kristenbbbprompt: I would really like to remove gpt and efi and all these things, to just have a normal installation.22:20
bpromptkristenbb:    well, upon "manual",  you'll have the choice to remove all partitions22:21
kristenbbbprompt: ok, I'm almost there.22:21
kristenbbbprompt: I'm starting to know all these steps by heart.22:21
kristenbbthe first one is the language, then comes the choice whether to download updates while installing, and install third party software22:22
kristenbbI chose both22:22
bpromptkristenbb:  no updates22:22
kristenbbnow it's about to ask me to go manual or auto, but it's still thinking.22:22
bpromptkristenbb:    that'd make it longer than necessary, 3rd party software is ok, no updates though22:22
kristenbbwait you want no updates? sorry I didn't know22:23
kristenbbI can go back though, but for now it's still thinking.22:23
bpromptkristenbb:   I've heard libreoffice 4.0 is crashy in 13.04, so you know22:24
kristenbbok, so I chose english, then 3rd party, and then no updates. It's still thinking22:24
sebubaHello, anyone see this error on ubuntu ? The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version22:25
kristenbbwhile it's thinking, let me state that my ssd is composed of 250GB. what kind of partitions (/,/home,swap and such) should I create?22:25
ActionParsnipbprompt: not seeing any crashing in LO here....22:25
sebuba"The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version" = local-infile22:25
bpromptkristenbb:     delete all partitions, just to be safe22:26
seroniskristenbb: im too new to help but as (i think) i've seen you in here for 4 or 5 days you have my sympathy for all your problems and my respect for the tenacity to keep working on it22:26
bpromptActionParsnip:    hmm, I have 3.0, works very well22:26
kristenbbseronis: yeah this is crazy, all I want is to install ubuntu, and look at all my troubles :(22:26
lDromedario¿what is the best ubuntu version?22:27
ActionParsnipkristenbb: if you can, put your swap and /var and /home on a platter based storage22:27
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:27
lDromedarioNow donwload Maverick22:27
ActionParsnip|dronedario: none and all22:27
seronisyeah i kinda feel guilty.. i switched from win7 to xubuntu 3 weeks ago and the whole process took under 30 minutes22:27
ActionParsnip|dromedario: maverick is no longer supported22:27
iVitoPreise pangolin is22:28
ActionParsnip|dronedario: you will get zero updates and zero community support22:28
=== giuseppe_ is now known as demonio1
bpromptlDromedario:  I guess what ActionParsnip  meant was "no soup for you"   j/k22:28
lDromedariohttp://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/ ?22:29
ActionParsnip|dronedario: you are clearly new to the OS, I suggest you use Precise. it is made to be solid and is LTS so supported til April 201722:29
lDromedarioOk :S22:29
ActionParsnip|dromedario: installing maverick is like installing windows98. it will install but you wont get any support and no updates22:30
tacomasterlol alot has changed since maverick in a good way :D22:31
bpromptlDromedario:    why are you sticking with 10.10?   old hardware?22:31
kristenbbbprompt: ok so I am at the next step, where I can choose manual or auto. Just for reference, the choices are:  install ubuntu 13.04 alongside ubuntu 13.04, reinstall ubuntu 13.04, erase ubuntu 13.04 and reinstall, or "do something else".  Should I press do something else and proceed ?22:31
ActionParsnip|dromedario: if you dislike unity, install Xubuntu 12.04 and you will get the familiar 2 panel session as well as the long support22:31
seronis'do something else' should let you manually choose your partitions22:31
lDromedarioThen install Precise Pangolin?22:31
bpromptkristenbb:    "manual" :)22:31
kristenbbbprompt: ok so there I am22:31
bpromptkristenbb:    so, you see all partitions?22:32
bpromptlDromedario:    why are you sticking with 10.10?   old hardware?22:32
=== collin is now known as ubernoon
lDromedarioNo, but I like the interface at some point22:32
ActionParsnip|dromedario: i would yes. its probably more suited to your abilities22:32
tacomasterif you want the old interface look at a project called mate22:33
ActionParsnip|dromedario: it will also allow you to keep the install longer22:33
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:33
bpromptlDromedario:     gnome is not the only desktop manager, for say 12.04, and Unity isn't the only window manager either22:34
ActionParsnipbprompt: unity isnt a window manager22:34
tacomasterits a de22:34
ActionParsnipbprompt: compiz is the window manager and unity is a shell22:34
bpromptalright, so there, ok.... thought it was, but I can see ...22:35
kristenbbI can see my drives, no surprise there. /dev/sda (my hdd) is composed of: free space (1MB), /dev/sda1 (data), /dev/sda2 (data), /dev/sda3 (still data). then 30 GB free space. Then therre's sdb, composed of free space (1MB), then /dev/sdb1 (100MB) (efi !!!!), /dev/sdb2 (ext4-> ubuntu 13.04, around 230GB), /dev/sdb3 (18GB - probably swap, but it's not mentioned)22:35
ActionParsniptacomaster: the DE is still gnone, unity does not replace gnome22:35
kristenbbbprompt: so what to do from here?22:35
brainwashcompiz is a compositing manager22:35
lDromedarioI  think you did not know that I'm Hispanic, and I am very slow to translate (lol)22:35
bpromptkristenbb:    delete all partitions in "sdb" or the ssd, so you'll only be left with "free space"22:35
bpromptkristenbb:    ok, now Create one, give it the size you want, and ... make it "root"22:37
kristenbbwill I create another one for /home ?22:37
th0rkristenbb: are you installing the 64 bit ubuntu?22:37
kristenbbth0r: yes22:37
bpromptkristenbb:    in the Create window, is a pulldown-list there, you'd choose "root"22:37
kristenbbbprompt: but regarding the size I am to choose ?22:37
tacomasterkristenbb: depends on how you use your computer22:38
bpromptlDromedario:    anyway, try 12.04 as ActionParsnip said is LTS, and if you don't want Unity, or gnome, use another window or desktop manager then, there are several others DM and many WM22:38
ActionParsnipkristenbb: 15gb / ext4. 1xRAM swap. rest ext4 for /home22:38
bpromptlDromedario:    usually the "look" is handled by the window manager22:38
sianhulois there a way to make use of the volume buttons of the samsung galaxy s3 headset?22:39
kristenbbActionParsnip: ok.22:39
bpromptkristenbb:    is really up to you, you can use most of the hdd, or some amount, it just have to be >= 4gbs22:39
kristenbbthere are a few options: type for the new partition (primary, logical), location for the new partition (beginning of this space, end of this space), use as: (drop down menu, now selected: ext4, mount point: /22:39
ActionParsnipsianhulo: if you run xev in terminal, do the buttons make events when you press them?22:39
sebubaHello, anyone see this error on ubuntu ? "The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version"22:39
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ActionParsnipkristenbb: if you are only installing ubuntu, make them all primary22:40
sianhuloActionParsnip, no22:40
az4z3lsebuba: what are you doing to cause that error?22:40
bpromptkristenbb:     "primary", mount point "/" root, type "ext4"22:41
kristenbbso I will first choose ext4, /, primary, beginning, and 15GB.22:41
kristenbbthen for the second partition, I will choose ext4, /home, primary, beginning, and the rest available.22:41
kristenbband i'll actually choose no swap since I have 16GB of ram and probably don't need it.22:41
kristenbbdoes that sound good ?22:41
ActionParsnipsianhulo: is it the usual 3.5mm audio jack?22:41
bpromptkristenbb:    not ... sure if you'd be able to bypass the swap, you should, can't recall if the installer allows no swap though22:42
sianhuloActionParsnip, yeah, it is22:42
kristenbbbprompt: then I'll set swap in the 30GB I have available in the sda.22:42
ActionParsnipsianhulo: ive not seen those things work outside if the s3 itself as they are made for that phone etc22:42
kristenbbbprompt: may I hit next now ?22:43
bpromptkristenbb:  30gbs?   my swap is just 1gb, hehe22:43
daftykinskristenbb: no need for anything after the first partition to be primary22:43
daftykinsi prefer to separate /boot also, but that might be overkill22:43
bpromptand I barely ever use it22:43
mojtabath0r: I used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:43
sianhuloActionParsnip, well, the audio works great connected directly on my computer and connected to the speakers22:43
DocNougatanyone here that can help me with an ubuntu proble?22:43
daftykins /boot, /, swap and /home (but yeah no swap as you said)22:43
bpromptkristenbb:    do you have a "/" and "swap"?22:43
th0rmojtaba: no experience with webdav at all, sorry22:44
seronis!ask | DocNougat22:44
ubottuDocNougat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:44
sebubaaz4z3l, a script php + load a file22:44
kristenbbdaftykins: but it won't make it fail, will it ? I mean i'm sure you guys all have installed ubuntu 100 times, so you all have different opinions. My question is just, will the choice I have made be ok to run ubuntu, or will I get the same grub error I had beffore ?22:44
ActionParsnipsianhulo: yes because the connectors for audio in the standard location22:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/22:44
kristenbbbprompt: yes I have / and swap now.22:44
bpromptkristenbb:    ok, then next22:45
kristenbbbprompt: there's one last question22:45
ActionParsnipsianhulo: you would need to find or write drivers to translate the signals to xorg inputs22:45
kristenbbbprompt: in this very same step, there's also a drop box, and the question is: "device for boot loader installation"22:45
kristenbbI can choose /dev/sda, /dev/sda1,2,3, /dev/sdb,/dev/sdb1,222:46
sianhuloActionParsnip, I made a quick seacrh and didn't find anything, unless these are generic with something else I don't think I will be able to22:46
daftykinskristenbb: i've not seen the reason for your grub error nor the error itself but it sounds fine yeah22:46
kristenbbwhich one should I choose ?22:46
bpromptkristenbb:    see, we don't know what the "auto" process did, or what created, what was detected, what was skipped, so, but from the error, sounds like you were dealing with an old copy of Grub from some older installation, with older-nonexistent paths22:46
kristenbbbprompt: so I think this is an important decision here22:46
DocNougatWhen I try to load ubuntu on my computer the live cd appears to boot but the screen is screwed up. it looks like the pixels on every line are gigantic and severely misaligned to a totally unusable degree. I didn't have this issue in Linux Mint and I haven't been able to find much through google.22:46
bpromptkristenbb:    device for boot loader, boot loader is grub, so the device will be /dev/sdb22:46
kristenbbbprompt: I can choose amongst 6 possibilities.22:47
kristenbbI mean 722:47
az4z3lsebuba: It is likely just what it sounds like: you are trying to do a command that is not in your version of MySQL. Updating MySQL to the latest version (5.6) may fix this. Or, it is possible that you are using a now deprecated command.22:47
kristenbbso I choose /dev/sdb ?22:47
bpromptkristenbb:  yes22:47
kristenbbI hit next, I am presented with a warning, and the option to 'go back' or 'continue'22:48
kristenbbthe title of this window is: go back to the menu and correct this problem.22:48
bpromptkristenbb:  warning?22:48
kristenbbthe title of this window is: go back to the menu and correct this problem?22:48
kristenbbthe content is: (and it's pretty verbose)22:48
bpromptcorrect what though?22:48
daftykinsprobably world peace22:49
mojtabaPricey: I used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:49
daftykinsgo back and correct world peace22:49
kristenbbwait let me write, it's quite long ::)22:50
* daftykins posts kristenbb a camera to take pics22:50
daftykinssaving ones typing wrist22:50
kristenbbthe partition table format in use on your disks normally requires you to create a separate partition for boot loader code. this partition should be marked for use as an 'EFI boot partition' and should be at least 35MB in size. Note that this is not the same partition as a partition mounted on /boot. If you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct this error, boot loader installation may fail later, although it may still be possible to i22:50
wilee-nileeDocNougat, Have you tried nomodeset option in the f6 menu at the first menu on the cd?22:50
kristenbbso... should I 'go back' or 'continue' ?22:51
DocNougatwilee-nilee, I tried that, I had to do the same on Mint to get it to work, it didn't help for ubuntu22:52
daftykinskristenbb: ah, sounds like your system booted Ubuntu in EFI mode. is this a modern laptop?22:52
seronisbprompt: is there a reason you suggested sdb over sda?  grub should just be on the same drive as '/' right ?  (i dont know which its on in this case)22:52
kristenbbdaftykins: yes I guess22:52
bpromptseronis:    these are 2 different fixed disks22:53
kristenbbseronis: yes in my case sdb is the drive where the system is supposed to be installed22:53
daftykinskristenbb: sounds like you've got to nuke all the partitions and follow its' advice then - assuming you're sure you want to EFI install22:53
daftykinsbrainwash: sorry for the toe stepping, i shall stop if you're helping already22:54
daftykinsoops bprompt ^^22:54
daftykinsbrainwash: sorry22:54
brainwashdaftykins: :P22:54
kristenbbdaftykins: i have no idea what you just said, i don't know what efi means. I think i've seen it ever since I tried to install it with full disk encryption. I'd like to remove efi now.22:54
UltimaKRHi I am having a problem with my newly installed Lubuntu.  When I start the Chromium Web Browser and open a page, either immediately, after a few seconds, or upon opening a subsequent page, I will get one of two error messages: "He's dead, Jim!" or "Aw, snap!"  What is causing this problem?22:55
bpromptkristenbb:    do you have any other OSes around, in say "sda"?22:56
kristenbbbprompt: no22:56
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?22:56
kristenbbbprompt: sda is just data, 3 partitions of it.22:56
bpromptkristenbb:    then nevermind the EFI bit, and continue22:56
meoblast001okay, back to the problem i had to leave during22:57
bprompton that note, I gtg :|22:57
kristenbbsda is a disk with 3TB so it required a GPT partioning (all disks over 2TB do, I think, at least for windows). sdb is gpt too, though I don't know why, and i'd like to remove it too if possible, along with that efi thing22:57
meoblast001http://dpaste.com/1195702/ i tried apt-get check after that, and it basically gave everything after the gawk depends line22:57
Ben64kristenbb: where are you trying to install ubuntu, and do you need to keep any data22:58
kristenbbBen64: I'm trying to install ubuntu to sdb, and all I need to keep is sda.22:59
Ben64kristenbb: what size is sdb?22:59
kristenbbBen64: around 250GB. and sda is 3TB23:00
Ben64kristenbb: then cant you just erase everything on sdb and install there easily?23:00
seronisUltimaKR: that (i think) just means the thread in charge of that tab crashed.  memory low or plugin problem on the page you were viewing maybe ?23:02
kristenbbsorry I got disconnected, did I miss anything since I last spoke ?23:02
Ben64kristenbb: then cant you just erase everything on sdb and install there easily?23:02
kristenbbBen64: I really don't get these gpt,mbr, efi things, but no, I think that when you remove everything, these are left there, for whatever reason23:02
UltimaKRseronis: What would you consider low memory in Lubuntu?  It's an old PC that I put this OS on in order to try and get it running again.23:02
Ben64kristenbb: i'm not sure if the ubuntu installer will let you change from gpt to mbr23:03
kristenbbBen64: but that's what I did right now, I removed all the existing partitions and did the install as instructed by various helpers in here.23:03
UltimaKRseronis: Also, what plugins do I need for that browser that don't come in the installation?  This error occurs on just about every page I visit.23:03
seronisUltimaKR: not sure. i only used chromium long enough to get chrome-beta installed23:04
w33dhello! Can anyone tell me how to reset my WLAN controller, it is currently set as wlan7, I want it at wlan023:04
daftykinsw33d: why does the name matter?23:04
w33dit keeps dropping out as a connection via Parallels (VM)23:04
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w33dUSB WiFi dongle connected23:04
UltimaKRseronis: What browser do you prefer then?  And yeah the RAM is 256 MB (it is that old), but is that too low considering that this is Lubuntu, not regular ubuntu?23:05
w33dI've got from one Macbook Pro, to another, and 'moved' the VM but having issues with it just dissapearing randomly23:05
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kristenbbso everyone, I installed 13.04 once again as instructed in here, and guess what, I still get: "error. no such partition. grub rescue>"23:06
daftykinsw33d: the interface inside the VM? perhaps the MAC keeps changing23:06
Guest91157hello dina23:07
seronisUltimaKR: i'm new on linux.  xubuntu myself for 3 weeks but I also have 8gb ram and havent had any issues.  I just had one flash crash that gave me the 'dead jim' page23:07
w33dI think that has something to do with it23:07
musicis chromium going to be the new ubuntu default browser?23:07
w33dwhen I moved the VM files, Parallels asked me if I 'copied' or 'moved' the VM because of something to do with Mac address' but I think that related to the bridged network adapter23:07
seronisUltimaKR: the lubuntu sys requirements page implies 256 should be functional and 512 worry free. so you sound like you're in limits23:07
slacko18428utlimakr: Look into the newer slacko version of puppy linux.  Using on an old pentium 3 craptop as we speak.23:08
david_Ultimakr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements23:08
k1lmusic: its in the discussion for the next releases. but im not sure if its already the decision23:08
UltimaKRseronis: Ah I understand.  If you couldn't tell these are my first couple of days on Linux.  What method did you use to install the Flash player?  Would you recommend buying another 256 MB stick then to make it 512? (This would cost me $1.50)23:08
UltimaKRdavid_: Yeah I checked that before installing and that's why I picked this version of Linux.23:08
w33dweirdly once it is connected to a network is seems ok, but if I leave it idle it just dissapears completely, still showing as connected in 'devices' list of parallels, but not able to resurrect a connection or even restore 'ifconfig wlan7 up'23:08
seronisUltimaKR:  i -always- max out the ram on any system i own =-)  its the cheapest upgrade you can do23:09
david_right, is it working?23:09
w33dis there a way to clear all previous wlan7 settings back to wlan023:09
UltimaKRslacko18428: How old is that computer? Seems like a good idea.23:09
daftykinskristenbb: i'm tempted to get involved but i also wonder if letting bprompt continue when he's next back might be a better idea23:09
kristenbbdaftykins: i think he's gone so please help if you think you can23:10
Ben64kristenbb: you're probably not creating the gpt partition required for booting. i'd recommend starting the livecd, getting to gparted and changing sdb to mbr then reinstall that way23:10
UltimaKRseronis: My max is most likely 1 GB, but those sticks (or a pair of 512 MBs) are more rare and therefore more expensive so if 512 MB will be enough then I can buy that extremely cheap stick of ebay lol.23:10
seronisUltimaKR: also in xubuntu there is a checkbox for  'restricted-extras' package so it was installed from the go23:10
seronisbut you can install that package yourself with apt-get23:10
kristenbbben64: okay, can you please help me to do that ?23:10
seroniserr is it  'ubuntu-restricted-extras'  ?23:11
Ben64kristenbb: let me know when you've got gparted open23:11
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?23:11
seronisUltimaKR:  well 'maxed' as is convenient then =-)23:11
kristenbbben64: it is open right now, way ahead of you :d23:11
UltimaKRseronis: I see.  I think mine is more barebones than that in order to keep HDD space and system requirements to a minimum so it doesnt have that package you mentioned.23:11
beanUltimaKR, my hand compiled LinuxFromScratch (non ubuntu distro you build yourself) uses 17mb of ram with nothing else running, pretty awesome.23:12
kristenbbBen64: so I guess I should select sdb, and what then ?23:12
seronisUltimaKR: probably.  the times i tried ubuntu/kubuntu in the past i always had to install it myself23:12
Ben64kristenbb: device -> create partition table23:12
kristenbbBen64: ok23:12
kristenbbBen64: then there's a drop down menu, should I select msdos?23:13
Ben64kristenbb: it should have gpt and msdos and maybe some others23:13
Ben64kristenbb: yeah msdos23:13
slacko18428dinosaurs built it from stone.  Think I have 512mb of ram.  Not a big fan of puppy generally but its kicking butt on this old system23:13
kristenbbBen64: okay, so this will replace gpt with mbr, right ?23:13
Ben64kristenbb: yep23:13
kristenbbBen64: what about efi ?23:13
seronisbean: does the self compiling everything really drop the resource requirements THAT much ?23:13
Ben64kristenbb: thats not something that is on a drive, its a motherboard thing23:13
beanseronis, no, but i literally have an ssh daemon, vim, ruby, and zshell.23:14
UltimaKRseronis: Did you pick the YUM, .rpm, or .tar.gz method of installing it? Not sure which is the right one to choose for my system.23:14
beanrather than a bunch of daemons23:14
kristenbbBen64: is efi and uefi the same thing ?23:14
seronisUltimaKR: apt-get23:14
seronisUltimaKR:  no manual download23:14
Ben64kristenbb: pretty much23:14
seronisUltimaKR: and ubuntu would use  *.deb files if you are downloading from a webpage =-)23:14
UltimaKRseronis: So I can just put that in the "Run" box and it will help me?23:15
seronisUltimaKR: do you know how to open a terminal ?23:15
daftykinskristenbb: out of interest what kind of computer is this? got a make/model?23:15
UltimaKRseronis: Actually I am just reading the options Adobe gives me on this page http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/23:15
kristenbbBen64: the way the ubuntu installer talked about it, it said that efi was an option during installation, and that it allowed to set up snapshots and such, so during one of the installations I tried it. If it's a motherrboard option, why would the installer be able to temper with it ?23:15
UltimaKRseronis: Not really I am literally brand new (a few hours with this maybe?)23:15
Ben64kristenbb: you must have it on your motherboard23:15
kristenbbdaftykins: it's a home made computer, I bought the pieces and assembled it together.23:15
daftykinsah ok23:16
seronisUltimaKR: in your app menu there should be something you can run labeled as a 'Terminal' or  'Console'23:16
seronisits the DOS looking window23:16
kristenbbBen64: ok, so now, I should just restart and reinstall, right ?23:16
seronison xubuntu you can use the key shortcut  WIN+T  to launch a terminal window23:16
Ben64kristenbb: yep23:17
kristenbbBen64: ok, let's go for the 7th installation in 5 days, and counting.23:17
Ben64kristenbb: maybe disable efi in the bios23:17
seroniskristenbb: lucky number?  (good luck)23:17
Ben64kristenbb: it can cause problems23:17
seronisUltimaKR: did you get a terminal window open ?23:17
kristenbbBen64: that will be for the 8th ;)23:18
UltimaKRseronis: Looking for it now...not sure what app menu you are talking about.23:18
mojtabadoes anybody know how can I scroll when in ubuntu server?23:18
kristenbbBen64: no actually it's just that I have no idea how to do that.23:18
kristenbbBen64: so should I use manual or automatic installation ?23:18
seronisUltimaKR: not sure what app menu Lubuntu even has.  but whatever its version of the 'start menu' is23:18
kingtut1kristenbb: sure23:18
kristenbbkingtut1: come again?23:19
kingtut1Serano: okay23:19
UltimaKRseronis: Yeah I am looking in the start menu but don't see anything under any of the labels for "Terminal" or "Console"...the only thing even remotely close is "Run"23:19
seronispress     win+T23:19
seronisdoes that open a console window ?23:19
UltimaKRseronis: Do you mean the windows key with the microsoft symbol?23:20
Ben64kristenbb: i would just do automatic on sdb at this point, the whole drive is wiped23:20
UltimaKRseronis: If so then nothing happens.23:20
kingtut1Serano: i have problem behind keyboard23:20
kristenbbBen64: ok.23:20
kingtut1UltimaKR: try the aint key23:20
seronisUltimaKR:  ctrl alt T23:21
seronisgoogle tells me that works in lubuntu23:21
UltimaKRseronis: That worked...it opened something that looks like "Cmd" in Windows.23:21
seronisyup.  thats your terminal window23:21
seronisUltimaKR:  now type23:22
seronissudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras23:22
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seronisthat will give you the standard web media codecs and flash23:22
kingtut1seronis: help23:22
seronis!ask | kingtut123:23
ubottukingtut1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:23
kristenbbseronis: I think kingtut1 is just trolling23:23
UltimaKRseronis: It's installing something so I assume that's it. Thanks a bunch!23:24
seroniskristenbb: likely.  but in 3 weeks i've also just seen a lot of non native english speakers23:24
UltimaKRseronis: Where did you find/learn these commands?23:24
seronisUltimaKR: here and google.   3 weeks of playing around since i switched to xubuntu and about 20 times in the past 6 years of trying ubuntu randomly here and there23:25
chvxwhat is the diffrences of  dhcpcd vs netctl?23:25
UltimaKRseronis: Ok thanks..will be back if I inevitably get stuck again lol.23:25
seronisUltimaKR: the restricted-extras has a diff package name depending on which specific ubuntu distro you use but its easily googlable once you know one of them23:25
seroniskristenbb: or.. you are right =-)  right after i said that he pm'd  "you stupid bastard" so i guess his english is good enough and he's just a troll23:27
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kristenbbseronis: when he mentioned hitting the 'aint' key, that was fairly obvious23:28
mojtabaI used fusedav to mount webdav, but I got this error message: "PROPFIND failed: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer" Does anybody know what should I do?23:28
seronis"Why blame on malice what is perfectly explainable by stupidity and ignorance"  =-)23:29
seronisi try to give the benifit of the doubt23:29
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designbybeck__I'm about to boot into a new ASUS S500CA laptop that has a 24GB SSD and a 500GB HDD.... how should I set Ubuntu 13.04 up on that?23:30
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i3luefirei need to fix my grub from the live cd23:31
designbybeck__Do I make th 24GB the "/" point? and then the 500GB is the /home?23:32
slaptmanhello does anyone know if there is a way to install cheat engine (used for flashgames:Nothing illegal)23:33
kristenbbBen64: so... after the 7th install23:33
kristenbbI get, guess what23:33
kristenbberror: no such partition. grub rescue>23:34
daftykinskristenbb: are you installing beside Windows 7 or some such?23:34
kristenbbdaftykins: no, just ubuntu23:34
daftykinskristenbb: i'd check your BIOS for options to enable legacy boot and disable EFI - what brand motherboard did you get? you could just boot from the smaller drive and have the 3TB as storage alone23:35
daftykinsno need for EFI that way23:35
kristenbbdaftykins: how to do that ?23:36
daftykinskristenbb: are you familiar with entering the BIOS?23:37
kristenbbnot much23:37
Noskcaji'm trying to install testdrive from source, what do i do?23:37
poopdickHello, fellow users.23:37
kristenbbI'm there though, I just don't know what to look for23:38
daftykinskristenbb: ah, probably under Boot23:38
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daftykinskristenbb: y'got the make and model of motherboard to hand? i expect it will have one of those fancy modern EFI ones that you can use the mouse in23:39
kristenbbyes i can use the mouse23:40
kristenbbbut it doesn't help to know where to click on23:40
Ben64kristenbb: are you sure you're booting from sdb23:40
kristenbbBen64: yes i'm sure, I can hit F8 and choose which device to boot from.23:40
Ben64did you install grub to sdb23:40
seronisslacker_nl:  full 'cheat engine' features is hard to do with the way linux handles security.  but for just flash games there are firefox plugins available23:41
seronis'tamper' something.  should be easy to google for23:41
kristenbbben64: well how would I know, you asked me to go with the 'auto' mode, so i wasn't asked this question, but in any case, i tried to boot from sda too, and it doesn't work either23:41
Ben64yeah i would disable efi, it seems created to make linux harder to boot23:42
kristenbbBen64: so how to ?23:43
kristenbbthere is a tab called main, ai tweaker, advanced, monitor, boot, tool23:43
kristenbbi went to 'boot'23:43
kristenbbthen there are various options23:43
seronisslacker_nl: stand corrected.  guess there is a tool called 'scanmem' that you should be able to install from apt-get that is similar23:43
kristenbbone of which is pci rom priority23:43
kristenbbcould this be it ?23:43
daftykinskristenbb: something legacy/EFI related23:43
daftykinsis what you want23:44
Ben64seronis: he's gone and you're pinging the wrong person23:44
* seronis facedesks23:44
kristenbbthe dropdown list for this option is: legacy rom, efi compatible rom23:44
kristenbblegacy rom was selected23:44
Ben64thats for RAID23:45
kristenbbwas this the option I was looking for, or should i be looking for something else ?23:45
kristenbbso then there's 'option rom messages'23:45
daftykinssomething else23:45
kristenbband there's two possibilities: keep current, or force bios23:45
kristenbbthere's also setup mode23:46
kristenbbeasy mode, or advanced23:46
daftykinskristenbb: i was really hoping you might've been able to answer the motherboard make+model question so i could try and look up what options it shows you online23:46
daftykinsso i could better advise23:46
kristenbbdaftykins: sorry23:46
daftykinsdo you have any idea, or?23:46
kristenbbdaftykins: it's a asus deluxe something23:46
kristenbblet me check23:46
daftykinsso am i right in thinking both those hard disks are blank?23:47
daftykinsor at least, contain no important data?23:47
seronisone has LOTS of data and no OS23:47
seronis(she implied earlier)23:47
kristenbbdaftykins: yes seronis is right23:47
kristenbbdaftykins: one is 3TB, the other is meant for the system.23:48
i3luefireso doing an install of xubuntu "alongside" ubuntu server isnt going to delete anything right. it was the default selection for the installer. alongside ubuntu23:48
i3luefiresounded safe23:49
daftykinsseronis: i'm sure a lot was said earlier, but i can't scroll back to read it ALL :D23:49
Ben64i3luefire: probably, but why dual boot ubuntus?23:49
seronisyup.  was just trying to save time since i saw it =-)23:49
seronisa LOT was said before you came in23:49
seronisand im not skilled enough to help23:49
daftykinskristenbb: personally, if i were you, i'd have the other disconnected and just focus on installing to one-attached disk, you could add the other later23:50
kristenbbdaftykins: asus p9X79 deluxe23:50
chilicuil!man ls23:50
i3luefireBen64, because i just need grub to work and am tired of trying to get it to work the right way so...23:51
=== giuseppe_ is now known as demonio
i3luefireill be back if it didnt work. rebooting now23:51
daftykinskristenbb: mmm asus, my fave23:52
kristenbbdaftykins: I don't really have easy access to the drives right now.23:52
kristenbbdaftykins: does that mean you know how to disable efi ?23:52
Ben64?? open case, unplug drive23:52
daftykinswell no, but i can look it up now23:52
daftykinsyeah do as Ben64 said, or save it for another day, whatever works23:52
daftykinswhen installation problems happen, it's best to reduce to the simplest possible configuration23:52
daftykinsespecially on a custom build23:53
daftykinsespecially x 2 if it's not had a working OS on it at all so far23:53
daftykinslooks like a vid of someones23:53
Ben64"When a non-UEFI device is moved to the top of the boot device sequence, the system will boot in legacy BIOS mode instead of UEFI mode."23:54
kristenbbBen64: i'm a girl I don't like to go into these wire things, I stop at the software level, I think i've complied to pretty much everything else you asked23:54
Ben64sounds like the problem is that sda is at the top and is gpt so the system tries to do uefi23:54
Ben64kristenbb: but you built a computer?23:54
denizhi everyone :)23:54
kristenbbBen64: well i was kindly asked to choose the components, but someone else made it for me, and he's not here right now, so i wouldn't want to mess what he's done.23:55
daftykinskristenbb: fair enough. you see on the 'Boot' page it has your two disks listed at the bottom?23:56
denizsomebody can help me? how can i solved nvidia optimus technologie driver install to ubuntu?23:56
daftykinskristenbb: beneath 'Boot Override'23:56
designbybeck__I had to turn off secure boot, But now I am at the LiveBoot desktop... I have 5!! Disk /devices showing: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=5192023:56
kristenbbkristenbb: there is a total of 5 items beneath boot override23:56
daftykinsBen64: where'd you get that statement? Asus manual?23:56
kristenbbdaftykins: ^23:57
Ben64daftykins: yep23:57
daftykinskristenbb: 2 HDDs, DVD drive, more...?23:57
kristenbbdaftykins: one is 'windows boot manager', I have no idea what this is23:57
daftykinssounds like Windows is/was installed on one of those hard disks23:57
daftykinsis that correct?23:57
kristenbbdaftykins: the second is my dvd drive, listed as P3: <dvd drive name>23:57
kristenbbthe third is my sda23:58
kristenbbthe fourth is my sdb23:58
designbybeck__screenshot of Gparted and the 24GB SDD: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=5192123:58
kristenbband the fifth is yet my dvd drive (though I have only one), listed as UEFI: <dvd drive name>23:58
kristenbbdaftykins: yes at some point windows was installed, but a long time ago23:59
designbybeck__Is it safe just to format all those drives, the 24GB SDD and the 500GB and start the Ubuntu install?.... I've never worked with  a setup like this before23:59
daftykinskristenbb: yeah, two listings - one for legacy boot, one for EFI boot23:59
kristenbbdaftykins: so what am I to do with this listing ?23:59
daftykinskristenbb: which of sda and sdb are which size drives? and can you remind me again which of these has data and which ubuntu and GRUB have been installed to?23:59

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