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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Day for Biodiversity!  This year's theme is water and biodiversity. :-D08:21
czajkowskifelimwhiteley__: ello :)10:51
felimwhiteley__czajkowski: argh sorry heating folks turned up... leaky system.. *sigh*11:13
czajkowskifelimwhiteley__: no worries did yu ask yuor question ?11:49
davmor2what question11:53
czajkowskidavmor2: when felimwhiteley__ uses the swc to purchase stuff, it never remembers his credentials11:54
davmor2felimwhiteley__: have you signed into to anything other than purchasing stuff?11:55
davmor2felimwhiteley__:  and which credentials are you talking about if it is the card details that isn't implemented in USC yet11:57
czajkowskidavmor2: ah I think it is11:57
davmor2czajkowski: the only place the store card details works is u1MS currently it will be steadily rolled out across all services slowly as I understand it11:59
czajkowskidavmor2: ah thanks12:00
felimwhiteley__hey sorry12:14
felimwhiteley__yeah it's when I click purchase I ahve to log in then with Launchpad details12:14
felimwhiteley__to be honest not sure I've logged into anything esle, it's a VM I only use to buy stuff  PDFs in the store..12:15
davmor2felimwhiteley__: right so if you login to recommendations it will store your user name so you only have to type in your password which is obviously done so people don't buy stuff on your account without your knowledge.  Then there is the card details to deal with.  Which with any lucky will steadily disappear :)  hope that helps12:50
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felimwhiteley__davmor2: Cheers Mr. Morley :-) clear as mud13:31
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Saviqhey, question: is it known that loading thumbs in albums takes a long time? when opening a shared album I'm getting like up to 5s loading time for each thumbnail22:07
Saviqis this just a bandwidth issue or is there something else involved? loading the full size image takes a significant time, too22:08
Saviqit was the same for me in PL (60Mbps downstream) and a friend I've shared with in Boston, so "our" bandwidth is unlikely to be an issue22:10
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