len-kThe launcher is called kickoff00:07
smartboyhwlen-k: A whole working interface…00:08
smartboyhwlen-k: The tabs config are stored in kubuntu-settings00:18
len-kInteresting, KDE has this thing called "activities"04:09
len-kI haven't found a desktop switcher yet... thought that might be similar.04:10
len-ksmartboyhw: KDE can look may different ways. I am wondering what a Studio user would consider the right or normal way.05:03
len-kWe can't deal with the KDE menu in the same way as we have the xfce menu.05:06
len-kWaht I have on my desk right now almost (not quite) reminds me of gnome shell05:09
len-kKde has 6 ways of viewing the menu. Whatever we do with the menu needs to work with any of them.05:12
len-kI think this means simplifying what we do to modify the menu.05:13
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madeinkobaiaHi all : )12:32
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw : How are you today, no problems with the weather ?13:15
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: No.13:48
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw : Ok fine : )14:04
DarkEragood afternoon everybody14:48
madeinkobaiaHi all, I finalize designs for our webshop. I propose to add a unique reference to all our derivatives. I propose as reference "usmp + number" (usmp for "ubuntu studio merchandising product"). 17:20
madeinkobaiazequence : ^17:21
madeinkobaiaAny feedback is welcome : )17:21
DarkEratoo bad the discussion started on the mailinglist about the DE's project turned into a discussion about a possible bug17:40
madeinkobaiaHi darkera, ok.17:42
DarkEraheya madeinkobaia :)17:43
DarkErahow are you doing?17:43
madeinkobaiadarkera : Well fine, we will have brand new t-shirts who skills : )17:44
DarkEraawesome 17:45
DarkEraand good you're doing fine ;)17:45
madeinkobaiadarkera : It will be finished tomorrow I think.17:45
DarkEracool, i'm looking forward to it17:46
madeinkobaiadarkera : :)17:47
zequencemadeinkobaia: In the bzr branch? I'll have a look19:12
madeinkobaiazequence : It is not yet in the branch, it will be tomorrow. 19:14
zequencemadeinkobaia: Oh, ok. Anyway to see the results now?19:14
madeinkobaiazequence : What about the reference number (see above) ?19:15
zequencemadeinkobaia: And, about organization, feel free to implement any you think is sufficient19:15
zequenceSince we have near zero organization on artwork at the moment, anything above that would just be an improvement19:15
madeinkobaiazequence : I ask because I want to write it below each version.19:16
zequenceBesides, I think only you have professional experience in administering artwork19:16
zequenceSo, go ahead :)19:16
madeinkobaiazequence : Thanks for appreciate : )19:16
zequenceBecause of our small team, I suppose it is always smart to keep things as simple as possible, but I don't always follow that myself19:17
zequencethey released hurd for Debian http://bits.debian.org/2013/05/debian-gnu-hurd-wheezy.html21:35

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