ascCan anyone here explain how to get firewire enabled on 13.10?00:32
ascI have a brand new 13.10 install that I have not started changing yet.00:34
ascI do not see /dev/fw* or /dev/raw1394, but I do see this...00:34
ascclapp@music:~$ dmesg |grep -i fire00:35
asc[    1.939483] firewire_ohci 0000:03:05.0: added OHCI v1.0 device as card 0, 8 IR + 8 IT contexts, quirks 0x1100:35
gustavo_hi there06:59
gustavo_i need help07:00
gustavo_someone can help me ?07:00
smartboyhw__!ask | gustavo_07:01
ubottugustavo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:01
gustavo_I installed the ubuntu studio packages on my ubuntu gnome 13.04, so, i started to recording with jackctl but i got so many xruns messages....How can I fix it ??07:03
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inahdhey all, i am having a problem where configuring sound to work in jack has caused it to stop working elsewhere12:36
inahdi am using an ice1712 soundcard, and think the problem lies with pulseaudio12:37
inahdis there some way to configure pulseaudio to perhaps recognize the change to and from jack?12:39
brian_Does anyone know how to connect MIDI using Ubuntu Studio?12:49
inahdlike a midi keyboard?12:50
inahdwhat do you want to connect it to?12:52
brian_Ardour looks like a good program. I am very new to Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu in general, but it looks like it has a lot of features.12:53
inahdtotally, well i assume you would like to connect the keyboard to a synth program, then route the sound into a track in ardour?12:53
brian_Yes that is right thank  you very much for your help.12:54
inahdbasically you wil accomplish this through jack:12:54
brian_ok, one sec, let me open jack.12:54
inahdin the alsa tab, your device should be listed12:55
inahdthen when you open a synth program (like qsynth), you should be able to connect the two12:55
brian_I don't see alsa.12:56
inahdit will be in the connections window12:56
brian_ok I found it12:56
brian_Ok I clicked connect.12:57
inahdare you connecting it to qsynth?12:57
brian_Not yet, one sec.12:57
brian_Where is qsynth on Ubuntu Studio, do you need to download it?12:58
inahdwell im not sure its there... maybe fluidsynth or something12:58
inahdany spnth program12:59
brian_Ok I will find it.12:59
brian_Not seeing anything that says "synth" How do I send you a screnshot so that you can see what I see?13:01
inahdhang on let me look13:01
brian_bingo, I found qsynth?13:01
brian_I found it.13:02
brian_Ok how do you connect qsynth?13:03
inahdso yeah open it and connect in alsa tab13:03
inahdassuming the midi device is showing there as well13:03
inahdmidi on the left, qsynth on the right13:03
inahdthen, you need to load soundfonts in qsynth probably13:04
brian_oh how do you do that?13:04
inahdthen select the channel you want to play... and all that13:04
inahdthen you route qsynth to the ardour channel you would like to record on13:05
brian_ok I see Restart, Panic, Reset, Channels,Setup, Then some Reverb menus, and Chorus Menus. Then quit, options, Messages, about.13:05
inahdsetup will have a tab for loading soundfonts13:06
inahdif your midi is connected to qsynth, you will see a green light turn on when you press a key13:06
brian_Ok it is not connected yet.13:07
inahdis it connected in the alsa tab?13:07
brian_the screen is blank13:07
inahdwhat screen is blank?13:08
brian_It says SFID Name Offset13:08
brian_then below it is blank.13:08
brian_oh wait maybe it is connected- did you mean a green light on the MIDI device?13:09
inahdno, on the main screen of qsynth13:10
brian_ok no, not yet.13:10
brian_also the MIDI device menu is greyed out.13:11
inahdin qsynth?13:11
inahdis midi input enabled?13:12
brian_but the MIDI Device tab is blank and greyed out.13:12
brian_This is under the MIDI tab.13:13
inahdoh thats fine i think13:13
inahdmidi driver selected?13:13
brian_there is an open tab under soundfonts, should we try that?13:14
inahdyes, load the soundfonts13:14
brian_ok now I see FluidR3_GM.sf2 and TimGM6mb.sf213:15
inahdyes the fluid file13:15
inahdload it13:15
brian_Ok it's loaded.13:16
brian_I still don't see a green light though.13:17
brian_I think we are getting close however.13:17
inahdis jack actually running? did it start13:17
brian_After I clicked on the connect button it greyed out.13:18
inahdbut in jack main window, did you click start?13:18
brian_oh! no, I don't think I did, one sec.13:19
brian_Where do you find start?13:19
brian_I see it, but it's greyed out.13:19
inahdso then its probably started13:20
brian_hmm, this is  a puzzle.13:21
inahdit always is13:21
inahddon't know what to tell you13:22
brian_Ok well you really tried hard to help me. I appreciate all of your efforts.13:23
inahdyou might have to fiddle with the channels or something, select another sound. though that green light on the bottom left of qsynth should be lighting up at this point13:23
brian_I don't even see the green light, maybe I just need to look for it.13:24
inahdit turns on when you press keys13:24
inahdits a small black circle next to the qsynth1 tab in the bottom left of qsynth13:25
brian_ok I see that.13:25
brian_But it hasn't turned green yet.13:25
inahdif it doesnt light up, it means your midi keyboard isn't communicating with qsynth properly13:26
inahdit only lights up when the keys are pressed13:26
brian_I am using wine13:26
inahdprobably means that something is wrong in jack13:26
inahdwine for what?13:26
brian_the MIDI software, do you think that makes a difference? I have MIDI uno13:27
inahdi dont know what that is13:27
brian_Ok wine helps Ubuntu run windows software.13:27
inahdi mean the midi uno13:28
brian_ok it is a cable connecting the keyboard to the computer.13:29
inahdyou shouldn't need wine for that13:29
brian_There is a green light for it that does turn on when I press keys.13:29
inahdis my guess13:29
inahdin the wine software?13:29
inahdor the keyboard?13:30
brian_no on the cable.13:30
inahdmy only guess is that you aren't connecting the keyboard to qsynth properly in jack13:31
brian_well it didn't used to turn on so I think we got somewhere.13:32
brian_There is a setting we might work with in Jack.13:33
brian_It says 14: MIDI Through. I think it came with Alsa.13:33
inahdno thats not what you want13:33
brian_My midi interface says 24:USB Uno MIDI Interface.13:34
brian_yes how do you remove that?13:34
inahdyou dont13:34
inahdbut its not what you connect to qsynth13:34
brian_do you connect Ardour to qsynth?13:35
inahdany other options, on the left side of the alsa tab?13:35
brian_yes, 128:ardour.13:35
brian_I don't think it is connected.13:36
brian_And one the right hand side there is 130:fluidsynth.13:36
inahdthere should be one for your midi keyboard on the left13:36
inahdtry plugging it in again?13:37
brian_it's greyed out.13:37
inahdwhat about in jack settings... selecting a midi device13:37
inahdi have 'seq' selected13:37
brian_Maybe, where do you find jack settings?13:38
inahdsetup button, settings tab13:38
inahdon the bottom right of the settings tab is a midi device option13:39
brian_ok I see usr, share, sounds, sf213:40
brian_on my left, nothing on my right.13:40
brian_under sounds there is alsa, freedesktop,gnome,opl3,sf2 and ubuntustudio.13:41
inahdare you in the qsynth setup?13:43
inahdcheck the jack setup13:43
inahdthere is a settings tab13:43
inahdon the bottom right is midi device13:43
brian_found it, it says seq.13:43
inahdwell i am out of ideas13:44
brian_Ok. again, thanks for everything.13:44
inahdmaybe someone else can offer you better help13:44
inahddont give up!13:44
brian_take care, I am sure that I will see yo again sometime.13:45
inahdcan anyone help me bring up seq24 in the alsa tab of jack?13:47
inahdstarting it with --manual_alsa_ports used to work for me13:47
khazHi guys, I'm new to Ubuntu Studio (13.04) and I have a problem playing audio/video files when my Rocksmith cable is plugged in. How can I use my cable and play files at the same time?15:54
khazand the computer becomes quite unresponsive when I just  yank it out. I need to reboot now I guess16:00
zequencekhaz: What are you using it with? jack?16:01
khazSo anyone knows?16:10
DarkErakhaz, zequence asked before you went for a reboot: What are you using it with? jack?16:14
khazjack and rakarrack16:14
khaz(I'm quite new to this whole music with computers)16:16
khazbut even when jack is not started, simply having the cable plugged in bar any multimedia file to play16:17
zequencekhaz: Probably you need to use both your internal card and the cable at the same time with jack16:45
zequencekhaz: I don't know much about that myself, but you could ask about it on #jack16:45
khazthank you16:45
zequencemaybe len-k knows?16:45
Chrono_What is jackd2?18:49
Chrono_I am receiving a option if I want to enable realtime process priority18:49
Chrono_anyone there?18:52
holsteinChrono_: hello..19:11
holsteinChrono_: do you need JACK? if you are not using it, i wouldnt bother installing it19:11
Chrono_ah, heya holstein19:11
holsteinenabling "realtime priority" is just that... if you are going to use JACK, for low latency audio, you would want to enable JACK for realtime process19:12
holsteinthere is no reason to not setup jack for realtime19:12
Chrono_ah ok, just installed 12.04, new to linux, watched a video on it and it seems a lot of the applications are a bit out of date19:12
holsteinif you are not running jack, it is not running.. so by selecting "set up with realtime" you are not harming anything19:13
holsteinChrono_: 12.04 is from april.. 201219:13
zequenceWell, strictly speaking, there is no reason not to enable realtime for jack, unless you are worried about very unlikely security concerns19:13
holsteinthe ".04" is april.. the "12" is 201219:13
zequenceThat is the only reason the user is asked about it19:13
holsteinthe applications are from that time19:13
holsteinChrono_: if you want newer packages, get the newer release19:13
holsteinChrono_: i think you will find there is nothing too far out of date about 12.0419:14
zequenceBut, answering yes while installing jackd is only one half of the enablement. User also needs to be a part of audio group19:14
Chrono_how does changing versions with linux work?19:19
Chrono_does it require a full reinstall?  (going from 12.04 to 13.04?19:19
holsteinChrono_: you can upgrade.. or just reinstall19:19
holsteinChrono_: i find, an upgrade takes a few hours.. and an install takes about 15 minutes.. so i usually just keep my data backed up, and do fresh installs19:20
Chrono_ah ok19:20
holsteinChrono_: you can also say "i find the version of x out of date in ubuntustudio 12.04" and we could discuss what that means, and how to "fix" that19:20
holstein!ppa | Chrono_19:20
ubottuChrono_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:20
Chrono_I have much to learn :-p19:21
holstein^^ using ppa's is an easy way to add newer versions of packages, or packages that are *not* in the default repositories.. though, there can be issues (breakages, and since we dont provide the packages, we cant provide support)19:21
holsteinOR, we can talk about officially backporting.. such as backporting fixes, or backporting things like ardour3 to 12.04 (which i dont think is going to specifically happen)19:22
holsteinOR, in the case of ardour, you can go to the ardour site and download ardour3 (like i personally did for my 12.04 main studio rig)19:23
Chrono_as a new user to linux, would you recommend I stay on 12 or go to 13?19:24
holsteinChrono_: i would recommend you look at your personal needs and decide what you want/need19:25
holsteinthere is no real compelling reason to strongly do either over the other19:25
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120419:26
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0419:26
holsteinthe LTS, 12.04 version is supported for longer, and is stable, and the audio packages are older, but they are not drastically out of date19:26
holstein13.04 is stable too, however.. but it will not be suppoted as long..19:27
holsteini have 12.04 installed from 2012.. if i were installing a fresh rig today, i would probably go with 13.04.. since i will be installing 14.04 for sure19:27
holsteinChrono_: try them both live19:28
holsteininstall them both.. dual boot19:28
Chrono_I have ran ubuntu 13.04 but didnt like how amazon is part of the OS (not sure what the studio version is like)19:29
Chrono_I want an OS, not a shopping center :-p19:29
holsteinChrono_: sure19:29
holsteinChrono_: you are search about how to remove that, if you dont want it. or use a different DE, launcher, or software center/package manager.. or different distro19:30
holsteinyou can*19:30
holsteinyou can check out most of the linux distros live these days.. i usually just try them out before installing19:31
zequenceChrono_: It's very easy to disable that in Unity19:56
zequenceChrono_: I mean, the Amazon search results19:56
zequenceBut, what I find much more bothering is that your searches are being sent to Canonical19:57
zequenceAlso that can be disabled19:57
zequenceNone of these exist on Ubuntu Studio though19:57
Chrono_good, that was my concern, is my privacy at risk19:57
zequenceOn Unity, you can just go to System Settings -> Privacy19:57
zequenceFrom there you can disable both19:57
zequenceWe are thinking of adding Unity as one choice for Ubuntu Studio, but with these things disabled19:58
Chrono_I'm looking at a large range of distro's, im a big time gamer and I know linux is limited, so I want to use linux for music and 3D Rendering19:59
Chrono_Life for me has become a bit stagmid and decided to try something new19:59

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